Headlines 2020

'The Biggest Monster' (TB) Is Spreading
Kills 1.5 Million A Year

Facebook removed Trump post containing 'harmful
COVID misinformation' - (Censorship is censorship)

Stupid US Actions On China Endanger All Humanity

Pilger - Another Hiroshima is coming – unless we stop it now

Russian Su-27 Intercepts US RC-135 and
Poseidon Aircraft Over Black Sea, MoD Says

Planetary defenses reinforced by new laser array
that can spot 'invisible' space debris in broad daylight

Russian Emergencies Ministry's 1st Plane
With Aid Lands in Beirut - Vid

Streets of Beirut Devastated by Massive Explosion

China's Three Gorges Dam Near Collapse - Look

Monsoon Rain Puts Pressure On
China's Three Gorges Dam


Britain's left-leaning academics are building campus
echo chambers by shutting down fellow scholars dissent

Mysterious Seed Parcels From China Now in Poland

Stocks surge as Nasdaq nears 11,000 amid
coronavirus vaccine 'progress'

Bank of America - Silver Could Hit $50 'In The Near Term'

Futures Jump, Gold Soars, Dollar Destruction Rises

US cargo plane lands in Israel in support
of the regime's Iron Dome

US Navy Seizes Iran-Bound Ship Carrying
Pharmaceutical Supplies Off China

Pakistani foreign minister tweets new 'political map'
of region that was blasted by India

Three cranes collapse at major container
port near Mumbai - Vid


Stunning Daylight UFO Sighting Video...Remarkable - Watch

Trump Doubts Epstein Committed Suicide

Trump and Jerry Kushner's personal banker is under review
by Deutsche Bank over her purchase of a $1.5 million
Manhattan apartment from a Kushner-owned company

Trump mispronounces 'Yosemite' at WH event

Mentally Damaged Joe Biden 'forgets where
he is then laughs it off' - Watch

Ben Shapiro Says Brain Dying Biden Will Pick
Either Susan Rice Or The Kamal As VP - Watch

Hillary Warns GOP 'Sabotage' Of USPS
May Be 'Trump Strategy' for 2020

Pelosi on the coronavirus stimulus price tag
Says she's willing to settle for '$3.4 trillion'

Israel Denies Responsibility for Massive Blast
in Beirut - Of Course, Israel Usually Denies Truth

Enormous Massive Blasts Level Part Of Beirut
(Israeli Tactical Nuke?) Maybe 100s Dead And
1,000s Hurt - Dozens Of Blocks Badly Damaged


Trump Says US Generals Believe Beirut Was
Hit By A Bomb - As We Said, Likely An Israeli
Tactical Nuke...A Very Likely Suspect Weapon

Another View Of The Beirut Blast - Watch

Incredible Closeup Of The Small Explosions Leading
Up To The Massive Blast - Same are Staying 'Fireworks'
but It Could Easily be Weapons Ammo Going off - Watch

Israel Has Offered Humanitarian, Medical Aid to
Lebanon After Beirut Blast, Defence Minister Says

US Ready to Offer 'All Possible Assistance' to Lebanon
Following Massive Explosion Near Beirut Port

Kataeb Party Leader Reportedly Killed in
Beirut Explosion

Aftermath of Giant Explosion That Shook
Lebanon's Capital

Eyewitness Shares Harrowing Account of
Massive Beirut Blast

40% of US renters face homelessness as
landlords & tenants are encouraged to go to war

Bias and commercialism is killing MSM news
and causing an exodus of respected journalists
who've had enough


Media lives matter? More assaults on US journalists
in 2020 than in previous 3 years combined

Writer Blasts 'Would-Be Tyrant, A Little Napoleon' Fauci
First masks and now a face shield and goggles? It's time
to resist This madness And Stop The Insanity

Debbie Birx Says, Americans should start wearing
face masks AT HOME!

Houston mayor orders police to punish residents
who refuse to wear masks with $250 fines

US firearms purchases skyrocket during
pandemic, according to FBI records

GA Teen Fighting for Her Life After Attacked By Two
Pit Bulls - This Breed Must Be Ended, Too Many Deaths

Br Nathaniel - The Insulted Majority - Vid

Bernard Grover - Mainstream Q

Ron Paul - Europeans Are Waking Up To Government
COVID Tyranny - Why Are Americans Still Asleep?

Face masks at home - latest sign that public health
officials have lost any sense of perspective


CDC Director Admits Hospitals Have Monetary
'Incentive' to Inflate Coronavirus Death Count

California Admits To Underreporting New CV Cases

Hidden FDA Doc Explains Why 'Liar' Fauci
Opposes Hydroxychloroquine, Top Doctors Explain

Dr. Meryl Nass Discovers Hydroxychloroquine
Experiments Were Designed to Kill CV Patients –
...How Many Were Murdered?

How the Pandemic Defeated America

US Drug Firm Starts Phase 3 Trial of COVID
Antibody Drug in Nursing Homes

We've spent a TRILLION dollars on statins to lower
cholesterol, yet cardiovascular deaths have gone UP
...it's achieved nothing

'Made in America' is on (government) life support
and the prognosis isn't good

Big Tech Is Suppressing Science

Apple Demands UK Retail Landlords To Slash
Rents By Half


Beijing Urges US to Not 'Open Pandora's Box'
by Demanding Sell of TikTok to US Company

US 'theft' of TikTok turning once great America
into 'rogue country' – Chinese media

EU Concerned Purchase of Fitbit to Further
Boost Google's Targeted Advertising

'Ni**er brown' - Amazon blasted for outrageously
offensive product description

'We want to delete more!' FB must choose freedom
of speech over censorship, if it still pretends to be 'a platform'

FDA Expands List Of Dangerous Hand Sanitizers
To Over 100

Raytheon Announces Deal To Make Israel's Iron
Dome Defense System In US

The Pentagon's New UFO Disclosures
...75 Years Of MK Ultra Psy Ops

Russia could produce MILLIONS of Covid vaccines
every single month by 2021 – Trade & Industry Minister

Russian Far East Region Experiences
Particularly Bad 'Mosquito Tornadoes'


Another mercenary battalion deployed in
Belarus to destabilize country – President Lukashenko

Trump refutes 'fake' report of Moscow paying
bounties to Taliban for killing US troops

FSB says treason case against Russian former
reporter Safronov isn't related to his journalism
but won't reveal charges

Chinese scientist claims coronavirus came from
a lab and Wuhan wet market was 'decoy'

67 US Spy Plane Missions Over S China Sea in July

China Steps Up Massive 'Combat Readiness'
Aerial Drills Over South China Sea

Beijing Ready to Retaliate If All Chinese Journalists
Forced to Leave US - Global Times

Singapore to tag visitors with electronic monitoring
devices to ensure Covid quarantine compliance

Hong Kong third wave - plans for at least two temporary
coronavirus hospitals and expanded makeshift facilities
will boost capacity by 2,400 beds

Records Of Prince Andrew's Location On
Night Of Molestation Destroyed By Police


Young People in Ireland Asked to Have
Sex Over Phone to Stop Spread of COVID

Spain's former King Juan Carlos, 82
flees the country into 'forced exile'

Bellingcat founder in Twitter meltdown after getting
accused of 'Stealing' Assange's quote describing
WikiLeaks for own book

Most Germans in favor of US troops pullout
from their country – poll

German officials warn of 'language policing' after
Stuttgart mayor calls for gender-neutral vocabulary

UK Home Office drops 'racist' algorithm for visa
applicants after migrants rights campaigners launch
legal challenge

Catalan Leader Urges Spanish King to Abdicate
as Father Flees Amid Investigation, Reports Say

Swedish Military Shamed for Political Activism
Over New Pro-LGBT Campaign

Swedish Government Party Wants to Force
Imams, Rabbis to Wed Homosexuals

Parts Of France Impose Outdoor Mask Mandate
In Controversial First


Germany at Beginning of Second Wave of
CV Infections, Virologist Warns

UK Experts Fear Lack of Good COVID Test-Trace
System to Lead to Even Worse 2nd Wave

Test and Trace Programme 'Undermined' by UK Govt
Not Following the Law, Data Expert Says

Public's Fears of COVID Are Groundless, Moved by
Emotion, Not Logic - Ex-Israeli Health Ministry Chief

It's Now Virtually Impossible To Get A Bank
Loan As Lending Standards Soar

Is The Dollar Standard Slipping Out Of Control?

Gold Futures Top $2,000

Why Gold $3000 Is Next - Bank Of America's
Full 'Must Read' Client Call Transcript

Jim Hackett Retires As Ford Appoints Its
Fourth CEO Since The Great Recession

BP Slashes Dividend For First Time In Decade
On Dismal Energy Demand Outlook


Argentina Strikes Deal With Creditors Over $65 Billion
Debt After 3rd Default In 20 Years

Russia-China Bilateral Trade And Cooperation

US Treasury Set To Spend Trillions In
The Next Few Months

US Treasury Plans to Borrow Over $2 Trillion
in 2nd Half of 2020, Partly for Future CV Relief

US Shale Faces Another Round Of Bankruptcies

The Revenge Of 'Real Money' Or
"Cashless Enslavement Of Humanity"?

Are You Loving Your Servitude? - Part 2

Unheard Stories Of Economic Despair From
America's Worst Economic Downturn Since
The Great Depression

7-Eleven owner is buying Marathon Petroleum's
Speedway gas stations for $21 billion

Dollar's 10% Slide Is A Warning That US
Has Lost Its Grip On The Virus


Netanyahu calls anti-govt rallies 'BIZARRE' And
defends his son Yair's 'alien protesters' comment

World's largest cargo plane lands in Israel

Industrial area near Tehran goes up in flames as
Iran suffers string of mysterious fires & explosions

Report shows how MI6 was given free hand
in 1953 Iran coup

Armed Syrian Arab Tribes Storm Local Headquarters
of US-Backed SDF Across Deir ez-Zor - Vid

India Bans Chinese Baidu Search, Weibo in
Second Round of Tech Purges, Reports Suggest

India's Mumbai on High Alert for Two Days as
Heavy Rains Lash City, Cause Landslides - Vid

Turns out 'love-hormone' Oxytocin may be secret weapon
against Alzheimer's

Is Your Energy Making You Sick?

Religion vs Spirituality - What Is the Difference?


How Hurricanes Have Shaped
the Course of U.S. History

Saw Palmetto Herbal Tincture - Benefits And Uses

Deep sea microbes dormant for 100 million
years are hungry and ready to multiply

'I Want My Father': Probe Launched After US Cops
Arrest Kids in Mistaken Stolen Car Stop - Vid

Florida Man Shoots And Kills Burger King
Employee After Order Takes Too Long

US coronavirus - 'This epidemic is now out of control'
Why social distancing and face masks aren't enough

GA teen loses parents to coronavirus four days apart

Florida coronavirus - Two teens die of complications

Kushner's Covid Battle Plan Was Axed Because He
Thought The Virus Was Hitting Dem States Harder!

Jerry & The Princess earned at least $36 million
in outside income last year - new disclosures show

WH Reportedly Now Requiring Staff Coronavirus
Testing After Trump Bashed Increased Diagnostics

CV Survivors show increased rate of
psychiatric disorders

Think recovering from coronavirus is a breeze?
Studies Show some have long-term complications

Trump Says He May Act To Stop 30 Million Americans
From Being Evicted

Trump Calls For Re-Run Of NY congressional Race
After Mail-In Ballot Disaster


Babylon Bee - Biden Campaign Says He Is So
Close to a VP Pick...He Can Smell Her...

Democrats Urge The Creeper Not To Debate Trump
Biden is mentally fading fast - Dysfunctional At Best

Dirt Bag Pedo Biden Grovels To The Muslim
Death Cult In A Particularly Disgusting Video

Trump Surges Past Creeper Biden in New Economic Poll

Kanye West files for Arkansas ballot access
with 'biblical life coach' Michelle Tidball as VP

How Trump could steal the election

Trump Says Debbie Birx Caved In To Pelosi And
'Hit Us'...Trump Calls Birx Reaction 'Pathetic'

Trump Not Just Ripping Fauci, He's Slamming Birx, Too

Federal Government and Yale Holding Clinical Trials
on How Best to 'Persuade' Americans to Take CV Vax

Bill Clinton Went to Jeffrey Epstein's Island
With 2 'Young Girls' Says Virginia Giuffre


Photos Of Stephen Hawking On Epstein's Pedo Island
Subject Of New Court Order?

Gun Control Always Precedes Mass Murder
Governments Have Killed Over 80 Million
Since 1900 After Disarming Their Citizens

Deutsche Bank Launches Probe Into Personal
Banker To Trump, Kushner Over 2013 Transaction

Trump is Mussolini, the riots are all 'peaceful'
but those terrible federal cop are terrorists –
Says Dim top black Democrat

How The Billionaires Control American Elections

Culturally Appropriating The Word 'Liberal'

Minneapolis Cops warn people to OBEY criminals
for their own safety as violent crime surges amid
BLM protests

Chicago Dunkin' Donuts employee loses job, faces 'battery'
charges after trooper finds 'thick piece of mucus' in coffee cup
...Should be more than Battery

Study Used by Dr. Faustus to Condemn Hydroxychloroquine
Use Was Debunked! – But New England Journal of Medicine
Will Not Publish That Lifesaving Reality

Home Recipe For Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)


Pizzagate & Adrenochrome Revisited
The Black Eye Club - Watch

Busiest FL testing sites close and new coronavirus
cases drop significantly

A Hospital Forgot to Bill Her Coronavirus Test
... It Cost Her $1,980.

Watch This Stunning Truth Video About Vaccines
Before It Is Deleted

'I can't f**king BREATHE under this thing' Says LSU
linebacker - Finds flaw in new anti-coronavirus helmets

Herd Immunity Is Not a Choice - One Way
or Another, It's Happening

Millions Locked Down Under Draconian
Covid Rules in Australia

Are You Loving Your Servitude?

From Lockdowns To 'The Great Reset'

JPM Explains Why A Return To Lockdowns Isn't A
Smart Strategy For Suppressing A CV 'Second Wave'


Stockman Slams 'Lockdown Lunacy'
...Your Government-Made Depression Has Arrived

Members of Congress returning to DC from
Lewis funeral in Georgia won't have to follow
quarantine rule made for everybody else

NY Times implies outings to the beach or the park
are to blame for Covid spread

Holland's top scientists say there's no solid evidence
Face coverings work

NYC party ship owners arrested, charged with
breaking coronavirus orders on 'booze cruise'

Senior Trump Administration Health Official Rejects
Hydroxychloroquine as Coronavirus Treatment

Vegas gambler REMOVED from famous 4 Queens
casino in handcuffs after he went in with No Mask

The Great Water Hype And Deception Runs Deep...
...And Watch The Satanic Signs Used

TikTok Owner ByteDance May Relocate HQ From Beijing
to London, UK Gov't Set to Approve Deal - Report

Microsoft Says Talks To Buy TikTok Are Back On
As White House Ups Pressure


Pompeo Claims TikTok-Using Americans' Data Being
Fed 'Directly to the Chinese Communist Party'

Trump will act on TikTok and other Chinese software
companies 'in the coming days' – Pompeo

Scandalous #MeToo activist accused of creating FAKE
Twitter account of bisexual Native American professor
who 'died' of Covid

College Expels Student For 'Racist' Social
Media Post, Then Discovers What Actually Happened

Dry-run for World War III? Covid is practice for future
biological warfare, says top Russian doctor

Weekly coronavirus cases in Russia on decline for
eight consecutive weeks

Any disinfectant can kill coronavirus - Russian Top doctor

Man threatens to detonate bomb in business center in Kiev

US, Russia likely to discuss counterterrorism in
coming months — White House official

USDA has identified some of the China mystery seeds
As Items Like rosemary and sage


Philippines coronavirus - Critics accuse government
of using lockdowns to crack down on dissent

UK Nobel Laureate Scientist Slams 'Shroud of Secrecy'
Drawn Over Govt COVID Response

Viking Age Finds Shed New Light on History
of Deadly Epidemic

Pro-Brexit and Right-Wing Academics Have to Hide
Their Opinions, YouGov Poll Suggests

Sweden Shaken by 12-Year-Old Girl's Death in Gang Shootout

Norway's Largest Encyclopedia Defines
'Ethnic Norwegian' as Controversial Term

Profits of UK's Biggest Bank HSBC Plunge
65% in COVID Fallout

Gold soars to record highs near $2,000 on
weaker US dollar & Covid uncertainty

China's manufacturing activity rises at
fastest pace in nearly a decade, survey shows

Crude prices slide on oversupply fears as major oil
producers set to ramp up production


Ship Orders Collapse - Will Rate Boom Follow?

Macau's Gaming Revenues Crash 94.5%
In July As Recovery Hopes Dim

Guaido-supporting opposition block to snub
Venezuela's parliamentary election, allege
they are skewed in Maduro's favor

Mexico nabs 'El Marro,' fuel theft king blamed
for surge in drug violence

Israel trapped in Hezbollah 'strong deterrence' net

Israel Thwarts 'Terrorist' Attempt to Place Explosives
on Syria-Israeli Border, IDF Says

Israeli warplanes strike Hamas targets in
response to rocket launch from Gaza

Iran Imposes Sanctions Against Former
Aid to John Bolton for 'Economic Terrorism'

Iran's Supreme Leader - Fresh Talks With US
Would Only Boost Trump Ahead Of November

'Memorial to All Syrian Christians' - Syria Plans to Build
Its Own Miniature Hagia Sophia


Bloodied Florida Man Hangs to Truck Hood
Nearly 15Km as Driver Tries to Shake Him Off - Vid

Cover-Up Continues - Revisiting The Benghazi Incident

Icke - 'Here's How The Planet Is Controlled By Money
That Never Existed Lent As 'Credit' At Interest - Watch

Dr David E. Martin Exposes Anthony Fauci & the CDC
for Domestic Terrorism Under the Patriotic Act - Watch

Trump fails to draw a crowd as he lands in Florida

Chuck Todd - Trump's 'Desperation' Shows
He 'Expects To Lose'

Debbie Birx Warns Pandemic Is In 'New Phase' In US
Says Use Masks At Home To Protect Others In Family

Trump slams Fauci over comments
on CV surge - 'Wrong!'

Media to be banned from Republican convention
due to coronavirus restrictions

Trump Renomination Closed To The Public And Press

Obama Weaponized The Federal Government Against
The American People...And It All Started In Ukraine
This Answers All Those Nagging Questions

Portland Rioting Communists Storm the Suburbs,
Threaten To Rape Wives and Daughters - Gen Z
Morons - Watch And Listen To Their Sheer Stupidity


Agents in Portland Faced 'Direct and Immediate
Threat of Being Burnt Alive' for Two Months

'DHS remains in Portland until we can be assured
that courthouse is safe and secure'

'He Chose His Poison' - Grandma Implicates
Grandson As Bomb-Thrower In Portland Attack

Astonishingly Stupid Police Confiscate Man's
Firearm After Anonymous Antifa Communist
Members Accuse Him Of Being a 'Racist'

Drone Armada Buzzed Largest US Nuclear Power
Plant and Authorities Still Have No Clue Why

Trader Joe's stands up to outrage mob,
proving the impotence of online activism

'I Think It's Another Russia Hoax' - Trump Says He's
Doubtful About 'Taliban Bounties' Story

Minneapolis PD Tells Tells Taxpayer to Cooperate
with Criminals - 'Do as They Say – Give Up Your Wallet,
Purse and Cell Phone'

When Joe Biden Tried To Paint Clarence Thomas
as a Crazy Libertarian

The US has never delayed a presidential election
...Here's why it's so tricky


Epstein and Ghislaine 'didn't want black girls'

Extra $600 in unemployment benefits ends
'It's an impossible situation'

As Rent Moratorium Expires...
Landlord-Tenant Battles Begin

Comedian Sparks Massive Debate After Suggesting
Evictions Crisis Shows US to Be a 'Failed State'

Democrats Reject One-Week Extension Of $600
Unemployment Boost Amid Otherwise 'Productive' Talks

Massive mail delays hit the postal service under
Donald Trump's new postmaster-General

Federal Agents at Protests Renew Calls to
Dismantle Homeland Security

Annual Sturgis rally expecting 250,000 Bikers
...stirring virus concerns

Antibody tests do not pick up people who had mild
coronavirus, Oxford study suggests

South Africa CV cases pass half million mark


World Shocked By Gates Statements On CV Vaccine

Google Says New 'Contact Tracing' App To
Launch In Coming Weeks - Auto-Snitch Will
Be used To Ruthlessly Destory society

How Do CV Mandates Impact Our Freedoms?

60% of Workers with COVID Refuse to Cooperate
with Contact Tracing in Los Angeles

'Perverse Incentive' for Hospitals to Inflate CV Deaths

Toronto man has meltdown, destroys glass display
after confronting mask-less pizza shop customer - Watch

18 officers injured in clashes with Berlin anti-mask
protesters - Watch

Mask madness is causing Kens & Karens everywhere
to beat the hell out of each other - Watch

South Georgia Prison Riot Erupts Amid COVID Flareup

Texas State Health Department Corrects Death Toll
After Mistakenly Attributing 225 Deaths To CV


1 Alabama county adds 532 new coronavirus cases
another 2,031 cases statewide

Do some people have protection against
the coronavirus?

Britain to Roll Out Millions of 90 Minute CV Tests

Expect 'lengthy' coronavirus pandemic warns WHO

The Canada-US border could be closed for months
Here's what you need to know now

US Announces New Action Against 'Array'
Of Chinese Software Companies

TikTok - Some Young Users Suggest Trump's Ban
Threat is Payback for Tulsa Rally Flop

Microsoft eyes TikTok purchase after Trump talks

Pompeo warns TikTok users' personal info could
be going 'directly to the Chinese Communist Party'

IL COVID Cases Increase To 183,321 - Deaths To 7,714


NC COVID Cases Increase 125,819 - Deaths To 1,969

SC COVID Cases Increase To 91,788 Deaths To 1,777

GA COVID Cases Increase To 193,177 - Deaths To 3,840

LA COVID Cases Increase To 119,747 - Deaths To 3,893

FL COVID Cases Increase To 509,754 - Deaths To 7,206

TX COVID Cases Increase To 430,485 - Deaths To 6,837

CA COVID Cases Increase To 508,225 Deaths To 9,365

WA COVID Cases Increase to 57,514 - Deaths to 1,592

US Africa Command Ordered To Leave
Germany As Part Of Troop Draw Down Fallout

SpaceX successfully lands NASA astronauts
Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley


Russian sanitary watchdog chief says sure of safety
of Russian anti-coronavirus vaccine

Russia Plans For First Mass CV Vaccinations
In October Amid Global Skepticism

Russian Virology Center Vektor to Begin Producing
CV Vaccine in November - Director

NV's fat Gov And communist Dems force Through
mail-in voting & ballot harvesting - AKA Fixed Elections

China Prefers a Brain Dead Biden Presidency

US companies looking to return home from
China face significant problems

'Paramilitary-Style' March - 100s of Protesters In London March
to Demand Reparations for Slavery - But Not A Word About The
Jewish Slavers Who Created & Ran The Entire Slave Industry

Grandfather of UK's New Spymaster Was a
Decorated IRA Fighter, Media Reveals

Unite Threatens to 'Review' Funding to Labour Over
Leadership 'Antisemitism' Settlement

Austria Confirms OPCW Report On Skripal-Faking
By The British, Exposes FT Lies & Cover-Up


Westminster Considering Halting London Travel to
Avoid Second Lockdown Amid Possible New CV Wave

Scientists Research Transmission of Covid Between
Animals and Humans After Mink Farm Outbreaks

German & French arms producers want to reduce
use of US technologies in military production - report

Australia declares 'State of Disaster' in Victoria
after coronavirus cases spike continues

Millions Locked Down Under Draconian Covid
Rules in Australia

Morgan Stanley - Brace For A HUGE Spike In Inflation
As Congress Is Now In The Money Supply Driver's Seat

Bank Of Ireland Is Now Imposing Negative
Rates On Cash Held In Pensions

Coronavirus costs international tourism three times
more than last financial crisis – UN

China's IT Giant Tencent Challenges Facebook

Bitcoin Hits 1 Year High Then Plummets After
'Someone' Liquidates $1 Billion In Seconds To
Hammer Price


A Record Amount Of Physical Gold Was
Just Delivered On COMEX, Here's Why

Netanyahu lashes out at Israeli media over
'one-sided' coverage of protests

Israeli court orders Netanyahu's son to stop
'harassing' protest leaders

Armed Israeli settlers assault Palestinian families
in West Bank as kidnapping resumes

Iran coverup of CV deaths revealed by data leak
Apparently, The Death Toll Is Really 45,000

Pompeo Drops a BOMB on Senator Feinstein
Outs Her Many Meetings with Iran's Foreign Minister

Zahi Hawass Scolds 'Hallucinating' Elon Musk Over
Bizarre Pyramids Tweet Suggesting ET built Them

UK's SAS unit executed civilians in Afghanistan

Multiple bomb blasts at jail compound in Afghanistan
1 killed and 20 injured

Syria says US 'stealing' oil after American
energy firm signs deal with Kurdish rebels


Turkey's Brain Drain - Why Youths See No Future There

Houthis Claim Downing US-Made Spy Drone
Near Saudi Border

Pilgrims Repeat 'Stoning of the Devil' Ritual Before
Returning to Mecca on Fifth Day of Hajj - Vid

India's Anti-Terror Body Arrests Six in Diplomatic
Gold Smuggling Case

We gotta talk about Joe Biden's cognitive decline
because The US Liberal Media Won't

Big Pharma Firms Will NOT be held
Accountable for Side Effects of Covid Vaccine

12 ways you can drastically cut your dementia risk

The Curious Case of a Belgian Woman Who
Temporarily Thought She Was a Chicken

5.8 Quake Hits Papua New Guinea - USGS


Those who call the coronavirus a 'Hoax' are making
a huge mistake - These twelve questions reveal the
TRUTH that no one dare utter...

Red Flags Soar As Big Pharma Will Be EXEMPT From All
COVID Vaccine Liability Claims! Don't Even Think About
Getting The Untested, Unproven Vaccine

How the 'Death Toll' for Stupid-19 is Faked

Why did Jerry Kushner's plan for widespread
COVID testing just go 'poof into thin air'?

'Tavistock - All 60's Bands Were Inventions
For Corruption' - Watch...How It Was Done

Roger Stone is Worried For Trump, Says His
Campaign is 'Outgunned & Outmanned'

Trump Has No Legal Authority to Delay US Nov Elections

Biden VP Candidate 'Karen' Bass Struggles To Explain
Her Pro Communist Cuba Statements & Scientology Ties

Likely Black Democratic VP Choice Spotted on Vid Praising
Scientology's 'Universal Creed' - Gets Bashed Online

Trump struggles to stay on script, frustrating GOP again


Trump - 'Nobody Likes Me' As Even His Allies Fade

Jerry Kushner Got Up to $3 Million From Companies
That Benefited From Trump Admin Programs

Gay Queen Barack Obama's half-brother rips 'cold
and ruthless' ex-president - Remember Homobama
Enjoyed Watching Drone Strikes Murdering People

'Sure thing, Bill' - Netizens Mock Clinton as He Denies
Going to Epstein's Pedophile Island

Bill Clinton Has Again Denied Going To Epstein's
Pedo Island - Everyone Lies...Many Non-Stop

Tucker Talks With Dershowitz Who responds to
in Ghislaine Maxwell documents Which Name Him

Epstein Made Teen Girl Have Sex With Prince Andrew
in Blackmail Bid, Court Docs Claim

Randy Prince Andy lobbied US government for better
plea deal for Jeffrey Epstein, newly released Ghislaine
Maxwell documents claim

Communists Start Their '100 Day Siege' - Watch
Them Spit In The Face Of America - 'Tear It Down'
& 'The Revolution Is Here, Y'all' Say Gen Z Idiots

Over 200 Angry Communists Gather Outside Billionaire
Mansions In The Hamptons To Demand Wealth Tax


This is what we have to look forward to when
we are a minority - Wake up!

WATCH 'peaceful' Portland protesters burn Bible, US flag
Just 24 hours after torching pig's head in cop hat

Supreme Court Sides With Trump, Denies Request
To Halt Border Wall Construction

Insane - Soviet Seattle Moves to Abolish
The City's Entire Police Force

Soviet Seattle - Black African Invaders Flying Flag of Terrorist
Separatist Group Beat White Man in The Street

Ethiopian Rioter Who Assaulted White Male Later Interviewed
By Foreign (Ethiopian) Media As A Superstar

Black Tenant Chops Off White Landlord's Head
As Rascist Hate Spreading Faster

Washington Officials Release Photos Of First Asian
Giant Hornet Caught In Trap - Another Gift From China?

Mysterious 'Biowarfare Seeds' From China Sowing Panic
Across US Turn Out to Be...Ordinary Veggies and Herbs
(It Was probably a Test to see how easily)

Humor - Store Brands Which Require Immediate
Cancellation - Watch


'NPR Remains Journalistically Incompetent' - As Always

Shellenberger's Half-Baked Apology Over
3 Decades Of Climate Alarmism

No, It's Not Backyard Poultry, It's Red Onions!
396 People In 34 states Get Salmonella

Association Of American Physicians And Surgeons
Sounds Off On Face Masks

AZ Congressman Raul Grijalva tests positive for CV

14 members Of Congress have tested CV
Positive...or been presumed Infected

One of the first Cruise ships to resume operations
is having a COVID outbreak - Nearly 40 crew Infected

Big Pharma Wants Known COVID-19 Cure Suppressed

Teachers fearing in-person schooling make wills,
retire or plan strikes

Indiana student tests positive for Covid
on first day of school


Two Indiana high school students Positive For CV

Politics, Not Science, Is Keeping Schools Closed

Texas 'wide open for business' despite surge in cases

Governor extends GA coronavirus restrictions
...including ban on mask mandates

Florida coronavirus death average keeps rising Saturday

US travel restrictions state by state

Some workers sickened by COVID face an extra
challenge - Proving where they got it

Hurricane Isaias Barrels Towards
Virus-Infected South Florida

Amid coronavirus, Alaska sees surge in syphilis cases

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 8-1-20


Patreon to end legally

Doctors aren't always right But Twitter, Facebook & Google
are pure evil for not even allowing alt voices on Covid

Google Says 'Contact Tracing' Apps Are Being 'Explored'
in 20 US States & Territories Now

ByteDance Caves To Trump, Agrees To Sell 100%
Of TikTok To Microsoft

Musk Formally Denise He and Billy Gates Are Lovers

Ford Uses Robot Dogs To Map Plant, Human Surveyors
Are No Longer Needed - I, Robot Is Here

Russian Foreign Ministry on Missile Defense, Venezuela,
and Dialogue with US on Strategic Issues

Russia building new seaport to boost trade
with Iran, India & Kazakhstan

Russia aims to begin public Covid vaccinations
in October, starting with medical workers & teachers
– Minister of Health

Russian Health Minister Says COVID Vaccine
Trials Have Been Completed


Over ten protesters detained at unauthorized rally
in downtown Moscow

Escobar - Heart Of The Matter In The South China Sea

Elon Musk says 'China rocks', warns the US
may start losing due to 'complacency' & 'entitlement'

As Tension Brews, Chinese Firms Avoid Investing
in Electronic Manufacturing in India

China uses Hong Kong security law against US
and UK-based activists

Sweden's Handling Of CV Compared To Britain
...Who Was Smart? See The Proof Here

Thousands march in Berlin against mandatory
masks & Covid-19 measures - Watch

English Ignore Social Distancing Pleas And
Pack Beaches On Hottest Day Of Summer

UK government advisers issue stark warning -
Avoid local lockdowns or unleash total anarchy

Crossing The Rubicon - The UK Slips Into
A Repressive State


'A Brilliant Guy': Steve Bannon Allegedly Lauded
Dominic Cummings, Predicted More 'Populism' for UK

Why Britain Paid Vast Sums to Other Countries to
Make War on Napoleon and Why Trade Beat the Emperor

Thousands protest against CV measures in Berlin

Plane overloaded with cocaine crashes on take-off
In Australia

The Dark Side Of The Cashless Society

The Eurozone's Financial Disintegration

COVID Pandemic Hits Champagne Producers

Memo From Insiders - Dear Bagholders...
Thanks For Buying Our Shares At The Top

Mexico records World's third-highest CV death rate
behind Brazil and US - sixth in reported cases

Police Tell Israeli Citizen to Remove
Netanyahu's Photo From FB


Demonstration vs Israeli PM Netanyahu in Jerusalem - Vid

US-based group ringleader admits providing
explosives for 2008 deadly bomb attack in Iran

Pompeo Vows US To Take 'Necessary Action'
If UN Arms Embargo On Iran Ends

Iran says leader of US-based 'terror group'
arrested in intelligence operation

US Takes Unprecedented Step Of Imposing Sanctions
On Assad's Teenage Son

UAE Launches Operation of Arab World's First
Nuclear Power Plant

Hellhole South Africa Since Apartheid Ended - Think
Post BLM In America

South Africa - Plaasmoorde...The Killing Fields

When the Cosmic Light Switch Flips on...and off - Watch


Martini - Dr. Judy Mikovits Says That It's Likely That
Most Who Take The Vaccine Will Die...50 Million

Chris Wallace Calls Out Brain-Dying Biden For
Refusing To Appear On HIs & All Sunday News Shows

Make No Mistake - Covid Advances New World Order

Trump, Pelosi cast blame as unemployment support ends

A Quarter Of All Household Income In The US
Now Comes From The Government

CA landlords are locking out struggling tenants
A 'tsunami of evictions' may be next

What to do if you're at risk of eviction
now that Eviction moratorium has ended

Mass Eviction Surge Could Lead To Huge Financial Crisis

US Printed More Money in One Month
...Than in Two Centuries

Trump Warns Of 'Greatest Election Disaster In
History' If Mail-In Ballots Are Used In November


Trump Threatens to Use 'Strong Offensive Force'
in Portland If 'Absolute Anarchists' Don't Clear Out

Straight-Up Terrorism - Antifa Burns Severed Pig's
Head With a Police Hat on Top - Americans Must Wake Up

Antifa Organizer Exposed - From Elite Political Family
Another Rich Bolshevik closet Fascist

Trump badly miscalculated in Portland
...and even he knows it

'Protesters' Gather in Portland Amid Withdrawal
of Federal Law Enforcement Officers - Watch

Crime Is Skyrocketing All Over America And
Cops Are Killing Themselves

Nearly Half US Police Septs Report BIG Budget Cuts

Jewish Woman spews Horrific Hate On 'Goyim' Riding
Public transit Bus - Yells Jews Will Kill them All - Watch

Highlights From Ghislaine's Unsealed Secret Docs

Unsealed docs say Bill Clinton was on 'pedophile island'
With 'young girls' & cite Epstein saying Clinton 'owed him favor'


Bill Clinton's Spox Releases Statement in Reply to
Witness Alleging Clinton Was on Epstein's Island with
'2 Young Girls'

Ghislaine Maxwell Had Sex With Teenage Girls
on Epstein's Island, His Former 'Sex Slave' Claimed

All Known Photos Of Trump And Ghislaine Together

Dershowitz mocked for defensive tweet after
he's named in damning new Epstein documents

Congress Approval Drops to 18%, While Trump
Is Steady at 41% - Gallup

Soros-Funded District Attorneys Reportedly
Paying Political Dividends Amid Floyd Protests

FL Man Arrested For Enforcing Social Distancing
By Firing Shots In Hotel Lobby

Crooked Ilhan Omar under fire after campaign paid
over $1.6 million to husband's firm

Charles Barkley says 'don't kneel' & Twitter erupts
proving blacks aren't allowed to think independently

MN Muslim AG Keith Ellison Tells Rape Victims Not
To Call Cops, Call Therapists Instead - Muslims
Often Treat Women Like Lower Animals


Federal appeals court overturns Boston Marathon
bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's death sentence

The Diamond empire Of The Jews - 'Shiny Rocks'...
The Most Successful Marketing Campaign In History - Watch

The Hidden Evil of the Starbucks Logo

CDC - US CV deaths Could top 180,000 by Aug 22

Bill Gates Warns of Potential Covid Death
Toll Increase in The United States

World Shocked By Bill Gates Statements
On Covid Vaccine - Watch

ONE THIRD Of CV patients have symptoms
that Don't Go Away

Governor Wants South Dakota Schools Open
Without Face Diaper Child Abuse

'There Is No Proven Effectiveness' - Netherlands
Refuses To Mandate Mask Wearing In Public

Jim Jordan Presses Fauci On CV Protest Hypocrisy


Fauci - CV So contagious, it won't likely ever disappear

160 Doctors Oppose CV Vox In Live Panel On London TV

NJ Covid transmission rate is highest in 3 months

NJ Now at A 'very dangerous place' - governor

Major US laboratories admit short delays
with CV test results

Breitbart Still Suspended From Twitter After Viral
HCQ Video - Doctor Gets Axe Over Involvement

Coronavirus Tears Through USC Students, Faculty

100s of GA campers infected with coronavirus
at YMCA camp in just days, CDC report finds

Georgia camp outbreak shows rapid virus
spread among children

Young people in FL are also dying from coronavirus


Children May Carry 10 to 100 Times More
Coronavirus Than Adults

LA woman planted seed packet shipped to her
...later saw warnings not to

If you can be banned from Twitter for questioning
transgenderism, why are accounts advocating
pedophilia still Running on the site?

US global media agency launches probe into
'election interference' after VOA runs Biden
campaign ad targeting Muslims

People pounce on CNN for reporting medical
guidelines for 'individuals with a cervix'

AL to give $100 million in internet vouchers
for low-income students

'Small Number' of Sailors Aboard USS H.W. Bush
Test Positive for Covid

AFRICOM confirms HQ is leaving Stuttgart
...German Def Min says US withdrawal 'regrettable'

US to Send 1,000 Troops to Poland Under Pact
on Defence Cooperation - Polish Defence Ministry

Unverified Satellite Images Show Chinese Deployment
of Elite Navy Group in Pangong Tso in Ladakh


Russia vows to respond 'reciprocally' to EU sanctions
over 'politically motivated' & 'far fetched' hacking Claims

Investigation opened after poisonous hydrogen sulfide
is detected fifteen Times over permitted limit in Siberia

Vandals steal & BEHEAD statue of Soviet Marshal
Rokossovsky in Poland

US Imposes Sanctions on Two Chinese Individuals
Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps

China Rejects Accusations of Hacking US Vaccine
Developer Moderna

Twitter War Erupts Between Chinese and
Australian Envoys to India Over South China Sea

China completes its global satellite navigation
system rivaling GPS, GLONASS & Galileo

Hong Kong leader uses emergency powers to
postpone legislative election for a year

Hospital Matron Photographed with Johnson dies
In One Week From Coronavirus

Johnson postpones next stage of easing lockdown
rules as UK infection rate grows


New Restrictions in Parts of Northern England
...What You Can and Can't Do

BBC denounced after portraying UK finance minister
as SUPERHERO on mission to 'SAVE the economy'

A Post-Brexit Monsanto Apocalypse For The UK?

Sweden's SMART Covid Strategy Credited With
Strengthening Its National Currency

Denmark Registers Highest Number of CV Cases
In Two Months, Mostly Among Invaders

Confusion & Abdominal Pain - New Study Identifies
CV 'Types' Based on Symptoms

UK Academics Advocate Silencing Dissent On
Climate Change & Coronavirus

After 300 Million Infections It's Time to Knock It Off
With the 'Survivor' Nonsense

Tory MP is RIGHT to query Britain's BAME
communities' response to lockdown and PC
critics are WRONG to label him racist

One killed and at least 50 people injured in
high-speed train derailment in Portugal


Several People Injured as Criminals Attack
Shopping Centre in Berlin

Should Fauci Be the Economic Czar?

Bankrupt Pier 1 becomes a walking zombie

Chevron Shares Slide After Recording
Historic Quarterly Loss

What Is Gold Telling Us?

Ether Rockets 50% In 5 Year Anniversary Month
...What's Behind The Rally?

Gold Goes TINA

The Fed's Dollar Debasement Will Trigger An
Unprecedented Structural Shift

America's Aggressive Use of Sanctions Is
Endangering The Dollar's Reign

Schiff - 'The Dollar Is Not Just Going Down
...It's Going To Crash'


With the Dollar Facing Collapse, What Are
the Candidates to Replace It?

Dumping the dollar - Record gold price justifies Moscow's
choice to abandon greenback & bet on precious metal

France suffers worst economic collapse
on record due to Covid lockdown

Brazil Pres Bolsonaro says he has 'mold' in his lungs
as his wife tests positive for Covid

Venezuela Asks Italy to Extradite Former
PDVSA President Rafael Ramirez

Israel Fears The Worst In ICC Probe Of War Crimes

IDF Set to Take Over Israel's COVID-Related
Domestic Spying Programme

Great Bible Was 'Photoshopped' in 16th Century
to Please Henry VIII, Israeli Researcher Claims

US Sanctions Are Intended to Collapse Iran's
Economy Says Supreme Leader

Iran won't stop ballistic missile & nuclear programs
despite US pressure – Supreme Leader


DHS Seized $2 Billion in Cash From Travelers
at US Airports

Study - Domestic Violence More Than
Doubled Under Lockdowns

Stonehenge Mystery solved by archaeologists?

