Headlines 2020

NeverTrump Political Operative Calls to Doxx NUNS
For Appearing at Ohio MAGA Rally

Gay Obama Has Lost His MoJo - Holds event In Miami
almost No One Shows up...and only 70 Watch Online

Pelosi Dismisses Dem Calls for Compromise
on Coronavirus Stimulus

AOC Refuses To Say Whether She'll Support Pelosi

MK-Ultra Survivor Cathy O'Brien - Protect Our
Children From the Pedophile Agenda

Biden Daughter's Diary Details 'Not Appropriate'
Showers With Her father, Creeper Joe, As Child

Alleged Diary Entries Show Ashley Biden's
Purported Battle With Cocaine & 'Hard' Drugs

World Economic Forum - By 2030 'You Will Own Nothing'

Lowlife Thug, Punk Biden slammed for calling Trump
supporters 'chumps' at campaign stop

Biden Boosters Dox Nuns For The Sin
Of Attending A Trump Rally


Caitlin Johnstone - America has no allies, only hostages

VIDEO of NYPD officers blaring 'Trump 2020'
through patrol car loudspeaker SETS OFF libtards

The Official Babylon Bee Voters Guide

GoFundMe REMOVES Fundraiser For Conservative
Black Patriot Who Got His Front Teeth Knocked Out
By Communist Antifa

This Week in Leftist Violence and Intimidation - Vol. 9

Luxury retailers in NYC's trendy SoHo district looted
by BLM Communists, owners threatened to keep quiet
or be accused of 'racism'

Here's What I'm Telling Loved Ones About What
to Expect and How to Prepare for It

CV-1984 - Tyranny in Texas As Cops Show Up
At El Paso Residents Doorsteps Ordering Quarantine

BLM terrorists tried to MURDER black cop
and his girlfriend for being 'racists'

Vermont Principal Fired Over 'All Lives
Matter' Statement


Florida School Revokes Parking Privileges Of
Student With Trump Display On Truck

October snowstorm set to smash early-season
records across the US

Coronavirus Directly Invades The Brain - Study
Whoever Built Covid-19 Is Beyond Satanic

Unbelievable - Google is giving data to police based
on search keywords people use, court docs show

Big Tech Rush to Censor Hunter Biden Sex Tape
Just Days After Amplifying Video Of Giuliani 'Sex'

Twitter Nukes Alleged Hunter Biden Sex Tape After
Letting Borat-Giuliani Fake Sex Scene Soar

Video Reveals Rudy Giuliani 'Borat' Scene Is
A Total Fraud

Insane Slate calls for Mozart & Beethoven to ONLY
be referred to by their full names to fight 'sexism
and racism' leaving Twitter baffled

Baruch's Puppet Generals (Ike & Marshall)
Plot World WW2

Putin says US presence in Afghanistan good for security


Putin Addresses Trump's Claim Russia Paid Biden

Putin Says Information Received From US
Repeatedly Helped Russia Prevent Terror Acts

Belarusian police use stun grenades to disperse
protesters during huge opposition march in Minsk

FEMEN Activist Gets Naked in Front of Ukraine's
President Zelensky Near Polling Station - Video

China Facing Potential Food Shortage -
Government Has Only Limited Supply of Reserves

Singapore temporarily halts use of two flu
vaccines after deaths in South Korea

Japan Yet to Decide on Fukushima Deadly
Radioactive Water's Disposal Method

Heroic Sweden Refuses To Impose New Lockdown
Measures, Saying People Have Suffered Enough

UK preparing NHS staff vaccination
program before Christmas

British COVID Hero Grandmother Rips Into
Virus Bed-Wetters Some More


British MPs Set up Speakeasies in Westminster
Offices to Beat Parliament Booze Ban

Welsh First Minister to 'Review' COVID Ban
on 'Non-Essential' Goods after Public Outcry

More than a third of doctors believe three-tier
system will have NO impact on Covid infections

Germany's top Covid-19 research body firebombed
overnight in likely politically motivated arson attack

Spain declares state of emergency, imposes nationwide
curfew to curb increasing Covid infection rate

Italians Rise Up Against 'Health Dictatorship'
As Country Moves Toward New Lockdown

'We'll do all we can to avoid 2nd lockdown' - Italy
imposes new restrictions amid record-high daily Rate

Fireworks vs batons - Italian far-right clash
with riot police over 'dictatorship' of CV rules - Vid

Anti-lockdown and pro-choice protesters descend on
Warsaw, traffic blockade & women's strike planned next

Fury as traffic flow cameras are secretly switched
to monitor millions of pedestrians in UK


Murray - Magic Novichok

UK Coastguard Assists Police With Incident
Involving Stowaways On Board Oil Tanker

Demonstrators in London Stage Protest Against
Police Brutality in Nigeria - Vid

BBC exodus - Britons reportedly overwhelm phone
lines & website in rush to cancel TV licenses

'Any excuse to keep you locked down' - Victoria Governor
draws fire by reneging on promise to reopen Melbourne

76% of US CEOs Will Slash Office Space As
Remote Work Dominates

NYC Hotel Occupancy Rate Crashes Toward 10%
As Permanent Closures Loom

Russia to open World's LARGEST gold mine in Siberia

Economies of Mideast & Central Asia may not
fully recover from coronavirus for at least a decade

Over half of Europe's smaller firms may be bankrupt
within a year


Venezuelan Opposition Figure Lopez Arrives
in Madrid After Fleeing Caracas, Reports Say

Israeli military launches drills simulating
war against Lebanon's Hezbollah

Iran Holds Army Ground Force Drill in Border Area
as Azerbaijani-Armenian Karabakh Conflict Persists

'Washington Has No Idea About Who It Deals With'
...Erdogan Brushes Off US Criticism Over S-400

Turkey Extends Geological Exploration Mission
in Eastern Mediterranean Until 4 November

Over 15 Injured in Baghdad Clashes Between Police
And Protesters – Reports - Vid

ISIS calls for attacks on Saudi oil industry

Pompeo Travels to New Delhi for Talks on
How US, India 'Can Thwart Threats' From China

Kill or Be Killed - US Entomologists Vacuum Murder
Death Hornets From Hive - Say They Won't Spare Them


Child Molester Biden Daughter's Diary Details 'Not
Appropriate' Showers With Filthy Pig Joe As A Child
...The Bidens Just Keep Getting Sicker And Sicker

Trump - 'We're Not Gonna Put Up With' Any
'Socialist (Communist) President, Especially Female'

This Election Is Not About Donald Trump

Creep Biden - 'We are about to go into a Dark Winter
...A Dark Winter' - Watch

'Operation Dark Winter - BioWarfare Simulation Predicts
Vaccine Deaths, Martial Law And Threats To Civil Liberty

Incredible - The one public appearance Biden does
this weekend is a speech in Bristol, PA that immediately
turns into a massive Trump rally/car parade/GOTV event

Biden calls Trump supporters CHUMPS, Kellyanne &
Twitter Rip him up Plus videos of 'chumps' themselves

Did The Kamal Catch Biden's Dementia? She Not Only
Doesn't Know Where She Is...But Again Says 'Over 220
Million Americans' Have Died From Coronavirus

Riding The Dragon - The Bidens Chinese Secrets - Watch


Tucker - What we learned at the final debate

Marc Short, Pence's Chief Of Staff, Tests Positive

Americans Are Panic-Buying Military &
Survivalist Gear Two Weeks Before Election

The US Is Running Out of These 9 Foods FAST

Violent Protests Resulting In 'Deadly Confrontations'
Expected In Multiple States As Law Enforcement Preps
For Election Day And Post-Election Violence Into 2021

Our Underlying Goal In A SHTF Scenario Is Ultimately
to Stay Alive And Live Without Exposure To Risks -
The Six Laws Of Survival (Read This, Memorize This,
And Apply This - One Day, You Will Need It)

How to deal with non-prepper neighbors when SHTF

Strange Election 'Coincidences' - Blue Moon, Asteroids
And 3 Simultaneous Lightning Strikes

President Trump, Once A Presbyterian, Announces
He Is now a 'Non-Denominational Christian'

Pro Trump Crashes Biden Drive-In PA Rally


CBS Admits Biden's Debate Claim Wasn't
Correct, Gives Him a 'True' Fact Check Anyway

Liberals Outraged that undecided black voters
won't automatically back The Kamal - 'Who said
she had our vote?'

Victims of Childhood Transgenderism Have
Spoken...Listen Up, Vile Creeper Joe Biden

Trump critics lose it as 'permanent manned
presence on the Moon' and trip to Mars listed
as Republican priorities

Trump Attacks Sacha Baron Cohen As a 'Creep'
Following Release of Second Borat 'Moviefilm'

Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit in Nevada,
Asks Court to Stop Officials From Counting Early Votes

Here's How Biden Will 'Ban' Fracking

The Biden Family's Green New Deal

More Evidence Of A Great Purge Ahead If Creep
Biden And His Crime Family Steal The Election

No Signature Match? No Postmark? No Problemo!
This Week In Ballot Shenanigans!


Pope Francis Thumbs-up of Same-Sex Unions A
'Serious Mistake' - Archdiocese of New York Says

Pence Calls On Creeper Joe to Come Forward
With Answers on The Huge Hunter Biden Scandal

BLM Communist Protesters Call For Defunding
San Bernardino Police After Officer Kills Armed
Black Suspect

Statures Of Lincoln Are Being Torn Down Because
He Hanged Rapists And Child Killers

US nuclear power reactors with highest risks of
meltdown from earthquakes are in SC and MO

PG&E May Cut Power To Nearly 500,000
As California Wildfire Risk Surges

New York town police accused of INVADING
private home in crackdown on Jewish gathering
after video of angry shouting match emerges

Shock poll claims 30% of US women under 25
identify as LGBT - These Are dire implications

Orange County Launches Student Contest
To 'Normalize Mask Wearing' (Subservience)

Scientists Claim Births Will Drop & 'Traditional
Gender Roles' Will Reemerge in Wake of CV-19


COVID Crackdowns Mean the Fire sale of
People's Cultural Wealth to the Ruling Class

Fear Mongering Continues - A 'Record Number'
Of Coronavirus Cases As 'Pandemic Surges'

Recent College Grads Face Worst Employment
Prospects In Decades Thanks To CV-19

Wales lockdown - 'Non-essential' items covered in shops
...and English cops set up border checkpoints as The Big
'firebreak' begins - worldwide lockdown Number 2 is on!

INSANITY - NYT editorial board calls on Twitter
to CENSOR Trump on election night!

Communist Wikipedia editors claim All The
News About Hunter Biden's Past And His
Laptop, Etc, are just 'conspiracy theories'

Instagram - Black women holding severed heads
of whites Said 'Not offensive'

Tesla Warns Its Full Self-Driving Beta 'May
Do The Wrong Thing At The Worst Time'

VA Supreme Court Allows Police to Use License
Plate Readers As Surveillance Tool to Track Drivers

An Army of Microscopic Robots Is Ready
to Patrol Your Body


Declassified FBI Document - Beings From Other
Dimensions Visit Earth Regularly

Alaska - 'Enormous Ball Of Light'...Looked Like Fireworks
...Until It Split Into Four Separate Dots

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 10-24-20

Luongo - Monkeys Or Children? Russia
Chooses Neither, Dooming Germany

Lukashenko, Pompeo hold phone talks

Former UK Cabinet Secretary Claims London
Staging 'Discreet' Cyber Attacks on Russia

Kyrgyzstan Ready to Consider Expansion of
Russia's Kant Airbase

Armenians Are Losing the War in Karabakh
Because Their Air Defenses Can Not Handle
Slow-Flying Drones

Taiwan's New US Weapons Can Reach
Mainland China

Wales in the grip of communist agenda – dressed up
as 'sustainability' goals


Wales lockdown - 'Non-essential' items covered in shops
...and English cops set up border checkpoints as The Big
'firebreak' begins - worldwide lockdown Number 2 is on!

Sweden Ends Special CV-19 Guidelines for Over-70s

Italy - Spontaneous Anti-lockdown Protesters
After New Covid-19 Restrictions Announced

People Prevented from Buying 'Non-Essential'
Items Due to Lockdown

Danish Newspaper Reveals Largest Study on
Masks Has Been Rejected by 3 Medical Journals

Britons Protest Against Coronavirus Pandemic
Restrictions in London - Vid

Anti-Lockdown Rioters Clash With Police in
Southern Italy Amid New COVID Restrictions - Vid

UK Road Cameras Secretly Repurposed to Snoop
on Pedestrians Amid COVID Pandemic - Report

Passengers Push Back On Airline Mask
Requirements As Travel Bans Soar

Health system 'won't be able to cope' if current
growth of Covid-19 infections continues, top UK
epidemiologist warns


Wales govt unleashes tsunami of anger & ridicule
with ban of 'non-essential' goods in supermarkets

Merkel - COVID-19 Spreads in Germany Faster
Than in Early 2020, Hard Months Ahead

Major fire breaks out in France's Le Havre port,
smoke visible kilometers away - Watch

As Terror Hits France Again, Paris Realises
Threat of Muslim Brotherhood and Its Sponsors

London's Parliament Square demo protests
potential trade deal with Trump

UK Child Sex Abuse Probe Ignored Asian
Grooming Gangs for Fear of Seeming Racist

Four Newborn Babies Die In Australia After Being
Denied Heart Surgery Due To COVID Travel Rules

China may be ramping up de-dollarization
by dumping US Treasuries, experts say

New Gold Standard: Orderly Or Chaotic?

The Destruction Of The Euro


Most of world's chocolate comes from labor of
1.5 MILLION children, some as young as FIVE

Demonstrators Protest Outside Prime Minister
Netanyahu's Residence in Jerusalem - Vid

Palestinians Accuse Sudan of 'Betrayal' for
Israel Peace Deal

Severe restrictions resume in Iran amid rising
cases of CV-19

Iran allows exclusive use of cryptocurrencies
to fund imports

France Reportedly Recalls Its Ambassador to
Turkey Over Erdogan's Comment About Macron

Turkey's Erdogan slams German police for 'racism
And Islamophobia' after raid on Berlin mosque during
Covid-19 aid fraud probe

Yemen's Houthis Have Targeted Two Airports
in Saudi Arabia - Group's Military Spokesman

Ethiopia summons US ambassador over Trump
remarks on dam explosion

Moscow Sends 10 More Armored Vehicles
to Central African Republic, Russian Envoy Says


Miley Cyrus Details UFO Encounter and
Eye Contact With Alien Pilot

Nolte - 29 Greatest Horror Movies of
the 21st Century

New fast radio bursts from inside the Milky Way

Remote control of blood sugar - Electromagnetic
fields treat diabetes in animal models


A nationwide wave of evictions is set to sweep across
the country New Years Day as the CV reprieve expires
...8 Million Renters Owing $32 Billion Face The Street

2020 Election Script Has Already Been Written With
Two Endings And Both Will Have Same Deadly Outcome

Pence Demands Creeper Biden Come Clean About
Hunter's Scandal (And The Biden Crime Family)

Trump just got Creeper Biden to admit that he
wants to ban the entire US oil industry

Trump Blasts Biden Statement About His Plans
To Abolish The Oil Industry - Says It Is 'One Of
The Most Shocking Admissions Ever'

Michigan Poll - Donald Trump 49%, Joe Biden 45%

Snap Poll - Trump Beats China Joe 74% to 24%

Top Pollster Luntz - 'If Trump Wins Again...
My Profession Is Finished'

Trump Crushes 'The Big Guy' In Luntz Focus Group
Of Undecided Voters After Final Presidential Debate

Watch - Trump Exposes Biden's Outrageous Lies
Claiming He 'Never Said' he would ban fracking
Biden Is A Criminal, Liar And a complete FRAUD

Trump Campaign Scores $26 Million After Debate

About A Dozen People Show Up For The Kamal's
Big Speech In Asheville, North Carolina


Tucker - Why Would NBC News Go After Anonymous
Twitter Users Who Support Trump?

Corrupt, Deep State FBI continuing to play role of
guardian by covering for Joe & Hunter Biden Crime
Family in latest bid to harm Trump

Looney Lizzie Warren Attacks Trump, Says 'Trump
Threatens The Existence Of Human Life, Of All Life,
On This Planet' - She Is Becoming Even Crazier

Is 'Peter Henderson' Creeper Joe's Email Pseudonym?

Blockbuster Report Reveals How Biden Family
Was Compromised By Communist China

Insider Docs Show How Hunter Biden Assoc helped
Communist Chinese Military Contractor Acquire MI
Dual Use Manufacturing Company

Trump Accuses Biden Of Profiting Financially
From Hunter's Foreign Business Dealings

Drudge Is Part Of The Biden Protection Racket - Sperry

Schumer Urges FBI Director To Ignore Growing Biden
Scandal, Warns Probe Could 'Undermine Rule of Law'

New Emails From Biden's Own Brother Show
Barack Obama Was In On It All


Mitch McConnell Obviously Badly Beaten, Denies
He Has ANY Health problems! Remember Bernie
& Harry Reid Were Punched Out? Neither would admit

McConnell Beaten - Shows Punch To Mouth And
Severely Bruised Hands Trying To Defend Himself

PA Supreme Court - Ballots Can't Be Tossed Out
over Mismatching Signatures

Trump Shows Biden As Creature Of Washington
And The Communist Green New Deal

Biden Shows His Support Of Bolshevik Green
New Deal With Pledge To End Oil Use

Creeper Joe Shocks Liberal Moderator,
Says He Will Shut Down Oil

Eyewitness To The Biden Crime Family Corruption
Drops Bombs Before The Debate

'I Ran Because of you' - Trump Says Biden's Poor
Leadership Was Reason For His First
Presidential Run

Biden Promises Citizenship for 11 Million Invaders

A Must See - Difference between El Paso's Old Border
Wall And New Border Wall System - Watch

Idiot Dem Lawmaker Actually Thought Trump Was Talking
About Wild Animals When He Said Coyotes Are Bringing
People Across the Border

Swing Voters Give Debate To Trump - LA Times Panel


Buchanan - America...A Land Of Ceaseless Conflict

If Biden wins,11.5 Million Invaders will get an amnesty
causing a tsunami in the numbers crossing the border

The Industrial Age Is Ending, Low-Tech Neo-Feudalism
Will Replace It - No Fossil Fuels, No 'Green' Energy

Judge dismisses 3rd degree murder charge
against Derek Chauvin in connection with
George Floyd death, other charges Remain

A Weekend At The Bidens - Watch

Lowlife Trump Sign Stealing - Electric Fence
Voltage Shocks Thieves

Economists Say GDP Will Show US Economy
Grew 30% in 3Q, a Postwar Record - Huh?

Globalist Pawn Pope Francis has declared support
for same-sex civil partnerships

Prepper essentials - SHTF emergency communication
plans for your family

Anonymous NBA agent rips league for embracing BLM
'It's a HORRIBLE look for the league' And 'They completely
shit their Own bed with all this nonsense'


BLM-NFL Ratings Crash for Thursday Night Football

Haile Selassie's Grandson Warns African Americans
Marxism-Communism Leads to Blind Murder

Greenpeace condemns Japanese plans to release
Deadly Fukushima reactor water into the sea, claims
it could damage human DNA

Proof Fauci Is A Major Force Behind Communist Chinese
Party's CREATION Of SARS And Covid-19 viruses And
Delaying Worldwide Attempts To Deal Effectively With It

New England Journal Of Medicine Promotes World
Communist Mandatory Vaccinations, Tells States
How To Force It On People

COVID-19 Lockdowns Are In Lockstep
With The 'Great (Communist) Reset'

World Doctors Alliance - An Open Letter to
The UK Government, World Governments and
Citizens of the World

Diabetes patients get infected with CV-19
10 times more often

Scientists discover 'grappling hook' which
makes coronavirus so much more infectious
than its SARS predecessor

Debbie Birx warns coronavirus closures Are Not
Enough in this phase of pandemic - We Are Being
Warned Of What's Coming...And It's NOT Good


Senate Dems Block COVID-19 Stimulus Bill - AGAIN

US sets new record with Over 77,000 Covid-19
cases In one Day - Death rates Continues To Fall

Fear Mongering Continues - A 'Record Number'
Of Coronavirus Cases As 'Pandemic Surges'

Fraud Fauci OPPOSES Controlled Study on The
Effectiveness of Face Masks - He is afraid It
would prove there are real problems With Masks

More Useless Lockdowns Around The World
As COVID-19 Cases Surge And Death Rate Drops

Covid Deaths Are Trump's Fault?
Claim By His Opponents Defies Reason

Dr Scott Atlas - 'I'm Disgusted and Dismayed'

Icke - CDC Admits Virus Is Computer-Generated
And Couldn't Infect Human Cells

US faces 500,000 CV-19 deaths by February
Says Gates-Linked Study

Trump - We Cannot Just Lock Ourselves in Our
Basement During Coronavirus Like Joe Biden


FDA Lets Pfizer Test Experimental COVID-19
Vaccine on US Children

As Mentally Confused as The Creeper - The Kamal
Claims 220 Million Americans Have Died From CV-19

NJ Governor Exposed To CV-19 At Hoboken Bar

New York police harass Jewish man for having
too many people in his home...Just Over Ten!

The Fake Origin of the Covid Conspiracy

More Lockdowns Around World As Cases Surge

CDC warns multi-state Listeria outbreak
from deli meats

Facebook Takes Aim At Nextdoor With
New 'Neighborhoods' Feature

Former Twitter, Google exec - Trump's accounts
should be muted until election

Big Tech's plundered the world like some money-grabbing
mafia-style monopoly - Action is underway to thwart it


Human rights activist calls on Telegram app to block
'pornbots' after 1,000s of women are stripped naked by AI

Game-changing Russia-China military alliance is
'quite possible' in future but not in cards yet

Number of PCR tests conducted in Moscow
surpasses 10 Million

China's Xi Says Beijing 'Ready to Fight'
Potential Invaders

China tells UK to 'correct mistakes' after
visa offer for almost 3mn in Hong Kong

UK 'Hyping Up' Passport Issue to Meddle in China
Affairs, Beijing Says Amid Natl Security Law Row

Beijing slams Washington for forcing Sri Lanka
to pick a side as US-China relations worsen

South Korean government to investigate spate of
deaths linked to seasonal flu shots after toll Hits 30

Muslims Threaten French Mayor With Decapitation
A Week After Middle School Teachers Murder

Spanish PM admits 'real' number of CV-19 cases
in country is likely 3x higher than official figures


Spanish regions call on government to implement
urgent curfew to stop the spread of coronavirus

France expands curfews to cover 46 million
people as CV-19 cases set new daily record

People Prevented From Buying 'Non-Essential'
Items In Wales Due to Lockdown

Christmas Parties Under Threat as Denmark's
COVID-19 Cases Reach Record High

Czech PM demands health minister's resignation
for breaching his own coronavirus rules

Thousands of students march with torches in
Hungary for academic freedom

Greek police launch manhunt as deputy leader
of Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party refuses to report
to prison following landmark trial

Violence erupts on Poland's streets as people
protest near total abortion ban

Watch - Melbourne lockdown protesters call police
HORSE 'racist' while hitting it with massive flagpole

US 2020 Economic Collapse...a Bonanza for Billionaires


How Politicians, Lawmakers Get Rich From The Market

'Money Is Gold And Nothing Else!'

IMF Confirms Massive Stimulus Ahead Globally

Bitcoin Price Hits New Record-High
In These 7 Countries

Britain seals first major post-Brexit
free trade deal with Japan

UK scientists confirm efficacy of AstraZeneca's
CV-19 vaccine, day after one volunteer dead in Brazil

AstraZeneca's vaccine rejected by Covid-stricken
Peru over high costs and lack of data

US Democratic senators introduce bill
to restrict F-35 sales to UAE

Russian Destroyers Are Escorting Iranian Tankers
In Mediterranean Amid US-UK Threats

No Change in US Hostility Toward Iran
if Biden-Harris Defeat Trump


Iran blacklists 3 US diplomats over 'terrorist acts'
one day after Washington imposed sanctions

Fire erupts after explosion at Iranian
petrochemicals plant - Vid

US suspends services at consulates & embassy
in Turkey after 'credible reports' warn of terror
attacks and kidnappings

Turkey to Send Troops to Combat Armenia
in Nagorno-Karabakh?

Turkey Not Going to Discuss S-400 Tests
With US, Erdogan Says

Erdogan says Turkey has right to take part in
Nagorno-Karabakh settlement process

US Is Secretly Providing Air Support for the
Taliban Against ISIS In Afghanistan

NATO Has Reduced Number of Troops in
Afghanistan to Under 12,000, Stoltenberg Says

Ex-Minister Denies UK Holocaust Memorial in
London Designed to 'Sugar Pill' Arms Sales to Saudis

India threatens 'coercive action' against Amazon
for refusing to appear before govt panel on data protection


15 new cases of vaccine-derived polio confirmed
in S. Sudan, months after victory over virus declared

The Big Guy's Back (song parody)

It's 'The Science' (song parody)

First Ever Giant Asian Hornet Nest
In The US. Found In WA - Watch

Fault near Portland could unleash a major earthquake

Astronomers catalogue 1,000 worlds that can 'see' Earth
...and are candidates for possible COLONIZATION

More than 120,000 lightning strikes trigger major
power outages in So. Australia - Rehearsal For US?

Why Sleep Paralysis Happens (and How to Prevent It)

Wooldridge -Adventures Across America
Summer 2020 - Pt 7


Biden Says He'll Shut Down The Virus,
Not The Country'...But Then Says He
Won't Rule Out Another Shutdown

Creeper Joe Says He Wants Everyone
'To Wear A Mask All The Time' - That It's
The Best Way To Fight Covid-19

Trump Asks Creep Biden - 'Who Put The
Kids In. Cages, Joe'? Biden Then Throws
Obama Under The Bus

Obama Mocks Trump For Believing 'Secret Cabals
Run The World' - Trump Is Quite Correct

The Kamal - About As Dim As The Creeper - Says
220 Million Americans Have Died Of Coronavirus

Confirmed - 'The Big Guy' IS Creep Joe Biden Who
Got MILLIONS From The Communist China Deal

Crackhead Hunter's business partner Says email
'genuine' And Hunter routinely Asked Child Molester
dad's advice on deals For Biden Crime Family

Ho Harris And other prominent Communist Dems
listed as 'key contacts' for Biden family business
Ventures and projects

Creeper Joe Biden Gets backlash for saying
'America was an idea we've never lived up to'
Also Said 'Antifa Is Just An Idea' Not An
Organization...He's mentally Gone

Pelosi Dodges Question About Biden Corruption


Devvy - Democrats...What's At Stake Nov 3, 2020

Rudy Giuliani Describes Finding 'Straight Out
Child Porn' On Hunter Biden's Laptop From Hell

Possible Next President, Creeper Joe Biden, Has
A Harvey Weinstein Level History Of Debauchery

Prophecy by Pat Robertson - Trump Wins
then an asteroid Will Hit Earth 5 Years Later

Communists And Liberals Want Us Dead If Trump
Wins...And To Punish Conservatives In Any Case

Vile, Communist NPR Blasted For Dismissing The
Biden Scandal Calling It 'A Waste Of Time'

USA Today Refused To Publish Hunter Biden
Scandal Op-Ed, So Here It Is

By backing censorship of Hunter Biden story
mainstream media only hurt their own cause

AOC, Ilhan Omar Team Up with Vlogger Who
Said 'America Deserved 9/11' in Campaign Event

Liberal Editor Turns on Leftists, Exposes
Giuliani-Borat Video as Complete Fraud


Pompeo 'Regularly' Used Personal Email Account
as CIA Director, Watchdog Claims

Senate Judiciary Committee approves Amy Barrett
Supreme Court nomination despite Dems boycott

Ghislaine Maxwell Admitted To Flying on
Epstein's Plane With Bill Clinton

Ghislaine Maxwell's ENTIRE testimony revealed
Docs show Epstein's 'madame' trying to EVADE
sex trafficking allegations

3rd Degree Murder Charge Dropped Against
Former Cop In George Floyd Drug Overdose Case

Minneapolis Residents Sue for Police Protection
'Our Lives Are Becoming Unlivable'

SF Board Passes 'CAREN Act' to Punish 'Entitled
White Women' Who Call 911 On Non-Whites!

Communist CA City Begins Handing Out Free Cash
To 'Address Inequalities For Black People'

Are YOUR Name & Address On The
Communist Target List?

A NYPD officer had the break line
to his patrol car cut


S. Korean's medical association urges govt to Halt
flu Vax program after 25 people DIE following jab

How Gov Cuomo's Missteps Allowed CV-19
To Overwhelm The US

Andrew Cuomo continues his self-aggrandizing
Covid victory lap while simultaneously reimposing
ruinous lockdowns on New York

FDA OKs Gilead's Remdesivir To Treat CV-19
Despite Data Showing The Drug Doesn't Work
Sounds Like Some Big Money Changed Hands

Bolshevik Oregon sued for shuttering religious
schools while allowing public schools to reopen

Twitter Locks Out Socialist For Urging People To
'Kill' The Late Anti-Communist Joe McCarthy 'In
Their Heads' - McCarthy Was Correct...

Facebook has Chinese nationals on Hate Speech
Engineering team

Snowden Receives Permanent Residence Permit
in Russia, Lawyer Says

Senate Judiciary Committee votes to subpoena
Facebook's Zuckerberg, Twitter's Dorsey over
alleged NY Post censorship

Asteroid The Size Of London's Big Ben Will
Whiz Past Earth Minutes After Tonight's
Presidential Debate


CIA Undecided on Moscow's Role in American Officials
Mysterious Illnesses in Russia And China - Report

NATO's nuclear sharing missions may
entail dire consequence, says Moscow

Putin to Russia's Ill-Wishers - We Only Worried
About How Not to Catch Cold at Your Funeral

Russia will cope with sanctions imposed
against it, says Putin

No need to return to non-working days
Regimen in Russia, Putin says

Coronavirus makes people think of upcoming
radical life changes, says Putin

Soviet Union played key role in Germany's
unification, Putin claims

Russia hopes nobody interferes with events
in Belarus, Putin says

Escobar - 'Business As Usual' Is Over Between
Russia & The EU

75 years after 'Stunde Null' collapse in Russian
German relations is driven by Berlin's renewed
desire to dominate Europe


Latest Balkan stand-off shows how difficult it will
be for EU to achieve its expansionist masterplan

'We are by your side' - European Parliament awards
Belarusian opposition the 2020 Sakharov Prize

S. Korean's medical association urges govt to Halt
flu Vax program after 25 people DIE following jab

Beijing promises response to 'political oppression'
after US designates six Chinese media outlets
as foreign missions

Lockdown restrictions turn violent in Czech

Sweden Discovers Taxi Drivers Over-Represented
in Sex Crimes - And WHO are Most Taxi Drivers?

Train station evacuated in Lyon after woman
'threatens to blow everything up'

Watch - Charlie Hebdo cartoons depicting
Mohammed And other religions projected
across France in tribute to slain teacher

Austrian woman receives 12-yr prison sentence for
sedition after trying to enlist military to Overthrow Govt

'Did the Honourable Lady Call Me Scum?'
Debate in House of Commons Marred by Insult


Homeless Foreigners in UK to Face Deportation
After Brexit, Reports Suggest

UK Immunity Law Will 'Deny' Rights of Soldiers
and Civilians Alike, Anti-Militarist Group Says

Immunity against coronavirus may be long-term
...expert says

CV-19 study on mask-wearing efficacy rejected by
journals - None Are brave enough to publish results

Some CV-19 vaccines may increase HIV risk

Anti-Lockdown Activist Climbs Big Ben Scaffolding
to Put Up Giant 'No Tier 3' Banner

'Out of control' Spain in Covid-19 turmoil as
health minister calls for 'drastic measures'
to tackle Europe's worst numbers

Germany announces capacity to take Covid
patients from abroad as cases soar across Europe

?oronavirus situation in Germany 'has become
very serious,' as Berlin declares 4 European states
'risk regions'

Something BIG is Brewing in the Gold Markets


Central Banks - Gold's Greatest Ally

Hong Kong slaps Goldman Sachs with record fine
over looting of Malaysia's state fund

'Cracking down on poor people'? UK govt
reportedly wants to deter Universal Credit
fraud by snooping on claimants' bank accounts

Guaido's Bank Board Fails to Pay for Appeal Costs
in Venezuelan Gold Case, Lawyer Firm Says

Israelis can now travel to Dubai - The Persian
Gulf will never be the same

Israeli Media Claims Saudi Crown Prince
Said He Might Be Killed if Riyadh Joins
Peace Deal With Jewish State

Business Owners Protest Against Coronavirus
Restrictions in Tel Aviv, Israel - Vid

UAE investment in upgrading Israeli checkpoints
only entrenches occupation

Hariri returns as Lebanon's prime minister
pledges to stop country's economic collapse

Satellite Image Reveals 13 Russian MiG-29
Jets At Armenian Base


Turkey won't integrate Russian-made S-400
systems into NATO networks – defense minister

Modi's BJP Promises Free CV Vaccine for Over
100 Million in Bihar Election Manifesto

Hundreds dead or missing, millions displaced with
hundreds of thousands more evacuated as torrential
rains return to already rain drenched Indo-Pakistan
and Asia areas after a year of unprecedented rainfall

Gunshots Heard in Lagos, Nigeria as Prison
Reportedly Set on Fire - Vid

Nigerian Protesters Are 'Liberating' Prisons
As Police Respond With Live Fire

Riot police clash with protesters outside
Guinean embassy in Paris as demonstrations
erupt over presidential election

Adventures Across America...Summer 2020 - Pt 1

Adventures Across America...Summer 2020 - Pt 3

Adventures Across America...Summer 2020 - Pt 4


Adventures Across America...Summer 2020 - Pt 5

A new documentary, America's Forgotten, reveals
the story of illegal immigration to the US the MSM
doesn't want you to know about

Close encounters of the blurred kind - Popstars Miley
Cyrus and Demi Lovato report contact with ALIENS

'Exciting new discovery about the Moon' is coming
that will impact NASA's upcoming lunar mission

Bezymianny Volcano's Ash Covers 2 Settlements
in Russia's Kamchatka, Emergencies Ministry Says

LOOK - 3 Kamchatka volcanoes explode simultaneously

Crackhead Hunter's business partner calls email
'genuine' Says Hunter routinely Asked Child Molester
dad's advice on deals For Biden Crime Family

Ho Harris And other prominent Communist Dems
listed as 'key contacts' for Biden family business
Ventures and projects

Biden Gets backlash for saying 'America was
an idea we've never lived up to' - He Also Said
'Antifa Is Just An Idea' Not An Organization...

Creeper Joe Insists Hunter Never Profited Off Family
Name - Except Hunter And Ex-President Of Poland
Say He Did!

Hunter Biden emails shopped around Ukraine
last year for $5 million

More Than 60 CIA Agents Were Killed by the
CCP Because of Joe Biden's Betrayal

Biden Lies Again, Falsely Claims The US Intel
Community Cleared His Family Of Crimes

Hunter Has Been Living Off Creeper Joe's
Politicking Since He Graduated in 1996

Inside Source Alleges Underage Photos Found
On Hunter's Laptop Were of a Member of The
Biden Family - Sicker All The Time

Trump Posts Full Raw '60 Minutes' Stahl Interview


Confirmed - It Wasn't Russia - Hunter Biden
Signed Off On the Request to Repair Laptops
in Delaware in April 2019 - Biden Crime Family

Giuliani Reads Text Message from Hunter Biden
to Joe Biden talking about Face Timing 14 Year
Old Girl Naked While Smoking Crack - Video

After Pedophilia Accusations, Delaware Cops
Refer Hunter Biden Laptop Case To FBI

Secret Service Travel Logs Match Details
in Alleged Hunter Biden Emails

Biden Finally Answers Question About Hunter
NBC Gives His Response...14 Seconds

Creeper Biden's transition team is compromised by
Chinese elites who have already taken advantage
of Hunter Biden's Big White House connections

The Kamal Sez - Climate Change 'Is Threatening
Our Very Existence' - No, It is COMMUNISM

Months Before an Illegal MS-13 Gang Member
Murdered A Family, Kamala Harris Failed To
Prosecute Him

9/11 COVID Similarities - There Are Glaring
Parallels Between the 2 Hideous Ops

They Want Us Dead If Trump Wins


Last Minute Prepping Advice - Be Ready
...For Literally ANYTHING

'Plan For The Worst' - Law Enforcement Authorities
All Over US Are Bracing For Massive Election Riots

Piles Of Stolen Mail On The Side Of The Road
Ballot Thefts Reported In Two Portland Suburbs

Multnomah County could see funding cut after
Portland named 'anarchist jurisdiction'

Yet Another Warning That We Should All
Be Bracing For A Major Seismic Event Along
The West Coast - The Cascadia Fault Line

Mitch McConnell - Amy Coney Barrett SCOTUS
Confirmation Vote Will Happen Monday, October 26

Illegal Immigration Fighting PAC Files FEC
Complaint against Big Tech Censorship

ALIPAC's formal FEC complaint against
Google Facebook And Twitter

Details of Ghislaine Maxwell's wild sex life
ordered to go public

Amazing Polly - Update on the Purge And
Technological Harassment


San Diego School District Announces it Will
Eliminate Grading Standards to 'Combat Racism'

Suicides Up Nearly 100% Among Young People in
Wisconsin's Second Largest County, as Medical
Experts Cite Perils of Social Isolation

Students want Medicare for All but reluctant
to donate their own money

Communism Pushes Long-running Traditional
holiday specials off networks - move to Apple TV+

Cases of deadly flesh-eating bacteria are
exploding in parts of the US

The Mystery Of The Immaculate Concussion

A Million New Yorkers Can't Afford Food
As Hunger Crisis Worsens

Democracy isn't working for young people
because cancel culture has made them scared
of freedom of speech

CV-19 isn't a pandemic plan, it's an EXTERMINATION
plan for humanity

Communist Bolshevik California bans indoor gatherings
ahead of Thanksgiving And Christmas


AstraZeneca volunteer in CV-19 Vax Trial DIES

FedEx Readies A Plan To Help Distribute CV-19 Vax

Don't forget The US govt gave a $3.7 million grant
to Wuhan lab that experimented on coronavirus
source bats

Google Manager Caught on Camera Admitting
They Can Offer FREE Advertising Credits to
Democrats And Censor Republicans

Google Mobility Data Suggests Sweden
'Socially Distanced' Less Than Other Countries

Br Nathanael - Zuckerberg Won't Go To Jail

Babylon Bee rips Facebook for demonetizing
page over Monty Python joke

Netizens Slam Facebook's 'Woke Police' For Banning
Babylon Bee Satire on Grilling of Judge Barrett

'Seriously?' Hillary Clinton's Cryptic Tweet
Featuring Old Anti-Trump Tirade Sparks Twitterstorm

Will Adam Schiff's Claims Now Be Blocked On Twitter?


Outrageous - Instagram refuses to remove 'black art'
depicting severed heads of white people citing
'differences of expression'

Big as St Paul's Cathedral and Heading Our Way...
NASA Warns of Huge Asteroid Set to Zoom Past Earth

America Has No Allies, Only Hostages

New American military base in Pacific would
show how US-China cold war is heating up fast

NATO Secretary-General Confirms Germany's
Ramstein Base Will Host New Allied Space Centre

Putin does not rule out 'new pressing problems'
in global economy

World's largest & most powerful nuclear
icebreaker joins Russia's Arctic fleet

Moscow Salvages START Nuke Control Extension
by Accepting Additional Terms

Kremlin dismisses reports claiming Russia
supplied 'faulty' lung ventilators to US

9 people die after getting flu shots in S Korea
sparking vaccine fears


Spike in So. Korea flu shot deaths
fuels Vax doubts

S. Korea to continue flu vaccinations amid
probe into deaths

US Gives Green Light For $1.8 Billion In Arms
To Taiwan Over Beijing's Threats

US Designates Operations of 6 China-Based
Media Companies as Foreign Missions - Pompeo

Victoria's Stasi premier goes on the defensive after
His Melbourne lockdown blamed for deaths of four
newborns denied urgent medical care

New Covid-19 lockdown for Czech Republic
amid PM's stark warning of health system 'collapse'

Ireland's test and trace system buckles
under surging number of coronavirus cases

People Must live with coronavirus for 'evermore'
says UK expert on govt advisory committee

Scottish First Minister Sturgeon Extends
COVID-Related Restrictions on Hospitality
Until 2 November

Fresh Covid Restrictions Imposed in North England,
Amid London Mayor's U-turn on 10pm Curfew


Made in Britain - UK Defence Ministry on Mission
to Bring Warship Production Home

Two women arrested for apparent racially
aggravated knife attack near Paris' Eiffel Tower

French newspaper faces threats after
republishing Prophet Mohammed cartoon

Mosques in Southern France Threatened
With Violence Amid Unrest Over Teacher's Murder

Swedish Teachers Fear France-Like Beheadings

Immunity Law For UK's Undercover Agents
'is Dangerous and Authoritarian', Policing Monitor Says

EU's Michel Barnier Says Deal With UK 'Within
Reach', Opening the Way for Last Minute Trade Talks

Imbecile Parents indoctrinating their kids in
woke dogma while they're still in Diapers need
to calm down

UK minister slams schools for uncontested teaching
of 'white privilege' & 'inherited racial guilt,' claiming

Iceland PM Katrin Jakobsdottir Interrupted
by 5.6 Quake During Live Interview - Vid


Victoria's Stasi premier goes on the defensive after
His Melbourne lockdown blamed for deaths of four
newborns denied urgent medical care

Bitcoin Surges Above $12,000 As Paypal Confirms
Crypto Service

Fed official warns 'economic disparities' may hold
back US recovery - Push For Communism Is Clear

The New Fed Tyranny Few Even Recognize

Why Gold?

US tries to squeeze Huawei out of Brazil's 5G
network development

Poland Strikes $18 Billion Nuclear
Power Deal With US

US Expands Nord Stream 2 Sanctions
Germany vows Pipeline Completion 'Not If, But When'

Banks And The Digital Dollar

Fed official warns economic disparities may hold
back US recovery (Communism Is Holding It Back)


Former OPCW Chief Says His Office
Was Bugged While USA Pushed Iraq War

Pakistan's Top Police Officers Apply for Leave
En Masse After Arrest of Exiled PM's Son-in-Law

Death Toll Mystery After Protesters Shot in
Lagos but What the Hell is Going On in Nigeria?

Mob torches TV station in Lagos as anti-police
protests rage throughout Nigeria - Vid

Footage of UFO Captured Over Grangemouth

Source of the Pentagon's UFO Videos
was Ex Intel Official

The Phenomenon - Bold UFO Claim Made By
Former Head of Project Blue Book – Watch

Scientists Call For Serious Study of UFO-UAP

Largest Monoliths Ever Created by Ancient Civilizations


Tucker - America's most powerful people
want you to shut up about Hunter Biden!

Giuliani says he sent alleged sexually explicit
materials involving underage girls And Hunter
Biden to Delaware police

Giuliani Announces Release Of New Documents
Showing Financial And Personal Crimes By The
Biden Crime Family On Wednesday

Senate investigation - Hunter Biden received
millions from former Moscow oligarch

FBI Said To Have Hunter Biden's Laptop And
All Contents On Hard Drive

Hunter Biden Laptop - New Image Raises New
Questions - Creeper Joe Goes Into Hiding

'Just crazy' - Trump compares claims Hunter Biden
emails are Russian plot to Clinton's branding of
Tulsi Gabbard as Being a 'Russian asset'

Hunter's Imprisoned Ex Business Partner Confirms
Hunter Was Profiting By Using His Father's Position
As VP For Eight Years And Then Some

Trump Slams Hunter Biden's 'Laptop From Hell'
Likens it to Weiner's Computer in Clinton Email Probe

Meet your Chinese Communist Facebook censors!


Tucker - Chinese Communist Nationals Are Working At
Facebook Censoring US Speech! - Start At 16:23

Media, Big Tech let Bidens sin and grin

MSNBC Applauds The Media Censoring The
'Dangerous' Hunter Biden Story

Interview With A Democrat, Biden's Base
And the Antifa 'Idea'

Disgusting - Wikipedia Editors Back Bidens, Stop Dissent

Biden's Social Security and SSI Crap plan would
only lift 1.4 million out of poverty... Less than 1/2
of 1% of the total population - More Total Biden BS

Twitter Users Weigh in on Kamala Harris
'Dancing in the Rain' Stunt

Br. Nathanael: Zuckerberg Won't Go To Jail (Vid)

Trump Calls Out Lesley Stahl For Not Wearing
Mask At WH After 'Extremely Hostile' interview

Tucker - The Left Gets Ready For A Post-Trump
World With A Truth & Reconciliation Commission!

MI Gov Whitmer displays symbols during live
interview that call for Murder of The President


Republicans 'Significantly Gaining In Registrations
In Pennsylvania' - MSNBC

Arizona Rally Crowd Shouts 'Superman' After
Trump Talks About COVID-19 Recovery - Vid

Dozens of Los Angeles Ballots Damaged in
Suspected Arson Attack on Drop Box

Creeper Joe Biden Will Shut Down Sports

Comrade Andrea Mitchell Calls Hunter Biden
Scandal A 'False Conspiracy Theory'

Bernard Grover - A Qvian Finally Responds
...Stirring The Hornet's Nest

Federal Reserve to lend An additional
$1 trillion a day to large banks

Outgoing Seattle Cops Blast Communist
City Government Over Political Agenda

Walmart's Redesigned Airport-style Stores
Will Track Everyone, Every Step Of The Way

Yet another warning that makes it clear that
we should all be bracing for a major seismic
event along the west coast


'Alexa, What Is Event 201...'

Project Monarch Documentary

Hospitalized COVID-19 patients are five times
more likely to die than patients hospitalized
with flu, CDC Claims - More Fear Porn?

Sweden Knuckles Under - 'to start lockdowns'
as it has The world's 12th highest Covid-19
(co-morbidity) death rate

Musk Calls For End of Coronavirus Lockdowns

Tech Giants Google, Oracle to Monitor
Americans Who Get COVID-19 Vaccine

20% of verified CV patients did not develop immunity

Vaccine storage issues could leave
3 Billion people without access

Delta passenger slaps flight attendant during
argument over mask policy: report

Communist Fronts Twitter, Faceberg Censored
Trump And Campaign 65 Times - Biden Not ONCE


YouTube confirms it will immediately ban all vids
that question the 'official' vaccine narrative Pushed
by the corrupt WHO and Vax companies

DOJ Files Long Overdue Anti-Trust Lawsuit
Against Google - No Business Should Have
Such A Monopoly Over A Nation & Its People

What we know about the DOJ's antitrust case
against Google so far

Apple, Google Worked as 'One Company' on
Search Deal, US Says

Sweden bans use of Huawei, ZTE equipment
in 5G networks

Russia plans to become world leader in AI says PM

Why is the US playing along with Israel's veto
over American weapons sales?

