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Three Essential Videos To Challenge
The Un-Vaxed And Loved Ones To Watch


We all know people we care about who have not yet taken the extremely dangerous, unproven,
gene-altering, immune system destroying, and too often immediately deadly injections. Instead
of directly arguing with them, perhaps you can challenge them to watch even one of the three videos
below. That will shock any reasonable person and hopefully save lives. The MSM will never tell
them the truths in these videos...but you can.

Keep in mind most people still tend to believe in their government...and can't imagine it would ever
cause them harm or death. The truths you will see below are all real, no hyperbole. I have been a
professional journalist for over 35 years and have been on this case since the beginning. It is the
biggest, most important story of my career...and life. - Jeff Rense

Once We Were The Living

Dr. Lorraine Day Explains The Whole Covid 'Vaccine' Nightmare (start at 3:50)

The Coming Covid Catastrophe