Smuggled 10th Century Statue of Lord Shiva
to Return to India

Archaeologists Make Biblical Discovery
at Mount of Transfiguration

How You Can See Comet NEOWISE With
Your Own Eyes This Weekend In 3 Easy Steps

40 Million Americans Could be Evicted Into The Street
...How the eviction crisis will impact each state

'We Thought It Was Just a Respiratory Virus' - UCSF
(Because Of The Poly Basic Cleavage Ability, I Am Starting
To Suspect This Is A Far - Possibly by Design - Deadlier Virus
Which May Seriously Reduce Life Span Of Many Victims)

78% of Recovered show Signs Of HEART DAMAGE
Not good and suggests many lives could be shortened
Is CV A global Eugenics-Population Reduction Weapon?

Some Covid Survivors Are Said Losing Their Ability
To Walk And Are Having To Re-Learn Motor Skills

These women's coronavirus symptoms never went
away...Their doctors' willingness to help them did

WARNING - This Will Happen If You Take Vaccines

Fauci Accused Of 'Misinformation Campaign'
Against Hydroxychloroquine - Ohio Gov Wants
State Officials To Reverse Prohibition

Rep. Louie Gohmert - 'I'll Use Zinc, Erythromycin
And Hydroxychloroquine' To Fight COVID Infection

US Economy Posts Worst Drop In History

US weekly jobless claims rise Another 1.4 million
...The Final Collapse Draws Nearer


Feds won't leave Portland 'until there is safety'
Trump rejects OR Governor's claim that
'occupying force' is leaving city

Portland's Wall of Mom founder branded 'anti-black'
after offering to help more than just BLM protesters

Springfield OR residents run ANTIFA-BLM out of town

Ex GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Dies
Of CV - Had Serious Underlying Health Conditions

Democratic 'Squad' Member Rashida Tlaib
Refuses to Back The Creeper for President

Has 'Settle For Biden' Become The Official
Democratic Campaign Slogan For 2020?

While Homo Obama & Pedo Biden Decimated US Coal
Biden's Cocaine Addicted Son's Firm Made Millions
Off Chinese Government Owned Coal

Trump says Fox News 'totally forgot who got
them where they are' - Egomania

Over 100 Police Agencies Ditch Agreement
To Guard DNC

Trump Suggests Delaying The November Election
Says Universal Mail-In Voting Will Yield Most
Inaccurate And Fraudulent Election In History - Watch


Federal Election Commissioner Says Trump
Can't Delay Vote - Pompeo Says It's Up To DOJ

California Sues Trump Over Bid to Stop Illegal
Invaders From Adding to State's Electoral Heft

Trump Jr. - Left Wing Puppet Masters Trying To Hide
And Sell Biden As A Moderate - He's running The Most
Radical Agenda In Modern History, See His Site - Watch

YouTube de-platforms Del Bigtree's 'The Highwire'
channel after his investigations questioned the rigged
COVID narrative of the WHO and CDC

The Diabolical GOP HEALS Act

All 50 States Have Issued Warnings About The
Mystery Seed Packs From China

Walmart, major retailers go soft on mask-wearing
policies, cites abuse from anti-mask customers

Baldwin - The Mask Of The Beast

Nordics brush off mouth covers and face masks

Flashback from 2012 The Times of Israel - Jews DO
control the media which means They Control CV Info


Why Some Who Haven't Had CV Might Already
Have Some Measure Of Herd Immunity

Scientists Explain Why Some COVID Patients
Lose Their Sense of Smell

CV deaths climb in US as new cases appear to plateau

FL couple jailed for breaking COVID quarantine as
state breaks daily death record - again

How COVID testing site closures could impact
Florida's coronavirus numbers

CA shatters death record, set day before - same news
every day And It's not going to change any time soon

Geriatric Genocide - Three charts explain who
is dying in California

NJ sees 112% increase in cases, deaths double
in Greater Atlanta area

Pediatric CV cases surge in Tennessee

Study says young children carry as much CV
in their noses as adults


COVID dies in room temperature water in 72 hours

Buddy, first dog to test positive for COVID in the US
has died - It was Thought He Also Had Cancer

'A momentary lapse of honesty?' WATCH US Defense
Secretary Esper saying NATO must 'avoid PEACE in Europe'

President Putin Says Homosexual Propaganda
Needs to be Publicly Monitored

Mayor calls for starting flu vaccination in Moscow
earlier because of COVID-19

EU imposes sanctions on Russian, Chinese,
North Korean entities, persons for cyber attacks


US student sentenced to 9 years in penal colony
for assaulting police in Moscow

Kremlin urges to treat YouTube And other Western
platforms with 'low degree of trust'

Putin, Cyprus President Hold Phone Talks
on Situation in Eastern Mediterranean

Russia's Security Service Arrests Black Sea
Fleet Officer Working for Ukraine Intelligence

Kremlin does not recognize Ukrainian citizenship
of some Russians detained in Belarus

Belarus, Ukraine Agree to Boost Border Control
to Prevent Destabilization

Belarus' Security Council claims 'militants' are
trained in Russia to infiltrate country

Hong Kong 'on brink of large-scale' CV outbreak

Beijing Urges Washington to Stop Unjustified
Suppression of Chinese Companies

Pompeo - 'tide is turning' in US dealings with China


China-US Relations - The Great Unraveling

US Bears Full Responsibility for Tensions with China

Some British Politicians Cling to Cold War
Mentality, Chinese Ambassador to UK Says

US Using 'China Factor' in Arms Control Talks
with Russia to Dodge New START - Chinese Amb

Boris Johnson's Lockdown Killed 21,000 Britons
in First 8 Weeks Alone Study Finds

England had HIGHEST excess deaths in Europe in
first half of 2020, new report reveals

UK government too heavily reliant on “modellers
and behavioural scientists” for critical decisions

Covid-19 lockdown in Britain sparked 'EXPLOSION'
of ONLINE ANTI-SEMITISM, Jewish charity says

Saudi Arabian Takeover Of Premier League
Newcastle United Called Off

Future of Eurotunnel is at Stake as Boris Johnson
Faces New Challenge Over Role of ECJ


Meat banned by UK Town council as part of 'climate
change action plan', as critics say it shows no understanding
of British farming

US Economy Plunges by Record 32.9% in Q2
Amid Virus Shutdowns

Almost 30 Million Americans Went Hungry
Last Week As Recovery Stalls

Dunkin' Donuts is closing 800 US locations
...Things Will Never Return To The Way They Were

German economy shrinks by record 10.1% in Q2

Shelton Derangement Syndrome - Which Republicans
Will Side With Fed Groupthink?

Luongo - The Big Lies...The EU Is Fixed,
The Dollar Is Dying And COVID Will Kill You

The Fed treats investors like 'foolish children' by
propping up stocks despite 'dreadful fundamentals'

NordStream 2 Splits The Western World

Multiple US States Probe Apple Over Deceptive
Trade Due to Old iPhones 'Unexpected Shutdowns'


Russia Urges US to Ditch Unilateral Venezuela
Sanctions Blocking Caracas Economic Activities

'If Coronavirus Doesn't Kill Me, Hunger Will'
Mexico's Poor Bear Brunt Of Pandemic

'Cancel culture' Stops truth about Israel-Palestine being
discussed - including the rising risk of war with Iran

Hamas warns Israel of consequences over
al-Aqsa Mosque attacks

IRGC drills in the Persian Gulf - Iran prepares
to counter possible US aggression

Iranian Airline Passenger Undergoes Surgery on
Spine After US Jet Incident Over Syriq

Syrian army forces find human organs intended
for trafficking inside ex-militant redoubt

China urged to develop its own international payment
system to counter risk of US financial sanctions

Low Suicide Rates Linked to Microdoses of
Lithium in Drinking Water

Landmark Study: What Dating Apps Get So Wrong


How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our
World Ep. 7 - Infiltrating the West - Pt 1

San Francisco Sliding Into a Fiscal Abyss

Conditions ripe for a major Atlantic hurricane in 2020

Japanese Scientist Reveals When New
Ice Age is Set to Begin on Earth

Laser from Death Star - Dazzling Green 'Meteor'
Lights Up Night Sky in Jaw-Dropping Sighting - Watch

4.2-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Northwest
of Los Angeles - USGS Reports

US Economy Posts Worst Drop In History

Ex GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Dies
Of CV - Had Serious Underlying Health Conditions

Trump Suggests Delaying The November Election
Says Universal Mail-In Voting Will Yield Most
Inaccurate And Fraudulent Election In History - Watch

Trump Jr. - Left Wing Puppet Masters Trying To Hide
And Sell Biden As A Moderate - He's running The Most
Radical Agenda In Modern History, See His Site - Watch

Tucker Explains How Biden's 2 Prior Attempts To Run As President
Failed Over Lies And No Support - And Reveals The Fraud Kamal
Harris And Castro Communist Lover LA Rep Karen Bass - Watch

WATCH - Yugoslavian Woman Gives Crystal Clear Warning
To US About The Dark And Evil Threat Of Socialism, How It
Works To Divide People and what Must Be Done To Stop It

Forecast For America - Want To See What's Ahead?

Trump's Approval Rating Sinks to 17 Month Low
as Election Looms Closer

'I'm Surprised He Didn't Cry' - Netizens Mock Trump
After He Laments That Nobody Likes Him

Potted Plant, Brain-Addled Biden, Dazed & Confused,
Tells Reporters He Doesn't Know Where He Is

The Creeper slams Trump for promoting false CV
claims from 'crazy woman' Doctor

Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Media are waging all-out
WAR against humanity - their goal is to mass murder
as many humans as possible before they're stopped

Federal Police to pull out of Portland Says OR governor

Soviet Seattle Mayor Says US Agents Have Left the City

Bye, boomers - the coming Communist cull of workers
over 50...This is very bad & Amounts To millions of people


Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized in NYC
After Non-Surgical Procedure

Louie Gohmert...who refused to wear a mask...Now Infected

Louie Gohmert - Mask-shunning lawmaker catches Covid

Three GOP Senators tried to give stimulus funds to
illegal invader aliens

US Own Color Revolution Is Coming Along Nicely Indeed

Colorado City Runs ANTIFA out of Town...
All of America needs to see this!

De Blasio forced to defend his grasp of reality of NYC

Soylent Green - McDonalds, KFC, Pizzahut...Human Meat

Porn Star Jenna Jameson - Hollywood Is Run By
Pedophiles Who 'Sacrifice and Torture Children'

A mutilation of young lives - How the radical transgender
bandwagon is wrecking girls' bodies and destroying their mental health


CA & FL hit new daily record high coronavirus deaths

Food Crisis Nears - 3 CA food suppliers ordered to close
after coronavirus outbreaks go unreported - Another
Link Broken In The food Chain...

Federal coronavirus 'red zone' of severe
outbreaks expands to 21 total states

Fauci Now recommends wearing goggles to prevent
catching the coronavirus

Bill Gates says most coronavirus tests are a
'complete waste' because results come back too slow

Goldman Calls It - US Is At Start Of Sustained Downward
Trajectory In Virus Spread

Wall Street Slams Moderna's COVID Vaccine Pricing Plan

EU Signs Deal With Gilead to Secure Access to Remdesivir

US passes 150,000 coronavirus deaths amid
fresh surge In New Cases

COVID 'long-haulers' report nearly 100 symptoms
for more than 100 days - not good

Los Angeles Reports Record Numbers Of New
Coronavirus Cases And Deaths


Lockdown of Children Is Harming Their Immune Systems
That Are Responsible for Keeping Them so Safe, so Far

What Do We Know About Children and CV Transmission?

IL High School Football Moved Back To Spring
After State Makes New Coronavirus Restrictions

More Than Half of US 'Temporary Lockdown'
Business Closures Are Now Permanent

Trump says U.S. is sending Texas 500 cases of
remdesivir as coronavirus deaths hit record

'The hotspot of a hotspot of a hotspot' - coronavirus
takes heavy toll in south Texas

Ginn says Texas schools should reopen since CV
is killing elderly Hispanic Texans

Devvy's Latest Audio Commentary
Census & The Federal Income Tax 7-24-20

If face Masks are so effective, why weren't people advocating
them during 2018 killer flu epidemic?

Jonathan Pie - Put a fu*king mask on!


Immunity of patients with light form of COVID
lasts only several months, expert says

Jim Jordan Asks Google if It Is Actively Helping
Joe Biden Win the Election – Google CEO Sundar
Pichai Doesn't Say 'No' - Watch

President Trump Threatens Executive Orders
To 'Bring Fairness' To Big Tech

Rabobank - It Is Ironic That US 'Tech Giants'
Don't Actually Produce Anything

Bezos, Zuckerberg & Musk added $115 BILLION
to their fortunes during pandemic

$270 Billion Tesla Took Additional Benefits From
An Unnamed Government Juicing Its Financial Results

US VC Firms Offer To Take TikTok Off China's
Hands For $50 Billion

Trump-Backed Doc Warns of Jesus' Wrath Against
Facebook After Her 'Corona Cure' Video Deleted

Madonna shares post on Instagram of 'Coronavirus cure'
from Trump-favored 'demon sex' doctor, swiftly gets
the platform's red flag

Turkish parliament approves bill that would give Facebook
And Twitter 48 hours to remove 'offensive content'


Thousands of US troops to begin moving out of
Germany within weeks – Pentagon chief

Pentagon - US Troops From Germany to Be
Repositioned Closer to Russia's Borders

Five Eyes Members Seek Alliance's Expansion
Amid Economic Competition With China - Report

Chinese Hackers Penetrated Vatican Computer
Networks Ahead of Catholic Church-Beijing Talks

US Appoints Career Diplomat Jim DeHart as
Coordinator for Arctic

Moscow sees 90% plunge in new COVID cases - mayor

24% of COVID patients in Russia develop pneumonia
37% show no symptoms

'A Sputnik moment' - Russia hopes to be first with CV Vax
...top official says approval expected by August 10

Western fear-mongering - Kremlin slams claims
Russia spreads coronavirus disinformation

Half of all Russians thinks US moon landing a
hoax, poll reveals


30+ Russian citizens detained in Belarus as
part of 'foreign' private military company - state media

Wave Of Death - China's Three Gorges Dam On Brink
Of Collapse - Could Wipe Out Entire Cities

Russian Embassy Requests Information on
Alleged Detention of 33 Russians in Belarus

Covid stats of easy-going Sweden go down as
post-lockdown Europe braces for virus comeback

Double Testing Upon Arrival From Spain Better
Than 14 Days of Isolation – Heathrow Boss

Holidays in the Time of CV Countries
...That Could Be Banned by UK

French Police Evacuate Refugee Camps in Paris Suburb

UK Diplomat Richard Moore Named as New MI6 Chief

US sanctions against Nord Stream 2 challenge
attractiveness of investing in EU, says OMV

Gold Breaks All-Time Record and It's All
About Currency Debasement

Kodak Halted 14 Times As Stock Explodes Higher
Amid Flood Of Retail Buying, Then Tumbles


ESPN Has Nearly $1 Billion In Ad Revenue Hanging
In The Balance Of College Football Season

US Sanctions Ex Officials of VZ Ministry of Electric Power

Vandals TRASH Venezuelan diplomatic compound in
Colombia as tensions between the countries run high

Elon Musk's 'jokey' tweets about Bolivian coup show
elite's total lack of human empathy

Ecuador's Navy 'on Alert' After Scores of Chinese Fishing
Boats Spotted Near Galapagos Islands

Investors drop Brazil meat giant JBS

Israel Reinforces Troops Near Golan Heights
Fearing Hezbollah Retaliation To Strikes On Syria

Israeli Medic Offers Insight Into Why People
Shouldn't Heed Anti-Vaxxers' Concerns

UK Chief Rabbi Blames Facebook, Twitter For
'Inaction' Over Anti-Semitic Posts

Netanyahu's son apologizes for offending Hindus
with photoshopped meme of goddess giving the finger


Lebanon Blames Israel for Violating Country's Sovereignty,
Conducting Hostilities

Iran fires missile at mock US aircraft carrier
during exercise

US Envoy to Visit UK This Week, Call for Extending
UN Arms Embargo on Iran - State Dept.

Watch Iran fire missile & overtake mock US aircraft
carrier during Strait of Hormuz war games

US Navy Slams Iranian Military Drills in Strategic
Strait of Hormuz as 'Irresponsible and Reckless'

Massive Fire Caused by Blast at Parking
Lot in Western Iran - Watch

More Explosive Leaks From OPCW Show
Trump Bombed Syria On False Grounds

Three Rockets Strike Taji Military Base in Iraq
No Casualties Reported

Turkey On The Warpath

India Imposes Prohibitive Orders Around A
mbala Airbase Ahead of Rafale Jets' Arrival


India Protests Hagia Sophia-Like Conversion
of Iconic Sikh Temple Into Mosque by Pakistan

High Alert - Intel Hints of Terror Attack on Iconic Ram
Temple's Foundation Stone-Laying Day in India

Former Malaysian PM Guilty On All Counts In Sweeping
1MDB Corruption Case - Sentenced To 12 Years In Prison

Pakistan starts transit trade via new seaport
connected to China's Belt & Road

Africa's coronavirus cases nearing 860,000 - WHO

Airbus self-flying plane just completed successful
taxi, take-off, and landing tests, opening the door
for fully autonomous flight

Why Do Stalkers Stalk?

Cannabis for Restless Leg Syndrome

How Purpose Changes Across Your Lifetime

Survey - 60% of U.S. Restaurants Closed
During Virus Lockdown Won't Reopen


The Japanese Seabirds Who Fish for the Emperor

Closer And Closer - FOUR asteroids to shoot past Earth in
ONE DAY after astronaut warns there are 1 MILLION
More Asteroids out there that can hit us - We're Overdue

Asteroid to pass closer to Earth than
satellites on Tuesday

Tucker - Media Pretended The Urban Riots Didn't
Happen...'They Buried The Truth' - Watch

Brain Impaired, Damaged Biden holds daunting
lead over Trump as US election enters final stretch

First presidential 'debate' - Notre Dame
withdraws from hosting due to CV Concerns

Ex Sanders Camp Co-Chair Says Voting For Biden Is
Like Eating A Bowl Of Sh*t

Trump's National Security Advisor, Robert O'Brien,
tests positive for CV White House says

CSPAN host silent as caller threatens 'a lot of
bloodshed' against Trump supporters

Jeffrey Epstein, Trump's Mentor and the
Dark Secrets of the Reagan Era

Covid 19, 911, And Trump - We Are At War Against
Monstrous Greed - Watch

Face masks causing coronavirus case plateau
but states 'not out of the woods'


Covid is fizzling Across The Nation Like Europe
...But The Damage Has Been Done

Signs That Coronavirus May Have Plateaued In US

Herman Caine Still Hospitalized Weeks After
Being Hit With Coronavirus

Natl Guard major will dispute top administration
officials over decision to clear protesters near WH

Stop Stimulus funds for Invaders And Illegals
And factors costing GOP elections

Group Quietly Planning If Trump-Biden Election
Is Contested By Either Side

Sanders Delegates Sign Petition To Vote Against
Democrat Platform That Doesn't Include Free
Medicare For ALL

Steelers Star Will NOT Take A Knee During Anthem
And 'Screw Anybody Who Have A Problem With It'

Mike Ditka says athletes kneeling for anthem
should leave US

Senate GOP, White House Propose Slashing
$600 Weekly Unemployment Bonus To $200


Rep Jerry Nadler claims Antifa violence in
Portland is a MYTH! - Watch

Trump Says 'Large Standby Team' of US
Federal Officers in Seattle In Case of Emergency

America's Major Cities Are Being Turned Into War
Zones, And It's Not Going To End In November

Ghislaine Maxwell - lawyers ask judge to stop
accusers from posting evidence online

White House continues building 13-foot high
'anti climb' wall after protests

Radio Host Who Defended 'Peaceful' Protesters
Has Apartment Destroyed By Rioters

Why Marxist Organizations Like BLM Seek To
Dismantle The 'Western Nuclear Family'

Al Capone would be proud – Chicago is the corrupt,
crime-infested murder capitol of the US - The Future

Antifa rioters call themselves 'journalists' to
avoid federal crackdown

Peak Portland - Watch BLM protester's melodramatic
meltdown during protest chaos

Mob of 300+ 'youths' demolish Covid protection at mini golf
center, as angry teen SPITS in worker's face - Watch

US 'founded on slavery'? Teaching inaccurate claims
of the 1619 Project in US schools is dangerous folly

Drugmakers refuse to attend White House meeting
after Trump issues executive orders on Their High costs

US case tally climbs above 4.2 million after a
fifth straight day of more than 1,000 deaths


Wuhan 'Bat Lady' Scientist Rules Out Theories That
Novel Coronavirus Originated in Her Lab

TX Deaths jump 12% after state changes
how it counts them - Why?

ICU doctor at Baltimore's Mercy Medical
Center dies of coronavirus

Brilliant patriot...Republican politician promotes
anti-vaxxer Dr Judy Mikovits

New heart problems discovered post CV Infection
virus mutation may make vaccines more effective

Fauci Says He isn't 'particularly concerned' about
safety of the untested, unproven Moderna coronavirus
vaccine - OK...Let's Give Him The First Shot

Fauci says we can put an end to the pandemic
...if The vaccine is 'widely accepted'

Dr Faustus - Some messages from Trump's COVID task
force don't match reports from 'the trenches'

FL bar owners worry coronavirus closures becoming
permanent over lost revenue

FL judge upholds CV ordinance requiring masks


CA Comrade Newsom Says State Has New
Coronavirus Hot Spot

AK Seafood processor outbreaks drive
coronavirus count to one-day high

Luck? Genetics? Italian island spared from
COVID outbreak - strange

Google will let employees work from home
until at least next summer

Google SkinMarks (Tattoos) could turn our
bodies into a touchpad using high-tech tattoos

Google Mulls Creating 'Smart Tattoos' to
Turn Skin Into Touchpads

Australia to Sue Google for Harvesting Users' Data
Without Informed Consent - Watchdog

Huawei 9-Point Key Tech Strategy Aims to Deploy
AI, 5G to Boost Post-COVID Economic Recovery

How did Russia get a Covid-19 vaccine so fast?

Russian Federal Security Service Prevents
Terror Attack in Moscow


Kremlin on Maas G7 'Statement'
Russia Not Seeking to Rejoin Group

Chang Compares China To 1930s Japan, Warns Of
'Very Dangerous Activities' Against The US By Beijing

UK econ won't return to pre-Covid level until 2024

The problem of false positives from Covid tests means
UK is inflating its numbers - and taking wrong decisions

International airline body slams UK's 'unilaterally decided
blanket quarantine' on travellers from Spain

UK Government Launches New Program to Prevent
COVID Deaths By Tackling Obesity

The US economy could fall off a fiscal cliff

Spot Gold Soars To Record High As Dollar
Free fall Accelerates

Why Nothing Can Stop Gold - Deutsche Bank Projects
Fed's Balance Sheet Will Hit $20 Trillion In 'Few Years'

Gold Hits New Record High And There's More To Come


Gold Catapulted On Dollar Meltdown, Futures Rise
With Focus On Fed

Opposition Brews to Chinese Company's Purchase
of Gold Mine in Canada as Ottawa Keeps Mum

'Pomp' And Schiff On Bitcoin & Bullion

Tether's Gold-Backed Stablecoin In Demand As
Commodity Hits ATH

Bitcoin rockets past $10,000, logging two-month
high amid global economic uncertainty

Rabobank - The Story Of The Crashing Dollar Is
Very Exciting...And Desperately Inaccurate

How The High Frequency Wall Street Casino
Steals Your Money

US ignores its allies interests attempting to stop
Nord Stream 2, says Bundestag official

No seasonal restrictions to impede completion
of Nord Stream 2, says project operator

Russia beating United States in battle for
China's huge energy market


Secret Information Belonging To Clients Of
Some Of World's Biggest Hedge Funds Exposed
In Massive Ransomware Attack

Latin America leads world in coronavirus cases

China's soybean imports from Brazil
rise to record in June

Brazil's President Recovers From COVID
and Meets Supporters Without Mask

Brazil's Bolsonaro Is Accused Of Crime Against
Humanity Over Coronavirus 'Neglect'

Rapid Test Kit for COVID Developed by Indian,
Israeli Scientists to Give Results in Seconds

In Israel the Push to Destroy Jerusalem's Iconic
Al-Aqsa Mosque Goes Mainstream - Webb

How the Third Temple Movement in Israel
Rebranded Theocracy as 'Civil Rights' - Webb

The Untold Story of Christian Zionism's Massive
Rise to Power in the United States - Webb

Israel's Netanyahu threatens Hezbollah after group
denies 'infiltration' at Lebanon border


Israel exchanges fire with Lebanon, thwarting attempted
'infiltration' on northern border – army

Israeli settlers set fire to Palestinian mosque
in fresh price tag attack

Ismail Haniyeh - Hamas rejects $15-billion aid from
major powers conditioned on disarming

Iran Reportedly Takes Mock-Up of US Carrier for
Stroll in Strait of Hormuz Ahead of Possible Drills

US Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group Practices
Live Fire Exercises in Mediterranean, Navy Says

France-Turkey naval clash - Proxy war in Libya in new stage

France Dispatches Rafale Fighters for India Amid
Tense Situation Along Chinese Border - Watch

India Deploys T-90 Tanks in Ladakh as Satellite
Images Show Massive Military Build-up by China


Sinclair TV pulls interview with 'Plandemic' conspiracy
Proponent, Dr Judy Mikovits, as Vicious CNN-backed
campaign To Censor The Segment Succeeds - Shame

Here Is A Stunning Interview With Dr. Judy Mikovits
Former Top AIDS Scientist Who Exposes Fauci - See
Why Sinclair TV Caved In And Censored Her - Watch

Biden campaign Rejects Fox News Sunday interview
They Know Biden Would Disintegrate With Wallace

Poll - Support for Trump's handling of
CV Pandemic hits new low

Trump's suburban horror show
...Catastrophic Poll Numbers

Another Round Of $1,200 Stimulus Checks Coming
Another Trillion In Debt - To Keep The Banks 'Solvent'

'What does Ghislaine Maxwell have on Trump?'
...new attack ad by Lincoln Project

Maxwell, Epstein And The Control Of Science Since WW2
Linking science, The Tech Elite And Mass Mind Control - Polly

How Donald Trump Is Making America Poor Again
He Never Did Anything That Looked Like MAGA
32 Million On Unemployment But Sweden Doing Fine

Biden Campaign 'Mistreating Latino Field Organizers
And Suppressing Latino Vote' According To Scathing Letter


Trump Renews Criticism of Biden's Mental Capabilities

2018 Soros Flashback - 'Trump Will Disappear In 2020 Or Sooner'

Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Saturday Edition

Roberts - Did Bankers Create, Cause The US 'Civil War'?

Baldwin - The Blatant Push For Economic Slavery

Technoracy In, Democracy Down - Corbett

DHS Chief Explains Why Portland Riots Are Different
From 'Normal Criminal Activity'

America 'staring down the barrel of martial law'
...Oregon senator warns

Lou Dobbs - McConnell pulling 'a Paul Ryan' and
will lose control of Senate

AP blasts White House Press Secretary Kayleigh
McEnany for 'political' briefings – but reporters keep
asking political questions


LeBron James Helping Florida Ex-Felons
Pay Fees So They Can Vote

NYT has found the REAL culprit in the racial
achievement gap - 'NICE WHITE PARENTS'

AOC Gives Man-Hating Feminist Supremacism Speech

Anti-Trump #Resistance counts George Carlin
among its ranks, but the late, great comedian
hated all politicians equally

Joe Rogan Is Leaving LA For Texas Because
He Wants 'A Little Bit More Freedom'

Hedge Fund CIO - 'Liberal Arts Majors
Generally Don't Do Well In A Revolution'

Couple MACED at California dog park for not
wearing face masks while having lunch - Watch

US Recovery Stalls As Food Bank Lines Reemerge

Is QAnon the newest American religion
...A Political Cult?

Steele's 'Primary Subsource' Was Alcoholic Russian
National Who Worked With Trump Impeachment
Witness At Brookings


Christian Charity Loses Access to Banking
After LGBT Activists Campaign

PCR Tests Said To Read ALL Coronaviruses
...Everyone Will Eventually Test Positive - Watch

CDC Fear Porn - Over 40% Of US Adults Are Susceptible
To Severe COVID-19

Left Wing 'Health experts' across US call for 2nd COVID
shutdown...And Therefore the END of The Economy
Note How They Refuse to Mention S Dakota Or Sweden...

TN Was Handing Out Free Masks Dipped in Pesticide

9 Yr Old FL Girl Dies From CV

'COVID doesn't care about your age' - GA CV Deaths
soar - 327 deaths in the seven days ended Saturday,
a weekly record and increase of 90% from July 12

Moderna gets further Nearly Half A Billion US
award For CV Vax Development - A Zionist Feast!

We Are On Our Own In The Post-COVID World

Some Colleges Will Require Students To Take
COVID Test Twice A Week


100s sickened as salmonella outbreak hits 23 US states

Mother & Male Friend Try To Sneak Loaded Handguns
Into Disney's Epcot Center In Infant's Diaper Bag

Militarizing Space - US Plans What Russia, Others Oppose

Putin Pledges New Underwater & Hypersonic Weapons

Putin promises un-rivaled tech & weapons for
Russian military as Navy Day marked with
showcase parades - Watch

Russian Navy to be armed with hypersonic nuclear
strike weapons - Putin

40 ships to enter Russian Navy this year Alone - Putin

Putin, Zelensky hail extra measures to control
ceasefire in Donbass

Putin says Ukrainian Rada's resolution on local elections
runs counter to Minsk accords

Russian medical center files bid for WHO tender for
coronavirus vaccine

Pentagon Releases Satellite Photos Of Greatly
Expanded Russian Presence In Libya

Kim Jong-un declares emergency & puts Kaesong city
on total lockdown after 1st suspected Covid case


District in Western Mongolia on Quarantine Over
Suspected Bubonic Plague Case, Reports Suggest

US Cold War with China in a global economy puts
allies in crossfire & will cause SEVERE damage

FBI hunts for 'Chinese military spies' all across US
as Pompeo calls for global crusade against Beijing

Labour slams Johnson's sudden quarantine
on holidaymakers in Spain

Spain's Covid-19 death toll could be 60%
higher than reported, El Pais claims

US intensifies pressure on European contractors
of Nord Stream 2, says German paper

Fantasy Democracy Britain a Longtime US Poodle

UK Defence Secretary Stresses Need for Policy
Review After Alleged Russian Space Arms Test

'Pathetic' - Tory MP Lord Balfe slams Russia Report
says Brexit was down to 'basic xenophobia' of voters

Senior Tories demand transparency on 'Russia-linked'
infrastructure project


Cracks in Union Jack Are About to Get Wider
Analysts on Scotland's Potential Independence From UK

Asylum-Seeker From Rwanda Confesses to
Setting Nantes Cathedral on Fire, His Lawyer Says

Brit Aristocrat Who Flew Epstein's 'Lolita Express'
32 Times Quits Child Protection Charity

Las Vegas Casinos Are Making Another Round
Of Brutal Furloughs And Layoffs

Millions Of Unemployed Americans Are
Flooding Into The Stock Market

US Recovery Stalls As Food Bank Lines Reemerge

Workers Are Leaving The Restaurant Industry In Droves
'I Would Literally Do Any Other Job Right Now'

Massive Short-Squeeze Sends Cryptos Surging
BTC Above $10,000, Ether Tops $300

Millennials & Gen Z speculating on dead businesses
are buying deckchairs on the Titanic – Max Keiser

HSBC 'Has No Malice Against Huawei' - Bank Says
Amid Reports It 'Framed' Chinese Tech Giant


Russia may introduce new income tax...on ROBOTS

Luongo - What's Changed To Cause The Gold
And Silver Breakout?

Macleod - Why Central Bank Policies Are
Fundamentally Destructive

Netanyahu Says Won't Allow Iran's Military to
Establish Itself Along Israeli Border

Israeli Military Drone Crashes in Lebanon

As Economic Conditions Continue to Worsen,
Gaza's Young People Eye Suicide as Easy Way Out

Israeli Supreme Court Rules Against the Health,
Safety, and Welfare of Palestinian Prisoners

US claims 'no one' wants to allow Iran to buy & sell
weapons as arms embargo set to expire

Explosions Rock Military Compound in
Southern Baghdad, Reports Say

Saudi Arabia, mercs have looted 48 million barrels
of Yemeni oil: Minister


OPCW leaks show US cover-up of illegal
Syria bombing: American weekly

Jordan arrests leaders of teachers union
in opposition crackdown

One in Four People in Delhi Already Had the
COVID 'Plague'...And the City Is Still Standing

The India-China Border Issue

Australian Farmers Call for Separation Between
Foreign Policy and Trade in Dealing With China

Alibaba's Jack Ma ordered to appear before Indian court
after ex-employee sues over alleged censorship & fake news

Politically Motivated Fake - Pakistan Refutes Report
of Collaborating With China for Bio-Warfare

Harry Potter sales are booming because kids will
NEVER cancel JK Rowling, whatever the trans
lobby And woke luvvies say

How medical marijuana and air guitar sent this
'Hurt Locker' hero to prison

'There is no point living in New York' - Big Apple
residents are snapping up properties upstate


Ten Percent of Americans Drink Half the Booze

Earthquake of 6.3 magnitude hits South Sandwich Islands

US CV deaths top 1,000 for fourth consecutive day

BIG Mask Reversal - Walmart, Home Depot, Walgreens,
CVS among stores saying they WILL serve customers
who don't wear masks that were Called 'Mandatory'

Tucker Labels Drudge Now 'Firmly A Man
Of The Progressive Left'

Tucker - Chicago's Lizard Lightfoot 'bowing to the mob'
has 'no idea' what she's doing'

Jared Kushner has reportedly refused to
Help the House GOP's election wing

Trump's suburban Numbers horror show

Trump acts to cut prescription drug prices in US
...After Three and a Half Years

Kim Guilfoyle, Don Jr Reportedly Stranded Trump
Staffers In South Dakota

Black On White Hate Crime - Spreading Wildly - Watch

Black One-punch killer Of White Male Tourist
In NYC Is Let Off With Zero Jail Time


Louisville - BLM Armed Protester Cleverly Shoots
His Own Black Comrades - Three Wounded

Federal Officers clash Again With Communist Rioters
In Portland - ONE ADS Truck Would Send Rioters
Running But Officials Still Refuse To Use Them!

Vets Join Others In Protecting Portland Rioters

Black Trump supporter allegedly Stabbed by
'Antifa dude' during Portland protest - Watch

Soviet Seattle Govt Strips Police Of Even Pepper Spray
Police Abandon Residents And Says 'You're On Your Own'

Strobe lights, electric saws, glass bottles - Portland
Communist Rioters expand weapons Arsenal In The
ongoing Riots With Police

Democrats have gone 'stone cold left' And want
to turn America into 'Venezuela on steroids' - Trump

Tucker - Chicago's Lightfoot 'bowing to the mob'
has 'no idea' what she's doing' - Watch

Who's afraid of Tucker Carlson?
Just the entire US establishment, That's All

CNN outraged at Sinclair-owned local TV news stations
for interviewing Dr. Judy Mikovits Of 'Plandemic' Fame
...CNN Shows Its True Censorship Colors


JPMorgan Managed Millions for Ghislaine Maxwell
Despite Booting Epstein in 2013

Months Of Unprecedented Government
Malfeasance...And Worse

'We will coup whoever we want' - Eloon Musk sparks
online riot with quip about overthrow of Bolivia's Morales

WHO - 'There Will Be No Return To The Old Normal'
And CV Will Only 'Get Worse And Worse And Worse'

TX hospital turns away CV patients likely to die

Corporate Insiders Pocket $1 Billion in Rush for
Coronavirus Vaccine (Insider Trading)

Scientists Find Evidence Of a Level of Pre-Existing
CV Immunity Present in the General Population

MIT researchers created a reusable face mask
that works like an N95 respirator

Delta flight departing from Detroit has to turn
around as 2 guests refuse to wear masks

Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant dies of
coronavirus after attending training course


Broward County Emergency Order Mandates
People Wear 'Facial Coverings' Inside Their
Own Homes When They Have Guests

The Coverup of the Contaminated Blood Supply
and Vaccines

Collapsing Birth Rates to Cause 'Jaw-Dropping'
Reduction in Global Population, Study Finds

AI Is 'too dangerous to release', STUNS experts
...Said to Be 'Mind blowing'

Pentagon Found ET 'Vehicles Not Made On This Earth'

How To Win A Gun Fight - 14 Military Tactics

US plans to build (dirty) nuclear reactors for the
MOON & MARS to host 'sustainable human presence'

Russian Cosmonauts Could Be Going to the Moon
Without a Super-Heavy Launch Vehicle

China Successfully Launches 3 Non-Military
Satellites in Earth's Orbit - CASC

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 7-25-20


Vaccination against COVID to be optional in Russia

1,000s Watch closure of US Consulate In Chengdu

Consulate Crisis - Beijing Slams 'Forcible Entry'
in Houston as Chengdu Celebrates US Diplomats'
Imminent Exit From China

China 'Biological Warfare?' On America? Twitter Panics
as Residents of Multiple US States Receive Mysterious
Packs Of Chinese Seeds - DO NOT PLANT THEM

Chinese Mogul Call President Xi 'A Clown' And
Is Now Charged With 'Corruption'

London Is The Third Most-Surveilled City In World

Woke Brit MP who wants to end debate will lead
us down a path where violence is the only way to
Settle disagreements

Extinction Rebellion Activists in London Chain
Themselves to Rig on the Thames - Photos

Tony Blair Pushes for Economic 'Reform' in Zimbabwe
Says He Would Meet President Mnangagwa

Big US Retail chains filed for bankruptcy
and closed stores every week in July


A Record 170 Tons Of Physical Gold Were Just
Delivered On The COMEX - Here's Why

Obama's Top Economist Warns Of Catastrophic
Risk To Economy If Stimulus Lapses

Gold Versus The Financial System's 'Hubristic Swindle'

Chevron prompts eye-rolls after reportedly framing
layoffs as good news for anyone who isn't white male

Venezuela to challenge UK's ruling that denies
access to its gold stored in Bank of England vaults

Brazil's President Bolsonaro says he tested
negative for coronavirus

Facebook & Twitter Delete Profiles of Bolsonaro
Supporters as Part of 'Disinformation' Investigation

Top US military general visits Israel, stresses
'need to pressure Iran'

Israeli Decision to Demolish Palestinian COVID
Hospital Ahead of Deadly Second Wave

Lebanon, Iran to sue US over airliner harassment


US-led Coalition Hands Control Over Seventh
Military Base to Iraqi Forces

Hagia Sophia discord - Greek protesters burn Turkish
flag - Ankara & Athens trade insults after site's First
Muslim prayer in decades

First Methane Leak Found on Antarctic Sea Floor
Confirms Researchers Fears

Fleetwood Mac Co-Founder Peter Green Dies
'Peacefully in His Sleep' Aged 73

WNBA players walk off court during national
anthem ahead of season opener

Rapper Wiley investigated by police and dropped
by management after anti-Semitic Twitter rant

Islamic Relief Charity Director Quits After Branding Jews
'Grandchildren of Monkeys and Pigs'

Tropical storm Hanna upgraded to 1st hurricane
in Atlantic season as it approaches Texas shores


Hidden Pentagon UFO Unit To Release Some Data
On ETs To The Public Including Retrievals From 'Off
World Vehicles NOT Made On This Earth' - Doubters
Are On Their Way Out - We've Never Been 'Alone'

Pentagon's UFO hunter department may soon
be forced to make findings PUBLIC - The Truth
Has Been Here For A Long, Long Time...

Praising Space Force, Trump Says He's Thwarted
Russian, Chinese Plans to 'Dominate' the Cosmos

DACA Amnesty Invader Kills 3 Officers while
Amnesty groups dine at the White House

Cat 3 Hurricane 'Douglas' Heading Toward Hawaii

Lincoln Project releases new video targeting
Trump's comments on Ghislaine Maxwell But
Then Endorses Biden The Demented Creeper

Ghislaine And The Head of the Snake - Les Wexner,
Maxwell's Mossad And The Mega Group - Watch
Single Most Important Video Expose You May Ever See

What's Going On With Ghislaine Maxwell
and Donald Trump?