US ready to meet immediately with Russia
to finalize New START agreement

How NASA's Osiris-Rex spacecraft will land
on an asteroid to collect rock

Sputnik V Coronavirus Vax close to public launch
Moscow will begin mass vaccination against at end
of December says Mayor


Russia's COVID-19 Vaccine for Animals Shows No
Side Effects in Trials, Research Says

Sputnik V Production in Russia May Increase Five-Fold
From October to December - Russian Minister

Lesson Learned? This Time Around Russia Shuns
Crackdowns Even as Test Positives Rise

Russophrenia – or How a Collapsing Country
Runs the World

Russian embassy says London trying to sow
discord between Russia, other states

Putin, Macron discuss situation in Nagorno-Karabakh

US plotting color revolution in Moldova
after presidential polls - Russian intel chief

Lukashenko promises to restore order in Minsk
on Sunday if more protests are organized

Russia's top brass rejects proposal on
10% military personnel cuts

Internet becoming key tool in planning terrorist
attacks, says Russia's Security Council


Navalny Changes the Story Again –
Campaigns for Biden Against Trump

London's Hacking Accusations Are New
Wave of Unprovoked Attacks, Russia's
UK Embassy Says

Singapore to introduce pre-event rapid
Covid testing to allow weddings and mass
gatherings to resume safely

'You don't need to completely isolate any more'
Sweden to tell elderly amid country's relaxed
handling of Covid-19

Free Speech Debates Rage After beheading...
French magazine reprints Mohammed cartoons

Mosque outside Paris ordered to close amid
investigation into French teacher's beheading

French teacher's killer exchanged messages
with student's father who launched campaign
against victim online - report

Photo of Beheaded Paris Teacher Reportedly
Distributed by ISIS as it Warns 'Swords Will Not Stop'

UK to Expose Volunteers to Coronavirus
in Attempt to Ramp Up Race for a Vaccine

London Mayor Khan Urges UK Government
to Scrap Pub, Bar Curfew to Help Businesses


Definitely Not Talking to Aliens - Origins
of Massive Laser Beam Sighted in UK
Explained by Media

'Made in US' - Norway's New Defence Plan
Sparks Strong Criticism

EU takes legal action against Cyprus
and Malta for 'selling' EU citizenship

US Expands Nord Stream 2 Sanctions

Nuclear Power Will Lead to 'National Suicide'
Argues Award-Winning Investigative Journalist

Polkadot Could Be Poised To Dethrone Ethereum

Container Slots Sell Out Risking Holiday 'Shipageddon'

Why Do We Put So Much Faith In Central Bankers?

Goldman - Even More Job Losses Coming As A
Result Of M&A

Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Fined For Violating
Iran Sanctions


Crime Pays - Goldman Strikes $2 Billion Deal
With DoJ To Avoid All Charges Tied To 1MDB

Elon Musk becomes Twitter laughingstock
after Bolivian socialist movement returns to power

US-Backed Coup Govt Concedes Electoral
Defeat in Bolivia, MSM Disappointed

VZ FM Offers 'Blah, Blah' Twitter Quip in
Response to Colombian Counterpart's Criticism

Zionist Congress wants to let Israel nix
US weapon sales

Israel Demands More US Arms to Counter F-35
Sale to UAE - No Surprise

Israel, UAE Agree on Visa-Free Travel
Netanyahu Announces

UN Security Council Holds Virtual Debate
on Situation in Persian Gulf - Vid

Former OPCW director defends Douma
whistleblowers as 'extremely competent'
slams media for creating 'wall of silence'

Indian Security Forces Ready to Tackle Potential
Joint Terror Attacks from Pakistan, Source Says


Indonesia Rejects US Request to Allow P-8
Spy Planes to Land and Refuel - Reports

US planned removal of Sudan from terrorism
list is really an attempt to reduce Chinese
Influence and further isolate Iran

100 Unhealthiest Foods On the Planet

The USC student newspaper staff is going on hiatus
amid 'burnout' concerns - Aw, Those Poor Kids

2,000 Year Old Cat Etching Found At Nazca

SSC Tuatara - US Made Car Smashes through
speed records at 316 mph - Watch

GM unveils Hummer EV as 'world's first supertruck'
for $112,600 - Idiotic waste of disposable income

TX Teen Breaks Record For World's Longest Legs


Trump Campaign Manager Fires Off Letter to
Debate Commission After they Change Third
Debate Topics to Rescue Joe Biden and Ignore
President Trump's Big Foreign Policy Successes

Poll results show majority of Americans
are getting ready for civil war

Remember...It Is Your Fault We Attacked You

North Carolina Police Officer Viciously Beaten
as Onlookers Laugh, Film for 11 Minutes

Supreme Court rejects GOP attempt to require
mail-in ballots be received by Election Day in PA

47% Of Biden Supporters Will Vote By Mail
86% Of Trump Votes Will Be In Person
What This Means For The Election

Many Americans are planning to bug out
ahead of Election Day as authorities brace
for chaos in the streets...Blood In The Streets

Crazed Communists Will Burn It All Down After
A Trump Reelection - Liberals Threatening Violence
If Trump Is Reelected - Better PREPARE...

'The city will be on fire' - New Yorkers prep
to flee homes to avoid post-election Carnage

Trump Campaign Says Gov Whitless Is Actually
Encouraging Assassination Attempts Against The
President By Displaying '86' Just Behind Her


Trump Tells Reporter 'You're A Criminal, Too,
For Not Not Reporting The Truth About The Bidens

Trump Says Americans Are Tired Of Coronavirus
And 'Tired Of Hearing Fauci And All These Idiots'

Biden's Former Ukraine Adviser Now Works
For Facebook - Which Censors The Hunter Story

Trump To Force Biden To Face Hunter Biden
Hard Drive Email Horrors in Thursday Debate

FBI MUST 'Come Clean' About Corruption
Evidence, Potential Child Porn On Hunter
Biden's Laptop - Sen. Johnson

FBI had Hunter Biden's incriminating hard drive
for months - did NOTHING - But Is Now Probing
Totally Bogus Russian Ties - FBI Must Be Cleaned Out

Creep Biden Dodges, Refuses All Comments About
His Alleged Knowledge Of Hunter's Sleaze & Filthy
Business Dealings To Reported Video and Photos
Of Drugs, Pedophilia And Torture Of Underage Girls

Antifa Terrorists Brutally Attacking More Peaceful
Conservatives - Another Sign Of Things To Come

John Ratcliffe, Director Of US National Intelligence,
Destroys Democrats Efforts To Call Hunter Biden
Laptop Email And Video Horror Scandal Some Kind
Of A 'Russian Disinformation Campaign' - Watch

DOJ Confirms 'We Haven't Seen Anything'
Suggesting Russia Compromised 2020 Election


NC Gov Roy Cooper Caught on Hot Mic
Reassuring Biden They'll Get Philanderer
Dem Cal Cunningham 'Across' The Finish LIne

Watch Repulsive Joe Biden's Burisma Lies
falling apart...yet to apologize

Biden Vows to 'Finish Strong' From His Basement

WH Press Sec McEnany Shares Footage of '1000s
Upon 1,000s' of Trump Supporters in CA

University told student groups not to gather
but Let Black Lives Matter Communists protest

98 percent of political donations from the
Univ of Wisconsin System go to Communist

Vile, Communist University of Northern Iowa
Rejects Pro-Life Club, Calls It a 'Hate Group'

Shimatsu - Why Fukushima Will Soon Lump Even
More Radioactive Water Into The Pacific Ocean

Canadian politician leaks new COVID lockdown
plan and 'Great Reset' dictatorship

No One To Vote For - Depopulation Quotes...Turner
Calls For Total World Population Of 250-300 Million


Illegal Invaders make up more than 11% of
Entire US inmate population

New Data Analysis Finds 353 Counties With
1.8 Million More Reistered Voters Than Residents

The Real Toll of Oregon Forest Fire Losses

Peru Has the Toughest Lockdown in the World
and Still Ended Up With the Worst Fatality Rate

World leaders are planning new lockdowns
to introduce 'The World Debt Reset Program'
which includes universal basic income and
Mandatory vaccination requirements

The Chinese Lockdown And Mask Model Failed
Now Its Proponents Need Scapegoats

The Great Coronavirus Divide - Wall St Profits
Surge as Poverty Rises

Ghoul Gates and MIT unveil quantum dot
technology to mark children's skin so they
can be scanned for vaccine compliance

The 'darkest' period of the coronavirus pandemic
is still to come, warns top infectious-disease doctor

'Biggest wave' of coronavirus is upon us,
warns former FDA chief Dr. Scott Gottlieb


Another Utah hospital fills its ICU with 1,168
more coronavirus cases reported Monday

Rural Midwest hospitals struggling to handle
coronavirus surge - 'It just exploded'

Big Anti mask protest Toronto - Watch

Banned from YouTube - America's
Frontline Doctors Hold 2nd Summit in DC

Facebook Says it Rejected 2.2 Million Ads
for Attempts to 'Obstruct Voting' - Never Mind
Their Outrageous Censoring Of Biden Laptop

Google Exec Calls for Banning Trump from Social
Media Until After Election Winner Declared

Google Whistle Tells Veritas That Google
Skews Results In Democrats Favor

Uncle Of Children Sick From Verizon 5G Tower
Next To Home Fights To Prevent It Happening
to Other Families

Whose Great Reset? The Fight for Our Future
...Technocracy vs the Republic

Prosecutor pushing to 'decriminalize crime'
Is being backed by George Soros


Asteroid that may hit Earth day before US election
'not big enough to cause harm,' Neil deGrasse Tyson

B-52 bombers demonstrate how fast they
can get in the air with nuclear weapons

US Army Reportedly Developing Cannon
Touted as Able to Blast Through Air Defences
'As Far As Moscow'

Action-Packed Footage Shows Royal Navy
Using Iron Man-Style Jet Suits to Practice
Storming Vessels

Russia ranks 105th in the world in COVID-19
death rate, says watchdog

Putin - UN Remains Only Global Structure for
Dialogue Based on Parity, Partnership

Russian FM Lavrov says Moscow's return to
Council of Europe after 2014-19 exclusion
proves threats & ultimatums are futile

Russian private firm to create orbital
cluster of 510 satellites

Moscow military court sentences ISIS
financier to 8 years in prison

Russia Puts Belarus Color Revolution
Leader on Its Wanted List


Food Shortages Hit China - There is 'Not...
Enough Fresh Food to Go Around'

China GDP grew by 4.9% In 3Q

Dangers of Military Confrontation Between
the US and China Around Taiwan and in the
South China Sea Grow

Macron Is a Traitor to White People Everywhere

France's Le Pen Calls for Expulsion of
Foreigners Advocating Religious Separatism

Netherlands to Allow Euthanasia Terminally Ill
Children Under 12 Years Old

Church of England Forgave 390 Convicted Pedos
And Allowed Them to Continue Working with Kids

More people die at home from cancer, heart
disease & dementia in UK since start of pandemic

Wales to be plunged into 2-week 'firebreak'
lockdown from October 23

Austrian Gov't to Ban Indoor Social Gatherings of
More Than 6 People Amid COVID-19 Surge


London offers Covid-hit Manchester more resources
as lockdown looms, but mayor says he won't 'roll
over at the sight of a cheque'

Royal Navy officer in charge of nukes reportedly
came to work drunk, clutching bag of BBQ chicken

And The Global Debt About To Explode!

Powell Lays Out The Key Reasons Why The
Fed Is Moving Toward Digital Dollars

American Airlines Plans To Resume 737 MAX
Flights In December

Homebuilder Sentiment Soars To Record High

Corn Shortage - Grand Solar Minimum Kills Crops

Store Shelves Are Emptying Again As Second
Wave Of Panic Shopping Has Begun - Lack Of
Variety And Product Is The New Normal Now

Biden's $2 Trillion Clean Energy Plans
Could Mark The Beginning Of The End
For The Natural Gas Industry

Gulf Cartel Removes Bodies After Mexican
Border City Shootout


Mexico Taking Big Steps Toward Taking the
Cannabis Industry From Cartel Clutches

US Pushes 'Aggressive' Blockade on Cuba
Amid Havana's Global COVID-19 Fight

Israeli Military Intel Chief Says President Assad
of Syria 'Should Have Been Killed Long Ago'

Top Palestinian official Saeb Erekat in 'critical'
condition With CV In Isreali Hospital

Atzmon - Israeli Arms Trade...The Lobby...and the
Meaning of Chosenness

Turkey's interest in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
motivated by control over Caucasus oil And
gas supply says Armenian president

Indian Defence Secretary to Review Weaponry
Order in Russia in the Event of a Clash with China

India 'apprehends' Chinese soldier in
disputed border area

Twitter India Clarifies After Facing Backlash for
Showing Leh, Jammu & Kashmir as Part of China

Thai Parliament to Convene Special Session
Over Opposition Protests in Bangkok


Lava lake rises at dangerous Nyiragongo
volcano in Africa - Watch

Massive 7.5 magnitude earthquake strikes
off coast of Alaska sparking tsunami warning

The Bliss & The Anger

Conspiracy Theorist!

Driver of the largest mass extinction in the
history of the Earth identified

Orionid Meteor Shower will peak on Wednesday
with up to 25 shooting stars flying in the night sky
and don't forget the Halloween Blue Moon!

Refunds offered to 9,000 N Dakota deer hunters
due to disease outbreak (Not CWD...It is EHD)


Trump - Biden DISQUALIFIED From Presidency
Due to Hunter Biden Laptop Horrors

Chinese Whistleblower & Other Sources State
There Are Videos of Satanic Hunter Biden Raping
and Torturing Little Girls in China - Giuliani And
Trump Said To Have Seen The Footage Of Biden

The Meeting Happened And Joe Biden took 10%
of The equity - Bannon says everything on Hunter's
laptop is TRUE - The Hideous Biden Crime Family

Former NYPD Commissioner - I've Seen Hunter's
Hard Drive, The Bidens 'Belong in Handcuffs'

Chinese Communists OWN The Biden Crime Family
Creeper Joe's Fans Wrote His Alleged Crackhead,
Pedophile Maniac Son's Entire Resume

Watch...The Hunter Emails Will Be Called 'Russian'!

Steve Bannon Behind The Roll Out Of Hunter's
HIdeous, Depraved Emails And Photos - Says A
LOT More Will Be Coming Out

Social Media Rages Over FB & Twitter
Censoring Vile Hunter Biden Crime Family
Story & The Creeper's Ties To Big Tech Giants

Twitter Refuses to Unlock New York Post Account
Unless Paper Deletes Tweets About Hunter Biden

Twitter removes mask guidance from WH CV-19
Advisor Dr. Scott Atlas claiming it violated policies
on 'misleading information'


Disaster for Creeper Joe As Hunter Biden's lawyers
allegedly ask for his laptop BACK - Trump calls its
explosive revelations The 'REAL DEAL'

'Lock Up The Bidens' Trump Says At Georgia
Campaign Rally - He's 100% correct

FBI 'Has To Come Clean' About Corruption Evidence
And A Lot Of Potential Child Porn On Hunter Biden's
Laptop - Sen. Johnson

Emails - Hunter sought to use Biden family name,
connections to cash-in big with Chinese firms

New emails from Hunter Biden associate who
flipped in prison reveal massive China
influence-peddling effort

Trump Camp - 11 Questions The MSM Must Ask
Joe Biden About Hunter Biden 'Selling Access'

Trump Releases Devastating New Ad Showing
Biden's DEEP Ties to Communist China

Survival 101 - Stock up on essential supplies
and fortify your home before TEOTWAWKI

Store Shelves Are Emptying Again As Second
Wave Of Panic Shopping Has Begun - Lack
Of Variety And Product Is The New Normal Now

The Media Is Now Openly Pushing Secession
As The Election Nears - Secession Or The End


Brown University Communist Moron says Trump
Lawn And Yard signs, And American flags 'scare'
and 'traumatize' Black People!

Meet The 'Press'? Chuck Todd's Flagrant
Lies In Gretchen Whitmer 'Interview'

MI Gov Whitless Says Trump Inciting 'Terrorism'
After President Makes Light of Plot to Kidnap Her

Oscar-Winning Jon Voight Slams Biden as 'Evil'
Urges Americans to Vote for Trump

You're in a cult! Trump haters pile on celebrity,
Scientologist & suspected QAnon Fan Kirstie Alley

Third Presidential debate moderator has DEEP
Bias And ties to Democrats - Gingrich says debate
Commission should be ABOLISHED for picking her

Third debate moderator is A quintessential
Trump-hating, left-wing hack

SF Communist ANTIFA animals Taunt And Beat
black man in broad daylight for supporting FREE
SPEECH - a Vote For Biden Is Vote for Communism

Watch Antifa 'Medic' Call for Federal
Agent to Be 'Executed'

Cops Stand Down as Communist ANTIFA Terrorists
Attack Trump Supporters at Rally in Ithaca, NY


Communist BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Signs
Production Deal with Warner Bros...

Still Think Biden Calling Antifa 'just An Idea' is OK?
Watch Black Antifa Communist Assault Black
Conservative Speaker

As We said, These May Be Biden's Teleprompter
Contact Lenses

Jon Voight - 'Real' Donald Trump 'Must Win
To Save America From Pure Evil'

Free speech rally marred as counterprotesters
storm event, beat pro-Trump demonstrators

New York Times Magazine Says The Biggest
Threat to Free Speech...is Free Speech!

FBI Data - Four Times as Many People Killed
With Knives Than With Rifles in 2019

'The city will be on fire' - New Yorkers prep
to flee homes to avoid post-election Carnage

Sammamish WA Cops - Garbage Bags Of Mail
Found On Roadside Included Unopened Ballots

4Chan Users Claim To Have Found Way To Easily
Change People's Voter Registration And Cancel
Ballots Online In Oregon And Washington


17 Yr Old Kyle Rittenhouse Was Targeted, shot at and
Gangstalked By Multiple Perps in The Kenosha riots

The Real Threat to Your Guns Is Not Just
Rust & Dirty Politicians

Insane CA Will Begin Allowing Men To Serve

Surging Use Of Q To Marginalize & Smear Even
If There Is No Relationship With Q PsyOp At All

Authorities Identify Suspect in Maryland 7-11
Shooting of Mother of 4

The US Did Not Defeat Fascism in WWII
..It Discretely Internationalized It

Why Do the Globalist Historians HATE
President Harding?

Stunning Revelations About The Men (Fauci, Etc),
the means And the motive For The ILLEGAL PATENTS
Of The Coronavirus...And Turning It Into Giant Profits

Covid Relief Negotiations Postponed Until
After The Election - Trump Says Pelosi Was
Not Dealing In Good Faith

Trump Says He Won't Force Americans
To Take Any COVID-19 Vaccine


Study - Closing schools hindered herd immunity

Think twice - 9 Reasons NOT to get a flu shot

The $16 TRILLION bug - Plandemic could cost
US economy its entire annual output

Self-Isolating Students Advised to Wait In
Their Rooms if they Hear a Fire Alarm - Huh?

Whose Great Reset? The Fight for Our Future
...Technocracy vs the Republic

Social media's creators admit it dehumanizes
people, disrupts social fabric and destroys
democracy - A Frankenstein Monster, For Sure

Amazon's Attempt To Muzzle Shelby Steele Speaks
Volumes About Race In America

No Real Change Can Come If Speech Is
Restricted by Monopolistic Oligarchs

Trump - 'Greatest Weapons Ever Produced'
Make United States the 'Envy of Russia,
China And North Korea

Will EMPs Be The First Wave Of Nuclear War?


US Secretary of State Pompeo Warns of
Sanctions For Any Arms Sales to Iran

'Hint of the Existence of Life' On Venus
Reportedly Discovered by Scientists

NASA Scientist Found a Massive Alien
Spacecraft in Saturn's Rings

1,600+ patients recover from coronavirus in Moscow

Russia among TOP 10 countries leading
global digital banking revolution

Dozens detained, rubber bullets fired amid
opposition march in Belarusian capital - Vid

Erdogan claims Russia, US, France are
supplying weapons to Armenia

Armenia's Military Shares Video Allegedly Showing
Foreign Mercenaries in Azeri Border Guard Uniform

Hours into new ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh,
Armenia & Azerbaijan trade blame for violating it

Frozen food package polluted by living coronavirus
could cause infection, China's CDC says


Thai Protestors Occupy Bangkok Streets
in Support of Detained Activists

French Police Arrest 11th Muslim Suspect In
Friday's Grisly Beheading Of History Teacher

Thousands Rally Across France Following
Brutal Murder of Teacher in Suspected
Terror Attack - Vid

France mourns beheaded teacher as thousands
take to Paris' streets - Vid

France to 'strengthen' control on funding of
Islamist groups, finance minister says after
teacher killed in terrorist attack - Cowardly
France Should Never Have Let Them IN

Muslim Man Denied Citizenship in Germany
After Refusing to Shake Woman's Hand

UK Bans All Sex For 'At-Risk' Couples

Luongo - Who's Afraid Of A No-Deal Brexit?

Gove Tells Barnier 'Ball is in Your Court' Amid
Fading Hopes for a UK-EU Trade Deal

Mayor Accuses UK Government of 'Exaggerating'
Manchester Coronavirus Outbreak


Protest against Covid-19 rules in Prague escalates
into clashes with police - Vid

As Paris restaurants are ordered into new curfew
...angry citizens hold street protest

Next economic crisis - Massive Empty retail space

US Budget Deficit Triples To Record $3.1 Trillion
In 2020 As US Spends 90% More Than It Collects

A Former Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund Chief Has
Predicted Bitcoin Is About To Surge To $1 Million

Areas Of the world As Now Becoming 'Unlivable'
The Environment Is Collapsing A Badly As Society

China Arming VZ Navy With Ship-to-Ship Missiles

Top Palestinian official Saeb Erekat Taken
to Israel for urgent treatment over CV-19

Bahrain, Israel Sign Joint Communique
on Establishing Diplomatic Ties

Israelis Invade Syria, Blow Up Syrian Army Sites


US Complains Turkey Is Testing 'Its Own'
Air Defense Missiles (Bought From Russia)

Nigeria's Plans to Castrate Rapists &
Execute Pedophiles Slammed By UN

CA School Grading Systems Going Even MORE
Communist...'To Combat Racism' - Sure thing!

Restoring California's forests to reduce
wildfire risks will take time, billions of dollars
and a broad commitment

Horrific Video reveals mysterious mass death
of fish in Southern Russia...weeks after another
incident in country's Far East

Huge cat found etched into desert among
Nazca Lines in Peru

Deagel.com Projections On Where US And All
Western White countries Will Be In 2025 - Shocker

Deagel's Forecast Of Massive US Depopulation By 2025
Did Not Include Pandemic But Warned Of One - A Scenario
Could Evolve In A Death Toll Of Up To 90 Percent In US

MUST Read - Deagel Warns A Dangerous New Trend
Is Taking Place That Will Overshadow The Election,
Covid 19 And Democrat-Inspired Chaos Across US

Watch The Parallels Between 9/11 and CV-19 Ops

Trump Says He May 'Leave the Country'
if He Loses Election to Joe Biden

LUNATIC Biden Says He Supports 8 YR OLDS
Changing Gender - (8 Year Old CHILDREN!)
'I Will Flat Out Just Change The Law'

Perverted Biden Says He Will Sign A Bill That
Allows Men Athletes Into Girls Sports

Watch The Creeper Read From A HUGE Teleprompter
In Detroit Appearance...With Almost No Audience!

Demented Biden Insults NATO Allies, Forgets
Who He's Talking About and Then Gives
Terrible Gun Safety Advice - Watch

NBC debate moderator celebrated Christmas with
The Obamas and family donated thousands to
Democrats including Creeper Joe Biden


Chinese Whistleblower Reveals Hunter Biden
'Sex Tapes' Contain Video of Him Sexually
ABUSING Multiple Under-Age Chinese Teens

Full Story Behind Hunter's Laptop Debunks
Latest Russia Conspiracy Theory

Biden Slams CBS Reporter For Asking About
The Hunter Biden Scandal

Why Is The FBI's Top Child Porn Lawyer Involved
In Hunter Biden Laptop Case?

Emails Reveal Crackhead Hunter Associates Helped
Communist Chinese Elites Secure WH Meetings

Why Is The FBI's Top Child Porn Lawyer Involved
In Hunter Biden Laptop Case?

Giuliani - China, Russia Have Over 1,000
Hunter Biden Photos That Range From Highly
'Inappropriate To Illegal' - Watch

Sleazebag Hunter Biden Began Extra Marital Affair
With Brother's Widow Following Alleged Week-Long
'Crack Binge' at LA Homeless Camp

Pro-Trump Union Blasts Biden for Lying
About Endorsement

FBI Chief Chris Wray Hid Information from
Public that Absolved Trump During Impeachment


Lewandowski - Our Polls Today, Internally,
Are Better Today Than 4 Years Ago!

VA Cops Charged After Video Showed Them
Execute Unarmed Accountant, With 3 Bullets
to the Head

Amy Barrett's Likely Confirmation Schedule

Trump Supporter Hospitalized By Black Lives
Matter Communist Thugs At Women's March

Women Marchers Say Barrett Nomination Is a
'Christian Fascist Takeover'

Watch - Barrett Supporters Block Feminist
Protesters Outside SCOTUS

Luongo - Pelosi, Barrett And The False Face
Of Modern Feminism

Democrats call for non-Democrats to be
sent to the guillotines

Science For Madmen

Joe McCarthy vs Joe Welch - The Real Story


The Great YouTube Censorship Purge Accelerates

CNN Cancels Ice Cube Interview After Trump
Adviser Reveals He's Working With Administration
To Help Blacks

P. Diddy launches 'Our Black Party' And warns
white people should be 'scared to death' of Trump
And vote For Demented Biden to avoid 'race war'

Sony enables Recording Of PlayStation game chats
& lets players Rat on each other for hate speech

Catch-22 of Woke Racism And Other Absurdities

Joe McCarthy vs Joe Welch - The Real Story

CA GOP Agrees to Remove Legal Ballot-Harvesting
Boxes Amid Lawsuit Threats

Security Guard Assigned To Ballot Box Shot
In Baltimore

PA rejects 300,000+ 'duplicate' mail-in ballot
applications as confused voters flood election
offices with calls

'High Stress And Mediocre Pay' To Blame
For Fall In US Police Officers, Says Expert


Seattle police officers LEAVING department at
'unprecedented' rate amid budget calls and protests

Fed court bans NYPD practice of contractually
forcing people to be evicted from their residence

Time For Real Change At The FBI

San Francisco looks to rename 44 schools, expunging
the likes of Washington And Lincoln

Vince Foster's College Goes Full Woke

When Bill Kristol Heard The Vince Foster
Witness Story

Your STASI FBI Will Entrap You

'I'm Not Here to Make Friends' - Scott Atlas Is the
CV-19 Point Man We Could Have Only Wished For

VZ Miracle Covid-19 Cure - Ozone Insufflation
...Flooding The Body With Oxygen

WHO Warns Millennials May Not Receive
COVID-19 Vaccine Until 2022


Vaccines Against COVID-19 May Not Need to
Be Administered Annually, WHO Official Says

German Investigative Committee To
Launch Legal Action Against Those
Responsible For The CV-19 Crisis

Pandemic fears & rising prices spurring
countries to stockpile food – report

Halted Trials Raise New Safety Questions About
Dangerously Rushed COVID-19 Vaccines

Gates and Rumsfeld in the International
Criminal Court for Genocide

Author Explains How Big Tech Has Destroyed
'Internet Freedom' After Trump Was Elected

Facebook And Twitter's Intervention Highlights
Dangerous New Double Standard - Taibbi

Facebook Censored Tiffany Trump Posts About
Joe Biden...Then Claimed It Was an Error

Faceberg Maintains Low Profile After Censoring
Bombshell Creep Biden Story

Twitter rolls out 'DISPUTED' warnings for users
trying to post 'misleading' content after backlash
over Biden emails censorship


USF Professor - Biden Coverup By Social Media
Is A Threat To Our Democracy

'We are in a truly Orwellian culture' - Amazon yanks CV-19
skeptic's book for ominously vague 'content violations'

Asteroid the Size of Big Ben Approaching Earth - NASA

Trump Says US Now Has Hypersonic Missiles

Trump Sort Of acknowledges UFOs

Pentagon School To Focus Half Its Curriculum
On China, Esper Announces

Raytheon Unveils Next-Generation Battle Tank
To Replace Bradley Fighting Vehicle

Defense Dept Rep Amazed After 1 Shot
with New Weapon Sighting Device

Extended winter, widespread floods, raging wildfires,
damaged crops, zombie tropical storms and record
hurricane downfalls for latest weather anomalies

Solar flares create shortwave radio brownouts
over South America


Global GeoEngineering News Alert 10-17-20

Skills, strategies and supplies you'll need
to prep for an EMP, solar flares

Firearms checklist - Survival optics for
your weapons

Lavrov Has Had It - Proposes Russia Stops
Talking to the West

Russia warns of harassment & provocation
against journalists after US authorities question
RT staffer over...CV-19 vaccine shot?

US deliberately distorts Russia's reasons
for refusing proposals on New START

US 'no' to Putin's proposal of a New START
extension is a political victory for Moscow

'Red tide' likely cause of marine disaster in
Russia's Far East, but global eco-groups invited
to join probe – governor to RT

China 'reserves right to react' if US interferes
with Confucius Institutes operations At US Colleges
...Pompeo Views Them As Espionage Operations

Xi Jinping Tells Elite Amphibious Troops To
'Prepare for War'


Taiwan Must Prepare To Deter Chinese Amphibious
Landing Says National Security Advisor O'Brien

China will be the only major economy to see
growth this year as world braces for long recovery
from Covid-19 crisis – IMF

'Bangkok Metro System Shut Down, Opposition
Calls for Protests Amid State of Emergency

Thailand Protests Grow Fiercer Against Military
Ruler & World's Richest Billionaire Monarch

UK Gov Advisor Calls on BoJo to Implement 2nd
Lockdown Amid 'Eye-Watering' Number of CV Cases

London Residents Take to Streets to Protest New
COVID-Related Restrictions - Vid

Lockdown Has Caused a Mental-Health Crisis but
Mental-Health Charities Refuse to Question It

'American stupidity' - Furious Italian governor imposes
CURFEW on Halloween, blaming partygoers for CV spread

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in quarantine
after bodyguard is revealed to have Covid-19

Former UK Amb to US Reportedly Investigated
Over Leaking Classified Information to Lover


UK's Frost Tells EU Envoy to Compromise or Leave

BoJo takes his Brexit blinkmanship to the wire but get set
for a last-minute deal with both sides claiming victory

By backing housing charity's 'Jewish only' rule, UK court
drops the ball - Aren't we all equal in Britain?

Teenager Asked Pupils to ID French Teacher
Before Beheading Him

Macron calls killing of 'beheaded' French
teacher an 'Islamist terrorist attack'

2015 Paris terror attacks suspect threatens
police witness IN COURT

Five More People Detained as Part of Probe Into
Teacher's Killing Near Paris, Reports Suggest

UK 6th Gen Warplane's 'Virtual Assistant' to
Take Over if Pilot 'Stressed or Overloaded' - Media

UK Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Bombers
Off Scotland Coast

Beheaded French teacher was DOXXED online,
while mosque shared parent's complaint over
'naked man' caricature of Prophet Mohammed


Man who beheaded French teacher & 'FIRED'
at police named as Moscow-born, ethnic Chechen
asylum seeker – prosecutor

Charlie Hebdo calls for rally after terrorist beheading of French
teacher in alleged payback for showing students profane cartoons

Science For Madmen & 'The Great Reset'

Why Is Ernst And Young The Auditor At So Many
Companies That Have Recently Imploded

Russia's ALROSA leading global diamond
production amid Covid-19 pandemic – Putin

Hyperinflation Is Here - Goldmoney

The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History

AMC renting out theaters for $99 amid
pandemic recovery plans

Many lost US oil jobs may never return

Covid-19 vaccine to be MANDATORY in Brazil's most
populous state Of Sao Paulo – governor


Over 50% of Brazilians Ready to Try Russian
Sputnik V Vaccine Against COVID-19

Police in Lebanon Use Tear Gas at Protest Marking
1 Year Since Unrest Began

Iran Threatens Response To Errant Missiles On
Its Territory From Nagorno-Karabkh Conflict

Death, destruction after missiles hit Azerbaijan's
second city of Ganja

Putin, MBS Talk Cooperation in CV-19 Fight

Human Clinical Trials for Russia's Sputnik V
Vaccine Given Greenlight in India

Rhonda Fleming, 40s & 50s movie star, Gone at 97

Wooldridge - The Perfect Birthday Gift?

Man Storms LAPD Station, Steals Cop's Gun
...Then Things Really Get Crazy

No Joke - LA Votes To Form 'Unarmed Response'
Teams To Answer 911 Calls


Moon of Alabama – It's time to say goodbye

State sued for seizing children because
mom is disabled

Trump Leads in Swing State of Michigan
Says Pollster That Predicted His 2016 Win

Tucker shows that Creeper Joe Biden visited Ukraine
AFTER Hunter asked by business partner to arrange
for 'influential US policy makers' to travel to the country
to help their firm Burisma' - The Biden Crime Syndicate

Biden Campaign 'Would Not Rule Out Possibility'
He Met Burisma Adviser - Gosh, Ya Think?

Hunter Biden got Chinese communists access
to White House - The Biden Crime Syndicate

Giuliani Says SICKENING Photos on Hunter
Biden's Laptop Will 'Shock the Hell Out of You'

Hunter Biden Business Associate Flips From
Prison, Releases Emails Detailing China
Influence-Peddling Operation

Did the FBI Sit on a Computer Containing Evidence
of Hunter Sex Tape and Biden Burisma Corruption?

New Biden Email Obliterates Burisma 'Debunking'
Over Fired Prosecutor; Giuliani Teases More
Devastating Releases Ahead

Tucker - Email from Burisma's PR Firm Links
Obama Admin to Ukrainian Corruption Probe

NY Post Refuses To Publish All 25,000 Hunter Pics
After Reports They Include 'Underage Obsessions'
...Like Father, Like Son


Watch - Creeper Joe Says There's 'Nothing Special
About Being An American'

Obama Will Hit The Campaign Trail As Brain-Dying
Demented Biden Limits Exposure

WaPost, Which Endorsed Biden,
Says He Did Nothing Wrong

FBI, DHS say hackers have gained access to
election systems

Long String Of Ballot Mishaps Confirms
Fears Of Mail-In Voting Credibility

County sends incorrect ballot to more than
29,000 voters (we are a nation of idiots)

At least 118 Seattle police officers left department
in mass exodus - Communists Are Taking Seattle
This Is How Bolsheviks Take Down Big Cities

Seattle Cop Car Set on Fire as Officers
Sit Inside - Photos

Progressives calling for Dianne Feinstein's head
over her questioning of ACB prove they have no
idea about political strategy

Grim Greta mocks US Supreme Court nominee
as eco-activists paint judge's refusal to OPINE on
climate change as DISQUALIFYING


Ilhan Omar's husband making bank off
her House campaign funds

Trump says his Corporate Debt Is About $400 Million
Sources says It is At Least Double That At $1 Billion
...His NET Worth Is About $2.5 Billion
Idiot College students threaten protests
if Trump wins

Top Citi Exec Ray McGuire Leaving Bank
To Run For Mayor Of New York City

Univ of Minnesota Lecture Offers 12 Step Program
For 'Recovery From Whiteness'

White Americans Are More Demonized
Than Jews In Nazi Germany

More Californians Own Guns than Ever

Texas Black man charged with felony bestiality
for allegedly raping puppy

We Destroyed the World's Greatest
Economy for No Reason

Icke - Masks Are Destroying Your Brain and It's Even
Worse For Children Being Forced To Wear them

Gates 'Web of Power' Threatens Life on Earth
...New Report Shows


COVID-19 Fallout - Gates Claims 'the Fall is
Going to Be Worse Than the Summer' for US
...What Does Billy Boy Already Know?

Fauci Tells Americans To 'Bite The Bullet
And Sacrifice' Their Thanksgiving Holiday

Gilead Disputes WHO Data Confirming
COVID-19 Drug Remdesivir Is A 'FLOP'

Remdesivir has 'little or no effect' in
reducing COVID deaths, WHO says

Denver requires mask-wearing outdoors, limits
Gatherings to five people as coronavirus cases rise

University of Utah Hospital overcapacity as the
'unsustainable' coronavirus outbreak continues

Ex-FDA Commissioner - Lockdowns Are
No Longer Necessary

Senior US Army Official Says There'll Never
Be a Return to 'Normal' After Covid

Venezuelan Miracle Covid-19 Cure -
Ozone Rectal Therapy

Dutch Govt Set to Allow MDs to Kill Sick Children

Gates and Rumsfeld in the International
Criminal Court in the Hague, Netherlands


In Stunning Reversal, Twitter No Longer Blocking
NY Post Biden Article

Dorsey Says Twitter's Actions On Blocking The
Hunter Biden Story Were 'Unacceptable' - So
What Is Jack Planning To Do To Fix Things?

Twitter's Jack Dorsey - 'Straight URL Blocking Was Wrong'

Censorship of the Vile Hunter Biden story
shows Twitter & Facebook have a big dog
in the US political fight

Twitter locks official Trump campaign account
over sharing Hunter Biden video

Twitter suspends Trump campaign over tweet
related to Hunter Biden story

Twitter Locks Trump Campaign's Account
'This Is Election Interference, Plain and Simple'

Big Tech CEOs Called To Testify Wednesday Before
Senate Amid Huge Biden Censorship Outrage

Blatant Soviet Communist Stasi Style Censorship
...The Great YouTube Purge Accelerates

Instagram to launch crackdown on paid social
media influencers, says UK watchdog


Trump tricked by Babylon Bee satire article
claiming Twitter shut down 'entire network'
to slow negative Biden news

US Navy Looking for New Radar to Plug Holes
in Truncated Zumwalt Destroyer's Abilities

Top 50 US Think Tanks Receive Over $1 Billion
From Government And Defense Contractors

Krakatoa is still active and we are not ready for
the tsunamis another eruption would generate

Solar Minimum increases atmospheric
radiation by +15%

Cliffs in Ancient Ice on Mars

Russia Starts Testing Sputnik V COVID-19
Vaccine on Volunteers Aged Over 60

Putin - Russia Has New Weapons US Doesn't Have
Ready to Discuss Them as Part of New START Talks

'Putin's proposal a non-starter' - White House rejects
Russian call to extend nuclear arms control treaty

'Nonsense about 'Russian agents' not worth reading'
Kremlin slams Western media claims


Moscow Denies Accusations of Spreading Misinfo
About UK's COVID-19 Vaccine

Kremlin Bashes Attempt to Tie Russia to Release
of Compromising Info About Biden's Ukrainian Affairs

Minsk Declares Tikhanovskaya Wanted for Calls
to Overthrow Constitutional Order

Belarusian opposition figure Tikhanovskaya's
links to NATO's Atlantic Council adjunct
raise eyebrows

Japan to dump over 1 MILLION TONS of Deadly Rad
Fukushima water into Pacific - fishermen fear 'catastrophic
impact'- What Do They Think Has Already Happened !?

Two infected dock workers caused coronavirus
outbreak in Qingdao city – Chinese officials

Teacher Beheaded in Street After Showing Images
of Muhammad in Lesson on Free Expression

Sub-Human Muslim Decapitates White French Middle
School Teacher In Paris Suburb

France & Italy set daily records for new
coronavirus cases as Covid surge rolls on

Protests erupt in Covid-hit Barcelona as bars and
restaurants shut for 15 days


There's No proof banning nightlife will stop CV-19
So Berlin court overturns restaurant curfew

Boris Bans Brits From Having Sex in Infectious Zones
Orwell Would Be Howling With Laughter

UK College Orders CV-Carrying Students To Wait
In Room And 'Let Others Out First' If Fire Breaks Out

Ex-French President Nicolas Sarkozy indicted
for 'criminal association'

Brussels Wants UK Fisheries to Be Under
EU Rules, Foreign Secretary Raab Says

Brexit 'trade talks are over' - UK sees no point
in more negotiations unless EU changes its stance

Britain's New Spy Chief Says China's 'Covert
Activities' Biggest Long-Term Threat

100% beef - EU meat lobbyists want BAN on terms
'veggie burger' & 'veggie sausage' for plant-based food
...claim 'cultural hijacking'

The Economic Collapse Is Here

Fed Chairman Powell to Speak About Digital
Currencies Next Week at IMF


Half Of All American Workers Made Less
Than $34,248 In 2019

NJ Gives Up On 'High Frequency Trading Tax'
As Wall Street Threatens To Walk

Goldman Sachs - Dump Dollars, Buy Silver

This Gold Bull Market Won't End

China Tells Local Mills To Stop Using
Australian Cotton, Ore

Port Of Los Angeles Struggles With Surge
Of Unscheduled Ships

UK Grid Warns Of Electricity Shortage
Due To Drop In Wind

Tesla's 'Gigafactory' In Berlin Just Had The
Water Shut Off For Not Paying The Bill

7,500 BP Staff Face Compulsory Redundancy
Under Bernard Looney's Green Plan, Media Claims

France Approves WTO Ruling Allowing EU to
Overtax US-Made Goods Amid Airbus-Boeing Clash


Euro aviation regulator says Boeing's troubled 737 MAX
is safe to fly again but US FAA holds back on decision

Switzerland Imposes Sanctions Against Russian
Entities Over Crimean Bridge Construction

US Charges Ex-Mexican Defence Chief With
Drug Trafficking-Related Crimes

VZ Miracle Covid-19 Cure - 'Ozone Rectal Therapy'

EU states call on Israel to halt settlement construction
in the West Bank as the plan violates intl law

Budget assignment for education awaits
Netanyahu-Gantz consensus

Iranian IRGC Quds Force Commander Warns Tehran
Will 'Definitely' Avenge US Killing of Soleimani

Russia weighs military cooperation with Iran after
arms embargo expiration - Foreign Ministry

Russia weighs military cooperation with Iran after
arms embargo expiration - Foreign Ministry

Turkey arrests suspected spy for UAE


Pompeo Condemns Northern Cyprus Move to
Reopen Varosha as 'Provocative'

Independence for Nagorno-Karabakh's a 'red line'
Baku won't concede, says Azerbaijani President

Artsakh Military Warn Iran of Possible Strikes
on Azerbaijan's Forces Near Iranian Border

US Condemns Turkey's S-400 Test 'In Strongest
Terms'...If Confirmed

Video shows Turkey test-firing Russian-made S-400
air defense missile system for FIRST TIME – Reuters

White farmer's Hideous murder By Blacks sends
Protesters, counter-protesters to courthouse Rally In SA

New satellite survey reveals Africa's deserts
actually filled with BILLIONS of trees

Scientist creates camera that films in 3D at
100 billion frames per second, fast enough
to capture light traveling


Townhall Jackasses - ABC's Biden Shill Stephanopoulos
Tossed No Hunter Scandal Softballs for The Creeper While
mouthy Guthrie Allowed Few Audience Questions And
'Debated' Trump On NBC

ABC's Fraud Journalist George Stephanopoulos
Completely avoids nuclear Hunter Biden report during
Biden town hall - Gives The Creeper A Free Ride

Members of Criminal Biden Clan Expected to
Give Half of Their Earnings to 'Pop' Crackhead
Hunter Biden...Text Reveals

Why did Creeper Biden Meet with Soros the Day
Before the Burisma Email to Crackhead Hunter?

House Republicans ask FBI if it had Hunter Biden's
alleged laptop during Trump's impeachment

Demented Joe Biden lied to us all along about knowing
nothing of Crack Smoker Hunter's influence-peddling

Crackhead Hunter Biden offered $10 Million
annually for 'Introductions Alone'

Two Linked To Biden Campaign Test Positive For CV
The Kamal Stops Campaign Until Monday

Trump Urges Dim Dumb Biden to Reveal All Info on His
Involvement in Family Business Amid NY Post Bombshell

CSPAN Suspends Slime Steve Scully Indefinitely For
Lying About His Twitter Account Being Hacked


Majority Leader McConnell Says Barrett
Has Votes For Senate Confirmation

Trump Says Election Result Should Be
Available on November 3

Senate Judiciary To Subpoena Jack Dorsey After
Twitter Suspends Trump Campaign And House GOP
Accounts Over Biden Scandal

Project Veritas alleges egregious Instagram
censorship in shocking new Video

'This is Not America' - WH Press Secretary Raps
Twitter for Biased Approach to Banning Articles

Zuck donates $100 Million more for 'safe elections'
as judge says no law prohibits private funding despite
'risk of skewing' vote

Adelsons pour $75 Million In final effort
to save Trump

Pelosi's TV meltdown shows the pressure the
Democrats are now under on CV relief

California GOP Defies Order to Remove Unofficial
Ballot Boxes as Trump Tells Party to 'Fight Hard'

Tucker Leads A Damning Walkthrough Of
The Hunter Biden Report - Disgusting...Watch


Shocker - Child Porn Said Found On Hunter
Hard Drive

Claim - Extremely Disturbing, Sick Material
Found On Biden Laptop

Latest Cache Of Emails Detail How Hunter Biden
Earned Millions In China 'For Introductions'

CIA Whistleblower Exposes Biden's Alleged Role
with the Deaths of Seal Team

A Lie Pitched From The Pits Of Hell

World's Largest Movie Chain Prepares For Bankruptcy
Hollywood Stars Bailout Up Next?

Hollywood Is Dying...And The Elites Don't Care

Trash bags of undelivered mail found outside
a postal worker's home in Pennsylvania

Thanksgiving in the Age of the Stupid-19 'Pandemic'

Greener play areas boost children's immune systems


Gates calls on religious leaders to manipulate their
parishioners into getting The CV Vax

After recovering from Covid-19, I thought I was safe
Now my antibodies are waning

What's Behind The WHO's Lockdown

Under Cover of COVID, Philippines to Roll Out
Mandatory National ID - Here Soon

Insiders reveal how scammers are stealing millions
in CA CV-19 unemployment benefits

Wooldridge - What's In An Empty Pizza Box?
Precious Memories!

