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From Bernard Grover
Indonesia AstraZeneca Report


Dear Jeff,

FWIW, an associate of mine, his wife and two ot their friends went and got the AZ jab last week. I just talked to him this morning. He says that all of them were bed-ridden for several days. He described the experience as like having every nerve in his body on fire. He and his wife were miserable, since it was very painful to stand, sit or lie down. He says their two friends had similar experiences.

That's the first direct report I've had from someone who got the AZ. I know two people who got the Sinavax and reported mild flu-like symptoms, but nothing severe or painful.

The roll-out in Indonesia has slowed considerably, with two reported deaths from the AZ, which likely means a lot more. Popular opinion is turning against the vaxxx as more reports of injury and death spread, but fear is still a powerful driver.

People I know in India (Dehli and Mumbai) say the situation is not nearly as bad as the news reports make out. People there are buying fist-fulls of Ivermectin, rather than take the vaxxx.

Best regards,
Bernard Grover