The wealthy Republicans who want to oust Trump
in November - One Says 'I just cannot stand a liar'

How Trump went from a massive convention
bash...to no party at all


The 32 most bizarre lines from Trump's
latest interview with Sean Hannity

Mary Trump's book likely outsells
'Art of the Deal' in first week

Trump's hint that he may not concede
election is America's tipping point

Black American Woman Lays It Right On
The Head Of Phony BLM Which Does Not
Support Black Men Or The Nuclear Family

Broward County Emergency Order Mandates People
Wear 'Facial Coverings' Inside Their Own Homes

Mayors show they're on board with the destruction of
own cities - makes them accomplices of insurgency

Judge in Portland bars federal officers from arresting
or using force against journalists and 'legal observers'

Portland hit by TEAR GAS TORNADO after protesters
use leaf blowers in battle with cops - Watch

Black protester ATTACKED while trying to stop mob
taking down Portland courthouse fence - Watch

Portland officials send federal government cease And
desist letter calling for removal of courthouse fencing
What A crock...Portland is Gone


Chicago Authorities Remove Columbus Statue
After Violent Clashes

Imbecile Students Say Founding Fathers Are 'Villains'

Mostly White, Gen Z, Demonstrators Crowd Outside
Lizard Lightfoot's Chicago Home - Watch

Bloomberg's Gun-hating Group Spends $15M
on campaigns in eight swing states

The Trayvon Hoax - Documentary Producer Joel
Gilbert at the National Press Club - Watch

Trump Signs Executive Order on Drug Prices

The Other Side Of The Mask - Consider this Medical
Data Which Shows Why Masks Don't Work And Can
Be Dangerous

Mel Gibson recovers after CV hospitalization

Trump, DeVos downplay risks of reopening schools
claim children don't spur transmission - Fact Check

Miami's mayor suggests people to wear face
masks in their own homes to reduce the spread of
coronavirus within families


Gunshot To Head, Parkinson's Disease...Deaths
In Palm Beach Incorrectly Attributed To COVID

Models Were Wildly Wrong About Reopening, Too

Number Of New CV Cases Is Starting To Fade

Twitter Shreds Fraud Fauci Shown not wearing mask
At Washington MLB Game

Fauci and His Family Receive 'Serious Threats'
Due to His COVID 'Agenda'

US Must Follow Asia, Europe to Get COVID
Baseline to Nearly Zero Says Fauci

Phony Cuomo Calls For National Mask Mandate
Caught Without One In Multiple Photos

Two idiot Hypoxia-Loving FL mayors urge
residents to wear masks at HOME

More Than 1,000 People Could Access
Twitter's 'God Mode'

WaPo Settles $250 Million Lawsuit With
Covington Teen Nick Sandmann


US State Department Eases Restrictions on
Military Drone Exports to Foreign Nations

Russian Upper House Accuses UK of Using
Fake News in Situation With RT License

Probe into 'novichok' death of Dawn Sturgess
can blame Russia, UK judges say, but 'no trial
will realistically happen'

Chechnya announces sanctions On Pompeo

Putin always keeps his word Says France's
ex-President Sarkozy

Human Trials of Russia's Second CV Vax to Start 7- 27

US State Department Eases Restrictions on
Military Drone Exports to Foreign Nations

Chinese researcher accused of hiding military
links taken into custody in San Francisco

US Agency Mulls Probe After Utah Residents
Receive Mysterious Seed Packages From China

Pakistan Building Up Bio-Warfare Knowhow
With ?hina's Help, Report Claims


UK PM Boris Johnson on Anti-Vaxxers - 'They're Nuts'

Starvation & desire for vax could trigger new Invasion
wave in post-Covid world, Red Cross chief warns

UK Rapper Wiley Rejects Anti-Semitism Accusations
After Comparing Jews to KKK

Stocks Sink As Silver Soars To Best Week In 40 Yrs

Spot Gold Tops $1,900 For First Time Since 2011

Controversial Gold Advocate Advances
For Fed Appointment

'Blow-Up' Event Could Crush US Dollar as Multi
Trillion Debt Mounts - Ex-IMF Deputy Head Warns

The End Of The Dollar Standard

FAA Issues 'Emergency Directive' Over
'Airworthiness' Of All Boeing 737s

Goldman Pays $3.9 Billion Penalty To Malaysian
Government In Landmark 1MDB Settlement


Iran Dubs US Harassment of Passenger
Airliner 'Act of Terror', May Take Legal Action

Hezbollah condemns US military's harassment
of Iranian plane as 'terrorist act'

Rockets Hit Base of US-Led Coalition in Iraq
No Casualties Reported

Huge crowds of Muslims join Turkish President
Erdogan in first official prayer at Hagia Sophia
for eight decades

Very Active Tropics - Hanna Barrels Toward Texas
Gonzalo In Caribbean, Douglas Approaching Hawaii

Trump Says He Could Send As Many As 75,000
Federal Police To US Cities Having Trouble

Tucker - Dems Making Americans Miserable
To Boost The Creeper's 'Election' Chances

Devvy - Lies And More Damnable Lies

Dems preparing for 'nightmare scenario' in which
Trump challenges election results

Court Jester Demented Creeper Biden Holds Live Stream
And Gets A Whopping 19 Viewers! Proving Beyond Doubt
That His Poll Numbers Are LIES - Hillary Getting Closer...

Trump Announces Jacksonville Portion Of
The GOP Convention Canceled Over CV

If you go to the BLM website and donate Money
it goes to Actblue which is a DNC firm

Trump's Niece - He 'Could Not Function
In The Real World On His Own'

Fauci's MLB Opening Day Pitch Goes Wildly Left

Rand Paul Says Gov Cuomo Should Be
Removed Over Botched Covid Response
Which Made it all 'Hugely Worse'


Rand Paul - It's Time To Demilitarize the Police

Why Face Masks DONT Work
...According To SCIENCE - Watch

White House to scrap fair housing rule as
Trump bids for suburban voters

250,000 People Die From Medical Error
in the US Every Year

Portland Mayor Wimp Wheeler Goes to Stand
With 'Protestors'...Gets Booed, Told To Resign,
Then Gassed By Federal Cops As Riot Declared

Chicago's lizard Lightfoot Says Federal Agents
Will Help With Violent Crime, Not Crack Down
On Protesters 'Portland-Style'

GOP is tossing out the payroll-tax cut in
favor of stimulus checks

Red Bull is right - Standing up to racism doesn't
mean you have to pander to the woke mob

Kiss Traditional College Goodbye...
It's Never Coming Back

Gun, ammo sales surging amid coronavirus
pandemic and civil unrest


Catch and Kill - The Protection Racket Used by
Trump, Weinstein, Epstein and Wall Street

Ghislaine's 'extremely personal' documents to be unsealed

The Maxwell Family Business - Espionage

The View's Meghan McCain connects the dots
between Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell

Fox's Geraldo doubles down on Ghislaine Maxwell
defense, says she 'should have got bail'

'No Sympathy for Her Victims?' - New Ad Savages
Trump Over His Well-Wishing to Ghislaine Maxwell

AOC Drops F-Bomb On House Floor After
Refusing To Accept Apology Over Insult

Gun-Toting Kids As Young As 10 Car Jack
Over A Dozen Vehicles In Chicago

Redskins Change Name To 'The Washington
Football Team' For 2020-2021 Season

Judge orders former Trump lawyer
Michael Cohen To Be Released from prison


Deepfake Journalist Is a Terrifying Sign
of Things to Come

Dr. Vernon Coleman - How They Are Lying to Enslave Us

The American diet now is a national security threat

Google And MSM Are Conning US Hugely - Try This
Type In Any 3 Digits And Then 'New Cases' And You'll
See A CV Story With Those EXACT Numbers - Watch

Maniac Gates pushing for 7 billion mandatory experimental
RNA injections that re-program human cells to produce
coronavirus spike proteins

Applause as woman kicked off plane for refusing To mask

Trump paints a rosy picture of coronavirus while
Debbie Birx warns of concerning rise in cases in 12 cities

Trump Explains Why No Medical Experts Are At Briefings

AT&T Says 338,000 Customers Stopped Paying
Phone Bill During Pandemic

Despite Trump claim, 14 states say some orders
for coronavirus supplies still unfilled


Same adjuvant in swine flu vaccine that caused
narcolepsy also being used in coronavirus vaccine

White House executive office cafeteria
closed after positive coronavirus test

Florida girl becomes youngest to die of CV In state

OR Gov Orders Children 5 And Up To Wear Masks

3D model shows what COVID does to lungs

Don't expect first COVID Vax until early 2021 - WHO

Face masks compulsory in shops in England from Friday

Over 4 million Covid cases in US, an increase
of 1 million in Two Weeks

Move over, coronavirus! Space diseases could
threaten life on Earth, scientists warn

Vietnam - Zero coronavirus deaths


Fake Data And what's coming - Start At 12:00

Google Bosses Have Far Too Much Power to Decide
What We Know - Their Censorship Is Out-of-Control

Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak sues YouTube
And Google over bitcoin scam

Marine Corps under fire after canceling
training session amid concerns about
speaker's Christian background

Top Russian Scientist Explains Why 2nd COVID
Wave Impossible in Moscow - Herd Immunity

Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska tells Moscow to brace
itself for 'sanctions from hell' if Biden wins US presidency

Putin Holds Phone Conversation With Trump

Russia-China relations reach New heights - Putin

UK and US - Russia launched 'weapon' in space

US Dems move against Russia's G7 participation
intended to win political score - diplomat


Pompeo To Essentially Call For 'A People's
Uprising' In Communist China

China orders US to close Chengdu consulate in
retaliation for Houston shutdown order

China Stole At Least $1 Billion In Trade Secrets
And Research From US - State Dept

'Give us evidence': Chinese consul general demands
proof amid mounting accusations of espionage and
order to close Houston consulate

US claims China hides 'military spy scientist'
at SF consulate; Beijing calls it Bias harassment

Chinese Biologist Accused of Lying to Get Into US
Hiding Out in SF Consulate, FBI Says

WHO chief fires back at Pompeo over
'China deal' claim

UK admits COVID tracing program is
operating illegally

Brexit mastermind Nigel Farage is looking to repeat
the impossible by helping Italy liberate itself from the EU's shackles

Boris Johnson Visits Scotland, Praises 'Strength' of
United Kingdom as Independence Fervor Rises


Banks Create Money Out Of Thin Air - There Are No DEPOSITS
they Are LOANS to the banks and a 'deposit' is simply a record
of the money banks OWE depositors - Banks Borrow From The
Public - Banks Don't 'LEND' Money...They Purchase Securities

Prof Richard Wolff - Coming Economic Crash
Will be WORSE Than Great Depression - Watch

Capitalism may not survive 2020 global crisis which
will cut deeper and last longer Than Most Think

Investment Giants Forcing Communism Upon US CEOs

The Fed Rides to the Rescue of JPMorgan and
Citi Again – This Time It's Their Commercial
Real Estate Mortgages

Gold Has Only One Resistance Point Left
...The All-Time High

Millennials Flood Into Precious Metals
...Is Gold The Next TSLA?

Miners Can't Keep Up With Gold's Breakneck Rally

Bulgaria to complete TurkStream pipeline
extension amid US threats to sanction
Russian energy projects

US Sanctions 2 Venezuelans for Providing
Financial Support to Maduro


Israel orders demolition of more Palestinian
facilities in West Bank

Iran, China deal result of age-old ties, nothing
out of order about it - Iran's UN envoy

Iran denies cyberattacks caused blasts & fires
across the country, plays down damage inflicted

Macron Calls Turkey's Drilling in Mediterranean
'Violation of the Sovereignty' of Cyprus and Greece

Turkey Will Send More Troops To Libya
If Egyptian Forces Breach Border

'War' Top Trend On Greek Twitter As Military
On 'High Alert' Over Turkish Drilling Incursion

The Catholic WW2 Genocide of Serbia - the Most Savage
of Our Age - The US, UK, Vatican Covered It Up Postwar

TX FedEx Driver Refuses to Help Fallen 89 Yr Old

Deepfake Journalist Is a Terrifying Sign
of Things to Come

The 50 Best Drive-In Movie Theaters Across America


Mysterious Giant Hangar Spotted at Area 51
Three Months Ago has Disappeared

Wildfires in Siberia have Burned Down an
Area Larger than Greece

Some Ancient Greek Temples Had 'Disability Ramps'

How Earth's Climate Changes Naturally
...and Why Things Are Different Now

The Terrible Consequences of Oz Uber-Bushfires

What the Mysterious Boredom Divide Teaches Us

Your Microbiome - The Most Promising Facts

Monty Python's classic 'The Life of Brian' relentlessly
mocked Christianity. Now we must do the same thing
to the Church of The Woke

The harrowing evidence of Beijing's concentration
camps dedicated to 're-educating' a million Muslims

Canada's cannabis pardon program is failing


People Alarmed Over Announcement of 13th
Astrological Sign

This election season the fake news, hoaxes and
tell-all books are flowing fast down the pipe

Split societies, global chaos and World War Three
We could See the most tumultuous era in modern history

A can shortage means it may be harder to find
your favorite beer

$60,000 raised for out-of-work mom who gave
lottery winnings to cop shot in the line of duty

Methane mysteriously leaking from Antarctica sea floor
edging global heating to a point of no return

White House executive office cafeteria closed
after positive coronavirus test

Dr. Fautus Now Says - CV won't EVER be eradicated

This is why Dr. Fauci is full of it - he calls NYC
the model of how to fight The coronavirus

Immunity Due To TB Inoculation Points Directly
To Coronavirus BioEngineering - Part 27

Rand Paul Says Lockdowns Were A 'Big Mistake'
And Have Done Little To Impact The Virus

Dr. Vernon Coleman - 'The Whole Virus Pandemic
Has Been Created, It Is A Full PsyOp...Brainwashing
And Military Grade Psychological Warfare On Humanity'

Your Body is Their Weapon - We're all Patients Now
...Amazing Polly

Why Hillary's Big Return Should Worry Dems

Scaramucci says Trump's 'well wishes' to Ghislaine
Maxwell are a coded message - 'Please don't talk'

The Maxwell Family Business - Espionage

Springfield Black Man Kneels On Girlfriend's
White Baby's Neck To Promote Black Lives Matter
Awareness On Social Media


Black Man arrested After Photo Shows Him
Kneeling On White Toddler's Neck

Four Black Sub-Animals Attack Pregnant Mom
And One Even Kicks Child In The Head - Watch

Vote Democrat...and Watch America Burn - Whitney
There Are Only 2 choices - The Constitution or Communism

Democrats - The ANTIFA Party - Ann Coulter

Judge to decide on case involving
federal officers in Portland

Trump administration is treating Portland
like a military operation - as it should

Communists Rioters In Portland May Have Permanently
Blinded Officers With Lasers - Full Force Must Be Used To
Restore Tranquility And The Rule Of Law

Federal Officers Clear Communists, Criminals From
The Portland Federal Courthouse - No More games

Protests Raging in Portland, Oregon Amid Heavy
Federal Police Presence Ordered by Trump - Watch

NYPD clears out 'Occupy City Hall' camp
after weeks-long standoff - Watch


New Poll Shows More White Americans Now
Oppose Black Lives Matter Than Support It

Hold On, DeSean - Jews Sold Black Slaves in Philadelphia!

'I am antifa' Communist 'Community Organizer'
Forces Weak Portland Mayor Into Runoff

ANTIFA Tough Guy Spills The Beans On Who Is
Backing And Bailing Them Out Of Jail - WATCH

Release of UK's Russia Report Resembles
US Playbook of Election Meddling Blame Game

Biden - Russia Is not Iraq - Threatening Russia
over non-existent election meddling endangers
not only the US but the world, too

Zionist Twitter bans posting of The Star of David as
being 'hateful' - 'Hate' Is Now Anything Zionists
Disagree With Or don't Want To Have Posted - Wow

Zionist Twitter Deletes 7,000 Accounts Linked
To The conspiracy theory group 'QAnon'

Zionist media token minority Lightweight Joy Reid
Gives Mentally Disturbed Joe Biden A Total Pass
On His Past Use Of 'Ni**er' in Primetime Debut

Zionist Stooge Duckworth plays the racial victimhood
card - cries Tucker 'Singled Me Out Because I Am Asian-
American' - (Tucker, Please Don't Waste Time responding)


'The FedEx Killer' - Murder Of Men's Right Advocate
Now Linked To Shooter Of Federal Judge's Family

Whitney Webb - Epstein, Wexner, Maxwell's, Mossad
And Mega Group Exposed

Potent neutralizing antibodies directed to
multiple epitopes on SARS CoV-2 spike

70% of California coronavirus cases are people
under 49 years old - health officials

Comrade Newsom - CA sees record-breaking number of
new CV cases - (Thanks to massive numbers of invaders)

Woman urinates on floor of Verizon store
after refusing to wear mask

Lack of supplies causing coronavirus testing
delays, Atrium CEO tells US Senate

Raleigh, NC school year to begin at Home
...Working Parents Scramble to Find Childcare

The Communist Health Officials In Ventura County Adopt
The Wuhan CCP Tactic Of Locking Down An Entire
7 Story Apartment Building...No One Can Go In Or Out!

DHS Is Afraid Masks Will Make Facial Recog Useless


Here's why I don't trust any rushed shots

More People Contract COVID-19 From Family
Members Than Outside Contacts - CDC

Yale Epidemiologist - Hydroxychloroquine Could Save
100,000 Lives If Widely Deployed

Sun Belt States Choose 'Third Path' To Confront
COVID-19 Without Destroying Economy

US Strikes $2 Billion Deal To Buy COVID
Vaccine From Pfizer

Coronavirus Infections 13x Higher Than Reported
In Some Parts Of US

British Columbia officially endorses
Glory Holes for safer sex in CV times

OH COVID Cases Increase To 78,742 - Deaths To 3,235

IL COVID Cases Increase To 166,476 - Deaths To 7,540

MO COVID Cases Increase To 38,398 - Deaths To 1,195

TN COVID Cases Increase To 84,417 - Deaths To 888

NC COVID Cases Increase 105,001 - Deaths To 1,698

SC COVID Cases Increase 74,042 - Deaths To 1,285

GA COVID Cases Increase To 152,302 - Deaths To 3,335


LA COVID Cases Increase To 99,354 - Deaths To 3,558

FL COVID Cases Increase To 396,329 - Deaths To 5,459

AL COVID Cases Increase To 71,813 - Deaths To 1,364

MS COVID Cases Increase To 47,071 - Deaths To 1,423

TX COVID Cases Increase To 351,618 - Deaths To 4,348

AZ COVID Cases Increase To 150,609 - Deaths To 2,974

NV COVID Cases Increase To 38,657 - Deaths To 704

New blood test can detect 5 types of cancer
YEARS before current methods - researchers

France Tells Telecom Operators Licences for Huawei
5G Gear Will Not Be Renewed, Reports Say

Plastic battery that can withstand deep-sea pressures
and RESIST FIRE is tested on Japanese mini-sub


Russia Successfully Holds Flight Test of 3D Printed
Aircraft Engine - Research Agency

US Air Force Plans to Enhance Missile Defences
to Counter 'Advancing' Threats in Arctic

NATO's Defence Plans Against Russia Outdated,
Norwegian Researcher Warns

US Joins India In Large Naval Drills On Heels
Of Last Month's Deadly Border Clash With China

Four Covid vaccines proven to be safe - Russian PM

Russian Black Sea Fleet Monitoring NATO Vessels
Planes Taking Part in Sea Breeze Drills, MoD Says

Russia to reinforce its borders in response to NATO relocation

Russian Navy air defense forces shadow German,
US spy aircraft over Baltic and Black Seas

Russia to install missile attack warning
system for Kazakhstan in 2020

Death And Bomb Threats Made Against China's
Embassy In Washington; Beijing Blames Trump


After Slamming Western 'Hype', Chinese Officials
Issue Highest Alert As Three Gorges Dam At Limits

US abruptly informs Beijing to CLOSE consulate
in Houston – Chinese Foreign Ministry

China's Global Times Warns Retaliation For Houston
Consulate Closure Will Cause US "Real Pain"

'US must stop slander and smearing' - China
rebuffs allegations it stole CV vaccine data

Hospitals failed to test staff for CV because
they feared sending too many home, MPs told

Woman jailed after spitting blood at police
officers and shouting 'there's your corona'

UK Inquiry Finds Leaders 'Ignored' Russian Interference
'Welcomed Oligarchs & Their Money With Open Arms'

'Time to review RT's broadcast license?' BoJo & Starmer
spar over 'Russian disinformation' in parliament - Watch

UK Looking at 'Tougher' Laws to Boost MI5
in Response to Russia Report

Sydney police 'asked woman to remove tampon'
in strip-search - Most Human Decency Is gone


Men's Wearhouse To Close 500 Stores
as the 2020 Retail Apocalypse Continues

'The world is going back to a GOLD STANDARD
as the US dollar is about to collapse' – Schiff

Silver Futures Spike Above $23 - Has Long Way To Go

The EU's €1.1 trillion budget and €750 billion
bailout prove you can never taper a Ponzi

Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 777 Suffers Major Fire In China

United Airlines Defers Plane Deliveries
To Beyond 2022 As Air Travel Remains Muted

Is Tesla's Model 3 Price Cut In China Indicative
Of A 'Significant' Demand Problem

Silver & Gold Price Ratio Reversal
Sends Monster Bullish Message!

No, the Wealth Tax Won't Be Just For Billionaires
... It Will Be For You and Me as Well

Gold Joins Silver In Surge Higher As Asian
Markets Open


Canadian Parliament OKs Extension, Amendment
to $62 Billion Covid Wage Subsidy Program

Iran, Russia to devise long-term strategic
cooperation agreement - FM Zarif

US Has to Learn to Work in More Multipolar World
says Indian FM - Pompeo Thanks for 'Sage Advice'

India Begins Deployment of More Machines
Along Border, as China Delays Disengagement

Hijackers make off with Covid-19 samples in
South Africa, raising biohazard concerns

Trump In Huge CV Message Shift - Now Says
Coronavirus Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better'

Someone Woke Him Up - Trump pleads with Americans
to wear masks - Says Virus Will Get Worse

Trump WH CV briefing - Fauci says he wasn't invited

McEneny Says Trump Is 'Tested Multiple Times A Day'
Trump Says 'I don't know about more than once a day'

Watch And Understand - The Great (World) Reset Has
Been Long-Planned (50 Years) Down To The Smallest
Detail - This Is WW3...A War On The People Of the world

LabCorp CEO - Coronavirus is spreading faster
than testing expansion

True number of US coronavirus infections
likely 10 times larger than reported - CDC

Covid Vaccines With Even 'Minor Side Effects'
Could Still Be Pretty Damn Bad

Bravo! American Black Patriot with US flag tries
to stop BLM Communist rioters from damaging
Federal Courthouse in Portland, says 'None of
you guys represent Black lives'

Gateway Pundit Joins Us In Using The correct Word...
'COMMUNIST' With BLM In Story On Portland Statue
Destruction - We Must Call It For What It is - 'Communism'


Watch - Antifa Anarchists and 'parents' set up 'shield
walls' as Communist protesters lay siege to Portland
federal courthouse - They Must Be Removed

Third Night 'Wall Of Moms' Tries To Protect Communist
BLM & ANTIFA Rioters And Anarchists In Portland

Trump Correctly sends in the feds – when Weak
mayors let Antifa Anarchy And BLM Commuist riots
fester, what did they think would happen?

NYC Communist Mayor Vows 'Immediate Action'
in Court If Trump Sends Federal Forces

Portland protests - US federal agents 'will not retreat'

Militarized Federal Agents Seen in Portland
Are Deploying to Chicago

Communists Damage, Loot And Rob In Downtown
Seattle Again - Violence Is not Political Protest

Getting Funnier - Leftist Writer Calls Farrakhan
an 'anti-Semite' And Says Blacks holding him up
as a hero shames BLM (Communists)

GOP Lawmaker Calls AOC A 'Fu*king Disgusting
B*tch' Who's 'Out Of Her Freaking Mind' Over BLM
Communist Looting Excuses

Hillary On Joy Reid Speaks Strongly About Russia, China
And Refers To Biden As 'Vice President'...Makes No Mention
Of Him Being The Party's Nominee For President - Watch


Dementia-Fading Biden Struggles, Stammers, Misspeaks
Many Times - Says 'Every Voter Registration PHYSICIAN'
And 'How They, In Fact, Have A BAME Plan' - Creeper Joe
Is Not Mentally Qualified To Run For Dog Catcher - Watch

Hillary Said Trump Commuted Stone's Sentence To
'Shut Him Up' And Keep Him From 'Spilling More Beans'
She Also Expressed Concerns About The Election And
Trump's 'Veiled Threat' Not To Step Down If He Loses

'Things could get very ugly' - Experts fear post-election
crisis as Trump sets stage to dispute November Election

Kamala Harris DESTROYS Her Classy Appearance
With Ghastly Plastic Surgery - Forehead Lift, Absurd
Cheek Implants, Face Lift, Apparent Chin Augmentation
This Is A Nightmare Disaster For Her Career - Photos

Tucker Carlson - Zionist NY Times Threatening
to Reveal Where He Lives - 'To Hurt Us, to Injure
My Wife and Kids' - A Clear Incitement To Violence

Trump Is Wallowing in Self-Pity
Claims Atlantic Magazine

Wow - CC companies now blocking Americans
from buying gold or silver

Blacks in Africa to become human guinea pigs once
again with new mark of the beast Digital 'trust stamp'

NSA Boss Vows Response to Possible Efforts
of 'Adversaries' to 'Meddle' in 2020 US Elections

'Things could get very ugly' - Experts fear post-election
crisis as Trump sets stage to dispute November Election


The Trump-Hating Lincoln Project releases
laugh track ad hammering Trump - Watch

Democrats cry 'foreign meddling' in 2020 election
in letter to FBI, reportedly over probe of Biden
Dirty dealings in Ukraine

Biden Lies About FBI Targeting Gen. Michael Flynn

Tucker Carlson - Zionist NY Times Threatening
to Reveal Where He Lives - 'To Hurt Us, to Injure
My Wife and Kids' - A Clear Incitement To Violence

China Orders Christians to Take Down Images
of Jesus from Their Homes - Coming soon to a
Communist State of America city near you

Controlled Opposition Lincoln Project Warmonger
founders have ties to Russia, tax troubles -

'I wish her well' Trump on sex trafficking
suspect Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell Hamstrung By Her Own 2016
Testimony, While Ex-Friend Claims She Hired
Provocateur Jacob Wohl To Smear Accusers

Br Nathanael - What A Ruthless Leader Can Do - Watch

Three Simple Acts Can Stop CV Outbreaks - Study


Palm Beach County picked as CV Vax trial site

People found more likely to contract CV at home

Local Official - Reports of COVID Surge in Infants Are False

More evidence emerges of inflated Covid
fatality rates – are we being intimidated?

Florida county 'mask-at-home' order draws
bewilderment and outrage before authorities
say it only applies to guests

Facebook suspends anti-mask group that
branded face coverings a form of 'enslavement'

'Forced to Take Countermeasures' - Beijing Practices
Airstrikes on Ships as US Carriers Drill Nearby

China Aggravates Situation With Taiwan
Arms Sales to Island Will Continue - Pentagon

Russia's first COVID Vax Pronounced ready

It will take at least 18 months to develop
anti-coronavirus vaccine, says Russian expert


US Hopes to Build Coalition of States to Force
China to 'Change Its Behavior' - Pompeo

As Pompeo Rips 'Disgraceful' China, DOJ Reveals
'Massive' State Hack Of COVID Research

US Unveils Criminal Charges Against 2 Chinese
Hackers Accused of Targeting CV Vax Research

Pompeo Says Discussed 5G, Free Trade Deal
During 'Constructive Visit' With UK's Johnson

#Corbynwasright trends after Tories vote AGAINST
protecting NHS from sell-off in post-Brexit trade deals

COVID Vaccine Could be Ready Before Christmas
Say UK Researchers - Yes, Untested, Unsafe!

In latest coronavirus strategy twist, Sweden will
trust the infected to do their own contact tracing

'Fossil fuel' arch enemy Grim Greta Thunberg
is awarded a million-euro 'Humanity Prize' by
oil tycoon's foundation - Madness abounds

France Won't Prevent Huawei Investments in
the Country Says Finance Minister

Correct mistakes or face 'counterattack' SaysBeijing
after London suspends Hong Kong extradition treaty


US expands draconian sanctions against Russia's
Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

Farage Says 'Apologies Are Due' After UK Found
No Proof of Russian Meddling in Brexit Vote

'No evidence of successful interference' - UK govt
rejects new 'Russia & Brexit' probe after Parliament
report on alleged meddling

Vivienne Westwood holds pro-Assange protest
inside GIANT BIRDCAGE outside the Old Bailey

The Great 'Reset' of capitalism

Briggs & Stratton, World's Largest Producer Of
Small Gasoline, Engines Files For Bankruptcy

Walmart will close stores on Thanksgiving,
And end The Black Friday tradition

World Recovery Running On Fumes As
Virus Pandemic Reemerges

Capitalism may not survive 2020 global crisis
...will cut deeper and last longer than many predict

Silver Is Soaring Again, Citi Sees $2000 Gold Imminent


Lucrative Safe Haven - Why Foreign Investors Have
Doubled Down on Buying China's Sovereign Debt

EU agrees 'historic' €750 Billion coronavirus
stimulus plan after marathon summit

Red Bull Fires 'Woke' Diversity Directors Who
Tried To Push For BLM Communist Support

Israeli farmers sue the military over its Iron Dome
air defense system, alleging 'radiation exposure'
and a 'land grab'

Khamenei - Iran to deal US 'counterblow' for
Gen. Soleimani's assassination

Extending Iranian Arms Embargo Will
Destroy Nuclear Deal, Foreign Minister Zarif Warns

Photos - US-Made 'Ninja Bomb' Reportedly Used
Again in Strike on Northern Syria

Turkey to remain in Syria until its people
are 'safe & free' – Erdogan

Kushner says MBS, suspected of Khashoggi's killing,
has made 'missteps' but is a 'good ally'

1st Batch of 'Fully Operational' Rafale Jets
to Join Indian Air Force's Northern Air Base on 29 July


Hillary On Joy Reid Speaks Strongly About Russia, China
And Refers To Biden As 'Vice President'...Makes No Mention
Of Him Being The Party's Nominee For President - Watch

Dementia-Fading Biden Struggles, Stammers, Misspeaks
Many Times - Says 'Every Voter Registration PHYSICIAN'
And 'How They, In Fact, Have A BAME Plan' - Creeper Joe
Is Not Mentally Qualified To Run For Dog Catcher - Watch

Hillary Said Trump Commuted Stone's Sentence To
'Shut Him Up' And Keep Him From 'Spilling More Beans'
She Also Expressed Concerns About The Election And
Trump's 'Veiled Threat' Not To Step Down If He Loses

Kamala Harris DESTROYS Her Appearance With Ghastly
Plastic Surgery - Forehead Lift, Absurd Cheek Implants, Face
Lift, Apparent Chin Augmentation - Nightmare Disaster - Photos

Tucker Carlson - Zionist NY Times Threatening
to Reveal Where He Lives - 'To Hurt Us, to Injure
My Wife and Kids' - A Clear Incitement To Violence

Gateway Pundit Joins Us In Using The correct Word...
'COMMUNIST' With BLM In Story On Portland Statue
Destruction - We Must Call It For What It is - 'Communism'

Biden Lies About FBI Targeting Gen. Michael Flynn

Third Night 'Wall Of Moms' Tries To Protect Communist
BLM & ANTIFA Rioters And Anarchists In Portland

Communists Damage, Loot And Rob In Downtown
Seattle Again - Violence Is not Political Protest

Tucker Carlson - Zionist NY Times Threatening
to Reveal Where He Lives - 'To Hurt Us, to Injure
My Wife and Kids' - A Clear Incitement To Violence


China Orders Christians to Take Down Images
of Jesus from Their Homes - Coming soon to a
Communist State of America city near you

How Covid With 1% mortality shut down United States

Ben Shapiro Says Results Of Fox Poll On The
Founding Fathers Is 'devastating to the future
of the country' - Watch

Biden pledges to end Trump's 'Muslim ban' on his
first day in office - Hey, Joe, Islam Wants You, Your
Family And ALL 'Non-Believers' To Be Executed

Trump says he'd get '50 Years In Prison for Treason'
for what Obama & Biden did as he launches full-on
attack on his Dimming, demented Creep rival

Media aghast Trump won't pledge to 'accept' 2020 result
Just as Hillary Has yet to admit her 2016 loss was legit

Pelosi says Trump will leave due to 2020 election

Why We Shouldn't Believe Polling About Trump

Finance Experts Say The Creeper's Plan Was Written
by Economic Illiterates - Among Other things, It Calls
for Decarbonizing at ALL Costs

2020 Election Shaping Up To Be Most Litigated
In US History - Over 150 Cases Already Filed

Mail-In Voting Is Backfiring On Democrats


Minneapolis City Council Declares Racism
a 'Public Health Emergency' - Never Mind CV!

OR Sues DHS As National, Local Officials Tell Troops
To Get Out - Wanting Communism Instead of Law
And Order which Portland Is failing to Provide

Watch 'CHAOS IN PORTLAND' on YouTube
90% Of Rioters Seem To Be White Gen Z...
Dumber Than Dirt And Always Will Be

Portland protests - After a Portland Police Association
office is set on fire, Trump and mayor blame each other

Ghislaine lived 'like husband and wife' with
millionaire Scott Borgerson before arrest

To Serve Man...The Lie Of Philanthropy - Amazing Polly

Trader Joe's plans to change packaging of ethnic foods

Taco Bell To Drop These Items From Menu

LA Mayor Warns 'City On The Brink' Of Shutdown
Texas Sees Promising Slowdown

Drive-In Theaters Making Big Comeback - Watch


KY couple forced to wear ankle monitors and Put
under House arrest for refusing to sign quarantine
Papers - Medical Tyranny A Common Communist tactic

CV means doctors, nurses and PAs are essential
workers - until they get laid off

Coronavirus rebounds around the world
...deaths top 600,000

18,000 CA prisoners to be Freed by end of August

With CV antibodies fading fast, vax hopes fade, too

85 Infants Test Positive In Texas County

Zuckerberg's Photo In Sunscreen Scorches Twitter

US Carriers in the South China Sea Met by
Deployment of Fighters to Island Strip

Pentagon Calls for NATO Spending Increase
'to Deter Russia'

FBI Secretly Using Major Global Travel Company
as Worldwide Surveillance Tool


Tonight is a good night to view the comet - Photos

Moscow vows to penalize those imposing sanctions
against Russians - envoy to UK

Hong Kong reports biggest one-day rise in cases

Kim Jong-un's Sister Moves to Position of 'Ultimate
Power' Enabling Her to Stage Coup Claims Expert

Buying frenzy takes China's stock market close
to US $10 trillion – Same ominous milestone that
marked the start of the 2015 crash

China will 'respond resolutely' if UK sanctions
officials, says Chinese envoy

The UK Is a Weak and Declining Military Power
A Small Foreign Legion for US Empire at Best

Scottish Indyref2 Reportedly Gains More Support
Amid Nicola Sturgeon's Handling of Coronavirus

French police detain Rwandan Black over Nantes
cathedral blaze – reports

The Eurozone Is Grappling With Crisis, Class War,
And The North-South Divide


Europe Uncensored - An Online Warning Shot

'Don't try to smear Brexit' - MP fears controversial
'Russia report' is another plot to sabotage UK leaving the EU

Senior doctors warn second wave could
'devastate' UK's NHS

Unemployment - Half of US adults live in
households that lost income in pandemic

Guinness - Bank Of England Governor Signals
Central Bank Digital Currency Is Coming

Global air travel demand won't recover to pre-CV
levels till at least 2023 – Moody's

Russia Boosted International Reserves by Over 10%
Gold Stockpile by 28% in One Year

10 Major Investment Implications Of A Weak US Dollar

Mexican drug cartel shows off uniformed troops
with military weapons and armored vehicles in video

Mexican Cartel's STUNNING Armored Force - Watch


Half of Virus Patients in Hospitals Die' in
Mexico's Baja region

Why Israel hasn't annexed the West Bank...Yet

Israel - Bibi's corruption trial to intensify in January

Another power plant hit by explosion in Iran,
authorities blame transformer – state media

Major Fire Erupts at Factory in Tabriz, NW Iran - Watch

Two Rockets Fall Near US Embassy Inside
Baghdad's Green Zone

Ankara slams media rumors of Turkey redeploying
mercenaries from Syria to Azerbaijan

Taliban Rejects 'Russian Bounties' Report as 'Fake
News' to 'Damage' Group's Peace Deal With US

Giant Martian lava caves could be prime
location to find alien life


Roberts - China can eliminate US aircraft carriers at will

Face Masks Mandated By UK Government Specifically
State They Don't Protect Against COVID Infection

Mary Trump Digs At President Donald Trump
Over TV Ratings In Tweet

Eulogizing Pro-War, Pro-Corporate Predation,
Pro-Apartheid Israel Supporter John Lewis

Largest Voting Machine Vendor in US Admits Its
Systems Had REMOTE ACCESS Software Installed

Trump Admin Allows First 'Group Testing' For CV

Lying again about the pandemic, Trump made
200 false claims from early June to early July

Ex-Trump economist concedes The Trump White
House was warned of potential pandemic disaster
Last September

Former Pandemic Officials Call Trump's COVID
Response a National Disaster


Silver-Haired Trump Holds First Ever 'Tele-Rally' - Watch

Satanic Bolshevik Antifa-BLM vs Christianity -
Agents of Synagogue of Satan attacking Christians

African Woman Says 'Black Lives Matter Is A Joke,
YOU Are The Racists!' - Encore Watch

MSM Continues To Ignore The Truth About
The Mass Destruction Done By BLM Riots

List of People Canceled in Post George Floyd
'Anti-Racism' Purges

Stockman - The Clown Cars Are Fully Loaded
And Dr. Fauci's Is Leading The Parade

Hydroxy Should Be Available Over The Counter

Whitney - COVID-19...Phase 1 Of 'Permanent Crisis'?

Leader of radical black-only militia NFAC 'believes in
violence' and wants a real-life Wakanda for every
black person in America

Recording of calls between corrupt Pre Dementia Creeper
Joe Biden and ex-Ukraine President Poroshenko leaked


Biden Starts Playing Russia Card, Claiming 'Russians
Are Still Engaged' in Election Interference

Oregon attorney general files lawsuit against
federal agencies amid reports that officers
'kidnapped' Portland protesters

GOP Senator Blackburn Condemns 'Cancel Culture'
as Typical of Socialist, Marxist Societies

Open letter against 'cancel culture' backed
by 'frauds,' says Glenn Greenwald after authors
'outvote' him from signers list

The Kamal Says Second Stimulus Checks Should Be $2,000
A Month - Can You Say 'Communist Universal Basic Income'?

Nick Cannon Firing Proves Jews 'Have the Power'

Jewish groups get 94% of Dept homeland security grants

Trump campaign sent $380,000 in 43 Different
Transactions to his private business in 2 days

Critics slam hard core communist de Blasio for
saying NYC is safer with FEWER people in jail

The Humpty Dumpty System Is Irreparable


Ghislaine Has Videos of 'Prominent US Politicians'
With Underage Girls, Friend Says

Trump moves White House portraits of Bill Clinton
and George W. Bush moved from prominent space
to rarely used room

Judicial Watch Uncovers Explosive FBI Emails
Appearing To Reference A WH Informant

Ricky Gervais Exposes the Two Catastrophic Problems
With the Term 'Hate Speech'

The White Working Class Is Left Behind

Hero - Legally-Armed Driver Shoots, Kills Gunman,
To Stop Killing Spree In Indiana

Confederate flags fly worldwide, igniting social tensions
and inflaming historic traumas

Coronavirus in South Dakota - No new deaths
...And active cases down

Gates-backed Testing Will Begin In Africa (What a surprise)
For The New Biometric ID, 'Vaccine Records' & New Digital
'Payment Systems'

Biggest daily increase in coronavirus cases since
pandemic began Says WHO


Covid deaths are on the rise in the US

Icke - Tell Them To Shove It Or It Will
Just Get Worse And Worse

In England, No One Can Ever Recover
From COVID-19!

Seattle Communism - businesses could lose licenses,
Owners, employees could go to jail or pay fines for not
enforcing mask rule

CO woman Refuses To Wear Mask In Store
Watch Viral video

YouTube 'Crucifies' COVID-19 'Savior'

White House seeks to block funds for testing
And Tracing in coronavirus relief bill - Report

'He's unteachable' - MD blasts Trump's
latest mask remarks

Fauci holds up New York as model for fighting
coronavirus - 'They did it correctly'

Are the state-led pandemic shutdowns a trial run
for Green New Deal AKA Agenda 21 Project 2030?


How the COVID 'Experts' Got Everything Wrong!

Questions Raised After Fatal FL Motorcycle Is
Crash Listed as CV Death - Bogus Stats Abound

Florida Sheriff Steps Up Enforcement Of House
Parties As Young Adults Spread COVID

Colorado Town Threatens Up To A Year In Jail
For Not Wearing A Mask

New Report Calls From Some Oregon Counties To
Shut Back Down Immediately (No One Wants To
Even Talk About the Success S Dakota Has had)

'We really need help' - CV overwhelms rural Oregon

4 dead, 26 hospitalized in AZ after ingesting
hand sanitizer with methanol

Wife Of Late Broadway Star And CV Victim Nick
Cordero Says He Sent Her A 'Sign' From Beyond

Imodium (Loperamide) Has Aspartame But Not On Label

Google to demonetize any website that
publishes coronavirus 'conspiracies'

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 8-18-20


US Defense-Readiness Increasingly A Concern
As Troop COVID Cases Surpass 20,000

2% GDP mark is inaccurate, Germany claims,
after sparring with Trump over cost of running NATO

US Spy Planes & Drones Observed Stepping Up
Operations Over South China Sea

Pentagon Reveals Trump's 'Super-Duper'
Hypersonic Missile

US Army Buys A321 Airliner to Blow Up
in Terrorism Vulnerability Test

Trump Administration Reportedly Considers
Reducing US Troop Presence in South Korea

Water Peaks At Three Gorges Dam On Yangtse
At Least 14 Dead - Dam Holding...So Far

US Pushing the Envelope To Confrontation with China?