Enough Censorship - It's time for the DoJ to SEIZE
Facebook and Twitter, arrest Zuckerberg and Dorsey
over malicious blocking of bombshell NY Post article
exposing the Biden crime family

Russian military satellite and Chinese rocket may collide
with dire consequences for humankind's future in space

Russian unemployment problem rising says Putin

Russia's decision to quit MH17 panel a l
ogical result of Dutch provocations


Russian Foreign Ministry Says Only The Hague to
Blame For Collapse of Consultations Over MH17

Six years after MH17 tragedy, Russia withdraws
from 'pointless' investigation consultations with
Netherlands & Australia

EU sanctions 6 senior Russian officials over
Navalny case, claims they knew about alleged
Novichok poisoning of opposition figure

Kremlin Blasts New EU Sanctions on Russian Officials
Over Navalny Case as Deliberate Unfriendly Step

Germany tries to disguise its course for destruction
of relations with Russia - Zakharova

EU's illegitimate sanctions will have serious
consequences, warns Russian senior diplomat

EU bans entry to FSB director, other Russian
officials over Navalny incident

Moscow calls on German top diplomat to refrain
from meddling in Belarus affairs

Thailand bans protests & news that 'could create fear'

Unbelievable - The BBC is reviving the life and crimes
of its former star, the Pedo Monster Jimmy Savile with
an ill-conceived drama nobody wants to see


UK Army Forced to Suspend Live Firing Drill
After Migrant Invaders Crash Military Shooting Range

The belittling of the white working class has
become a cultural sport in Britain

Head Of Oxford University Vaccine Team Says
Face Masks, Social Distancing Will Continue
Until Next Summer

WHO Europe Director Says Governments
Should Stop Enforcing Lockdowns

What's Behind The WHO's Lockdown

11 million girls won't return to school after CV - UNESCO

France to mobilize 12,000 police officers to
enforce curfews after Macron announces
new Covid-19 measures

Macron Pledges Better Protection to Security Forces
Following Recent Attacks on Officers

'Exhausted' French healthcare workers walk out,
demanding better working conditions and more pay

Homes of French health minister & ex-PM
raided by police as part of coronavirus probe


Reports reveal UK's Covid-19 test & trace consultants
are paid up to £7,360 a DAY, triggering Twitter Rage

Model claims she was told to wear 'DIRTY' used
surgical mask over her own on Ryanair flight

'We'll keep fighting' - Liverpool gym owner faces
off against armed police while resisting CV closure

Army to build field hospital amid 'catastrophic'
number of Covid-19 cases – Czech PM

Denmark to Cull Millions of Mink Due to COVID-19 Mutation

German Air Force training for NUCLEAR war
as part of NATO's 'Steadfast Noon' exercises

New Zealand party accuses Facebook of election
interference after being removed from platform for
Covid-19 'misinformation'

Debt Rattle - October 15, 2020

'Young and dumb' traders created a 'total
nightmare' in the stock market - fund manager

Tax Burden Equal to 70% Rate Crushes
Americans Unable to Pay


Helicopter Money and the End of Taxes

Alert - Bankers Imminent Plot - Danger

Coronavirus lockdown to blow $28 TRILLION
hole in global economy

Goodbye Middle Class - Half Of All American
Workers Made Less Than $34,248 Last Year

'Temporary' Layoffs Turning Into Permanent Job Losses

United Airlines Posts Hefty Q3 Losses As
IATA, ACI Urge Travel Industry Lifeline
Or Face 'Collapse'

Elon Musk Slashes Price On Tesla Model S
For Second Time In A Week

US considers blacklisting Jack Ma's Ant
Group in latest round of trade war with China

Israel demolishes EU-funded Palestinian
school in occupied West Bank

Letter to US President Donald Trump


Iran says it has repelled large-scale cyberattacks
on its government institutions

Armenian PM Pashinyan is a Product of
George Soros Says Azerbaijani President Aliyev

Azerbaijan Strikes Ballistic Missile Sites
In Armenia Amid Hadrat Standoff

Turkey Weapons Sales To Azerbaijan Witnessed
Huge Surge Just Before Armenia Conflict

Turkey closes airspace for transporting humanitarian
cargoes to Armenia - Yerevan

Greece accuses Turkey of deliberately blocking flight
path of foreign minister's plane as rivals feud over
maritime claims

Cypriot parliament speaker quits after undercover video
shows his alleged involvement in cash-for-citizenship scandal

Kyrgyz President Resigns After Unrest - 'I Don't
Want to Go Down in History as Bloody Leader

British Training of Saudi Pilots Continues
Amid Bombing, Strangulation of Yemen

Largest prisoner swap in Yemen war - Over 1,000
exchanged between Saudi-backed Yemen government
and Houthi rebels


47 Killed in Heavy Floods in India, Red Alert
Issued for Coastal Areas - Vid

Scientists achieve superconductivity at room
temperature in potentially revolutionary breakthrough

German Air Force training for NUCLEAR war
as part of NATO's 'Steadfast Noon' exercises

Le Petit Macaron...

Experts Watch in Horror as 2 Dead Satellites
Are on Track For a Potential Collision

Moment armed police serve Liverpool gym owner
with £1,000 fine as he REFUSES to close down

Desperate man resorts to pulling his own teeth
out with a set of pliers after being unable to get
a dentist appointment due to coronavirus

'Extremely rare' red auroras seen for two nights
in a row over Finland

Watch - Utah jogger on 6 minute encounter
with a mountain lion

Grapefruit Is One of the Weirdest
Fruits on the Planet

Heart Weighed Against a Feather


Trump Makes Spectacular Entry At Huge Iowa Rally
While Harris-Biden Continue To Draw Virtually Zero
Support...claiming They Want Tiny Crowds Because
...Of The Coronavirus Plandemic!

Dumb Biden Campaign Now Admitting Creeper
Joe May, indeed, Have Met With Burisma Executive

Vile Biden bragging of Trading $1 Billion In Ukraine
Aid For Having An Official Fired - Watch

Biden campaign Smashed by Ukraine
corruption claims

Facebook Comms Person Openly Admits It's
Censoring Traffic Of Giant Biden-Ukraine Story
A Clear Effort To Influence The Election

Photos Of Creepy Grifter Hunter Biden Passed
Out After A Crack Cocaine Session With His
Pipe Still In His Mouth...?

Newly-Released Emails Show Greasy Hunter Biden
Introduced Creeper Joe To Top Burisma Natural Gas
Exec When Demented Joe Was Still VP In 2015

Facebook Moves To Protect Creeper Joe By 'Reducing'
(Censoring) The 'Distribution' Of The Hunter Biden Story

Brain Dying Biden is the luckiest (Most Protected)
least scrutinized manufactured fake frontrunner Ever

Joe Biden Doubles Down On His Socialist Communist
Agenda To Destroy Capitalism


Demented Joe Is A DANGEROUS Pathological Liar

The Kamal Is a Socialist - Here's the Undeniable Proof

Treason? NYT calls for UN takeover of America

The Covid Roadmap - Towards Global Economic
Chaos and Societal Destruction

Former Australian Senator Claims 'Great Reset'
is Real Agenda Behind COVID Panic - HE'S RIGHT

Over Half Of All Americans 'Plan To Stockpile Food
And Other Essentials' For The Chaotic Months Ahead

DHS gives millions to groups claiming to fight
against 'right-wing extremism' But Not A Penny
To Fight Antifa-BLM Communist Terrorists

Blitzer Forced To End Pelosi Interview as
She Refuses To Stop Attacking Him - Says
He's Supporting Trump...

NBC Gives Trump A Town Hall Meeting Opposite
Creeper Joe's ABC Town Hall - Liberals Outraged

Wall Street is Cooking Up Another '2008-Style
Housing Crash' and They Plan on Using Pedophile
Joe Biden's Presidency to Launch It - Revolver


FemiNazis Hate ACB Because SheRepresents
Everything Original Feminists Fought For, While
Offering A Choice For Pro-Life Young Women

Devvy - Where Are Mail-in Ballots Being Stored?

Barack Obama And Mike Robinson, circa 1985-1991

Radical left-wing group posts BATTLE PLANS to
unleash mass CHAOS and shoot Trump supporters
in the streets if Trump wins the election

'Guillotines, Motherf*cker' Says CO Communist
Democratic Committee Member Caught On Hidden
Camera Talking Violent Revolution & Mass Murder

Ex White House Obama & Trump Physician Says Biden
Doesn't Have The Mental Acuity And Cites Campaign
Trail Lapses Showing He's Unfit For The Presidency

ShutDownDC Plans Election 'Uprisings, Resistance And
Mass Direct Action' (Huge VIOLENCE) Should Trump Be
Declared The Winner of 2020 Presidential Election

Trump Taps Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow
to Oversee Post-Election Legal Battles

Barron Trump Tested Positive For COVID
But Now Tested Negative - Melania

USPS Special Agents Raided Home of QAnon-aligned
Mail Carrier Who Allegedly Hoarded and Threw Out
Several Bags of Undelivered Mail


California University Spends $800,000 Trying To Shut
Down Satirical Student Newspaper, Fails

How Malls Die (Slowly, Then All At Once)

Bernard Grover, Catherine Austin Fitts & Dr. Joseph Farrell
Q & the Qult - An Analysis Of The Insidious QAnon PsyOp

If just 9 of the 55,000 Substations In Key Locations In
The US Were Destroyed, And Just ONE Transformer
Manufacturer Was Disabled, The Entire US Grid Would

Feds Warns To Prepare For Up To 6 Months
Without Electricity

DHS Preps For Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack

Watch Globalist Pompeo Refuse To Answer
A Simple Question About Coronavirus - Vile

Eli Lilly Suspends COVID-19 Antibody Therapy
Trial Over 'Potential Safety Concern'

Dr Stanley Plotkin - 'Godfather of Vaccines' Admits Using
Orphans, Handicapped Kids & More For Vax Experiments

DARPA Biochip to 'Save' Us from COVID Can
Control Human DNA


Bombshell Proof The Rothschilds Patented CV-19
Biometric Tests in 2015 and 2017 - Showing That
The Scamdemic Was PLANNED Yrs Ago

Chief Science Officer for Pfizer Says 'Second Wave'
Faked on False-Positive CV Tests - 'Pandemic Is Over'

Operation Warp Speed is Using a CIA-Linked
Contractor to Keep CV-19 Vaccine Contracts Secret

Now Over 30,000 Health Experts Sign Declaration
Against COVID-19 Lockdowns

CDC Study - Most CV Cases Were Mask Wearers

White House Blocked CDC From Mandating
Masks for Public Transport

'Put your f*cking mask on!' - Drive-by mask shaming
of Jewish man highlights rising tensions in CV Era NYC

YouTube to remove videos containing CV-19 Vax
'misinformation' - Censorship Worsens

Coronavirus pandemic could result in serious
setback for global fight against tuberculosis - WHO

Of Amazon We Should Be Afraid, Very Afraid!


Researchers At Large Hadron Collider Are Confident
To Make Contact With Parallel Universe In Days

Banned Disney UFO Documentary Still Around
Online Well Worth A Look - Watch

Amazing 'Flying' Soviet 'Seaplane' Weapons Platform
Towed To Beach - Watch

Two months after pioneering 'Sputnik V' launched
Putin announces registration of 2nd Russian CV-19
vaccine and says 3rd one is on The way

Russia Ready to Include 2 Out of 5 New Weapons
in New START Treaty, FM Lavrov Says

Russia not going to capitalize on US-China rift - Lavrov

US claims of Russia's alleged readiness to freeze
nuclear arsenals unscrupulous - Lavrov

EU Readies Sanctions Against 6 Russians And
1 Company In Retaliation For Navalny 'Poisoning'

Moscow Will Respond in Kind to Sanctions
Against Russia Over Navalny Case - Lavrov

Italy Praises Russia's Assistance in Fight Against CV


Russia, Italy need to deepen coordination against CV

Lavrov Calls for Deployment of Russian Peacekeepers
in Nagorno-Karabakh as Tensions Escalate

Yerevan 'Reserves Right' to Attack Any Military
Facility in Azerbaijan as Baku 'Targets Equipment
in Armenia'

Russia disagrees with Turkish idea that military
solution in Karabakh possible — Lavrov

Exiled Belarusian opposition politician Tikhanovskaya
issues ultimatum to Lukashenko - Quit within 2 weeks
or face mass unrest

China - Xi tells troops to focus on 'preparing for war

Looks Like SARS 2.0 Pandemic Is Over In China

Japan Blasts 'Intolerable' Chinese Intrusion Into Its
Waters For 'Record' Amount Of Time

Japanese researchers say air humidity a major risk
factor for CV-19 especially during winter months

Beijing slams Canada, accusing Trudeau's government
of 'hypocrisy' & 'weakness' over Xinjiang & HK remarks


Watch 'King Elizabeth - Transvestigation!'
(Re-Edited and Reuploaded) on YouTube

Mourners Banned from Saying Lord's
Prayer at Funeral

'Nightmare Before Christmas' - Social Media
Reactions to #Lockdown2 in Britain

Hate crime booms in UK as race, religion, gender,
Brexit & CV-19 see famous tolerance disappear

Pubs and restaurants shut for a month as
government gets tough on CV in No. Ireland

Disgust & applause after huge crowds swarm
Liverpool ahead of 'tier 3' coronavirus lockdown

'Biggest fraud I've seen' - Cristiano Ronaldo's
sister says CV-19 pandemic is FAKE in rant
after star tests positive

Catalonia orders all bars & restaurants
to shut for 15 days amid Covid surge

CV-19 vaccine will NOT be compulsory, claims
German health minister

Submarine Coronavirus Outbreak Reported on
UK's HMS Vigilant Stationed in US


Odds Of 'No Deal' Brexit Plunge As Boris Johnson
Signals He Won't Walk Away From Talks With EU

Leader of Greece's far-right Golden Dawn receives
13 yr prison sentence after party declared criminal org

'?ompletely unjustified' - Sydney professor knocked
to ground by Stasi while WATCHING University protest

Green Feudalism - Australian Media Finally
Calls Out The Davos 'Great Reset' Agenda

Victoria's new rules on coronavirus face masks come
into force today - Here's what you need to know

Insane New facemask rules in Victoria - Outrageous

America's TRUE unemployment rate

Russia considers issue of digital ruble
as demand for cashless payments grows

Peter Schiff - 'Nothing Bullish' About A Biden Win
Sees 'Gold Replacing Dollar'

CV-19 Wipes Out $4.4 Billion From Norwegian
Tourist Industry, Threatens 'Destruction of Jobs'


Just Cheap Labor? How China Became a
Manufacturing Powerhouse

European Oil Companies Will Not Tolerate
Poland's Attempt To Cancel Nord Stream 2

'New normal' - Poll shows nearly 90% of workers
say work-from-home option should continue

Pompeo Calls on Saudis to Normalize Ties With
Israel as Bahrain and UAE Did in September

'Wonderful Partnership': Israel Turns to UAE for
Investment, Trade and Tourism as Peace Progresses

Israel Confirms September Attacks on
Syrian Military Targets

Rouhani - Iran entitled to free arms trade
in days with UN ban expiry

Another Arab Government Restores Relations
With Assad

No Syrian militants going to Nagorno-Karabakh
They 'have things to do' in their country - Erdogan

How rock star Roger Waters was hung out to dry
by Amnesty and Bellingcat for his views on Syrian
'chemical attack'


Almost 1 Million Affected by Heavy Floods
in Central Vietnam

Doomsday Warning? Netizens Terrified as India
Battles Cyclone, Floods, & Smog

It's Not Your Imagination - Divorce Rates Are Surging

Carrot Top Pesto - A Garden Harvest Sauce
...For All Seasons

'I Felt Young, but not Anymore – If the Virus
Doesn't Kill Us, Sadness Will'

Right-Fighting or Fighting Right

Canceling ´Cancel Culture´

John Barbour - Mt. Rushmore from N of the border


Sen Chuck Grassley suggests CIA Director Gina Haspel
may be part of coup to take down Trump

WATCH - Treason! Hillary & Biden Exposed In The
Benghazi Disaster And Hillary's Direct Involvement
In The Slaughter Of Seal Team Six - Start At 9:00 !

Ex CIA Whistleblower Exposes Biden's Alleged Role
with the Deaths of Seal Team Six - Claims to have
100% Documented, Irrefutable Proof

Brain-Demented Biden Now Calls For $15,000,000
Minimum Wage - That's $15 MILLION

Brain Dead Biden Tells Americans Not To Vote
For Him! - He Should Be Taken To Shady Acres...

Trump Would Cut Taxes by About $1.7 Trillion
Biden Would Hike by $4.3 Trillion - Budget Watchdog

Beware, Hillary - What Does Clinton Foundation
Whistleblowers Tax Court Win Mean for the Charity?

Pelosi Slammed by Dems for Rejecting Trump's
COVID Relief Package

US Faces Shortage Of Up To 8 Billion Meals
In Next 12 Months!

Left-Wing Communists Activists Post Online Guide
To DESTROYING the Country if Election Is Even Close

NYPD To Prepare For Protests Before & After Election


Virginia Voter Registration Website Crashes
On Last Day To Register Before Election

Alaska Scraps Ballot Witness Rules Amid Trump's
Fears of Mass Mail-In Vote Fraud

66% Of Voters want Senate to vote on Stimulus before
voting on Barrett's nomination

Br Nathanael - Cackling Commie Kamala Harris! - Vid

Ho Harris Will Name Her VP Pick This Week (Satire)

56% Of Americans Say They're Better Off Now Than
They Were 4 Yrs Ago Even WITH The CV Pandemic
Biden Says Something Is Wrong With Their Memory!

If just 9 of the 55,000 Substations In Key Locations In
The US Were Destroyed, And Just ONE Transformer
Manufacturer Was Disabled, The Entire US Grid Would

Feds Warns To Prepare For Up To 6 Months
Without Electricity

DHS Preps For Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack

Why Did Leon Black Pay Jeffrey Epstein $50 Million?


Seattle Teacher Tells 8th Graders that Peace Is 'Racist'
And Art History Is 'White Supremacist'

Are Whites Really the Most Privileged Race in US?

Duke faculty approves proposal for An 'Inequality
Studies' minor

As more parents choose to homeschool
school communist bureaucrats try to Stop Them

LA to pay $14 million to 'illegally detained' INVADERS

Fed Up, These Black Americans Say It's Time
To Get Out Of The U.S.

Bill Maher admits California is now a
corrupt third-world country

Gates - Don't call Trump's CV treatment a 'cure'

Trump - 'I Was Right About Damaging Lockdowns'

Top German lawyer wants CV-19 panic perpetrators
tried for crimes against humanity


25 Yr Old Nevada Man First American Confirmed
To Have Caught CV-19 Twice

Over 30,000 Health Experts Sign Declaration
Against CV-19 Lockdowns

Megalomaniac Fauci has every article that mentions
his name delivered to his inbox

TB Vax may provide some protection against CV and
could be the silver bullet we need to end restrictions

RDIF Ready to Share Sputnik V Data With US'
Fauci to Dispel Doubts About Vaccine Safety

10 COVID-19 vaccines in phase III trials,
180 countries join COVAX - WHO

Sweden Rejected The Insanity Of The Plandemic Horror
They Are Thriving Without Tyrannical Masks & Lockdowns

Ghoul Gates Says Life Can Return to 'Normal' Only
After We Pay Him for the SECOND Gen of Vaccines

Johnson & Johnson CV-19 Vax Trials paused
due to Serious illness Hitting One Test Subject

J&J Pauses CV Vax Trial After 'Unexplained Illness'
In Vax Volunteer


Pfizer will start testing its coronavirus vaccine on
children as young as 12, a crucial step to bringing
the (Nanotech) shot to more Suckers

CDC - 85% of COVID-19 patients report 'always' or 'often'
wearing a mask - Proving face diapers does almost nothing
to protect you & puts you in danger with a false sense of security

What Are We So Afraid Of?

How 3 Prior Pandemics Triggered Massive
Societal Shifts

Anti-vax ads BANNED on Facebook as social media
platform pledges to promote vaccines! Despicable

White House pushes Pentagon to jumpstart a
national 5G network - Why The US Military?

5G to Give Global GDP Huge $8 Trillion Boost
Nokia Suggests

Twitter Fined For Multiple Campaign Finance Violations

China Inexplicably Cancels iPhone Launch Livestream

The Mysterious Death Of Stanley Meyer
The Inventor Of The Water-Fueled Car


US & China War Prediction - Where & When

US Generals and Diplomats Sure Squeal Loud
and Long When You End Their Wars

New Documentary Claims UFO Crash Wreckage

NASA - Astronomers are so sure of the 10th planet
they think there is nothing left to do but to name it.
Planet Nine...perfect Name

Threat from EXPLOSIVE space junk is increasing

Forget Top-Gun, Watch This Russian Pilot Fly A
Stealth Fighter With Its Top-Down

Zircon, Russia's newest hypersonic anti-ship missile
will radically shift balance of power on the high seas

Infrastructure for two more Avangard systems to
be ready near Orenburg by year end

Russian Submarine Orel Hits Surface Target
in Barents Sea With Granit Missile

Russian FM Lavrov Says Moscow May Stop
Dialogue With EU if Bloc Doesn't Respect Russia


Belarusian opposition figurehead gives Minsk
two weeks to meet demands

Three Molotov Cocktails Thrown Into Police Building
in Minsk, Crew Bus on Fire - Watch

Beijing will make 'necessary' response as US
reportedly plans more arms sales to Taiwan

Japan Urges China to Withdraw 2 Ships
From Territorial Waters in East China Sea

Two New Guided Missile Destroyers Enter
Chinese Naval Service

Trade War Heats Up as China Threatens to
Cut Off Coal Imports From Australia

Beijing urges Asian nations to unite against
Washington's 'old-fashioned cold war mentality'

By Ignoring It, Allies Let Air Out of 'Asian NATO'
Trial Balloon

European Council President Compares UK's Boris
Johnson to the Joker in Brexit Negotiations

London Could See Harsher Coronavirus Restrictions
Imposed This Week, Says Mayor


Warner Bros 'Batman' continues filming in
locked-down Liverpool, irritating locals

Critics trash BoJo's anti-Covid restrictions
while authorities warn more may be needed

Escaping the COVID Vortex

Norway Vows to Make CV Vaccination Free for Citizens

'Pandemic fatigue': Sweden didn't impose CV-19
lockdown to avoid Public wrath - health chief

French women forced to wear MASKS during
CHILDBIRTH - group calls for hospitals to ditch rule

French govt says curfews on the table as ministers
mull new Covid-19 measures

Italy's Conte gets tough on CV-19, banning parties
and amateur sports, as cases surge

Cyprus to Ditch Lucrative Citizenship Scheme
After Corruption Row

Polish minister threat to veto EU CV-19 recovery
plan as payback for Brussels cultural 'blackmail'


Fed Announces It Will Quit Printing All Paper Currency
This Fall - Digital 'Money' Will Then Be Forced On World

Solar Power Costs 2-3 Times As Much As Wind,
Fossil Fuels and Nuclear

IMF warns of greater impact from pandemic crisis

IMF warns of 'sharp adjustment' in markets

No Confidence - UK Economy Braces for Massive
Economic Slowdown Amid Spike in CV-19 Cases

Germany doubles gas imports from Russia in August

IEA expects global oil consumption to peak by 2030

US killing dollar with addiction to 'ever-increasing
doses of monetary heroin' - Peter Schiff

Spain 'bans' gender wage gap as firms face fines
of up to €187,000 for failing to disclose employee pay

Delta Posts $5.38 Billion 3Q Loss as
Pandemic Hits Travel


Unidentified Drone, Possibly Israeli, Crashes in North
Iran Near Border With Azerbaijan, Report Says

Olive Branches and Nuclear Bombs in Israel

Iran's Rouhani Says Country Expanding
Use of Cash Stashed Abroad

Germany Warns Ankara Against 'Provocation'
in East Med as Turkish Survey Ship Sets Sail

7 TONS of bootleg liquor seized in Turkey as
moonshine kills over 40 people in just one week

Watch Riots in Tunisia after authorities BULLDOZE
illegal kiosk & kill sleeping man inside

US Moves to 'Secure' Its Theft Of Syrian Oil in Syria
by Building New Base in Crude-Rich Deir ez-Zor

New Documentary Claims UFO Crash Wreckage - Watch

Trump Answers Questions on UFOs
Quickly Cites Our Strong Military

UFOs Made US Nukes Unlaunchable
Ex Sen Harry Reid Wants Investigation


Federal Court Rules Against Louisiana High School
After Painting Over Student's Trump Mural

Tourist returns stolen artifacts to Pompeii
after suffering 'curse' for 15 years

Biden's Disastrous Short List for Attorney General...
CUOMO, Yates, STACY ABRAMS, Bharara, Weissman!

Creeper Biden Championed Freezing Social
Security Benefits for the Elderly

The Kamal Skips Barrett Hearing Citing 'Coronavirus'
While Attending Numerous Indoor Events

The Communist Kamal Wants to Punish People Who
She Calls 'Climate Deniers' - First Amendment Will DIE

Dim Biden's Campaign Slogan 'Build Back Better'
Was Taken From UN NWO Agenda

Collins Introduces Resolution To Push For Nutty
Nancy's Removal As Speaker Over Her Mental State
And 'Unwillingness To Abide By The Constitution'

Big turnout as early in-person voting starts in Georgia

25 Horrors That Will Happen If Harris-Biden Win

Harris-Biden Kick Off National Tour In AZ And
Not A SINGLE Person Shows Up Watch

Mentally Gone Biden Says he's running 'for the Senate'
...And Can't Remember Mitt Romney's Name


Biden declares he IS the Democratic party
And This is their Communist gun ban plan

Imbecile Biden Attempts To Inspire Base By Quoting
Communist Genocidal Maniac, Chairman Mao

Trump Tests Negative And Is 'Not Infectious' Says
Top White House Physician Before Trump FL Rally

Anti-Trump extreme low IQ TikTok Gen ZERO teens
trying to sabotage Republican rally donate $16,000
to GOP....after organizers add a $5 entry fee!

Bombshell Report - Comey Had It in Writing
That Hillary Was Behind Trump-Russia Smear

Who is funding The US Communist Riots And Why?
Globalist billionaires...Building Corporate Socialism

Portland Is Fallling To Communism - Bolshevik Rioters Topple
Lincoln And. Roosevelt statues, Smash Many Storefronts
Police Do Absolutely Nothing - Watch

Trump Slams Portland Communist Rioters for
Toppling Lincoln And Roosevelt Statues

Trump Rails At Portland's Communist Antifa Radicals
And 'Biden Fools' After Lincoln Statue Pulled Down

Denver Pinkerton Agency Says Antifa-Backing Killer Of
Trump Supporter Was NOT A Security Guard Employee


White House Calls For October 15 Debate With Cowardly
Fraud Biden To Be Reinstated

Presidential Debate Moderator Welker Deactivates
Twitter Account Amidst Partisanship Controversy

Yes, We are Headed for Violent Civil War

Hacked Docs - Soros Funded Black Lives Matter

Shocking new photos Show BLM 'martyr' Breonna
Taylor was gun-toting thug with links to drug dealing

Catherine Austin Fitts - Solari Hero Of The Week
Portland Officer Speaks On BLM And Antifa

Ninth Circuit Court Says Trump Can't Divert
Military Funds For Border Wall

Luongo - ObamaGate's Endless Saga -
None Dare Call It Obstruction

Wooldridge - The Harshest Realities of America's
Present...and Future

Wooldridge - The Coming Break Up Of America - Pt 2
Urban Gangs, Growing Militias, Ethnic Enclaves


ALIPAC Endorses Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke
Twitter Banned Her For Her immigration views Allegedly
Containing 'Hateful Content' (!)

Borderland Bust - Second Largest Border Meth
Bust in History - 3100 lbs of meth, heroin, fentanyl

High School Student Spat on and Beaten by
Budding Communist Bullies for Wearing MAGA Hat

Trump - 'Miracle' antibody treatment will get
emergency use Approval 'very soon

Fauci says US faces 'a whole lot of trouble' as
coronavirus cases rise heading into winter

Herd immunity could have saved more lives
than lockdown, study suggests

Letting virus 'run free' with eye to herd immunity
Is 'unethical' Says WHO

After WHO Flip Flop, Former FDA Chief Says No
Reason For Another Round Of Lockdowns In US

The WHO Has Let the Cat Out of the Bag - CV-19 Is
Now More About Politics Than Public Health

Dr. Scott Gottlieb says US CV testing must improve


WHO chief Thug says herd immunity approach
to pandemic Is 'unethical'

Worldwide Liar - WHO Develops Amnesia...
Now Claims It Never Liked Lockdowns

How China & Who Created Mass Ventilator Hysteria

'CV-Secure' Classroom Is Cruel Child Abuse

Tesla's Musk Says 'Limited' Full Self-Driving
Beta To Be Released Next Week

Trump Vows To Expose the Truth About UFOs
He Will ONLY Do What He Is Allowed To Do

Top Generals Still Quarantined As US Repeatedly
Assures Of 'Military Readiness' (To Nuke Anyone)

New 'High Speed' Object Goes Tumbling By ISS

Five MORE Asteroids To Come Near Earth

No Volunteers Inoculated With Russia's Sputnik V
Vaccine Got Infected, Gamaleya Institute Says


Trump Seeks Last-Minute Nuke Deal
With Russia Before Election

Sanctions Against Russia Over Navalny Should Not
Impede Cooperation With Moscow, Borrell Says

Russia Expels Two Bulgarian Diplomats

Four killed, three wounded in bus shooting
in Nizhny Novgorod Region

Lavrov says Turkey backed agreements on
Nagorno-Karabakh reached in Moscow

'Russia came to save Armenia' - Azeri President
Aliyev tells Yerevan it should thank Putin for 'once
again' coming to its rescue

Azerbaijan opens criminal case against
Russian blogger Semyon Pegov

German Foreign Minister wants President Lukashenko
to be slapped with personal EU sanctions as 'violence
continues' in Belarus

Authorities say ready to use lethal weapons to
uphold order in Minsk

China's Qingdao orders 9 million CV tests
After New outbreak From Foreigners


Watch Kim Jong-un Wipe Away Tears During Apology
to North Koreans For Failing to Meet Their Needs

Kim Jong-un's massive new ICBM is final proof that
Trump's confused approach to North Korea has failed

MPs and Scientists Call for Lifting 'Shroud of Secrecy'
Over Unit Masterminding UK's COVID Lockdowns

New Three-Tier COVID Lockdown Set to Carve Up
UK Frays Relations With Northern England

Scotland to Introduce New Three-Tier Lockdown
System in 'Alignment' With England

UK Minister Expresses Hope That Country's
New 3-Tier COVID-19 Lockdown Lifted by Christmas

Swedish Pupil Banned From Wearing Cross in School
Photo While Muslims Allowed to Keep Their Veils

French cops stage protest after violent mob
attacks police station in Paris suburb

'No more slackening' - French PM says local lockdowns
could continue at least until the end of 2020

Protesters Throw Red Paint on Australian
PM Scott Morrison's Car - Photo


The Coming Carbon Tax Lockdown – 'Our obedience
to their Heinous Covid Lockdown has given them the
confidence to enforce their Carbon Lockdown'

Small businesses are 'engaged and enraged
...they're hanging on for dear life'

The Big Divide In The Restaurant Industry

The Hazards Of 4 More Years Of Jerome Powell

CEO of British Airways Steps Down as Company
'Fights for Survival'

Netizens Wonder Which 'Hollywood Dumbass' Decided
to Cast Israeli Actress Gal Gadot as 'Cleopatra'

UAE Freighter Docks in Israel's Haifa Port First
Time Since Peace Deal Signed - Netanyahu

Turkey's defense minister says Armenia
must leave Azerbaijan's territory

Energy row with Greece escalates as Turkish vessel
returns to disputed waters in eastern Mediterranean

Unofficial Saudi ban on Turkish products impacts
global fashion brands


'Hidden Wealth of Saqqara' - Discovery of 59
Mummies & God Statues Wows Egyptologists

Putin, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Discuss Mideast,
CV-19 Pandemic

UAE Health Ministry Okays Phase 3 Clinical Trials
of Sputnik V Vaccine in Country, RDIF Says

One fifth of Yemen's population suffering
from mental health disorders - UNFPA

India aborts 800 km range Nirbhay cruise missile test
midair after deploying the weapon 'in limited numbers'
at border with China

Delhi authorities will stop displaying notices at homes
of coronavirus patients to remove 'social stigma'

Colleges 'Cancel' Columbus Day, Instead Host
Events For Indigenous Peoples Day


If just 9 of the 55,000 Substations In Key Locations In
The US Were Destroyed, And Just ONE Transformer
Manufacturer Was Disabled, The Entire US Grid Would

Feds Warns To Prepare For Up To 6 Months
Without Electricity

'Where am I going? Am I going this way?' Confused.
Maskless Creeper Joe Bolts From Podium After PA
Speech And Walks Over to People Without A Mask

Creeper Joe Biden Is Seriously Sick As everyone Knows
An Astute Video Analysis, He Is Not Fit For Office - Watch

Watch This Carefully - Pedo Monster Forces
A Little Girl's Hand To Rub His Crotch

Creeper Joe's lIttle Girl Perversion Video Compilation

Miami PD Estimates More Than 30,000 Cars
Participated in Anti-Communist, Latinos For
Trump Caravan in South Florida

MI focus group voters say Biden won't 'make it
For four years' (How About Lasting 4 Months?)
Ho Harris makes them want to vote for Trump

Creeper And The Kamal Are Opposed To True Equality

RNC chair accuses Biden of running on The
'biggest power grab in history'


60,000 Mail-In Ballots 'Go Missing' In PA

Ohio's Franklin County Sees Nearly 50,000 Voters
Getting Wrong Absentee Ballots - Elections Officials

German journalist in DC not eligible to vote
Gets 3 mail-in ballots to his Washington address

Charged Denver Shooter Matthew Dolloff's
Unhinged, Extreme Left-Wing Facebook Posts

Left-Wing Security Guard Charged With First Degree
Murder In Denver Shooting Of Trump Supporter

More on the ANTIFA affiliated NBC News9 KILLER
now being held for First Degree MURDER of a
Trump supporter in Denver

MSNBC Uncovers an Unreconstructed Soviet
Communist - Republican Senator Mike Lee

How CIA tried to wave FBI off Trump-Russia
conspiracy as it pointed the finger at Hillary

Communist ANTIFA Is Compiling Lists Of 'Fascist'
Businesses For Yelp's New 'Racist Behavior Alerts'

The Countdown Has Started - Liberal Insanity Levels
Over The Next Ten Days Will Reach A Fevered Pitch As
The Senate Confirms Amy Coney Barrett For SCOTUS


Complete Breakdown Of Civilization Has Begun & Total
Anarchy Will Follow The Upcoming 'Meal Shortages'
That 'Feed America' Is Warning Us About

So-Called 'Right Wing' Michigan Militia Members
Turn Out to Be BLM Supporters And Trump Haters

Communist Whitmer - 'Domestic Terrorists Are
Finding Comfort and Support' in Trump's Rhetoric

MI Communist Whitmer says won't rush to get
results on Election Day, calls it an 'artificial deadline'

Marxist Groups behind US riots linked
to The Chinese Communist Party

Emboldened Zionist Backed Communist Antifa
increasingly violent as national profile rises

28 Arrested in Wauwatosa, WI as Rioters Throw
Bottles at Officers

Portland Cops Arrest Dozens Of BLM Communists
Who Posed Attack Threat To Precinct Station

'Gonna Write in the Name of Another Republican'
Bolton Confirms He Won't Vote Trump or Biden

Only 'Chicanery' at Polls May Upset My Election
Victory, Biden Claims


Let's face it, US politics is just a showy soap opera
laced with enough nepotism and corruption to make
a banana republic blush

Hillary - 'We Still Don't Know What Really
Happened' in the 2016 Election

American Pro Sports Are Fully Woke and Going Broke

We mocked preppers and survivalists – until the plandemic

Kansas Dem Communist Backs Gun Confiscation

US farmland is now 48 TIMES more TOXIC to insects
Are neonicotinoids to blame?

Davos 2021 Will Force Launch Its Own Green New Deal
Otherwise Referred To As 'The Great Reset'

The Zionist Jewish World Order

U of KY Segregated Residential Assistance Training
By Race, Sent Whites To 'White Accountability Space'

WHO Flip-Flops - Urges World Leaders To Stop
Using Lockdowns To Fight COVID Contagion


US CV-19 Patent Application To Test For CV-19
Remotely Via BioMetric Data Sent From Peoples
Smartphones - Filed By Richard Rothschild In London!

He Called It A Scamdemic, Then His Family
Fell Ill...One By One - Important To Read

Covid virus 'survives for 28 days' On Currency,
Smart Phones And Stainless Steel - Oz Lab Says

CV-19 'Second Wave' is Based on Fake Statistics

Politician Warns That Communist Trudeau Plans to
Build CV 'Quarantine-Isolation' Camps Across Canada

Complete CDC Vaccine Excipients List Includes Cells
From Aborted Human Fetuses & Green Monkey Cells

Inhaled Vaccines Aim to Fight Coronavirus
at Its Point of Attack

Add antiviral to the list of benefits aloe vera provides

Neuromarketing - Your Consumer Decisions Are
Longer Always Your Own

23andMe evolved into a genetic biotech powerhouse


China's Huawei hopes to hold on to Europe's 5G
networks amid US sanctions pressure

New Russian Spacecraft Will Deliver
Crew To ISS In Record Time

ISS Forced To Maneuver To Dodge Pieces
Of Japanese Rocket - NASA

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 10-10-20

Russia reports over 13,600 new coronavirus cases
highest rate since start of pandemic

Buchanan - Putin's Got His Problems, Too

Putin Trolls Biden - Communists & Dems Share 'Common
Values' While Trump Record Hard On Russia

Russia not losing hope to cooperate with US
in cyber security field - Putin

Can and should Russia stop the war in the Caucasus?

Karabakh Republic Head Accuses Israel of 'Genocide'
as Armenian Army Claims 'Aid' Flights Delivering UAVs


Despite Azerbaijan's claim to have taken control of
disputed Nagorno-Karabakh town, RT reporter on
ground says fighting continues

Fresh artillery attacks & accusations overshadow
ceasefire implementation in Nagorno-Karabakh

Video Allegedly Showing Plumes of Smoke Rise
Over Azeri City of Ganja After Missile Attack

Police use stun grenades & water cannons,
detain multiple journalists amid protests in Belarus

Russian car sales rebound again as coronavirus
continues to push European auto markets down

Coronavirus Cases In UK Almost Double In Week
New, Harsh Measures Expected For Citizens

UK Says Weekly CV Tests Could Offer
'Passport To Freedom'

The Second Act Will Be Worse Than The First
...Lockdowns Are Not The Answer

UK Mayors on 'Warpath' - Warn New CV-19 Clampdown
will Turn North into 'Permanent Open Prison'

Contact-Tracing Data Harvested From Pubs
and Restaurants Being Sold On


France - You take in millions of Third World Muslims
who want no part of French culture or society, then
complain they're living in 'separatist' communities!

Nicola Sturgeon Escalates Feud With Former SNP
Chief Salmond Amid Sex Claim Collusion Allegations

SNP MP Margaret Ferrier Refuses to Resign, Claims
COVID-19 Caused Her to Act 'Out of Character'

British Royal Navy plans to use 'nets' to prevent
migrant dinghies crossing the channel

fireworks set off in Paris suburb amid 'violent attack'
targeting police station - watch

Iceland Set to Blow Its Top as Seismologists
Warn Massive Volcanic Eruption May Be Imminent

US Government Moves to Regulate Cryptocurrencies
After AG Publishes Enforcement Framework

Bank of Japan Joins Fed And ECB In
Preparing Rollout Of Digital Currency

Time To 'Wake Up' Because 'You haven't

Auto Supply Companies Are Desperate For
Factory Workers


Deaths are Piling Up in Northern Mexico as 13 Bodies
are Discovered in SUVs and Funeral Attack Kills 5

'The Elegant Skull' - the face of Mexico's 'Day of the Dead'
festival, appears during Popocatepetl volcano eruption
just weeks before the annual festival

'Our region is not Switzerland,' Israeli minister says
amid concerns Qatar may buy F-35 jets from US

Apocalyptic fires cause devastation across Israel,
Syria, Lebanon and Turkey in video and pictures

At Least 12 People Killed, 8 Injured During Militant
Attacks in Northern Nigeria, Reports Say

Hurricane Delta leaves 700000 people without power

Poisonous furry caterpillars Now in Virginia

Turtle Doves and Pidgeons dying along the Roman coast
1,500 birds flew into some of Philly's tallest skyscrapers
one-day last week - Thousands of migratory birds not showing
up in Australia and maybe millions more dead in US, Russia

Mind-Programming Children - Sesame Street to air second
special of 2020 on how to be 'anti-racist'

Woman pleads guilty to murdering the man
who she said raped her


Denver Shooting victim Identified As Pro-Police
Veteran - Killed In Front Of His Son

Gingrich Says Lame, Useless Harris-Biden
Ticket Will 'Collapse'

Worse By The Day - Buffoon Biden mocked for
lowering his mask to...cough in his hand!

Moron Biden Again Misreads Teleprompter
Calls For $15 Million Minimum Wage

Demented Biden Doesn't Know Where He Is - Addresses
'People of Arizona' When He's Actually in Nevada

Braindead Biden Once Said 'Packing The Supreme
Court' Would Be A...'Terrible, Terrible Mistake'

Creeper Biden Says Voters 'Don't Deserve' To Know
His Position On Packing The Supreme Court

Bolshevik Biden attacks police and then sends
out message to Muslims voters to wage Jihad

'Deep State' much? Pelosi & Zionist Raskin's 25th
Amendment body would let unelected bureaucrats
override the will of The people - More Communist Plots

Judge rejects Trump campaign's claims of voter
fraud potential in Pennsylvania


Foreign Meddling? Grim Greta Thunberg urges US
voters to support Biden not Green Party candidate

Trump Proposes $1.8 Trillion Economic Stimulus

Why The Truth Behind Hunter Biden's Actions In
Ukraine Matters To Us All

Complete Breakdown Of Civilization Has Already Begun
And Total Anarchy Will Follow Upcoming 'Meal Shortages'
That 'Feed America' Is Warning Us About

Trump vs Biden - Polls And Plots

Biden, Harris refuse to condemn Communist AntiFa

(Communism) Keith Olbermann Says Trump Supporters
Are 'Maggots' And Must Be 'Prosecuted'

Chinese Communist Party Endorses Biden-Harris
...Dems and Chicoms 'Making Common Cause'

US Communist Party Boss just endorsed Biden
...That Tells You All You Need To Know

Trump On Ho Harris - 'She Was Terrible. I don't Think you
Could get worse, and totally Unlikeable. She's A Communist'


After Kamal Emhoff's alleged CCP Ties, Hunter
Biden's Chinese Communist links are Revealed

Pence Accuses Biden of Being a 'Cheerleader for
Communist China' Throughout His Career in Govt

Communist Revolutionaries Openly Back
Harris-Biden Ticket

New photo evidence shows BLM martyr Breonna
Taylor was a drug-dealing, gun-brandishing thug

60,000 Mail-In Ballots 'Go Missing' In
Westmoreland County, VA

Rigged - More than 2,000 voters in LA Receive
'faulty' mail-in ballots Making it impossible To
vote for President Trump

So-called 'right-wing' Michigan militia members
turn out to be Black Lives Matter supporters
and Trump HATERS

Michigan Sheriff Says Whitmer Plot May Have Been
Lawful Due to Her Crimes Against the Constitution

'White Supremacist' Narrative Is A FRAUD
Communist Whitmer Kidnap Suspect Attended
A BLM Rally, Another Called Trump A 'Tyrant'

You've Been Duped Again Communist Whitmer's
would-be faux kidnappers are Antifa-loving anarchists
NOT 'White Supremacists' !


MSNBC sets off Twitter after pundit compares Trump
to ISIS leader, blaming president for False Flag MI
governor Whitless 'kidnapping' plot

Generation Z supports Biden but will its
members show up at polls?

Change American Government School Education
Fifth Collum Or It Is Game Over

The Truth About Apartheid

Las Vegas Strip empty without conventions

'Successful' people are misery superspreaders
in a world that values conquest and power over
growth and healing

The Virus That Doesn't Exist - CDC Admits Virus
Has Never Been Isolated - The Root Fraud Exposed

Coronavirus Plandemic Revelation Stories

The Regeneron therapy given to President Trump
was made in Velocimmune HUMANIZED MICE, a
novel platform that uses genetically modified mouse
embryonic stem cells to generate antibodies

The Great Barrington Declaration - Over 7,000 Scientists,
Doctors Call For CV Herd Immunity, End To Lockdowns


'Big Tech Has Become A Tool Of Totalitarian
Fascism' - Google Has 'Memory-Holed' The
Great Barrington Declaration

Hurricane Delta Telemetry Accidentally Captured A Top
Secret Military Laser Test Over US Mainland

Russia Brokers Ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh

Guns fall silent in Karabakh - Azerbaijani
president's office

No end in sight? Armenia & Azerbaijan accuse
each other of violations, minutes after Nagorno-
Karabakh ceasefire supposed to begin

Putin says no friends in big politics

No less than 20 Western countries worked
with Novichok agent - Russian Foreign Ministry

Police disperse protest rally in Russia's Far East
after attempt to set up tent camp in central
Khabarovsk square - watch

N Korea shows off BRAND NEW Mobile Launched
ICBMS during military parade...Major New Weapon

Malaysia Arrests 6 Chinese Fishing Vessels With
60 Men in Territorial Waters, Reports Say


UK Envoy to WHO Calls For End to Global CV-19
Lockdowns Says They're 'Doubling' World Poverty

Protesters Gather in London to Oppose Govt's
Anti-Coronavirus Measures - Vid

No. England leaders vow to resist new CV measures

Pubs Should Remain Open Despite Spiking
Covid Cases, Newcastle Health Director Says

Europe surpasses daily Covid-19 tally peak
reached in spring, with 100,000 new infections
recorded for first time

Merkel agrees On stricter anti-coronavirus measures
with German mayors

Thousands of anti-lockdown protesters
decry government restrictions in Berlin

New Polish Education Minister Called Holocaust
Memorial 'Anti-Polish Scandal and Slander'

Report Says Harry to be Scolded by The Queen
Over His Comments on US Election

UK government warns universities face funding
cuts if they don't adopt anti-semitism definition


Soybean Prices Hit Multi-Year High On
Increased Exports And Weather Woes

Bank of Japan Joins Fed And ECB In Preparing Rollout
Of Digital Currency - the great reset is coming

Robinhood Users' Accounts Mysteriously Looted
And There's No One To Call

Is Gold Cheap At $2,000 An Ounce?

Church of England dumps ExxonMobil stock

Israel's 2nd Lockdown Has Been Costly Economically

Taliban Endorses Trump - Hope He Ends Long
Standing US Occupation - Twitter Knocked Out

US forces must leave Iraq or will be forcibly expelled

US Convoy Flanked by Choppers Has Reportedly
Reinforced Positions in Hasakah City, Syria

Insane Transsexual pervert fakes pregnancy then
takes drug to produce breast milk


'Asteroid-Scale Hydrothermal System' May Have
Existed on Bennu's Parent Body, Scientists Say

Trump On Tucker Describes His Recovery - Watch

Mike Pompeo Says He Has Hillary Clinton's Deleted
Emails and Will Begin Releasing Them Before Election

Mentally Fading Biden's HO VP Kamala Harris Emhoff
Said she is 'open to court packing' in Found interview

Commission Cancels Next Tuesday's Debate After
Trump Rejects A Virtual Format With The Creeper

Rigged - The Chairman of the Presidential Debate
Commission is Co-Founder of 'Color Revolution'
Org Linked to Steele Dossier and More!

