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Charlotte's Remarkable Ramblings

By Charlotte Iserbyt

I have been identifying the pieces of this unconstitutional global govt. plan (publicly) ever since I saw what I saw in the U.S. Dept. of Education, which was followed up by the treasonous USA Reagan-USSR Gorbachev Education and Cultural Agreements signed in 1985 and in 1989. 

  Upon returning to the USA in 1971, after 20 years in the  foreign service, etc.,  and seeing very un-American land use/land grab/regional government activities in Maine, I joined   The American Conservative Union, (D.C.).  It was ACU which  helped me start the Maine Conservative Union  (MCU) in 1975 (defunct since I leaked education document and got myself fired from Reagan Dept. of  Education and am personata non grata in Maine).  

One important MCU activity I recall  was when ACU  sent a   leading Soviet defector (the late Igor Glagolev, formerly high up in Politburo) to Maine to debate Defense Secretary Paul Warnke who had been invited by the Portland, Maine Chamber of Commerce to speak in favor of ratification of the Strategic Arms Limitation Agreement (SALT Treaty). Glagolev became a good friend of my family and told me about Kissinger's, often accompanied by David Rockefeller,  trips  to Moscow for meetings with top Politburo apparatchiks.  He revealed in detail to a small group of MCU members, at a private dinner, Kissinger's important role, working with the  USSR,to bring about the withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam.  

However, at the same time that ACU appeared to be on a constitutional track,
the late William Rusher, D.C. attorney, publisher National Review, seemed not to be on that track. Example:  While attending an ACU conference in the mid-seventies I recall a conversation I had with Bill Rusher at a reception after one of the sessions.  Being very concerned about regional government (communist activities I was seeing in Maine) I asked him:  "Why don't Human Events, National Review (leading conservative journals, et al) ever speak out against "regional government"?  Rusher responded "Well, I guess they just don't think it's very important."  In other words, those publications and organizations didn't think communism was very important. 

  I had no idea  so many true blue conservatives could be taken to the cleaners UNTIL Ronald Reagan was elected.    I then watched, with my jaw dropping day by day,  leaders in the movement, which had been infiltrated by Trotskyite democrats, jumping on board  socialist legislation, promoting regional government (communism), and finally accepting treason being perpetrated on USA the day in November 1985 that Reagan and Gorbachev signed the infamous United States-Soviet Union Education and Cultural Agreements.  These agreements included all activities and services formerly requiring approval (vote by Congress and locally elected boards).

Regionalism, aka "communism";  metropolitan government (dropping of constitutional state and city borders) was in full swing in New England and probably elsewhere, starting in the early to mid-nineteen hundreds.    A leading member of the American Conservative Union who helped me organize the Maine Conservative Union, gave me, in the mid-seventies, a copy of  a remarkable article by Morris Zeitlin, socialist, University of  California professor, which was published in The Communist Daily World.   This article could have been the bomb all true American constitutionalists ever needed to stop communism in the USA.  However, that was not to be.  The minute I started circulating it, the axe fell on me.  What persons, groups were responsible I can only guess, do not know for sure.   

A much revered (by leading conservatives in the seventies and eighties) elderly lady by the name of Rosalind Haley (now deceased) was a personal friend of mine, and  supported and believed in  Ronald Reagan; that he would restore our constitutional government to the USA.   Reagan had appointed her to a high up job at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations.   Ros was a member of the Council for National Policy and on the boards of many formerly conservative  (now neocon Trotskyite) organizations: (Heritage Foundation, et al).     When Reagan, in 1985 and 1999, signed the exchange agreements with Gorbachev and the Heritage Foundation supported such a treasonous act,  Roz was shocked. and made her views known to the President of the Heritage Foundation, Edwin Feulner. 

She and I in the mid-nineties cooked up a  potentially powerful  and low cost  "SAVE AMERICA POSTCARD PROJECT"  to be carried out by patriotic Americans who would send postcards by mail across nation and distribute by hand (in their home towns).   These postcards called for USA to get out of the United Nations.   This project  for "U.S. Withdrawal  from the United Nations"was sponsored by Congressman Joe Scarborough (FL).  Postcards would be left in doctors offices, posted on bulletin boards all over town, put under windshield wipers at super markets, included in holiday greeting cards, paid bills, etc.

  Roz wrote  letter to Chairmen, etc. of at least 30 so-called conservative groups in USA (leading ones), requesting NOT financial support, but philosophical support of the "Get Out of the UN"project.

  We were appalled when we received only one response from Lou Sheldon of Traditional Values.

Be sure to  click on  following link for info regarding FL Rep. Joe Scarborough's fake effort to get USA out of the UN: Authors/piml/96062604.txt