Barr - China trying to topple US as world's superpower

Billionaire Dalio Warns US-China Tensions 'Could
Evolve Into Shooting War' - Sees Parallels To 1930s
Lead Up To World War II


Setting Pompeo loose on the concept of
'human rights' is a warning the US is about
to violate a lot more of them

China Moves Rocket Into Place For Mars Mission

UK halts daily Covid death updates over possible
'distortions' of daily mortality rate

UK Risked Food Insecurity Due to Macron
Threat of Border Closure During Darkest CV Days

London police threaten RAVE RAIDS after officers
attacked at illegal block party in Hackney - Watch

UK threatens to overrule local authorities by
Forcing lockdowns on Citizens

Forget Russian hackers - Real danger is the US
hoarding UK vaccines - head of Imperial College study

As lockdown loosens, more black men are
stabbed in London But BLM has nothing to say

George Galloway - The UK govt's 'almost certainty'
of Russian interference is a dead cat for the media's
Pavlovian dogs

The Pound's Future In A Dollar Collapse


British Royal Navy Bans Terms 'Seaman' And
'Manpower' Over Fears of 'Sexism'

Arson Suspected - Massive Blaze Destroys
Parts Of Nantes Cathedral In France

Icelandair to fire all flight attendants and
make pilots do their jobs

The EU's Climate Change Effort Is
Comically Exaggerated

Why A Great Reset Based On Green Energy
Isn't Possible

UN Secretary General initiates New Global
Deal for fairer world order

Barcelona Residents urged to stay home
as COVID-19 cases spike

Health Minister Orders Urgent Review After Scientists
Expose Big 'Exaggeration' Of CV Deaths In England

Recovery Narrative Falls Apart As Third
Of Small Firms Cut Workers To Survive

Will China Clean Up the Criminal Gold Futures Markets?


Silver Soars - Nasdaq Underperforms Most Since 2009

Nord Stream 2 - EU Opposes US Sanctions on
Companies 'Carrying Out Legitimate Business'

'Work-From-Home' Will Reduce US Driving By
270 Billion Miles Per Year, KPMG Finds

NYT Interviews 4 'Twenty-Somethings' Who
Claim Responsibility For Twitter Hack

'We're Going To Hell In A Handbasket' - Stockman
Slams Washington's 'Clown Brigade'

JPMorgan - 'Central Banks Have Created A Collective
Hallucination Where Valuations Are Entirely Fabricated'

People Hold Anti-Government Protest in Tel Aviv
as New Lockdown Measures Approved - Watch

Is Israel Hoping To Start A War With Iran
Before US Elections?

Deep State Trying to Get Rid of Netanyahu
by Hook or by Crook, But Will Fail - Observers

Israeli Media Reports Claim Huge Explosion
Occurred at Iranian Oil Pipeline


Israel collaborated with Holocaust distortion
for geopolitical reasons - Top Israeli historian

25 million Iranians have ALREADY caught Covid-19
And The figure may go way higher – President Rouhani

Iran May Respond to Natanz Blast Says Top US Gen

Escobar - Turkey & The Clash Of Civilizations

Turkey will be the death of NATO – its recent clash
with fellow member France is an early symptom

France to probe Abu Dhabi crown prince over
torture accusations in Yemen

'Four Times Worse Than Exxon Valdez Disaster'
Decaying Oil-Laden Tanker Off Yemen A Time Bomb

China, Russia, Iran call for measures to confront
'US unilateralism'

Russia Aims to Prevent Aid Meant for Syrians
Diverted to US-Supported Jihadists

American investors pile more money into India
as tensions with China keep rising


Summer heat Will Scorch The eastern US

Study of Over 1 Million People Finds Intriguing
Link Between Iron Levels And Lifespan

A Pandemic of Surveillance

The African Continent is Breaking Apart

Where Will All the Icons and Holy Relics Be Taken?

Oz Dad Saves Son After Shark Pulls Him from Boat

Narcissists, Psychopaths, & Manipulators Are More
Likely To Engage In Virtuous Victim Signaling

Mexican group claims ET base offers Their
cities Protection From hurricanes


Trump blames surging violence on 'stupidly run' cities

Typical Claims That Federal Agents Are 'Abusing
Power' In Portland Protester Arrests

Portland Communist Mayor Tells Trump To 'Get Your
Troops Out Of The City'

OR Governor Rips Trump For Sending Federal
Officers To Bring Order To Portland

Trump Rips Mary Trump In First Comments On Her Book
Which Claims He Will Only Get Worse As Time Passes
She Says He Is A 'Deeply Psychologically Damaged Man'

Trump says 'I don't agree' with CDC mask message

WH Blocks CDC Testifying On Reopening Schools

Trump sours on online learning that his administration
Earlier Praised

US COVID-19 Data Ordered Back to CDC Site
After Outcry, Fears of Government Coverup

Sen Feinstein Calls to Block COVID-19 Relief For
States That Refuse to Force Masks On Citizens


Dems Direct Congress Members, Delegates Not
to Attend National Convention Amid CV Spike

The Supreme Court just stopped 1 million
Floridians from voting in November

EPA staff say many will leave if Trump
wins a 2nd term

BLM Organizer Charged on Six Counts of Child Sex
Abuse, Possession of Images of Underage Girls

Mary Trump slams Ivanka - 'She doesn't do anything'

Even Donald Trump knows he is in deep,
deep trouble in the 2020 race

The guy stinks and he's a racist' - Scaramucci on Trump

Dems Try To Sneak Communist 'Green New Deal'
Through The TAX Code

Biden campaign staffer mocked cops as worse
than 'pigs,' called for defunding police

Meet the Wealthy Spoiled Brat Communist
Young Pioneers behind the endless Bolshevik
Portland protests


House Members Move To Condemn Somali
Communist Rep. Omar In New Resolution

Seattle City Council Member Suggests Firing All
White Officers In Massive Reduction Of Police Dept

'Sickening if true' - Ex-NY police chief says 27 cops
reportedly assigned to protect BLM mural as crime soars

AOC-Backed Communist Unseats 30 Year
Incumbent In NY Democratic Primary

Immigrant workers camp outside Bezos NYC apartment
as part of AOC-sponsored campaign to tax billionaires

Trump Secretly Authorized CIA To Run 'Very Aggressive'
Cyberwar Ops With No Oversight

McCarthy Accuses Moscow of 'Malicious Actions'
Vows to Introduce Legislation on 'Russian Hackers'

'Ask Prince Andrew About It' - Trump Warned
Epstein's Island Was An 'Absolute Cesspool' In 2015

Questions Swirl Over Ghislaine Maxwell's Wealth
And Suspected 'CFR Member' Husband

'Hey, Karen. Watch your mouth' - Chicago mayor attacks
WH press sec over criticism for failing to curb crime spike


'You're Drunk America, Go Home!' Netizens Chortle
as Caitlyn Jenner Wants to be Kanye West's Veep

'America is Fundamentally Good' - Mike Pompeo
Lays Out a Hierarchy of Human Rights

'We've seen this happening all over the country' -
Statue of Jesus BEHEADED inside Florida church
in blatant hate crime

CT Catholic church defaced with Satanic, Anarchist
symbols, as spate of vandalism targets Christian sites

Profs Demand University Police Chief Resign After
Seeing 'Blue Lives Matter' Flag At His HOME

Minneapolis nixes anti-topless ordinance after
police use DRONE to film nude sunbathers

The Proves 100% That Nick Cannon Is
Eating Out Of The Devil's Pot

Cannon's Daytime Talk Show Is Pushed Back
Over 'Anti-semitism' Controversy

Southern Poverty Law Center adds Stephen Miller
to its extremist list

The Coronavirus Set Up Is Now Fully In Plan
As CDC Outlines Plan For Death


There Were at Least 17,000 Non-Virus,
Lockdown Deaths in Five US States Alone

SD Gov Noem Leads Nation In Handling CV -'Trust Your
Citizens, Don't Lay Down Mandates' - She Let Businesses
Stay Open And People Continue Working - Just Told
Citizens To Be Smart And Act Personally Responsible

Anthony Fauci Wants The Govt To Force Mask Use

Mask Wearers are Collaborators Who Could Destroy Us All

The Mask as a Symbol of Subjugation

Democrat Governor Of Michigan Uses Emergency
Alert System To Dictate Mask Wearing

It's too late for masks alone to turn the tide on coronavirus
...Why the US needs to lock down hot spots right away

Ontario Police Kill 73 Yr Old Man After He Refused
To Comply With Local Mask Mandate

Why Sweden Succeeded In 'Flattening The Curve'
...And New York Failed

The Media's Jihad Against Sweden's
No-Lockdown Policy Ignores Key Facts

US reports 77,200 new coronavirus cases
shattering one-day record

Texas eclipses grim benchmark with 300,000
coronavirus cases


Mayor Garcetti - 4,000 People In LA City Dead From CV

Moderna's Vaccine Side Effect Is...COVID-19

Trump Admin Exempts European, But Not Chinese,
Students From Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

Some State Hospital Groups Can't Get COVID-19
Info Under New Federal Rules

Claremont 13 Year Old Dies After Experiencing
COVID-19 Symptoms

FL coronavirus patient went from diagnosis to dying
in her daughter's arms in a matter of days

Warren Buffett reaps $40 billion from giant Apple
stake since March bottom

Google Will Ban Ads On Sites Publishing 'Debunked'
Coronavirus Theories

Pompeo, Raab Agree to Cooperate on 'Trusted'
5G Solutions, US State Dept. Says

BlackRock alert - New malware can steal passwords
and card info from over 300 different Android apps

Pentagon Effectively Bans Confederate Flag
From all US Military Bases

Damning Docs Reveal US Agencies 'Quickly Dropped'
Probe Into Mystery Drone Swarms


US Navy's Triton Spy Drone Makes Rare
Appearance in South China Sea

Pentagon Lays Groundwork for Future
US Experimental Space Station

US Reportedly Tested 'Super Duper' Hypersonic Missile
That Flew 17X Faster Than Speed of Sound

US needs billions to adjust missile shield
for hypersonic missiles - Russian official

Minister Sees Foreign Interest in Russia
CV Response Experience Due to Low Mortality

Russian COVID-19 Vaccine Developers Say
Ready to Share Data With Foreign Colleagues

Russia to Make Coronavirus Vaccine Available for
General Public During Phase 3 Trials

The 'Russian Vaccine Hack' Is A 3-For-1 Deal
On Propaganda

UK Has No Evidence of Damage From Russia's
Alleged Meddling in Vaccine Research - Minister

R-Pharm Says Will Produce AstraZeneca's Oxford
Vaccine in Russia, Including for Export


Human rights situation in Ukraine continues
to deteriorate — Moscow

'China's goal is to replace you' - Barr warns Hollywood,
Big Tech And US academia not to 'kowtow' to Beijing

China Calls for Restraining Unsubstantiated
Accusations of Russia in COVID Hacking Attacks

Beijing Warns Travel Ban on CPP Members Would
Put US at Odds 'With 1.4 Billion Chinese People'

Ottawa Working With Beijing To Begin Testing
of Chinese COVID Vax says Turdeau

Herd Immunity Level in UK High Enough to
Dodge Second Wave of CV Claims Study

UK health minister calls for 'urgent review' after scientists
expose 'over-exaggeration' of Covid-19 death toll

Your past seasonal colds could actually SAVE you from
Covid-19, Oxford study suggests

Johnson to Funnel £3 Billion into NHS Ahead of
Possible CV Winter Resurgence

No to 'scanning our intimate thoughts' - Top German court
curbs sweeping police powers to access private user data


'History is what it is, Leave it that way' - Netizens Rage as
RAF decides WW2 mascot name is offensive, replaces
And its gravestone

Azeri & Armenian protesters clash in London as
tensions between neighbors continue to mount - Watch

Vast, subterranean Iron Age temples linked to
ancient kings of Ireland discovered

1.3 Million More Americans Filed Jobless Claims
Last Week - That's Over 35 MILLION To Date

Tsunami of bankruptcies forecast
as government aid runs dry

That Civilized Relic - A Monetary System
As Good As Gold

Sham Bailout Statistics Shroud Shutdown Tyranny

The Quiet Return Of Feudalism

IMF Made Loans to Belarus Conditional on a Lockdown
...Lukashenko Turned Them Down

COVID-19 Pushes America to 'Reshore' Electronics,
Drugs From China to US, Pentagon Says


China rising to become Germany's top
export destination

Russia aims to more than double its LNG
presence on global market within 5 years

Gold Steadies at $1,800 on Safe-Haven Appeal Boosted
by COVID-19 Spike, Flaring US-China Spat

British Airways, Qantas to Retire Boeing 747-400
'Queen of the Skies' as COVID-19 Hits Travel Sector

Bolsonaro Gov't Pushing Brazil's Native Peoples
to the Edge of Extinction - Indigenous Leader

Caracas Denounces US Navy Destroyer
Steaming in VZ Waters

Cuba Ends War With Dollar in Attempt to Kickstart
Economy Amid US Sanctions Pressure And CV

US Imposes Sanctions on Nicaraguan President's
Son Murillo Ortega

EU Official - Israel Trying to Drag Trump Into War
With Iran Before November Election

Former senior health official warns of 'long'
winter lockdown as Israel reimposes Covid-19
restrictions amid uptick in new cases


Hundreds of protesters swarm Netanyahu's home again

Israeli Study Claims to Successfully
'Reverse' Brain Aging

Israel's Gantz wants annexation plan shelved

White Helmets' Founder Reportedly Confessed
Embezzlement of Donor Funds Before Death

White Helmets co-founder stole aid money Headed To Syria

Three Russian soldiers injured as unknown drone
strikes Syria's Hasakah

US Lawmakers Propose Bill to Sanction Turkey
for Acquiring Russian S-400 System

Wounded children treated in Yemen hospital after
Saudi airstrike hits residential area - Watch

India Coronavirus Cases Surge Past One Million

India's Defence Minister Visits India-China Border
Area Amid Intense Disengagement Talks

Three Terrorists Killed, Three Indian Army Personnel
Injured in Gunfight in Jammu and Kashmir


Electric Comets - The Ultimate Overview

Head of MUFON, Jan Harzan Arrested
on 'Crimes Against Children' Charges

Recording Surfaces Regarding The
Hickson and Parker Alien Abduction

Multiple UFO Encounters Reported
By Retired RAF Pilot

THE MARFA LIGHTS Examining the Photographic
Evidence (2003-2007) – A New 'FREE' Book

ESA-NASA's Solar Orbiter Returns First Data
Snaps Closest Pictures of the Sun

The Latest on the Sexual Effects of Marijuana

Energy Healing Comes into the Light

Elephants, at the Gates of Sleep

Glyphosate Toxicity Alert - How #1 Weedkiller
Tricks Your Body Into Absorbing It


Portland cop slams 'hypocritical' BLM protesters
for their 'violent crowds full of white people'

10 Strange Weapons Invented During World War II

Coal Strike Defined Teddy Roosevelt's Presidency

75 years ago the first atomic bomb was detonated
at dawn during a top-secret US-led nuclear test in NM

US police are testing new 'safe' method to
catch suspects...an electric lasso

Hack of 251 Law Enforcement Websites Exposes
Personal Data of 700,000 Cops

New US Diet Guidelines Will Limit Men
To One Alcoholic Drink Per Day

NYC's most influential black politician calls for the
NYPD's gun-hunting unit to be reinstated

Abandoned children with special needs are
dying by suicide at record rates during lockdown

World's Largest Soaring Bird Can Fly
100 Miles Without Flapping Its Wings


15 Key Goals Of Zionist Communism In America

Mary Trump's Book Breaks Sales Records

Could Trump try to self-pardon?

Donald Trump's single weirdest belief

Princess Ivanka Trump's alternative universe

In Less Than 14 Days, The Government Will Sever
Its $600 Per Week Unemployment Lifeline - Mass
Civil Insurrection Will Follow...Get Ready

DHS Accuses (Bolshevik) Portland City Officials Of
Enabling Rioters And Mobs Of 'Violent Anarchists'

Trump - No New Coronavirus Stimulus
Without Payroll Tax Cut

White House press secretary - 'science should
not stand in the way of' schools fully reopening

Trump may be no good at leading America...
but he's really, really good at lying


The IRS Is Paying Out 3% To 5% Compounded
Daily Interest On Almost All Refunds Issued
After April 15 Of This Year

ZOA Sets Up Antisemitism Hotline
for New York Times Staffers

Watch Pastor James David Manning - 'Africans
Have Never Built a Major Enduring City in 3,000
Years - The TRUTH that needs to be heard

Papa John's Founder Says CEOs Are 'Scared'
Of The Intolerant Left (Communist Thugs)

Time, work & Christianity are 'white people' things?
US Govt-Funded museum Is now promoting
crackpot 'anti-racism' theories

Police shut down Portland protesters' short-lived
CHOP style 'autonomous zone' - Watch

Watch - How Black Lives Matter is being funded

Nick Cannon Apologizes For 'Anti-Jewish' Comments
But NOT For 'Anti-White' Comments!

Nick Cannon Grovels To His Masters

Start-Up 'Conservative Movie Studio' For All Patriot
Actors - 'No More Blacklisting' By Leftist Studios


72 NFL players Have tested positive for coronavirus

MD governor chronicles efforts to secure testing
supplies as he slams Trump's 'hopeless' response

Bill Gates Says Indian Pharma Industry Will be Able
to Produce Covid-19 Vaccines for Entire World

Why Sweden Succeeded In Flattening The Curve
...And New York Failed

GA Gov Kemp Vacates All Local Mandatory Mask
Ordinances - Says Masks Are 'Encouraged'

Blood Type Make Some More Vulnerable To CV

Divide And Destroy - Californians Turn On One
Another Over Second Coronavirus Shut Down

Face Mask Oxygen Controversy - Doctor puts on six
face masks in video to debunk The idea they lower
oxygen levels - At Least In A Sitting State - Watch

Soon, You'll Be Forced To Wear A Mask To Enter
Virtually Every Major Retail Store In America

Bad News For Moderna - More Evidence Shows CV
Antibodies Disappear Not Long After Infection


Covid-19 immunity could be far higher than antibody
tests show, according to new SARS research

Twitter employee Colluded with bitcoin scammers
in takeover of high-profile accounts - hacker sources

Twitter Blocks Tweets On China Human Rights
Abuses Story As AG Barr Decries Silicon Valley
'Collaboration' With Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

Facebook suffers major legal setback as top
Euro court strikes down US-EU data sharing pact

Landmark Court Decision Forces US Tech
Giants To Keep Data On EU Citizens In Europe

TikTok Fined In South Korea For Collecting Data
Of Children Under 14 Without Parental Consent

Beijing Says UK Has Lost Independence on Huawei

We Place Too Much Faith In Computer Models

Russia could be world's first country with A CV
immunization program

Second stage of testing of Russian COVID-19 vaccine
to conclude on August 3


Russian scientists develop 'groundbreaking' method to
'trick' immune system To make nano-drugs more effective

UK Accuses Russia-Backed Hackers Of Trying
To Steal COVID-19 Vaccine Research

Russia needs your vaccine! UK, US & Canada say
hackers targeting CV research are 'almost certainly'
Linked To Russia

Developments in Oxford Vaccine Officially Shared
With Russia, No Need to 'Steal' Them – RDIF Head

UN Has No Information on Alleged Russia Hack
Attack Targeting COVID-19 Vaccine, Spokesman Says

British FM Dominic Raab is 'almost certain' Russians
interfered in election but you'll have to take his word

Returning to 'highly likely' tactics - Russia rejects UK's
'unsubstantiated' claims of hacking & election meddling

100-degree heat inside the Arctic Circle
Siberian heatwave 'almost impossible'
without climate change says new study

US Corporations 'Too Willing' to Cooperate With
China's Communist Party, Attorney General Says

New and 'Controversial' EU Border Systems
Include 'Pre-Crime Watchlist'


Catalan politicians to sue former Spanish intel
chief for wiretapping them via 'Pegasus' spyware

BLM protest statue that replaced slave trader
Colston removed by Bristol council - Watch

'We're just a pile of misery' - Victims of Germany's child
molesting 'experiment' tell RT of their nightmare

Is Trump Using Nord Stream 2 To Exit NATO?

Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline Project Will Be
Completed Despite US Wailing - Medvedev

'Europe's energy policy made in Europe, not DC'
Defiant Germany again hits back at US targeting
Nord Stream 2 pipeline

'Attempted extortion' - Germany reaffirms commitment
to Russian gas project despite US threats

German Businesses Slam US Nord Stream 2
Sanctions as Interference in EU Energy Sovereignty

Drug use in Australia at HIGHEST LEVEL
in almost 20 years, survey shows. What's
behind the alarming rise?

US economy was an 'Enormous Bubble' before Covid-19
And The pandemic is just the pin – Peter Schiff


Nightmare Scenario For US Farmers Underway
And Will Become Much, Much Worse

ECB Keeps QE, Rates Unchanged

Two Biggest Diamond Miners Barely Sold
Any Stones Last Quarter

Bankers Make Billions From Fed Money Printing
As Double-Dip Recession Fears Surge

Mortgage Delinquencies Soar At Record Pace

Over 50 Million Americans Have Now Filed For
First-Time Jobless Benefits Since Lockdowns Began

Watch - Bumper Flies Off Tesla 3 While Driving In Rain

China Avoids Recession With 3.2 Percent GDP
Growth in Second Quarter

IMF Official Says MENA Oil Exporters to Struggle
Worst With Post-COVID Economic Recovery

Israel hoping for Iran confrontation before
November election


Social media activists slam Google, Apple for
removing Palestine from world map

Israel compiles list of officials who could
face arrest over ICC probe

Israel demolishes more Palestinian homes
In occupied West Bank

Russian Foreign Ministry Has Information
US Forces Train Militants Near Syria's At Tanf

Powerful Explosions Rock Ammo Dump of
US-Backed Militia in Northeast Syria, Report Says

Hyderabad Gets Five New IT Parks As
Global Giants Infuse Billions in India

India Lodges Protest Against Pakistan, China
Over Diamer Bhasha Dam

Iron levels in the blood could be key to slowing
down ageing, new major genetic study finds

Scientist discovers METAL-EATING bacteria
after leaving glass jar out in sink


OK Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) becomes first governor
Infected - Attended Trump's Tulsa Rally

New IHME Model Projects More Than 224,000
Coronavirus Deaths In The US By Nov. 1

COVID Deaths Are Increasing. Americans Disagree
With Trump On What To Do About It

Trump Fires Campaign director Brad Parscale
Veteran GOP Figure Bill Stepien Takes Over

National Assn Of Police Organizations Endorses Trump

Biden's Twitter account hacked in wide-ranging
'security incident' that targeted Obama, Gates, others

Biden, Gates, Musk And More Twitter Bitcoin
scam breaches some of world's most prominent
Twitter accounts

The Creeper opens up a 15 pt lead over Trump
in new national poll

Grassroots Conservatives View Trump Giving DACA
Amnesty as End of the Road for GOP

Biden Wins if Trump Signs DACA Amnesty for Illegals


Biden Campaign Buys TV Ads in TX, Seizing on
Surge in CV Cases And Sliding Trump Poll Numbers

Another Poll Finds Biden Beating Trump - Except Most
Surveyed Believe 'Silent Majority' Will Hand Trump Win

Never-Trump Project Lincoln Co-Founder Had
Contract With Russian Government

Trump Struggles to Say What He Would Do
With Another Term for Second Time in a Week
(He'd Do What He's Told...)

Communists Set Up Autonomous Zone In Portland
...Replace Barricades, Pitch Tents, Taunt Cops

Br Nathanael - The Devil's Retirement Plan - Vid

BLM declares war on police - 'We pattern ourselves
after the Nation of Islam' - More Cops Will Be Killed

Amazon Driver Forgets To Shut, Lock His Door In LA
Watch The Rats Swamp And Loot The Delivery Truck
This will soon be COMMON In all Big Cities - Watch

Celeste - Coronavirus Is Disruption By Design
...The One World Government Is At The Door

Trump supporters who changed their minds...
'I'd rather vote for a tuna fish sandwich'


Tucker - AOC, other politicians want to 'reimagine'
your public safety...but not their own

Donald's Neice, Mary Trump, calls for him to resign

Mary Trump's book - When Ivanka again sat on dad's lap...

5 times the Dems blew a winnable election

NC city votes to give reparations to Black
residents as 'removing statues isn't enough'

Asheville, NC City Council Votes For
Reparations For Black Residents

Judge Rules Epstein Evidence Must Be Destroyed
- porn club!

Ghislaine is secretly MARRIED but refuses to reveal
the identity of her mystery spouse - Prosecutors

Ghislaine Maxwell Tries to Keep Deposition Records
Sealed, Citing 'Extremely Personal' Sex Life Info

'Jaw-dropping' global crash in children being born


Welcome to Year One - All Prior History Is Cancelled

Hollywood Celebs MELT DOWN After Trump
Commutes Roger Stone's Sentence - 'It's Treason'

Skid marks on a rainbow CROSSWALK are
now a hate crime? Suddenly, I see merit in
defunding the Dumb police

Police Say Texas A&M Student Who Found 'Racist'
Notes On His Car Put Them There Him or Herself

San Francisco museum commits to diversity
but forces curator to quit for saying he won't
'reverse discriminate'

How To Disappear In The Surveillance State

FL GOP Lawmaker Says His State Is Doing Just Fine
With Coronavirus Despite All The Negative Press - Watch

Fauci Says Coronavirus Has Potential to
Reach Levels of 1918 Spanish Flu

Anthony Fauci has been wrong about everything
with me - Peter Navarro

Navarro Slams 'Flip-Flop-Fauci' In Scathing Op-Ed
White House Issues Statement


'Lockdown 2.0' Will Ensure The US Remains In An
Economic Depression Through The 2020 'Election'

Gov Kemp bans Georgia cities, counties from
mandating masks

'No Mask on Your Face, You Big Disgrace' Social Media
Expose Split of Opinions

Abandoned children with special needs are dying
by suicide at record rates during lockdown

AL Gov Ivey issues statewide mask order

Architects Of The Pandemic - Watch

Corona - The Simple Truth in Under 6 Minutes

Dr Presents Urgent information on Covid Vax
Which Will Change You Into A GMO - Watch

Pandemic leads to national coin shortage
Federal Reserve task force created to help

Walmart Will Force All Customers To Wear Masks


CDC Finishes Full Reversal - Wants Everyone To Obey
...And Wear A Mask

Ohio County Implements Hotline (Ratline)
to Report People Not Wearing Masks

If You Do Not Obey Its Official -You Are
Mentally, Cognitively Challenged

Scans Reveal Heart Damage in Over Half
Of COVID-19 Patients in Study

US Troops Will Be Among the First to Get The
Untested Coronavirus Vax

WH tells hospitals to bypass CDC on CV reporting

In another blow to 'herd immunity' new study
shows decline of COVID antibodies after just weeks

The pandemic virus is slowly mutating...but is it
getting more or Less dangerous?

The Danger Of Keeping Our Schools Closed

Court rules in Apple's favor in Record $15 Billion
tax case against EU


Ricky Gervais - 'If You're Mildly Conservative
on Twitter People Call You Hitler'

'Mute White People' Instagram Sticker Points Out
Enormous Double Standard

The Microsoft Police State - Mass Surveillance,
Facial Recognition and the Azure Cloud

Google faces $5 BILLION lawsuit over tracking users
activities even in 'private' mode

Britain Caves to US, Bans Huawei from
5G Network Build-Out

Millionaire Tech Entrepreneur Reportedly
Killed & Dismembered in New York

Hackers take over Apple, Obama, Bezos
Twitter accounts for bitcoin scam

War Plans? US Changes Position On China In
South China Sea - Now Says China Actions Are ILLEGAL

How Rats Are Overturning Decades of Military Norms

Over a quarter of Russia's population now immune to
coronavirus, says sanitary watchdog


Russia experiencing surge in coronavirus
recoveries, as numbers surpass 70%

'Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy rolling over
in their graves' - Zakharova rips Trump's EU jab

More than 250 protesters detained in Minsk,
Kremlin says Belarus unrest is 'internal affair'
And Russia won't interfere

China Rocked By Unprecedented Surge In Bank Runs

The world will make China 'pay a price'
over coronavirus outbreak - Pompeo

In Latest China Sanctions, Pompeo Says US
Will Impose Visa Restrictions On Huawei Execs

Pompeo Says Confident WHO's China Probe
on Coronavirus Origins Will Be 'Whitewashed'

Stocks Slide After Enraged China Summons
US Amb To Protest 'Vain Attempts' To Punish Beijing

China to Sanction Lockheed Martin
Will Cut It Off From Its Rare Earths

Threat of US Sanctions Caused UK's Change
of Position on Huawei, Johnson's Spokesman Says


US Tech Giants Reportedly Refuse to Grant Hong Kong
Authorities Customer Financial Data

Where China's Unsold Cars Go To Die

British Royal Guard Abused By BLM Moron, Does
The Proper Thing - He Should Be Promoted - Watch

Scotland begins lockdown exit

Mystery surrounds car with 'COVID 19' plate
parked at Adelaide Airport for months

Coin Shortage Strikes Walmart, Customers
Required To Pay With Card At Self-Checkout

Banks Brace For A Historic Crash
...With Record Loss Provisions

Banking Cartel to Siphon Off $18 Billion in Fees
for Processing PPP Relief Loans During Pandemic

Not The Onion - $275 Billion Tesla Shutting Down
Fremont For 'Upgrades' ...Including Another Tent

Saudi Arabia - OPEC+ to ease record cuts from August


Brazil's Bolsonaro tests positive for CV again

Israel's new spy satellite beams back first photos

Top US Commander Warns Hezbollah Against
Making 'Great Mistake' of Attacking Israel

Seven Ships Oddly Catch Fire In Port Of Bushehr

Putin and Merkel Say There is 'No Point'
in Sanctions Pressure Against Iran

Iran Has 'Smart, Pinpoint, Electronic Weapons'
is Ready for Wars of the Future - Top Commander

Captured Syrian Terrorist Details How US Instructors
Supervised Their Weapons Training - Video

National Carrier Air India to Send Employees On
Leave Without Pay For Up to 5 Years

Discovery of new oil & gas deposit may be a
game-changer for Pakistan

India Delegates Powers to Armed Forces to Buy
Weapons Up to $40 Mln Amid Standoff With China


NYT Op-Ed Editor-Writer Resigns Over its
Abandonment of Journalistic Principles

Supreme Court OK's Resumption of Federal
State-Sponsored Murder by Execution

African grey parrot outsmarts flock of Harvard
students in Shell Game

What US medical supply chain can learn
from the fashion industry

25 years after returning to Yellowstone
wolves have helped stabilize the ecosystem

The Rise of Another CIA Yes-Man - Mike Morell

'Too Fragile, Too Sensitive' - Oliver Stone
Lambasts Hollywood

Amber Heard a 'sociopathic show pony'
and 'Machiavellian overlord'

Seduced by China's honeytrap spies

I Am Spirit


Why Do We Think Women Talk Too Much?

Former VA health worker pleads guilty to murdering
seven patients with insulin poisoning

America, You've Been Blacklisted
McCarthyism Refashioned For A New Age

Squirrel tests positive for Plague in Colorado

A Kansas Road Trip Along the Santa Fe Trail

Most Important Video - President Of Ghana
Rejects And Exposes Bill Gates Deadly VAX Plan
For Africa - Says Coronavirus Is A Created HIV
'Hybrid' & More Deadly Viruses Ready To Release

Big Loss For America - Shill Tuberville Defeats
Sessions In Alabama GOP Senate Primary

Trump lashes out at Biden in Rose Garden
'There's never been a time when two candidates
were so different'

Hillary Clinton Says She Will Accept It If People
Vote For Trump in November but 'Not Happily'

Outrage - FL Coronavirus Test Labs Only Reporting
Positive Test Results - Negative Results Ignored!

Scandal - COVID Numbers Proven Fake In Florida...
100% Positive Test Rate Is Being Reported

FL Dept Of Health Saboteurs Rigging CV Test Results
To Wildly Inflating Infection Numbers To Slow And
Cripple Reopening Efforts

Another Scientific Technical Report On Masks Stating
They Don't Work - Many Scientific Papers To Consider

Hitchens - Forget Face Masks and Fear –
Let's Just Relax and Accept the Risk

Masks Will Be Required Outdoors in
Oregon Starting Wednesday


NYT Editor Quits - Says Vicious Leftists Run Newsroom
Said She Was Bullied, Called A 'Nazi And A Racist'

Biden's 2020 Party Platform Proposal Seeks
to Abolish America's Suburban Communities
This Is Agenda 21 Full-Blown Communism

Hilarious - Soros Group Accuses Trump of Distributing
'Nazi Propaganda' And USA Today Agrees

Asked why Black Americans are killed by police,
Trump responds Correctly, 'So are White people'

The 'View' Pushes Again to Punish That 'Racist'
Tucker Carlson - He Must Be 'Held Accountable'

Comrade AOC defends rise in NYC crime saying
people are 'stealing bread to feed their children'

Communist AOC says a world without police
looks like 'a suburb'

Soros-Funded District Attorneys Let Rioters Go and
Declare Painting Over BLM Sign a 'Hate Crime'

EPIC! Portland ANTIFA Goon Opens Car Door To
Assault Driver, Driver Body Slams Commie Punk,
His Friends Crap Themselves - Watch

Churches Burning, Virgin Mary Statues Vandalized
In US as Cops Probe Far-Left Communist Protest Links


Ricky Gervais Exposes The Two Catastrophic
Problems With The Term 'Hate Speech'

White House Leakers Beware - Mark Meadows
Has Been Setting Traps

Joe Biden's Energy Adviser Aided Kremlin
Nuclear Agenda

RED PAINT thrown on Black Lives Matter
painted outside Trump Tower in NYC

Seattle business owner pressured into chopping
dreadlocks following cries of 'cultural appropriation'

Ghislaine Maxwell Allegedly Tried to Flee During Arrest
Why was She in America at All? - Ex SAS guarding Her

Video - Epstein & Maxwell Blackmail Links to 9/11

Obama's DACA Amnesty Will Kill Trump's Campaign

Congress is now three times as Jewish
as the US Is - Amazing Power

National License Plate Reading Program Rolling Out
...TOTAL Surveillance Is Near


Leading climate activist and environmentalist Writes On
Behalf Of Environmentalists - 'I Apologize For Climate Scare'

Fallon Fawns Over Cuomo - 'Such Amazing Leadership,
You Were There For Us When We Needed You' - Unreal

Judge rejects $19 Million Weinstein deal with accusers

Global CV cases Up more than 1 million In 5 days

You won't believe what Donald Trump just
said about coronavirus testing

CV remains 'public enemy number one' And The
pandemic may get 'worse and worse and worse' – WHO

WHO Will Not Investigate Wuhan Lab Where
Coronavirus Was Kept - Gosh, what A Surprise...

Texas prisons coronavirus outbreaks continue with
thousands infected

Google Plans New Food Delivery Service

Peter Thiel's New Man In The Defense Department


New York Times Dusts Off 'Russia Arms Taliban'
Story After Previous Claims Get Debunked

Russia scraps fortnight of isolation for new
arrivals as Covid measures begin to loosen

Russia's COVID Zealot #1 Changes Tune, Now
Sounds Like Sweden's Anders Tegnell

Russia's richest man loses $4.1 billion after
major environmental disasters

6 quakes hit China in 2 days - Three Gorges Dam hit
its limit...China lake looks set to spill

China shows 'indication of accelerating economic recovery'
as exports & imports grow for first time since pandemic

Beijing slams 'troublemaker' US for undermining peace in
South China Sea, denies allegations of creating 'maritime empire'

UK Reportedly Plans to Send Aircraft Carrier to
Asia Pacific as Tensions With China Rising

Philippines Strongly Supports US Position on
South China Sea, Defence Ministry Says

China Threatens Sanctions on Lockheed Martin
Amid Planned US Arms Sales to Taiwan


'Absolutely absurd' - London Met Police slam UK govt
Covid-19 face mask plans as 'impossible' to enforce

Soldiers Sent to Patrol Migrant Quarantine Site
in Italian Town

Catalonia Agrees to Ease Conditions for Politicians
Sentenced for 2017 Independence Vote

Dawn Sturgess Inquest: Family of 'Novichok' Victim
Demands Review of Russia's Role in Incident

Richard Branson Secures £1.2 Billion Private
Investment to Save Virgin Atlantic

British Airways Auctions Multimillion Pound Art
Collection to Weather Covid-Related Economic Storm

French President Macron makes masks obligatory
in public starting August 1

Pandemic poster boy Rishi Sunak is being tipped
to succeed BoJo - Are British people ready to vote
for a Goldman Sachs prime minister?

Merkel - EU Has to Reconsider Defence Policy as
US Assistance is 'No Longer Self-Evident'

Parliament speaker in Catalonia demands investigation
into phone tapping reports, questions Spanish govt


Kroger to no longer return coin change
to customers due to The Feds desperate
attempt to avoid Hyperinflation

Council Bluffs Iowa Walmarts Not Accepting Cash

Bank of England 'Heading Towards Some
Sort of Digital Currency' - Governor

US Budget Deficit Jumps by Equivalent of Netherlands
Entire Annual GDP in a Single Month

Richter - US Unemployment Claims Rise by Another
1.4 Million, Hit New Record of 33 Million

The Great American Shale Massacre - Bankruptcies,
Defaulted Debts, Worthless Shares, Collapsed Price

A Surge In Small Business Bankruptcies Is Underway

Extending Production Cuts Would Be 'Suicidal' For OPEC

Documents Reveal 'Elite' Plot To Oust Mexican
President, Investigative Journalist Explains

AIPAC's biggest Democrat allies break ranks
to publicly oppose Israeli annexation Of W Bank


Atzmon - Unthinking 'Chosen'

Fire at Gas Plant in Iran As Speculation Rife
Over Spate of Incidents Across the Country

Iran's Former Defence Ministry Worker Executed
for Allegedly Spying for CIA

Turkish military forces deployed over dozen
kilometers into northern Iraq - Top lawmaker

Joint Russian-Turkish patrol hit by militant bomb
in Syria, servicemen injured

Diplomat Stresses Russia Does Not Deliver Arms to
Libya, Does Not Violate UN Arms Embargo

India could soon reach 1 million coronavirus cases

Watch Beautiful Time-lapse of 'Comet NEOWISE'
Rising Over Adriatic Sea - Video

The Race to Mars - Three Earth Missions Gear Up
to Scout Red Planet for Signs of Life


Defector Chinese Virologist Says This Is The Worst Viral
Pandemic In History And That 'We Don't Have Much Time'...

'It's Unlike Anything We've Seen' - HK Discovers CV
Mutation That Makes Virus 30% More Infectious

CA Less Than 90 Days Away From Financial Collapse
Communist Anarchy And Mass Crime To Follow

Trump Tries to Go Around Kushner with direct calls
to battleground state aides

How the Democratic Party Has Brought America
to the Brink of Communist Socialism

Creeper Biden's family is literally FILLED with arrests
for violence, financial fraud, drug offenses, drunk driving
...And None Get Jail

Biden's Plan for America Is SO Bad It Must Be
Viewed as a Political Trick

'Everyone is lying' - Trump questions public
health experts on Twitter

Trump Jr defends president's drop in polls,
dings Biden's populist 'made in America' plan

'Tsunami of untruths' - Trump has made 20,000
false or misleading claims – report


David Goldberg's Final Words (Disturbing Content)
Americans Waking Up To Threat Of Zionism & Israel

When you hear Goldberg say Trump must declare himself
'King Of Israel' At about 16:20 - Trump DID SO On August 21
2019 just two Months After Goldberg Predicted He Would

High Court Opens Door to Electoral
College Subversion

Adulthood interrupted - Millions of Gen Z
Zoomers move back into their parents homes

Ghislaine Even Wrapped Her Cell Phones
In Tin Foil To Try To Evade Arrest

Inside the wicked saga of Epstein, the arrest
of Ghislaine Maxwell - 60 Minutes Australia

Four Other Women Could Have Helped Ghislaine
Maxwell 'Procure' Girls for Epstein, Report Says

'I hope someone kills your whole f**king family!'
Disabled BLM protester berates police at Portland riot

Black and blue - BLM and NYPD supporters duke it out
on NYC streets for 2nd night in a row - Watch

US Federal Officers Use Tear Gas, Munitions
to Quell Protests in Portland


BLM Supporters Ambush, Murder Young White
Mother For Saying 'All Lives Matter'

Portland - 380% year over year rise in shootings

Trump calls on police to 'take a stronger stand' with
'Radical Left' Dem city governments...meaning what, exactly?