C-SPAN says (lies) that debate moderator (wasn't)
hacked after account tweets about (colluding
with) Scaramucci

US On Edge Of Civil War No Matter Who Wins Election
...There Won't Be A Peaceful Transfer Of Power

More Voters Say They're Better off under Trump
than When Obama, Bush Sought Re-election

Gallup Election 2020 -Most Say They Are
Better Off Now Than Four Years Ago Even
With The Horrors Of The CV Pandemic

Trump credits Big Pharma for 'Miraculous' recovery,
completely neglects to mention zinc and Vitamin D
he was taking


Trump approves 'revised' Covid-19 relief package
says 'negotiations moving along' ahead of treasury
Secretary's meeting with Pelosi

Trump Reminds Us Of Crazy Pelosi's Bizarre
mental Break When She Answered A Live TV
Question By Saying 'Good Morning, Sunday Morning'

'It's To Replace Joe Biden With Kamala Harris'
Says Trump About Pelosi's 25th Amendment Plot

Frank Luntz focus group, asks for one word to
describe Harris Emhoff - 'evasive, nervous, shifting
blame, not caring, snarky, nervous, abrasive,
unsteady rigid, unpresidential'

Ho Harris Accused of Covering up SICKENING
Child Sex Abuse Case

Fox News Under Fire as It Bans Long-Time Guest
for Dubbing Ho Harris An 'Insufferable Lying Bitch'
He Forgot 'Arrogant, Condescending and Vile'

Kamal's Father Slams Her Identity Politics

Trump Said Outraged That Barr Told Lawmakers
The Russian Report Will Be Held Back Until After
The Presidential Election

Trump Wants Bigger Stimulus Package
Than GOP Or Dems Are Discussing

Village Idiot Cunningham Won't Directly Address
Possible Other Affairs - His candidacy is sinking
faster than the titanic


Husband of woman who had affair with Cunningham
calls on him to drop out Senate race

Defunding Police Communists Drop Millions
to Boost Dem Senate Candidates

Cuomo Slams Trump For "Fomenting Violence
And Division" With Borough Park Robocall

'He Couldn't Win as Republican' - Trump Hopes
Donald Jr. Won't Run for NYC Mayor

Tucker - Dems WILL Pack The Supreme Court - Vid

Beware The Biden Tax-And-Spend Nightmare

Icke - Wanna Be A Mainstream Journalist?
First You Have To Sell Your Soul

Creeper Joe's Techno Fraud And Treachery - Watch

Nearly 50,000 Ohio Voters Receive Wrong Ballots

NO SECRET - Squad Unveils Agenda to Push Biden
Farther Left After He's Elected


70% Of Portland Rioters Have Charges Dropped

Top Portland Mayoral Candidate Wears Skirt
With Images Of Genocidal Communist Dictators

ALIPAC Raising Funds To Back Invader-Fighting
Candidates - Crucial

Zionist backed communist Black Lives Matter Is
Taking Their Anti-American War into WI Suburbs

VA Communist Elementary School Teaches Kids 'Objectivity'
& 'Perfectionism' Are Racist Traits Of 'White Supremacy!

Will America Survive Another 100 Million Immigrants
By 2050? Roadkill And Traffic Congestion - Part 6

Will America Survive Another 100 Million Immigrants
By 2050? Running The US Out Of Water? - Part 7

Will America Survive Another 100 Million Immigrants
By 2050? Running Out Of Oil Is Guaranteed? - Part 8

Will America Survive Another 100 Million Immigrants
By 2050? Devolving American Citizenship? - Part 9

Will America Survive Another 100 Million Immigrants
By 2050? Our Resource Dilemma? - Part 10


Postscript to the Series - Will America Survive
Another 100 Million Immigrants?

DOJ slaps Yale with lawsuit over 'at least 50 years'
of discrimination, claiming it put WHITE & Asian
applicants at disadvantage

October 15th Drill Set For This Worst Case Scenario
That Could Rip America In Two

'I Am White, Therefore a Racist' Says Communist Prof
in New Proof US Academics Are Fueling Racial Tensions

Clark County schools white students left in greatest
numbers - Whites starting to realize third world educ
is hazardous to their childrens' physical & mental Health

'Secret' ATF move could turn 3M to 4M gun owners into felons

Cardinal Burke - Biden Should Not Receive Communion

Chris Christie, hospitalized, still battles coronavirus
as other senior Republicans try to carry on

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich - 'Probably the Biggest Crime
Against Humanity Ever Committed'

LOOK...How Your Post COVID Life Will Be Controlled
By Rockefeller & Clinton Foundation Funded Apps


Fauci Now Claims WH Hosted 'SuperSpreader Event'

Operation Warp Speed is Using a CIA-Linked Contractor
to Keep Covid-19 Vaccine Contracts Secret

2 more White House residence staff test positive
for CV - Total Admin/WH May Be As High As 37 Now

The Real Danger of the Pandemic is 'Agenda ID2020'

Satire - CA Mandates All Food Must Be Consumed
Via IV to Ensure Masks Are Never Removed

400,000 Small Businesses Closed in 3 Months Starting
In March in the US - More Than Typically in a Year

'Absolutely Crushed' - Broadway Theater Shutdown
Extended Until Next Spring

Microsoft Allows Employees To 'Permanently'
Work From Home

Pakistan Bans Tik Tok Over Its 'Immoral
And Indecent' Content

Weapons dropped from orbit anywhere on Earth
within an hour? DoD asks SpaceX to prove it's viable


Trump Doubles Down on Military Out
of Afghanistan by Christmas

Anonymous Officials Unleash On Trump For
Wanting Afghan Pullout By Christmas

NATO refuses to commit to withdrawal
from Afghanistan

Huge solar flare bursts from the Sun on October 6
and we got very lucky

Russia's coronavirus situation may require
additional decisions - Kremlin

Beijing joins WHO-backed COVAX program to support
initiative against 'vaccine nationalism'

Shenzhen to Open 10 Million Yuan Giveaway
in State Crypto Push as Nations Mull Future
of Cashless Societies

Chinese military urges US to stop 'provocative actions'
in South China Sea as USS John McCain enters waters

Satellite Images Allegedly Depict New Chinese
PLA Barracks Near India-Nepal-China Trijunction

Britain's 'Great Reset' - Were the Covid 'Conspiracy
Theorists' Right All Along?


The UK is becoming a tyranny as tinpot dictator
BoJo rides roughshod over laws without caring
what ANYONE thinks

England to Be Carved Into Three Lockdown Tiers

A Sky News poll suggests Christmas gatherings
'not a priority' for UK public during Covid -
Oh, yes they are, Twitter Roars Back

Supine Scottish newspapers say Sturgeon's
draconian circuit breaker lockdown is 'necessary'

Scots furiously erupt at new COVID measures

'If an Enemy Were to Inflict Such Damage
on the United Kingdom, They Would Be Destroyed'

Watch Parisians squeeze into Paris train like
sardines in a can despite restrictions introduced
after 2 days of 18,000 new cases

'RIP restaurant industry' - Protesters in Paris
stage mock funeral after bars & cafés ordered
to close AGAIN - Watch

Heavy Workload in City's Hospitals Due to
Pandemic Resurgence, Paris Mayor Says

Spain declares state of emergency in Madrid
region after judges overturn partial lockdown


Seven Months After Lockdown Meant To Break Virus
Spain Throws Largest City Back Into Quarantine

Germany's Failure to Share Information on
Navalny Breaches Its Int'l Obligations - Lavrov

Britain Ready to Supply Lethal Arms to Ukraine
Country's Presidential Aide Says

Brits should be ashamed of the casual cruelty
we show towards over-60s, and shrugging it
off as 'banter' does nothing to excuse it

Record Number of Swedes Say They Have Been
Subjected to Robbery or Assault – Survey

US Federal Debt Will 'Soon Be Larger Than Any
Time in History' - American Budget Watchdog

Fed's Evans Says More QE Coming 'If The
Recovery Slows Down'

Trump or Biden? Positive Outlook for Gold
as US Debt Heads Towards $30 Trillion

Gold Soars Above $1900 As US Dollar Plunges

Yuan Surges Most In 15 Years On Expectations
Of Pro-China Pivot By 'President Biden'


Bullion Banks Have Clawed Back Considerable
Physical Gold and Silver in the Past Two Months

Trump's sanctions have created both unimaginable
alliances and unimaginable losses for America

Boeing's troubled 737 MAX could return
to service next month – Ryanair

With CV-19 Still at Alarming Levels, IDF Blames
Disobedience and Lack of Discipline for Mess

Trump's Foreign Policy 'More Rhetoric Than Action'
...Ex-Israeli Prime Minister Says

Israeli Soldiers Put Out Major Wildfires
in West Bank - Photos

4 Dead, Dozens Hurt In Beirut Gas Tank Blast - Vid

'F*ck Around And Find Out' - Trump Drops
F-Bomb While Putting Iran On Notice

Iran is building a massive energy network to
boost its geopolitical influence

Armenia, Azerbaijan Agree To Ceasefire Saturday


After invitation from Putin, both Armenia &
Azerbaijan agree to attend Moscow talks on
Nagorno-Karabakh – Russian Foreign Ministry

Meeting of Russian, Armenian, Azerbaijani foreign
ministers begins in Moscow

Nagorno-Karabakh truce efforts bound to fail
unless Armenia withdraws - Turkey

The West's Nagorno-Karabakh Hypocrisy

Armenia Accuses Azerbaijan Of Intentionally
Bombing Historic Cathedral In Karabakh

Armenian President Says Turkey's Erdogan
Creating 'Another Syria In The Caucasus'

Turkey Denies Using Russian S-400
to Detect Greek Air Force F-16s

US tech giant Apple denies Telegram claim that it
ordered messaging application to shut down
channels DOXXING Belarusian police

Kyrgyzstani ex-president survives 'assassination
attempt' as govt sends troops to capitol amid protests

'Huge waves of fire' suddenly spread
across Syrian countryside, sending rescue workers
scrambling for their lives - Watch


Yemeni Court Sentences Donald Trump to Death
Over Saudi Coalition Strike Against Civilians

India Successfully Test-Fires Anti-Radiation
Missiles to Target Enemy Radars

UFO Made Them Sick Claimed Korean GIs

New Nimitz Tic Tac UFO Witness
Comes Forward – Interview

Cults and Cognition
Programming the True Believer

UFO Author William Cooper's book
'Behold a Pale Horse' and QAnon

James Fox's New UFO Documentary
Titled 'The Phenomenon'

Fewer Than Half of Canadians Say They Feel More
Secure After Seeing Police Officer, Poll Shows

2020's reign of terror continues as Iceland's most
active volcano on verge of erupting again - scientists

Some Truly Astonishing Billiard Shots - Watch


Settin' the Town on Fire (song parody)

Asteroid Bennu is covered in 'carbon-bearing,
organic material' consistent with ingredients for Life

The Mystery of Buddha's Birthplace

It Was A SET UP! - FBI Uses Confidential Informant
to Entrap Militia Activists for Phony Siege on Whitmer

Idiot MI Gov Whitless Claims Trump Encourages 'Hate
Groups' - She Condemns 'White Supremacists' But Won't
Even Mention Radical Communist Groups BLM & Antifa

BLM Communist savages in Milwaukee jungle
smash windows and target homes during Riots

WI Rioters attack cops AND smash private homes
at random - Watch the violence from last night and
see the damage today - Vid

Trump indicates AG Barr has enough evidence to charge
Obama admin officials - including Obama and Biden -
with spying on his campaign

Psycho Nancy Questions Trump's Health! Threatens To
Use 25th Amendment To Remove Him - Never Mind Biden
Blatant Dementia And Likely Meth Or Similar Treatments
And His Refusal To Take Drug Test Or Be Examined For
Wires Before Any Debates - The Hypocrisy Is Sky High!

Pelosi Hints at Plot to Remove Trump from Office
Before Election - '25th Amendment'

FBI Stonewalls Over Hunter Biden - Refuses To Provide
Congress Answers On Burisma, China

Biden doubles down on his commitment to making
abortion on demand the 'law of the land'

Ho Harris gaslights voters with pretend facts on
Trump's finances, Russia, fracking & economy
to sail through debate


Pollster - Undecided Voters Were Turned Off By Harris
Found Her To Be 'Abrasive And Condescending' - Not
Presidential Material - Pence Deemed Winner

VP Debate - The Kamal's Dishonesty on Abe Lincoln

Trump Rejects Virtual Debate - Still Wants Two More
Face-To-Face Debates - Next Would Be October 29
Biden Demands Virtual (So He Can More Easily Wire-Up)

'I'm a perfect physical specimen' - Trump says he beat
Covid-19 because he's 'extremely young' critics go crazy

Fauci Does Not Rule Out Regeneron Antibody
Therapy Facilitated Trump's Recuperation

Rush Limbaugh says Trump will hold 'virtual rally'
on his show Friday

US President Trump says he 'won't waste time' on
virtual debate with Joe Biden, plans to hold rally instead

Trump Says Democrat 'Fracking Ban' Will Kill Jobs
in Biden's Home State Pennsylvania

Trump indicates AG Barr has enough evidence to
charge Obama admin officials - including Obama
and Biden - with spying on his campaign

Trump - 'Obama And Biden' Should Be Indicted Over
The Fake Russia Story


National Guard Put On Standby For The
Coming Preplanned Chaos

Brother Nathaniel - Too Much Democracy - Vid

The direct connection between George Soros
and the Rothschilds - Critical Information...Listen

22% of Gun Owning Households Have
Obtained a New Gun Since Riots Began

Survey - 20% Of All Americans could be out
of money 'by Election Day'

The Food Supply Chain Is Broken
And Shortages Are Here

There could be an 'eight billion meal shortage'
at America's food banks over the next 12 months

The Culture War is nothing but a bourgeois distraction
from the only war that really matters – Class War

Michelle Obama's message to blacks is suppress your
abilities & dreams & progress by donning victimhood status

Elementary School Kids Taught That 'Objectivity' &
'Perfectionism' Are Racist Traits Of 'White Supremacy'


Amidst Historic Ratings Plunge, NBA Commissioner
Says League Likely To Pull 'Black Lives Matter'
Messaging Next Year

Orthodox Jews are right to be angry - Why are
they targeted for Covid restrictions when BLM
supporters get a free pass?

Chinese Whistleblower Claims Coronavirus Is
An 'Unrestricted Bioweapon', Releases Paper
Detailing 'Large-Scale Organized Scientific Fraud'

Pentagon Scrambles to Trace Contacts as Second
Top Military Commander Gets Infected With CV-19

PCR Inventor - 'It doesn't tell you that you are sick'

CV-19 masks are a crime against Humanity
And Constitute child abuse

'Irreparable damage': Over 6,000 scientists sign
petition calling for end of coronavirus lockdowns

The death knell of science is being sounded, not by politicians
but by partisan scientists themselves

COVID & The Escalation Of Medical Tyranny

Terrifying Future of Air Travel - 400 Facial
Recognition Gates in a Single Airport


This is a Fourth Generation War

'Clear evidence of collusion' between Huawei and Chinese
Communist Party - UK Parliament report

Moscow Says Navalny Case Used as Pretext for New
Round of Russia Sanctions, Vows Reciprocal Response

Excessive concentrations of three substances
found in Kamchatka water samples

Aides who accompanied Navalny in Tomsk have many
questions to answer - investigation

Russia's weekly gold & foreign currency reserves
surge by over $5 BILLION

Turmoil in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus
And Ukraine shows that, three decades on, the Soviet
Union Is still collapsing

Trump Says 'China Will Pay A Big Price For What
It Did To The World And To Us' - Latest Video Message

Trump's claim he'll 'make China pay' is more pre-election
saber-rattling...and he'll up the ante over next three weeks

US-China standoff creating conditions similar to pre-WWI
Europe, Kissinger warns


No symptoms for 86% of lockdown CV cases - UK study

75% of UK 'Cases' Between April-June Were
People Who Weren't Actually Ill

Finland had up to FIVE TIMES more CV-19 infections
than previously recorded, govt antibody study shows

Boris Johnson Under Fire From Tories as He Mulls
Closing Pubs in England to Curb CV-19

BBC presenter accused of 'shaming ordinary citizens'
for chasing non-mask wearer down the street on TV

British health officials voice concerns as UK's
Covid cases Surge to over 17,500 in ONE DAY

Germany reports over 4,000 Covid-19 cases in
one day, sees risk from European states

European Parliament President Sassoli self-isolating
after member of his staff tests positive for Covid-19

Ex-German Chancellor Schroeder Files Defamation
Lawsuit Against Bild Over Navalny Interview

Regional court quashes Madrid partial lockdown
order, claiming it is 'harmful to basic rights'


World Economic Forum panned for crazy claim
that black people are excluded from the outdoors

Cathedral in Germany axes 'racist' 1920s
statue of black king from its nativity

Merkel's Party Might Postpone Vote on New Leader
Again Over COVID-19, Reports Say

Few Europeans Believe Upcoming US Election
Will Be Free and Fair, Survey Suggests

Two Police Officers Injured in Shooting in Paris Suburb

Dozens arrested as France busts major child porn
network, including men suspected of sexually
assaulting kids on camera

Drone Alerts Oz Surfer to Nearby Great White Shark - Vid

WarnerMedia Plans To Slash 1000s Of Jobs

US AG Barr Releases Guidelines For
Enforcing Crypto Laws

US Treasury Imposes Crushing Sanctions On
18 Major Iranian Banks


Iran's Zarif - Fresh US Sanctions Aim to 'Blow up
Our Remaining Channels to Pay for Food & Medicine'

Photos Reportedly Show Turkish F-16 Jets Sent to
Azerbaijan After Ankara Dismissed Yerevan's Claim

Turkey Has F-16s Stationed in Azerbaijan

Russia, Egypt to hold joint naval drills in Black Sea

Fresh 'exploratory talks' agreed upon as Greek and Turkish
foreign ministers meet for the first time since latest crisis

Greece urges Turkey to 'take step back' as Northern
Cyprus reopens abandoned beach resort

RT Arabic beats rival Arabic-language news websites
in terms of audience engagement, new stats show

Jakarta plans Covid house-marking scheme
for self-isolating households

Trailer for 'girl power' spy movie 'The 355' wraps the
same tired old CIA propaganda in a feminist woke cloak

US Server Finds 'Mask' Written in
Tip Line After Telling Diners to Cover Face


Twitter must unmask 'FBI impersonator' who
allegedly forged document that launched Seth Rich
conspiracy - Says judge

Humans have the genes to Regrow their own EYES
...they just got switched off through evolution

As Trump orders the complete declassification of all
"Russia Hoax" documents here's a list of TRAITORS
who should be arrested and tried for TREASON

Trump Has COVID-19 Antibodies, Remains
Symptom-Free After Hospitalisation, WH Physician

Trump To Speak Directly To The American People

Military Intel sources close To Trump Say unseen levels
of 'Threats, bribes & blackmail' are being deployed by
the Clinton machine in order to sustain their 'protection'

'Where are all of the arrests?' - Trump demands
Barr lock up his foes - 'Do Something About This!'

As We Said - It IS possible The Trump Admin Was
Targeted and Hit With A Highly Infectious Strain Of CV
To Destroy It Right Before The Election - This Would
Be Mass Attempted Murder - Think 'October Surprise'

The President And At Least 32 Top Trump Administration
Officials & Other WH Aides Now Infected With CV-19

Anti-White, Communist Biden Says 'Extremist White
Supremacist Groups (Are) Menacing Our Communities'
A Huge Lie And He Never Mentions Antifa Or BLM Riots

A Trump Supporter Went Undercover to Find
Support for Creeper Biden in Houston - And
She Found There Is None - Watch

Communist CNN Analyst Calls Trump 'A Bio Terrorist'

Internet Ablaze as Doc 'Diagnoses' COVID-Fighting
Trump With 'Classic Steroid Euphoria'


The Pandemic That Killed Debate

The War on Truth, Dissent and Free Speech

Ex-Minneapolis Police Office Derek Chauvin
Released On 1 Million Bail

Five Jewish Things To Know About The Kamal

Devvy - International Class Action Lawsuits
Against Coronavirus PCR Test Manufacturers

Jill Biden pulls Creeper Back to socially distance

Corruption Is Now America's Way of Life

Portland Is Dying - More Trash Piling Up And More
Homeless On The Streets - Another Third World City

CA Officials Topple Giant 'TRUMP' Sign Overlooking
405 Freeway, Citing 'Life And Safety Hazard'

Trump gambles with new stimulus strategy


Pelosi Open To Standalone Airline Relief;
Direct Payments To Americans Left Hanging

Netizens Demand Pelosi Accept Trump's Offer
on Standalone Aid Package for US Citizens

New York Prosecutor Can Get Access to Trump's
Tax Returns, Federal Appeals Court Ruling Says

Ghislaine Maxwell hires 'super lawyer' who
represented bin Laden's henchman

Michelle Obama's Orwellian damage control for
BLM is a cynical attempt to gaslight the American
people into voting for Biden

CA Fire Is Now A 'Gigafire' - A Wildfire That Has
Burned Over a million acres

As 98,000 American Businesses Died, the Fed and
Treasury Sat on $340 Billion of Untapped Money
That could Have Saved Many Or Most Of Them

One American's Amazing journey from Democrat To Reality

Trump urges regulators to approve emergency
authorizations for Regeneron Eli Lilly COVID-19
antibody treatments

Communist Gov Newsom tells Californians to wear
masks 'in between bites' of food when dining with
members from same household in public


UK Airports To Begin testing 'Covid Passports' Which
Would Show Who's Been CV Vaccinated On United
And Cathay Pacific Airline Passengers

CDC says coronavirus can spread indoors in
updated guidance

Bill Gates warns US needs to brainstorm ways to
reduce 'vaccine hesitancy' - Round Up All The Anti-
Vaxxers First and Then Threaten The Masses?

If you're healthy & under 65, You're More Likely
To Die From A daily commute by car

Brooklyn's Orthodox Jews burn masks in uprising
against Gov. Cuomo's new anti-Covid synagogue
occupancy restrictions - Watch

Sweden now a coronavirus success story

Man dies after being shoved to the ground in
New York mask altercation

Scarlet Fever 'Clone' of previous pandemic
which threatened The world's children making
ominous resurgence, warn scientists

Air pollution damages young brains much like
Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease – research

'Maybe I'm Immune' - Paul McCartney parody

Redfield urged to leave CDC in blaze of glory
...Or forever be considered Trump's Toady


What Would Happen if GPS Disappeared?

EU Lawmakers Ask Amazon's Jeff Bezos in
Open Letter Whether Retailer Spies on Politicians

India launches antitrust probe into Google's
alleged abuse in smart TV market – report

First in India - Google Rolls Out News-Favoring
'Web Stories' Feature For 'Discover' in Browser

The Air Leak on the International Space Station
is Worse Than Previously Believed

US Navy Wants 530 Ships but Has No Strategy
on What to Build

Why the Pentagon Should Focus on Taiwan

Hitler's Undeniable, Inarguable Peace Offers

The elite say too much democracy is undemocratic
but they just want to stop the 'wrong sort of people'
winning elections

OPCW Rubber-Stamps Novichok Poisoning
of Navalny Hoax


Putin says Trump opponents using 'Russia card' to
damage Him are playing into Moscow's hands

Mach 8! Russian warship makes history by launching
HYPERSONIC Zircon missile at mock target - Watch

Munitions explode at military base near Ryazan in
central Russia after fire

France & Germany To Push For EU Sanctions
On Russia's GRU Over Navalny

Russia has security obligations to Armenia,
not Nagorno-Karabakh - Kremlin

Two Drones Crash in Georgia's Azerbaijan
Bordering Region, Georgian Interior Ministry Says

Kyrgyz Parliamentarians Launch Impeachment
Procedure Against President Jeenbekov

Ex-Belarusian presidential candidate Svetlana
Tikhanovskaya placed on 'wanted' list in Russia
under Union State treaty with Minsk

Counterintelligence Chief Bill Evanina Says
Russia, China Want US to 'Eat Itself'

Why Washington's hopes of creating an anti-Beijing
NATO-style bloc in the region is a pipe dream


Pompeo 'Maliciously' Creating Conflict, US Must
End 'Cold War Mentality' China Says Amid Quad Talks

As Boris Johnson announces Britain's 'great reset'
were the Covid 'conspiracy theorists' right all along?

UK Students Plan a 'COVID-Positive Party'
While Universities Suffer Virus Outbreak Pressure

UK to impose tough coronavirus-related
restrictions at airports

New UK COVID Fines Could Destroy Your Life

Czech Republic sees fastest rise in Covid-19
cases in Euro - Prague reports record daily surge

Brussels clamps down on socializing as cafes
and bars to shut for a month amidst fresh CV spike

Wearing face masks outdoors now mandatory
all over Italy

EU secures purchase of 20,000+ Remdesivir
doses from US as countries run out

UK Threatens To "Walk Away" From Brexit
Talks If No Deal By End Of Next Week


New UK Holocaust Memorial Could be Magnet
for 'Dark Tourism' and 'Would Not Stop Anti-Semitism'

New 'Licence to Kill' bill shows UK is happy to
let its spies break the law – while lecturing other
countries how to behave

Could the Salmond messaging scandal currently
spell the beginning of the end for Nicola Sturgeon?

Soros Scores Legal Win Over Hungary's Orban
After Central European University Ruling

Protests in Athens as Greek Court Announces
Verdict in Golden Dawn Murder Trial - Vid

Salvini ally vows to continue fight against Milan
mosque despite death and rape threats

Greece's far-right Golden Dawn party declared
criminal organization in historic ruling as crowds
gather in Athens

Billionaires' wealth tops $10.2 TRILLION
as millions struggle amid pandemic

Ruby Tuesday files for bankruptcy

The Federal Reverse Is Gaslighting America


Bankrupt Hertz Drops 'Offensive' Plan To
Pay Millions In Executive Bonuses

Wells Fargo Cuts 700 Jobs As CV-19
Inspired Bloodletting Begins

Poland slaps huge fine on Russian gas pipeline
that doesn't even cross its borders

Mysterious green fireball lights up Mexican skies,
rains fire on northern state - Watch

Watch police engage in brawl as hundreds of
protesters vent anger at Netanyahu in Tel Aviv

Israel demolished 166,000 Palestinian homes since creation

Top Iranian general decries 'terrorist' US military
in Persian Gulf, vows retaliation if Iran Borders
borders are breached

Indian Drug Regulator Allows Human Trials for
Antibody Treatment for CV Developed From Horses

Horrific Black On White Genocide Crimes
Continue Unabated In South Africa

You need to see the Draconid meteor shower
in the sky before it disappears this week


Top Trump Advisor Stephen Miller Latest To Test Positive
Trump Administration Hit Hard Before The Election

Trump authorizes declassification of all Russia
collusion Hillary Clinton email probe documents

WH Doctors Say Trump Is Symptom-Free
And No Reason For Pence To Quarantine

Top Pentagon Leadership Now In Quarantine
After Exposure To CV-19 In Meetings

All Joint Chiefs Enter Home Quarantine
After Coast Guard Admiral Tests Positive

Video Of Trump Clearly Gasping For Air
He May Very Well Have Pneumonia - Watch

Trump, Still Fighting Coronavirus, Is Projecting Strength
And Leadership Through Sheer Force Of Will

Trump Urges Americans to Live with COVID
Just Like the Flu - Facebook and Twitter Respond

How DARE Trump Recover!

Trump's COVID-19 Diagnosis Came From
A Research Tool

Kellyanne Conway slams 'sick' social media
speculators after daughter tweets Trump 'not better'


'Looking Forward' To It - Trump Says He's Ready for
2nd 'Debate' With Wired Up Biden on 10-15

Demented Creeper Biden Says Second Debate
Should Be Canceled If Trump Still Has CV-19

Miami mayor to Trump - Don't come here to
debate if you have Covid

Mentally-Deranged Biden Said Obama Gave 18,000
People Clemency...He Was Off By 16,073 - Time To
Put The Creeper In Shady Acres...

Sick Pervert Biden raises eyebrows after telling 'these
beautiful young ladies' he wants to 'see them dancing
when they're four years older' - He needs castration

Criminal Fake News Media Caught Again - Creeper
Town Hall Yesterday Had Fake 'Undecided' Stooges
Two of which were on MSNBC already declaring for Biden

Why should Wisconsin Or Any American voters
entrust Creeper Joe to rebuild economy when
he already tanked it once?

Goldman Sets The Stage For Climate Change
Taxes Under A Biden Administration

Trump Puts 'Black Lives Matter' Sticker On
SUV To MSM Can't Say He's Spreading CV

Our society is in the process of Being Broken
down all around us - Wake up and Prepare


McCloskey's Indicted - Communist St. Louis Govt
Persecutes Them For Protecting Themselves With
The Second Amendment Of Our Constitution

More Missing Mail In Ballots Found...
This Time In A New Jersey Dumpster

CIA Director Haspel and Anti-Trump Conspirators

Communist MSNBC calls Trump's WH comeback
'MUSSOLINI MOMENT'...setting Twitter Ablaze

Lunatic Harvard CNN Analyst Claims 'Russian Agents'
Were Inside Walter Reed Hospital With Trump

In Blow To Democrats, Supreme Court Reinstates
South Carolina Witness Rule For Absentee Ballots

Maryland Bomb Squad Removes 'Suspicious Devices'
From Trump Campaign Yard Signs

Seattle businesses plead for public safety
amid break-ins, vandalism And attacks

Zionist MSM Begins to Contemplate a Post-Trump WH

FBI Background Checks Blow Past Annual
Record As Guns Fly Off Shelves


BLM-NBA Finals Game 3 Tanks to All-Time Low
Gets Crushed by Regular Season Football
America Is Sick And Tired Of BLM Politics

BLM-NBA Ratings DOWN 70% From LeBron's
Last Finals Appearance 'Social Justice' Has
DESTROYED Most Of Our Culture

Bi-Partisan Zionist Bill Would Give ISRAEL Effective
Veto Power Over US Arms Sales

Children's dolls covered in occult
pedophile symbols

Pastor Dana Coverstone's response to TRUNEWS
comments about his Mossad t-shirt

Memorial for murdered Ft Hood soldier
Vanessa Guillen, Killed By Sub-Animal,
Is vandalized By Another Sub-Animal

Watch Vanessa Guillen's Memorial Desecrated
By Black Sub-Animal - Vid

Neighborhood Response Team gutted after
$15 million budget cut to Portland Police

Medical Doctor Warns that 'Bacterial Pneumonias
Are on the Rise' - Caused by MASK WEARING

Lockdowns Had NO EFFECT on CV-19 Spread
...They Are A Political Tool Of Destruction


CV-19 Vax May Be USELESS at Lowering Death And
Can Give You Symptoms of Mild CV and Still Pass
Clinical Trials

One Third of Kenya's Population Has Had CV-19
The Infection Fatality Rate Is Microscopic 0.005%

FDA Outlines Requirements For 'Emergency Use
Authorization' Of CV-19 Vaccine Amid Reports Of
WH Interference

Facebook & Instagram to purge ALL accounts
'representing QAnon'

Trump Rages 'Repeal Section 230' After Facebook
And Twitter Censorship

House Democrats 'Game Plan' For
Breaking Up Big Tech Leaks

Why Is Amazon Tracking Opioid Use
All Over the United States?

Most Russians oppose new CV-19 lockdown - poll

OPCW - Substances in Navalny Similar to Novichok
but Not Included in List of Prohibited Chemicals

OPCW experts confirm toxins in Navalny's blood


Social commitments should be priority of budget
for 2021-2023 says President Putin

Putin meets with Ukrainian opposition politician
Medvedchuk in Novo-Ogaryovo

Work on Russia's Avangard hypersonic missile
continued for over 30 years - designer

China's Social Credit Scoring System - World's First
Digital Dictatorship...Coming HERE Soon - Watch

China Urged To Boost Self-Reliance In Key
Technologies Amid US Trade, Tech Wars - PLA

Pompeo Presses Asian Allies to 'Be Forceful'
in Response to China's Military Operations

Johnson says CV-19 'plague' will reshape UK

Tory Rebellion Reportedly Looming Amid
Common Rage About New Anti-COVID Rules

Poland, Other Allies to Pay for All Expenses
of US Troop Deployment

European Commission chief ignores EU Covid
guidelines on quarantine length


COVID-19 Explosion in Stockholm Wastewater
Linked to Nascent Second Wave

Britain's Bad Weather Finally Pays Off - BoJo
Plans UK Self-Sufficiency From Offshore Wind

'Open ports (& wallets) for smugglers & illegal immigrants
are back' - Salvini blasts Italian govt for loosening migration rules

Church of England forgave pedophiles en masse,
allowed them to continue working with children

As corruption continues to curse the Catholic Church
no wonder my 11 Yr old rather be a witch than Christian

More Melbourne Stasi Insanity - Mom Arrested At Beach
...For Traveling 'Outside Her Permitted 5 km Radius'

De-Dollarization Trend Remains Intact

Watch Fed Chair Powell Ask Congress
For More Fiscal Stimulus

Boeing Cuts Long-Term Growth Projections
As Company Faces 'Historic Challenges'

UK Court Decision On Venezuela Gold Deals
Blow To Regime Change Efforts


Israel Lobby Will Face Blowback, Eventually

Two long-range Ghadir radars join Iran's
air defense units

Assad Calls Erdogan 'Main Instigator and
Initiator' of Renewed Nagorno-Karabakh Tensions

Greece says it's waiting for Turkey to 'open a path
of resolution' amid heated territorial dispute in
East Mediterranean

Yerevan reports wide-scale Azerbaijani offensive
in southern Nagorno-Karabakh

Iran will take stronger measures than warnings if hit
by Karabakh war bullets - Defense minister

Russia says Nagorno-Karabakh could turn
into launch pad for terrorists

Gold refining plant seized in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan declares weekend parliamentary
election INVALID after night of violent And
turbulent unrest over 'rigged' vote

Kyrgyz president says opposition is trying to
'illegally seize power' and calls for probe into
alleged election fraud amid protests


India Reportedly Inducts Hypersonic 'Shaurya'
Missile Amid Border Conflict With China

One of the best guitarists ever, legendary
Eddie Van Halen dead at 65

Trump Makes Statement After Returning To
The White House - Watch It Here

Trump Is Back In The White House - 'May Not Be
Entirely Out of the Woods Yet'

14 Horrible Things Said (By Communists) After
Trump Was Diagnosed

As our (un)civil war escalates towards the real
thing, America is in throes of unrest unlike any
Time in our 244-year history

Here's What A Divided America Is Saying About
President Trump Since His COVID Diagnosis

CNN Claims Trump Doctors Are 'Purposely
Misleading' And 'Hiding Things'

Mega Dummy Joe Biden GETS LOST During Latest
Campaign Event...And Says Reason He Could Stay
Home Is That 'Some Black Woman Was Able To Stock
The Grocery Shelf' - You Gotta See This Imbecile

Biden Says He Will Debate Trump Again
'If Scientists Say It Is Safe'

US Treasury evidence refutes Creeper Biden's
debate claim about cocaine addict son's deals

NBC-WSJ Poll Gives Biden 14 Point Lead...
By Massively Oversampling Democrats


Man shatters Portland police cruiser's window
and pepper sprays officer inside

In Illinois, The Ultimate 'Fair Tax' Treachery
Is The Ballot Itself

Nunes - Shut Down Intel Agencies Until They
Declassify 'Smoking Gun' Evidence Against Hillary

Brilliant Black Militia Shooting Themselves Again!

Forbidden Photos From the 1936 Berlin Olympics
Jesse Owens: 'Hitler Did NOT Snub Me'...FDR Did

Florida's DeSantis Mocks Lockdowners
as The 'Flat Earthers of Our Day'

FL Gov Ron DeSantis says closing schools
in the spring was mistake

'1 in 10 people may have caught coronavirus' - WHO
warns of new difficult period as 'vast majority' of people
still at risk

CDC Re-Releases Guidance Claiming CV Airborne
Transmission Is Possible, But Less Common

The Absurdity Of Covid 'Cases'


Are the Global Scientific Elite Trying to Bury
the Truth About the Origin of CV-19?

Samsung Seeks to Gain 5G Market Share as
Rival Huawei Struggles Under US Onslaught

Trump confuses internet with a barrage of
ALL CAPS tweets from hospital

FIVE asteroids en route to Earth in just FOUR days

Oldest Living CIA Agent Says Russia Probably
Targeted Trump Decades Ago

Russian Employers not entitled to demand
negative coronavirus test certificates

Ground the planes, again? Russian senator
threatens border re-closure as Covid-19 case
numbers approach pre-summer peak

Lavrov tells French counterpart that Navalny
case politicization is inadmissible

Kamchatka emergency unlikely to be man-caused

Russian Fighter Intercepts German, Swedish
Aircraft Over Baltic Sea, Defence Ministry Says


Lavrov = Doctors at Berlin Clinic Where Navalny
Was Treated Found No Signs of Military-Grade Poisons

OPCW Offers to Send Experts to Russia to Support
Investigation Into Navalny's Poisoning

Trove of Declassified Docs Reveals What Putin
Told Clinton in Private About Kursk Sinking,
Yugoslavia, Terrorism

Taiwan 'to Issue Wish List of Weapons From
the US' Amid Rising Tensions With Beijing

UK Ministers Face Opposition Over 'Rushed' Bill
to Update 'License to Kill' for MI5 Agents

Head of UK's COVID-19 Tracing System Faces
Calls to Resign Over 16,000 Unreported Cases

'Traffic-Light-Style' Tougher COVID-19 Restrictions
Mulled for UK, Claims Leaked Document

Welsh government mulls mandatory quarantine
for visitors from UK's Covid-19 'hotspot areas'

'False' positive PCR Covid-19 tests saw non-contagious
people counted as fresh infections Which triggered 2nd
wave alarm – Belgian media

Sweden Says COVID-19 Restrictions Will
Remain for 'At Least a Year'


Paris to shutter bars for 2 weeks as French
capitol placed on Covid-19 high alert

'Shame on you Finland! How dare you!' Outrage as
Helsinki police PEPPER SPRAY sitting XR protesters

Pedophiles & violent criminals receive shorter prison
sentences as UK justice system struggles to adjust
to Covid-19

7 bodies discovered along France-Italy border
in wake of Storm Alex's wrath, EU pledges
support - Watch

White Oz Teen Girl Brutally Attack By A
Gang Of 8 Sub-Animal Blacks - Watch

'A Crash Is Looming' - Yale Senior Fellow Warns
Of The End Of The Dollar's Exorbitant Privilege

US economy's temporary problems are
becoming permanent

Covid-19 pushing global economy 'over the cliff'
...business leaders warn G20

UK finance minister cautions govt against
reimposing economy-crushing CV measures

Britain Must Take 'Hard-Headed' Approach To
China As Beijing To Rise In Global Economy


VZ wins UK court decision in battle to get its gold

Israel's Hospitals Are at Brink of Collapse in
Devastating Second COVID Wave

Donald Trump, America's first Jewish president (2016)

Israel 'Prepping for Escalation' With Gaza as
Hamas and Netanyahu Busy Handling COVID-19

Turkey's drill ship leaves area southwest of Cyprus,
shipping data shows, as move may help ease tensions
in eastern Mediterranean

Turkey must definitely be in any peace process
Aliyev says of Karabakh conflict

Azerbaijani military turns Soviet biplane aircraft
into drones - Photos

UK Monitor: 64 of the 1200 Syrian 'Moderate Rebels'
Hired by Turkey for Azerbaijan Are Already KIA

As Nagorno-Karabakh battle goes on, Armenia wants
Washington to explain if it supplied Turkey with F-16s
to aid Azerbaijan

Kyrgyzstan Police Begin Dispersing Protesters,
Use Stun Grenades, Tear Gas


India's 1st Adjuvanted CV Vaccine COVAXIN
to Boost Immune System, Developer Says

India May Soon Acquire Russia's High
Altitude Sprut Light Tanks to Counter
China in the Himalayas

India hails 'major technology breakthrough'
after successful testing of supersonic missile
assisted release of torpedo

Regeneron CEO On Trumps Use Of Company's
Experimental Antibody Compound

Kim Jong Un Shows More Sympathy To Trump
as He Battles Covid-19 Than MSN, Democrats

China's Extensive Infiltration Of The US Shown
Via Hunter Biden's Ties And Huge Technology Theft

Lowlife Dead Brain Biden Campaign Says
He'll Appear At Debate If Trump Doesn't!


Watch Demented Biden Big coughing fit

Trump 14 points behind Biden a month before election
Says new poll - Complete Nonsense

Senile Mental Basket Case Biden Appears to
Forget Name of Great Recession, Gets Mistaken
Over $800 Billion Stimulus Package He Oversaw

Media Willfully Ignore Down & Dirty
Hunter Biden Scandal

(Globalist) Amy Barrett Rose Garden Announcement
Attendees who have tested Positive For CV To Date

Barrett's quick confirmation under threat
as three senators infected

Ex-New Jersey Gov Chris Christie Checks Into
Hospital After Contracting Covid

Trump's Aide Nick Luna Tests Positive for Covid

Married Democratic candidate for Senate caught
sexting with another woman, refuses to drop out
of race as opponent got Covid

Incoming QAnon BS - Trump Card About To Be Played


Wooldridge - The Coming Break Up Of America - Part 1

Communist Black Lives Matter logos in workplace
divide employers, workers and customers

When black supremacists armed with AR-15s
march in the streets, the Zionist Dominated
American media is silent

DHS Gives Millions To Groups Fighting 'Right-Wing
Extremism' But Not A Penny To Fight Communist
Antifa And BLM Marxists

90% of BLM & ANTIFA Rioters Paid by 'Crowds
on Demand' via Craigslist and Google Ads (2017)

USA Today Tries to Fact-Check Viral Meme
on Black on White Crime, Inadvertently
Proves the Meme Correct

Seattle Communist rioters launch firecrackers
Inside Starbucks after smashing storefront - Watch

Seattle police arrest 16 after 'protesters'
Damaged businesses And More

Man slugs woman in the face in downtown Soviet Seattle

Arizona Student Fired For Reporting The Truth
About Jacob Blake's Criminal Background


Feds Close Probe Into Another 'Hate Crime' Hoax

Hawaii Food Bank Sees "Stunning" Increase In
Meals Served

It's Time To Dismiss The Flynn Case

Report A Social Worker For Sexual Harassment
And He Might Take Your Kids

Pope Francis Laments Failures Of Market Capitalism
In Blueprint For Post-COVID World

How 3 prior pandemics triggered massive
societal shifts

Microchipped? DARPA Biochip To 'Save' Us From
Covid 19 Can ALSO Control Human DNA...YOURS

The move to a cashless society because
The of COVID-19 plandemic

Fauci Explaining in January 2020 That Asymptomatic
Transmission Is NEVER the Driver of Outbreaks

Most Lockdown Sheep Are Constantly Breaking
Rules They Say They Want Imposed on the Rest


NYC 'on the edge of a precipice' as CV
cases Surge, ex CDC director says

The Absurdity Of COVID 'Cases'

How Vaccine Makers Learned To Create Pseudo
Crises Like Covid-19 And Why It Will Never End

The Pandemic That Never Was

Autonomous Indoor Serving Robots Set To Invade
Restaurants Near You

'Space Bubbles' Line Street At NYC Restaurant

Research - Smartphone Blue Light And RF Linked
to Colon Cancer and Depression - No Joke

woman who stole goods for 19 yrs and sold them
on eBay Gets prison, ordered to pay $3.8 Million

Japan's Sony & chipmaker Kioxia want to
resume supplying sanctioned Huawei – report

Army is shutting down its highly praised
Asymmetric Warfare Group


Military Bases On The Moon - US Plans To
Weaponize Its Satellite

Air Force live fire testing with new HH-60
Jolly Green II helicopter

Richard Allgire Remote Viewed Fatal Rain,
Floods In France And Italy - See

Global Alert News, installment # 269, October 3rd, 2020
Global GeoEngineering News Alert - 10-3-2020

Armenians Shoot Down Azerbaijani Drone - Watch

Today's Lovely, Kind, Feminine Young American Women

Russia reports over 10,000 new COVID-19 cases
But death rates remain very low

Russian options in the Karabakh conflict

Russian Emergencies Ministry Warns of Possible
Volcanic Eruption in Kamchatka

Estonia Set to Beef Up Coastal Defence
Line to Be Able to 'Plug' Gulf of Finland


US Brings New Sanctions On Belarusian Officials
Who 'Undermined Democracy'

Escobar Warns Of 'Explosive Stakes' On
Armenia-Azerbaijan Chessboard

Armenia asks European Court of Human Rights
to take action over Turkish role in Azerbaijan's
'attacks on civilians'

Turkey blames Armenia for shelling of Azerbaijan's
2nd largest city & violating humanitarian law

Baku claims Armenia used Smerch systems
in shelling of Ganja

Azerbaijan forces take control of seven
villages near Nagorno-Karabakh - president

Armenia's National Security Service Says Foreign
Citizens Detained on Espionage Claims

With White House In 'Vulnerable' State, N Korea
Seen Moving 'Largest' ICMB To Date

Giuliani - I Hold China Responsible For What
Happened To Trump

'X-Files' Fans Agog as UFO 'Hub' in UK Revealed
In Declassified Files


UK to deny asylum to Invaders who enter country
through 'illegal routes' - home secretary

Coronavirus - Paris to shut bars and raise
alert to maximum

Southern Italy Government Sounds Alarm Over
Covid Upsurge - Warns Of Another Lockdown

France registers all-time high daily coronavirus figures

'Very Promising' Antibody Cocktail Given
to Infected Trump Set for Rollout Across the UK

Hudson - How an 'Act of God' Pandemic
is Destroying the West

Marseille, Madrid and Middlesbrough Are in Revolt
Against the COVID Cult Occupation

Second Day Of Covid-19 Rallies in So. Germany

ECB Trademarks 'Digital Euro' As It Begins
Experiments On Digital Currency Launch

Honest Government Ad – Julian Assange


Rothschild Heir Launches a Fresh Legal Action
Against Vienna Over €110 Million In Nazi-Seized Assets

Less than the sum of its parts - German reunification +30

Firecrackers light up Berlin neighborhood as left-wing
activists 'defend' squatters, face off with police - Vid

30 years into German unity Russia-Europe
cooperation sacrificed to US ambition Says
German ex-diplomat to RT

Danish far-right activists stage Koran-burning
stunt in Muslim-populated neighborhood - Vid

Allies & protesters rally in Italy as ex-Deputy PM
Salvini faces trial over 'kidnapping' of over 130 Invaders

This is Not the Time to Have Another Scottish
Independence Referendum Says Boris Johnson

Insane Victoria Stasi police filmed handcuffing A
PREGNANT beachgoer - Australia Has Gone MAD

Say Goodbye To Millions Of US Jobs As CV Unfolds

Big US banks to report profit plunge as pandemic
recession takes hold - The Crash In Near


America's economic seesaw is the most off-kilter
in history - Beware a hard fall for most Everyone

Morgan Stanley Says The 2020 Market Cycle Is
Actually...Normal - (What Total BS!)

