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Massive Online Disinformation And Christian Hypocrisy

By Ted Broer

Right now, there is tremendous confusion among the patriots. This was done explicitly via the CIA operation mockingbird. Remember, the CIA director William Casey said that the CIA would know that they were successful when everything everyone believed was a lie. This was facilitated through the almost complete control of both the alternative and mainstream media. The white Christian patriots have explicitly been targeted because they are the spiritual backbone of the USA. They have to be crushed to bring in the one world order. That's why the primary psychological operations are targeting white Christians. The alternative news is so full of disinformation that it creates so much confusion that it makes the patriots almost schizophrenic. This is being done to divide and conquer. A double-minded man is unstable in all that he does—one foot in the world, the other sort of in the Kingdom of God. The churches were closed by COVID to prevent Christians from having any stability and financially destroy what was left of the church.

The majority of pastors have allowed themselves to be compromised by their 501(c)(3) status and the Johnson Amendment. From a reality standpoint, most of them have become nothing but pawns in this new world order. They refuse to discuss actual, current events from the pulpit. The sheep, their congregations, have been abandoned by their Shepards. They have been left to wander in the fields. They have fallen into ravines. They are lost. They have been eaten by wolves. They are confused with no leadership. The majority of these pastors have given in to Zionist Christian and secular tv programming. Many of these pastors have incorporated heretical teaching from the Talmud into their services, including the Kabbalah and gematria. They have lost their relationship with the real Jesus. Therefore, they cannot provide the necessary stability that their flocks need. They are tossed by every wind of teaching.

Many are so desperate for social media acceptance that they play secular music in their services. They wear skinny jeans with holes in them just for worldly acceptance. They go to secular parties and gatherings and have failed to provide proper Christian leadership to their flock. For example, look at Hillsong New York: A totally compromised church with gay singers and an adulterous pastor. These churches, with their secular compromised leadership, are a stench in the nostrils of the Almighty. As Christians, we must seek stability, which can only come from a relationship with The Great I Am through a personal relationship with His Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ.

As Christians, we are supposed to be fighting the other world demonic principalities and their New world order. There has been a full attack against all things Christian for thousands of years. Due to Zionist TV implementation, this onslaught has become very powerful in the past 70 years. Secularized wolves have entered our homes via media and thus, have secularized the majority of Christ's body. They have promoted inter-faith marriage, homosexuality, incest, rape, and everything that separates Christians from the world. They have destroyed the true meaning of both Easter and Christmas. In the meantime, the majority of pulpits have remained silent. These pastors were too scared to tell the truth, due to their compromised lifestyles. The only hope we have is to return to the proper worship of The Most High God through Jesus. We must separate ourselves from these secular teachings. As the Bible says, we must come yea out from among them as far as our acceptance of their heretical beliefs and compromise. If we are to associate with the world, it should only be to bring them to Christ. Not to allow the world with its steeped in sin acceptance of all things evil to come into us and cause us to be compromised.