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Jeff With George Filer Finding Out George Was
Conned Into Taking The Vaccine Without Being Informed


I received the following email from Matthew, one of our wonderful listeners.

I believe Matt is correct and so I am posting the 30 minute first half hour
of my friend George Filer's regular guest visit on Tuesday, March 3...

From:  Matthew Laptop 
Date:  March 4, 2021 at 11:11:40 AM PST
Subject: George Filer Vaccine Discussion

Hi Jeff...

You're passionate plea to George Filer on the March 3, 2021 show (2nd Hour-1st half),
was the most eloquent and succinct example of vaccine facts that I've heard in the past 12 months.

As a long-time listener (since 2003), I believe it would be a great service to the Rense audience,
their families, and friends, if that 20+ minutes were made available to the public.

Thank you for another amazing year of truth and journalism.

Take care.

Click here to listen and thank you for your care and concern...
http://mediaarchives.gsradio. net/rense/special/Filer.mp3