Cerberus Selling $300 Million In 'Potentially
Worthless' BBB- Rated CMBS IO-Strips As
AAA Securities

Does US organic production growth really
look strong? - NO, We're Importing MOST
Of Our Organic Food

Organic Tail Wagging In DC

Texas Taxpayers Face $117 Billion Bill For
Orphaned Oil Wells

Pompeo Cuts His Asia Trip Short, Planning
Only Tokyo Meetings

'Extremely Rude' - American Jailed Over Bad
Trip advisor Review In Thailand

As millions of Venezuelans starve, the US must
take its share of the blame for the humanitarian
and economic crisis

Fuel-Starved Venezuela Reportedly Receives
Third Shipment of Gasoline From Iran


Erdogan Threatens to Launch New Operation in
North Syria If Kurdish Units Remain

Egypt Announces Discovery of 59 Ancient
Sarcophagi Preserved in Good Condition

India Reportedly Test-Fires Nuclear Missile With
800 km Range Amid Border Tension With China

Harvest Time Fun - A Day in the Life
of an Auger Cart Driver - Watch

When Goldfish Dream of Open Seas + Pic

Let These Photos Take You to Alaska's
Abandoned Mining Towns

What is it with New Hampshire and the Devil?

Trump Does Not Need Any Supplemental Oxygen But
Began Remdesivir Anti-Viral Therapy - WH Physician

Trump's Campaign Manager, Bill Stepien, Tests
Positive For Coronavirus

Kellyanne Conway Tests Positive for COVID-19

NC GOP Senator Thom Tillis Is The Sixth Person Who
Attended The Amy Barrett Rose Garden Ceremony
To Become Infected With Coronavirus

Socialist, Left Wing MSM All But Say The White
House Is Lying About Trump Being Infected

Mike Pence and Karen Pence test negative for
coronavirus, spokesman says

Chart shows how Trump's age and obesity
increase his coronavirus risk

COVID Mortality Of A 74 Yr Old Man Is 2.68%

Hmm...WaPo Tweets 'Imagine Never Having To Think
About Trump Again' Just As COVID Diagnosis Broke

Who close to the president has tested positive


Three White House reporters test positive for CV
...Reporters Have Not Been Identified

Chris Wallace Says Trump arrived too late to The
debate to be tested for coronavirus by Cleveland Clinic

11 positive coronavirus tests traced to
presidential debate, Cleveland officials say

Notre Dame president tests positive for Covid-19
nearly a week after attending Supreme Court
announcement with no mask

'Doomsday Planes' Activated After President Trump
Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Plane spotters see a pair of E-6B Mercury planes as
Trump announced his COVID diagnosis

Pentagon Says Two Fights Of 'Doomsday' Planes
Overnight Were 'Pre-Planned' And Trump's Illness
Was Not A Factor...Just A Coincidence...Right

STUPID, Weak, Corrupt GOP Reps Actually Vote
to Condemn QAnon rather than Antifa or BLM !

Shocking Poll Results Show Majority Preparing For
The Civil War We Are Now Watching To Become Far
More Bloody...SOON


The Only Thing Systematic Is the
Destruction of America - Rockwell

Police Department Lt - Big Cities Will Collapse
Even Sooner Than We Fear

Surprising percentage of Idiot college students
find violent censorship 'acceptable'

Antifa Weaponizing Arson? - Ya Think?

Biden campaign lodges 'health and safety'
objection over Vice Presidential debate

Journalists who work at the White House
are testing positive for Covid-19 - CNN

Pelosi Says Trump Gave A Brazen Invitation
To The Virus By Going Around Without A Mask

Snake Biden May Have Been Reading Answers
From Special Teleprompter-Like CONTACT LENSES
It's Real, genuine Technology

First The Wire Next To His Necktie - Now Look At The
Electronic Device Hanging Out Of His Left SLEEVE And
See How It's Automatically Pulled Up His Cuff! - WATCH

Black Wire Clearly Shows On The Creeper's Shirt
...No, it is not a wrinkle in the shirt - Watch


Second Debate Moderator Worked For Biden!
Tweeted 'No, Not Trump, Not Ever'

Coulter - Is Chris Wallace a White Supremacist?

Wife of Boston Marathon hero said Creeper
Biden touched her in 'an inappropriate and
uncomfortable way'

Creeper Joe's lIttle Girl Perversion Video Compilation

Trump Mocks Biden Calling Antifa 'An Idea'
...says 'Ideas' Don't Burn Buildings

Did Antifa Weaponize Arson For Western Fires?

Actor Rick Moranis Sucker-Punched & Knocked
Flat By Sub-Animal Black Street Thug As He
Walked Near Central Park In NYC

Bolshevik communist Ex Twitter CEO says some
capitalists 'going to be the first' to be 'shot in the
revolution' - Twitter Leaves Tweet Up!

Br Nathanael - 3 Debate Zingers For Trump - Vid

Vegas Massacre 3rd Year 'Anniversary' - Multiple
Shooters, Many Locations, ENDLESS LIES - Watch


Horrendous Lies About The Horrific Vegas Massacre
MANY Hotels Were Attacked - Lone Shooter TOTAL BS
'What Happens In Las Vegas Stays In Las Vegas' - Watch

Wall St Is Bracing For A 'Nightmare Scenario'
To Unfold On November 3rd...

Nearly 600 Quakes Rattle SoCal As Talk
About 'The Big One' Starts To Rise Again

Trump Faking Covid? Michael Moore, Other
Communist Types Peddle New Conspiracy Theory

Trump's Getting COVID-19 Month Before Election
Prompts 2020 'October Surprise' Speculation

Pelosi says continuity of government plans 'ongoing'

'Simpsons strikes again!' Image of cartoon Trump
in coffin spreads like wildfire after positive CV test

Hot Mic - Lawmakers Admit Masks Are All 'Political Theater''

Icke - The War On Oxygen...What Is 'Covid-19' Really?

COVID Rules Are Destroying Our Humanity


California Gov Newsom Changes Reopening
Rules Again, Adds Racial 'Equity' Measures

Atzmon - Light Unto the Covid

Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Participants Report
Day-Long Exhaustion, Fevers And Headaches

New England Journal Of Medicine Says CV
Vaccines Should Be MANDATORY And If
Anyone Refuses They Should Suffer A 'Penalty'

A Fairbanks AK woman was recently diagnosed
with the second known case of 'Alaskapox' Which
is A Relative Of the Smallpox Virus

Allgire Remote Viewed Huge Pittsburgh Fireball
In Advance - Another Hit

Richard Allgire Remote Viewed President Trump's
Illness In Advance Of it Happening

Russia's Gamaleya Institute That Created Sputnik V
Vaccine Ready to Help COVID-Positive Trump

Venezuela Receives Russia's Sputnik V Vaccine

Post-Registration Trials of Russian Vaccine Sputnik V
Encouraging, Health Minister Says


US Treasury Slaps Belarus With Personal
Sanctions Targeting 8 Individuals

Moscow - Belarusian Reciprocal Sanctions List
Automatically Comes Into Effect in Russia

Minsk imposes symmetrical sanctions against UK
And Canadian officials

UK Universities Grapple With CV Outbreaks as
Students Return to Campus

'Islam is in crisis all over the world,' Macron says,
vowing to step up fight against religious radicalism in France

At Least 15 Detained in Riots Marking 3rd
Anniversary of Catalonia Referendum, Reports Say

UK Government Under Fire as New Coal
Mine Set to Receive Approval

Nicola Sturgeon Urges COVID Isolation
Breach MP Margaret Ferrier to Quit

Duke of Woke Harry's hypocritical Black History Month
lecture shows how out of touch with Britain he really is

US Intel Sources Discussed Poisoning Julian Assange


Canada's attempted escalation of cold war against
China only illustrates how impotent Trudeau really is

This Explosion Of Bankruptcies And Layoffs
Is Unlike Anything We Have Ever Seen Before

Covid-19 tears through mink population in Denmark
1 million to be culled as human transmission panic grows

Virus Maos Have Wiped Out 500 Million Jobs Worldwide

Big Business Is Swallowing the World, Thanks to
Lockdowns and Bailouts

Walmart Hands Asda Back to UK in £6.8 Billion
Deal with Leeds-Based Petrol Station Tycoons

90,000 jobs to be lost in weeks - Events industry
says London's wage subsidy scheme is 'of little use'

Guatemala vows to detain & send back caravan
of illegal migrants heading to US

US Sails Warship Off Venezuela's Coastal Waters
Citing Treaty Washington Itself Hasn't Ratified

Top Bahraini Security Chiefs, Mossad Head Discuss
Peace Deal, State-Run Bahraini Media Says


Israeli Police Say Over 10 People Detained
During Illegal Protest in Tel Aviv

Israeli tourism minister quits govt over curbs
on protests & 'Netanyahu's political interests'

Turkey expects Azerbaijan to 'liberate its territories'
in Karabakh, says Erdogan

Did Turkey Prepare the Azeri Karabakh Offensive?

Erdogan Says He's Hoping Azerbaijan Will
Continue Karabakh Offensive, 'Free' Region

Azerbaijan has not requested assistance in
Nagorno-Karabakh, but Turkey will help if asked

Armenian PM Claims Yerevan Has Proof Turkish
Military Command Controlling Karabakh Military Ops

Azerbaijan Strikes Nagorno-Karabakh Capitol
Of Stepanakert, Armenian Defence Ministry

Video Allegedly Depicting Attack on Bridge
Connecting Armenia to Karabakh Emerges Online

Indian Police Use Force to Stop Opposition MPs
Visiting Rape-Victim's Home For Second Day


John Barbour's Terrific Pilot Titled 'Reliable Sources' - Watch

Major Quake along the San Andreas Fault looms
along its southern segment in Coachella Valley

Trump Admitted To Walter Read Medical Center
To Make Sure He Gets The Best Care

Trump Said Now Having 'Mild Symptoms' In WH

Two More Test Positive In White House CV-19 Outbreak

Pelosi Says Trump Gave A Brazen Invitation
To The Virus By Going Around Without A Mask

Pentagon Says Two Fights Of 'Doomsday' Planes
Overnight Were 'Pre-Planned' And Trump's
Illness Was Not A Factor

Many Trump Haters 'Hope They Die' And Celebrate
News Of CV-19 Diagnosis - Twitter Shows It's True
Bolshevik Communist Hate & Hypocrisy - Read This

Some Of The Trump's Fiercest Critics Send
Well Wishes And Prayers for Their Full Recovery

Snake Biden May Have Been Reading Answers
From Special Teleprompter-Like CONTACT LENSES
It's Real, genuine Technology

First The Wire Next To His Necktie - Now Look At The
Electronic Device Hanging Out Of His Left SLEEVE And
See How It's Automatically Pulled Up His Cuff! - WATCH

Black Wire Clearly Shows On The Creeper's Shirt
...No, it is not a wrinkle in the shirt - Watch

Second Debate Moderator Worked For Biden!
Tweeted 'No, Not Trump, Not Ever'

Coulter - Is Chris Wallace a White Supremacist?


Wife of Boston Marathon hero said Creeper
Biden touched her in 'an inappropriate and
uncomfortable way'

Senile Biden Said 6,114 Military Service Members
Have Died From Covid - The Real Number Is 7...

Creeper Joe's lIttle Girl Perversion Video Compilation

Trump Mocks Biden Calling Antifa 'An Idea'
...says 'Ideas' Don't Burn Buildings

Bolshevik communist Ex Twitter CEO says some
capitalists 'going to be the first' to be 'shot in the
revolution' - Twitter Leaves Tweet Up!

Br Nathanael - 3 Debate Zingers For Trump - Vid

Vegas Massacre 3rd Year 'Anniversary' - Multiple
Shooters, Many Locations, ENDLESS LIES - Watch

Horrendous Lies About The Horrific Vegas Massacre
MANY Hotels Were Attacked - Lone Shooter TOTAL BS
'What Happens In Las Vegas Stays In Las Vegas' - Watch

Texas governor limits election drop boxes to
one per county in the huge state

Josh Hawley Absolutely Destroys Former
FBI Director, James Comey

Comey admits the agency's Trump-Russia probe
was a ball of bungled confusion

Republican Jewish Coalition drops $3.5 million
on TV ads for Trump in South Florida

ADL Circulates Petition Urging Jews to
Denounce Trump

Hillary Says Trump shows his 'first allegiance is not
to the United States of America' - Where is HERS?
Note How Much Airtime And Exposure She's Getting


Trump Opposes Debate Changes That Cover for
Biden's 'Inability to Perform', White House Says

Random Journalist Enters Unguarded Philly Warehouse
Where 'Memory Stick' Voting Machines Stored

Voting Machine Memory Sticks And Laptop
Stolen In Philly, Officials Scramble To Investigate
If Machines Were Compromised - Ya Think?

Man receives his absentee ballot in the mail along
with 4 other absentee ballots for former residents
who moved years ago - Election Will End Up In SCOTUS

Civil War Two

Democrats pass $2.2 trillion stimulus plan with
federal unemployment benefits, direct payments

House Democrats Pass $2.2 Trillion Stimulus Measure
...Republicans Reject It

Global Food Shortages Are Becoming Very Real
And US Grocery Store Chains Are Preparing For
Worst Case Scenarios

Another Caravan Of CentAm Invaders ?Heads North
For A 'Better Life' - (How About A 'Free Ride'?)

Trump Drops 2021 Refugee Cap To A
New Low Of 15,000


The Country Is Now Out Of Its Mind - Civil War 2.0

Trump Said A Coronavirus Vaccine Is Weeks Away
...Pittsburgh Medical Experts Disagree

Br Nathanael - 3 Debate Zingers For Trump - Vid

Roberts - Jews have Killed Free Speech in France

The Kushners' Freddie Mac Loan Wasn't Just
Massive, It had awesome Terms, Too

Moron Twit Markle Lauds BLM Rallies as 'Beautiful'

Rising Star Cyclist Suspended By US Team
For One Word 'Pro-Trump' Tweet

You Thought We Had A Polarized Society Before COVID?

US political discourse is so toxic & divided
that friends of 30 years no longer talk to me
...The America I loved has gone forever

New Jersey Governor Says Millionaires Aren't
Leaving Over Tax Hike


And the medal goes to... Sexism! Oppression-olympics
poster valorizing Hillary goes viral, boggling Internet's mind

Hope Hicks, One Of Trump's Closest Advisors, Has CV

PA Gov Tom Wolf & Rep Ullman caught on hot mic
talking about mask wearing as political theater

Mississippi First State To Drop CV Face Diaper
Mandate As Cases Plummet

50% Of All Of NYC Restaurants May Be Gone For Good

The 'Test' Is The Vaccine - Do NOT Get Tested
No Matter What

Coronavirus vaccine trial participants Report
Exhaustion, fever, headaches

Gates Foundation doubles down on
misinformation campaign at Cornell

FDA Widens Inquiry Into AstraZeneca CV Vox Trials

In an incredibly stupid moronic decision,
FSU cancels Spring Break in 2021


Senate committee OKs subpoenaing heads of Twitter, FB
And Google for hearing on tech firms legal immunity

Use of AI & digital ads in politics shows - it's a snake oil
world of deception, manipulation, Mockery for ordinary people

Facebook Removes Trump Campaign Ads Linking
Refugees to Covid-19

You'll be executed first, Twitter's woke ex-CEO tells
tech businessmen who wish to steer clear of politics

Telenor Sweden Signs 'World's First Commercial
5G Agreement'

USAF Reveals Six-Gen Stealth Jet Has Been 'Built
And Flown' - Hope It's Better Than The F-35 Turkey

'Life on Venus' plot thickens as new discovery suggests NASA
may have found life-indicating gas in 1978, they just 'forgot'...
There is likely life of Venus and it has been Kept SECRET

FIVE asteroids due to buzz Earth in ONE DAY, as scientists
claim space rock once robbed up to 60% of planet's atmosphere

Yes, there's an asteroid headed toward Earth
before the election but you shouldn't worry

Kremlin - Russia Has Information CIA Works With
Alexei Navalny, Sends Instructions to Him


'Axis of Evil' architect David Frum blasted after
lamenting Germany 'sitting in America's chair'
for treating Navalny

EU blacklists 2 individuals, 4 Russian companies
over Crimean bridge construction

EU needs dialogue with Russia to resolve bilateral,
international issues - Macron

Hawkish London Think Tank Frets Russian
Military Now Strongest Since Soviet Days

Ban on Chinese students will be another act of
crazy self-harm by Britain on its anti-Beijing crusade

Subway Sandwich Bread Has So Much Sugar
It Isn't Bread Says Ireland's Supreme Court

Assange's Extradition Hearings End With Warnings
That 'Journalism is on Trial' From WikiLeaks Chief

UK Ruling on Assange Extradition to US
to be Announced on 4 January 2021

UK Stands by Brexit Internal Market Bill
as EU Launches Legal Action

Bullying legal threat shows that frustrated EU is
being outmaneuvered by UK dirty tricks in Brexit


Sturgeon slams Westminster over reports that UK
govt plans to hold Invaders on Scottish Islands

Czech PM challenges EU leaders to face up to
bloc's shortfalls in handling coronavirus crisis

Polish Divers Discover Nazi Ship That May
Lead to Discovery of the Amber Room

New Lockdown Rejected by England Mayor
Saying 'We Will Defy Government'

'You cannot lock down everybody' - Madrid leaders
oppose Spanish govt plan to lock down capital

COVID patients occupy over 41% of
Madrid ICU hospital beds

CV infecting our DREAMS, says study and researchers
claim it hints at 'some form of SHARED mindscape'

CV Vaccines Based on New Platforms Should Be
Checked After Phase 3 Trials, Doctor Says

Jeremy Corbyn and His Wife May Get
$250 Fine Each for Breaking 'Rule of Six' - Photo

BoJo's Father Stanley Johnson Apologises
for Not Wearing Face Mask in London - Photo


Hundreds of thousands of Americans are about
to max out their state unemployment benefits

Every corporation in America is now on government
life support Says Top Professor

Cryptos Crash After BitMEX Founders
And Execs Face CFTC Charges

Instead of Fighting the COVID Cult, Airlines Are
Lining Up for Free Government Currency

Full stream ahead! Denmark removes final hurdle
for Russian gas pipeline to Europe

Two Iranian-Flagged Tankers Reportedly Arrive in
Venezuela as Maduro Vows to Improve Gasoline Output

Communists Knocking Over Statues In US Inspire
People In Latin America To Do The Same

Netanyahu and Erdogan in unlikely alliance
against Iran in Nagorno-Karabakh?

Turkey's Syrian Mercenaries in Azerbaijan
'Feel Tricked' as Bodies Pile Up

3 Indian soldiers killed, 5 wounded by Pakistani troops
in Kashmir - Indian Army


India Successfully Test Fires Laser-Guided Anti-Tank
Missile Amid Tensions With China - Vid

Don't Expand the Drone War to Kenya

CA Quakes swarm in state's Imperial Valley region

Sixth sense? Scientists claim to have discovered FIRST
animal organs that can 'see' magnetic fields

More Proof - Demente Creeper Biden Wore A WIRE

Creeper Biden Is A Massive LIAR...Vigorously
Denied He Supports The Communist Green New
Deal But His Campaign Website Calls It 'Crucial
Framework ' And Meth Head Joe Fully Backs It

Kyle Rittenhouse To Sue The Creeper And
His Campaign For Libel Says His Attorney

The Kyle Rittenhouse Event - The Real History Channel

Debate Commission Considering Format
Changes After First Debate Debacle

Debate ratings plummet on broadcast networks

Trump-Biden Debate Made The US
The World's Laughing Stock...With Nukes

Pollster Says Voters Felt Like Nobody
Won The First Presidential Debate

Presidential Debate #1 - They Both Lost


CNN Declares Trump a 'National Security Threat'
Roots for Him to be Sent to Jail

Biden Makes 33 False Or Misleading Claims
During The Debate

Trump Addresses Proud Boys Controversy
Calls on Biden to Condemn Antifa

Trump Says Proud Boys Should 'Stand Down,
And Let Law Enforcement Work' After Debate

Trump-Biden 'debate' full of hoaxes & emotional
manipulation shows the press has failed as
guardians of the American Republic

Biden Volunteers Complain 'Astounding Number' Of
Americans Think 'Biden Is A Pedophile'

Trump Says Biden Dissed Bernie, Threw
AOC 'to the Wolves' in Post-Debate Tweets

Hillary Clinton Accused Of Approving Scheme
To Smear Trump With Russia Accusations

Hillary Hits Zoom Time Limit On national TV

Just Declassified - The Russia hoax was Hillary's plan
and the Obama-Biden White House was briefed on it


Hillary Says (Communist) Black Lives Matter
Is A 'Profoundly Theological Statement' - Wow

More Proof ACB Is A Globalist - Get Ready For
CO2 Taxes And Forced Vaccinations

The Third Worlding Of America

Judicial Watch SUES IL For refusal to Disclose
Voter Roll Data in Violation of Federal Law

LA Black, 36, Charged In Attempted Murder
Of Two Sheriff's Deputies In Compton

Comrade Gov Newsom Signs Bill Opening
Door To Slavery Reparations

Food Insecurity In The US By The Numbers

Police Apologize For Deploying Taser Shields
To Use Against Protesters

Disney to lay off 28,000 More workers in FL, CA

A Trump Regime Middle East October
Surprise Coming?


Trump Regime Bans Technology Exports
to China's Leading Chip Maker

NYT Anti-Trump Tax Avoidance Furor Ignored
Biden Doing the Same Thing

1940 - Globo-Marxist Einstein Demands
World Government Be Installed

9 charged after McCloskey confrontation
won't be prosecuted

Allgire Remote Viewed Helen Reddy's Passing

Ultimate Data - The CV-19 Pandemic Is A Fraud
Being Used To Force In The New World Order

After It No Longer Matters, NYT Admits Sweden
Has Covid-19 Controlled

Doctors Probably Can't Save You If You Have
A Heart Attack While Infected With CV

Pence stopped CDC from extending cruise
ban into 2021

We are living under Covid Sharia


Mild to severe - Immune system holds
clues to virus reaction

COVID-19 Vaccine Protocols Reveal That Trials Are
Designed to Succeed

Understanding Experimental Coronavirus Vaccines

Regeneron's antibody cocktail for coronavirus
Early data shows promising results

Investors Extracted $400 Million From a Hospital
Chain That Sometimes Couldn't Pay for Medical
Supplies or Gas for Ambulances

Zoom is a China Communist Surveillance Operation

Does this US military uniform suggest
it is preparing for war with China?

A Military 1st - A New US SuperCarrier Is Named
After An Heroic African American Sailor

Russia's Sukhoi Su-34 jets make first-ever
nighttime flight into stratosphere

New Video Allegedly Shows F-35 Stealth Jet Crash


Ancient underground lakes discovered on Mars

Russian Lockdown Rebels - 48% of Russians Never
Wore a Muzzle, 62% Never 'Socially Distanced'

Germany to consult with EU on Navalny case
after getting OPCW results, says Merkel

Macron - It was a mistake not to establish European
dialogue with Russia over disarmament

US Embassy Employee Dies in Hospital After
Being Beaten up in Kiev, Police Say

Russia Will Supply 25 Million Doses of Sputnik V
COVID-19 Vaccine to Egypt

'Inhumane & impractical' - UK interior minister in hot
water over idea to ship Invaders 6,400 km to remote
Atlantic island

Clark - BoJo's love-in with Bill Gates on Twitter shows
just how broken UK democracy really is

The NHS needs to stop being hysterical - Taking steps
to shield the vulnerable elderly from Covid is NOT
'age-based apartheid'

'One Draconian Rule After Another' - UK Public Reacts
to 9PM Alcohol Sale Ban Idea


COVID-19 'Delays' Lifesaving Early Breast
Cancer Detection in UK

Satire show forced to defend Greta Thunberg
puppet after meltdown from PC woke brigade

UK Economy Suffers Record-Setting 19.8% Quarterly
Contraction Between April-June

COVID-19: Boris Johnson Admits UK Government
'Cannot Save Every Job' at Risk from End of Furlough

UK Launches 1st Hydrogen-Powered Train
as 'Big Step' to Cut Carbon Emissions

US applauds Germany for moving in 'right direction'
on Huawei oversight but Berlin doesn't actually plan to ban it

Pompeo Warns Italy's Conte of 'Risks' of Doing
Business With China

Australian state law empowers officials to forcibly
remove underwear to administer vaccine

Worst drop EVER - US economy plunges over
31% in second quarter

Premarket stocks - The presidential debate
confirmed investors' worst fears


NYC Hammered By 40% Bankruptcy Surge
...Braces For Next Wave

Fed's Williams says not worried about
inflation hobbling an improving economy

US pipeline companies hit by weak demand
...Offering enticements to keep shippers

Tesla (TSLA) secures massive order of Tesla
Semi electric trucks from Walmart

Israel's sky-high infection rate almost
3 times any other Country in world

Netanyahu - Full exit from closure could
take up to a year

Israel cracks down on protests under Covid-19
'emergency' pretext as country extends lockdown

UN nuclear watchdog inspects 2nd Iranian site
after standoff over access

Azerbaijan to Restore its Territorial Integrity, President Aliev Says

Turkey Responsible for 'Escalation' of Nagorno-Karabakh
Conflict, Syrian President's Adviser Says


Macron Calls Turkey's 'Warlike' Statements on
Nagorno-Karabakh Escalation 'Dangerous'

US Targets 3 Persons, 13 Entities in New Syria Sanctions

Protests sweep India after police allegedly cremate
19 Yr Old gang-rape victim's body without family permission

India test-fires 'extended range' version of BrahMos
as older version of supersonic cruise missile deployed
to counter China

University Sets Up 'Support Spaces' For Students
Traumatized By Presidential Debate

NYT readers in rebellion, 'canceling subs' en masse
after unfavorable Biden fact-check tweet

Biden's Granddaughter - I 'Wouldn't Have Survived 5 Minutes'
on Debate Stage Without Slapping Trump

Study - Tylenol Blunts Empathy, Emotions

Possible Bigfoot Sighting In Northern California

The cursed Porsche 550 Spyder
that killed James Dean


Key Takeaways From A Chaotic 'Debate'

Trump-Biden Debate Made The US
The World's Laughing Stock...With Nukes

Pollster Says Voters Felt Like Nobody
Won The First Presidential Debate

Biden Volunteers Complain 'Astounding Number' Of
Americans Think 'Biden Is A Pedophile'

Hillary Clinton Accused Of Approving Scheme
To Smear Trump With Russia Accusations

Just Declassified - The Russia hoax was Hillary's plan
and the Obama-Biden White House was briefed on it

Hillary Says (Communist) Black Lives Matter
Is A 'Profoundly Theological Statement' - Wow

LA Black, 36, Charged In Attempted Murder
Of Two Sheriff's Deputies In Compton

Truth About Cocaine Addict Hunter Biden's China
Entanglements Is Even More Sinister Than Thought

Insipid, Vapid, Whining Ho Harris Walks Off Stage
Before Press Can Ask Her About Amy Barrett

Tulsi Gabbard Believes Project Veritas' Ballot
Harvesting Claims Against Communist Omar

Hillary - (Communist) BLM is a 'profoundly theological
statement' - Huh? Hillary Reveals Her Bolshevism


Eric Trump's Beloved Westchester 'Compound'
Turns Out to Just Be His Dad's Tax Write-Off

Trump tax deductions on more than $70,000
in haircuts And hairstyling 'not appropriate' - tax expert

3 Dead, One Wound In Salem, OR Home Shooting
Involving Police On Scene

Minneapolis Police Open Probe Into Reports Omar's
Allies Harvested Piles of Ballots for Money

US Intel Investigated Hillary Over Alleged Plan
To Smear Trump With Russia Accusations

Schumer Refuses To Meet With Amy Barrett

Antifa, BLM Communists surround Portland police car
...play victim when officer draws weapon

Left turns on poster boy of gun control for
daring to denounce political violence

American Sikh Leaders Slam Biden - Say Their
Community is 'Safe & Thriving' Under Trump

60 Days to Kill Zombie Amoebas In TX Water Supply?


California Teacher Threatens To Kick Student Out
Of Virtual Class Over Pro-Trump Flag

Major hospital system hit with cyberattack,
potentially largest in US history

WH pressured CDC on reopening schools
Says officials

CDC director overruled on cruise ship ban

New Threat in Sight? Indian Medics Warn
of Another Virus Outbreak in China

World Heart Federation says perfect storm for
heart disease created by CV-19

Musk - 'Everybody Dies'...Neither He Nor His
Family Will Take CV Vax - Calls Gates 'Knucklehead'

Twitter Wants You To Believe Universal Mail-In Ballots
Are Safe...Despite Mounting Evidence Showing Otherwise

Russian Scientists Come up with
Ultra-Thin Smartphone Camera

Air Leak Found in Russian Segment of ISS


WH Orders US Military to Assess Its Nuclear Capability
Amid Fears Over Future of New START

US Bombers Conduct Simulated Raid on 'a Russian
Thorn in NATO's Flank' - American Media Says

Russia overcomes dependency on Ukraine,
NATO for military products - Deputy PM

Blind Teen Journalist Asks Putin For Permission
To Touch Him Says 'You Are Very Handsome!'
...Putin Is An Extraordinary HUMAN Being

US Doctors Express Interest in Sputnik V
...Russian Direct Investment Fund Says

Over 5,000 Russians have taken world's first CV-19
vaccine, none have reported serious side effects

Putin says understands people are tired but CV-19
is a dangerous adversary

About 25 mln Russians got flu shots - Healthcare Minister

Russian intelligence head says CIA, Pentagon
implicated in Belarus unrest

Belarus imposes retaliatory sanctions on Baltic states


Russian Arctic Sea route shipping to top
32 million tons this year – Rosatom

Coronavirus has Broken The Latin American Food Chain
Many are Starving No Meat, No Milk, No Bread...

Mexico says an official coronavirus death toll
won't be available for 'a couple of years'

Iran to provide household access to 5G
broadband by February - Minister

First Iranian tanker carrying fuel enters waters
of Venezuela in defiance of US sanctions

Iranian Army Rolls Out Domestically-Made
Combat Robot

'You killed ISIS #1 enemy' - Iranian FM Zarif
skewers US over Soleimani assassination

Rocket Attacks On Baghdad's Green Zone
Stepped Up Amid US 'Warning' It'll Shutter Embassy

Indian, Japanese Naval Ships Conduct Maritime Drills
in Arabian Sea, Close to Pakistan - Photos

India's Frontline Troops to Get Additional 72,000
Assault Rifles From US Arms Maker Sig Sauer


New super-enzyme eats plastic bottles six times faster

Scientists prove crows are capable of
conscious thought for 1st time

'They Might As Well Put Bones Through Their Noses'
...The Corruption Of Scientific American

Ron Paul - 'Question The Science? Go To Gulag!'

'Trojan horse' treatment makes cancer
self-destruct without use of drugs

The Great Covid Hoax - After 48,299 Cases At US
Universities...Only TWO Hospitalizations & No Deaths!

Creeper Biden's Probable Meth Use For Dementia
Causes Trump To Want Drug Test for Biden Before
or After Tuesday's Debate

Biden Campaign Dodges Drug Test For
Likely Meth-Head, Demented Creeper Joe

Trump Denies NYT Report Saying He Paid Almost No
Federal Tax, Says Returns To Be Released After Audit

Graham neck and neck with challenger in
South Carolina Senate race - poll

Federal intel officials cloned phones to surveil,
map entire structure of Antifa / BLM terrorist
operations in preparation for mass arrests

Trump Names Antifa, KKK (!) As 'Terror Organizations'
Refuses To Include Communist BLM! He Is Pandering
To Blacks For Votes - The KKK Means NOTHING Anymore

Idiot Prof compares Blacks supporting Trump
to Jews supporting Hitler - Crazier by The Day

Louisville Riot U-Haul Driver Arrested According
to Leaked Internal Documents

Woman Drives Car Through Trump Supporters In SoCal
Multiple Injuries reported - Driver Arrested


CA Catholic cathedral vandalized with 'BLM',
swastikas and 'Biden 2020' graffiti

Return of CHOP? Protesters erect barricades, set fires
& loot store amid showdown with police in Seattle - Vid

David Icke Speaks To HUGE Crowd At Trafalgar Square

Icke - Johnson's SS Attack Peaceful Protesters
At Trafalgar Square

Will a Military Coup Undo the November Elections,
Donald Trump and the Republic Itself?

Trump attacks 'Hanoi Dick' Blumenthal for lying about
Vietnam, as Dem senators refuse to meet SCOTUS pick
Amy Coney Barrett

NYC Principals Unions Issue Vote Of No Confidence
In Mayor De Blasio, Urge State To Take Over Schools

'This Is Screaming Insanity' - Trump Haters
Gaslighting Trump Supporters

Female Prisoners At Risk

Omaha Bar Owner Charged For Killing Rioter Who
Attacked Him & His Business Commits Suicide


Far Right Gives Omaha Bar Owner Jake Gardner
the Kyle Rittenhouse Hero Treatment

The Supply Chain is Broken and Food Shortages

Houston Area Texas Town Declares Disaster As
Brain-Killing Amoeba Found In Public Water Supply

Democrazy at 30,000 Feet - A Tragic Allegory

Is the Pandemic over? Doctors, nurses and
other medical employees explain the truth!

Open Letter to Jesus Bill Gates, Savior of the World

40 Groups Demand Congress Probe 'Gross Misuse'
of $1 Billion in Covid-19 Funding by Pentagon

Powerful German Attorney Major Speech Blasts CV
As The Enormous Political Fraud It Is - The PCR Test
Is Not Only Unreliable, It's Absolutely Wrong - Watch

It's Gatekeeping Time in Fear City

TikTok ban halted by US judge in blow to Trump


China to protect TikTok at 'all cost'

China May Block Tik/Oracle/Walmart Deal

International community needs to break its
silence on US highway robbery of TikTok

Creepy Boston Dynamics robot dog spotted
out on city street

These weird, unsettling photos show that AI
is getting smarter

The Dark Side of 5G - Military Use

Bring Free Speech Back To Social Media... Now

Why Are So Many Asteroids Suddenly Having
Close Calls With Earth In 2020?

Moon Pronounced Safe for Long-Term Crewed
Missions as Study Offers First Radiation Measurements

Top NASA Official Unveils $28 Billion
Plan To Land First Woman On Moon


Washington's Hybrid War On Russian Energy
Targets Germany, Belarus, And Bulgaria

Supporting development of nuclear industry
is Russia's priority - PM

Belarusian police make almost 200 arrests as Minsk
& other cities stage large anti-Lukashenko rallies

Flashpoint Nagorno-Karabakh - How Armenian-Azeri
Conflict Started and What's at Stake

Armenia's Prime Minister Says Yerevan May
Recognize Nagorno-Karabakh's Independence

Azerbaijan follows Armenia in announcing
martial law after intensive border clashes

Armenia Orders 'Full Troop Mobilization' Against
Azerbaijan As Tanks Clash, Martial Law Declared

'Defend your future' - Erdogan calls on Armenians to
stand against govt as clashes with Azerbaijan resume

Armenian PM warns 'aggressive' Turkey to stay out
of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, says hostilities could
spill over regional borders

Russia insists all military action in Nagorno-Karabakh
should stop, Putin tells Armenia's Pashinyan


China is inching toward another trade war

'UK's Answer to Grim Greta Thunberg' - Young
Activist Goes to Arctic to Tackle Climate Change

'Anti-Capitalist' Material Banned From English
Schools as the West Embraces Neo-McCarthyism

German Professor Arrested After Speaking
At 'We Do Not Consent' Rally In London

Watch BoJo's SS cops slam woman to the ground
during anti-lockdown protest in Trafalgar Square

Those Who Took a Knee for BLM Assault a Little
Old Lady at 'No New Normal'

Rishi Sunak Reportedly 'Saved the Day' Urging
PM Johnson to Ditch Second Lockdown Plans

Violence against Police 'Getting Worse' as Force
Honours Officers Killed on Duty

An Open Letter to Jesus Bill, the Savior of the World

AstraZeneca's 'Discrepancies' in Vaccine Trial Accounts Spark Questions


Over 3,000 people vaccinated against coronavirus in Moscow

Installation of smart meter leaves elderly woman
facing £4,000 bill

Revenge of the Money Launderers

Policymakers must ensure more COVID relief
doesn't damage the economy - (What economy?)

OPEC in trouble as oil outlook worsens

$11 trillion Hydrogen Market Set To Explode

Thousands of Israelis protest in Jerusalem
despite lockdown

Lebanon forces kill nine Daesh suspects
in hunt for terrorists

CIA Spy's Dream - IRGC Opens Massive National
Aerospace Park in Tehran - Vid

Iran's Rouhani Urges All Middle East Nations
Hosting US Forces to Expel Them


Iran Oil Shipments Reach Year-Long High In
September, Defying US Sanctions

Iran Will Help Syria Rebuild Air Defenses After
Months of Israeli Attacks

SDF militants shoot dead two young
men in Syria's Raqqah

Syria blasts Turkey as 'sponsor of terrorism'

Saudi-backed Yemen government and Houthis
agree to prisoner swap, UN hopes ceasefire Next

Firefighters battling Brooklyn blaze Find Up To
$1 million cash when bundles start falling on them

CA will house transgender inmates by gender identity

Woman Who Helped Boyfriend Kill Her Mom in
'Barbaric' Barbell Beating Is Sentenced to 13 Yrs


Communist Ho Kamal Harris PRAISES Bolshevik BLM
says protests (RIOTS) are 'essential' for change in US

Video Of Drunk or Drugged? Biden Calling
Troops 'Stupid Bastards' To Their Faces When
They Won't Clap - The Creeper Is A Psycho

Biden's Dementia Hits Him During Living National TV
Total Brain Freeze...Host Had To Talk for Him - Watch

Former Pence aide - White House staffers
discussed Trump refusing to leave office

Dimwit Creep Biden Says Senate Should Not Act
On Barrett Nomination Until After Election

Biden Caught In Another Lie, Says He Attended
Mostly Black Delaware State University

Burisma Is Only The Beginning Of Biden's
Quid Pro Quo Sellout Of America

Creeper Joe Video compilation Of Him Touching Girls
...Anyone Who Votes For Biden Supports Pedophilia
And Perversion With Children

Half 'Black' Dumb Ho Harris calls Tupac The
'best rapper alive'...And can't name another

Trump Announces Conservative Amy Coney Barrett
To Fill Vacant Supreme Court Seat


St Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was A Raging Narcissist
...Which Is Why She Stiffed Her Supporters

2 alleged ISIS supporters in US accused of plotting
attacks on White House And Trump Tower

Dem Insider - Anti-Trump Union Postal Workers
Throw Ballots in the Garbage

Bolshevik Biased Facebook Censors Tucker

Portland Teacher Arrested In Communist Antifa Riot
...Begs Cops Not To Share Arrest Photo

BLM protester in Los Angeles who shut down
the street with a large mob gets hit by a truck

'I'm Doing Fine' Tweets Ron Paul From Hospital After
Suffering Apparent Stroke During Live Stream

7 Unexpected Consequences of an Economic Collapse

Democracy muzzled - Hitchens

Bill Maher Skewers 2016 'Hillary Equivocators'
And Third Party Voters - 'You All Have To Eat It
One More Time'


Twitter jeers Meghan Markle's purported
White House ambitions

8 Texas cities now alerted to a brain-eating
amoeba found in water supply

Covid World...Resist!

An Anonymous Nurse Speaks Out - The RT-PCR Test
is Totally Unreliable, It Does not Detect the Virus

The next pandemic is on its way and Coronavirus
must help us prepare for it

I'm a Doctor and Here are Signs You've
Already Had The Coronavirus

'I'm Doing Fine' Tweets Ron Paul From Hospital After
Suffering Apparent Stroke During Live Stream

Ontario Shuts Strip Clubs Over Entire Province

Unexplained excess deaths at home almost
NINE times higher than those from Covid

Coronavirus Mutations - What We've Learned So Far


Open letter From Belgian Medical Doctors Calling
For End To Outrageous CV Measures

More Covid Quackery - Finland Now 'Testing
for CV-19' With Sniffing Dogs

U Of AL Reports 1368 Cases On Three Campuses
...And Not A Single Hospitalization

LA 4th grader suspended for having a BB gun in
his bedroom during virtual learning - Unbelievable

OH woman tasered after she refused to leave A
middle school football game for not wearing mask

First man cured of HIV infection now
has terminal cancer

AI landscape is shifting from 'data' to
'knowledge' - Here's why that matters

UK boasts of attacking and 'destroying' its
enemies in cyberspace

US Air Force B-52 Issues 'Emergency Distress
Signal' Over UK, Reports Say

US Spy Plane Disguised Itself While Flying
Over Yellow Sea


Pentagram Wants A 500 ship Navy - Report

NASA new $23 million space toilet ready
for launch

Dramatic Surge in 'UFO Sightings' in NY State
Stirs Fears of Looming Alien Invasion

Not of This World - The 1964 Socorro
UFO with Humanoids

UFOs, Flying Saucers & Contactees
A Conversation With Johnny Carson
and Ray Bradbury - Watch

UFOs in Dogfight as Family Watches

Bus Sized Asteroid Will Give Earth a Close Shave

Area 51 Themed Bar at The Las Vegas
Raiders Allegiant Stadium

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 9-26-20

Russia, Kazakhstan to Begin Reconstruction of Zenit
Launch Pad in Baikonur, Roscosmos Says


The False Flag Poisoning of Alexei Navalny

Brits would 'go to prison before being injected'
with Covid vaccine

UK's 'Daily Covid Deaths' didn't die in one day
And didn't all have Covid

German Minister Admits Lockdown Will Kill
More Than COVID-19 Does

The Davos Covidean Creed

UK, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Developed
a Plan to Avert Future Pandemics

UK Poised to Champion New 5-Point Plan of Global
Preparedness for Pandemics, Johnson Says

Unexplained Excess Deaths at Home Almost Nine
Times Higher Than Those From COVID

'We do not consent' - London rally against Covid-19
measures draws huge crowds - Watch

Protesters, Officers Injured in London as Police
Responds to Mass Anti-Lockdown Protest


Majority of Brits want even harder lockdown
measures, according to poll - Huh?

Privatized pandemic? UK's celebrated Covid-19 tracing
app won't accept test results from NHS hospitals,
leaves users frustrated

US stocks see 3rd-biggest outflow in history
as investors flee tech

Central Bankers 'Extend & Pretend' Has Increased
Risk Of 'Catastrophic Collapse'

Israel becomes new obstacle for Sudan
in quest to leave US terrorism list

Washington Reportedly Tells Sudan It Will Stay
on Terror List Unless It Forges Ties With Israel

Egyptian naval forces open fire at Palestinian
fishing boat, kill two

US Is Preparing Military Response To Wave Of
Iranian-Backed Attacks On Its Forces In Iraq

Kamala (song parody)


Turmp Will Nominate Amy Coney Barrett To Fill
RBG Supreme Court Seat On Saturday

Ron Paul Appears To Suffer Stroke During Live Show

AP Reporter Confirms Creeper Joe Called It A
Day At Only 9:20am EST - He Should Be Removed
As The Nominee And Put In Assisted Living

FBI agent - There Never was evidence of Russia
collusion but Mueller team had 'get Trump' goal

Nutty Socialist Nancy Again Says Biden Should NOT
Debate Trump At All - Will This Be Biden's Excuse To
Avoid Having To Show The World His Dementia?

Biden Isn't A Foreign Policy Guru - He's A 'Stepford
Wife' Repeating 'War Party' Talking Points

Biden Was Briefed About Son's Involvement,
According To Hunter Biden Burisma Report

Confidential for documents leaked Biden-Soros-
Clinton-Misfud criminal activity in Ukraine

Democrats are pivoting to embrace in-person voting

Trump intends to choose Amy Coney Barrett
for Supreme Court Seat - Report


Virginia counties see multiple absentee ballots
sent to more than 1,000 voters

How 'naked ballots' in Pennsylvania could cost
Joe Biden the 2020 presidential election

Bail Project Tied to Antifa U-Haul Received
Millions from Bill Gates, UMG, Jack Dorsey,
Among Others

More Than 300 Charged With Crimes Committed
'Under The Guise' Of Peaceful Protests Since Late-May

Communist Obama FBI knowingly targeted innocent
Gen Flynn In 'A stunning government misconduct that
mandates immediate dismissal of wrongful prosecution'

How Comey Ambushed & Spied On Trump
at His Infamous Trump Tower Meeting - Vid

'Newly disclosed internal FBI notes and texts
detail the extent of the corrupt FBI's desire to
take down Trump and his associates at any cost

Louisville Police Major Relieved Of Duty For Calling
BLM And Antifa 'Punks' - How about The Truth - They
Are Usually America-Hating Communist Racist Trash

Watch Argentina Cops Under Deadly Rock Attack
By Communists - Police Everywhere Are Targeted
In The Bolshevik Effort To Force Them To Quit

Son Of Communist Weather Underground Figure And
Raised By Marxist Radicals Bernardine Dohrn And Bill
Ayers, Is about to be Third World SF's top Prosecutor


Why is the Trump campaign sending rent
checks to a Long Island PO box?

Judge tosses Karen McDougal's defamation
suit against Tucker Carlson

In A Single Comic Strip, Dilbert Just Nuked
The Global Warming Hysteria

LA Driver Crossing BLM Protest Gets Chased,
Beaten And Arrested On Live TV

#RemoveRogan - Spotify Staffers Threaten Strike
Unless 'Hate-Filled' Podcasts Removed

'Stop The Defund Or Abolish The Cops Crap'
NBA Legend Charles Barkley Defends Police
In Breonna Taylor Shooting

VA Governor Northam, Wife Test Positive For CV-19

Gov. Ron DeSantis lifts all CV restrictions
on All Florida restaurants

NJ coronavirus public health emergency To
Remain In Effect For another 30 days

Trump is escalating his coronavirus lies


US Coronavirus - US tops 7 million cases
as 23 states report rising numbers - Most
Americans Will eventually get it

Small Business Outwits Tyrannical Masking Bylaw
(Without Breaking the Rules)

CDC COVID testers pulled from MN after
hostile, racist encounters

Georgia State-Charlotte game postponed due To CV

Vit D could reduce risk of CV complications study

MASSIVE fire breaks out in Huawei 5G
research facility in China - Watch

Trump Gov't Signs US-UK Strategic Pact on AI
To Counter 'Repressive' China Amid Beijing Tech Rise

FDA issues warning as it investigates reports
of teen injuries and deaths linked to TikTok

S-300, S-400 air defense systems hit newest
high-speed targets at Caucasus 2020 drills

US Military Fears EMFs Are Causing Pilots to Crash


Putin offers US exchange of 'guarantees' that both
countries won't meddle in each other's elections
or wider domestic affairs

US senators suggest going after Putin's 'personal
money' in response to alleged poisoning of Navalny

Europe's Refusal to Recognise Lukashenko Goes
Against International Law, Kremlin Says

US-UK media's favorite Russian conspiracy loon
Solovey says he's An associate member of powerful
organization, stronger than The FSB.

