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Statement That FDA Did NOT Approve Pfizer Vax
...And That It Is Still Operating Under EUA ?

From Karen Bracken

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FDA VACCINE APPROVAL CLARIFICATION: I watched Dr. Malone on Steve Bannon today and he clarified what actually took place at the FDA on August 23rd.

He said the Pfizer vaccine WAS NOT APPROVED. The Pfizer vaccine is still EUA. Pfizer is still under the liability shield of EUA.

He said the Biontech vaccine was what they approved for people 16 years and older and with restrictions. The vaccine is called Cominarty. This vaccine has not even been made available yet. The BionTech vaccine will not have the liability protection as the EUA Pfizer vaccine. 

 Dr. Malone said the Pfizer vaccine is still under EUA and those saying different are not reading the documents. This is very confusing and strange but Dr. Malone said he feels what happened at the FDA was to give cover for states to mandate the vaccine.

Here is a blog from Dr. Malone with a link to a full report. LINK

PLEASE SHARE so people know what really happened. I highly recommend you read the 6 page analysis that is provided in the link above.

THANK YOU for caring and THANK YOU for sharing
Karen Bracken