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Photos Of Howard Menger And Others Taken
By August Roberts The Day Val Thor And Crew
Mates Came To The UFO Meeting At The
Farm In Highbridge, NJ

From Dr. Raymond Keller
Used with permission of Dr. Raymond Keller, author
of the Venus Rising Trilogy, Headline Books.

Here are some photos taken by August C. Roberts on the day and night that Val Thor came to Highbridge, NJ. This file, the "Otto Binder Binder," also includes the letter where the legendary astro-science ufologist, Otto Binder, asks his friend and long-time research associate August C. Roberts for help in compiling photos for a new book that, unfortunately, never got published. August C. Roberts' comments on each photo were typed on the back by him; but for the sake of convenience we can just use Roberts' own words for the captions. My comments sometimes appear written in longhand in addition to Roberts' explanation in the form of a note, for further follow up in future Venus books. The last attachment is page 1 of 8 for two planned UFO books by Otto Binder in collaboration with August C. Roberts. Photos should state: Used with permission of Dr.

Your cosmic friend,
-Raymond Keller