China Ramps Up US Crude Oil Imports
as Elections Near

'Enough is Enough' - China Slaps US Officials
Over 'Noises' Blaming Beijing for Coronavirus

South Korea Puts Military on 'Full Readiness'
After Official is Shot Dead by the North

Kim Jong-un's apology for the death of a South Korean
is the real surprise of 2020

UK cancer charities warn of almost 50% Covid
induced drop in funding but scientists worry The
virus itself may cause more tumors

Over 500 Restaurant Owners Rallying in France's
Marseille Over New CV-19 Restrictions - Vid


Over 80% defy CV-19 self-isolation rules, more than
half display poor knowledge of symptoms - UK study

4 Wounded In 'Meat Cleaver' Attack Near
Site Of 2015 Charlie Hebdo Massacre

'Fridays for Future' Climate Strike Returns
to Streets of Berlin - Vid

Norway Launches National Action Plan
Against Islamophobia

France rejects Britain's 'intimidation' after
warnings about post-Brexit transport delays

Queen Elizabeth & co. forced to rein in
royal spending as Covid-19 pandemic bites

With misogyny now a hate crime, we're criminalising
what people think - We'll soon have thought police
exploring our private lives

Ex-Chief Science Officer for Pfizer - 'Second Wave'
Was Very Likely Conjured Up by A Flawed Test...
Says The 'Pandemic Is Over'

UK Scientists Say First COVID Vaccine Unlikely
to Stop People Catching Virus

Gamaleya Institute Chief Says Some Vaccinees
Develop Protective Antibodies After 1st Dose


Spanish capital region extends partial lockdown
from Monday affecting over a million people

One Of America's Largest Bakery Chains
Could Be Headed for Bankruptcy - Another
Broken Link In The Food Chain

Luongo - What Happens When The Dollar
Really Starts To Rise?

Merkel's View of Nord Stream 2 Unchanged Amid
US Push for Coalition Against Project, Berlin Says

German Minister Urges to Not Question Nord Stream 2
Completion in Light of Navalny Case

Venezuela Slams US as 'Greatest Threat to World
Peace and Stability' Amid New Iran, Cuba Sanctions

Stop forgetting to turn off camera - Argentinian MP
resigns after kissing woman's breasts during
online congressional session

Israel restricts outgoing flights as Netanyahu govt
bolsters 2nd coronavirus lockdown

Netanyahu endorses construction of over 5,000
new settler units in occupied West Bank

Israel Successfully Tests New Sea-to-Sea
Missile System, Army Says


US media platforms censor top Palestinian
activist under Israeli pressure

Taliban Militants Kill 7 Policemen in Afghanistan's
Southern Kandahar Province, Source Says

Indian soldiers given green-signal to open fire
in self-defense at India-China border

Indian farmers block roads & railways in protest
over controversial grain trade bills - Photos

Africa dodged the worst of Covid-19 but the
aftermath will be devastating... and the rest of
the world doesn't seem to care

'Kajillionaire' shows how boomers stole from
millennials and what they'll keep stealing

WATCH - Rare 'Earthgrazer' meteorite bounces off
Earth's atmosphere and back into space

Vikings in America

Love Is Never A Sacrifice

5 Ways Toxic Families Turn Good People Bad

Kamala (song parody)


Kyle Rittenhouse's Legal Team Bolsters Its
Self-Defense Case With New Viral Footage

Criminals Killers Rapists Support Gun Control
WatchThugs Will ALWAYS Have Firearms
...Don't Forget That

Violence In Louisville And Other Cities Rising Over
Taylor Case - Live Updates

Trump eyes Cuban American Constitutional Nationalist
judge from Florida for Supreme Court

Shocking TRUTH About Breonna Taylor
Amazing Details You've NEVER Heard - Watch

Creeper Biden Blasts Violence While Siding With
Criminal Rioters Against Breonna Taylor Verdict

U-Haul Truck Delivers Shields And Readymade Protest
Banners To Communist Rioters In Louisville! WATCH

Gunman Who Shot 2 Policemen in Louisville
Charged With 16 Criminal Counts

Media Declares 'Violence Is Inevitable' As 2 Cops Shot
In Louisville - Reporters Arrested In Police Crackdown

In Soviet Seattle - cop pushes his bicycle over man's
head amid fresh wave of violent protests


Revealed - The real US election interferers who are
paying off people to vote for Senile Creeper Joe Biden

WI Authorities Investigate Absentee Ballots Found In Ditch
As FBI Probes Discarded Pro-Trump Ballots In PA

Leftist Bolshevik Media Hides Damning Biden Report
Outrageous Bias And Betrayal Of Journalism

Report On Hunter Biden's Dark Dealings Should
Immediately End Creeper Joe's White House Run
And Send Him Off To Shady Acres

Move these two UP...they are already in headlines
Hunter Biden Raised 'Counterintelligence And Extortion'
Concerns, May Have Participated In Sex Trafficking Says
Stunning Senate Report

Creeper Joe Turns Into Grumpy When Asked
About Son...Implies Hunter Is Snow White

Tucker Airs New Video Of Deadly Kenosha Shooting
Watch What Really Happened

Criminals, Killers, Rapists Support Gun Control - Watch
Thugs Will ALWAYS Have Firearms - Don't Forget That

Harvard Survey - Only 7% Of Incoming Students
Identify As Conservative

President Trump's Niece Sues Family Claiming
She Was 'Defrauded' Of Inheritance


Week 2 Sunday Night Football Ratings
Plunge 17% From Week 1's Already Steep Decline

America is the Holy Roman Empire of the 21st century

The novel coronavirus and the flu
...How to tell the difference

Only 13% Will Try First-Gen CV Vax Immediately

90 Percent of New York City Bars and Restaurants
Couldn't Pay Their August Rent

Dr. Scott W. Atlas Lays Down Some SCIENCE
And Crushes the Doom-Mongering Press - Vid

'New' Houston CV Mutation? Nope, It's Just The
Italian Strain the Dimwitted Media Still Can't Figure out

New Houston Area Coronavirus Mutation? Is Virus
Learning To Defeat Masks? And Hand Washing?
No, It's Just The Same More Infectious Italian Stain

Martini - Your Health In A Vax Jab? Brave Doctor Speaks Out

Russian Sub hits target with Kalibr missile 100 miles
away during Kavkaz exercise


Marine Corps Is Scheming New 'Littoral Regiments'
Specifically to Park Them off the Coast of China

Chinese Defense Ministry Slams Pentagon Chief
Esper Over Digital Surveillance Claims

UK to join US, Canada imposing sanctions on Belarus

Number of countries use plandemic to settle
scores with rivals says Lavrov

Putin Won't return to restrictions imposed in spring 2020

COVID-19 situation in Russia to improve due to
introduced measures says Putin

Cheaper Than Remdesivir - Russia to Supply
Anti-COVID Avifavir to 17 Countries

Zelensky announces second CV wave in Ukraine

Why Beijing is right to take action against the
poster boy of the Hong Kong protest movement

Blaming China's investments for Barbados ditching
Queen is Sinophobia - What stopped UK from
developing its former colony?


China has built 380 internment camps
in Xinjiang, study finds

'Let Me Explain What Happens Next...' A Reader Sums
It All Up Very Ominously And CORRECTLY

As Coronavirus Cases Surge in Europe
Hospitalizations Lag

Finland deploys coronavirus-sniffing dogs
at main airport

UK's chief scientific adviser has £600,000 of shares
in vaccine maker contracted by govt – reports

UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak Unveils New Measures
to Support Jobs, Economy Amid CV-19 Plandemic

Europe's LOCKDOWN will kill more people worldwide
than Covid-19 virus, German minister warns

Robots target coronavirus with ultraviolet
light at London train station

Social Media Giggles At Matt Hancock's Discomfort
As Sky Presenter Quizzes Him on 'Casual Sex Ban'

Hypocritical EU member states against migrant
quotas should halt their military adventurism


European Commission 'still does not understand'
solution to illegal migration, Czech PM Babis says
after new policy announcement

US economy is a hologram of memes like Tesla

ECB Pays Euro Banks 1% To Give Them €174 Billion

Iranian Tanker Loads Venezuelan Crude For Sale
Abroad As US Threatens Seizure

The Planned Marxist Destruction Of
Roman Catholicism In Mexico

Israel shuts down businesses, limits rallies & movement
as 2nd national coronavirus lockdown gets even tougher

Tony Blair Says New 'Generation of Palestinian
Politicians' Needed for Peace With Israel

Qatar Eyes Normalisation With Israel in Exchange
for Lifting of Gulf Boycott Against It - Source

Third Arab nation to reach peace agreement
with Israel in next 2 days - US Amp

Iran FM - Unilateral bans on anti-pandemic
efforts amount to economic, medical terrorism


Lavrov - Moscow, Tehran Categorically Reject US
Attempt to Introduce Permanent Arms Embargo on Iran

US envoy says new Iran sanctions are coming

'This Will Be Almost Total War' - Lindsey Graham
Reportedly Urged Trump Not to Kill Soleimani

US Smuggles Three Dozen Oil Tankers Out of Syria
Full Of Stolen Oil in Dead of Night - Report

Magnitude 4.1 Quake Strikes Off Istanbul, Turkey


Leftist Bolshevik Media Hides Damning Biden Report
Outrageous Bias And Betrayal Of Journalism

Report On Hunter Biden's Dark And Dirty Dealings
Should Immediately End Creeper Joe's White House
Run...And Send Him Off To Shady Acres

Hunter Biden Raised 'Counterintelligence And Extortion'
Concerns, May Have Participated In Sex Trafficking Says
Senate Report

Creeper Joe Turns Into Grumpy When Asked
About Son...Implies Hunter Is Snow White

LIVE UPDATES - Louisville Riots - Officers Shot

Trump campaign is reportedly 'discussing
contingency plans to bypass election results'

'Get Your Booty To The Poll' - How Blacks
Encourage Other Blacks To Vote - Watch

'They'll come knocking at your door' - NRA says Biden
victory would deprive Americans of 'your AR-15'
sends Twitter into frenzy

Minneapolis 'Guilty Whites' Think BLM Lawn
Signs Will Save Them When the Mob Comes

Antifa Communists in Portland vow to kill cops And
Their families, children & friends

If The Communist Thugs Will Loot Homes During
These Wildfires, What Will They Do To You And
Your Family When They Have No More Food?

Democrats worry Aged Feinstein can't handle
Supreme Court battle - She Doesn't Look Like It


Ex-Model Who Claimed Trump Tried to 'Shove His
Tongue Down Her Throat' Stayed in Touch - Report

Americans are hoarding trillions of dollars in cash
before the presidential election - Morgan Stanley

FBI Warns Foreign Actors and Hackers Could Spread
Misinformation on Results of Presidential Election

Trump said Jews are 'only in it for themselves' and
'stick together,' according to a new report

Watch Zionist Jews brag about (Their)
Muslim invasion of Europe

Eric Trump Gave 'False' Reason for Dodging
Deposition Says New York AG

The Gordian Knot

(Communist) Soros Is Actively Working to 'Undermine
The American Political System' Says Newt Gingrich

White House defends hitting 200,000 Alleged
coronavirus deaths - 'We were expecting 2 million'

Trump Declares CV-19 Affects 'Virtually Nobody'


'No Medical Justification For Emergency Measures'
An Open Letter From 100s Of Doctors, Health Pros
Urges End To Lockdowns

Mark Cuban - Americans should get a $1,000
stimulus check every 2 weeks

Fauci scolds Rand Paul during tense
exchange at hearing

Your Health In A Vax Jab? Brave Doctor Speaks Truth

Despair at CDC after Trump influence
'I have never seen morale this low'

This Everyday Staple May Become
Extinct After The coronavirus Pandemic

UN urges global solidarity, calls pandemic
'dress rehearsal' for future challenges

US Drug Maker Launches Final COVID-19
Vaccine Trial With 60,000 People

Chlamydia & gonorrhea rates in younger US women
SOAR as health experts raise alarm over drop in tests
during pandemic

Plastic Face Shields Ineffective, Let 100% of Airborne
Droplets Escape, Japanese Scientists Say


New research adds to growing evidence for
asymptomatic spread of Covid-19

Chevron orders staff worldwide to delete WeChat
from their work phones, despite a judge blocking
Trump's ban of the app

The War on Assange is a War on Truth

Prosecutor claims Assange may be FAKING depression
after doctor says extradition could trigger suicide

'CNN badly misreported this' - Snowden debunks
news story reporting he 'agreed' to give money
from his book to US government

Deal-Breaker Trump to Abandon New START?

'Eskimo Effect' - Putin Explains Avangard Hypersonic
Glide Vehicle's Operating Principle

Russian Fighters Su-27 Intercept 2 US Air Force
Bombers Over Black Sea, Defence Ministry Says

Civilian Vessel and Russian Frigate Collide in Strait
Between Denmark and Sweden, Danish Army Says

Congress Gave Pentagon $1 Billion for Face Diapers
Military Sensibly Spent It on Body Armor, Satellites Instead


US Expands Military Bases in the Eastern Med and
Lures Debt-Weary Greece into Provocative Military
Partnership for Geopolitical Control of Region

Marine Corps has officially started fielding
its first new pistol in 35 years

Navalny Incident a US Plot to Block
Nord Stream 2 Completion?

US slaps sanctions on six individuals,
two companies from Russia

Moscow to expand retaliatory list of EU officials
banned from entering Russia - diplomat

Russian diplomat slams West's rhetoric on
Navalny incident as unacceptable

Russian opposition figure Navalny discharged from
Berlin hospital, doctors believe 'full recovery' from
alleged poisoning possible

'Absolutely incorrect' - Kremlin spokesman ridicules
Le Monde report suggesting Putin told Macron that
Navalny poisoned himself

Moscow Expands Bans on EU From Entering Russia
in Response to Unfriendly Gestures

Belarusian police deploy water cannon after protesters
take to Minsk streets following Lukashenko's surprise
inauguration - Watch


'Vertical Forest' in Chinese Residential Complex
Becomes Mosquito-Infested Jungle

Worlds Apart UN Addresses by China's Xi Jinping and Trump

Chinese Air Force Video Depicting Bombers
Attacking Guam Steals Scenes From Transformers

China Can Powerfully Counter US Threats
in First, Second Island Chains

US Reviewing Influence of 2 Chinese 'United Front'
Operations, Pompeo Says

Taiwan Seething That China Warplanes Came Within
40 Miles but US Regularly Flies Within 15 of Russia

China sharply expands mass labor program in Tibet

UK 'isn't taking' a Swedish approach to CV – FM Raab

Boris's new Covid restrictions are unscientific
mumbo jumbo and an exercise in futility that
will wreak havoc on millions

2nd nationwide lockdown remains nuclear
option against CV – UK Foreign Secretary Raab


30% of Recent UK 'COVID Deaths'
Were Not Caused by COVID

Hungary - George Soros Is Dividing Society to
Steal Power Away From Citizens

11 UK cops injured in suspected ACID ATTACK
during drug raid

BoJo wants to make British Armed Forces untouchable
by offering them immunity for war crimes

Sweden Raises Taxes on Alcohol to Fund Its
Defence Build-Up

License to Kill - New UK Legislation Would
Reportedly Permit Spies to Commit 'Necessary' Crimes

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle stick their elitist noses
into US politics, preach about 'hate speech' And the
'most important election'

US envoy to Netherlands accused of Election
MEDDLING after hosting 'fundraiser' for right wing
party at embassy

In Unprecedented Monetary Overhaul, The Fed Is
Preparing To Deposit 'Digital Dollars' Directly To
'Each American'

Why Is The MSM Signaling That A Much
Larger Stock Market Decline Is Coming?


JPMorgan to pay almost $1 billion fine
to resolve US investigation into trading practices

World may be running out of gold with mine
production in decline

In Unprecedented Monetary Overhaul, The Fed
Is Preparing To Deposit 'Digital Dollars' Directly
To 'Each American'

De Blasio Furloughs Another 9,000 NYC
Employees Due To 'Massive Budget Shortfall'

39 States Don't Have Enough Money To Pay Bills

JPMorgan To Pay Record $1 Billion Settlement
Over Precious Metals, Treasury Manipulation

UBS CEO Joins JPMorgan In Push For 'A Return
To The Office' For Staff

Facebook Warns May Leave Europe If Ireland
Enforces Ban on Data Sharing With US

Comrade Gov. Newsom Announces Ban On All
Gas-Powered Cars By 2035

Tesla Systems Reportedly Suffer 'Complete
Network Outage'


Fear of US sanctions spooks insurers into refusing
to cover construction of troubled Nord Steam 2

'We salute USS Kidd for flying the Jolly Roger'
on its way back to port

Lawyer Claims Self-Proclaimed Venezuelan President
Guaido Has Right Over Gold Stored in UK

Trump - US Imposes More Sanctions on Imports
of Cuban Alcohol, Tobacco

Iran - Scores of Domestically-Made Combat Drones
Enter Service With IRGC Naval Fleet

Don't believe all the US lies on Iran - Sole US Aim Is
to get the country it 'lost' in 1979 back in its grip

JCPOA Very Much Alive, US A Global Laughing Stock, Says Iran's Zarif

India Plans $3 Billion Drone Deal With US to
Keep Eye on Border With China, Reports Say

The Surprising Power of Seeking a
Daily Dose of Awe

How Wholeness Works – The Vanishing 'I'


Sleep Gummies - How Cannabis Comes into Play

America's Debt Will be Twice the Size
of the Economy by 2050

Australia at Risk of Losing Ground to China in Pacific

Surveillance in an Era of Pandemic and Protest

The EU wants to give itself greater powers to punish tech companies that don't censor enough

Penguin found dead on Brazilian beach after
swallowing entire face mask, autopsy shows

Grizzly bear fatally mauls hunter in AK state park

Amazon review of Frosty's New Book
Zen Between Two Bicycle Wheels - Eat, Pedal, Sleep


Deagel.com Projection For The US From 2021 To 2025

Sanctions, COVID-19 Pandemic, Struggle for Global
Stability - Key Takeaways From Putin's UNGA Speech

Trump Denounces China's CV-19 'Lies' In Fiery UN
Address After Xi Swiped At US As 'Bully Of The World'

UN Secretary General calls to avoid 'a new
Cold War' between US and China

Unhinged Illegal Alien Who Was Booted From
The US Allegedly Planned To Murder Trump

Burisma Biden Investigation to be Released
within 24 Hours Allegedly Finds The Biden Family
Guilty Of Likely Criminal Actions

BLM Black Communist Walks Into Louisville Bar, Shoots
3 Innocent Men To Death In New Black On White Hate Crime

Facebook prepping for violence after US election
may restrict content - Report FB Is Working With
The Military On Over 70 Scenarios

Poll - Brain-Dying Biden leads Trump in WI,
PA Said To Be A 'Tight' Race - Who Cares?
We Already Know What To Expect On Nov 3

Creeper Joe Says Voters Don't Need to Know
Who His SCOTUS Pick Will Be


Not Long Ago, Biden Said 'The American People
Deserve A Fully-Staffed Court Of Nine' - Fill the Seat

Br Nathanael - 'Ginsburg...The Death Of A Jew' - Vid

Mitt Romney Says He Supports Moving Forward
With Trump's Supreme Court Pick

Behar Concedes Dems SCOTUS Loss

Hillary Still Sharp As A Tack In Conversation
About Ginsburg

Wooldridge - What's The Worst That Can
Happen With A Biden Presidency?

An Obscure Law In Pennsylvania Could Result In
100,000 Mail-In Ballots Being Thrown Out Without
Ever Being Counted

Encore - Watch Nutty Nancy Malfunction Live On Air

Tucker Is Most-Watched in Prime Time (That's Why He's
Still At Fox - They Can't Afford To Fully Censor Him...Yet)


Unhinged - CNN's Don Lemon Reveals Communist BLM
Beliefs, Says 'We're Going To Have To Blow Up The Entire
System' - Calls Blacks & Minorities The 'Majority' In The US
This Is Even Too Much For Colleague Chris Cuomo - Watch

The Great Reset - World Economic Forum - Vid

Staggering Globalist Projection Of The State Of
America In 2020 And Then In 2025

Ginsburg In 2016 - 'Nothing In The Constitution'
Prevents Final Year SCOTUS Picks

Donald Trump Dares Nancy Pelosi To Impeach
Him a Second Time For Filling SCOTUS Seat

Romney Agrees To Back Trump On Supreme Court Pick
So, McConnell Now Has Votes To Replace RBG

Why appointing a God-fearing mother of seven to the
High Court is such a problem for US liberal left

Here's the truth...Rothschilds and their fronts own
most of the planet! - A Black Box Of Unclear Motives

Unhinged Illegal Alien That Was Booted From
The US Tries To Murder President Trump
Look At His Eyes

Some Protests Against Police Brutality Take
A More Confrontational Approach


'Defund The Police' Activist Alyssa Milano Sparks
Massive Police Presence After Calling 911

If The Communist Thugs Will Loot Homes During
These Wildfires, What Will They Do To You And
Your Family When They Have No More Food?

The Gordian Knot

Fairbanks Testifies Trump Ordered Assange Arrest

Wooldridge - Will America Survive Another
100 Million Immigrants by 2050? - Part 1

Wooldridge - Will America Survive Another
100 Million Immigrants by 2050? - Part 2
Societal Mayhem Coming

Wooldridge - Will America Survive Another
100 Million Immigrants by 2050? - Part 3
Strangulation Of Our Highway System

Wooldridge - Will America Survive Another
100 Million Immigrants By 2050? - Part 4
Let's Talk About National Parks Congestion

Wooldridge - Will America Survive Another
100 Million Immigrants by 2050? - Part 5
Poisoning Our World

'Maniacal Laughing Vandal' Derails Manhattan
Subway Train By Tossing Metal Objects On Tracks


Putin Says World Economy Will Not Recover
From CV-19 'For A Long Time' - Calls For All
Trade Sanctions To Be Dropped

FDA To Announce Much Stiffer Standards
And Restricitons For CV-19 Vaccines

The Other Way Covid Will Kill Is By Hunger

What COVID-19 Does to the Heart - Autopsies Show
Traces Of CV Genetic Material In The Heart - Not Good

Single plane passenger infected 15 with CV - CDC

CDC Backtracks on how CV is spread
...raising confusion

'Tell my mom I love her' - Salt Lake City police release
body cam footage of cops shooting A 13 year Old
autistic boy 11 times

Twitter Launches Campaign Motivating US Users
to Register to Vote, Reports Say

Facebook Will Restrict Certain Users If US
Election Gets 'Extremely Chaotic Or Violent'

Encore - Zuckerberg mulling over 'brain-controlling and
implantable' tech because controlling online speech
isn't Orwellian enough by itself - (Orwell would howl)


Military style Marshall Plan needed to combat
climate change says Globalist Prince Charles

Wigington - Superheating the US West to
cool down the US East, yet again

Wigington - Wildfires Serve Geoengineering Agenda

GeoEngineering Creating Freeze & Fry Extremes

Putin Says World Economy Will Not Recover
From CV-19 'For A Long Time' - Calls For All
Trade Sanctions To Be Dropped

China Unveils Terrifying New Weapons Like The
Dongfeng-41 MIRVed Nuke ICBM That 'Can Strike
The US In 30 Minutes With 10 Warheads'

US dare not escalate the Taiwan tension

Raising of UK Covid alert level opens door
to major restrictions

K coronavirus alert level moving to 4

Can't We Put These Power-Mad Clowns
of the BoJo Junta in a Nice Rest Home?


Nude Adults Explain Transgender Bodies
To 11 Year Olds In Danish Kids Show

Melbourne Stasi Police Surround & Arrest 2 Elderly
Women Resting On Park Bench For 'COVID Violation'

Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson On The Future
Of The Hospitality Industry, Masks & Furloughs

Huge Explosion Hits South Lebanon Centered
On Hezbollah Arms Depot

Luongo - Is Trump Using JCPOA To Break
The UN Before It Breaks Him?

Indian PM Modi pushes for reforms
amid UNSC 75th anniversary

Wooldridge - Mountain Man Rendezvous -
Epic Cycling Adventure in Alaska - Part 1

Wooldridge - Mountain Man Rendezvous -
Epic Cycling Adventure in Alaska - Part 2


McConnell unexpectedly rejects Dem funding bill
leaving US on the verge of govt shutdown...Again

GOP Senator Says It Would Confirm Trump's
Nominee Even If He Loses The Election

Turmp - 'When You Control The Senate, You can
Do What You Want'

Trump Met With Supreme Court Candidate Amy
Barrett Today - Decision To Come By Saturday

Democrats are threatening to impeach Trump
if he fills the Supreme Court vacancy - But he
must – our republic is at mortal risk

Communist AOC says all options 'on the table' to block
Supreme Court nominee confirmation, including
impeachment - She Needs To Go...Far Away

If The Communist Thugs Will Loot Homes During
These Wildfires, What Will They Do To You And
Your Family When They Have No More Food?

DOJ declares Seattle, Portland & NYC lawless
anarchist zones, setting up federal arrests of
Democrat mayors after the election

Communists Gather Outside Homes Of McConnell
And Graham...Keep Them Awake

Trump Warns He'll 'Take Care of Business' if
Opponents Riot Over His Re-election


FL Gov DeSantis proposes law cracking down on
looters And 'violent' protesters (RIOTERS)

'Protesters' In Philadelphia Chase Down And
Assault Random Citizens For Being 'Nazis'

Walker Says China is Funding BLM And
The Money Is Going To The Democrats

Patriotism vs Revisionism - Trump's war against
the 1619 Project is a battle for the soul of America

Second judge rules against USPS, says
election mail must be prioritized

MI Clerk Files Criminal Complaint Against Resident
Who Mocked Mail-In Voting

Huge 'F*ck Cuomo And DeBlasio' Mural
Shows Up On Brooklyn Street

Atzmon - Millennials and the Holocaust - Must Read

Biblical scenes are playing out before our eyes

Orwellian indoctrination of kindergarteners with
Critical Race Theory is outrageous, must be stopped


Trump Campaign Launches 'Fill That Seat' Merch
Amid Showdown Over New Supreme Court Justice

House Speaker 'Malfunctions' - Twitter Laughs At
Pelosi's 'Good morning, Sunday Morning' Remark

Senate Report On Biden-Ukraine Accusations
To Release Within Days

Hungarian PM Orban Endorses Donald Trump
in Upcoming US Election

Why Is FOX News Preventing Negative
Reporting of George Soros?

America 1950 vs America 2020 - An
Incalculable Socio-Cultural Loss

US has an 'out of control' population of About
9 Million Huge, Feral 'super-pigs' expert says

12 Most Recent Incredible Discoveries

'October vaccine surprise' alarms scientists
It would be Unproven, Unsafe & Insane To Use

New Pentagram-Google Partnership Suggests
AI Will Soon Be Used to Diagnose Covid-19


If the PCR Test Is Unreliable - Why Are Health
Officials Demanding the Public Be Tested?

Six months into the plandemic and the US
economic outlook is getting gloomier

2020 Has Been A Nightmare Year For America
And The Economic Fallout Is Just Beginning

50% Effectiveness? AstraZeneca Vaccine Trial Still
on Hold in US Amid Reports of 2nd Neurological
Disease Case

WHO Thanks Russia for Developing 'Safe and
Effective Sputnik V Vaccine'

Stunning Reversal - CDC Says It Published New
Guidance On Risks Of 'Airborne' CV 'In Error' After
Intense Pressure From WHO

CDC says it 'erroneously' said coronavirus spreads
through air and travels beyond 6 feet

Carnival Cruise Line Terminates Thousands of
Crew Members and Senior Shipboard Officers

Have Mercy on the Terrified

Maj George Filer's Account Of ET Being Shot
Dead At McGuire AF Base In 1978 Hits MSM


People Working at Area 51 Experimenting on
Giant Robots For US Military, Claims Ufologist

US Space Force Has Deployed Troops to
...a Qatari Air Base

Another New Asteroid To Come Within
22,000 Miles Of Earth On 9-24-20

At least 5 Asteroids headed towards Earth this
week As Japan extends its asteroid-hunter mission

US Proposals on New START Only Good for US
but Unattractive for Moscow, Ryabkov Says

Russia Will Find Efficient Ways to Defend Itself
if New START Not Extended, Envoy to UN Says

Trump Regime Sabotaging New START
Extension Talks with Russia?

Americans Once had talent in diplomacy but they've
lost it says Russian FM Lavrov says, as US triggers
'null and void' Iran sanctions

Russian Supreme Court abolishes opposition figure
Alexey Navalny's political party

Around 200 People Questioned in Connection
With Navalny Case


EU's Top Diplomats Call for Intl Probe Into Navalny
With OPCW Involvement, Borrell Says

Pressure on Nord Stream 2 Increased Before
Navalny Case, German Lawmaker Claims

Moscow Blasts UNHRC Resolution on Belarus
as Void, Adopted in Violation of International Law

Two Russian Fighters Scrambled to Escort UK
Spy Plane Over Barents Sea - Defence Ministry

Putin's Video Message for UNGA Already Sent
to New York, Kremlin Spokesman Says

EU foreign ministers fail to agree on sanctions
against Belarus

Not Good - China's Worrisome Edge Toward
a 'Launch-on-Warning' Nuclear Posture

China uses clips from 'Transformers' & 'The Rock'
in VIDEO showing nuclear bombers simulating
attack on apparent US military base

Taiwan's armed forces Says Has 'right to
counter attack' military warns after China's
large-scale drills

Surprise! The Chinese Navy Just Transformed
Cargo Ship Into An Instant Helicopter Carrier


Bizarre Warning To Prepare For 'Sudden Evacuation'
Given By NSH England

The 'Oxford Black Panther' behind Britain's first black-led
political party vows to make white men 'our slaves'

Professor Says Sweden's Immunity Level Is Now
High Enough to Keep The Disease Down

UK at 'Critical Point in Pandemic', Top Epidemiologist
to Warn Amid Talks on Tougher COVID Curbs

UK govt advisors Vallance and Whitty accused of
'terrifying everyone' with doom-laden CV prediction

London mayor Sadiq Khan calls for coronavirus
restrictions on capitol

Netizens Enraged After Piers Morgan Says Christmas
Should Be Cancelled Over Spike in COVID Cases

Police 'Found It Easier to Criminalise Children'
Than Go After Asian Child Abuse Gangs - Victim

Black Africans And Muslims are behind a wave
of bombings, rapes and murders blighting Sweden
but the authorities still refuse to admit it

Rowling's Books Burned Or Banned Around The
World Over Her Personal Views Of Gender


More Than 160 Politicians Back Calls for
Release of WikiLeaks Founder Assange

Assange's Removal From Embassy Was
Coordinated on 'Direct Orders From the
US President', Court Told

'It won't bring change' - English club QPR snaps
back at critics after ditching 'take a knee' protests

World Econ Forum - What You Need To Know
About 'Sustainable Development' Impact

World Econ Forum - The Great Reset (Agenda 21)

World Econ Forum - Building blocks Of The Great Reset

World Econ Forum - How Coronavirus Can Be The
Great Reset To global 'Sustainability' (Pop Reduction)

Stephen Cohen Has Died. Remember His Urgent
Warnings Against The New Cold War

Central Banks Tell Markets 'You're On Your Own Now'

Leaked FinCEN Files Show HSBC Bank Knowingly
Facilitated Fraudulent Transactions, Reports Suggest


European Banks See Biggest Drop In Months
After Massive FinCEN Leak

Gold Dives Below $1900 As Dollar Surges
...Stocks & Bond Yields Tumble

Boeing's Rival Airbus Reveals Concept of World's
First Zero-Emission Plane

Struggling Lufthansa to slash MORE jobs on
top of previously announced 22,000 cuts

Richest 1% cause more than double CO2
emissions of poorest half of humanity – Oxfam

Is Pompeo Preparing an October Suprise?

US Sanctions Iranian Nuclear Scientists And VZ's
Maduro As World Ignores UN 'Snap-Back'

Iranian Foreign Minister to Visit Moscow on Thursday

Iran's Zarif Says 'Book Not Closed' on Avenging
Soleimani Assassination

Iran Months from Producing a Nuke?


OPCW a Dirty Tool for Pursuing Western Designs

Sultan Erdogan Has Ran the Turkish Lira
Into the Ground

Egypt announces discovery of 14 more mummies
...untouched for 2,500 years

Shut the F*ck Up - Indians Troll Global Times
Editor for Saying India Military No Match for PLA

Africa's Catastrophic Lockdowns Have Sentenced
to Death Far More People Than COVID Ever Could

African Countries Hoping to Receive Russia's
Sputnik V Vaccine Against COVID-19, IGAD Says

In the Cities of the Future It Will be Seen as
Irresponsible for Humans to Drive Cars - Futurist

Six Ecuadorian Provinces Covered With Ash After
Uptick in Sangay Volcano's Activity - Vid

5.3 Quake Hits Near Lake Baikal, EMSC Says


DOJ declares Seattle, Portland & NYC to be lawless
anarchist zones, setting up federal arrests of Democrat
mayors after the election

Likely, Logical TIMELINE of events to take place from
9-20 To 1-20 covering vaccines, SCOTUS, Election Day,
Stock markets, Domestic terrorism and insurrection

Communist Antifa-BLM Rioters Return To Portland
After Arson Duty - Attack Businesses, Burn Flags &
FORCE Motorists To Pledge Loyalty To BLM - Watch

Even With Probable Meth, Creeper Biden Says 200
Million Americans Have Died From CV - Listen To This
Demented Goon Trying To Read His Teleprompter!

'Big, fat shots in the ass' - Trump again suggests
Biden is on energizing Drugs - He's probably Right
Meth Is A common treatment for severe Dementia

Creeper Biden Refuses To Release List Of
His (Communist) Supreme Court Contenders

Fact Check - Creeper Joe Falsely Claims Trump
Only Asked For His Supremes List AFTER RBG died

Bill Clinton calls decision to replace
RBG a 'superficially hypocritical call'

Dems Threaten To 'Pack The Court In 2021' If
Trump Fills The Ginsburg Vacancy

Nutty Nancy Threatens Use Of Impeachment
To Stop Trump Filling High Court Vacancy

How Long It Has Taken To Fill Most Recent
Supreme Court Vacancies


Demented, Deranged Biden Flies To FL And Waves To
An EMPTY TARMAC As He Comes Down Ramp - Watch

Ho Harris Encouraged 5.7 Million Followers On Twitter
To Help Fund Bail Used To Release 3 Men Previously
Charged With Violent Crimes...One of Them Accused
Of Raping An 8 Year Old Girl

Fundraiser to Defeat Mitch McConnell Raises
$13 Million Overnight After RGB Death

A senior moment or a secret code? Twitter
puzzled over Sen. Chuck Grassley's ramblings
about 'dead pet pidgin'

What's Coming To America In Next Four Months?
...And What To Do

Chicago postal workers threaten to stop delivering
mail after multiple employees shot on the job

John Barbour Makes His Views Clear On Trump

Trump Tentatively OKs TikTok Walmart, Oracle Deal

At least Trump is honest about his
political assassinations

US Movie Theaters Begin Reopening, Nobody Shows Up


Postal workers are catching COVID by the 1,000s
...It's one more threat to voting by mail

Greenwald Shocks With Explanation On Why
Mainstream Media Is Ignoring Assange Trial

Momentum for Basic Income Builds as
Plandemic Drags On

Kushner rejected federal action to help states,
calling pandemic shortages 'their problem''

Gates Praises Vaccine Progress, Says Pandemic
Won't Last Indefinitely

Tucker says alleged Nashville coronavirus data
'coverup' other obfuscations Are 'unforgivable'

Dems Dumb & Dumber on Economy-Killing Lockdowns

Researchers say 94% of US CV deaths don't count
because those people had underlying conditions

France Suffers Another Daily COVID-19 Record
As New York Reports Most Cases Since Early June

Dr. David E. Martin Exposes Moderna


Second AstraZeneca volunteer reportedly suffers
rare neurological condition but UK company says
it's not related to vaccine - (Of course, not!)

Sheep Getting Vaccinated - An Allegory

Popular Children's App Allegedly Requests
Minor To Take Naked Pictures

US Offers Russia to Extend START Treaty for
Less Than Five Years

Britain's New Carrier Could Deploy With More
US Marine Than British F-35s on Board

UK Increases Spy Flights Near Russian Border
Trying to Find Moscow's 'Vulnerabilities' - Report

Russia resumes air service with Belarus, Kazakhstan,
Kyrgyzstan And South Korea

Explosive Funnel - Gigantic Permafrost Crater
Forms in Siberia

Over 10 People Arrested at Minsk Protests,
Detentions Underway Across Belarus

The CV-19 'rule of six' is a joke and if Boris thinks the police
will do his dirty work in enforcing it, he's wrong


UK health secretary pilloried for saying he would
snitch on neighbors who snub CV guidelines

UK Health Minister Tells Public to Follow CV Rules
or Face National Lockdown

Protest Against CV Restrictions in Dusseldorf - Vid

EU Can't Do Without UK Finance as the Euro is a
High-Risk 'Ponzi Scheme' - City Figures Say

Brexit - Why Does EU Continue To Speak English?

Berlin dodges police racism probe after cops
caught sharing Nazi content, saying GERMAN
PEOPLE need investigation instead

Merkel's Potential Successor Calls for
'Nord Stream 2 Moratorium'

Mind Virus Lockdowns Have Accelerated
Macro Trends in China's Favor

EU Preparing Legislation to Strengthen Grip
on Big Tech Companies, Reports Say

New Financial System Announced For Instant
Interbank Payments And Settlements


The Criminal Prosecution Of Boeing Executives
Should Begin

FinCEN Files Show Criminals Moved Billions
Of Dirty Money Into Banks

Leak reveals $2 Trillion of possibly corrupt
US financial activity

VZ FM Slams Pompeo's 'Fake' Concern for
His Country on Latin American Tour

How Venezuela lost three oil supertankers
to its Chinese partner

Largest Venezuelan oil tanker now
flying The Russian flag

Washington Unilaterally Reimposes Iran Sanctions Despite
Opposition from UNSC, Including US Allies

Russia to continue efforts for preserving Iran
nuclear deal - Foreign Ministry

Iran will never succumb to US bullying,
illegitimate demands: President Rouhani

US faces 'more' isolation after 'null & void' move
to unilaterally reimpose UN sanctions - Tehran


US Theft Continues As Dozens Of US Tanker
Trucks Full Of Stolen Syrian Oil Head To Iraq

US Close To Declaring Qatar Major
A Non-NATO Ally Deepening Military Ties

Thousands of mercenaries hired by UAE to
carry out assassinations in southern Yemen

UFO Committed A (Human) 'Act of War'
says Navy Pilot Who Engaged It

UFO Doc 'The Phenomenon' Gets Release Date
and Brand New Trailer

Protocol for Encountering UFOs Unveiled
By Japanese Defense Ministry

Venus Might Host Life - New Discovery Suggests

Science and UFOs - Part 2...Occam's Rusty Razor


Zuckerberg mulling over 'brain-controlling and
implantable' tech because controlling online speech
isn't Orwellian enough by itself - (Orwell would howl)

Feds Intercepted Package With deadly Ricin
Addressed To President Trump

Whitney - A Textbook Case Of Treason

Princeton Study Reveals BLM Communists Are
Responsible For 91% Of Riots Over Last 3 Months

Fox News Host Tries To Smooth Over The Blatant
Censorship Of Gingrich Who Correctly Identified
George Soros As A Primary Causal Factor In The
Communist Attacks And Riots In America

Globalist Mitt Romney Caught Taking Big Money
Donations from George Soros Org

Swing states side with Democrats, will accept late ballots
AFTER election day

US State Dept Hands Over 16,000 Pages of Biden
Probe Records to House Panel - Chairman

Schumer, Warren Introduce Resolution To Cancel
$50,000 In Student Loans To 'Close Racial Wealth Gaps'

Epstein's Ex-Chef Cooperates With FBI, Triggering
Even More Pressure on Prince Andrew


Would the new Trump sex abuse accuser be so lauded
if she'd been pointing the finger at Biden? - No

Tucker Talks To Steve Bannon - First Since Arrest

But you DID say it was America's 'true founding'!
Atlantic writer shocked after 1619 Project author
changes her entire story

Snowflakes at Spotify want Joe Rogan canceled
for 'transphobia' - His real crime is Being a free thinker

Journalism student at ASU's Cronkite school
Canceled for tweeting about Jacob Blake warrant

Dershowitz - Why I Am Suing CNN

Military Confirms It Mulled Deploying A Harmless
ADS Unit To Protect White House - The Units Should
Have Been In Use From Riots Day One

A 'BLM Karen' Activist rages against drugstore
manager, claims he RISKED LIVES by calling
police on Two black shoplifters - End Times Madness

Idiot Racist White-Hating Black Americans want
black national anthem and black-only towns - They
Are literally demanding Reverse Apartheid!

Portland - Someone Drives Up The Wrong Street - Vid


Gen Z Morons Show Why They'll Go NOWHERE - Vid

Riots Only Help Fuel Urban Impoverishment
...Something Most Blacks Can't Believe

Chicago Logs Whopping 52% Jump In Homicides
From 2019 - 'Five Times Any Prior Year' Under
Lizard Lightfoot's Mayoral Brilliance

'Like the Vietnam War' - Witness describes mass
shooting that left 16 shot, 2 dead in Rochester, NY

It Is Not Conspiracy Theory

Obama urges GOP-led Senate to leave Supreme Court
seat empty until after 2020 race

SCOTUS Opening Creates Opportunity For Trump
To 'Change The Subject' Before Nov. 3

RBG death means two-headed uniparty will
threaten Americans with removal of civil rights

Reza Aslan warns 'If they even TRY to replace RBG
we burn the entire f-ing thing down'

Ginsburg - Inequality Warrior or Radical Progressive?


How Will Supreme Court Vacancy Be Filled
Who is on the Shortlist to Succeed Justice Ginsburg?

SCOTUS Battle - Communists Threaten To 'Burn The
Entire F*cking Thing Down' If Trump Tries To Fill Seat

Clinton Decrees Dems Use Every 'Maneuver'
To Block Confirmation Of RBG Replacement

Clinton Whistleblower Says FBI Did Nothing
To Pursue HRC Emails

House Dems Try To Block Durham Inquiry Findings

South Dakota - America's Sweden

The end result of ignoring evil Weaponized medicine Brings
in totalitarianism - (The mask will set you up for the kill and
the Vax will finish the job)

A DARPA-Funded Implantable Biochip To Detect
CV Could Hit Markets By 2021

Dems Dumb & Dumber on Economy-Killing Lockdowns


Luongo - 'We House-Arrested Some Folks!'

Covid Death Cult Buries Skate Park in Sand,
Human Life Digs It Out - Which Side Are You On?

CDC reverses course on Covid-19 testing AGAIN
after blue state outrage, now says asymptomatic
people SHOULD be tested

Common Colds 'May Account for Some
Reported Covid-19 Cases'

It's Going To Take Longer To Get CV Tests Back

Ex-Fed governor - Coronavirus impact 'more fundamental
and long-run' than 9/11 Or The 2008 crisis

Oracle announces 12.5% stake in TikTok
Global after Trump nod

TikTok sues Trump to overturn ban that could
'destroy online community' – report

Beijing vows to restrict 'unreliable foreign entities'
after US moves to ban TikTok And WeChat apps

Windows Update Gets Serious - You Have The Weekend
To Comply...Says DHS


Global GeoEngineering News Alert 9-19-20

Japanese Military Is Now Officially Tracking UFOs

Putin - Russia Was Forced to Create Hypersonic
Weapons After US Withdrew From Missile Treaty

Trump claims Russia created hypersonic missile
after receiving info about it from US

NASA To Spark 'Lunar Gold Rush' In Move
To Break China's Monopoly On Rare Earth Metals

US Navy Announces Multi-Year 'Recovery Plan'
as Embattled Fleet Short Nearly 100 Fighter Pilots

Satellite Imagery Shows Significant Progress
Made on China's Type 002 Carrier - Photos

Lendman - Novichok In Navalny's Water Bottle

Number of new coronavirus cases in
Russia surpasses 6,000 first time in 2 months

Unelected EU Foreign Policy Tsar Berates Lukashenko
for Not Meeting EU's Democracy Standards


Russia won't take part in any US-led coalition
against China, wants France and UK included
in new nuclear talks – ambassador

Communist Chinese Party (CCP) announces plan to
take Full control of China's private sector

US Congress Prepares to Approve Second-Largest
Taiwan Arms Sale Valued at $7 Billion

Taiwan scrambles warplanes as China
holds aerial drills nearby

Trump Calls China Bigger Problem Than Russia
...Contradicting FBI

Escobar On The Assange Trial - The Mask
Of Empire Has Fallen

Thousands March Against CV-19 Measures
in London - Vid

Boris Admits 'Second CV-19 Wave is Coming In'
...Says Lockdown is 'Last Thing Anyone Wants'

London Mayor Says He Hasn't Spoken to PM
in Months as UK Faces 'Biggest Crisis' Since WW2

France says no 'tangible' evidence supporting US allegation of secret Hezbollah explosive stores


Plans for any new pan-European ID system are
doomed to fail due to massive cost And public
concern over data privacy

France - Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Irish deputy PM Attacked with beverage in park

UK court told escaped prisoner tried to turn himself
in SEVEN TIMES but police refused

Colston statue topplers let off with caution and
given chance to explain actions to history commission

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab's Bodyguard
Suspended for Leaving Gun Aboard Plane

Britain's National Grid Using Six Massive Tesla
Batteries To Balance Supply & Demand Of Electricity

Victoria Stasi could arrest people who 'MIGHT'
breach Covid lockdown under proposed bill

China Is Killing The Dollar

Wall Street's Rout Continues for 3rd Week
With Techs Leading Losses


Angry Judge Slams Bankrupt Hertz 'Offensive'
Attempt To Pay Another Disgusting $5.2 Million
In Management Bonuses

Why Are Oil And Gas Companies Investing
In Nuclear Fusion?