The Left's Boycott Of Goya Has Backfired Spectacularly
As Conservative Customers Clean Out Store Shelves

The woke philistines taking over Hollywood hate
white men considerably more than they love cinema

Cop Dumps 12 Rounds into Unarmed Suspected
Shoplifter...Who Reportedly Had a Receipt

Miami is now CV epicenter just as Wuhan was

Trump identifies another hoax - The coronavirus

Trump aides seek to discredit Fauci over
coronavirus crisis as cases surge

Trump says he likes Fauci 'personally'
after promoting tweet, without evidence,
attacking 'lying' doctors


2020 Chicago Marathon canceled Over pandemic

CDC Mask Effectiveness Deception - Watch

Do Masks Work? Read What The Experts Say - Important

Drugmakers will start CV VAX production by end
of summer - No testing no safety studies Will Be Done
...Get Ready To Say 'NO'

Newsom Orders All SoCal Churches, Bars,
Restaurants, Theaters, Malls To Close And LA County
Closes All 'Non-Critical' Offices To Shut Down

LA Apparel Factory Shuts After More Than 300 Cases

Betsy DeVos - Nothing in data suggests going
back to school is dangerous for kids

LA School Cancel Classroom Instruction For The Start
Of 2020-2021 School year

Coronavirus Being Spread To Rural America

CA COVID Cases Increase To 325,915 - Deaths To 7,053


NC COVID Cases Increase To 87,528 - Deaths To 1,510

SC COVID Cases Increase 58,168 - To Deaths To 972

TX COVID Cases Increase To 264,313 - Deaths To 3,235

TN COVID Cases Increase To 65,274 Deaths To 749

KS COVID Cases Increase To 20,058 - Deaths To 288

OH COVID Cases Increase To 66,853 - Deaths To 3,064

GA COVID Cases Increase To 120,569 - Deaths To 3,026

FL COVID Cases Increase To 295,312 - Deaths To 4,381

AL COVID Cases Increase To 55,447 - Deaths To 1,124

TX COVID Cases Increase To 264,313 - Deaths To 3,235


Idaho COVID Cases Increase To 11,402 - Deaths To 102

LA COVID Cases Increase To 79,827 - Deaths To 3,315

Facebook Reportedly Catered to Advertisers
via Secret 'Councils' to Keep Them Loyal

Google Invests $10 Billion in India Aiming
at Accelerating Digitisation

Top British Telecom Company - Replacement of All Huawei
Equipment in UK Will Take Up to 10 Years

Chinese Smartphone Shipments Slump In June,
Casting Doubts On Economic Revival

China's 5G phone shipments see 'explosive growth,'
gaining larger share of mobile phone market

Hundreds of Army and Air Force Recruits Have
Tested Positive for COVID-19 Since March

US rejects nearly all Chinese claims in So China Sea

Watch military pilots test Most Advanced version
of Russian 'flying tank' Su-25 - filmed from cockpit


Russian Investigators Bring High Treason Charges
Against Roscosmos Aide Safronov

Putin says COVID fatalities in Russia are
much lower than in other countries

Iran-China deal to ditch dollar, bypass US sanctions

Trump 'Not in a Good Mood' About China
Says Economic Adviser Kudlow

Tit for tat - China blacklists US Senators Rubio, Cruz
& other officials in response to sanctions over Xinjiang

US Reportedly Drops Plans to Hit Hong Kong's Financial
Preferences Over Beijing Security Law

China's stealth fighter goes into mass production
after thrust upgrade

Thailand eyes vaccine roll-out in late 2021
as it prepares for human trials

UK Government 'Hasn't Yet Got a Clue' How to
Succeed in Handling Leicester Lockdown - Mayor

Medics in Madrid Go on Strike to Demand Better Pay
and Working Conditions Amid Pandemic - Photos


Banks Use CV As Cover To Shutter Branches Over US

TSLA Explodes Higher (Again) - Musk Is
Now 5th Richest Man In The World

TSLA Plunges Into Red, Stocks Slammed
Lower On Kaplan Comments

GM Cutting Third Shift At Missouri Plant After
Workers Fail To Show Up Due To Virus Fears

UK Aviation Hubs Mull 20,000 Job Cuts as Heathrow
Airport Urges Downing Street to Save Travel Sector

Asia-Pacific Airlines Staring at $29 Billion in Losses
Indian Aviation to Witness Worst Job Loss

How High Can Gold Go In 2020?

Silver Offers a Golden Opportunity to Preserve
Soon to Be Destroyed Value

Chainlink Crypto Surges To A New
All-Time High - Here's Why...

Millionaires Across World Ask to Pay Higher
Taxes to Help Fund CV Response


The Fuse is Now Lit on a $10 Trillion Debt Bomb

The World Is Drowning In Debt

The "Too Big To Fail" Banks Are Getting Ready For
Their Worst Quarter Since The Financial Crisis

Angela Merkel Admits She Doesn't Know if EU
States Will Reach Deal on Budget, Recovery Fund

Russia supplies first shipment of Arctic oil to China

Latin America Passes US & Canada as second-worst
affected region in Covid pandemic

Israeli court tosses out Amnesty petition
to stop export of Pegasus spyware

Russian envoy - US seeks to extend Iran arms embargo
while selling weapons to region

EU Foreign Ministers Condemn Turkey's Decision to
Convert Hagia Sophia to Mosque

Russia says Turkey's decision on Hagia Sophia's
status An 'internal affair'


Erdogan Boasts Turkish Military Intervention
'Saved' Libya From Haftar

Turkey Calls on Haftar's Troops to
Withdraw From Sirte, Jufra

Red Sea International Airport - 'Sustainable
Gateway to Open Up Saudi Arabia to the World'

Yemeni Houthis Say They Attacked Saudi Arabia's
Jizan Oil Compound

South Africa Reintroduces Ban On Alcohol Sales
To Combat Virus Pandemic

Communist AOC Winks At NYC Crime Surge, Saying
Unemployed Just Need To 'Shoplift Some Bread' To Eat

Black Sub-Human BLM Mob Shoots Young White
Mother In The Head For Saying 'ALL Lives Matter'
Bolshevik Communist MSM Covers Up Her Murder

Video shows two WHITE elderly men being STABBED
by two Sub Human Stone Age BLACKS in shocking HATE
CRIME subway attack in NYC - Communist MSM Silent

A Great American Patriot Marine Veteran Warns
Fascist ANTIFA And Communist BLM - 'We Will Defend
Our Country To The Death...We Are Patriots' - Watch

Reset America...Join the Movement
Look at this bullshit - The merchandising
of the communist revolution

Epstein took 'young girl' on Trump's plane in 2000

Ghislaine moved 36 TIMES in year before FBI arrest
...and Covid face mask helped her stay hidden

Americans Must Wait In Line For The Most
Basic Essential Items First Time Since Great
Depression - Like 3rd World Communist Country

Trump Told To Leave DACA Invaders alone
by Anti-America, mostly Zionist, business
titans following SCOTUS ruling

Trump - 'Something Will Be Happening with VZ'
and America Will 'Be Very Much Involved' - When
In Trouble, Go To War...


David Goldberg's Final Words (Disturbing Content)
Americans Waking Up To Threat Of Zionism & Israel

When you hear Goldberg say Trump must declare himself
'King Of Israel' At about 16:20 - Trump DID SO On August 21
2019 just two Months After Goldberg Predicted He Would

Trump vs 'The Ivy League'

Coulter Endorsed A Democrat Over Mitch McConnell
...Has The GOP Meltdown Begun?

Trump Promises 'Road to Citizenship'
for DACA Illegal Aliens - We're Betrayed Again

Trump Told To Leave DACA Invaders alone
by Anti-American, mostly Zionist, business
titans following SCOTUS ruling

Trump flails as audience dwindles and ratings plummet

President Donald Trump Tweetstorm - Sunday Edition

Child Molester, Deranged Alzheimer's Creeper, Serial
Pervert Biden Vows to Force Nuns to Pay for Contraceptives

Communist Democrats All-Out Assault On Free
Speech And The American Constitution

University Bolshevik Communists Have Been Lying
in Wait for Dumbed Down Young Americans Since WWII

Trump Says 240 Miles of Wall on Mex Border
With Mexico Complete - After 3 And 1/2 YEARS

Trump on private border wall segment
... 'It was only done to make me look bad'


NYT - Trump considered selling Puerto Rico following
Hurricane Maria, former acting DHS Chief Says

Johnstone - Liberals are Crazy Idiots - they pretend
to be for truth and morals but then worship John
McCain And push The Russia hoax

'Never-Trump' Neocons Target President's
Allies For Cancellation

Trump Hits Out at RINO Romney for Criticizing
Move to Commute Stone's Sentence

Gun store offers free rifle to MO couple seen guarding
their home from BLM Creeps, after Cops Take theirs

Anarchists Siege at Portland OR courthouse
continue as arrests, injuries mount

'KKK number behind white power gesture'
spotted by Portland communist was just A
poster celebrating a basketball star

NY Police Officer Ends Up in Headlock as He
Tries to Arrest Protester in Non-Violent Way - Watch

USA Today Ratio'd Into Oblivion After 'Fact Check'
Deems American Eagle Is A 'Nazi Symbol' - Insanity Rules

Shooting and Stabbing in WA Leave Two Dead,
Another Two Injured - Cops Won't ID Ethnicity


Extreme 'Heat Dome' Will Fry The Continental US
For the Next Several Weeks - Temps From 90-121F

Trump falsely claims Obama played more golf

Backstabbing Chabad-Lubavitcher Trump says he'll
sign order with 'road to citizenship' for DACA recipients

Jerry Kushner's Chabad Lubavitch - Jewish Supremacist
Cult of Terrorists In League With Israeli Mossad

Zionist Enterprise YouTube Takes Down
Tucker's Carlson's Video Connecting Jewish
Supremacist Terrorist Susan Rosenberg to BLM

'All who don't kowtow to BLM must be destroyed' - this new
Inquisition wants to dismantle the America we know

Biden & Handlers Go Full Communist - America Faces
Gravest Threat - The Creeper Plans To Give Immediate
CITIZENSHIP To Over 20 Million Invaders - Says All
Immigration Enforcement Infected By 'Systemic Racism'

Why The Roger Stone Commutation Is Not
As Controversial As The Outrage Mob Thinks

Trump Admin Tells Minnesota Governor To Get
Bent Over $16 Million Aid Request After Riots

When Will The Madness End?


'Heinous and unprovoked' stabbing spree
on NY subway caught on Video

Communist LA Teachers Union Says Schools
Can't Reopen Unless All Charter Schools Get
Shut-Down And The Police Completely Defunded

Two Police Officers Shot Dead in TX Ambush

Newly Released Video by Detroit Police Shows
Man Firing at Officers Before They Shoot Him

Lisa Marie Presley's son and Elvis Presley's
grandson, Benjamin Keough, 27, dies of Suicide

Dr. Vernon Coleman - It's Going To Get Worse

New York City Reaches Milestone With No
Reported Coronavirus Deaths

Report from Brazil on Effectiveness of Hydroxy
Treatment - Money is why lies are told against it

Baldwin...Coronavirus Is Biggest Global
Hoax In History - Encore

They Are Coming For Your Children - This is NO JOKE
Where Is The Outrage? - They Can TAKE Your Children


NBC Guest Doctor Suffering From CV In Hospital
And On Air Nearly A Dozen Times NEVER HAD CV!

TV Doctor Admits He Never Had Coronavirus
After NBC Documented His 'Recovery' - Fraud

Nearly 90% Of Discharged COVID Patients
Have Symptoms Two Months After Falling Ill
Docs Say 'Extremely Worrying'

Texas sheriff dies from coronavirus

DeSantis on FL schools reopening - 'If you can
do Walmart...we absolutely can do the schools'

Russia's Sechenov University Successfully Completes
Trials of World's 1st COVID-19 Vaccine

Official CV Statistics Are Missing Something Critical

Okinawans 'shocked' & demand transparency
after CV outbreaks at US bases increase Japanese
prefecture's case toll by 40%

Coronavirus - The Under-40s Dilemma

Three AZ teachers who shared a classroom
got Covid-19 - One of them Has died


Coronavirus hijacks cells forces them to grow
tentacles then invades other adjacent cells

COVID Stress Syndrome - What It Is
and Why It Matters

People fed up with lockdowns and masks
are now labeled 'terrorist'

FL CV outbreak 'completely out of control' - scientist

Florida Sets Record For Covid-19 Cases
As Disney World Opens

Binney & Sullivan - An Open Letter Challenge
To Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey On Censorship

Elon Musk Says His Brain-Computer Chip
Neuralink Will Be Able to Cure Addiction, Depression

Cummings Consultancy Paid Vast Sums to
Vote Leave AI Firm

21 Injured After Explosion, Fire On Navy Amphibious
Assault Ship At San Diego Navy Base

Is The Long-Talked About 'Off-Planet' Scare Near?
International Community Should Evaluate Potential
Threat From UFOs, Says Former Pentagon Official


Russia overcomes toughest phase of pandemic
with minimum losses - Kremlin

Return to INF Treaty impossible after
US withdrawal — Russia

US-Russian relations 'remain at almost-bottom point'
unbefitting of leading nuclear powers – Kremlin

Putin says worsened ties with Ukraine not linked
to Crimea's reunification

State Department Warns US Citizens In China Of
'Prolonged Interrogations And Extended Detention'

Severe Flooding in China Leaves 38 Million Affected
141 Dead or Missing

UK Police Failed to Probe 'Slave' Conditions at Leicester
Factories Over Racism Concerns, Media Says

'Perfect Storm': 'Cyber 9/11 Attack' on UK May
Follow Britain's Diplomatic Fallout With China

Huawei Reportedly Seeks Talks With London
to Postpone Equipment Ban in UK Until 2025

UK govt drops 'stay at home' message as Gove
urges people back to their workplaces


Trump's National Security Adviser to Discuss
China, Russia With EU Officials - Reports

Go woke and creatively broke - BAFTA & Oscar
inclusivity initiatives will stifle free expression

Prince Andrew IS on Epstein's secret tapes
of rich and powerful, says lawyer

Bitcoin And Ethereal - What Does Inclusion Really Mean?

A Staggering Number of US Businesses Are Set to
Collapse as CV Continues to Accelerate

The New Deal Is A Bad Old Deal

Guinness - World Economic Forum
...The Institution Behind 'The Great Reset'

Venezuela Receives Shipment of 840,000
Packages of Insulin Drugs From Russia

5.1 Quake Registered in Venezuela - USGS

Historic snowfall in the Andes - 13 feet in 2 weeks


Tens of thousands of Israelis protest Netanyahu's
handling of Covid-19 crisis - Watch

Israel Can't Survive Without Help From Abroad,
Deputy Head of Hezbollah Says

Russia overcomes toughest phase of pandemic
with minimum losses - Kremlin

Leader urges Iranians to observe heath
protocols as virus cases rise again

Iranian Air Force to 'Soon' Be Equipped
With 100 Kilometer Range Missiles

Iran investigators blame misaligned military radar
and inept, trigger-happy operator for downing
Ukrainian passenger jetliner

Gas Explosion in Iranian Capital of Tehran
Injures At Least 1 Person – Reports

'US military supply convoy' attacked
And torched in Iraq - Watch

UN Security Council adopts Syria cross-border
aid Resolution but refuses to address The
humanitarian costs of sanctions

Explosions Heard Over Syrian City of Jableh


Eight Terrorists Dead After Unsuccessful Attack
on Syrian Armed Forces in Idlib

Ten Deaths Reported in Arab Coalition's
Airstrike in Yemen's Northwest

5 Great White Sharks Reportedly Spotted in Waters
Around New Jersey and New York

Isotope Analysis Helps Uncover Technology
Underlying Great Giza Pyramid

How an Ancient Indian Emperor Created an
Infrastructure of Goodness

Reaching for the Divine - 'Souls on the
Banks of Acheron'

Fogerty Live – Austin City Limits Special

Corrupt Former FBI Attorney Lisa Page Rips
DC Insider For Lacking 'Moral Courage'
Richard Grenell UNLOADS on Coup Plotter!

Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin warns Dems
about polls favoring Biden: The Trump vote is
'fundamentally undercounted'

Two elderly men stabbed in NYC subway attack
as NY sheriff says 'We're starting to lose control'


Occult Ritual Transformation and Coronavirus - How
Mask Wearing, Hand Washing, 'Social Separation'
and Lockdowns Are Age-Old Occult Rituals Being
Used to Force People Into a New Global Order

How the Real Deep State is Using Divide So
that We Can Be Conquered

Young White Mother Killed By Black Lives Matter Mob
for Saying All Lives Matter

A Great American Patriot Marine Veteran Warns
Fascist ANTIFA And Communist BLM - 'We Will Defend
Our Country To The Death...We Are Patriots' - Watch

Black Sub-Human BLM Mob Shoots Young White
Mother In The Head For Saying 'ALL Lives Matter'
Bolshevik Communist MSM Covers Up Her Murder

Roberts - What Is a Fatal Dose of Fentanyl?
George Floyd died of an overdose of fentanyl...

Soviet Communist Seattle holds white re-education
seminar where employees are forced to admit their
'complicity in the system of white supremacy'

Poll - Do you support Trump's Amnesty And Road
To CITIZENSHIP for Obama's DACA Invaders?

Vaccine Bait & Switch - As Millions Pulled From WHO
Trump Gives Billions To Gates-Founded GAVI

Lincoln Project's Blockbuster 'Never Trump' ads
expertly troll a president who never fails to take
the bait - Watch Them

Anti-Trump camp in meltdown over VIDEO of
dancing Roger Stone after his prison term's commuted

Pelosi calls for law restricting presidential pardons

How Biden Rubbed Shoulders With the Soviets
Seeking to Diffuse Cold War Tensions

Fake Polls? Why Biden's 'Nationwide Lead' Over
Trump Says Nothing About the Election Outcome

Illegal immigration on Mexican border surged 40% in June


Will Republicans ditch Donald Trump to save
the Senate as support nosedives?

How Donald Trump's vanity may have doomed
his reelection bid

Storm clouds hang over Trump's attempted
campaign reboot (there are 3 reasons given
for the cancellation...Number 3 Seems right)

Pelosi blasts Roger Stone commutation as
'an act of staggering corruption' By Trump

'Historic corruption' Says Romney About Trump
commuting Roger Stone's prison sentence

No One Seems To Remember The Outrageous
Bill Clinton PardonGate Scandal 19 Yrs Ago

Jeff Sessions blasts Trump's 'insults' ahead
of Alabama Senate runoff

Trump Caves To Liberal Pressure (?) Wears Mask
For First Time during Walter Reed Hospital Visit

3 Weeks After Trump's Rally, Oklahoma Sees
Record Coronavirus Cases

The Dr. Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity
The Great Covid-19 Deception and What You
Need to Know to Survive


As coronavirus surges, Trump tries to dismantle
healthcare for millions

Donald Trump turns blind eye to pandemic
and focuses on political grievances

CV Rift between Trump & health experts Grows

As Coronavirus Rages, Trump's Aides Are
Scrambling to Keep Him In a Good Mood

FL Homeowner Snuffs 2 of 3 Home Invaders - Sheriff
Says He Was Correct In Using His Second Amendment

Chicago 'Black Lives Matter' Mural Painted Over
to Read 'All Lives Matter' - Bravo

YouTube Takes Down Tucker's Video Connecting
Terrorist Susan Rosenberg to Communist BLM

US is approaching 'one of the most unstable
times in the history of our country'

USC Cinema School To Remove John Wayne Exhibit

WV mail carrier guilty of election fraud changed
absentee ballot forms


Maxwell, Epstein & the Control of Science since WW2

Strident BLM activists are imposing their orthodoxy
on race-related matters with a fervor approaching
Red Scare McCarthyism

Seattle Officials Back Defunding Police By 50%
...Mull 911 Overhaul

SJW grifters running woke dinner scam on wealthy
whites are amplifying the racism they claim to fight

Ex-Jewel Thief Claims Epstein And Ghislaine Maxwell
'Forced Him To Watch Pedo Videos Involving US Pols'

Humor - Why You Should Never Watch RT - Ever!

Federal Investigation - Trans Bathroom Enabled Alleged
Sexual Assault Of Kindergartener - Offender needs to
be Removed from The Planet promptly

Nichols - Gamma Radiation In America 7-11-20

Pharmacist Reveals What's Coming - 'Absolutely Horrific'

COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless


Politics Influences the 'Science' of COVID-19
...Flawed Data, Flawed Models

Meet The Israeli Intel-Linked Firm Using AI To
Profile Americans and Guide US Lockdown Policy

Goodbye, extra $600 - Unemployment benefits won't
exceed former wages in next stimulus bill - Incredible,
Staggering Chaos Is Coming

Dr. Lays Out Coronavirus FACTS - Watch, Learn

Ex NYT Reporter On CV - You Don't Shut Down Schools,
You Don't Shut Down Society, You Don't Force People To
Wear Masks Without Really Good Evidence They Work

And The PROOF That They Don't Work - Watch

Whitney - Looks Like SWEDEN WAS RIGHT After All

Phoenix Mayor LIED About Morgues Bringing In
'Refrigerator Trucks' To Store Overflow CV Bodies

NBC contributor who documented harrowing
battle with Covid-19 NEVER HAD IT !

What 75 Preppers Learned During The Lockdown


The Groupthink Pandemic

Safety First Is A Bad Ideology

Bill Gates Says COVID-19 Medicine Should Go
to Those in Need, Not Straight to Richest States

Trump admin To Tell HCWs To REUSE PPE Says Pence
There Is STILL A Shortage even After SIX MONTHS!

Atlanta mayor rolls back city's reopening to Phase 1

Texas Recommends Wearing Masks at HOME!
NY Bans All Large Gatherings - Except BLM Protests

NC Family party infects 41 people with COVID-19

Disney World Reopens Despite FL Spiraling CV Cases

Psychobabble - Lower cognitive ability linked to
non-compliance with social distancing guidelines

25% Of teachers at greater risk If They Get CV


Florida man, sons charged with selling
MMS As CV Treatment

CV In La - Second Straight Day Of Over 2,000 Cases

Once called a 'war zone,' this NJ hospital now
has zero coronavirus patients

OH man died from coronavirus after saying
he refused to buy a mask

TX Man Dies After Attending 'COVID Party'

Long lines for CV tests, stressed labs
delay results as cases surge

Pathologist found blood clots in 'almost every
organ' during autopsies on COVID patients

How coronavirus affects the entire body

'You get made fun of' - Trump campaign headquarters
office shuns masks and social distancing

Tyson and other meat processors are reportedly
speeding up plans for robot butchers

NY Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman tests positive
for CV - Gone for 'foreseeable future'

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 7-11-20

Dozens of US Marines in Japan's
Okinawa get coronavirus

'Another phony hit job' - Trump slams NYT
for 'made up' story about alleged Russian
bounties in Afghanistan

HK third wave - authorities warn of hospital care crunch and
order schools to close as 38 new coronavirus cases emerge
We have 70,000 Cases A Day And Order Schools To Open

North Korea warns UK will 'pay price' for
brazen sanctions, and calls it 'US puppet'

Russia continues stockpiling gold,
adding $2.7 billion to forex reserves

Swiss Mountain Vault Offers Wealthy Elites
$500,000 Plots For Storing Valuables

India to buy Venezuela oil under swap deal
amid US sanctions


Over 60 percent of travelers plan to reduce trips
In post-pandemic world – IATA survey

Israel's Ofek 16 satellite - An eye Right Above Iran

Iran's UN Envoy Slams Soleimani's Killing by US
as 'Terrorist Act by Any Standard'

Iran slams 'flurry of disinformation' about
potential China deal

Ex-Israel spymaster admits - Iran can't
be stopped in nuclear bid

'Securing' Syrian Oil? US Troops Reportedly Smuggle
Trucks Full of Country's Crude to Iraq...Again

Watch US Armored Convoy Retreat As Syrian Army
Threatens Fire In Tense Standoff

Saudi permission for 'raunchy' photo shoot
in Medina sparks controversy

Global Outrage As Erdogan Orders Historic Hagia
Sophia Church To Reopen As Mosque

FBI Kidnapped Nigerian Influencer From Dubai
Claims His Lawyer


Unprecedented rally in Far East Russia - large-scale
protest after Khabarovsk governor is arrested for murder

Serbian police arrest 71 protesters, including Brit,
as mayhem over Covid-19 restrictions continues

Indian Army: About 300 Terrorists Waiting at
Launchpads Across Border to Make Infiltration Bid

Indian forces kill 6 Naga militants near
Myanmar border, find stash of weapons & bombs

Mach 10 UFOs Are Spying On Iranian Nuclear Sites

Roswell, Alien Craft and Colonel Phillip Corso

UFO Secrecy Has Changed Our World

UFO Documents - Provenance and Credibility

AOC doesn't think cancel culture is a thing

Chinese Virologist Flees Hong Kong
Accuses Beijing Of COVID-19 Coverup


Ghost town Britain on the brink of bankruptcy

'Black Jesus' Depictions Violate Russian
Orthodox Church's Canons, Priest Says

Slavery Is STILL Rampant in Africa and Middle
East But Liberals Turn a Blind Eye and Attack US

Satellite sees 'Godzilla' dust plume
sweep across the Atlantic Ocean

Fatal tornadoes leave destructive path
through west-central Minnesota, US

Want to Browse Some National Park Maps?
There's a Site For That

Video - How Mexican cartels are
taking advantage of pandemic

Trump commutes the 'Unjust' prison sentence
of GOP strategist Roger Stone

More Voter Fraud EXPOSED, Mailman Pleads Guilty,
Cat Gets Voter Forms, 2020 Chaos Has ALREADY Begun

Backstabbing Chabad-Lubavitcher Trump says he'll
sign order with 'road to citizenship' for DACA recipients

Jerry Kushner's Chabad Lubavitch - Jewish Supremacist
Cult of Terrorists In League With Israeli Mossad

Zionist Enterprise YouTube Takes Down
Tucker's Carlson's Video Connecting Jewish
Supremacist Terrorist Susan Rosenberg to BLM

'All who don't kowtow to BLM must be destroyed' - this new
Inquisition wants to dismantle the America we know

Biden & Handlers Go Full Communist - America Faces
Gravest Threat - The Creeper Plans To Give Immediate
CITIZENSHIP To Over 20 Million Invaders - Says All
Immigration Enforcement Infected By 'Systemic Racism'

Trump's New, Big Betrayal - Says He'll Sign Order Giving
Road To Citizenship for All Illegal DACA Invaders

Weird Facts Emerge In Minneapolis And NY
As 'Dismantle America' Marches On

The 38 most bizarre quotes from Trump's new
'interview' with Sean Hannity


Buchanan - The Coming 'New Systemic Racism'

Trump - US Forces Were 'All Set To Go Into Seattle'
To Remove CHOP But Local Cops Moved First

Where the Hell Is John Durham? - Durham Probe
Is Just Another Deep State Deception

Trump says doctors were 'very surprised'
when he 'aced' cognitive test At Bethesda

The point isn't that the cognitive test is easy
The point is that Trump keeps bragging about it

Ali blasts Omar over call to remake US, Human rights
activist asks, 'Why flee from Mogadishu and Then do
your best' to turn US into A Squalid, Filthy Mogadishu?

'Our Children Should Be Educated, Not Indoctrinated'
Trump Threatens Tax-Exempt Status Of Leftist Colleges

'I'm Not Apologizing' - Goya Foods CEO Reacts To
'Cancel Culture' Attacks Over Trump Support

The Nobel Prize for medicine goes to...Bill de Blasio who
discovered CV spreads everywhere except at BLM protests

Internet implodes after AOC says only entitled moaners think
cancel culture exists (in a post complaining About her critics)


Communists Push Seattle City Council To 'defund'
The Entire police Department By At Least 50%

Montana Teacher's Union Chooses An *Actual
Communist* As Its New President

Texas Facing driest conditions In last 1,000 YEARS

Fondling In Plain Sight - Austin Police Under Fire
Over Viral Video Of 'Routine' Traffic Stop

'Emotional beatdown on daily basis' - 150 Minneapolis
police officers seek disability for PTSD over BLM riots

Baldwin - Coronavirus Is Biggest Global Hoax In History

COVID Con - Doctor Says Virus Is 'Dying'
but Media Is Keeping It Alive

Chinese virologist accuses Beijing of CV coverup
flees Hong Kong In Fear Of Being Murdered

Trump continues to ignore pandemic
during trip to hotspot of Florida

Trump's coronavirus approval at all-time low


Trump, President Winning-by-Losing, Is, in Fact,
Losing...Coronavirus Has Beaten Him

Fauci says he hasn't briefed Trump in two months
as Covid cases rise |

Trump On Fauci...'He's made a lot of mistakes'

Fauci Says Trump Is 'obviously' wrong that '99%'
of coronavirus cases are 'harmless'

Trump's Top COVID Adviser, Debbie Birx Says
Deaths Will Soon Start to Rise

'Pleading' from aides led to Trump agreeing
to Finally wear a mask

Another Doctor Speaks Out On The Truth Of Coronavirus

FDA warns against dangerous or even LETHAL
hand sanitizers

Medics are down to their last defense with
coronavirus swamping their CA town

Florida ICUs strained, Trump on Fauci And
masks Are Now required in Kentucky


Houston hospitals turning away patients as
coronavirus overwhelms ERs

34 Yr Old Vancouver man with no underlying
conditions dies of coronavirus

Chinese Officials Now Says 'Unknown Pneumonia
'In Kazakhstan' Is Likely To Be Coronavirus

Amazon Orders Employees To Delete TikTok
From All Phones Using Company Email

Ongoing global outages of iOS for Twitter, Tinder,
Spotify and Pinterest are linked to Facebook software

General Milley slams Confederate leaders
as being traitors - backs renaming bases

Army's 'Captain America' dies by suicide after nearly
a dozen combat tours - Another Goy Kills Himself
Due To The War for Zionist Israel

Senate Democrats demand to see copies of Trump's
intelligence briefings on Russian bounties


Colin Powell Slams US Media's 'Hysterical'
Reaction to Alleged Russian Bounties in Afghanistan

Girl Power - A Female Soldier Will Join the
US Green Berets For the First Time in History

US Afghan War Veterans Suffer 'Devastating
Health Conditions' Due to Toxins, Radiation at Base

Herd immunity level for CV in Moscow Is Now
high enough to ease curbs — mayor

Russia ready for audiences to attend F1 race in Sochi

'Destructive ideas' - Russia accuses US state-run
media of spreading fake information about
constitutional amendment vote

Moscow Slams Hague's Decision to Bring Russia
Before European Court of Human Rights Over MH17 Crash

Possible use of NATO aircraft to traffic Afghan
drugs needs to be investigated - Lavrov

US biological laboratories in third countries
raise suspicions — ex-PM Medvedev

Trump Says 'Phase 2' China Trade Deal 'Unlikely'


UK government to invest £170,000 in elite sex-parties
firm, with taxpayer holding equity stake – media report

French police DESTROY Calais migrant camp
and send over 500 to reception centers

BAFTA takes heat online for imposing diversity quotas
for Games Awards contestants

'How Islam moderated slavery' - BBC blasted for piece
explaining the 'nice' way to treat humans as property

Novogratz On Gold & The Fed's Fairy Tale World

Iran says not surprised by Western concerns
about strategic ties with China

Iran warns of consequences for any 'foreign
elements' proven to be involved in mysterious
Natanz nuclear facility incident

Iran explosions - Did Israel-US just start a cyber war?

Russia, Some OPCW Member States Criticize
Report on Chemical Attacks in Syria

Turkish president Erdogan signs decree turning
Istanbul's Hagia Sofia into a mosque after court ruling


Scientists devise new plan to test if mysterious
'Planet Nine' is primordial black hole

Trayvon's Fake Witness (song parody)

Watch - Facts About Massive WHITE SLAVERY And
How Blacks Owned Black Slaves In America - Stop The
'White Guilt' And 'White Privilege' Narrative With TRUTH
The One-Sided Hustle Of 'Black Victimhood' Must Stop

Biden And Bernie Communist Unity Platform
...This Would Be The End Of America - Read

Not a 'racist' plan anymore? Democrats rejoice over
Biden's $700 Billion 'Buy American' promise

Br Nathanael - Secession Now!

NYC Mayor De Blasio Helps Paint 'Black Lives Matter'
Street Defacement Outside Trump Tower

SCOTUS Gives Large Area Of Oklahoma
Back To Native Americans For Purposes
Of Federal Criminal Law

Pelosi On American Statue Destruction
...'People Will Do What They Do'

'Political Prosecution!' Trump Rages After
SCOTUS Tax Ruling

Trump's business and tax records likely
won't be public before the 2020 election

Jacksonville FL attys sue to block GOP Convention


Texas GOP sues Houston mayor for canceling
party's in-person convention

Prince Andrew's Cousin Says Ghislaine
Maxwell Has 'Secret Video' Of Him

Barr Should Transfer Ghislaine Maxwell
To Rikers For Her Safety - Ex Prison Official

Ghislaine Maxwell Placed in Isolation Amid
Fears She'll Soon Be Found Dead

Ghislaine Ran Reddit's 8th Most Popular
Reddit Account Called UnMaxwellHill
...Expected Activity For A Mossad Agent

The Global Reset – Unplugged...'The Deep State'

Fearing Cancelation, Cowardly Public Figures Withdraw
Support For Open Letter Decrying Cancel Culture

Internet witch hunts derive from 'profound' desire
for self-purpose, signatory of open letter critical
of cancel culture tells RT

New WA bill would outlaw CHOP zones
and Any withdrawal of police services
Comrade Gov Inslee Will Never Sign It

Ford workers request company stops providing US
police with vehicles amid reckoning on cop violence


Joy Reid lands prime-time MSNBC slot
despite her 'serial lying'

Would CNN's Don Lemon cancel himself over
shockingly unwoke 2013 tips to black community?

Kazakhstan - A New, dangerous Viral pneumonia
With A 'Much higher' death rate than CV Spreading

New CV records in Florida, Texas and California
erode hopes of Any US economic revival

Hypocrite De Niro's Nobu Restaurants Received
Millions From Trump Admins Covid Relief Loans

The Terrible National Trauma Left by CV Lockdown

Ivy League rules out playing all sports this fall
due to coronavirus pandemic

More than 1,000 TSA employees have tested
positive for coronavirus

Comrade Newsom Reports Record CV Deaths In CA

6 More Oregon CV deaths - record 389 cases reported


Fresno Nurse Died Of CV As Coronavirus Safety
Complaints Piled Up Against Kaiser Hospital

So Many Coronavirus Patients Don't Get to Say
Goodbye...-And must Face A Horrible Death Alone

Deaths at home suggest coronavirus is hitting
Houston harder than reported

TX passes 100 CV deaths in a single day

TX emergency chief who led efforts to secure
PPE dies of coronavirus and effects of leukemia

Dallas County reports more than 1,000
new COVID cases for the 7th straight day

Prisons have higher coronavirus infection
and death rates, analysis from JHU says

UT Gov Herbert requires masks for all in K-12 schools
this fall but does not impose statewide mandate

6 hospitals closing departments, ending services


NY Times Says Israel Planted Bomb At Iran
Nuclear Facility

Embarrassment of riches? Jeff Bezos breaks own
wealth record AGAIN amid coronavirus misery

Alibaba dethrones Facebook as world's sixth-most
valuable company

Competitor for Huawei? Samsung Says it Could
Build UK's New 5G Network

UK telecom firms warn rushing to phase out
Huawei 5G gear will take years & cost billions

Why Did Hitler Invade 'Neutral' Holland & Belgium?

'It can't come close to happening again' - Biden tells Porky
in alleged 2016 call on Ukraine sabotage Ops in Crimea

Putin's point man on Ukraine says unrecognized Donetsk
And Lugansk republics will NOT join Russia

Diplomat slams UK sanctions against Russian
nationals as meddling in internal affairs

'Not logical' - Kremlin lambasts rumors tying
Chechen murder victim in Austria to Kadyrov


No lockdown, but no public gatherings - Serbia intros
new anti-coronavirus restrictions amid protests

Serbian defense minister says protests are
'COUP ATTEMPT' and aim to spark CIVIL WAR

Moscow mayor announces new stage of lifting
COVID-19 restrictions

Top Communist Party Official - China, US Headed
For 'Complete Economic Decoupling'

China hits out at Australia over new visa rules
for Hong Kong & extradition treaty suspension

US Sanctions 4 China Nationals Under 'Magnitsky Act'

China Should Meet Russia to Consider Next Steps
for Arms Control Talks - US State Department

Seoul mayor found dead after search – police

£1k bounties for care homes to take Covid patients
show BoJo can't dodge blame for UK death toll

Queen's Secret Letters Linked with Gough Whitlam's
Sacking to be Made Public After Legal Wrangling


'Choosing between eating And watching TV' - BBC under
fire for making over-75s pay TV licence from 8-1-20

Cities are sexist because skyscrapers look like penises
says Guardian in unironic rehash of 1980s comedy

Covid Isolation Made Swedish Pensioners
Feel Better, Surprising Study Finds

UK Retailers to Cut Thousands of Jobs and Shut Stores

Five million begin lockdown in Australian city

Almost 50 Million Americans Have Now Filed For
First-Time Jobless Benefits Since Lockdowns Began

Redacted FBI document hints at Israeli
efforts to help Trump in 2016 campaign

Israel's Mossad Chief Might End Up Becoming
Country's PM After Netanyahu's Era is Over

US Will Never Succeed in Extending UN Arms
Embargo on Iran, Russian Envoy Says

OPCW Gives Syria 90 Days to Declare
Chemical Weapons


Saudi-Led Coalition Reportedly Destroys Pair
of Explosive-Laden Boats Off Yemen

UFO Hunter Claims NASA Mars Photo Shows
Remains Of 'Ancient Jet Engine'

Ghislaine Has Copies Of Everything Epstein
Had On The Rich And Famous To Use To Get
Herself Off The Hook

Lawyer for Epstein Victims Thinks Ghislaine
Maxwell Will Die in Jail

Vile Dershowitz wins lawsuit sealing Epstein
And Mossad Blackmail files

Prospect of chaos in November grows as CV cases
rise and Trump escalates attacks on voting (No Matter
Who 'wins' The 'Election' There will be Mass Unrest)

'We Have to Be Prepared for Trump Losing'
As Chaos Engulfs Trump Campaign, Ingraham,
Other Loyalists Look For What's Next

BLM leader - Whites are subhuman 'genetic defects'

Philly BLM Boss Wants 5 Year Abolition Of Police
(And The Resulting Third World Crime Cess Pool)

Don't Miss This - Malcolm X And Yuri Bezmenov
How Liberals Use Blacks And How PsyOps Have
Completely Demoralized America

White House furious as media give book by
Trump's niece instant credibility

Daily Caller, Judicial Watch Sue Univ Of Delaware
For Access To Biden's Sealed Senate Records


The Coming Biden Coup

US to officially leave WHO next July after
Trump's 'blame China' ultimatum fails to
sway global health organization

Biden Promises to Rejoin WHO on 'First Day'
as US President

Biden Says Some Funding Can 'Absolutely' Be
Redirected Away From Police

Buchanan - A Culture War Battle Trump Can Win

Trump threatens to cut federal funds
from schools that don't reopen

Teachers union president dares Trump to
sit in classroom amid CV 'and breathe that air'

Retail Apocalypse Accelerates - 8,700 More
Stores Closing, Number Set To Soar

Far Left 'Breathe Act' Would Grant Non Citizens
The Right To Vote In American Elections!

Tucker - Duckworth Has No Right To Lecture Anyone
She's A Coward, Ignored Vets Suffering And A Fraud


Duckworth Welcomes Illinois Members of
AIPAC to Washington to Discuss US National
Security Priorities

Top Stanford Doctor Says '80-85%' Of TX Hospital
Patients 'Have Nothing To Do With COVID-19'

Communist Soviet Seattle - Forced Re-education
Of White Employees On 'Interrupting Internalized Racial
Superiority and Whiteness' - This Is Tyrannical

CA Communist Gov Newsom Caught Wiring Half
A Billion Dollars To Communist China In Massive
Face Mask Money-Laundering Scheme

Omar Has Paid Nearly One Million To New
Husband's Consulting Firm - Report

Communist Omar Faces Ethics Outcry Over Pmts
To Husband After Decrying Those Who Profit
From Our 'System Of Oppression'

Mentally 'Delayed'Actress AOC Removed Mask
And Blew Bubbles Into the Face of A Child

Ocasio wants the shutdown to continue
to hurt trump - Start At 5:40

Simon & Schuster and 9/11

The Beast That Has Controlled America
for 150 Years - The Jewish-Owned Media


Ghislaine Should Be On Suicide Watch
...Says Former MDC Warden

Maxwell's Trial 'Opens Up Possibility' Other Epstein
Affiliates 'Given a Pass' Could Face Justice

Black Lives Matter 'Canceled' After Criticizing
Israel And standing With Palestinians

Watch - SUV drives through crowd of BLM Trash in
NY - but driver Correctly released without charge

CA BLM Thugs Destroy And Vandalize Endless White
Property - White Couple Charged By Communist Govt
With Hate Crime For Vandalism Of A BLM Mural

Violence sweeps US as 'systemic liberalism'
handcuffs The police

Portland Police See 240 Percent Yearly
Increase in July Shootings

Ghana's Message To African Americans - 'Come Home'

Communist CA Faculty Association Demands FREE Tuition
For ALL Blacks...And To Hell With White Students

More layoffs ahead for Vegas hotel-casino workers
The Las Vegas Valley is in deep deep trouble


Dem law firm handling Harvey Weinstein's defense
takes millions in CV aid despite massive earnings

Palast - You Are Not Guilty

I was born in NYC And I've never seen the city
so scared and uninhabitable - I fear we're on the
brink of a second American civil war

California couple charged with HATE CRIME
for painting over city-approved BLM mural

Billionaire John Paulson rips elite Spence
school for 'anti-white' indoctrination'

In the unforgiving world of woke - One misstep
decades ago and you're tarred for life - Absurd

Chomsky, Rowling & others sign open letter
against cancel culture, get blasted by left & right

Allgire - Are We A Virtual Reality Game Created
By ET...Just Like SIM City?

