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COVID Vaccine - a cure worse than the disease - Part 29

By Yoichi Shimatsu

Being on the road for field research toward rolling back the cultural genocide of American society by politically correct fanatics, this part 29 of my coronavirus-biowarfare series has to be shorter than the usual in-depth essay indicting the medical sector, pharmaceuticals and murderous bureaucrat biowarriors.

To put the present situation mildly, the vaccine is worse than a failure and, intended or not, tantamount to yet another stab at mass murder. The panic about contracting this "fatal" infection has been grossly overblown with wild-eyed claims of 30 percent of Americans being infected, as claimed by the CDC. Yet only 10 percent of the population carries the antibodies, which indicates a difference of 20 percent of the population, who therefore should therefore be dead by now, according to the CDC equation.

The unending official panic,besides being a Democrat ploy to steal the election, has led to another turn for the worse, which is to attach a detonator fuse, so to speak, to the COVID bomb. As discussed further on, the messenger RNA vaccine being pushed by Pfizer is frightening the human immune system into overreaction, thereby heightening the pain of once mild symptoms and, in some unreported cases, killing the unsuspecting patient.

As discussed extensively in this series, COVID-19 is a biological weapon spliced with gene sequences from HIV and bovine tuberculosis, which are both highly threatening to the human immune system.

The messaging RNA vaccine is being tested on nearly 2 million guinea pigs. At last count the vaxx has triggered, or to be precise rekindled adverse reactions in more than 4,000 healthy individuals (who probably had mild COVID infections earlier).

Covering the tracks of pharma Pfizer, the FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation suggests that these painful reactions ranging from throbbing pain to life-threatening inflammation are due to its solvent polyethylene glycol (PEG)., which causes known side effects of bloating, diarrhea, nausea, cramps, gas and hives. That assessment is sheer nonsense, since patients undergoing bowel surgery are flushed and flooded with that substance as a tissue softener, whereas the intravenous dosage in the vaccine is minuscule by comparison. Any medical authority spouting such nonsense is guilty of premeditate diarrhea of the mouth.

That grease cannot possibly account for the recent death of a Florida physician, who showed the symptoms uncannily similar to COVID infections in children. These include heart palpitation, a low platelet county and small red spots on the skin, which are caused by ruptures of small blood vessels. Just two weeks after receiving the vaccine, the otherwise healthy 56 year-old Miami Beach obstetrician died of a massive hemorrhagic stroke two

A majority of COVID vaccine sufferers have not had a prior history of allergenic reactions or anaphylaxis involving injections, which indicates something else is happening to their immune systems. What is happening in patients is toxic shock, the human immune system going berserk out of fear of viral invasion and shutting down the central nervous system. We are dying from existential fear of the invaders, so remember that old adage "we have met the enemy and it is us".

The Pfizer strategy is fundamentally wrong in mimicking the spike protein of the COVID antigen, which has the ability to tag the antibodies emitted from white blood corpuscles. People who have been mildly exposed to COVID will overreact to the presence of a spike protein. This is because the bovine tuberculosis strand attached to the COVID bioweapon has already "turned" antibodies into appearing to be attackers or antigens, to deceive the human immune system into the false perception of an all-out invasion, resulting in a panicked cytokyne storm that causes bio-system collapse in the patient.

In short, if you'd already had a mild brush with COVID, your immune system is likely to overreact to the monoclonal RNA vaccine. This explains the fever, bowel movement, palpitations and blood vessel ruptures as symptoms triggered by the vaccine inside a partially infected person, who otherwise should have survived COVID in good condition.

The far worse contagion than coronavirus, pandemic which lasted less than 6 months in Hong Kong in 2003, is murderous criminality of the Democrat leadership, which evaded gain of function limits on biowar research, and the profiteering by unethical pharma executives and their institutional investors aka the insurance industry. .

Pfizer disclaims responsibility, which is the green light for law firms to start organizing class-action litigation for pharmacological malpractice. Notably, taxpayers need not feel any guilt in this case since Pfizer developed the monoclonal RNA product outside of the Trump admin's fast-track therapy project called Operation Warp Speed. A known supplier of kickbacks to drug pushers known as doctors, Pfizer is a repeat offender, now and then with its reckless Lipitor blood thinner and the 2.3 billion dollar fine in 2009 for its Bextra painkiller. Their new vaccine is extending the COVID crisis by deranging the immune system and needless suffering for patients who were already self-cured thanks to the natural defenses of their bodies. . Neglect of one's health results in bad medicine, so take good care of your body and mind the natural way