'We Don't Have The $$' - Yellow Cabs Block
NYC Bridges As Taxi-Debt Crisis Erupts

VZ Maduro Calls Pompeo's 'War-Mongering' a 'Failure'

Peru's scandal-plagued President Martin Vizcarra
survives impeachment vote

Neoliberal obesity and coronavirus in Mexico

Israel becomes 1st country to start a 2nd
Nationwide lockdown over coronavirus

IRGC chief - Iran's revenge 'definite' but will
target those behind assassination

UK, France, Germany Say Iran Sanctions Relief
to Continue Past Sept 20

IRGC chief warns Trump of retaliation if 'a
hair comes off an Iranian's head' amid rising
tensions as US threatens sanctions


US Sends Mechanized Troops Back Into Syria

Washington deploys armored vehicles to Syria &
steps up air patrols after dust-up with Russian forces

US Weighs Into Mediterranean Tensions With
Weapons And Hypocrisy

Ankara blasts 'Napoleon' Macron for interfering
in row with Athens

Scientists find 'secret molecule' that allows
bacteria to exhale electricity

Nobel prize goes to scientists who gave an alligator
helium - The Nobel Is Now A Complete Farce

Devastating storm Washes entire beach away
on Greek island of Kefalonia - Vid

4.5 Quake Rocks SoCal As Wildfires still rage


Trump Now Claims 'Every American' Will Have
Coronavirus Vaccine By April - By Force?

Fauci would bet on effective and safe coronavirus
vaccine by November or December - (Not A Chance)

Dim Demented Biden says if Trump acted sooner
on coronavirus 'ALL the people would still be alive'

Creeper Joe Can't Read Off A Sheet Of Paper Yet
This Demented Moron Is a Presidential Candidate?!

Biden Gun Control Claims Are at Odds With Crime Stats


Election experts envision chaos as Biden and
Trump fight over votes in November

'This Is Ludicrous' - Gingrich Questions 'The Soros Coverup'

4 Months Later Feeble Pelosi Condemns Rioting

Blaming Russia and Virtue Signaling Is All the
Democrats Have Left

AOC - Democrats Can Push Biden In 'More
Progressive (Communist) Direction'

FBI warns of 'combustible violence' on US streets
ahead of November election

Is Trump, finally, managing to repel even
his own supporters?

Antifa Tells Followers To 'Spread Fire...' Geller Report

Americans Now See BLM 'Protests' As Riots
And Believe There Is A War On Our Police

Br Nathanael - Black Lives Matter - Who Benefits? - Vid

Watch - CNN (Seriously) Claims That COVID Will Spread
At Trump Rallies...But Not At BLM Riots


Did You Know That 4 Families Have Run California
For Over 80 Years?

More Than One Third Of All NYC Residents
Consider Leaving

American politics has literally turned Into Sh*t wars

Gorgeous 'Global Girl' Pilot Reportedly 'Romped
with Teen Girls' at Paedophile Epstein's Bidding

Trump Admits Losing All Pals Since His Presidency

Biden Town Hall Joke - Critics Slam His
Questions as Being Way Too 'Soft'

Demented Biden Says Trump Is Responsible
For Every Single Coronavirus Death !

Yes, 2021 Could Be Worse

Choose Your Heroes Carefully - Pittsburgh Steelers Trip
Themselves Up With Ill-Thought Social Pandering

America Rejects The BLM Politicization Of Pro Sports
'Monday Night Football' Ratings CRATER - Down 38%
Groveling To BLM Doesn't Pay

CNN's Dr Sanjay Gupta Says medical expert says
'source' told him '80-90%' of COVID deaths could
have been saved by Dumped WH National mask plan


Conspiracy Theorist Bill Gates Is Undermining Trust
in Public Health Officials - Huh?

Yes, 2021 Lockdowns Could Be Worse

Cure worse than the disease? 30 MILLION face starvation
as Covid-19 economic shutdown hurts most vulnerable

When govt incompetence and overreach turns deadly

12 Steps to Create Your Own Pandemic

Van Morrison criticizes 'fascist bullies' in
anti-lockdown Covid songs

Facebook Sued In Federal Court For 'Spying' On
Instagram Users Through Camera

Trump will ban US downloads of Chinese apps
TikTok & WeChat starting September 20

US will ban WeChat and TikTok downloads on Sunday

Hitler Explains Why He Invaded Russia


Foreign Spy Planes Became 40% More Active
Over Black Sea in 2020, Russian Military Says

Latest Navalny Novichok water bottle poisoning
claim stretches all credibility, but Western media
swallows it without question

Too much absurdity in Navalny case to take
anyone's word on trust - Kremlin

Kremlin Spokesman Wonders Why Bottles From
Navalny's Hotel Room Flown Out of Russia

Driver Detained After Crashing Into Gate of
US Ambassador Residence in Moscow

Germany looks into participation in
Russia's Arctic LNG 2 project

Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline Project Is
97% Completed, German Official Says

'They Could Have Contained It' - Outgoing US Amb
Accuses China Of Trying To 'Coverup' Wuhan Outbreak

'Those who play with fire will get burnt' - China issues
warning & holds military drills as US official visits Taiwan

China Buzzes Taiwan With Unusually Large
Show Of Force Involving 18 Aircraft


Taipei Scrambles Fighters to Monitor Chinese Jets
That 'Crossed Mid Line of Taiwan Strait'

Trump offered Assange a PARDON deal in return for
2016 DNC emails source disclosure, lawyer says

French Rapper Slammed for 'F**k the Holocaust' Lyrics
Faces Probe for 'Unspeakable' Anti-Semitism

Queen strips Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein
of CBE after rape conviction

UK Health Secy refuses to rule out 2nd national
lockdown but it would be 'last line of defense'

Sadiq Khan nixes fireworks & says 'nothing happening'
in Covid-panicked London on New Year's Eve

NHS worker brutally beaten in face mask confrontation
in DISTURBING VIDEO from London police

Exposing war crimes should always be legal
...Committing and hiding them should not

Lancet Journal Publishes Correspondence on
Sputnik V Vaccine From Gamaleya Researchers

Immoral French are blatantly putting Invader lives
at risk by not doing enough to Stop Invasion!


Patient DIES as ransomware attack paralyzes
German hospital

Australia Pushes New Measure To Detain-Arrest
Coronavirus 'Conspiracy Theorists'

Gary Ablett Sr - End Times Are Here - What's
really going on and who's behind it all...
Billions To Die - Vid

New Zealand Economy Shrinks The Most
Since Great Depression

The Ultra Wealthy Are Selling Billions
Of Dollars In Stock

US economy in decline under crushing
debt & rising power of China

UBS 'very bullish' on gold as bank expects
bullion price to surge higher

New Zealand With a Record 12% GDP Drop
Borders to Stay Sealed Until at Least 2022

Rickards - The Layoffs Are Just Beginning

Goldman Sachs Latest Wall Street Bank To
Suffer Trading Floor COVID-19 Outbreak


Institutional Demand Will Drive Gold Ever Higher
Von Greyerz Warns 'Central Banks Are Panicking'

President Maduro - EU demand to delay
election in Venezuela 'impossible'

Anger as Chilean Island Put Up for Sale on
Website Used By Billionaires - Report

Mourning woman Twerks On Coffin In
bizarre Ecuadorian funeral - Vid

Mexico Reports 4,841 Coronavirus Cases,
624 New Deaths

Anti-lockdown protesters rally in Tel Aviv as 2nd
nationwide quarantine looms over Israel - Watch

Israeli Government Allows Citizens to Go Around
1 Mile Away From Home During Lockdown

Friedman - US seeks to replace Abbas with
Israeli-backed Dahlan

Bahrain Beefs Up Security as Israel Peace
Deal Protests Set to Enter Second Week - Vid

US sanctions on Iran didn't work And won't - Lavrov


Erdogan says withdrawal of Turkish exploration
vessel shows goodwill toward Greece amid
territorial dispute in Mediterranean

Turkey Holds Naval Exercise in Eastern
Mediterranean - Defense Ministry

EU parliament urges arms embargo on Saudi
Arabia over Khashoggi murder, Yemen war

Canadian rights groups press Trudeau to halt
record-breaking arms sales to Saudi Arabia
over Yemen war

India building tunnel in Himalayas to get
soldiers to Chinese border in 10 minutes

South Africa says 'surprised' by 'bizarre'
report of Iran plot to kill US envoy

'Colourful, vibrant, sensual!' Stars on Jimi Hendrix
...Now 50 years gone

US Color Revolution (song parody)

5.4 Quake Hits Greek Island of Crete

'Powerful' Hurricane Teddy Strengthens To Cat 4
While Tropical Depression 22 Forms In Gulf


Demented, Evil, Sick, Creeper Joe Biden Highlights
Black Necrophiliac Murderer In Insanely Bizarre Speech
This Wicked Wretch Is Not Worthy Of ANY Office

Fund Backed By Creeper Joe And Ho Harris
Bailed Out Alleged Child Abuser - Docs Show

Fox News Hosts Try To Shield Soros As
Newt Gingrich Tries to Bring Up Soros Money
And They Try To Block The Discussion - Vid

Controlled Media Still Upset About HHS Spokesman
Caputo's Rant And Try To Paint Him Out To Be 'Crazy'
What Do YOU Think? Watch And Consider...

Tucker Shreds Facebook Others For Censoring
His Interview With Top China Virologist Who Revealed
Coronavirus Is Lab-Created Intentionally Released

Br Nathanael - Black Lives Matter - Who Benefits? - Vid

Br Nathanael - The Demonology Of The Democrat Party

Br Nathanael - What Trump Must Do

DOJ Looking Into Filing Civil, Criminal Charges
Against Portland City Govt Officials Over Rioting

Communist Sympathizer Seattle mayor Dukan
says Barr's suggestions to charge her are 'chilling'
They Should be - War On Communism Is Real

Portland Protester Jailed For Injuring Officer
With 'High-Powered Laser' Capable Of Actually
Burning Clothing


Army National Guard major told Congress feds
requested An ADS Unit And Lots Of Ammo
before clearing DC protest

Stockman Warns The Pelosi-Newsom-Harris
Climate-Howlers Are Truly Dangerous

Trump is Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Model
In 1997...Who Continued Going Out With Trump
After The Alleged Event

Icke - We Are Reporting You To The Sheepdog - Watch

US holds its second high-profile visit to Taiwan
in two months as Beijing escalates military pressure

Drudge Report Continues Historic Readership
Collapse Down 40% Year Over Year In August

Mike Ditka Tells NFL Players - 'If You Can't Respect
This Country, Get The Hell Out Of It'

Trump vs Biden - The Evil of Two Lessers

Newly Released Video of Tulsa Man Shooting Cops
Who Tasered Him Polarizes Viewers

Pro-Gun Rally in Lansing, Michigan in
Support of Second Amendment - Vid


New Jersey Raises Tax On Millionaires
...Exodus Of Wealthy Will Begin

Illegal Alien Invader Beat 81 Yr Old Woman
To Death With A Rolling Pin - No MSM Report

Cops Hunt Woman Leaving Dog Sh*t In Trump
Supporters' Mailboxes

DEW Ignition? - Wildfires From Above

Gates Questions Whether The FDA Can Be
Trusted On Vaccines

AG Barr ripped for calling Covid-19 shutdowns
'greatest intrusion of civil liberties' since slavery

CA Placer County Supervisors Terminate CV-19
Health Emergency - Public Health Chief Resigns

Trump Jr. Slams Nashville Officials For Hiding
Low COVID-19 Case Numbers

Sweden Shows That Lockdowns Were Unnecessary
...No Wonder Public Health Officials Hate It

CDC director says face masks may provide more
protection than coronavirus vaccine


1 in 7 coronavirus cases are healthcare workers
WHO head says, urging nations to provide better
safety standards for medics

Countries need consistent messaging for public,
not 'Covid-19 political football' WHO says after
Trump remarks

COVID - Why Terminology Really, Really Matters

AstraZeneca vaccine trial - NIH 'very concerned' about
serious side effect in vaccine trial

Second Russian COVID-19 vaccine develops
immunity for at least 6 months, researcher says

Moderna releases coronavirus vaccine trial plan
as enrollment pushes toward 30,000

Moderna Publishes COVID-19 Vaccine Trial
'Blueprint' To Quiet Concerns About Rushed Approval

Rich nations bought up half of Covid vaccine
future supply, Oxfam says as Russia offers
affordable options to developing countries

Aspartame And Formaldehyde Off The Market?
other important articles and immediate concerns

Twitter's mislabeling of French newspaper as Russian
state media shows it wields too much power And Clearly
threatens free speech


Russian scientists create chip that accelerates
development of 6G networks

WhatsApp tracking apps monitor online activity, sleep
And all interactions

You Are Not Anonymous On Tor

Two Russian air defense regiments to be rearmed
with S-400 systems

Russian MiG-31 intercepts two US strategic bombers
over Bering Sea

Navalny's team say 'bottle with Novichok' was found in
opposition figure's Siberian hotel room after he fell ill
on Moscow flight

Russian Ex-President Slams Poland's Bid to Arrest
Air Traffic Controllers Over 2010 Plane Crash

EU meddling: MP castigates Brussels' call to scrap
amendments to Russian Constitution

European Parliament calls for international probe
into alleged Navalny poisoning And suspension of
Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

Continued German Support for Nord
Stream 2 Completion?


Belarus views European Parliament resolution
as overtly aggressive

EP calls Belarus' Coordination Council 'interim
representation of the people'

No lasting peace in Middle East without resolving
Palestinian issue - Russia's Foreign Ministry

Tucker Slams Facebook Censorship Of Chinese Virologist
'It's Turning Us Into The Soviet Union'

China threatens to make 'necessary response'
ahead of US official's Taiwan visit

1st international passenger flight lands in former
Covid-19 hotbed Wuhan since start of outbreak

US Top Diplomat for East Asia Calls China 'Lawless Bully'

Moscow Expects Brussels to Stop Preemptively
Asserting Guilt in Navalny Case

UK govt places nearly 2 million people in North East
England under lockdown restrictions, imposes curfew
And A ban on visits

'Don't Lecture UK Over Brexit, Worry About Killings,
Riots in The US' - Ex-Tory Leader Warns Biden


Assange's Partner Says He's Being Stripped Naked,
X-Rayed And Transported in 'Vertical Coffin' Daily

EU must not 'fall into trap' of ending trade talks with
Britain but no deal is better than bad deal – French Rep

English Premier League Soccer Abandons
BLM 'Political Movement'

UK Broadcasting Regulator Rejects Calls
to Investigate BLM-Inspired Dance Amid
Wave of Complaints

Watch - Australians Chant 'Freedom!' As COVID
Stasi Riot-Cops Shut Down Food Market

Victorian Govt Pushes New Bill to Detain-Arrest
'Conspiracy Theorists' And Anti-Lockdown
Protesters and Families

'Australians must know the truth
...CV is NOT a pandemic'

Peter Schiff Warns The World Is Ready
To Reject The Dollar Standard

GM Considers Expanding Into Electric-Flying Air Taxis

Deutsche Bank Gold Manipulator - 'Spoofing Was
So Commonplace I Figured It Was OK'


Fake News UN Report on Human Rights in VZ

'527 years of humiliation' - Indigenous activists
topple statue of 'genocidal' 16th century Spanish
conquistador in Colombia

Occupying Palestine is rotting Israel from inside

Trump Regime Illegally Imposing Snapback
Sanctions and Arms Embargo on Iran

Washington Uses Abraham Accords to Maintain
Dominance, Isolate Iran & Contain China, US Prof Says

US Targets More Than 40 People Linked to Iran's
Ministry of Intelligence in Fresh Round of Sanctions

'No force in the world can stop Indian soldiers
from patrolling' contested border area amid tensions
with China – New Delhi

Chinese Navy Escorts Indian Oil Tanker in
Dangerous Waters Amid Strained Ties

India's coronavirus infections top five million mark

Andalusian Tales - The Humbling Power of Holy


Classical Music – Healing More Than Just the Soul

A Partner's Stress Gets Under Your Skin

Psychoactive Plant Extracts

Discovery of a new mass extinction Identified

Tucker Shreds Facebook, Others For Censoring
His Interview With Top China Virologist Who Revealed
Coronavirus Is Lab-Created, Intentionally Released

WH Staff Member Tests Positive For CV-19 Less Than
24 Hours After Trump Visited Philadelphia

Bloomberg's $100 million bet on Florida may shape
campaign...who says you can't buy an election?

Fox News Panel Silent After Gingrich Exposes Soros
As Financier Of Communist BLM/Antifa Riots

Who believes this BS? Wharton Says The Creeper's
Tax Plan Would Lead To Economic Growth

Trump tweets Biden's 'Despacito' cringe moment
set to NWA's 'F**k tha Police' AGAIN

Mueller Team Had Lisa Page's Phone It
Claimed Was Lost, Email Shows

Pelosi Holds House Democrats Hostage As
Party Revolts Over Stimulus Impasse

Warning Of Mass Economic Collapse

Congressmen push a bipartisan digital ID package

Obama Trained Tens Of Thousands Of
Organizers At Communist Alinsky camps


Gosh - Minneapolis City Council Shocked By soaring
Crime After Defunding Their Police

Kanye West Declares Himself 'New Moses'
Says He Won't Release New Music

Nearly 66% of US young adults Are unaware That
6 Million Jews Were Allegedly killed in the 'Holocaust'

Manhunt - 3 Illegal Invader Brothers Gang Rape 10 Yr Old

'Into The Wild'...Episode #2 - the dying of the frogs

Top Chinese Virologist Says China Released Man-Made
Covid-19 Is Savaged And Blocked By Facebook, Twitter

Lilly's Covid-19 antibody helps patients rid
their systems of virus sooner

New coronavirus antibody treatment by
Eli-Lilly reduces need for hospitalization

CDC says US should have enough (Unsafe, Unproven)
Vaccine to return to 'regular life' by third quarter of 2021

Yelp data shows 60% of business closures due
to the CV Plandemic Are Now Gone forever


If You've Just Had Covid, Exercise Can Cause
Serious Complications, Including Heart Disease

'Unconstitutional!' - Federal Judge Rips PA Lockdown

Were Lockdowns A Mistake? ABSOLUTELY

1,000s Of NC residents incorrectly told
they had coronavirus

Trump ABC Town Hall - Trump dismisses voter questions
on how he handled coronavirus

US National Institutes of Health 'Very Concerned' With
AstraZeneca's Vaccine Test Problems - Media Says

Dem Mayor Launches Study That Will Collect Blood
Samples From Randomly Selected Houston Homes

A Supercomputer's Covid-19 Analysis Yields
a New Way to Understand the Virus

PepsiCo to launch drink to aid sleep as
consumers struggle with stress

Carnival's Ruby Princess Cruise Ship Spread
Coronavirus Around the World


EEE suspected in Barry County, MI
Outdoor events canceled

Aspartame And Formaldehyde Off The Market?
other important articles and immediate concerns

Amazon Takes On Malls With Virtual 'Luxury Stores'

US Sanction Threat for Sales to Huawei to Cost
Japanese Tech Giants $10 Billion A Year

ESA awards €129 million contract to German
satellite maker for 'Hera' ANTI-ASTEROID system

Venus Is a 'Russian Planet,' Roscosmos Chief Says

Kremlin Warns Western States Against Politicizing
Nord Stream 2 in Connection With Navalny Case

US stage-managing Belarusian unrest, says Russian
foreign intelligence chief

Belarusian opposition figurehead Kolesnikova
charged with calling for seizure of power

Lukashenko says foreign strategists tried
to split Belarusian elite


Syrian, Venezuelan Scenarios Used for
Protests in Belarus, Lukashenko Says

Lukashenko accuses independent media outlets
of undermining credibility of the state

Russia Set to Take Over Arctic Council as
Global Warming Offers Opportunity and Challenges

Challenging the Novichok Poisoning of Navalny
Hoax by Russia

Pentagon Exposes NYT Fake News About
Russian Bounties to Kill US Troops

US Charges Five Chinese Nationals in Alleged Hacking
Campaign Targeting Over 100 Companies

China Deploys 10,000 Additional Troops Along
Ladakh Border, Indian Govt Sources Claim

Hitachi Says It Is Pulling Out of UK's
Horizon Nuclear Plant Construction

EU's Von der Leyen Calls for 'European
Health Union' Amid CV-19 Pandemic

'Extreme' - Online Fury Over Proposal to Record
Drinking Habits of Pregnant Women in UK


How The British Government Is Wading Into
The Swamp Of Despotism...One Muzzle At A Time

Scotland Changes Definition of CV Hospitalization
...Number Drops From 262 to 46

Backlash After UK Policing Minister Encourages
People To Spy On Neighbors For CV Contraventions

Hitler Photos - 29 German police officers suspended
amid major probe into WW2 content sharing

Iceland Church Shocks Public With Big-Breasted
Rainbow Jesus in New 'Diversity' Campaign

UK Prime Minister Reportedly Neutralizes
Tory Rebellion Over New Brexit Bill

Johnson on Internal Market Deal - 'When US
Understands What We're Doing, They Will Share
Our Concern'

American Lawmakers Warn Boris Johnson His I
nternal Market Bill Puts UK-US Trade at Risk

NYC mayor's office, including de Blasio, to be
furloughed for a week amid budget crisis

Oil Demand Has Collapsed And Won't
Come Back Any Time Soon


What's to Be Done Now with All Zombie Companies?

Europe's Zombie Firms Are Multiplying
Like Never Before

Boeing Put Profits Before People's Lives By Hiding
737 MAX Design Flaws, Congress Finds

WTO ruling on Trump's tariffs proves US broke
international law – China

Germany Reportedly Offered Washington LNG
Investment Worth $1.2 Billion to Save Nord Stream 2

VZ says it has downed yet another US drug plane

Venezuelan police & security forces committed
'arbitrary killings and systemic torture,' UN fact
finding mission claims

Barbados to Dump The Queen as Head of State
55 Years After Gaining Independence

Total of 1,000 Israeli Police Officers to Monitor
Enforcement of CV-19 Lockdown

State virus adviser slams lockdown as 'stupidest
and most hazardous solution'


Pompeo Vows US Will Never Let Iran Acquire
Russian & Chinese Weapons

Hamas Warns Israel of Military Escalation After
IDF Strikes Targets in Gaza Following Rocket Fire

Trump's Dirty Business as Usual Middle East Agenda

Rocket Fired At US Embassy Baghdad Marks 4th
Attack On Western Targets In 48 Hours

Palestinian doctor caught in 'dirty squabble'
between MI5 and Irish Republicans

Russia to sell 100 Million doses of CV-19 Vax to India

India Denies Chinese Infiltration Despite Ladakh Ingress,
'100-200 Rounds of Warning Shots' by PLA

Mexican-American Panthers broadcaster says he
was ousted over support for Trump

'YMCA' Hit Turned Into A MAGA Music Video

Hurricane Sally Makes Landfall In Alabama
With 'Catastrophic, Life-Threatening Flooding'


More than 250,000 homes without power on the
Alabama Gulf Coast

Scientists Baffled by Glut of Mysterious Bird Deaths
in the United States

Valley Forge & the Making of America's Army

Mayflower Autonomous Ship Starts Journey
to Mark 400th Anniversary of Namesake's First Trip

Tucker - Chinese Virologist Says Covid Was Manmade
And Released From A Wuhan Lab Intentionally - Watch

Did Dim Joe Biden Just Promise Fewer Fires, Floods
And Hurricanes If He Wins In November?

'Doomsday' Wildfires in California And Elsewhere Will
Get Far Worse If Trump Wins Says The Creeper (His
Antifa-BLM Arsonist Backers Will Make Sure Of That)

Bumbling, Babbling Biden ALSO Says 'Harris-Biden
Administration'! Neither The Creeper Nor The Kamal
Are Remotely Qualified To Be President - Watch

Cat's Out Of The Bag - The Kamal Says 'A Harris
Administration...together with Joe Biden' - WATCH

2020 Elections - Communist Dems Go All Out For Israel

Dems and linked officials kick Green Party
off presidential ballots in swing states, sparking
concerns of political machination

Don't Blame Moscow for That - Trump's Campaign
Uses Russian Jets, Guns in 'Support Our Troops' Ad

If Trump Pardons Snowden, He Will Have My Vote

Photo shows injured LA county deputy who gave first
aid to partner and radioed for help despite being Shot
Through The Jaw By Black Dwarf? Midget? Kid?

Wounded LA Sheriff's Deputy ID'd - Was Librarian
Before Joining Force - Rewards Upped To $200,000


Info On LA Sheriffs Ambush & Heroic Action Of Female
Deputy Right After Being Shot Released - Photo-Vid

Violent Kidnapper Jumps Restaurant Rail Tries To Take
Little Girl Dining With Mom - Hero Patron Jumps in Stops
The SOB - This Video Banned From YouTube - Parents
Your Children Are Virtually ALWAYS In Danger - Watch

Karl Marx, The Satanic Prophet of Darkness

Straight Communism - Seattle BLM Takes Over Grocery
Store To Protest 'Lack Of Access To Grocery Stores' !

Baltimore On Pace For Deadliest Year Ever
46 Shot, 12 Killed Last Week

Dick Allgire & Clif High - How We Remote Viewed
Trump On Joe Rogan - World

Lindsey Williams New DVD - 'Things You MUST Do
Before Nov 3' - Watch Here, Watch Free, Share

Will We Choose Constitutional Freedom
or Communist Fascism?

Kelso WA Arsonist On Security Cam

Bernard Grover - Drinking The Qool-Aid


Why global hegemony was the worst thing
to happen to America

Protests over the shooting of a crazed knifeman
who charged at cops prove BLM and Antifa just
want to watch America burn

Parents are outraged over NY high school's use of
'cops = KKK' cartoon – but the indoctrination it
promotes is Even more sinister

Sunday Night Football Ratings Post 'Steep Decline'
Compared To Last Year

High School Football Players Suspended For
Flying Flags To Honor 9/11 Cops & Firefighters

Total Discrimination And Racism - U Of Chicago
English Dept Says It Will 'Only' Admit 'Black Studies'
Graduate Students This Year

Massive Lines Form Outside VA Food Bank As
Demand Hits One Million Meals Per Month

Louisville Reaches Multi-Million-Dollar Settlement
With Breonna Taylor's Family

Lindsey Williams New DVD - 'Things You MUST Do
Before Nov 3' - Watch Here, Watch Free, Share

YouTube Censors Trump Health Advisor Dr. Scott Atlas

Nearly 100 Stanford Profs Try To 'Cancel' Trump
Health Advisor Dr. Scott Atlas For Misrepresenting
Science - White House Strikes Back


Nearly two decades after 9/11, parallels between the
post-terrorist attack 'New Normal' & that of CV Obvious

Bill Gates - CDC Is being 'written out of the picture'
on coronavirus

Trump HHS Aide Caputo Attacks CDC
...Warns of Insurrection

Gates Predicts Second Wave - Raises Alert of
CV-Related 'Mutually Exacerbating Catastrophes'

Bill Gates Slams FDA, Doubts Agency Can Be Trusted
With CV Vaccine!

'Messiah' Gates Says World Has Been Set Back 25 Yrs
in 25 Weeks And Blames It on 'Pandemic'

If You've Just Had Covid, Exercise Can Cause
Serious Complications, Including Heart Disease

Smoke from West Coast Largely Arson wildfires
is traveling as far as the Netherlands

Goose Tells Woman To Put Mask On Right

Twitter Suspends Account Of Chinese Scientist Who
Published Paper Alleging CV Created In Wuhan Lab


FB Yields to pressure on climate change myths -
including antifa BLM started deadly Western wildfires

Three HUGE asteroids headed towards Earth - amateur
astronomer spots massive space rock That Our State Of
The Art planetary defenses MISSED
Hurricane Sally Could Unleash 'Historic Flooding'
Across Gulf Coast States

US to Deploy 150 Fifth Generation F-35, F-22 Combat
Aircraft in Arctic, Senator Dan Sullivan Says

US Space Force confirms Space Based
IFR System detected missile attack in January

US Planned Nuclear Attacks on Every City
in the USSR and China

Expert Says UFOs Mapping the Surface
of the Earth to Make Chart of Universe

Moscow reports maximum daily CV case count
since July 30 but no quarantine planned

Russia Getting Requests for Sputnik Vaccine
From Africa, Will Consider

Russia to Start Producing Experimental CV
Vaccine for Animals in October

Russia Refutes Claims of Possessing Novichok Stockpiles
Amid Navalny's Nerve Agent Poisoning Claims


EU should approve its own sanctions regime
named after Navalny - top diplomat Borrell

'Lukashenko is not the legitimate president of
UKRAINE' Says EU Foreign Minister Borrell

Belarus does not rule out responding to threats
within Union State by force

Belarusian opposition ready for dialogue with
authorities given election recount

Despite small gains for the far right & Navalny, Russia's
weekend Votes don't suggest any major political change

Russia May Send Space Mission to Venus

Philippines Duterte vows to solely Buy coronavirus
vaccines from Russia & China

Flu and Pneumonia Killed TEN TIMES as Many
Brits as CV Did Last Week

The Spy Next Door? UK Minister Urges Brits
to Snitch On CV 'Rule of Six' Violators to Police

Will you become A Stasi Snitch & Rat Your Neighbors?


BoJo Wins First Vote On Bill To Modify
Brexit Deal, Infuriating Brussels

Communist Merkel Says It's Wrong to Fixate
on Numbers When Asked How Many Moria
Refugees Berlin Will Take

UK's contested Internal Market Bill that 'BREAKS
international law' passes first vote in parliament

#RIPJKRowling trends ahead of release of mystery
novel featuring transvestite serial killer

Australian Police Double as Immunologists,
Constitutional Scholars and Moral Gurus

US economy Is DEAD & no 'formaldehyde of fiat money'
could reanimate it – Max Keiser

WTO rules US tariffs on Chinese goods worth
$200 Billion are illegal

Major EU-China Geographical Indicator Deal Signed
to Boost Trade Amid US Efforts to Rein in Brussels

Democrats Shoot Down $1.5 Trillion Pandemic
Stimulus Compromise

JPMorgan Hit By CV Outbreak Just Days After
Ordering Traders To Return


New York City's Newest $3.3 Billion Skyscraper
Opens Up To A Shut Down City

US violated trade rules with 2018 China tariffs
WTO rules – but good luck enforcing it

US Is in Middle East 'to Protect Israel' (World's 6th
Biggest Nuclear Bomb Owner) Not for Oil, Trump Says

Trump 'Would Have No Problem' Selling US
Weapons, Including F-35s, to Gulf States

Kushner 100% sure all Arab Nations will 'normalize'
ties with Israel (Acknowledge Who's Boss)

Five or Six Countries May Sign Deals to Normalise
Ties With Israel, US President Says

Is israel real state or is it a terrorist state?

UAE hopes normalization deal dispels Israeli doubts over
US F-35 sale, despite Netanyahu's open opposition

Trump Says Iran 'Dying' to Make Deal With US

Pompeo Refuses to Disclose Intel on Alleged
Iranian Assassination Plot Targeting US Envoy


Iran warns US against making 'strategic mistake'
after Trump's new threat

Iranian scientist rejected FBI's spying proposal

Trump Warns Any Strike by Iran vs US Will be Met
With Attack '1,000 Times Greater in Magnitude'

Iran masters technology to enrich stable isotopes

Trump says he wanted to ASSASSINATE Assad
blames ex-defense chief Mattis for Stopping Him

US & Greece Hold Joint Tank Drills Near
Turkish Border - Greek Media

Improvised Explosive Device Targets British Diplomatic
Vehicles in Baghdad, Embassy Says

Two Katyusha Rockets Fall in Baghdad's Green Zone
No Casualties Reported

How the USA and Turkey Plunder and
Loot Syria with Impunity

Two more US convoys targeted by roadside
bombs in Iraq


UN Probing Failed Mercenary Group Who
Offered Hit Jobs for Libya's Haftar

Exhaustive Pentagon Review Finds No Evidence
For NYTimes' 'Russian Bounties' Story

US military reveals it can't corroborate NYT's
story on Russian bounties to Taliban - months
after vowing to get to bottom of it

As Afghanistan Peace Talks Begin, Mish Asks
'Why Bother? Just Leave!'

Outrage As Raw Sewage From US Embassy &
NATO Regularly Dumped Into Kabul River

Saudi Arabia Signs Deal on Delivery and Joint
Production of Sputnik V Vaccine With Russia

US Officials Fear Arrest Abroad Over Saudi War
Crimes In Yemen

29 Western countries blast Saudi Arabia's rights abuses

Beijing Rejects Reports Chinese Troops Laying
5G Network Along the Indian Border

India Abruptly Leaves Meeting of SCO Security
Advisers Over Pakistan's Depiction of Fictitious Map


Scientists create gene-edited animals as 'surrogate sires'

World missing all targets to save nature - UN warns

Public Videos of Biden touching young girls flagged
By Twitter as 'child sexual exploitation'!

Trump wants Joe Rogan to host 4-hour presidential
debate, while critics predict Biden will skip out entirely

Demented, Brain Addled Biden Said more 'mentally
sound' than Trump in Fox News poll - Unbelievable

Biden Casts Vote in Delaware's Statewide
Primary Day Before Polls Open

Crowd Chants 'Lock Him Up' After Trump Again Accuses
Obama of Spying on His 2016 Election Campaign

'We're Probably Entitled to Another Four' - Trump Mulls
Running for Third Term Over 'Witch Hunts'

U Of Chicago English department Will ONLY accept
Grad applicants for work 'in and with Black studies'

Luongo Explains Pelosi's Choice - Steal The Election
Or Be Destroyed

Yet Another Poll Oversamples Democrats
As Pollsters Fail To Learn From 2016

Feces-Urine Drenched SF may Vote To
allow 16 Yr Olds To Vote


Insane Black Man Running Straight at A PA Cop With
Big Knife Is Shot Dead - Cop Had NO CHOICE

No Doubt Oz Is A Full Scale Beta Test To Roll Out
The Despicable Domination Of The New World Order

Ivana Trump causes outrage after blaming Illegal
Invaders for raping American women

DHS Internal Email Says Portland Rioting Is 'Organized'
And not spontaneous Or Opportunistic - Obviously

Portland region tops the charts for worst air
quality in the world, doctors say stay inside

At Least 35 Now Dead In West Coast Wildfires
...Many Of Them Set

Oregon Woman Makes Citizen Arrest Of Arsonist
With Matches - Cops Take Him Away - Vid

If you think pedo-bait Cuties is acceptable
but Orcs are racist & cartoons sexist, you've
lost complete touch with reality

South Dakota AG May Have Left Scene Of
Fatal Car Accident, Governor Reveals

NFL fans express their anger, Utter disgust at the
politicization of the sport as teams kneel for anthem


Trump Accepts Offer From Joe Rogan To
Moderate 'Debate' With Biden

Dick Allgire Remote Viewed The
Trump-Rogan Debate Story Last July

Hollywood actress exposes shocking scale of global
child trafficking, pedophilia & abuse including raping
and killing newborn infants - This Is Planet Satan

Univ Of Pittsburgh Scientists Discover Antibody
That 'Neutralizes' The Virus That Causes CV

'Rogue' Chinese Virologist Joins Twitter, Publishes
'Smoking Gun' Evidence COVID-19 Was Lab Created

Judge Rules CV Directives by Dem PA Governor
and Crazy Health Director Are Unconstitutional

Denmark's, Norway's CV Infection Rates Surpass
That of No-Lockdown Sweden

Political leaders failed to heed warnings
over pandemic Say World Bank And WHO

Fauci - 'I Have To Disagree' With Trump
On COVID 'Rounding The Corner'

New Research Shows Google Searches For CV
Stomach Symptoms May Predict Outbreaks


Months after CV-19 infection About 75% report
breathing difficulty and fatigue

CV PsyOp Stress Is Being Used To Try To
Break Down Mass Resistance To A Vaccine

CA COVID Cases To 760,975 - Deaths To 14,384

Now They're Coming After Handshakes and They
Know Exactly What They're Doing

Wisconsin Food Bank Warns - 'We're Not Going
Back To Normal Anytime Soon'

In War On Restaurants, The Media Pushes The
Lockdown Narrative

Montanans In Two Day Rally Protesting Tyranny

9/11 Make Believe

Amazon Hires 100,000 Workers Ahead Of Holiday Season
Amid Pandemic-Forced Online Commerce Boom

Facebook buys an unused headquarters
even as more employees work remotely


Operation Legend Is Bringing Surveillance Tech to Cities

TikTok Believes Proposal on Technological Partnership
With Oracle Will Resolve US Security Concerns

Bill Gates has 'no clue' on electric trucks Says Musk

Vinyl record sales surpass CDs for the
first time since the 1980s

Australian Warships Join US-Led Pacific Naval Drills
After Canberra Warns of China's Regional Clout

Four Russian fighters scrambled to intercept
three US bombers over Black Sea

F-16 Norwegian fighters escort two Russian Tu-160
bombers over two seas and Atlantic Ocean

Russia, India to Launch New Brahmos Missile Capable
of Downing Aircraft With AWACS System by 2024

Report, record, analyze - UFO RESPONSE instructions
sent to Japanese military after Pentagon video release

Life on Venus? Major announcement reveals something
might be living in the clouds on Earth's neighbor


Putin tells Macron ungrounded accusations
over Navalny case inappropriate

Lavrov calls out West for 'arrogant' behavior
over Navalny case

Moscow Calls Berlin's Statement That Russia Should
Contact OPCW on Situation With Navalny 'Evasion'

Germany claims French & Swedish labs 'confirmed'
Navalny's Novichok poisoning, as Macron labels incident
'attempted murder'

Navalny's health improving, he can leave bed
for short periods of time

It's up to Belarusians to handle domestic situation
without external pressure, says Putin

Russia Remains Committed to All Agreements
With Belarus, Putin Stresses

Berlin Hopes EU Will Finalise Sanctions on
Belarusian Officials Next Week

Russia to extend $1.5 Billion loan to Belarus

Belarusian opposition has not crossed 'red lines' yet
Says Lukashenko


Lukashenko meets Putin in Sochi as western-backed
Belarusian opposition figure Tikhanovskaya threatens
to cancel any agreements

Belarus - 100,000 join rally against Lukashenko
on eve of Putin showdown

MSM Claims This Belarus Rally Was '100,000' People
Looks to be FAR more than that

China military calls US biggest threat to world peace

Abe's #2 Becomes Japan's Next PM After Landslide
LDP Victory - What That Means For Japan

Terry Branstad Unexpectedly Quits As US
Ambassador To Beijing

China's Global Times Warns - 'China Must Be Ready
For A Potential War'

UK may be 'weeks away' from another national
Covid-19 lockdown, Wales health minister warns

Euro nations impose new measures as CV surges

Spain plans to extend furlough scheme into 2021
to guarantee workers part of their income


Scientists baffled by orcas ramming sailing
boats near Spain and Portugal

Muslim Sub-Animal Horribly Punches Swedish
Girl While His Friends Film It & Howl With Delight

EU To Blame For The Latest Brexit Crisis

Farage Threatens to Unseat Tory MPs Who
Oppose Northern Ireland Bill

UK, EU Auto Sectors to Lose Over $140 Billion
In Case of No-Deal Brexit Says Trade Assn

'Unconscionable': Former UK Attorney General Hits
Out at Govt Over Brexit Internal Market Bill

Movie Star Ewan McGregor Voices Support
for Scottish Independence

Victoria Horror Cops Knock Man Down With Their
Car and Stomp on His Head - He's Now in a Coma

No Doubt Oz Is A Full Scale Beta Test To Roll Out The
Despicable Domination Of The New World Order

Kim Jong-Dan's draconian CV crackdown in Australia
exposes some deep-seated corruption


White Oz Teen Brutally Attacked And Beaten
By Black Sub-Animal Females - Vid

Ron Paul - Debt Is The Real Pandemic

40% of remaining restaurants to close within
6 months without more coronavirus aid

Fed sets The Fiercest Wildfire that's burning out of
control through the entire US economy – Peter Schiff

Nord Stream 2 is Based on Multi-Billion Investments
from Six Energy Firms, Not Political Deals - Operator

US Sanctions Blow up the Only Competition to
China's Belt and Road

US, China, India, Europe can't save global
economy from (Plandemic-Caused) recession

BP Says Oil Demand Growth is Dead

Russian Direct Investment Fund CEO Stresses Tech
Based on Monkey Adenoviral Vectors 'Yet Unproven'

Iranian Tanker Carrying Gas Condensate
Arrives in Venezuela - Vid


The US Is Paying Doctors in Venezuela...
With Money It Stole From Venezuela

Israeli Government to impose second Covid-19
national lockdown - No Mention Of Sweden

Infighting & Resignations Rock Knesset As Israel
Imposes 2nd Sweeping Nationwide Lockdown

The Olso Accords - 27 Years Of Devastation
confront normalization, escalate the boycott

Iran considering plot to assassinate US ambassador
to South Africa is Bullsh*t

Iran blasts US for 'worn-out propaganda' after
Politico article about 'plot' to kill American envoy
in revenge for Soleimani

Greater Israel 'Nile-to-Euphrates' plot will never
materialize - Iran security chief

Senior Daesh Finance Provider Killed During
Anti-Terrorist Operation in Western Iraq

Florida city repeals 13 Yr Ban on saggy pants

Privacy is Power


UFO Task Force - Pentagon Answers Questions

'I Think We're Aliens' – Mike Tyson

The Bury UFO X-Files

UFO Critical Thinking 101

The Communist Bolshevik Creeper Pushes Gun Control
After Shooting Of LA Sheriff's - Criminals Will ALWAYS
Have Guns - Biden Is A US-Hating, Career Criminal, Late
Stage Dementia Pedo Pervert not Qualified For ANYTHING

'Double Miracle' - Ambushed LA Deputies Emerge
From Surgery...And Are Expected To Survive

PCR - The US & Its Constitution Have 2 Months Left

Trump promises to put down election day rioting
using His 'insurrection' powers

Roger Stone Calls on Trump to Bring In Martial Law
if POTUS Loses Election

Former CIA Officer - 'Violence Will Explode' If Trump Wins

A Contested Election Means 'Mad Chaos For Market'

Trump - Sending out 80 Million unsolicited
ballots is unfair and constitutes total fraud

How To Steal An Election - Part 2

Bernie Sanders warns Joe Biden To Swing left
...or blow the election


Trump shreds Bloomberg for readying 'nine-figure'
sum to help Biden campaign win coin-toss Florida

Your Neighbors Could Be Your Worst Nightmare in an
Emergency - When they Can't Eat, they will Kill you for
Your Food If you have Food Put Away - Understand?