Shimatsu - Barcelona Traces COV To spring 2019
Implicating UK Labs - Part 26

Brain damage could be linked to Covid scientists warn


Daily Deaths from Covid 19 are falling in the US

Confirmed CV Cases In US Pass 3 Million

LA Mayor Garcetti Warns Residents That
CV Home (Arrest) Is On The Table

27 Yr Old Millennial Infected - Sounds Alarm
As Cases Rise - 'Coronavirus Is Not a Joke'

239 scientists question how CV is transmitted

In case you missed this - Start about 2:50 In...
Stunning Info About Coming DNA Changing
Coronavirus VAX Which Will Alter Your Genome And
Turn All Those Injected Into GMOs...& Much More

Study shows CV pandemic led to 18% rise in
overall deaths in the US from any cause

CV spike linked to in-person dining, study suggests

53% Of All US Restaurants Are Gone Forever
Casualties Of The Great 2020 Plandemic

Trump says he disagrees with Fauci on CV In US


US Public Must Guard Against 'False Complacency'
on COVID Pandemic Says Fauci

Trump: Administration Will 'Put Pressure'
on State Officials to Open Schools by Fall

After Sending 1000s Of Infected CV Patients Into
Nursing Homes, NY Blames Deaths On 'Infected Staff'
(The Level Of Lying In American Govt Is Astonishing)

CV Drug Could Be More Effective than A Rushed Vax
Says Expert on India Setting The 'Wrong' Deadline

Tough self-isolation mode unlikely to be happen
during COVID second wave - Russian expert

Masks are Covid 'new normal' and those refusing them
should be SHAMED like drunk drivers - Royal Society chief

Louisiana governor says all progress against CV
has been wiped out in The past three weeks

Medical Expert Sees No Danger From Plague Cases
in Mongolia for Neighboring States, Europe

Journalist - Many Invaders Entering Italy Have CV

CV Weighs On Consumer Psyche

Facebook Usage Soars 75% Amid Corporate
Advertiser Boycott


Visualizing The Size Of Amazon
The World's Most Valuable Retailer

Viral TikTok challenge causes Dogecoin
cryptocurrency to surge in value

Forget TikTok Ban, Trump Aides Discuss Busting
The Hong Kong Dollar Peg To Punish China

DoJ, FTC Investigating TikTok Over Child Privacy

Beijing to Join US-Russia Talks If US Cuts Nukes
to Chinese Level, China's Foreign Ministry Says

US Military Chief Doubts Intelligence Behind
Russian Bounty Allegations - Reports

NYT Now quietly admits there's zero evidence
Russian Paid Bounties For US Dead In Afghanistan

'The case wasn't proved to me' - Top US Cmdr
unconvinced by 'Russian bounty to Taliban' intel

US Aircraft Carriers Nimitz, Reagan Conducting
Maritime Drills in South China Sea

SecDef - US Was Deterred in Past Year's Aggressive
Activities by N Korea, Iran, Russia, China


Japanese, Australian Ministers Urge North Korea
to Return to Negotiations

Boeing Plans New Starliner Test Flight After
Spacecraft Gets 80 Changes

Turkey tested Russia's S-400 air defense systems
on US-made planes last year

'Catch and kill' - Scientists reveal air filter
Almost 100% effective against coronavirus

Russia Looks For bubonic plague outbreaks in
China & Mongolia by testing Siberian rodents

Luongo - Russia's Political Stability Ensured
While The West Sinks

'Mind your own business' - Foreign Ministry
tells US to look in the mirror after it accused
Russia of attack on 'media freedom'

Here we go again! This time Lithuania Bans RT
claiming it is led by A journalist who heads A
Totally Different network

Lavrov castigates Pentagon 'containment'
policy of China and Russia

British Judge Orders Christopher Steele To Pay
Damages To Russian Bankers Over Dossier Lies


Two Russian nationals detained in Kiev
on suspicion of plotting crimes

US created, nurtured The Taliban in decade-long
covert op - Russia's top security official

China Demands Investigation Also Looks
Into Spain as a Possible Origin of Virus

Hong Kong battling third wave of coronavirus
infections as city confirms 14 new cases

Hong Kong Activists Are Off The Streets - They're
Too Busy Scrubbing Digital Footprints

Australia Warns Citizens They Risk Arbitrary
Detention While Traveling Through China

US Issues Visa Restrictions on Chinese Officials
Over Tibetan Access

If China seeks world domination, should the US
keep doing business with it? FBI chief Wray
seems to want it both ways

Millions in PPP Loans Went To Chinese
Communist Party-Linked Companies

Big Tech Masters of the Universe Face
Free-Speech Test in Hong Kong


Chinese Foreign Ministry Calls Strategic
Cooperation With Russia 'Excellent'

China-US Visa Restriction Spat Erupts Over Tibet

TikTok Tiff - Trump Confirms US May Ban Popular
Video-Sharing Service to Punish China for Covid-19

Belgrade Erupts in Protest After New CV Lockdown
Announced, Parliament Stormed

Killing Free Speech In Austria

UK Government Study - 81% of Care Home
Residents Are Asymptomatic

22% Percent of UK's Hospitalized COVID
Patients Caught the Virus IN Hospital

People With Mild COVID-19 May Experience
'Serious' Brain Disorders - UK Neurologists

Spain's Catalonia to make wearing of masks
obligatory amid Covid-19 resurgence

AfD lawmaker shows up wearing GAS MASK
in sarcastic nod to German anti-Covid measure


Massive protests rock Serbian capital after new
Covid-19 lockdown announcement - Watch

British govt £30 Billion emergency Covid budget
Offers 'meal deals' & VAT cuts to get Britons spending

The 'Long Shadow'? Nearly 60% of Holidaymakers
Say No to Post COVID Travel, Survey Finds

53% Of Restaurants Closed During CV Lockdown
Have Shuttered Permanently - Yelp Data Shows

570 E-Commerce Stores From 55 Countries Hacked
Credit Card Data Worth Over $7 Million Sold Online

Seven Torture Chambers & cells inside shipping
containers discovered in Dutch police raid after
crack of encrypted chat app

Dominic Cummings to Visit the UK's Most
Classified Military Sites

Ford previews triple-model 'Built Wild' Bronco lineup

Providing Basic Income Could Cost Canada
Up to $72 Billion

Why The Bakken May Not Come Back


CV Positive Brazil President Bolsonaro Pops Trump
Touted Anti-Malaria Pill - Feeling 'A Lot Better'

Bolsonaro's CV diagnosis marks 'beginning of
the end' for his administration

Brazil Press Association to sue Bolsonaro
over CV exposure

Bolsonaro vetoes Covid-19 protections for
indigenous people in Brazil

Netanyahu Will Go Forward With Annexation

OIC urges UN Security Council to stop
Israel annexation plan

Israel Frets Over Security Risks From US Rule
Change Allowing High-Resolution Satellite Photos

UN Finds US Soleimani Killing 'Unlawful' As There
Was 'No Evidence' Of Imminent Threat - It Was Murder

Pentagon to Sell Single Black Hawk Helicopter
to Jordan for $23 Million to Transport Royal Family

US Smuggles 27 Truckloads of Military Equipment,
Supplies Into Syria Through Iraq, Report Says


Turkish Forces Lick Wounds After Airstrikes
Hit Their Base In Libya

Pompeo Warns Security Council Mideast Will
Face More Strife if Iran Arms Embargo Not Extended

Nasrallah Slams US Lebanon Envoy for Acting
Like Colonial Officer, Warns Israel Over West Bank

UN Independent Commission on Syria cannot
guarantee credibility of its data, says Lavrov

Top US Gen predicts limited military in Iraq

Report finds UK enabled 'unlawful'
Saudi-led naval blockade of Yemen
as London resumes arms sales to Riyadh

Africa's coronavirus cases pass 500,000

Over 30 African countries request Russia's
assistance in anti-coronavirus fight

12 Astounding Things Science Can't Explain

Shia LaBeouf accused of brownface
& Halle Berry quits her transgender role
to please wokidiot crowds


Stefan Molyneux suspended from Twitter
just days after receiving YouTube ban

Killing Eve Star Jodie Comer 'Cancelled'
for Allegedly Dating Trump Supporter

Addressing so-called 'unconscious bias' &
'unwitting racism' May Be first step to brainwashing

'Cancel Hamilton' calls demand musical
creators swear fealty to BLM AGAIN

Bella Hadid says (Zionist) Instagram Canceled
her post because she Dared mention 'Palestine'

Five asteroids to fly past Earth in coming week,
NASA IDs space rock with highest odds of hitting us

5.1 magnitude earthquake strikes off coast of Alaska

Specter of the most dangerous tropical storm season
since Hurricane Katrina looms for US, Caribbean

David Ditchfield's Remarkable Near-Death Experience

Millions of Americans go hungry as the
pandemic destroys lives


Did an Alaskan Volcano Help Change the Face
of the Mediterranean World?

THC Microdosing Reduces Chronic Pain
in World-First Clinical Trial

Dalai Lama Marks 85th Birthday By Releasing
Album of Mantras and Teachings

Major noctilucent clouds outbreak over Europe

Tucker - Duckworth Has No Right To Lecture Anyone
She's A Coward, Ignored Vets Suffering And A Fraud

Malcolm X And Yuri Bezmenov - How Liberals Use Blacks
And How PsyOps Have Completely Demoralized America

Tucker - Can The Left Lead A Country It Hates?

Why The Socialist Left Lies...And Lies...

Trump Approval At 38% In Latest Gallup Poll
...Which Shows Historic Partisan Divide

President Trump warns that your 401(k) could
'disintegrate and disappear' if he loses In Nov

Mary Trump's book - eight of its most shocking
claims about president Trump

Trump cheated on SAT by paying someone
to take it for him - Mary Trump new book

Mary Trump's book on Donald says president
may have 'undiagnosed learning disability'

Mary Trump's book chronicles how a dysfunctional
family 'created the world's most dangerous man'

5 most shocking claims in Mary Trump's book


Jews Now Say Trump's Attacks on Antifa Are
REALLY Attacks on Jews - Haaretz Op-Ed

Racist Hate - Jewish Woman Says White Babies
are the Ugliest & Deformed - What If A White
Woman Said that About Jewish Babies?

The Neoliberal Color Revolution in America

Ghislaine Has Secret Stash of Sex Tapes
as Insurance Says Ex-Friend

'She's a good one, right?' Woman claims Epstein
paraded her in front of Donald Trump when she
was pedo Epstein's underage victim

Atzmon - We're all 'Jews' in the eyes of today's Nazis

Christian Zionist Evangelical group writes to Trump
urging him NOT to end DACA - To Let The All Stay

Deutsche Bank 'Inexcusably Failed' To Monitor
Jeffery Epstein's Accounts, Fined $150 Million

Ghislaine Goes From Posh Hideout To COVID-Stricken
'Third World Country' NY Jail

Fox News Apologises for Cropping Donald Trump
From Photo With Jeffrey Epstein


Who's the 'con artist' now? Robert De Niro's restaurant
chain taking up to $28 MILLION from Trump CV relief loans

Daily Beast exposes network of false personas that
tricked news outlets into publishing their op-eds

Wayne Dupree - Want America back from Communist
anarchists? Be prepared to fight for it

153 'Left-Leaning' Economists Say US Should Continue
To Hand Out Free Money Indefinitely

Too Funny - BLM Teacher Says 2+2 Only Equals 4
Because Of 'Western Imperialism'

As a trans woman, parent and teacher, I say
JK Rowling is absolutely right - it's child abuse
to push kids towards changing sex

At Least 16 Children Have Been Shot in the US
Since the Start of George Floyd Riots

Violent Crime Is Surging Dramatically In Major
Cities All Over America - Mostly Black on Black

CNN's Don Lemon Claims Black-On-Black Violence
Has Nothing To Do With Black Lives Matter - Oh?

Shooter In Custody At Marine Training Facility
In California


Urgent - Stunning Info About Coming DNA Changing
Coronavirus VAX Which Will Alter Your Genome And
Turn All Those Injected Into GMOs...& Much More - Watch

Trump Pushing Hard To Reopen Schools
...Vows 'Pressure' On State Governors

'Crunch Time' Arrives...And Was Everyone
Wrong About The Coronavirus?

Brazil president Bolsonaro tests CV positive

Study Finds HIV, Many Other Viruses Present
In The Virome Of A Normal Person

Covid May Not Have Originated in China
...Says Oxford University Expert

WHO sending mission to China to clarify CV origin

Operation Warp Speed Awards Novavax $1.6 Billion
For COVID Vaccine - Don't Take It

Neanderthal Genes Can Result in More Severe
Coronavirus Researchers Warn

Hitchens - We've All Turned From Normal Humans
Into Muzzled Masochists


Fauci Rebuts Trump On Taking Comfort
In Lower US Coronavirus Death Rate

Trump rebukes Fauci's coronavirus assessment
...Says 'I think we are in a good place'

Contact tracing is no longer possible across the South
due to rapid coronavirus surges

CV spike linked to in-person dining, study suggests

AZ reports 117 new coronavirus deaths
...with 52 from death certificates

FL Hospitals Request 100 Nurses For CV Cases
...May Need 100 More Next Week

As Coronavirus Cases Rise, 43 FL ICUs reach capacity

TX Sets New State Record With Over 10,000 CV
Cases On Tuesday

Texas state fair canceled for first time since WWII

Facebook Folds - Will Now Police Speech
After Advertiser Exodus

US 'certainly looking' at banning TikTok & other Chinese
social media apps, says Pompeo

Twitter - Angry Lesbians Release America-Hating
Remake of Lee Greenwood's Classic for 4th of July


YouTube reverses two year ban of Mike Adams
then bans the first video that's uploaded which urges
viewers to move to Brighteon.com

Customs Staff in Russia's Vladivostok Find German
Helicopter With High Radiation Levels

Russia's Magadan Ready to Take Baranov Statue
From US' Says Alaska Mayor

Adviser to Russian Space Agency chief arrested on
suspicion of passing information to NATO intel

Russia to place 6th ground station of Glonass
satellite navigation system in Brazil

Russia steps up patrols against marmot hunting
after bubonic plague outbreaks in neighboring
China & Mongolia

Russia to impose reciprocal sanctions on UK
following publication of 'Magnitsky List'

'I went 13 times begging for a scan' - UK cancer patient
tells RT delays in NHS amid CVcut his chance of survival

Thatcher-Era Tory Ministers Warn of Return to 1980s-Style
Mass Unemployment in Wake of Pandemic

Think Tank Urges UK Govt to Create $250 Billion
Stimulus Package to Ensure Economic Recovery


British Government Needs 'A Massive Public Investment
Program' Says City Economist

CV Set To Hasten UK Ban On Sales Of Gasoline
And Diesel Cars

Ex-MI6 Spy Dossier Claims China, Huawei Waged
'Covert Campaign' to Reduce UK MPs to 'Useful Idiots'

UK's move to ban Huawei from 5G network shows US
dictates Britain's foreign policy Says George Galloway

Former UK Chancellor Hammond slams 'alarming' rise in
'anti-Chinese sentiment' within Tory Party amid Huawei row

'Pub shaming' stinks worse than stale beer -
We don't need yet another thing to divide us
and deflect blame Away from the government

PURE EVIL - Australia Declares 3,000 People May
Not Leave Their Flats for ANY Reason

Wal-Mart Plans To Launch Its 'Amazon Prime Killer'
Later This Month

BIS Innovation Hub - The Gradual March To Central
Bank Digital Currency Continues To Advance

Five More US Airlines Reach Loan Agreements
With US Treasury, Mnuchin Says


US Budget Revenue Covered Just 173 Days
of Its 2020 Spending

Behind Tesla's Mind blowing Rally - A Flood Of Day
Trading Robin Hooders

EU and UK Facing 'Deeper and More Uneven' Recession
Than Previously Predicted, EC Forecasts

'Price on your heads' - Aide to VZ 'president' Guaido
threatens journalists with FBI over 'Twitter hack'

Israel Challenges Iran By Launching Spy
Satellite Into Space

Iran Sees 6th Deadly 'Mystery' Explosion In Weeks
At Industrial Zone Near Tehran

UK to Resume Arms Exports to Saudi Arabia
Despite 'Isolated' Breaches of Intl Law in Yemen

Houthis Say Saudi Coalition Launched Over 60
Airstrikes on Yemeni Land in Past 24 Hours

US Ambassador Informs Power-Starved Lebanon
Importing Electricity From Syria Is 'Banned'

White House Official Indicates Support of US Military
to India in Border Stand-off with China


India Lands AN-32 Aircraft and Mi17 Chopper
Near China Border- Videos

Giant 'human-sized' bat leaves social media
users horrified – 'I'd leave the country'

Publisher moves up release of Tell-All
book by Donald Trump's niece

Does the next Presidential election even matter?

The INTENSE Jewish HATRED of the White Race

The Kalergi's United Nations Plan for The Extinction
Of The White Race Europe and America

Epstein's Cohort Ghislaine Said ready to Name
Names in Pedo Scandal - Watch

Why Did Ghislaine Maxwell Leave Safety
of France for Arrest in Us?

Ghislaine Maxwell Transferred To New York Jail

More of Epstein's 'Victims' Come Forward After
Maxwell's Arrest, Seek Compensation, Lawyer Says

Fox News says 'mistakenly' edited Trump out
of Epstein, Maxwell photo

Ex-Reddit CEO Claims She Knew Of Maxwell 'Supplying
Underage Girls For Sex' In 2011 - Maxwell attended the
event - Al Gore attended - No spouses were allowed


Are the Democrats a Real Political Party
or a CIA-backed Fifth Column?

Some Conspiracy Theories Are for Real

Black Celebrities Talk About Racism - Watch

Over 1,000 Communist Antifa Terrorists Riot
in Portland Again, Attack Businesses, Police,
And The Historic, Famous Oregon Trail Statue

Watch Antifa Communist Terror Punks Try To
Turn Portland Into A War Zone

Portland Under Siege by Antifa & Other Terrorists

Antifa Is Mostly Made Up Of Privileged, Mentally
Challenged Liberal Communist Whites

Antifa seeks CIA funding after being labelled
A terrorist group

The Antifa Movement - Coming to a Theater Near You

GA Governor Calls Up National Guard To Stop
Black Violent Crime And Death In Atlanta


Atlanta Mayor Announces She Tested CV Positive

Black Lives Matter Kills 8 year old child
Secoriea Turner in Atlanta On July 4

Father Of 8 Yr Old Killed Near Atlanta Wendy's
'They Say Black Lives Matter...You Killed Your Own'

'You can't blame it on police' Says Atlanta mayor
after 8 Year Old black girl shot dead during 'protest'
(Time To Stop Calling These 'Protests'...)

White-Hating Black militants vow to 'take Texas'
as BLM protesters declare 'death to Israel & America'
Unhappy, anti-US Blacks Should Return To Africa

NYC Suffers Highest Number Of June Shootings
In Over 20 Years - Big Cities Are Dying By Communism
Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, And NYC

House Communist Dems Move To Block All New
Construction At Bases With Confederate Names

'Racist' College Researcher Ousted After Sharing
Study Showing No Racial Bias In Police Shootings

Hundreds Of 'Justice' Protesters Return To Armed
Couple's Home In St.Louis

Trump Blames NASCAR's 'Lowest Ratings Ever'
On Confederate Flag Decision & Bubba Wallace 'Hoax'


Those siding with political left are clueless as to
its evil Communist intentions

Veteran activists have called out BLM as a tool of the
Democrats from day one

US Supreme Court rules states can PUNISH
electors who ignore popular vote results

Trump says Democrats want to keep schools
shut 'for political reasons'

Former Governor Sununu Warns US Will Go
Socialist (Communist) If Biden Wins

Dem Platform Is To Destroy American Culture, History
And Society - 77 Shot, 14 Dead In Lizard Lightfoot's
Chicago And 'Black Lives Matter' Couldn't Care Less
Armed Democrat Support Group is now Killing Kids

Doctors Say US Is In 'Freefall' With CV Pandemic

There Will Be No CV Pandemic 'Lull' And We'll be
living with masks for years' - pandemic expert

Ghislaine Transferred To Federal Prison In NY
Will She 'Suicide' Or Die From Coronavirus?

SCOTUS 'seismic shock' ruling on religious schools


Michigan Passes Controversial Bill to Microchip
Humans Voluntarily

The Man responsible for millions of deaths Purdue
Pharma co-owner Jonathan Sackler dead at 65

Dr. Faustus Warns Any Protection Given By
Any CV VAX May Be 'Transitory' (WORTHLESS)

Bill Gates Smirked...Will People Die?

CV Close To Losing It's 'Epidemic Status' Says CDC

Cross-reactive SARS-CoV-2 T-cell epitopes revealed
preexisting T-cell responses in 81% of The unexposed
and validation of similarity to common cold

Turning Back The Despots & Their Vaccine Mandates

Ron Paul - Is The TX COVID 'Spike' Fake News?

Fears over rise in animal-to-human diseases

AZ 'Karen' films herself attacking Target face
masks rack - 'We Don't Want This Anymore'!


'This is getting out of control,' says infectious disease
expert - Hinting 2nd lock down To Finish Off the Economy

Miami-Dade closing restaurants amid CV spike

How to Turn ON Or OFF COVID Contact
Tracing on your iPhone

Which US states are using Apple's Exposure
Notification API for COVID contact tracing?

Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook Face Slew of Curbs as
Europe Seeks to 'Reign In' Tech Giants

'Utter nonsense' - Kremlin rips Russia bashing
rumors of Moscow's 'plans' to invade Ukraine

Georgia Argues US-Linked Lugar Lab
Researches Coronavirus, Not Toxin Weapons

Another Suspected Case of Bubonic Plague
Reportedly Identified in Western Mongolia

'Not under colonial rule' - Chinese ambassador to UK slams
'gross interference' by British over Hong Kong security law

If UK Makes China a Hostile Country, It Will Bear
Consequences, Ambassador Warns

Beijing slams US for 'flexing muscles' in South China Sea
as aircraft carriers sent to 'celebrate Independence Day'


Google Joins Twitter, Facebook In Refusing To Cooperate
With Hong Kong Nat Sec Law

France - Blacks Beat Bus driver into Brain Death
because He Wouldn't Let Them On Without Masks
They didn't Have bus fares, Either

Hollywood Celebs Are Exempt from UK's
Coronavirus Quarantine Measures

227,000 Renters in England Face Homelessness
Next Month After Eviction Ban Ends

Norwegian Researchers Investigating Whether
Tanning and Vitamin D Affect CV

'They Do Not Speak For Me' Nicola Sturgeon
'Emphatically' Condemns Scotland Border Protestors

London Slaps Sanctions on Russians, Saudis,
North Koreans Over Alleged 'Human Rights Abuses'

'Start by Handing Yourselves In' - Brits React to Raab's
Sanctions Tweet on 'Human Rights Violators'

Most Canadians Say Border With US Should
Stay Closed for 'Foreseeable Future' - Poll

Australia to close border between two states
for first time in 100 years after CV makes
comeback in Melbourne


Tesla Is Now Bigger Than Intel, Verizon, AT&T,
Walt Disney And Bank of America

Brazil reports over 26,000 new cases of coronavirus, 600 deaths

Mexico Closes US Border In Arizona As CV Soars

Zionist Coverup Group ADL Memo Exposes Elaborate
Conspiracy to Enable Israeli Annexation of West Bank

Israel Postpones Plan to Expand Sovereignty
Over Parts of West Bank

Netanyahu Will Go Ahead With Annexation Because
He Worries More About Adelson Than Biden

Israel orders demolition of 30 Palestinian facilities
in Jerusalem village

Iran reports new record one-day CV death toll

Iran Touts Vast Underground 'Missile Cities'
Along Coast As 'Nightmare For Enemies'

Container Ship Catches Fire in Southern Iranian
Bushehr Port


Iran's Zarif Says 'Nothing Secret' About Prospective
'Strategic Accord' with China

Thirst threatening 1 million people in Syria's Hasakah
due to cutting water by Turkish forces

Amid Tensions With India, China Invests $1.5 Billion
in Hydro Power Project in Pakistani Kashmir

China & India pull troops away, set up 'buffer zone'
in Himalayas weeks after bloody border clash

Are the poles reversing? Earth's magnetic field 10 times
more volatile than expected

Trump to hold outdoor New Hampshire rally July 11

Trump official Says It is Unclear if The RNC
can be safely held in Florida

Donald Trump's shrinking electoral map

Warning signs flash for Trump in Wisconsin
as His pandemic response fuels disapproval

Racist Hate - Jewish Woman Says White Babies
are the Ugliest & Deformed - What If A White
Woman Said that About Jewish Babies?

Why 97% of lives really DON'T matter at all
...to the future of humanity

Pro AIPAC Clown Duckworth - Trump 'Was Standing
on Ground that Was Stolen' at Mount Rushmore -
But Israel living on truly stolen land is ok with her

Dem Senator Duckworth - Biden's possible VP - says
she's open to removing George Washington statues
but Quickly backpedals after Powerful backlash

READ This Propaganda! - Jews Say Trump's Attacks
on Antifa Are Really Attacks on Jews!

Dr. Vernon Coleman - How Japan Beat The Coronavirus,
A Flu-Like Illness - Who Is Pulling The Strings - 'Distrust
The Government, Avoid The Mass Media, Fight The Lies'


Pastor's vision sees troops on the streets This
Year, entire cities destroyed and An economic
collapse that plunges the nation into Chaos

More WHITES Were Kept SLAVES In North Africa
Than ALL The Blacks Sold Into Slavery In America - Watch

Black American Dontell Jackson - We Thought
They (The Jews) Were White

1655 - Black Anthony Johnson Becomes First
Slave Owner In The American Colonies

Sinatra 'loathed' Trump says singer's daughter

Pure Zionist Hate - Jewish Woman Says White Babies
are the Ugliest And Are Deformed - Watch

Donald Trump's Tweetstorms – The Sunday Edition

The Shallow Deep-State Goes Deeper As It
Moves Toward Martial Law

Want to Kill the Economy Again? Keep
Threatening More Lockdowns

80% Of NYC Restaurants Couldn't Afford June Rent
NYC City Is Dying - Soon A Third World Cess Pool

Nightmare in NYC- How CV, BLM protests, a communist
mayor are turning the city into a no-go zone as murders
skyrocket, shops looted and 500,000 middle-class flee


Video - Police Search For Gunman Who Carried
Out Fatal Daylight Attack in New York City

Portland Police Make Over Dozen Arrests
During July 4 Weekend Protests

Watch Mindless BLM Communist Thugs Tear Down
Christopher Columbus Statue

Anarchist Rioters Damage Done To Portland
City Buildings - Watch

Destruction of Portland's Elk Fountain - Note
All The Eloquent Graffiti Language - Watch

Ohio town offers to take unwanted statues
from other cities

Media Lies Matter - Watch

Paul Craig Roberts - Truthful July 4 Message

Gen Z Morons Show Total Ignorance Of What July 4th
Represents - They Are All 'Victims' Of Course And Are
Quick To Blame Teachers For Their Screaming Stupidity

67 Shot, 13 Dead, Over Fourth of July
Weekend In Chicago - Police


Trump Admin Preventing Fauci From
TV Interviews on CBS, Host Says

Hundreds of armed Black Panthers And BLM
march through the streets of Georgia - They Hate
It Here - Ghana Has Invited Them Back To Africa

Lenin said 'democracy is the road to communism'
...He Was Correct

White Couple Charged With Assault After Video
Shows Pregnant White Woman Defending Herself
From A Clearly Hostile, Dangerous Black Woman

Ghislaine Maxwell = Mossad Princess

Global Goals and the Global Reset for
Global Technological Control

How to Prepare For the Coming Food Crisis
Some Countries, Regions Are Going Being Hit

How the Historical Heroes of BLM Executed Blacks

US Installing AI Border Wall To Monitor Invaders

Br Nathanael - Segregation On Steroids


Outrage - Environmental Court seizes people's
homes based on 'hearsay' - Your Agenda 21 Future

MI Passes Controversial Bill To Microchip Humans
Voluntarily With Cancer-Causing Transponders
'To Protect Their Privacy' !

California Enters Deadly Wildfire Season With
Over Half Of Inmate Firefighters Under CV Lockdown

Hundreds of Blazes Break Out in SoCal
Amid Illegal Independence Day Fireworks

CA woman faces vandalism charges after video
shows her painting over BLM mural - Never Mind
Arresting BLM Slime For MASSIVE Riot Damages

Statue for black abolitionist Frederick Douglass in NY
state beyond repair after ripped down by vandals

OR to Vote on Legalizing Psychedelic Mushrooms
Creating 'Psilocybin Therapy' System

Brooklyn idiot Burns Own Home With Illegal Fireworks

Senate Bill Would Ban Federal Use Of Facial
Recognition Systems - (Will Never Pass)

Dukes of Hazzard car not going anywhere
says US auto museum


Farrakhan Accuses Fauci And Gates Of Plotting
To 'Depopulate The Earth' With Coronavirus Vaccine

'Herd immunity' Is near but The MSM Is suppressing
recovery numbers - Ron Paul

US Cases Dip, Wordwide Cases Hir New Record

239 Experts With 1 Big Claim - CV Is Airborne

Meet The Israeli Intel-Linked Firm Using AI To
Profile Americans And Guide US Lockdown Policy

Using Covid As Cover, Israeli Govt-Tied Companies
Justify AI Powered Monitoring On Americans

Blaylock - Masks Are Dangerous - Exhaled Viruses Can't
Escape, Will Concentrate In Nasal Passages And Will
Then Ride The Olfactory Nerve Directly To The Brain

Sweden - Number of Covid Deaths Plummeting
Even as the Number of Cases Rises

Social Media Whistle Reveals CA Govt Recruiting
Social Media 'Influencers' To Push Mask Wearing - Watch

Why TX 'Face Mask' Order Is Not What It Seems


KS newspaper post equates mask mandate with Holocaust

Amid COVID Crisis, Havana Tells Citizens To
'Grow Your Own Food' Or Starve

World Level Pathology Team - Few Have Died
From CV And Who Is A Criminal Organization

NYT Walks Back From its Fake News About Russia

City Again Warns US To Stay out of Hong Kong affairs

National security law - police take DNA samples from
arrested protesters and their Atty wants to know why

National security law - HK libraries pull books
by some localist democracy activists for review

China accuses Canada of 'grossly interfering'
over Hong Kong national security law

China's Cultural Assimilation Includes
Forced Sterilization

Spain re-imposes lockdown on Galicia
amid second wave of Coronavirus

UK Allocates Record $1.96 Billion Support
Package to Cultural Organizations

Farm laborers protest against exploitation in Italy


Belgium - Thousands denounce university headscarf
ban ruling in Brussels

Fitts - The end fo all accounting

'We're Living In A Permanent Distortion'

Old Coins Taught Me To Never Trust The Govt

China New Car Sales Crash 37%
In 4th Week Of June

State Dept Warns Top US Firms To Replace Supply
Chains Exposed To China's Xinjiang

Manhattan Apartment Sales Plummet
Worst In Three Decades

Moon Mining Could Begin As Early
As 2025

Netanyahu sounds alarm over Israel's new CV
spike - warns 'we're in a state of emergency'

Israeli FM - Israel Is taking any action to stop
'Iranian nuclear threat'


NYT - 'Powerful Bomb' Planted by Israel Behind
Natanz Station Explosion In Iran

Israel hits Hamas targets in Gaza in response
to rocket attacks - IDF

'More Power to Them - They Could Try The Same on
N Korea' Says Bolton on 'Sabotage' Explosions In Iran

Saving the JCPOA - Landmark Deal Hangs by a Thread

Baghdad International Airport Targeted After
Rocket Attack on US Embassy - Reports

Giant UFO Recorded Over La Paz, Mexico

Core Secrets UFO Memo - 'It's All Fiction'
Says Former DIA Director Thomas Wilson

The True Story Behind 'Berkshire's UFO' in 1969
Revealed in Netflix's 'Unsolved Mysteries'

Roswell's UFO Festival To Go On Virtually

Elizondo Responds to Senate Vote on UFOs


Activists rejoice after $8 Billion Atlantic Coast Pipeline
NIXED amid long-running legal battle

Trump Defends US History, Blasts Radical Left
In July Fourth Speech At White House

The Dems will use fraud to win this fall's election
...Trump may have to call In military

9 Out Of 12 People Who Saw Anthony
Weiner's Laptop...Are Dead

The Ghislaine Maxwell Deception

Photo of Ghislaine Maxwell and Kevin Spacey
in Buckingham Palace Stirs Social Media

'Now get Clinton & Prince Andrew' says Rose McGowan
after tweeting pic of Weinstein, Epstein & Maxwell

Trump's niece says 2001 NDA Was based on
'fraudulent' financial information

Trump's approval on immigration drops 9 points
among Republican voters

Confederate carving In GA has size on its side

What Trump's Visit To Rushmore Looked Like


US Is under siege from 'far-left' (Communism)
says Trump in Mount Rushmore speech

Protesters Drive Trump Coronavirus 'Death Clock'
Around DC on July Fourth

'The very definition of totalitarianism' - Trump
unloads on 'cancel culture,' 'left-wing fascism'

From 'majestic' to 'monument for 2 slave owners'
CNN makes about-face on Mt. Rushmore

Trump announces creation of 'National Garden
of American Heroes' monument park

Rand Paul Is Right About Experts

Prices Are Going To Rise...Fast

Continued Unemployment Claims in the US Rise
by Another 1 Million, Now at Astonishing 31.5 Million

The Average American's Power Bill Is About
To Rise As Much As 30%

Banksters Made Us All Slaves With The Civil War


Leader of ultra-right militia The Three Percenters predicts
end of America by 2021 and warns of new civil war

Creeper Biden must release the results of his
cognitive tests — voters need to know

Trump Partners with the Gates-Funded
Global Vax Alliance

Whistle Proves How Trump Failed To Produce
N95 Masks As Pandemic Became Obvious

After Decades of Resistance Washington Redskins
Agree to Change 'Racist' Name

'No longer activism, just marketing' - NBA mocked after
list of approved 'social justice' slogans for jerseys leaked

The Coming Destruction BLM - Watch

Why Is This Israeli Tech Company Spying
on the Top Echelons of the US Government?

House Passes $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Bill
Packed With Green New Deal's Wish-List


Trump voices frustration with soaring CV totals
'Cases, cases, cases! If we didn't test so much
and so successfully, we would have very few cases

More Evidence That Most Coronavirus Cases
Are Now Weaker Than the Flu

World Sees record 24 hr rise in CV cases - WHO

Thousands flock to N Carolina beaches for Fourth

NY partygoers get subpoenas after stonewalling
CV contact tracers

TX Counties Urge Residents To Shelter In Place
As Hospitals Reach Capacity

Comrade Newsom Closes CA Restaurants
For The Second Time

Communist CA Gov Newsom orders Central Valley
wineries to close – but keeps his open

CA communist ban on singing at religious ceremonies
stokes outcry as protests continue to draw thousands

Navarro - Beijing Sent Hundreds of Thousands of
Chinese to US to 'Seed and Spread' CV


'Death Lag' - US Surgeon General Warns of Possible
Spike in CV Fatalities in Two Weeks

Hydroxychloroquine Trlals Stopped Again

Inventor of the PCR Technique Would Be the First
to Say It's Not Fit for Diagnostic Purposes

NC COVID Cases Increase To 71,654 - Deaths To 1,395

SC COVID Cases Increase To 43,386 - Deaths To 813

TN COVID Cases Increase To 50,140 - Deaths To 637

GA COVID Cases Increase To 93,319 - Deaths To 2,857

FL COVID Cases Increase To 200,502 - Deaths To 3,803

AL COVID Cases Increase To 42,862 - Deaths To 1,007

MS COVID Cases Increase To 30,674 - Deaths To 1,107


TX COVID Cases Increase To 191,790 - Deaths To 2,608

AZ COVID Cases Increase To 94,553 - Deaths To 1,805

Meet Four New Virus-Fighting Technologies
That Could Soon Become Standard In Public Areas

First Russian coronavirus vaccine volunteers report
no adverse side-effects - Hopes now high for mass Vajjjx

2010 - Why the WHO Faked a Pandemic

Big Pharma muscle has been busy distorting
science during the pandemic

GeoEngineering Global News Alert - 7-4-20

Moscow Denies US Allegation of Breach of
Underground Nuclear Testing Moratorium

Open Skies Treaty risks falling apart completely
after US departure, top Russian diplomat warns

2 US Carriers Lead 'Show Of Strength' In S China Sea
As Navarro Slams Beijing For 'Spreading The Virus'


UK Armed Forces to Re-Focus Attention on
Chinese Threat Post Pandemic

North Korea says no need for talks with US as
they're nothing more than 'shallow trick' to
make Trump look good

US Intel, Accusing Russia of Shady Deal With Taliban,
Is Involved in Drug Trade, Russian Envoy Says

US spy agencies express doubts over 'Russian
bounties' allegations says new report

US Reportedly Sends Two Aircraft Carriers
to S China Sea Amid Beijing's Drills in Area

Russia Making radar for detecting hypersonic targets

Putin mocks US embassy for flying LGBT rainbow flag

N Korea says no US talks plan as Bolton hints
Of an 'October surprise'

14 people feared dead at flooded nursing home
as unprecedented rain wreaks havoc in southern Japan

Britain's Leicester lockdown an unjustifiable travesty
based on shoddy figures and a bungled report


Catalan district with 200,000 residents becomes first in
Spain to be put under local lockdown after CV spike

Little Mermaid statue in Denmark vandalized again

Ursula Von Der Leyen - How to Fail Upwards

Johnson Prepared to Reimpose CV Lockdown as England
Pubs & Restaurants Reopen in 'Biggest Step Yet'

Four Japanese Settlements Remain Cut Off
After Severe Flooding, Landslides, Media Report

AL creates new system for unemployment
help after all-night lines

Russia boosts forex reserves despite pandemic
raising them to almost $570 Billion

'Panic-Driven Hoarding' - People Aren't Abandoning
Cash During The Pandemic, They're Hiding It Away

A Look At Europe's Ambitious $140 Billion
Hydrogen Plan

London court's ruling to give Guaido access to
Venezuelan gold outrageous - Russia


Spate Of 'Random' Explosions At Iranian Facilities
Are Targeted Sabotage - Intel Sources

Russia content with Fatah, Hamas intent to act
on PLO basis, says Lavrov

Russia welcomes moves to re-establish Libya's
diplomatic presence in Damascus, says Lavrov

Syria Prepares For Military Confrontation
With Turkey In Northeast

Iraqi officials irate as Saudi daily publishes
cartoon against Ayatollah Sistani

Lebanese Protests - Dissatisfaction With Govt
Policy or Fight Against Hezbollah?

Indian man wears gold face mask to ward off CV

India's Modi rallies troops at China border
after deadly clash

Fans of apocalyptic movies may be coping
with pandemic better

Hubble just snapped one of its greatest images ever


Chill Out - Study Finds Easily-Triggered People
Make Terrible Employees

'Extratropical bomb cyclone' lashes southern Brazil
...at least 10 people dead and 1 million affected

Australia Has a Flesh-Eating-Bacteria Problem

Video - ESA Shares Incredible, Never Before Seen
View of icy Martian Canyon

Trump's New Message On Coronavirus In America
...'We need to live with it'

Hillary on Trump's handling of coronavirus...
'I would have done a better job'

Thousands flock to beaches for holiday weekend
as COVID rate soars but death rate remains stable

Confirmed CV cases are rising in 40 of 50 states

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr's girlfriend, Infected

America's Revolutionary Founders And Heroes
Would Be Raging Anti-Government Extremists Today

Brain Addled, Senile Perv Biden holds poll 8.8%
Lead Over Trump with four months to go

Pinkerton - Ten Things that Will Happen
in a Biden Presidency

Trump Says Biden should take cognitive test

Trump aides conceal poor election performance
to keep him happy

Trump Is Turning America Into the 'Shithole Country'
He Fears - The Atlantic


Trump heads to Mt Rushmore for divisive
fireworks Celebration And Speech

Sioux president says Trump not welcome
to visit Mount Rushmore

Trump's Mount Rushmore stunt will backfire

Tucker Carlson 2024? GOP is buzzing About It
Sadly, They would JFK Him As Soon As He Confronted
The Zionist Communists...Just Like Kennedy Did

David Icke - The Road Back To Lockdown - Watch

Jane Doe Willing To Testify Maxwell Raped
Her '20-30 Times' - Says 'She's As Evil As Epstein'

Lawyer says Ghislaine Maxwell may kill herself

Ghislaine Is In A Tough Spot - Will She Be Epsteined?

Upcoming Suicide of Ghislaine Maxwell Set For
Late July?