Watch Sub Animal Blacks LIVE STREAM Shooting Of
Two LA Sheriffs - They Must Have Known In Advance
Of The Ambush - Listen To The Intelligent Narrator whose
every Other Joyful Word Is Niggah! Niggah! Niggah!
The ONLY Solution Is For America-Hating Blacks Is To Go
HOME - Ghana Invited ALL Unhappy US Blacks To Return

Trump Correctly Calls For Swift Justice In The
Ambush Shooting Of Two LA Deputies

Trump Wants Death Penalty For black Suspect
Who Shot Two LA Sheriff's Deputies

Black Communists Gather At LA Hospital Treating
Two Critically Wounded Officers, Yelling 'I Hope They
Fu*king Die!!!' Calling Each Other 'COMRADE' - This
Is The Face Of The Bolshevik Attack On America - Watch

Communist Democrats And Lots Of Idiot Gen Zeroes
Chant 'Death To America' In Oakland March

Minister Underscores BLM Is Marxist Communist
And ALSO Reveals BLM Is SATANIST And Practices
Witchcraft...And Summons The Spirits Of The DEAD

Is America heading for a race war? Unless Democrats
stop protecting criminals, it is inevitable

You Were NEVER To See This Above Top Secret
Document - Internment And Relocation Of US Citizens


Oregon Woman Pulls Gun, Stops Antifa Arsonist
Has Matches In His Hand - This Is How Americans
Must Deal With This Sub-Human Filth - Watch

OR Bystander Films Arsonist Lighting Fires, Dressed
In Black Hoodie, Black Pants, Gas Can, Torch - Watch

Arsonist In Chico, CA Accused Of Lighting Six Blazes

Antifa Dressing As Firefighters To Gain Easy
Access To Restricted Areas And Set Fires

Communist Facebook Removes All Posts Linking
Antifa-BLM To Oregon Wildfires - Same Old Coverup

Arsonists setting fires - first hand report

Man Accused Of Starting Fire In Tahoe City Woods

Oregon homeowners, neighbors struggle to
combat wildfires amid shortage of firefighters

Incredible View Right Below Huge DC-10 Air Tanker
Dropping On The Almeda Fire In Talent, OR - Watch

Two in Three Oregon Voters Oppose BLM Protests
in Portland as Unhelpful to Race Relations


Dimwit Biden Holds Up Glass Framed Photo Toward
The Camera Which Clearly Reflects His Teleprompter
Time For The Demented Creeper To Stop The Lies

Trump Rallies In NV - Calls Biden The Worst
Candidate In US Presidential History

Democrat Vote Fraud Fixer - 'This Is Real...There's
Going To Be A Big F*cking War In November'

Enter Austin 'At Your Own Risk' - TX Billboards Warn
Motorists Amid Big Police Cuts

Pro Sexual Predator Pervert Comrade Gavin Newsom
Signs Bill Reducing Penalties for Sodomy with Minors
Castration & Execution Should Be The Only Punishment

Tulsi Gabbard branded QAnon conspiracy
theorist for speaking out against Netflix's
'Cuties' as 'child porn'

Famous Molalla, OR Small Gauge Riding Railroad
Train Park Threatened By Fires - Vid

Dr. Vernon Coleman's Warning About Coronavirus
...The Biggest Fraud In Human History - Watch

UCLA And Stanford study finds that for the average
50-64 year old the chances of dying from COVID-19
are just 1 in 19 MILLION... - Now Read That Again

Study - CV risks are Far lower than most people think


It's FAR Too Late To Think Lockdowns Can Work

Author Of Dystopian Classics Predicted 'Use Of Face
Masks To Enforce Conformity' 70 Years Ago

UCLA And Stanford study finds that for the average
50-64 year old the chances of dying from COVID-19
are just 1 in 19 MILLION... - Now Read That Again

Trump Administration Officials Meddled With
CDC COVID Docs, Report Claims

What having CV and flu together could do to you

TikTok owner ByteDance rejected Microsoft
bid for app's US operations

DHS Proposes Massive Expansion Of
'Biometric Modality'

Rocket Crashes In Alaskan Wildnerness After
Space Startup 'Astra' Fails To Reach Orbit

New Pentagon maps show China's increasing
military power and reach

Large Number Of Russian Warships Seen
Deployed Between Syria & Cyprus


Russia to Send Airborne Forces to Military Drills
in Belarus From 14-25 September

UK Chief of Defence Intelligence Warns of
Capability of Russia's Burevestnik Missile

US military to pit fighter pilot against
AI-controlled jet in actual dogfight

British Army Considering Eliminating Tanks and
Transforming Into 100% Auxiliary Force for the Empire

Russia to Defy 'Maximum Pressure' And
Will Link Its Power Grid to Iran's

US Orchestrated Street Protests Continue in Belarus

Media Support for US Color Revolution Attempt in Belarus

Chinese Government Combines 'Track & Trace'
CV System With Social Credit Score

Chinese Military Calls US 'Destroyer Of World Peace'
Citing Millions Dead & Displaced In Iraq, Syria, Libya

China is becoming target of jihadist hatred, like US


China Responds to Hostile Trump Regime Remarks

EU tries not to lag behind US in its attempts
to 'punish' Russia - Lavrov

Anti-5G protest takes place in Rome

The worst is yet to come - 176 million More people
worldwide could fall into poverty after plandemic - UN

Second Wave of Covid already looming in
Austria as new infections rise 'day by day'

Party police strike again - UK cops bust house party
issue £10,000 fine to TEENAGER

Hitchens - UK Wading Into the Swamp of Despotism

'Surreal, depressing, dystopian sh*t' - CNN & Sesame St
warn kids to get their 'DISTANCING STICKS' ready for school

Hungarians Climb Ladder To Tear Down Homosexual Flag

Tory MP's 'Selfish C*nt' Tweet to Breitbart
UK Editor Over CV-19 Mask Rules Draws Fire


Iraq War Backer Tony Blair Claims Johnson's Brexit
Internal Market Bill Would Undermine Irish Peace

'Pathetic, spineless, dumb' - Edinburgh University
CANCELS dead genius David Hume

'I couldn't breathe' - Oz woman dragged from car in
dramatic altercation with STASI Thug police at
Australian lockdown checkpoint - Watch

Aussie minister warns foreign journos against
'slanted view' in spy row with Beijing, as cops
crush lockdown dissent at home

Tech firm releases pay-by-face system in CA city

One Bank Sees Generational Conflict Breaking Out

People Are Rolling Cars In Neutral Down The Hill
Where The Nikola One Semi Was Allegedly Filmed
And Shown 'In Motion'

Drunk Idiots Fly Down Highway In Tesla On
Autopilot With No One In Driver's Seat

US gasoline demand is crumbling as driving
season comes to an end

Russian car market Now second largest in Europe


China blocks German pork imports over African swine fever

Former Thiel Macro Head Warns 'China Is A
Legitimate Threat' To Dollar's Reserve Status

All but Assured - Erosion of the Dollar, Explosion of Debt

Trump & The Global Geopolitical 'Gordian Knot'

Israeli Firm Denies Claims It Sold Phone Hacking
Equipment to Venezuelan Govt Amid US Sanctions

Colombians scuffle with riot squads in Bogota
as outcry over police brutality intensifies - Vid

Israel to enter full-blown lockdown, shut schools &
close most non-essential businesses starting September 18

Thousands protest outside Netanyahu's residence
...urge him to resign

Israel, Morocco Reportedly to Launch Direct Flights
as Next Step in Trump Arab-Israeli Peace Efforts

Dozens injured as Israeli officers assault
Palestinian inmates in Ofer Prison


Bahrainis protest normalization, Burn Israeli flags

Popular Wrestler Executed In Iran Despite Plea
From Trump & Olympic Committee

Iran Says It Chased Off US Spy Plane During
Large-Scale Hormuz Exercises

Over 1,000 centrifuges doing enrichment work
at Fordow facility - Iran nuclear chief

How Iran-China Strategic Partnership May Hammer
Final Nail in Coffin of US Maximum Pressure Policy

CENTCOM commander admits growing attacks
on US troops in Iraq, warns Iran

Turkish Survey Ship's Return Doesn't Mean Ankara
'Gave Up Its Rights' in East Med - Defence Min

Pompeo Says Concerned About Eastern
Mediterranean Tensions, Turkey's Actions

'Don't Mess With Turkey' - Erdogan Warns Macron
After Paris Slams Ankara Over Gas Drilling Row

Greece announces major weapons purchase
Amid tensions with Turkey


#Lockdown-Related Distress And Unemployment
Forcing Ever More Indians to Commit Suicide

Shattering cancer with Royal Raymond Rife's
resonant frequencies Approach - Rife Did It 100 Yrs Ago

Snowden Responds to POTUS' 'Pardon' Comment
Urges to End 'War on Whistleblowers'

How To Protect Your Children From Indoctrination

'The Atlantic' Escalates Its TDS-Tantrum, Urges End
To Nobel Peace Prize After Second Trump Nomination

'Trans Satanist anarchist' wins GOP Nomination
For NH County Sherrif - Ran Unopposed

Clouds of mosquitoes from Hurricane Laura
kill cows, deer Louisiana by draining their blood

Doc – The Social Dilemma


Tucker - Black Lives Matter is 'poison' and 'if we're going
to survive as a country, we must defeat this' - Watch

Historian David Starkey Slams Black Lives Matter
as Sharing 'The Same Values' as ISIS Terrorists

WATCH - OR Bystander Films Arsonist Lighting Fires
Dressed In Black Hoodie, Black Pants Carrying A Gas
Can And Torch - Like We Said, MANY Fires Were Set

Many Oregon Wildfires Likely Set By Arsonists
Fires And Mass Destruction Are Right From BLM
Antifa Communist Overthrow The US Playbook

Clackamas OR Deputy Put On Admin Leave For
Talking About Antifa Arson And Asking Public
For Help - Watch

Suspect Arrested, Charged With Arson In Ashland-Talent-
Phoenix Fire - Over 1,000 Homes And 100s Of Businesses
Destroyed - 2 Dead And Over 50 Remain Missing

Oregon Officials Preparing For 'Mass Casualty'
Event As Fires Continue To Rage

Southern Oregon Ashland-Talent-Phoenix Arson Fire
Property And Death Toll Slowly Coming Into Focus - Vid

Watch Giant Fire Tornado Hit CA During Wildfires

'That's What I Hear' - Trump Again Claims Biden
May Be Using Drugs to Enhance His Debate
And 'Interview' Performances


For Socialists And 'Liberals' Who Can't Stand Trump
And Can't Grasp Why Anyone Would Ever Vote For Him

How To Steal An Election

Data Shows That HALF Of 2019 Donations To Dem ActBlue
Came From Entirely Untraceable Donors - An Obvious Path
For US And Foreign Zionist Communist Money

Baldwin - Fear Has Conquered Our Country

If You Feel That Something Really, Really Bad Is
About To Happen, You're Definitely Not Alone

White Pizza Delivery Man Executed
By Black Female Teen

Idiot Black Woman On Airline Flight Won't Let
Flight Attendant Do Her Job Over 'White Privilege'
Listen To Her Communist Dogma - Video

These Rich White Kids Were Arrested For Rioting
Here's A Look At Their Violent 'Revolutionary Strategy'

Trump's Troop Withdrawal Is an Election
Year Ploy, Two Admin Officials Say

Trump mocks Christians, calls them 'fools'
and 'schmucks' Says Cohen


Trump's businesses Made $1.9 Billion in revenue
during first 3 years of presidency, report reveals

Trump Lashes Out at Mueller's 'Hit Squad'
Over 'Accidentally Wiped' Phones

US budget deficit soars to $3 Trillion Record

Top QAnon Website Shuts Down After Citigroup
Employee And Webmaster Doxxed And Stalked

Our System Is Crumbling Right Before Our Eyes

US Politicians Demand Prosecution of
Netflix Over 'Child Porn' Film 'Cuties'

Tulsi Gabbard joins #CancelNetflix campaign
calls 'Cuties' child porn as GOP lawmakers ask
DOJ to charge streaming service

Netflix's 'Cuties' not only exploits young girls,
it exposes liberal film critics spoiling for a
culture war fight

Netflix defends ' Cuties' movie as 'powerful story'

Pediatric group condemns Communist CA pro
pedophile bill to soften penalties for sex offenders
against minors


America's Spreading Class Wars - Winners Are Protected
By The State, The Losers Are Destroyed

Wealthy BLM protester's notes reveal plan
to occupy luxury NYC pads

Architect Of Sweden's CV-19 Anti-Lockdown
Strategy Is Completely Vindicated

Chinese virologist claims she has proof CV-19
was made in Wuhan lab

Also put in Feature box
Why Masks Work Better Than You'd Think - Watch

RDIF Rejects Unreliable Vaccine Technologies
Due to Risks Exposed by AstraZeneca's Case

AstraZeneca Restarts Covid Vax Trial - $$$

DOJ has charged 57 people with trying
to steal $175 million in PPP funds

CIA-Style Psych Stress Being Used On The Public
To Break Resistance to Taking The Vaccine

Nurse Warns of 'Biogenics' (Forced Vax) now
Happening in US Hospitals - Vid


At Least 4 Teachers Have Died of CV Since
Start of School Year

3 Americans share CV testing horror stories

Current thoughts and science On Disinfecting surfaces

Kids infected at day care spread CV at home

Newsom Signs Emergency Bill To Grant More
Workers CV Sick Leave

CV Jobless claims rise Another 884,000

CA makes it easier for inmate firefighters
to become professionals

The Sturgis Bike Rally, Sensationalist Reporting
and Broken Disease Models

Google 'Geofence' Warrants Keep Locking Up Innocent
People Who Were In Proximity Of A Crime Scene

Spain sends message to tech giants like Facebook
And Google by seeking new way to tax texting apps


Facebook Allows Alleged Baby RAPIST to
Keep Account - Bans Kyle Rittenhouse

Dozens of Amazon's own products Said dangerous
...melting, exploding or even bursting into flames

Creepy 'Geofence' Finds Anyone Who Went
Near a Crime Scene

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 9-12-20

La Niña could worsen hurricanes and wildfires

China's worrisome edge toward a 'launch on
warning' nuclear posture

Russia's Avangard Glide Vehicle 'A More
Deterrent Weapon Than A Nuclear Bomb'
Chinese Media Claims

Trump's anti-war rhetoric is smoke and mirrors

As Navalny Talks, Russia Demands Own Investigators
Have Access To Allegedly Poisoned Opposition Leader

The Great Novichok Poisoning Hoax 2.0


Russia and China Strengthening Ties That Bind

Russian Foreign Ministry on the UN, US
and EU Sanctions, and Crimea

Belarusian Minister of Defence Says US Tank
Battalion Transferred to Lithuania

Russia will react to possible new West sanctions - Lavrov

Defying the Pandemic, China Sets New
Record in Foreign Investment in 2020

Japan PM Wants First-Strike Capability

China to begin trials of nasal spray vaccine
And Fauci warns of 2nd wave

Sweden's COVID-19 Anti-Lockdown Strategy
Totally Vindicated

Huge Riots In Paris, France

CV cases Said doubling in England every week
...'R' rate hits 1.7


Luongo - Brexit And BoJo's Big Week On
The Way To The COVID Gallows

Boris Johnson Accuses EU of Threatening
UK's Territorial Integrity Amid Row Over New Bill

EU Negotiators Show Signs of 'Softening'
Amid Stand-Off With UK - Report

France's Yellow Vest protest movement makes
First comeback during Coronavirus Crisis

Blairite War Cheerleader Oliver Kamm Attacks
Russian Media While Working For Opaque Think Tank

Protesters Rally in Madrid Demanding Prime Minister
Sanchez's Resignation - Vid

Surprise! Politicians Worldwide Aren't Following
Their Own COVID Rules...

Melbourne Anti-Lockdown Protest Overwhelmed By
STASI Cops - Many Arrested In Communist Victoria

Anti-Lockdown 'Freedom Walk' Results In Arrests
After Clashes With Police - 'Big Event' Due Sunday

The Melbourne Syndrome (Like Stockholm) - Feeling
Trust Or Affection Toward Oppressors In A lockdown


Mass Oz Forced Vax Sites Named

More CV job losses are becoming permanent

Eviction And Real Estate Crash Charts

VZ President Maduro says US spy seized near oil sites

Lockdown Is no solution to coronavirus - Rouhani

Turkey Starts 'Live-Fire' Drills In Contested East Med
As Macron Says EU Sanctions 'Ready'

UK to 'triple' size of Oman military base

Bahrainis Yell Betrayal as King Does Deal
With Israel

NATO Ravaged Libya - Now Libya Is Ravaging NATO

Houthis Strike Riyadh With Missiles And Drones
...Saudi Coalition Retreats In Yemen


Saudi Aramco is now suffering the consequences
of failed oil price war

Nearly 100 Quakes swarm Yellowstone in 24 hours

Only One in Ten Medical Treatments Are
Backed by High-Quality Scientific Evidence

The Silent Treatment - A Tactic of Abuse and Control

Psychedelic 'Trips' Really Are Similar to
Religious Experiences in Many Ways

Higher Hopes

Jimmy Carter's Son and Willie Nelson
Smoked Pot at White House

Nearly A 100 Year Old Postcard Is Finally Delivered


Here's why 'Frankenstein' Trump will probably
win in November, and the aloof global elite
will only have themselves to blame

Biden Says He'll Keep US Troops in the MidEast
for Israel...If Elected - (Gosh, What A surprise)

Pelosi ridiculed from left and right after saying
'angry Mother Earth' caused California wildfires
Is She Getting The Creeper's Dementia?

Petition To Prosecute Pelosi Draws
Thousands Of Signatures

Harvard Prof Uses 9/11 To Blame Trump For
Coronavirus Deaths - How About Gov Cuomo?

Judge rules voters can't abolish Georgia county police
dept over ex-cop's slaying of black Ahmaud Arbery

Watch - NFL Opener 'Racial Unity' Moment
Sees Stadium Erupt In Huge 'Boos' People
And tired Of The Cheap Politicizing Of Sports

NFL Ratings Sacked As Season Opener
Fails To Draw Viewers

Are Both Trump, Biden mentally unfit For president?
Majority of Americans in 6 swing states think so

Trump Extends 'National Emergency' Order
Targeting Foreign Meddling in US Elections


How To Steal An Election

New Trump Ad Touts 'Great American Comeback'
While Using Ukrainian Stock Footage - Vid

Court Blocks Trump Order to Exclude Invader
Undocumented Illegals From The US Census

Prosecutor working on John Durham's
Russia investigation resigns

First Bill Announced HIS new Radio Show,
Then Hillary Revealed HERS and Michael Cohen
Is to Launch His Own Podcast...All About Trump

Fox Judge Andrew Napolitano accused of sexually
abusing male defendant in 1980s

Adam Schiff's Latest Russia 'Whistleblower'
Investigated By House Intel, Inspector General
And Was Fired From DHS For Surveilling Press

Mueller's 'Angry Democrats' Scrubbed Cell
Phones After Russia Investigation

Steele 'Acted Crazy' - FBI Handler Says

Polly - A Coup In The Making - Watch


Nutty Nancy Says Western Wildfires Show 'Mother Earth
Is Angry' - What About Weather control and Arson?

Wiggington - 'Into The Wild' Part 1 - Our Dying Forests

NYT admits Americans quality of life dropping
Fast as US sits at #28 on new global index

NYT 1619 Project Author Says Founding Fathers
'Did Not Believe In Democracy' America Is 'Not
An Exceptional Nation' - He Should Leave

#CancelNetflix trends after 'Cuties' release
as media critics dismiss outrage at child
sexualization as 'right-wing campaign'

Massive List Of Democrats Involved In Child
Sex Crimes Goes Viral

Welfare State Did What Slavery Couldn't Do

BLM activist livestreams own arrest after
allegedly setting A fire in Washington State

Portland Bolshevik mayor BANS police from
using tear gas at riots after fleeing violence
at his own condo

Half Million Oregon Residents Forced to Evacuate
8 People Killed as Wildfires Continue


Hollywood Silicone Robotic Babies Exposed - Watch

Was Covid spreading freely worldwide BEFORE last
Christmas? The evidence keeps stacking up

Conservatives slam media for appearing to blame
GOP for Dem decision to tank CV relief bill

Only 42% of Americans would take a CV-19
vaccine before November, poll reveals, as Trump
hints at jab by election day

Ivanka Trump claims she'll take CV-19 vaccine live on
'The View', says Americans should all 'trust' the FDA

COVID Financial Pain 'Much, Much Worse'
Than Expected, Warns Harvard Study

NYC CEOs Warn de Blasio of 'Widespread Anxiety,
Deteriorating' Life Conditions In New York

LA health director accused of 'playing politics'
after saying schools won't reopen 'until after the
election' in leaked audio

WHO expects CV pandemic to be brought under control
within 2 YEARS - When The World Reset Is complete
Notice Not A Word About Sweden Defeating It already

IATA Says 8,000 747s Needed To Distribute CV Vax To World
...A Vax That Is Unproven, Unsafe, Unknown And Untrustworthy


Dr. Faustus Warns 'We Need To Hunker Down To
Get Through This Fall And Winter Because It's
Not Going To Be Easy' - (That's their plan...)

Scientific Community Has FAR Over-Reacted To
The CV-19 Threat And The Data Proves It

#AllBuildingsMatter hashtag sends Twitter
into meltdown on 9/11 anniversary

Search autocomplete rejigged by Google for political
queries, as tech giants become the election meddlers
they claim to fight

Twitter Says It Will Remove Any Tweets 'Claiming Victory
Before Election Results Have Been Certified'

Why Trump's Choice of YouTube as His Election
Wonder-Tool is a Clever One

'Serial Revisionist' - Twitter Fumes Over Old
Videos of Biden Claiming He Predicted 9/11

Russia's Largest Telecom Service Providers
Upgrading Networks to be Ready For 5G

Seven 'Disturbances' Swirl In Atlantic As Experts
Brace For Active Late Season

FBI Files Confirm Existence Of Giant ETs - Report


DoD Confirms $10-$20 Billion COVID Bailout For
Contractors After Trump Blasted Military-Industrial Complex

MSM's attempts to spin Trump's attacks on senseless
wars as disrespect for military at large are a dismal
distortion of reality

Number of NATO military flights near Russian
borders on the rise, says military official

US Strategic Bombers B-52h Simulated Strikes
Against Russia in August, Military Says

About half of Russians balking at vaccination
for coronavirus, suggests survey

Russia set to ship up to 50 Million doses of
coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V to badly-hit Brazil

China Confirms A Russian Antiviral Is Effective
As CV-19 Treatment

Russia Wants to Make Its Vaccine Against CV-19
Available in Every Country, RDIF CEO Says

Russia's RDIF Says Discussing Immune Certificates
With Some Countries to Help International Travel

US Condemns Alleged Navalny Poisoning
Will 'Work With Allies' to Hold Perps Accountable


Russia Unable to Probe Navalny Case Due
to Germany Refusing to Provide Facts

OPCW should not be a 'geopolitical tool,' Russian
envoy tells UN Security Council as Germany
seeks to involve it in Navalny case

Navalny case could be staged by those
who benefit from it — Russia's UN envoy

Belarus opposition figures say they will soon
return from Ukraine to 'destabilize regime'

Lukashenko says Coordination Council seeks to
gain control of entire opposition movement

Russia ready for honest dialogue with US on
election interference — top diplomat

Chinese Fighter Jets Buzz Taiwan Airspace
For Second Day As Pacific Tensions Soar

US Aircraft Caught Spying On Chinese Missile
Test Was Disguised As A Malaysian Plane

China Slams US for Undermining World Strategic
Trust After Trump Flags Secret Weapon

German Media Claims Citing Intelligence That
Navalny 'Poisoned' by 'Stronger' Type of Novichok


Germany Refuses to Give Russia Data on Navalny,
Claiming Secrecy, Russia's Envoy to OPCW Says

Italian Cops Investigate Possible Spy Mission After
Russian Model 'Drowns' Near NATO Base Off Sardinia

AstraZeneca Vaccine Trials Pause Shows Risks
of New Technologies-Based Vaccines, RDIF Says

AstraZeneca's CV-19 Vaccine Volunteer Reportedly
Felt Unwell 14 Hours After Shot

Oxford Coronavirus Vaccine Could Still be Available
by Christmas Despite Trial Suspension

Over 2 million Brits forced to wait longer
than 18 weeks for hospital treatment

Germany confirms first case of African
swine fever in wild animal

Danish Hard Line Party Burns Another
Quran in Sweden

Too low for high art - Landmark Paris museum
apologizes after banning woman dressed in
cleavage-exposing dress

Boris Johnson Reportedly Facing Tory Revolt
Over Plan to Override Brexit Deal


London Turns Down EU Call to Withdraw Brexit Bill

US prosecutors disrupt Spanish probe into alleged
CIA-linked firm which spied on Assange

Pro-Independence Demonstrators Gather in Barcelona
to Mark 'Diada' - Vid

200 police called in after Kurdish protesters abuse
female conductor & force train stoppage in Germany

Four Invaders Arrested In Italy For Violent Gang Rape
Of Two British Children

UK Strikes Historic Free Trade Deal With Japan As
Brussels Threatens To Abandon Talks

EU Threatens to Ban Food Imports From UK in
Case of No-Deal, Reports Say

JPM Becomes First Wall Street Bank To Demand
Traders Return To The Office

Ukraine, Russia, & Venezuela Are Leading The World
In Crypto Adoption

Clock is ticking - Trump says NO extension for
TikTok deal deadline amid reports that firm
wants to avoid sell-off


Electric-hydrogen truck startup Nikola
is an 'intricate fraud' report proclaims

Bahrain to follow UAE in normalizing relations
with Israel, Trump announces

Israeli Warplanes Use American Tanf Base Area
To Strike Aleppo

Beirut Residents Warned Toxic Smoke Has
Settled Over City Following New Port Fire

Lebanese army intercepts, shoots down
intruding Israeli reconnaissance drone

Lebanese president promises to punish perps of
new Beirut fire, whether 'sabotage or negligence'

Trump - Iran to Sign New Agreement 'Very Rapidly'
With US After Reelection Win

Iran Tells UAE It's 'Now A Target' In Response
To Any Israeli Aggression Due To Peace Deal

Lavrov - Russia, China Reject US Unilateral Actions
Aimed at Iranian Nuclear Deal Collapse

Explosion in Tehran Province Reportedly Kills One,
Damages Buildings - Photo, Video


Turkey Slams Southern EU States' Declaration
Supporting Greece Amid EastMed Tensions

Iraq-Egypt Oil Pipeline Through Jordan
Breath of Fresh Air for Iraqi Economy

Massive explosion shakes outskirts of
Jordanian capital - Vid

Syria repels Israeli attack on Aleppo as missiles
shot down before reaching their targets

Ankara warns EU to stay out of its Mediterranean
dispute with Greece

Is Saudi Arabia's Ambitious Vision 2030 Plan Dead?

Chinese Bombers, Paratroopers Practice High-Altitude
Drills as Himalayan Tensions With India Heat Up

Differences, not disputes' - India & China agree
on de-escalation plan, say border standoff 'not
in the interest of either side'

US wildfire smoke gives UK skies 'apocalyptic'
orange hue after drifting across Atlantic

Jets Wide Receiver Charged With Stealing
$1.2 Million In PPP Funds, Blowing It On
Jewelry And Gambling


6.2 Quake Strikes Chile, EMSC Says

US wildfire smoke gives UK skies 'apocalyptic'
orange hue after drifting across Atlantic

Polly - A Coup In The Making - Watch

Nutty Nancy Says Western Wildfires Show 'Mother Earth
Is Angry' - What About Weather control and Arson?

Wiggington - 'Into The Wild' Part 1 - Our Dying Forests

Biden Fraud Exposed - Spokesman Refuses
To Say If He Used Teleprompter To Answer
Questions - Of Course, He Did

Tucker Says Biden And The Kamal Are planning
'a new war' in Syria if elected in November

Coulter - The media do seem to be intentionally
attacking Trump in an ineffective way...

Woodward Book Exposes Gen James Mattis Plot
To Overthrow The US Government

Mattis 'Spit-Balling Presidential Coup' - Users Stumped
by Mulled 'Collective Action' Against Trump

Who is Backing Creeper Biden for the White House
With Cold, Hard Cash...and Why?

Trump calls generals serving under his admin
a 'bunch of p*ssies' - Cohen's Book claims

Br Nathanael - Demonology Of The Democrat Party - Vid

Russia, China, Iran Hackers All Targeting
US 2020 Presidential Election - Microsoft

Obama's 'Biggest Mistake' Is Still Wreaking Havoc


Ho Harris And Barry Obama Laughing It Up About
Pedo Code Words - Start At 5:30

Coughing, Hacking Biden Bungles Again, Says
Over 6,000 US Military Are Dead From CV...It's 7

Mike Pence slated to speak at fundraiser
hosted by QAnon supporters

Fauci Wants UN to 'Rebuild the Infrastructures
of Human Existence' - (Just What We Need!)

Sports In America Now Have Only A 30%
Approval Rating

USPS removed 711 sorting machines this year,
new court documents show

Southern Oregon Ashland-Talent-Phoenix Fire
Levels Over 600 Homes And Over 100 Businesses
Watch Video Recorded Live As Phoenix Burned

12 Yr Old Boy Found Dead Next To His Dog
In Oregon Wildfire

California Wildfires Moving Faster Than Ever
...Burning Record Number of Acres

Oregon Faces 'Greatest Loss Of Life In State History'
From Wildfires As La Nina Threatens Bigger Blazes, Storms


Another Remote Viewing Hit By Dick Allgire
Immense CA Fire Smoke covering The Skies

San Francisco Salon Owner Closes Her Shop
After Pelosi's Maskless Visit

As Al Sharpton ridicules the idea of defunding
the police, it becomes ever clearer that Communist
BLM is out of step with many black Americans

Dramatic Videos Showing How Agenda 2030
Globalists Are CRUSHING The People In The
State Of Victoria, Australia

Death by 'diversity' - American academy falls hostage
to social justice fanatics And prematurely slams shut
the minds of the nation

Pro-Communist BLM jewelry brand selling
'victim'-nameditems made of shattered glass
from riots...shuts down after Big backlash

Michigan university grovels after seeming to embrace
Segregatoin with 'white' and 'POC' virtual gatherings

Unhinged ANTIFA Girl Spits At Police,
Cops Take Her Down, she Starts Weeping

Communist 'Scholars' Call Proper, Articulate English Spelling
And Grammar 'Anti-Black Linguistic Racism' (!) - So Leading
Academics Say Students No Longer Have To Bother To Think
Correct English...Let Alone Use It - The Third World Is Here

Get Ready for CV-19 FEMA Camps


No, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Didn't Spawn
250,000 Coronavirus Cases!

Trump - 'I didn't lie' to Americans about CV risks

McConnell's skinny coronavirus stimulus,
showdown with Democrats

Over THIRTY CV-19 Vaccines Undergoing
Clinical Trials...Including in Russia - WHO

Over 30 19 Vaccines Undergoing Clinical Trials
...Including in Russia - WHO

Evidence Keeps Piling Up - Lockdowns Don't Work

NY high school student arrested for attending
in-person classes on remote learning day

CDC's Big Change to Air Travel Restrictions

About half of the CV-19 survivors from Bergamo,
one of Italy's coronavirus epicenters, haven't
recovered six months on, providing a stark warning
of the Virus's lingering aftermath

Flu Is Killing More People Than CV in the UK
....and Has Been for Months


The CDC banned evictions but the protection
might not reach everyone

Here We Go Again - Microsoft Allegedly Flags 'Russian
Hacking' Attempt Targeting Biden Campaign Firm

A Big Step Closer to a Universal Antibody
Test for COVID-19

Massive Explosion Rocks Oroville Dam Area
Shows Up On Satellite Images From Space - Vid

Navalny aides Deny sensationalist Der Spiegel
Bellingcat article that claims new security fears
for 'recovered' activist

Navalny, Novichok, And Nord Stream 2

US seeks to use situation in Belarus to interfere
in Russia's affairs - Russian senator

Belarus Opposition Figure Kolesnikova 'Ready to
Testify on Attempts to Force Her Out of Country'

Kremlin Blasts Reports About 'Russian Hackers'
Targeting Biden Campaign-Linked Firm as 'Nonsense'

After reliability of trial data questioned, creators of
Russia's Covid vaccine send 'detailed responses'
to Lancet questions


Russia's Gamaleya Institute Refutes Accusations
of Submitting False Vaccine Data to Lancet

What Possible Disruption Is Coming That
Requires China To Start Massive Stockpiling
Of All Possible Commodities

China's People's Daily hits back after Pompeo
blasts paper for rejecting US envoy's piece

China Amasses Troops, Continues Mass Build-up
North and South of Pangong Lake

South Korea's Christians losing faith amid coronavirus
outbreaks linked to churches, pastors say

Scotland Restricts Gatherings to Six People and
Maintains Working From Home Says FM Sturgeon

Greenwald Says MSM Journalists Hate Assange
Because He's Broken More Blockbuster Stories
Than All Of Them Combined

Assange Trial Abruptly Halted After US Attorney
Exposed To COVID-19 - 'Courtroom At Risk'

EU extends sanctions against Russian citizens
for another six months

EU Threatens Legal Action, Demands UK Scrap New
'Intermarket Bill' By Month's End As Brexit Talks
Suddenly Matter Again


Luongo - Johnson Pushes The EU To The
Brink Over Brexit

The EU's Drive Toward Political Centralization
Will Doom Its Economy

Topless Extinction Rebellion Female Activists Lock
Themselves to UK Parl't Gates

Spanish policeman filmed kneeling on Teen's
neck for allegedly wearing facemask the wrong way

Spaniards De-Arrest Woman Being Kidnapped by
Police for Showing Her Face in Public - Vid

Dramatic Videos Showing How Agenda 2030 Globalists
Are CRUSHING The People In The State Of Victoria, Australia

Australia Is a full-blown Communist Police
State Now - All It Took Was a Little Flu

Say goodbye to globalization as 'The Age
of Disorder' is coming – Deutsche Bank

Container Rate Records Are Shattered As US
Imports Surge

Tesla is a meme as global economy is fueled
by collective delusion – Max Keiser


Gift from Trump? More than 100 Austrians get
US Treasury stimulus cheques by mistake

At least 5 killed in violent protests following
police killing of lawyer in Bogota, Colombia

The real goal of US sanctions on ex-Lebanese
ministers is not corruption... it is to weaken
Hezbollah And combat Iranian influence

US withdraws its drones as Iran launches massive
drills near strategic Strait of Hormuz – state TV

Ankara blasts Macron's 'arrogant' statement as he
says 'Turkey is no longer a partner in East Mediterranean'

Under Modi's Lockdown India's GDP Collapsed
an Incredible 24 Percent

Human Contact Is Now a Luxury Good

US e-cigarette sales rose by nearly 300% - CDC

Trump Weighs Putting Up to $100 Million
of His Own Cash Into Race

Biden's 'mental acuity' has diminished
in the last 4 years - ex-WH stenographer

Biden loses his FL lead as Latino voters shift
to Trump - Trump Said Trailing In AZ, WI, NC

'They are destroying the place' - Trump blasts NY
Communist Gov & Mayor Over CV Shutdown

2020 Trump Campaign Is Reportedly a
Financial Mess

A Big Chunk of White Americans With Degrees
And People Of Color Are Behind Trump

Poll - 57% Likely Voters Agree with Trump on Need
for 'Patriotic Education'

The Kamal slams Trump and AG Barr for denying
there is 'systematic racism' in the US and claims
Russian interference could cost Biden The Win

The Kamal - Who Smeared Kavanaugh Over
Debunked Sex Assault - Says She's 'Proud'
Of Accused Rapist Jacob Blake

Kamal Calls For 'Reimagining' Police In America


Trump tears into Ho Harris at campaign rally,
claims she's 'further left' than Bernie

Bolton - Claims That Trump Disparaged
Fallen Soldiers Are 'Simply False'

Dem And Communists Dominate Surge For
Mail-In Absentee Ballots In Key Swing States

Mail-In Ballots Won't Work - Video Shows US Mail
Being Dumped In CA Parking Lot - Watch

New watchdog report decries 'revolving door' of
warmongering psychopaths between the Pentagon
and defense contractors

EMP threat to US power grid identified just weeks
ahead of vitally important elections

'Thugs' - Donald Trump Takes a Dig at Communist BLM
Shares Clip of Protesters Harassing Elderly Diners

Black GA Man Who Stabbed Stranger Because He
'Felt the Need to Find a White Male to Kill,' Murders
His White Cell Mate Following His Arrest - HATE

Low IQ communist BLM protesters scream
'fu*k the white people' at elderly outdoor diners

Democrat Campaign Ad - Watch


Washington & Lee University To Teach Students
To 'Overthrow The State' - This is TREASON

Journalist Glenn Greenwald slides 'Pardon
Snowden' into Trump's Twitter feed, gets a
nod from fugitive whistleblower

Most Americans believe US government is corrupt
and unaccountable to the people, poll finds

Proposal to rename Senate building after
John McCain gets mocked from both left and right

America's Worst President? How US Oil Barons
Helped Get Warren G. Harding Into The WH

Protesters gather at SF home of Nancy Pelosi
hang up hair curlers

Dear Comrade Newson, Explain This Sh*t

DOJ - Elected Public Servants Are Above the Law

The Qult Ascendant

US becoming another banana republic - Keiser


American Airlines allows crew to wear 'BLM' pin
sparking backlash from some members - What
Is Wrong With An ALM Pin? Shame On AA

Hurricane Force Winds Rake SLC, Knocking Out
Power And Toppling Hundreds of trees

America Is Facing a Teen Suicide Pandemic

This is Crazy - A Record 2 Million Acres
of California Has Burned This Year

Zombie wildfires are blazing through
the Arctic causing record burning

7 people shot dead in California - over 1,000
pounds of marijuana found

Restaurants, bars serving lawsuits over CV Shutdown

CV 19 and obesity - Doctors studying link between
excess weight and severe disease

CV-19 Patients May Have Prolonged Gut Infection

China, Russia and Iran 'have deployed spies to steal
US vaccine research in an intelligence war targeting
biotech companies and university research centers'


AstraZeneca vaccine trial halted

Zuckerberg - Americans Need To Accept Election
Result Could Take Weeks To Be Confirmed

Update - NASA Tracking Three Asteroids
That Could Hit Earth In September And Or
Before Election Day In November

NASA warns of 4 inbound asteroids as ESA shares
Video showing just how hard they are to spot

Pentagon - China May Be First to Arm Warships
With Ballistic Anti-Ship Missiles

Trump Gave More Money to Pentagon Than Even
the Brass Wanted - Now He Says It's All a Racket

Russia's MiG-29 Intercepts Second Norwegian
Spy Plane Over Barents Sea in One Day

USAF Training Robot 'Dogs' to Secure Perimeter
as Part of 'Digital Battle Network'

US confirms purchase of one seat in Soyuz
spacecraft lifting off this fall

Russian CV vax trials in children may start in 9 months


Just How Bad Is Russia at Poisoning People?

Russian Foreign Ministry summons German
ambassador to discuss Navalny case

Kremlin Expects Belarusian Government to
Launch Public Discussion on Constitutional Reform

Lukashenko Claims Allies Threw Opposition Figure
Kolesnikova Out of Car at Ukrainian Border

Three Members of Belarus' Opposition Council
Cross Border With Ukraine - Border Committee

Washington Slaps Import Bans On Chinese Companies
Using 'Forced Labor' From Imprisoned Muslims

Mask rules violators in Indonesia forced to sit in
hearse next to CV casket & reflect on their misdeeds

South Korean conservative churches slammed for
ignoring government's Covid orders

Duterte Slammed for Pardoning US Marine
Who Killed A Filipina Tranny

At least 37 million displaced by US's
so-called war on terror - Study


XR's stupid stunts are masking the fact that the
establishment agrees with its ridiculous aims

EU must show flexibility or UK leaves
with no deal, London warns

Boris Johnson Reportedly Poised to Inform
Brussels 'Legally Ambiguous' Brexit Deal
Needs Reworking

Head of UK Government's Legal Dept Quits Over
Reported Plans to Alter Brexit Deal, Media Says

Leaked Diplomatic Cables Reportedly Lay Bare
Plummeting Trust in UK Amid Brexit Talks

We Need Farage Back!

'Don't kill your gran' - British authorities urge public
to get serious again about CV-19

Surfer arrested for breaking Spanish quarantine

Buildings Reported Shaking as Earthquake
Hits Southeast England

Ron Paul Pans The Fed's 'Brilliant Plan'...
Will Bring More Inflation And Higher Prices


US Hemorrhaging $3 Billion Per Week
From Tourism Crash

Texas restaurants Fuddruckers and Luby's
announce plans to liquidate

US Crude oil getting crushed as
demand fears resurface

No mass snooping, coercion or backdoors China
pokes US in the eye with global digital rules proposal

Nations, Tech Firms Race to Deploy Blockchain
to Digitize Global Power - Futurist

Nikola Soars 50% After GM Announces
Partnership And $2 Billion Equity Stake

Bill Gates Suggests Tesla's Electric Semi Trucks
Not a 'Practical Solution' for Long Haul Vehicles

Mexico aims to produce its own coronavirus vax

Stage Is Set for a Venezuela October Surprise

Hamas, Fatah Agree to Join Forces Against Israel in
Wake of UAE Peace Deal, Senior Official Says


Iran building production hall for uranium-enriching
centrifuges 'in the mountains' near Natanz facility

Iran Says Charlie Hebdo Cartoon Scandal May Be
Diversion for 'Evil US and Zionist Plots'

First coronavirus cases detected in packed Syrian
refugee camp in Jordan – UN

Jamal Khashoggi murder - Saudi court overturns
five death sentences

China Accuses India of Illegally Crossing Line
of Actual Control Amid Renewed Tensions

Shots fired during latest China-India Himalayan
border incident but Asian powers dispute who Fired

South African economy plunged 51% in
Q2 during strict lockdown

Gates Foundation is Also Destabilizing Africa's
Food Economy - Restructuring of Global Food

Black holes collide into never-before-seen size

Egypt archaeologists Find 13 sealed 2,500 Yr Old coffins
And tease additional 'very exciting' discovery soon


Buildings Reported Shaking as Earthquake Hits Southeast England

7 Tips for Dolphins Who Swim With Sharks

Greek Salad Dressing Recipe With Olive Oil & Vinegar

The Kamal Shows Her Racist Bias - Meets With Jacob
Blake Family - To Hell With Cannon Hinnant's Family

The 1917 Zionist Bolshevik Playbook - 48 of US 50
Biggest Cities Hit By BLM-Antifa Communist Riots

'You're Not Allowed To Film' - The Fight To Control
Who Reports From Communist Portland

Michigan's Top Election Official Says Mail-in
Votes Could Take a Week to Count

Surveillance Camera Captures 'Huge Pile
Of Mail' Dumped In CA Parking Lots

LA Hits 121F In Woodland Hills Today - All Time High
Highest Temp Ever Recorded In SoCal Coastal Counties

Tropical Storms To Crank Up Next Week As SNOW
Threatens The Central US

Trump floats using extra $300 Billion in
coronavirus relief aid for second stimulus check

Trump Wages War On His Own Military Leadership
For Waging Wars To Make Profits For Def Companies

Is Trump a Manchurian Candidate President?


Has Donald Trump Out-Jewed the Jews?

Candace Owens Slams Illiterate Cardi B For Being
...Illiterate And A Dupe Of The Creeper

Candace Owens calls Cardi B's Biden interview
'one of the biggest insults' to black Americans

The Coming Coup?

DHS Leaker Who Sabotaged ICE Raids Strikes
Again With Memos Declaring 'White Supremacists'
The 'Greatest Terror Threat' - Oh, Please...

Top Aide To John Kelly Denies Hearing Reported
Remarks That Trump Called Dead Soldiers 'Losers'

NY Public School Asst Principal Caught Chanting
"F*** the Police" At Rochester Race Riot

Cardi B Calls Out White Folks Who Asked Her
Sister Not To Block Parking Space And More

Come To Find Out Wealthy NYC College Student
Arrested In BLM $100,000 Rampage Was Also
A Bobby Beto O'Rourke Staffer

The Fed Has Become A Rogue Institution Which
Has Taken Massive Economic Power And Control


Customs And Border Protection Bought Half A
Million Dollars Worth Of Location Data

The End Of The Eviction ban On News Year's Day
may only delay The Huge wave of homelessness
...May? It's a Given

Oops - World Bank Records Show COVID-19
Test Kits Were Exported In 2017 And 2018

The COVID-19 Scamdemic, Part 2 - Enabling The
Technocratic-Parasite-Class 'Great Reset'

Will Galidesivir Be The Antiviral To The Rescue?

Now Everyone in Europe Is Following the 'Swedish
Model'...but It's Not PC to Say So

Lungs Damaged by Coronavirus Can Repair
Themselves in Three Months

For Long-Haulers, Covid Takes a Toll
on Mind as Well as Body

Food is highly unlikely to be a source of Covid-19

White House Said to Keep Sick Kids on Campus
Emails Reveal A Much Different Messy Reality


Sick Students Flee College Campuses As
COVID Outbreaks Rage

Autumn and the fall of The CDC

Lockdown 2.0 - 'There's Going To Be Hell To Pay'

How a simple but fatal math mistake by US CV
'experts' caused the world to panic and order lockdowns

Face Masks Delete Individuality - They Break Human Will
Without A 'Face' We Don't Exist As Independent Beings

Hospitals Are Now Vaccinating Patients
by Force Without Their Knowledge

'Bubonic Plague Warning' Issued In Lake Tahoe
After Fleas Test Positive

Encore - Inside America's Secretive $2 Billion Research
Hub Collecting Fingerprints From Facebook, Hacking
Smartwatches...And 'Fighting Covid-19'

Trump Regime to Blacklist China's Top Chipmaker

Facebook Deletes Fake Pages Run by PR Firm
Linked to US Government


'Threat To ALL Journalists'? Facebook Temporarily
DISABLES Account Of Reporter Who Livestreamed
Armed Groups In Louisville

The moon is 'rusting' and scientists are stunned
Oxidization On The Moon Stuns Observers

Neocons Lay False Attacks on Trump to Distract
From Hideous Waste of Blood and Treasure Overseas

US-NATO Preparing for War on Russia?

Either Russians Are The Dumbest On Earth Or...

Navalny Coming Out of Coma Proves No Novichok
Was Used Against Him Says Expert

Berlin and Warsaw say intercepted call, in which
German & Polish duo say Navalny poisoning
was faked...is itself a fake

UK Foreign Office Summons Russian Envoy to
Voice 'Deep Concerns' About Navalny's 'Poisoning'

Belarusian opposition figurehead Maria Kolesnikova
'abducted' on Minsk street in broad daylight, but
police deny any knowledge

Western Propaganda Support for Made-in-USA
Belarus Protests


Hundreds of US Troops Arrive in Lithuania for
Drills Near Belarusian Border

Cyberattacks during vote on Russian Constitution
originated from US, UK, Ukraine Say Envoy

Russian Fighter Jet Escorts UK Spy Plane Over
Barents Sea, Defence Ministry Says

Gordon Chang warns China 'configuring its military
to kill Americans'

Beijing says US 'blatantly bullying' Chinese companies
as sanctions against major chip maker loom

China Wants to Decouple From US Tech, Too

Police in UK county report DOUBLING of spit
and cough attacks against officers amid pandemic

Athens sets weekly record for new CV cases

EU Diplomats Slam Johnson's Ultimatum on Free
Trade Deal as 'Self-Defeating Strategy'

Britain's Dominic Raab Warns UK Will Not Give
in on Brexit State Aid, Other Sticking Points

'Absolutely Ludicrous': Diplomat Reacts to Decision
in Assange Case Disallowing Witness Summaries


Birmingham stabbing suspect arrested
after killing one, injuring 7

CV plunges US oil industry into 'historic
and troubling' times

A Record 52% Of Millennials Now Live With
Their Parents, Highest Since Great Depression

50 Sad stories of life without a paycheck in 2020

France Being Forced To Stimulate Is Bad News

We're at peak insanity - The Fed's fiscal profligacy
and greedy tech oligarchs are sinking capitalism
faster than the Titanic

'I was wrong about bitcoin' - gold bug Peter Schiff

Israel's former defense minister Liberman urges public
to DEFY CV restrictions & use 'common sense' instead

Israel to ask US for more advanced weapons
after F-35 Turkey sale to UAE - Report

Israel is acquiring 50 F-35s But the UAE shouldn't

Israel plans to construct almost 5,000 new settler
units in occupied West Bank


Hamas Claims Its Missiles 'Can Hit Tel Aviv'
as Group Makes Deal Defuse Tensions With Israel

US Soil Is Now In Range Of Long Range Iran Missiles

Iraq War supporter wants a tripling of US population
to 'beat the Chinese' But does the world really need
One BILLION Americans?

Saudi King tells Trump that kingdom is eager to
achieve A 'fair solution' to Palestinian issue

Eight convicted in Saudi Arabia over killing
of journalist Jamal Khashoggi

Massive Search After US Navy Sailor Goes Missing
Aboard Aircraft Carrier In Arabian Sea

India successfully tests hypersonic scramjet demonstrator
moving forward with superfast cruise missiles - Vid

China Claims India's Arunachal Pradesh as South
Tibet Region amid Reports of Abduction of 5 Indians

Boondocking - The Latest Trend In RVing


Important - Reports Linking 30-35% Of Big-Ten Athletes
With Coronavirus To Myocarditis Were INACCURATE

The Kamal Gets Conspiratorial - Says Russians
May Cost Biden Election

Buttigieg, Ex Obama officials Now On
The Creeper's transition team

Democrat Biden adds former rival Buttigieg,
ex-Obama officials to transition team - Here
Comes Mayor Pete, as We Said

Pedophile Trash Joe Biden once joked about China
helping him become president

Soros Linked Washington Insiders Plan For Chaos
If Trump Wins The Election

Trump & Biden election campaigns mirror CIA-style
psyops US used abroad seeking regime change

Trump Threatens To Defund California
Schools Over '1619 Project'

Trump warns schools teaching Revisionist
'1619 Project' Trash will not be funded

Trump Tells Feds - Stop 'Anti-American' Training
On 'White Privilege'


Trump Dishonors Troops but Correctly Labels Two
of America's Costliest Wars Unjustified or 'Stupid'

'Steve would not be happy!' Trump goes after late
Apple founder's billionaire widow, who owns
magazine behind The 'dead losers' report

Fox News Journo Says Her Sources 'Unimpeachable'
After Trump Calls to Fire Her Over War Dead Claims

Greenwald Exposes Journalism's New Propaganda
Tool - Using "Confirmed" To Mean Its Opposite

San Francicso Mayor Calls Trump A 'Terrorist'
Says Pelosi 'the Forefront Fighting Against' Him

Tucker - What to expect after the November election
Democrats Plan to Steal the Election Using Mail-In
Voting...and the Military - The Polls Must Be Open