Ghislaine Maxwell 'Knows Everything' And 'Will Be
Naming Names' - Former Epstein Associate


Prince Andrew's Relationship With Ghislaine Exposed

Communist CHOP Zone Responsible For A Stunning
525% Spike In Seattle Crime

WATCH - Firework explodes in protester's FACE
as Portland riot continues into early hours

Now 'anti-racist protesters' are desecrating statues of elk &
mermaids - can we please just call them Criminal Vandals?

Vandals spray-paint and BURN Portland's
'Promised Land' statue - Watch

Pulling Down Statues Is Only The Beginning

'The American Government Still Owes A Debt'
Reparations Bill Gaining Steam In House

Gun Demand Is Off the Charts in America

Heat Wave To Bake Major Parts Of US Thru Mid-July

US Reports More Than 50,000 Cases Third Straight Day


Truth About Trying To FORCE People To Wear Masks
No Law Can Be Created By Out Of Control State
Governors - They CANNOT Create LAWS - Watch

More proof that the lockdown is a scam
This video shows Fauci removing his mask
when he thought he was no longer being filmed

Thousands flock to beaches for holiday weekend
as COVID rate soars, but death rate remains stable

July Fourth in Texas could shape the future
of the coronavirus pandemic

Stroke appears 8 times more likely
with COVID than with flu

The Pandemic Is A Politicians Dream Come True

Italian Strain Of CV Is 9x More Contagious
...But No More Deadly

Trump-Touted CV Drug Hydroxychloroquine
Works, New Study Funds

Putin's Disinfection Tunnel Conquers Hearts Worldwide
...EU, Peru, and Israel Now Want Same Device

Drive-In Movie Theaters Comeback - Walmart
Transforming 160 Parking Lots Into Drive-Ins


Chicago issues emergency coronavirus travel order
on people from All Of these states

Eight Secret Service Agents COVID Confirmed

D614G increases infectivity of the COVID virus

If you use social media to threaten to 'stab' someone,
it's not down to Facebook, Twitter or TikTok to save
you from yourself

No more slaves and masters - Twitter engineers BAN
whole range of terms in fight for 'more inclusive language'

Censorship by Billionaires Applauded by the Left

Madness - Twitter Ditches 'Offensive" Non-Inclusive Terms
Such As 'Whitelist', 'Man Hours' And 'He, Him, His'

Find out everything Microsoft knows about you
...and how to delete it

US-Russia-China Arms Race Would Be Destabilising
Detrimental for All - US State Dept Says

The Russian Bounties Hoax - It's Really the Americans
Who Have Paid Out Billions to the Taliban

The Incineration of Hamburg - Another Terrifying
and Completely Unnecessary US-UK War Genocide


Bolton distorts events in memoirs about
dialogue with Russia's defense chief — top brass

Russia's constitutional amendments
enter into force July 4

No racial or gender discrimination in Russia - Putin

Putin calls for public control over promotion of values
That Are non-traditional in Russia

No plans to replace traditional format of learning
by online classes, says Putin

Ban on alienation from Russia important for certain
'sensitive territories' - Putin

Russia-China Partnership Reaching Peak Gives
Bolton 'Heartburn' - Russian MoD Says

Canada Suspends Extradition Treaty With
Hong Kong, Slams 'Secretive' New Law

China warns US of countermeasures over
Hong Kong sanctions bill

UK PM Hints He Won't Take Knee for BLM
And Doesn't Want Others 'Bullied' Into Doing It


Why London Mayor, UK Regions Should Think
Twice Before Introducing 'Austerity' Measures for Police

St Albans Cathedral places painting of the
Last Supper with a black Jesus above its altar

An Unexpected Radiation Spike Has Been
Detected Over Europe

Prices Are Going To Rise...And Fast!

Cash-loving Japan to take currency online
...as it begins experimenting with digital yen

Why is China snatching up UK real estate?
RT's Boom Bust explores investor buying boom

Lockdown Stone Age - Virus Cultists Shrank
World Trade 30 Percent

UK denying Maduro access to Venezuela's gold is
not only THEFT, it's MURDER of London's reputation
as trusted financial center

Boeing to end 747 Jumbo Jet production after 50 yrs

Drive-In Movie Theaters Comeback - Walmart
Transforming 160 Parking Lots Into Drive-Ins


Hundreds of thousands more could die from
coronavirus in Latin America and the Caribbean

Mex closes part of US border to stop CV spread

Hamas calls for 'armed struggle' to liberate
West Bank from Israeli occupation

Israeli F-35s & Cyberattack Behind Explosions at Iran's
Military Complex, Nuclear Site, Media Claims

Iran says cause of mysterious incident that damaged
nuclear facility 'has been determined'

US faces historic rebuke from world powers over Iran

Local, external parties pushing Lebanon
into full-blown economic crisis

'Royal Yemen's Houthis Target Saudi Najran Airport
King Khalid Air Base, Reports Say

The Magnetic Soul of the Universe

Obama Tells Aides Racial Unrest, Protests Are
'Tailor-Made' To Defeat Trump – Stunning Admission


The Benefits of Magnesium and How it Can Prevent
Strokes, High Blood pressure and Diabetes

Making Music From Brainwaves and Heartbeats

The Deadly Irish Epidemic That Helped
Bring Dracula to Life

Modern Slavery And Hypocrisy

Biden Wrong for So Long (song parody)

Magnitude 4.7 Quake With Epicenter in India's Rajasthan
State Felt in Delhi, Seismologists Say

Thailand Monkey Wars Escalate As Rival Gangs
Force Locals To Flee Homes

READ This List Of Satanic Illuminati Companies That Are
Supporting The Communist BLM, ANTIFA Overthrow Attempt

Ex-Trump Cult Member - 'Based On All My
Friends, He Doesn't Have A Chance'

Ex-CIA boss - Trump has 'gone awol' as president
amid coronavirus pandemic

After Watching Tucker, Trump Reportedly Regrets
Going Along With Jerry Kushner's 'Woke Sh*t'

Trump Said Desperate, Despondent as Numbers
Crater - The 'Loser' Label Seems His Destiny

Unemployment rate won't recover
for the next decade

James Carville says there's a 'significant chance'
Trump will Quit of the presidential race

Trump's 'I alone can fix it' campaign collides
with a Hugely-changed public mood

NY Judge Drops TRO, Rules Harsh book about
Trump family by president's niece can Proceed
...Will Hit Store Shelves On July 28

Trump Phones Father Whose Son Was
Murdered In Communist CHOP Land


The violent end of CHOP

Trump - 'Latest Jobs Numbers Prove US Economy
Roaring Back' - What Planet Is He on? 45 MILLION
are out of work - The Economy Is destroyed

Trump Holds Press Conference to Celebrate
Massive Unemployment Rate

On record-breaking New Case day, Mike Pence
says Florida in a 'much better place' in the
coronavirus fight (politicians are brain dead)

Trump Warns Of 1929-Level Crash If He Loses Election
(Someone Tell Donald It Is Already WORSE Than 1929)

Hundreds Of Former George W. Bush Staffers
Launch Super PAC From Brain Impaired Creeper Joe

In an era of fake news, can we trust the MSM polls Showing
Trump badly trailing Biden in the race for the US presidency?
No, we cannot trust ANYTHING from Govt Or The MSM

Ex GOP Pres Candidate Herman Cain Hospitalized
With CV Days After Attending Trump's Tulsa Rally

Rand Paul Shreds Fauci for Treating Americans
Like Sheep, Says Tell Americans Truth About CV

Shimatsu - Saharan Sands Over America
Disproves CO2 Makes A Hotter World


Locals Spot Elite 'Night Stalkers' Helicopter Unit
Practicing Black Ops in Oregon

Crime reports in Seattle 500% higher amid
'narcotics use & violent crime' in CHOP zone

'Back the F*ck Up' - US Woman Pulls Gun on Blacks
Following Heated Exchange - Watch

MN State Rep - Antifa and Muslim Groups Plan to
'Police Minneapolis Under Muslim Sharia Rule'

UMass Dean Fired For Daring To Say 'Everyone's
Life Matters' - Most Colleges Are Communist Fronts
Hope She Sues For A billion dollars - First Amendment

MSU Scholar forced to resign over study that found
police shootings Are NOT not biased against blacks

Communist Dirtbag Law Prof Wants To Scrap US
Constitution's 'Racist' And 'Gendered' Language

Eyerolls all round as Virginia university pledges to
examine wasp mascot over fears it's 'exclusive'
Insane - Don't send Your children to Universities

Princeton prof proves current civil rights campaigns
are nothing like abolition of slavery with one question

FedEx Asks Washington Redskins To Change Team Name


Ridiculous - NFL to Play 'Black National Anthem' Before
Week One - How Does that unite? It SEPARATES. Should Every Ethnic group have its OWN Anthem?

Communists descend on wealthy Hamptons estates

Typical Communist Hypocrite - Top 'Anti-Racist' Dem
Staffer Tweeted 'N*GGA' Over 20 Times -Targeted
Asians, Mexicans, Indians & 'Super Homo' LGBT Group

Epstein's Confidant And 'Madam' Ghislaine Maxwell
Arrested In NH, Charged With Sex Trafficking Teens

Snyder - Nationwide Coin Shortage Being Used
To Push Us Toward A Cashless Society?

AZ tells Pence it needs 500 more health workers

White Woman Falsely Accused Of Racism

Trump again Says COVID Is going away by itself
(Doesn't Say which Year or Decade)

Rockland County NY Probing New CV Cluster, Uses
25% Of AZ Coronavirus Tests Come Back Positive

At least 152 coronavirus cases linked to MI bar

Researchers find neurological damage in four children with CV

Rockland County NY Probing New CV Cluster, Uses
Court Subpoenas as People Resist Contact Tracing

A User's Guide To Face Masks - What Types Offer
The Best Protection?

If You Don't Wear A Mask, You Might Be A Psychopath


TX Gov Abbott mandates face masks in most counties

Why We Should Not Be Concerned About Increasing
COVID Cases In Texas

Coronavirus Takes Over The World Again

Bunny Ebola - Deadly Rabbit Virus Spreads
in Southwestern US Killing Thousands of Animals

Mainstream Media Cites Dubious 'Study' Claiming
Protests Didn't Contribute To COVID Rebound

Google, Apple Play Search Engine 'Monopoly',UK Watchdog
Says Amid Crackdown on US Big Tech Firms

UK's National Crime Agency and European Police
Smash Encrypted Network Used by Organised Crime

Tech experts warn of new Mac ransomware spreading
via internet piracy & taking files hostage

Botched Parachuting Exercise in Germany Sees US
Troops Land in Trees, Several Hospitalized

Overwhelming support for Putin's constitution changes a
wake-up call for Westerners who claim Russian system
Will collapse - Wrong - Putin Shows Magnificent Leadership


Why 'Russia Bounty' Story Gets To Be More
Absurd And Asinine With Each New Report

Russia Has Never Delivered Weapons to Taliban - Moscow

Taliban Dismiss Pentagon Report Claiming Movement
Maintains Ties With Al-Qaeda

Russia's RDIF, ChemRar Start Exporting Avifavir
Medication Against Coronavirus

China won't sit idle if UK citizenship offer to Hong Kong
proceeds, says 'days of colonial rule' are gone

Australia May Offer Safe Haven to Hong Kong
Residents After Security Law Enactment

Boris Johnson offers Hong Kong citizens
refuge in UK in response to China

EU in Talks With Gilead to Secure Remdesivir
After US Bought Up Entire Supply

Dozens evacuated after massive explosions at
local supermarket in western France - Watch

London Mayor Reportedly Warns of 'New Era
of Austerity' for UK Police Due to CV


Johnson condemns effort to 'edit history' by removing
Cecil Rhodes statue, likens it to politicians 'sneakily'
editing Wiki Entries - Wiki Is A Cess Pool Of Defamation

The trans ideology of less than 1% of the UK
population has bullied the other 99%.
Here's why I, as a real woman, reject it

Police Arrest Armed Man Near Turdeau's Residence
....Prime Minister Was Not Home

Mortgage Rates Hit Another All-Time Low

NY Provides the Blueprint For How the Elite Will
Intro Wealth Taxes and Cash Grabs to the US

Adam Schiff Knew About 'Russian Bounty'
Intel Months Ago, Did Nothing

$40 Oil Isn't Enough To Prevent A Wave Of
Shale Bankruptcies

Communists...Do You Want To Kill The Economy Again?
Keep Threatening More Lockdowns

Gold Will Trend Toward $10,000 Per Ounce Or
Higher Over The Next Four Years

Passengers trust in Boeing & FAA is broken,
Allied Pilots Association spokesman tells RT's Boom Bust


Covid lockdowns are a 'luxury of the rich'
...says Pakistan's central bank governor

Instead of begging for government handouts, how about
millionaire musicians bail out the industry themselves?

Iran to Consider Potential Requests for Goods
Supply From Venezuela Despite US 'Threats'

US Prosecutors Try to Seize Iranian Fuel Destined
for Venezuela via Court - Report

Venezuela Repeals Decision to Expel EU
Envoy After Bilateral Talks

UK court recognizes Juan Guaido as 'unequivocally'
Venezuela's president in legal fight for tons of gold

Venezuela's oil exports crash to 77 year low
amid crushing US sanctions

El Al cancels all flights until further notice

Israeli Leaders Say West Bank Annexation
Must Wait Due To Coronavirus

Fatah, Hamas vow to unite against Israel's
annexation plan


Israeli annexation a 'final nail in the coffin'
of Palestine

Iran confirms mystery 'incident' damaged its
major nuclear site in Natanz

Turkey demands apology from France for warship
incident amid heated dispute over Libya embargo violations

Trump Illegally builds new air base in Syria

India approves purchase of 33 Russian-made fighter jets
as part of $2.4 Billion arms deal

Delhi Calls on Pakistan to Vacate 'Illegally Occupied'
Indian Territories

Massive Shelling Begins Between India and Pakistan
Day After Terrorists Kill Soldier, Civilian

Why South Africa's Military May 'Somehow Get Involved'
in Situation in Northern Mozambique

5.5 Quake Hits South of Mexico - Seismologists

WATCH - Scientists make light 'flow' like a river
in incredible breakthrough experiment


Watch Stone Age Black Lives Matter Sub-Humans
Beat & Attack Whites In 100% Pure Hate Crimes

Trump campaign backs off on More in-person
events as coronavirus cases Rocket

Now Trump says he's 'all for masks' - Watch

Trump's Surgeon General Says 'Please,
Please, Please' Wear A Mask

Second Tribal Leader Calls For The Destruction Of
Mt Rushmore Before Trump's Upcoming Visit

Trump-Appointed Judge Overrules Supreme Court
Says Trump Cannot Stop The Flood Of border Invaders

USA Today Pretends Democrats Didn't
Found the KKK Or Start The Civil War

General Flynn To The 'Silent Majority' - "Wake Up!
America's At Risk Of Being Lost"

Trump regrets following Jerry's prison Reform advice

Exposing Israel's direct role in US violence


Lunar Eclipse on 4th of July - A Warning to Nations
And Israel according to A 100 Yr Old Prophecy

Moron Seattle Mayor Finally Sends Police Into CHOP
To Stop Lawless, Deadly Violence - ALWAYS The
Outcome Of Zionist Communist Bolshevik Takeovers

Seattle's Dimwit mayor finally moved to dismantle
CHOP only AFTER BLM Filth Came To HER House

Seattle Police Dismantle CHOP After Protesters
Threaten Moron Mayor's $7 Million House

Seattle police arrest remaining protesters after
mayor orders violence-plagued CHOP ended

Communist Terrorist BLM Okays Shooting Americans
in vehicles - Communist shoots unarmed elderly man
in a vehicle And CHOP 'Security' Shoots At black teens
in Seattle - BLM Terrorists Must Be Dealt With

Black Lives Matter rioter shoots at driver in Utah,
then CONTINUES to 'protest' - Watch)

Black Man Slaughters White Male & His Little 10 Yr
Old Sister In A Car In Broad Daylight - Horror Video
Black On White Hate Crimes Increasing Fast

Cuomo Ridicules de Blasio For Removing
$1 Billion From Police Department

Biden Calls Another Reporter A 'Lying Dog Face'
And Then Dodges Question About His Fading Mind


WaPost Does Damage Control After 'Far More
Damaging' Biden-Ukraine Tapes Disclosed

America 'Can't Wait' to See Biden Compare
His 'Cognitive Ability' to Trump's

FL Sheriff Warns Communist BLM, ANTIFA He'll Deputize
'Every Lawful Gun Owner in This County' if Necessary

Interview With St Louis Man Who Defended
His Home With A Gun Against A Communist Mob

Richmond mayor invokes emergency powers to
remove Confederate statues from city

Coward US Governor Signs Bill Removing Confederate
Emblem From Mississippi Flag - It's Called HISTORY

Trump Vows to Veto Defence Authorisation Bill if it
Includes Amendment on Renaming US Military Bases
By Dumping Confederate Historical Names

NY AG Announces $19 Million Settlement Reached
in Harvey Weinstein Case

Bill Clinton's Serbian War Atrocities Exposed
In New Indictment

Trump Slams De Blasio's Call To Paint 'Symbol Of Hate'
BLM Sign On NYC Famed 5th Avenue


Gun-lover & presumed QAnon-believer unseats
5-term CO congressman in GOP primary upset

WI Imbecile Students Demand Removal Of
Abraham Lincoln Statue

Culture warriors are now weaponizing, racializing food

Shimatsu - Saharan Sands Over America
Disproves CO2 Makes A Hotter World

Abhorrence of Truth and Full Disclosure in Reporting

NYT - Proliferator of Fake News Over Hard Truths

NYT Will Start Capitalizing The Word 'Black' And
Making The Word 'White' lower case

Devvy - Are Lockdowns Causing Second Wave COVID-19?

Outbreak Alabama - It's on us, y'all

Trump's favorite weapon in the CV fight - Deregulation


Japan crushed CV With Masks while Trump
Continues to mocks masks

Blatant Lying - CNN Protects Dems, Blames
Republicans for Corona Spike

US Interest In Coronavirus Is Waning

Fauci Says US 'Needs to Keep Eye' on New Swine Flu
in China to Avoid Another COVID Pandemic Scenario

Pandemic - The Sequel? MSM stokes panic as yet another
animal virus spreads to humans in China

The Real Pandemic Was A NURSING HOME Problem

Rand Paul Slams Health Experts Deciding
'What's Best For Everyone'

Expert Raises Alarm as US Buys Almost
All Remdesivir Stock

Global Hydroxychloroquine Study To Resume
After Positive Trial Results

The Problem With Government 'Contact Tracing'


Br Nathanael - What You Need To Know About Google

Why Are You Censoring Me? Brother Nathanel's
Letter To Brighteon

It's okay to hate whites...New Communist Reddit hate
speech policy apparently embraces discrimination

Facebook bans hundreds of 'boogaloo' accounts
in latest purge, citing 'real-world violence' from
'anti-government network'

Think The 'Cancel' Mobs Can't Get Any Worse?
...Think Again

Standing for the Star-Spangled Banner Is Now A
controversial move As Americans Fear communists

The Myth of the 'Military-Industrial Complex'

Trump resumes attack on NYT's 'Russian bounty'
story, says 'secret source probably doesn't even exist'

'Russian bounty' story Changes - NYT now Says
Afghan 'Criminals' - not the Taliban were paid -
And Cites anonymous sources again

WaPo Admits 'Russian Bounties' Info 'Deemed Sketchy'
After Pentagon Says 'No Corroborating Evidence'


Russia Working With Taliban, But Not in Way NYT
'Anonymous Sources' Claim, Pentagon Report Finds

Pentagon chief says 'no corroborating evidence'
so far to back Russia bounty story

Outrage Erupts After NYT Uses Slain Marine's
Photo For Unsubstantiated Propaganda

Australia to up military budget by 40%
amid tensions with China

Pentagon Clears Plan to Withdraw 9,500
US Troops From Germany

'Offering to Buy Ankara's S-400s US Aims to
Collide Turkey and Russia' - Ret Turkish Lt.-Gen

Trump's resistance led intel agencies to brief him
less and less on Russia

Pompeo Denounces China's 'Draconian' Security Law
...Pledges to Defend Hong Kong Freedoms

Joshua Wong's Hong Kong Opposition Group
Disbands as Foreign Funding Dries Up

Rupturing US-China Relations - A Breach too Wide to Fix?


Cuba, 52 Countries Voice Their Support for
China's National Security Law in Hong Kong

Over 300 arrested as Hong Kong protestors
decry new security law - Watch

Beijing orders AP, CBS & other US outlets to submit
information on China operations in tit-for-tat media war

George Galloway says Latvian ban on RT proves
Western viewers are 'looking elsewhere' for news

What's Next? Black Jesus Painting Will Now Be
Installed in UK's St Albans Cathedral

Theresa May Rips Into Government Over National
Security Advisor Pick With 'No Proven Expertise'

New US sanctions to block 700 Million Euros
Needed for Nord Stream 2 Pipepline completion

German Commerce Chamber Calls for Use of
Trade Protection Instruments for Nord Stream 2

US sanctions move for Russia's Nord Stream 2 pipeline
spells end of Transatlantic bond – German ex-Chancellor

New Supply-Chain Strategy Mulled by Europe in
Bid to Reduce China Dependence in Wake of Pandemic


Sweden Expands QE By 66%

It's official & a damning indictment, the Covid lockdown
has made the rich vastly richer and poor vastly poorer

UK turns to Germany in bid to finally get its Covid-19
contact tracing app off the ground, ambassador says

Boeing Hid Key Changes to 737 Max From FAA - Report

Sweden, Denmark Step in With $1.3 Billion Package
for Crisis-Ridden SAS Airline to Spread Its Wings

German prosecutors come after Volkswagen
supplier Continental over emissions scandal

Trump admin just lent $700 million to a trucking
company sued for ripping off taxpayers

American Airlines to close bases, needs to
reduce flight attendant staff

Meijer Stops Accepting Cash As Nationwide
Coin Shortage Erupts

The COVID Crisis Supercharged
The War On Cash - Part 1


Under This New Law, Cryptocurrency Could
Become Illegal

Goldman Sachs = Federal Face Mask Mandate
May Rescue US Economy From 5% Hit to GDP

Nearly 50% Of All Working Age Adults In The
US Do Not Have jobs Now

Varoufakis Exposes The EU's COVID Class War

Gordon Johnson: Warranty Accounting Impropriety
At Tesla Similar To Accounting At Wirecard

Unemployment soars in Latin America
in wake Of CV

Israel land grab bid in disarray amid coalition rift
And waning US support

UK PM Johnson warns Netanyahu annexation of
West Bank parts would violate international law

Jordanian Diplomat Warns Israeli Rejection of
Two-State Solution Makes One-State Solution Inevitable

Russia, Iran, Turkey view Israel's military
attacks in Syria as destabilizing - statement


Iran Responds After Pompeo Calls Tehran
'World's Most Heinous Terrorist Regime'

US Doesn't Rule Out Military Action Against Iran
Amid Push to Renew UN Arms Embargo

Russia Slams US 'Maximum Suffocation' Policy
Against Iran in UN

Eighteen Dead, Several Injured Following Blast at
Medical Clinic in Tehran, Reports Suggest - Watch

Russia, Syria & Iran say 'no military solution' to Syria
crisis as leaders blast illegal oil capture, US sanctions
Which Are 'bypassing' The UN

India Sends Tanks Along Border To Prevent China
'Redefining' Line Of Actual Control

India to ban Chinese firms from road projects as
tensions mount over border dispute

Sign of Disengagement? China, India Agree to Withdraw
Troops From Forward Areas in Galwan Valley

Pakistan Allegedly Moves 20,000 Soldiers to
Gilgit-Baltistan Amid India-China Tensions

Two asteroids to race past Earth as NASA pens
deal with Space Force to bolster planetary defenses


Taibbi On The Number One Bullsh*t Book...'White Fragility'

Communist Psychologists Push to Classify Individuals
Resisting Coronavirus Edicts as Mentally Ill

69 Million Clues Trump Is Sweating About November

WaPo Damage Control For Biden After 'Far More
Damaging' Biden-Poroshenko Tapes Disclosed

Brain Damaged Biden Caught! - 'Who Am I Supposed to Go
to Next?' - The Creeper Reveals During Press Conf that
ALL Of His Questions Were Pre-Planned!

Hillary attacks Trump's CV response and says
she would've read All her Data briefs if president

Demented Biden Attacks Trump Over Coronavirus
Says Trump Is 'In Retreat' With 125,000 Now Dead

Brain-Decaying, Senile Bumbling Script Reader Biden
Tells Donors He'll End Most Of Trump's Tax Cuts

Hilarious - The Creeper Blasts Trump's 'Cognitive Capability'

NY Judge Blocks Trump niece's Tell-All book blocked
...lawyer files An appeal


Tulsa Arena Management Sabotaged Trump
Rally Attendance - Report - Politics Is Getting
To Be Dirtier Than Ever

What was Trump doing on the day people tried
to brief him about the Alleged Russian bounties?

Trump's Worst Economic nightmare may be happening

Br Nathanael - Imagining Antifa - Vid

We ARE At War - America Faces Zionist
Bolshevik Communist Revolution

Why aren't some Key conservatives aggressively
resisting the Zionist Communist Cultural Revolution?

Fauci says new virus in China has traits of 2009
H1N1 and 1918 pandemic flu (How Does he Know?

H1N1 swine influenza virus with 2009 pandemic
viral genes facilitating human infection

Chinese study sounds alarm over new swine flu
with pandemic potential, WHO warns 'we cannot
let our guard down'

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Says Risk of Modified
Flu Virus Leaking From Labs 'Unacceptably High'

Sources tell CNN how 'sadistic' Trump was with
female counterparts...but Was reverential with Putin


Seattle Police Chief Asks Why Black People Keep
Dying In The BLM Communist CHOP Zone

City Crews Clearing CHOP Barriers As
Police Stand At The Ready

State AG Kim Foxx from Jesse Smollett Fame
Now Reportedly Going to Drop Charges on
All Chicago Curfew Violators

Cops Side With Armed St. Louis Homeowners &
Investigate Protesters For 'Assault By Intimidation'

Man Shot After Protester Fires Handgun Into SUV
During Utah BLM Protest

Powerful Message from straight-talking
Louisiana Police Captain - Watch

LA, Atlanta Among Cities Joining Coalition To Test
Universal Basic Income (UBI) - Which Dissolves The
Work Ethic Like A Hot Knife Through Butter - Their
Cities Will Become Open Cess Pools Of Crime & Filth

On Behalf Of Environmentalists, I Apologize
For The 30 Year Climate Scare

Witnesses detail deadly CHOP shooting, fear for lives

Two Shot In CHOP, 16 Yr Old Dead, 14 Yr Old Critical


Second federal lawsuit filed over CHOP

Br Nathanael To Brighteon...
Why Are You Censoring Me?

Icke - Get Them Early And Control Them For Life - Watch

AZ rations healthcare amid CV - Allows Hospitals
To Withhold Health Resources To Patients They
deem Will be Dead In Five Years

States Ordered To Fraudulently Inflate COVID
Cases 15 Times Actual Rate

Now They're Trying To Tell Us CV Is '10 Times More
Infectious' Than It Was At The Start Of The Pandemic

LA County Coronavirus Sets New Daily Case Record

Fauci - US CV Cases Could Reach 100,000 a Day

Europe Keeps US Off Its 'Safe' List For
Resuming Non-Essential Air Travel

Oregon To Mandate Masks For All Aged 12 And Up
Beginning Wednesday


Oregon CV Testing And Contact Tracing Strategy

CDC says US has 'way too much virus' to control
pandemic as cases surge across country

Lest We Forget - Red Cross Infected 30,000 With
Hepatitis C and Thousands With AIDS

The Red Cross caused infection of over 30,000
Canadians with AIDS virus and hepatitis C In
Canada's worst preventable public health disaster

Never Forget - Canada's Tainted Blood Disaster

Twitter Remorse: Deleted Tweets Trigger Backlash
At The DNC, Washington Post, & The White House

FCC Blocks Huawei, ZTE From Big US Markets

India considers barring Huawei & other Chinese
companies from country's 5G rollout

US Keen to Team Up With India on 6GHz Spectrum
Amid Delayed 5G Trials, FCC Chairman Says

No side effects seen for CV vaccine volunteers
says top Moscow medical university

Russian Anti-Terror Chief - Jihadis Are
Intentionally Spreading Coronavirus


Moscow Denies 'nuclear leak' in Russia after
increase in radioactivity over N. Europe

Here we go again: AP doubles down on unverified
'Russian bounties' story, cites 'sources' claiming
WH aware of intel in 2019

US Should Consider Imposing More Sanctions on
Russia Over Bounty Allegations, Schiff Says

Japan introduces 'new lifestyle' as it braces for
second COVID wave, says ambassador

China locks down 400,000 people over 18 CV cases

China passes controversial national security law
for Hong Kong, prohibiting secession and Barring
Any Foreign interference

2022 - A 'Vaccination Passport' Leaked? EU Keeps
Quiet Over Suspicious Documents

London Spins Out Of Control As Met Police
Abandon Streets

New 'New Deal' - Is Boris Johnson's
Spending Blitz Really That 'Rooseveltian'?

New 'legal change' required to enforce Leicester
lockdown, amid unusually high number of child
cases, says Health Secretary Hancock


Health Workers Protest in Paris for Better
Working Conditions - Watch

Self-hatred is so RAMPANT in the West that
politicians are now even denying cold hard facts

Scientists link risk of CV infection to genetics

EU Extends Ban On US Travelers, Lifts Restrictions
On China, Canada, & Rwanda

France supports a 'pirate' in Libya - Turkey

'Total Madness' - Aussie Racial Justice Activist
Calls for Removal of Non-Existent Statue

Gold Smashes Above $1800 For First
Time Since 2011

If History Is Any Guide We Could
See $4,000 Gold

Airbus To Cut 15,000 Jobs As No Recovery
Expected Until 2023

Royal Dutch Shell To Write Down Up
To $22 Billion After COVID Hit


China Company Hails Breakthrough Oilfield Discovery
Amid Hopes to Shake Off Reliance on Imports

As many as 97% of German firms oppose US
sanctions against Russia, Nord Stream 2

Trump Labeled US-Backed Juan Guaido
the 'Beto O'Rourke of Venezuela'

Brussels Summons Venezuela's Ambassador
to EU After Maduro Expels Bloc's Envoy

Netanyahu Warns Assad Not to Ally With Iran's
Ayatollahs, Hints Israeli Ops in Syria Will Continue

India Sends Tanks Along Border To Prevent China
'Redefining' Line Of Actual Control

India Sees 300% Spike in China-Backed Hack Attacks
Following Border Clash, Research Firm Claims

India to Provide Free Food For Five Months
to 800 Million People

'No doubt' India was behind attack on Karachi
Stock Exchange, claims Pakistan's PM Khan

China Provides $1.3 Billion Loan to Rescue
Debt-Ridden Pakistan


India Mulls Debt Relief During Pandemic as
Sri Lanka Turns to China for Emergency Loans

Pakistan International Airlines Suspended From
European Union by Safety Regulators

Imran Khan Slams India for Alleged Attempts
to Alter Jammu and Kashmir's Demography

Tucker - Explains The Book 'White Fragility' Which
Claims Whites Are Racist because Of Their DNA
And No Other Race Is Racist...Of Course! - Watch

GOP operatives (Agree With Rense) raising possibility
Trump 'could drop out of race' if polls don't rebound

Reddit bans its biggest pro-Trump community

The worst of Trump's outrages?

Nearly half the US population is Jobless!

Sen. Elizabeth Warren introduces nationwide
eviction moratorium bill

From Gen. Flynn - If We Don't Act, 2% (Zionists)
of the People Are About To Control the Other 98%

Biden Should Be In Extended Care - Alzheimer's Dementia

WaPo editor deletes tweet claiming 'white women'
are lucky 'we are just calling them KARENS and
not calling for REVENGE' On Them

Watch - Activists set up guillotine outside Jeff Bezos
home, call for The end Of Amazon

'No Trespassing At Ken And Karen's Home'
Video of St Louis couple pointing guns at BLM
protesters sets Twitter alight


WHO Is Funding Black Lives Matter And Why?

The New Normal In NYC? 11 People Shot In
Under 12 Hours

LA Sheriff Says No To Slashing $145 Million From
Law Enforcement

Did Israel train America's police? YES, and here's the proof

16 Yr Old Killed in Shooting Near Seattle
Protest Zone Monday

'Over-Policing Didn't Cause This, Under-Policing Did'
Andy Ngo Briefs US Reps On Riots

How Recent Stories On Barr Left The Relevant
Facts And Law Behind

War On Cops Worsening - Tulsa Police Say 2 Officers
Critically Wounded, Warn Residents Suspect at Large

Montana Man Arrested after Ripping Down a
10 Commandments Monument with a Chain
to His Pickup Truck

Sweden Total Infection Fatality Rate Is 0.06% - No Masks,
No House Arrest Lockdowns, No DESTROYED Economy


New CDC study finds breathing can increase
risk of coronavirus

'This Is Not Just Accidental' - How One Coronavirus
Mutation Helped The Virus Conquer The Globe

Flu virus with 'pandemic potential' found in China

For the 4th straight day, Dallas County reports
record new coronavirus cases at 572

Houston Hospital Boss Shatters MSM CV Fear-mongering
Says 'Only About 3 Or 4 More People In Our ICU'

Texas couple married for 53 years dies
from coronavirus while holding hands

Ron Paul - Media Is Lying About The 'Second Wave'

Ohio's State Representative Nino Vitale Shows
Oxygen Levels Drop in Seconds Wearing A Mask

URGENT ALERT! Oxygen Deficient Atmosphere! - Watch

Nursing Home Nurse Recounts Her Horrific


LA County coronavirus cases surge past 100,000

Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach All closing beaches
over Fourth of July weekend due to increase in cases

Coronavirus pandemic accelerating globally - WHO

UN Declares 'Massive Rise' in Hunger Spikes
as WHO Warns Pandemic 'Not Close to Being Over'

More than 200 people are advised to quarantine
after possible Covid exposure at gym

US Texas Hospital System Pulls ICU Data From
Website as Beds Reach COVID-19 Capacity

CDC adds three new possible COVID symptoms

Flynn Lawyer Slams Twitter's Jack Dorsey Over
'Abuse Of Conservative And Patriotic Free Speech'

Adidas, Reebok, Ford, HP, Microsoft Pause
Advertisements With Facebook As Boycott Builds

Netizens Ridicule WaPo 'Fact Check' After Claiming
Trump Is Wrong on Violence in Dem-Run Cities

Twitch suspends Donald Trump's account as Reddit
bans his supporters' biggest community

Chinese military showcases silent portable
coilgun that can pierce steel - Watch

US to End Exports of Defence Equipment, Sensitive
Technologies to Hong Kong, Pompeo Says


Pompeo - US Condemns China Over Reports of
Forced Sterilization Against Uighurs

Photo - US Navy Flexes at China With Back-to-Back
Dual Carrier Drills in Philippine Sea

Another leading environmentalist admits he got it wrong
over climate change, but MSM tries to CENSOR him

76% of early voters say YES to constitutional changes,
which could keep Putin in power until 2036 – exit polls

Zionist EU extends economic sanctions against
Russia until January 31, 2021

Fake story on Russians paying Afghans 'bounty'
to kill Americans Is. The latest example of The
appalling US-UK media coverage of Russia

The Arctic is burning - temperatures reach 100F And
over a million hectares of Siberian forest is on fire

Chinese CV Vax Receives Approval for Military Use

'Shameless': Seoul denounces Japan's objection to
Trump's plan to include South Korea in G7

'Prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity' - India BANS 59
Chinese mobile apps including TikTok & Shareit


Europeans' Trust in US as Global Leader Plummets
Over 'Appalling' Handling of COVID Pandemic

Former French Prime Minister Defeated By Macron
Handed 5 Year Jail Term In 'Fake Jobs' Verdict

Parents in England Could Face Fines if They Don't
Send Their Children Back to School in September

Poland is villain in EU drama as bungling Brussels
bean counters award it €16 Billion aid despite least economic damage in Europe

The US Economy Is About To Fly Off A Cliff

83 Tons Of Fake Gold Bars - Gold Market Rocked
By Massive China Counterfeiting Scandal

Las Vegas Icon Cirque Du Soleil Files Bankruptcy

Hugh Hendry Urges Massive Dollar-Devaluation,
Wants Joe Rogan To 'Radicalize' The Fed

V-shaped recovery of financial markets is a myth
They will be destroyed by a credit default tsunami

Gilead Plans to Charge Over $3,000 for
COVID-19 Antiviral Remdesivir


UN human rights chief fears 'disastrous' consequences
if Israel proceeds with West Bank annexation

Interpol says it can't act on Iran request to arrest
Trump for ordering the killing of Gen Soleimani

Lebanese President Says Israel Drilling in
Disputed Waters to Heighten Tensions

Libya's Tribal Young Men Ready to Fight If Turkey
Enters Oil Fields - Council of Sheikhs

Some UN deconfliction system's facilities in Syria
used by terrorists — Russian envoy

India coronavirus - Country opens one
of the world's largest hospitals

Chiappalone - Karmic Debts Due


Bolton - Trump Wanted to Grant Persecuted
(And Often Murdered) White South African Farmers
'Asylum And Citizenship' - SO, WHY DIDN'T HE?

Dementia-Failing Biden to zero in on CV
inflection points in coming week

New Lincoln Project Ad Blames Trump for CV Deaths
Among Our 'Greatest Generation'

Alexander - 'It would help' if Trump wore a mask

Trump's Tweetstorm - The Sunday Edition

Top 5 2020 Election stories to watch this week - CNN

Trump's loyal base is turning into a 2020 liability
for Republicans

Black Lives Matter Is A New Cult

God-Less America Is Building A New 'Religion'

Trump's unpopularity isn't new - It's his normal state


BLM Launders MILLIONS To Biden Campaign

Watch - CHOP Barricades still up In Seattle

CHOP lawsuits pile up for Seattle's Idiot mayor

Antifa Cancelled - AG Barr Creates Task Force
to Take Down Anti-Govt Communist Extremists

The Pandemic's Economic Carnage Looks
Worse Than Expected

13 Ways Narcissists (Trump) Behave Like Children

No, Chick-fil-A isn't opening its restaurants
on Sundays just for Black people

Dr. Vernon Coleman - Would You Trust These
People With Your Life? - Watch

36 States Report Increase In Coronavirus Cases

MI Black Man Charged With Unprovoked Beating
Of White Macy's Store Mgr - A Ten Year Felony

Black Crime Matters - Facts


Facebook Insider Ryan Hartwig - The Company
Allowed Users to Demonize Whites, Men, Cops

PepsiCo Said Joining Boycott Of Facebook

Watch - Cops Hold Five Small Children at Gunpoint
for Playing Outside

Comey Miniseries Gets Pre-Election Airdate,
After Director Pleads For Chance To Sway Voters

1 In 5 Mail-In Ballots Rejected As 4 Charged With
Fraud In New Jersey Election

Russian Online Voter turnout on Constitutional
Amendments reaches Enormous 80%

Four charged for vandalizing Jackson statue near
White House as Trump demands max punishment

Trump Says Vandalism of Monuments Stopped
After Executive Order Threatening Jail Terms

White House - Trump Did Not Hear 'White Power'
Chant in Now-Deleted Video Retweet

Charting The $1.7 Billion Transfer Of Military
Combat Equipment To Police Departments


Catastrophic Bugs And Bird Decline
Near Detroit, Michigan

Nearly 60,000 pounds of Chicken nuggets recalled

More Adults Than Ever Live With Parents
Or Grandparents

There Will Be A Second Lockdown - MSM Propagandizes
Public With 'COVID-19 Cases Spike'

Pence Now Says Wearing A Mask Is A 'Good Idea'

Ohio Rep Proves Face Masks Reduce Oxygen
To Unsafe Levels

Covid deaths surpass 500,000 worldwide

10 million CV case mark passed - Johns Hopkins

Comrade Gov Newsom Orders Bars Closed In
Counties Including LA citing Coronavirus

End Of Lockdown in LA County in Jeopardy as CV
Cases Surge Again


half of TX nursing homes report CV infections

Nearly half of all 'CV deaths' in US occurred inside
nursing homes - About Half Of those Were Already Dying

Reopening Of Popular Michigan College Bar
Results In 85 CV Infections

'Real Men Wear Masks' - Dick Cheney
Giving Health Advice

Public Transit Use Largely Responsible For
'Racial Discrepancy' In Covid Death Rates
So, The Govt Should Give Minorities Free Cars?

GA reports 60% weekly growth in CV cases

Ad Revolt Could Remove Facebook From 'Position
of Power' in Marketing Industry, Observers Say


Facebook Ad Boycott Organizers Want Companies
in Europe, Asia to Join Campaign

Western theories suggesting CV is manmade &
unleashed deliberately not backed by evidence – Putin

Putin convinced Russia will get over current
crisis with minimal losses

Selfish approaches in world politics bring to a
dead end, awareness of this grows - Putin

Putin pledged program for modernization of
primary care system will be implemented

Russian Website on Constitution Vote Comes Under
DDoS-Attack From the UK, Singapore

Russian Online Voter turnout on Constitutional
Amendments reaches Enormous 80%

MSNBC asks Bolton if Trump is 'too afraid' to
take on Putin because he helped get him elected

Trump Says 'Phony hit job' by 'fake news' NYT on claims
of 'so-called attacks on our troops in Afghan by Russians'

NYT takes anti-Russian hysteria to new level with
report on Russian 'bounty' for US troops in Afghanistan


NYT's 'Russia Funded Taliban' Article - How CIA
Supported Afghan Jihadis, Documented

All Players In The NYT 'Russian Bounties' In
Afghanistan Story Have Slammed It As Fake News

Austria, Belgium Stand up to Beijing's Forced
Organ Harvesting Practices

Hong Kong Police Arrest 53 Protesters During
Latest Unsanctioned Demonstration

Journalist Julian Assange Charged with
New American Indictment

Boris Johnson Pledges to Spend Billions of Pounds
to Build the British Economy 'Back to Health'

Corona Depression - So Europe Will Never Recover

Scotland Could Eliminate CV by the End
of the Summer, Public Health Expert Says

Leicester could become FIRST UK city to reimpose
lockdown as Govt confirms possible local restrictions

EU aviation deal with Israel Being Called
'the pinnacle of hypocrisy'


Lynching, stoning and burning - The 1919 'Red Summer'
race riots that America and Britain want you to forget
but which echo today

Petition to Fire (Psychopath) UK Prof Over 'White
Lives Don't Matter' Tweet Removed From Change.org

Glasgow police cordon off part of downtown as
witness reports incident & 'man covered in blood'

Germany's AfD Party Calls for Rally 'Against
Looting and Solidarity With Police' – Watch

Millennials, Gen Z-ers See Job Mobility Plunge

More Mainstream Bullishness For Gold

Boeing's grounded 737 MAX plane to begin
certification test flights in US as early as Monday – reports

Chase Bank blames 'technical issue' for customers
seeing incorrect account balances (Right...)

Israel cancels 'God TV' Evangelical
Christian channel

Israel to shut down US evangelical TV channel


Iran makes masks mandatory as of July 5

American taxpayers' money funds MKO
terrorist group: Iran Foreign Ministry

Iran's MCI to switch on 5G mobile network
in August - Minister

Kurdish Militia Groups Say Turkey Establishing
Military Bases in Northern Iraq - Reports

Americans directly interfering in Lebanon's affairs

Gunman Opens Fire On Protesters At Louisville Park

Who Are America's Racial Equality Protestors?

As liberals celebrate Sacha Baron Cohen's latest
stunt, reports suggest all was not as it seemed

'There's nothing left' – Sardinian farmland
stripped by locust swarms

'A Decade of Sun' - NASA Releases 10 Year
Time-Lapse Footage of Solar Cycle


3 Strategies to Prevent Osteoporosis
And Build Strong Bones

New Study Draws Attention to The Devastating
Effects of Breast Implant Illness

The Story of the Sacred Pipe

BLM Launders MILLIONS To Biden Campaign

Antifa Cancelled - AG Barr Creates Task Force
to Take Down Anti-Govt Communist Extremists

The Pandemic's Economic Carnage Looks
Worse Than Expected

13 Ways Narcissists (Trump) Behave Like Children

No, Chick-fil-A isn't opening its restaurants
on Sundays just for Black people

Dr. Vernon Coleman - Would You Trust These
People With Your Life? - Watch

36 States Report Increase In Coronavirus Cases

MI Black Man Charged With Unprovoked Beating
Of White Macy's Store Mgr - A Ten Year Felony

Facebook Insider Ryan Hartwig - The Company
Allowed Users to Demonize Whites, Men, Cops

PepsiCo Said Joining Boycott Of Facebook


Why Everyone Needs To Become A Prepper ASAP

Fitts - We're Watching The Mother Of All Debt Entrapments

Oh, MY - Senile-Dementia-Alzheimers Pervert Biden
Now Says He Was A 20 Yr Old In Elementary School
Watching Bull Connor! - He MUST Be Put In Extended
Care Immediately - It's Time For Hillary To Step In

Trump - Biden Is 'Going to Be' President Because
'Some People Don't Love Me' - Donald Is Losing It

Trump has reportedly grown increasingly concerned
about how it would appear if he Got coronavirus

All-Time High 58% Disapprove Of Trump's job Performance
Don't Be Shocked If he Decides Not To Run...

In Trump's must-win Florida, Covid-19 takes the lead

Poll - Most Republicans think the worst of the
coronavirus is over, even as cases spike - Vox

Before 'takedown' of Gen Flynn, he was planning to audit
John Brennan for running billions 'off the books'

Trump's reality TV presidency being crushed by reality


Zuckerberg loses $7.2 BILLION after corporate ad
boycott pressing Facebook to police 'hate speech'

Decade of depression coming - Market crash
expert 'Dr. Doom' Roubini

Bill Gates Lashes Out at US for Rejecting Globalism
Amid Pandemic - 'This is our time, We as philanthropists'
No, Bill, You're Globalist Oligarchs Intent On Full Control

OK reporter who attended Trump's Tulsa rally
tests positive for coronavirus

Trump campaign removed thousands of social
distancing stickers before Tulsa rally

Trump staff ups CV Protections For Him

'Eat The Rich!' BLM Invades Beverly Hills
...Then The Cops Showed Up

Communist Anarchists Won't Leave CHOP
in Seattle as Tensions Rise

Seattle Residents, Businesses Held Hostage By
CHOP Criminals

Mayor Says CHOP barriers to come down Sunday


Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Seattle
Dimwit Mayor, Gov Inslee Over CHOP

Police in US City of Richmond Arrest 6 During Clashes
at Confederate General Statue

Ludicrous, Stupid, Imbecilic - Texas Realtors Will Stop
Using 'Master' to Describe Bedrooms, Bathrooms

Incessant Fireworks Keeping Minneapolis
Residents On Edge

More Adults Than Ever Live With Parents
Or Grandparents

Communist Minneapolis City Council Members
Enjoy Costly Private Security Detail In Their Push
To 'Defund The Police'

Series of Unfortunate Events Guarantees Epocalypse

Leftists and the Destruction of American History

Brighteon starts a censorship regime - Hits
Br Nathanael - Jewish Tyranny At Supreme Court

Don't Forget, The Fukushima Radiation Continues To Increase
All Across The Northern Hemisphere, Wiping Out Bugs, Birds
...and Damaging Our Health And Immune Systems


Bill Gates - CV 'will be back in big numbers' in October
And November - (Bill KNOWS The PLAN)

CV Could Cause chronic fatigue syndrome
And Other Secondary Illnesses

Coronavirus Can Go After The Lungs, Pancreas, Heart,
Liver, Kidney And The Brain - Some Never Fully Recover

Risk of never fully recovering after coronavirus
Is 'very real' scientists say

CV Survivors Could Suffer Chronic Medical
Conditions For Years

How Coronavirus Short-Circuits The Immune System
...A Disturbing Parallel To HIV

'We opened too quickly' - TX becomes a model for
inadequate Covid-19 response

9,585 new cases reported in Florida, 24 new deaths

CA Virus surge continues - 5,624 new cases

LA Communists 'Child Services' Take Child From Parents
...After Parent Contracts CV


Health Officials Alarmed By Outbreak
At San Quentin Prison

CA woman coughs on baby in social
distancing dispute

Illicit Raves Across Europe Are Contributing
To A Revival In COVID Infections

Philadelphia, LA, San Francisco Fear 'Second Wave'
As Thousands Infected At BLM Protests

85 contract Coronavirus at MI restaurant

Pitt researchers find 4 coronavirus mutations
arrived early in Pittsburgh - say pandemic could
have been much worse in region

Backlash As More States Mandate The
Wearing Of Face Masks In Public

WA State Sheriff Says 'Don't Be Sheep'
Urges Residents To Defy Face Mask Order

US 'likely' to see shortage of Rx drugs if CV
outbreak continues, intelligence report

Social Credit Scores Are Already Here

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 6-27-20

Parler topples 'tech tyrant' Twitter in
Apple 'News App' store


BuzzFeed "Reporter" Who Got Zerohedge
Banned On Twitter, Fired For Plagiarism

Free speech in the US is Now as illusory as
free-range eggs there – neither really exists

Twitter left baffled by Simpsons ban on white actors
voicing non-white characters

Twitter permanently suspends 'Father Ted' writer
after he replies 'men aren't women' to pro-trans tweet

US House of Representatives Committee Proposes
$3.8 Billion to Fund Anti-Russia Measures in 2021

Russia Foreign Ministry - NYT article on Russia
in Afghanistan fake from US intelligence

German chancellor calls for maintaining
constructive dialogue with Russia

Germany - UK has to accept weaker economic
ties with EU as tradeoff for Brexit

Europe should brace for a reality in which
US is no longer a world power – Merkel

About 500 People Taking Part in Peaceful
BLM Demonstration in Berlin


Anglican Church Should Rethink Usual Portrayal
of Jesus Christ as White Man - Canterbury Archbishop

Glasgow stabbing suspect was Black Sudanese
Invader 'fed up' with 'hellish' shelter conditions

'Free Speech in Europe No Longer a Value'

4.5 Quake Hits off Northwest French Coast

CA says all vans and trucks must be electric
by 2024...Not A chance

Gun Maker Remington Preps for Bankruptcy
...Seeks Sale to Navajo Nation

How We Got To Globalist Calls For A 'Great Reset'

Bailout-Or-Bust For Europe's Airlines

Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic Tries to Strike
$1 Billion Coronavirus Rescue Deal

'More idiotic rubbish': Ryanair trashes UK's 'air bridge' plan,
calls for scrapping Covid restrictions


Microsoft to close retail stores

Nearly 1 in 5 Seattle-area renters doubt they
can make July's rent

Fifteen Fast Facts About Gold

A Collapsing Dollar And China's Monetary Strategy

Global economy has lost at least $126 BILLION
due to Covid-19 pandemic

Venezuela Says Botched Maritime Raid Targeting
Maduro Was Planned in Spanish Embassy Building

Tehran Blast Took Place at Missile Production Facility

Iran Unveils New Domestically-Produced Armoured
Personnel Carrier, Drone, Machine Gun – Watch

Saudi Arabia Says it Fired Warning Shots
at Iranian Boats That Refused to Stop

Militants Shell Towns in Syria's Idlib & Aleppo


Pentagon Should Release UFO Report - Senate Intel

The Summer of Hate Meets the Age of Intolerance

Colonial Drug Trafficking and the British Empire

Exhibition - In the Presence of Beethoven and the Divine

Mix Up Your Beer - 6 Beer Cocktails to
Drink This Summer

How To Control Lucid Dreams

Are You Being Too Critical In Your Relationship?

Oh, MY - Senile-Dementia-Alzheimers Pervert Biden
Now Says He Was A 20 Yr Old In Elementary School
Watching Bull Connor! - He MUST Be Put In Extended
Care Immediately - It's Time For Hillary To Step In

All-Time High 58% Disapprove Of Trump's job Performance
Don't Be Shocked If he Decides Not To Run...

Coronavirus Can Go After The Lungs, Pancreas, Heart,
Liver, Kidney And The Brain - Some Never Fully Recover


How Coronavirus Short-Circuits The Immune System
...A Disturbing Parallel To HIV

TX Gov Abbott - 'If I could go back and redo anything,
I would slow down the reopening of bars'

Coronavirus Can Go After The Lungs, Pancreas, Heart,
Liver, Kidney And The Brain - Some Never Fully Recover

How CV Short-Circuits The Immune System
...A Disturbing Parallel To HIV

TX Gov Abbott - 'If I could go back and redo anything,
I would slow down the reopening of bars'

Tucker - Trump's Hopes For Re-Election - Watch

Trump Signs Strong EO To Crush The Communist Destruction
Of Our Monuments And History

Jews Mark 8 American monuments celebrating
'anti-Semites' (And Would Welcome Their Loss)
The Brilliant Henry Ford, Gen Patton, U.S. Grant

Venezuela Activist Warns US 'Defend Your
Country' Against (Communist) Statue Topplers
'Or It Will Be Destroyed'

Bloodthirsty Bolton's book on Trump is fueled
by frustration Trump Hasn't Put Us In a major war

Rewriting History & Rehabilitating War Criminal
George W Bush

Trump's reality TV presidency being crushed by reality

Trump Can't Name One Thing He'd Prioritize
if Re-elected To Four More Years

Trump cancels NJ trip after Covid quarantine rule

BET Robert Johnson Wants Whites To Pay $14 Trillion
Slavery Reparations - Never Mentions It Was A Jewish
Industry And They Should Be First To Go After For $$


Christian Pastors Vow To Stop God-Less Communists From
Destroying Statues Of Jesus And Our Christian Heritage

Facebooks Slaps Warning On RNC Video Warning
Of Communist Anarchists Attempting To Destroy Us

Airhead Pelosi Forgets George Floyd's Name

Federal Judge Slaps Down de Blasio, Cuomo for
Limiting Church Services While Allowing Mass Riots

Portland Communist Rioters set barricades alight
And face-off with riot police - Watch

Black Lives Matter Network Disavows Local
Organizer After Incendiary Comments

YouTuber Jenna Marbles with 20 Million subscribers
preventively quits platform over past 'racist content'

Students Are Demanding A Professor Be Fired For
Opposing Slavery

Why are police across the US piling on the
cartoonish violence & racist rhetoric when they
know they're being watched?

Icke - Get Them Early And Control Them For Life - Watch


Tucker - Trump Could Well Lose In November
Unless He Re-Establishes His Core Appeal

Biden's Purported Final Four Woman VP Picks
Kamal, Warren, Bottoms And Demings

Ventriloquist Dummy Biden's handlers would tell
him to use federal power to force All Americans
to wear masks in public

Donald Trump Jr. calls for downed statues to be
replaced with new one of his father

Wait weeks for November results? Ex-official says
that 'could be generous' - Might Be Much Longer

David DuByne - Adapt And Prepare For Major
Climate Change And Food Shortages - Must Watch

Ex-F1 Racing Supremo, Ecclestone, Says Blacks Are
Often More Racist Than Whites - (Ya Think?)

This Way Lies Madness - The Summer Of Hate
...Meets The Age Of Intolerance

Communist Cambridge University backs academic
who tweeted 'White Lives Don't Matter' - promotes
her to professor - Should have Been Disciplined

Christian worship video censored by Zionist
Instagram as 'harmful or false information'


Bowing To Bolsheviks - Walmart Canada removes
'All Lives Matter' t-shirts When social media Complains

Is AIPAC Finished?

Who Is Funding Black Lives Matter And Why?
The Answer May Shock You!

The Life And Ideas Of Genius David Bohm
Watch This New Documentary Free

Catherine Austin Fitts – We are Watching
the Mother of All Debt Entrapments

US Lawyer Weighs Up Chances of Flynn's Case
Being Reheard Before Full DC Circuit

House Democrats Approve Bill To Make
Washington DC The 51st State

Swedish Disease Expert Calls WHO's COVID
Warning 'A Total Mistake'

Startling Images Show How CV Creates Monstrous
Tentacles That Transmit CV To Adjacent Cells

Dr. Faustus - The US has A 'serious problem'


Bill Gates says 'final hurdle' to distributing a Covid
vaccine will be convincing people to TAKE IT

Melinda Gates Wants to Deliver (FORCE) CV Vax
Based on Racial Groups, Blacks First

Surprise party in Texas leaves 18 people sick
With CV - grandfather fighting for his life

Florida Shatters Record For New CV Cases
Orders Bars To Close

Florida Authorities Register Increased Number of
West Nile Virus Cases in Miami, Reports Suggest

Severe CV Infections Linked To Strokes, Neurological
Illness - UK Lancet Clinical Study Finds

US confirms daily record of nearly 40,000
new coronavirus cases

CDC maps show FL deepening coronavirus crisis

Pilgrims' Retrogression

US government plans 5G market intervention
to break dominance of China's Huawei

NATO's budget is 20 times Russia's military spending

Coronavirus pandemic receding in Russia says Putin


Hacker attack on Russian election website
launched from US, UK, EU, and Ukraine

Seoul embraces US-made drug remdesivir for Covid
treatment, cautioning against generic dexamethasone

China Reportedly Warns US That Trade Deal
Will Be at Risk if Washington Crosses 'Red Lines'

US Blocks Visas For Chinese Officials & Their
Families Over Hong Kong Crackdown

FBI Claims Chinese Diplomats Recruiting US
Scientists in Bid to Get Hands on US R&D

Sweden Hits Back at WHO for Falsely Claiming
It's Having 'Very Significant Resurgence' of Covid

How The Dutch Rigged The Outcome Of The MH17
Trial (On A Charge That Requires No Proof)

France to Analyse Black Boxes From Ukrainian
Plane Downed in Iran, Accident Agency Says

Suspect in Glasgow stabbing rampage dies
after being shot by police - Watch

Glasgow police have confirmed three dead
at incident in West George Street


Galloway - How Boris Johnson's housing minister
pulled the strings for a Tory billionaire donor

London police chief condemns aggression towards officers
at illegal parties, reveals 140 injured in 3 weeks

Rebecca Long-Bailey's sacking is UNJUST and
symptomatic of a culture where questioning Israel
is equated to anti-Semitism

Belgian parliament calls for EU SANCTIONS against
Israel if it proceeds with West Bank annexation

Danish political parties push for ban on calls to prayer,
sidestep constitutional issue by not mentioning Islam

Dutch Police Detain 21 People After Calls for Riots
on Social Networks, Reports Say

India Blocks Imports of US Products Made in China
Following Deadly Border Clash

Any Hope For A 'V-Shaped Recovery' Has Been
Completely Crushed

'Historic Decline' Seen In April World Trade
Volumes As V-Shaped Narrative Implodes

EU Launches Investigation Into German Regulator
That Helped Cover Up Wirecard's Historic Fraud


Facebook Tumbles As Unilever Joins List Of
Ad-Boycotting Virtue-Signalers

Tesla's Cars Ranked Worst in Quality in New Survey

Owner Of Britain's Biggest Shopping Malls Collapses
As Coronavirus Crisis Pushes It Over The Edge

At least two dead during attack on Mexico City
police chief, official injured

Mexico City Police Chief Wounded In Daylight Murder
Attempt Using .50 Cal Rifles & Grenades

Hamas says armed resistance main tool to
thwart Israeli annexation plan

Israel Refuses to 'Annex' Jordan Valley,
Informs Palestinians About It

Two Missiles Fired From Gaza Strip Towards Israel

Iraqi Security Says Arrested Group Planned Attack
on Baghdad's Green Zone, Reports Say

Yemeni forces to strike strategic targets deeper
inside Saudi Arabia


The US Navy Has an Entire 'UFO Task Force'
Confirmed By Senate Intelligence Committee

The Senate Intelligence Committee Votes
On Public Analysis of UFOs

UFO Research Integrity

Natural Blood Thinners You Already May
Have in Your Kitchen

How agonising surgery paved the way
for anaesthetics

Colorized images show US troops preparing to
go to war in Korea 70 years ago

RCMP Mountie drags semi-conscious student nurse
face-first down hall during welfare check

144 Years after the Battle of Little Bighorn
Lakota Values Endure

NYT 1940 Headline - 'New World Order' Pledged
To Jews - What Don't You Understand Yet? - READ

How hospitals are making Big money On coronavirus


Trumps Blasts Bolton For Book Allegations
And Seattle Democrats In Fox Town Hall

Court Dismisses Motion By Trump's Brother To Stop
Trump Niece's Blockbuster Tell-All Book About Donald

Court Clears Way For Trump Niece's Tell All Book
Family Split Over Mary Trump's Right To Publish

Trump says the coronavirus is 'going away'
...But His own task force disagrees

Trump has been suggesting the coronavirus
is under control for 156 days now

Trump remains entrenched in his failed strategy
as The virus surges and his polling drops

Americans Disapprove Of Trump's Coronavirus
Handling By Highest Margin Yet, Poll Finds

Ousted coronavirus whistleblower Dr. Rick Bright
says Trump admin is 'on the warpath' against him

Mentally Incompetent Creep Biden Says 'over 120
Million Are Dead' from Coronavirus - Then His Live
Stream Was Intentionally Cut


Biden Blasted For Saying '120 Million Dead' From CV
...These Aren't 'Gaffes'...They're Signs Of DEMENTIA

Zionist Globalist stooges Al Gore, UN Sec-Gen & others
now demanding The 'Great Reset' of global capitalism
In The Zionist World Order ZWO

Trump team looks to prevent a Tulsa-style
debacle in Jacksonville acceptance Speech

Trump hits back at de Blasio plan for (Communist)
BLM mural outside Trump Tower

'Brutal' new polls spell BIG trouble for Trump
in Key battleground states

The 6 Trump Bombshells Still Waiting to Explode

Seattle CHOP Leaders Claim 'Success' And Urge
Protesters To Go Home, Continue 'Struggle' Online

Local businesses sue Seattle for 'enabling' chaotic
CHOP encampment that led to 'rampant violence'

Liberal pundit wants 'racist' US national anthem Gone

Is Q Anon Becoming A New 'Religion'?


Icke - It's Happening NOW - Don't Fall For The
MSM Misdirection - Here's The Big Picture - Watch

Great Video of a American Black Man Sick And
Tired of CHOP tearing down their barricades
and smashing apart part of the camp

Trump Slams BLM Leader - This Is Treason
Sedition And Insurrection!

Pew Analysis Shows 1 In 6 BLM Protesters Are Black
Most Of The Rest Are Airheaded Zoomers - BET
Founder Johnson Says Most Blacks Laugh At Whites
Who Are Toppling Statues, Demanding TV Shows End

The BLM Communists are gonna succeed in securing
the biggest thing they despise – a second term for Trump

Four More Years

40,000 Illinois Residents Applied For Gun Permits

The Insanity Of The Political Communist Left
And The Balkanization Of The US

We 'Rig The Game' - Facebook Whistle Reveals
Bias Against Conservatives In Latest Veritas Exposé

Strzok notes reveal Obama & Biden were involved
in The FBI going after General Flynn


Strzok Notes Show Obama, Biden Discussed Flynn's
Calls While Then-FBI Chief Considered Them 'Legit'

Stupid Socialist Minneapolis Neighborhood Vows Not
To Call Police Wakes Up To 300 Homeless Encampment

Protesters Stand on Highway in Delaware to Raise
Awareness for Victims of Black-on-White Violent Crime

US killer cops mastered 'fascist Israel's technique
proudly used on Palestinians' – Roger Waters

Communist College Removes Word 'Freedom' From
ID Cards After Bolshevik Student Petition Citing 'Slavery'

The Communist Renaming Of America - here's how your
home state could soon be redubbed

Citing 'history of colonialism' Yale hometown removes
Columbus statue & renames school

The 'Tri-State Tyrants' Attack America

For Every One CV Case, There Are Likely 10 More

Model Shows Universal Mask Use Cutting US Death
Toll by 33,000 Over Next 3 Months


New COVID-19 Cases Soar, But New Deaths
Decline As Younger Patients Recover

Sweden CV Expert - World Went Insane With Lockdowns

US reports RECORD jump in CV blaming anything
but packed Riots And 'Protests'

GOP Senators Cornyn & Cruz don't understand
why federal funds being pulled from CV test sites

Trump plan to cut federal support for Covid
testing sites sparks alarm

AL sets record high for CV cases in a single day

FL sees Covid cases skyrocket among young people

TX pauses state's reopening plan as cases
And hospitalizations rise

Dozens of Secret Service agents will be
quarantined after Trump's Tulsa rally

Coronavirus surge in states that rushed to
reopen is hurting economic growth

'Volunteer' Hawaiians Turn 'Paradise On Earth'
Into An Island Of Snitches

'We Rig The Game' - Facebook Whistle Reveals
Bias Against Conservatives In Latest Veritas Exposé

Huawei Granted Permission to Build 1 Billion
Pound Research Facility in England


Wirecard goes bust after arrest of former boss
over missing billions

Trump says US will 'probably' relocate some troops
from Germany to Poland as 'signal' to Russia

US expects to get along with Russia despite plans to
deploy troops in Poland — Trump

US sees no reason to resume nuclear tests

As 3 US Carriers Patrol Western Pacific, Chinese
Analysts Warn US-China Stumbling Toward War

Lawmakers Propose Blocking US Navy From
Procuring Large Unmanned Surface Vessels

Japan Abandons Plans to Deploy US Aegis Ashore
Missile Defence System

Four US Surveillance Planes Spotted Over
South China Sea Wednesday

Japan scraps plans for US-made anti-missile sites
but mulls pre-emptive strike options instead

Trump Claims Germany Owes $1 Trillion In
NATO Obligations


Embarrassing - US Embassy Protests Russia's Upcoming
Constitutional Amendment Defining Marriage as Being A
Union of Man and A Woman

Beijing residents queue up for virus testing

Trump Threatens to Impose Tariffs on Seafood
Imported From China

Trump administration - Huawei And 19 other firms in US
Are backed by The Chinese military

US Senate Approves Sanctions Against Chinese
Officials Over Hong Kong Security Law

German civil war they don't want you to see
12 deleted and blocked Videos zu Stuttgart

UK Housing Secretary Called to Resign Over
Abuse of Power Allegations

Cambridge University lectures Twitter about academic
freedom, after professor says 'white lives don't matter'

22 police officers injured after Brixton, South London
street party erupts into mob violence - Watch

Labour Leader Sacks Corbynite Rebecca Long-Bailey
for Sharing 'Anti-Semitic' Conspiracy Theory


New US indictment of Assange accuses him Of 'conspiring
with Anonymous' hackers...in FBI sting op?

Calls to List Antifa as Terrorist Organisation in
Sweden in the Wake of Black Lives Matter Riots

As Spain Lifts Lockdown,
The Crisis Begins For Tourism Industry

EU Approves 6 Billion Euro Bailout of
German Airline Lufthansa

7-11 Stores Across Australia to Roll Out 700 CCTV
Surveillance Systems With Facial Recognition

Australian Airline Qantas to Cut 6,000 Jobs
in Long-Term Pandemic Recovery Plan

Americans' Biggest Financial Regret Is Not Saving
Enough Before The Coronavirus Hit

The entire American economy is just a
facade for money-laundering'

One-Third Of NYC Hotels Could Go Bankrupt
Due To COVID-19, Riots, Starwood Owner Warns

The Blue State Jobs Depression


Norway Paves Way for Big Expansion of Arctic Oil
Exploration Amid 'Challenging' Developments

Americans Putting Off Marriage, Having Kids
Due to Financial Insecurity

The 'Can' To Be Kicked-Down-The-Road
Is Just Too Damn Big

2020 Economic Predictions - This Series of
Unfortunate Events Guarantees the Epocalypse

US unemployment during coronavirus
crisis surpasses 47 MILLION

Canned Meat Booms As COVID-Recession
Crushes Consumers

Texan Oil Companies Forced To Keep Staff Home
As Second Wave Hits

After 3 And 1/2 Years, US To Send 4,000 Troops to
Mex Border But NOT For Law Enforcement Activity

On V-Day, Russia Vows To Prevent US-Led
'Regime Change' In Venezuela

Navy Destroyer Sails Close To Venezuela In Message
To Maduro and Ally Iran


Be Ready for 'Forceful Response' - Venezuelan MoD
Warns US Navy on Its Caribbean 'Act of Provocation'

Hamas Says 'Annexation' of West Bank by Israel
Is A Declaration of War Against Palestinians

Syrian protesters vow to fully liberate
Golan Heights from Israeli occupation

Elite Israeli High-Tech Unit Receives Rewards
Following Alleged Cyber Attack on Iran Last Month

Advanced Domestically-Made Fighter Jets Enter
Service With Iranian Air Force

Pompeo Mocked For Saying Iranian Jets Could Strike
'Asia' Through 'One Way' Flights

Iran says UNSC rendered ineffective by
US support for Israel

Washington Raises Bounty on Daesh Leader
Mawla to $10 Million Amid Reports of His Death

As Delhi becomes India's CV capitol
its hospitals are struggling to cope

Alleged Satellite Photos Show 1500% Increase in
Chinese Defence Fortifications in Galwan Valley


China, India Open New Front of Escalation With
Deployment of Heavy Vehicles, Troops in Depsang

India Urges Russia to Deliver Igla-S Missile
System ASAP Amid Border Tensions, Media Claims

Pakistani Prime Minister Says US 'Martyred'
9/11 Mastermind Osama bin Laden

India, Pakistan Launch Mortar Shelling, Firing at Border

Banking Frauds Prod Indian Govt to Bring All
Co-Operative Banks Under Regulatory Control

Pakistan International Airlines grounds 150 pilots
over 'dubious' licences in wake of deadly plane crash

Saharan Dust Plume Moves Into US South Today

Norwegian Researchers Accidentally Discover
New Type of Antibiotics in 'Fleming Moment'

Temps climb to 38C in COLDEST city on Earth - records
broken as Russian Arctic endures more Strange hot weather

Alien life could exist in vast salty ocean inside
Jupiter's icy moon Europa – study


More Than 100 Killed by Lightning in India's
Uttar Pradesh and Bihar

2,267 earthquakes in CA and NV over the last 7 days
and that is definitely alarming - Really Bizarre Things
Are Happening All Over The Globe

5.3 Quake Hits Iran-Turkey Border

Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake Hits Milford Sound NZ

GOP aghast as Trump's polls sink amid
divisive racial rhetoric - A Bad Couple Weeks

Hillary Admits She is 'Trying to Do Everything'
She Can to 'Send' Trump Back to Golf Course
Will That Include Running Against Him Again?

Trump Family Goes to Court to Block Publication
of Niece's Tell-All Book About President

Republican police reform bill fails in Senate due
to Democrat opposition

Gen Mike Flynn Case Dismissed As DC Appeals
Court Upholds Justice Department's Request

New 'Biden-Poroshenko' Tapes Show Scale
of US Meddling in Ukraine's Politics

Biden Invoked 1799 'Logan Act' During Secretive
Oval Office Meeting About Flynn Investigation

New Strzok Notes Implicate Obama and Biden
DIRECTLY Ordering Sham Flynn Investigation

Is The State The Deadliest Virus

White Man Tries To Defend Woman, Harlem Blacks
Stab Him In Brain With Large Knife - Victim Walks To
Medics With Knife Sticking Out Of Top Of His Skull


Stone Age Blacks Viciously Attacking White Females
...No One Defending Them, MSM Mum - Watch

NY, NJ, CT To Require 14 Day Quarantine For All
Who Enter From CV Hot Spot States

Stone Age Blacks Viciously Attacking White
Females And No One Is Coming to Their
Defense, MSM Says Nothing - Watch

Ocasio Recently Claimed To Be Jewish
But Now Says She's 'Black' !

The Treason of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Allgire - What's Happening To The USA?

Watch DC Cops Unload on 'Black House autonomous
zone' protesters, fulfilling Trump's vow Of 'serious force'

National Guard Mobilized In DC To Protect Monuments

Stupid Anti-racism protesters in Wisconsin tear down
statue of...anti-slavery hero - Watch

WI Protesters Beat Dem Lawmaker Over Photo - Watch


'Where Are The Police When You Need Them'
DC Delegate Asks The Right Question After
Bizarre Incident Near White House

Damage Control - Bubba Wallace Abandons Noose
Narrative After Embarrassing CNN Interview

Wal-Mart Bans Mississippi State Flag As
Another 'Confederate Symbol'

White woman Screams In Faces Of Black
Police Officers on crusade to 'fix racism'

Tucker - 'The mob' is controlled by Democrats
And 'is their militia'

Left-Wing Communist anarchists are using
CHAOS to destroy America

LA School Board Votes Down Massive Budget
Cut For Police Department

Due to Seattle's Communist 'unrest,' billion-dollar
investment firm moving to Phoenix

Communist MSM Angry They Lost Control Over
The 'Gun Control' Narrative

Now The communists Are Coming For Jesus


Michael Jackson's daughter to portray Jesus
as a lesbian woman in new movie - Unbelievable

San Francisco 49ers raise Black Lives Matter
flag outside stadium

Senate Intel Committee Asks Pentagon For
Unclassified Full Report On UFOs

Weekly Bankruptcy Filings Suddenly Soar
The Most In 11 Years - Trump Owns It

UPS employees test positive - delays in Bay Area

Michelle Malkin Interview with Jeff Sessions

GOP House candidate Winnie Heartstrong pushing
View that 'staged' George Floyd killing was a 'false flag'

Record Number of Flights Booked for Jews to Move
to Israel - They Wreck America And Flee 'home'

Mysterious Individual 'Blocking Release of Docs That
May Expose Epstein's Rich & Powerful Friends'

California sees 69% Covid rise in TWO days as
LA county has most cases in US

Coronavirus pandemic could lead to up to
500,000 fewer US births, study suggests

Disney is postponing the reopening of Disneyland

How is this legal? Oregon county exempts 'people
of color' from mandatory face mask rule!


WA to require face masks after county runs out
of hospital beds - Those Uncovered Will Be Charged
With a misdemeanor Crime

'Highly Likely' That LA COVID Spike Linked To Protests

Framework Of COVID Alert App already quietly
downloaded onto your smart phone

NY BLM Leader, 'If US Doesn't Give Us What We Want,
We Will Burn Down This System'

As Texas hits all-time high in new COVID cases,
Gov. Greg Abbott tightens outdoor gathering rules

Study Finds Some Governments Already Using
Contact Tracing Apps For Mass Surveillance

Several US States, European Countries Undergoing
New 'Disturbing' COVID Surge

Latest State-Level Coronavirus Tracker
Shows Alarming Trend Reversal

De Blasio Considers Laying Off 22,000
NYC Employees

The Black Lives Matter Protests Have Taught
Us More About The Coronavirus

Larry Kudlow on coronavirus 'hot spots'
'There is no second wave coming'

Fl Gov DeSantis has 'grim reaper' threat for
businesses defying coronavirus restrictions

TX CV hospitalizations Worry some health leaders

Baseball To Reopen Next Month For Coronavirus
Shortened 2020 Season


Americans Turn to Comfort Food Amid Lockdowns

Apple To Re-Close Another 7 Stores, Adding
To Virus Resurgence Fears

Senator Accuses Google Of Posing 'Tremendous
Threat To Free And Fair Press' In Antitrust Probe

Facebook boycott gains momentum

Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp Has Apparently
Been Integral In Spurring The DOJ's Antitrust
Probe Into Google

Media Executive Warns Big Tech Is Secretively
Seizing 'All The Power' Over Information - Not Only
Rewriting History But Creating It...

WhatsApp's long-awaited peer-to-peer payment
plans canned a week after launch

Detroit cops made first known wrongful arrest based
on faulty facial recognition software - ACLU complaint

Transhumanism - New Religion Of Coming Technocracy

Russia ready to sign new deal with Turkey
on S-400 air defense systems


Putin says Russia will never forget allies
contribution to victory over Nazi Germany

How an elderly WW2 veteran was hounded by
representatives of Russia's West-leaning opposition

Russia marks 75th anniversary of Nazi defeat with
military parade Showing Off New Equipment

Putin's Extraordinary Essay on WW2 Origins
and What It Means for Today

Kim Jong-un 'suspends military action' against S Korea

Julian Assange Charged In Superseding
Indictment By DOJ

Two-Thirds in UK Back Compulsory Military Service
to Teach Values, Poll Says Amid Armed Forces Week

Refugee with anti-homosexual history slaughters
3 gay men during Pride Month

EU's Barnier accuses UK of 'backtracking' on
commitments, but says Brexit trade deal 'still possible'

GNC files for bankruptcy - will close up to 1,200 stores


30% Of Americans Were Unable to Make Housing
Payments in June - Something Must Be Done to Help

Canada Loses Its AAA Rating

Olympus is getting out of the camera business

Schiff - Why Is Gold The Last Safe Haven Standing?

Wisdom From Grandpa - Buy Gold

Dow Plummets 710 Over US Spike in CV Cases

Robinhood Trader's Suicide Is Warning For
Millennial Investors

US Slaps Sanctions on Five Iranian Ship Captains
Who Delivered 1.5 Mln Barrels of Oil to Venezuela

Venezuela grateful to Russia for establishing
dialogue with opposition — foreign minister

Iranian cargo ship carrying food docks at Venezuelan port


Netanyahu Regime's Illegal Annexation Scheme
Nears Implementation

Former ISRAELI PM named as SEX OFFENDER in
Epstein court filings submitted by Dershowitz

It's Israel's CHOICE whether to annex West Bank
Pompeo proclaims

UN, European MPs, Arab League call on Israel to
ditch West Bank annexation plans

EU JCPOA Support Belied by Its Unacceptable Actions

Troubling India-China Border Fights

A six year old alcoholic monkey in India
will serve 'life sentence'

If black lives matter, then why are African leaders
with a different take on Covid-19 being taunted?

Huge Saharan Dust Cloud Could Bring Hazy Skies,
Spectacular Sunsets to the United States

I won't be surprised if Meghan Markle piggybacks
BLM to run for US president


When Women Love Their Partner
But Don't Love Having Sex

The Segway is officially over

One person has died and 465 people have gotten
sick after interacting with pet poultry

It is so hot at the Grand Canyon National Park
that your shoes could melt

Travelers Championship - 5 golfers withdraw from PGA Tour
event over potential coronavirus exposures

Oh, My! Trump in Arizona Says 'My border wall
stopped the coronavirus'

Trump Says The US Border With Mexico Has
'Never Been More Secure' (Huh?)

Trump rallies in Phoenix, claims Democrats trying
keep country 'shut down'

Protesters Routed From Outside The Phoenix Church
Trump Gave His Speech In

Trump blasts statue removals - 'If you give power to Those
Who topple monuments...then nothing is safe'

Trump's brother takes legal action to block
tell-all book by President's niece

This is the most succinct - and brutal - Republican rejection
of Donald Trump that you will ever read

WA Gov Inslee announces mandatory face mask
rule for All Of Washington state

What they don't tell you about surviving COVID
'Recovered' doesn't mean healthy again"

Wendy's Arson Suspect Arrested
...ID'd As Rayshard Brooks Girlfriend

Armed Protesters 'Take Over' Atlanta Wendy's
Parking Lot Near Brooks Death Scene


Bolton calls Trump's coronavirus response 'incoherent'

Welcome To De Blasio's Defund The Police New York
Where People Get Murdered In Broad Daylight

Do Black Lives Matter to Black People?

Black Lives Matter Activist Calls for People to
Tear Down Statues of Jesus And Churches, Too
...This is PURE Bolshevik Communist Dogma

Rapper Warns George Soros Is Using Black Lives
Matter To Control African Americans In Election Year

Facebook Content Moderator - 'If Someone is
Wearing a MAGA Hat, I Am Going to Delete
Them for Terrorism' - Project Veritas

'Gotta get Trump out of office!' Project Veritas insider
exposes anti-Republican bias among FB moderators

Socialist 'Comic' Kimmel hoped to skewer Trump over
use of the n-word But He Got Caught Using It Himself

Jimmy Kimmel Called 'Disingenuous Fraud' Over
N-Word 'Apology'

Br Nathanael - Segregation On Steroids - Vid

Brain-Impaired Whites Paint Whip Marks on their
Backs and Carry 'Cracker for Sale' Signs to Beg
Favor from Black Lives Matter Mob

Again! NJ Republicans Receive Mail-In Ballots

Bolton Says Republican Party Is Eager to
Move Past The Trump Era

Tucker - The Real Reason Communist Mobs Are
Destroying Our Statues And History


Trump Warn's Anarchist Vandals After Fight With Police
Who Prevented Them From Toppling Andrew Jackson
Statue In Lafayette Square Park - Numerous Arrests - Vid

Bolshevik Protesters Cleared From White House Area

Muhammad Ali's son says his father would have hated
the 'racist' BLM protests, claims the movement is 'pitting
black people against everyone else' and that George
Floyd's killer 'was doing his job'

Trump threatens 'serious force' if protesters attempt to
create CHOP Zone in Washington, DC

Luongo - Is CHOP A Setup For The Next 'Maidan'?

Japanese reporter goes to CHOP to prove it's peaceful
leaves within 15 minutes with A BLACK EYE

Dumb White Zoomer BLM activists incur wrath of blacks
for dramatic history-flipping 'whipped slaves' demo

Seattle Mayor To Chop CHOP After Shooting - Says She
Will Dismantle the Zone And Return It To The City

Utah faces 'complete shutdown' from COVID
...state epidemiologist warns

Nearly Half Of Americans Consider Selling
Home As COVID Crushes Finances


Hundreds of 'Blue Lives Matter' Police
Supporters Rally in New York State - Photo

'Noose' in Bubba Wallace's garage may have been a Simple,
benign pull rope, Twitter pundits argue, show Vid evidence

Allgire Remote Viewed Trump's Ramp Trouble
And Pence's Staircase Fall - See Drawings, Photo

Shimatsu - 'Salmon' COV Proves BioWar Origin
OnThe Wuhan Military Games - Part 25

Initial COVID Infection Rate Possibly 80 Times Faster
Than Originally Reported - New Study

42 US Hospitals Closed, Filed Bankruptcy Due To CV
That Cost Them On Average Of $50 Billion A Month

Uruguay Used Swedish Covid Model to Great Success
Another Country That Kept the CV Doomsday Cult at Bay

A third of Medicare enrollees with coronavirus
ended up in the hospital - A quarter of them died

Public Health Officials Brace For Deadliest Flu Season
In Recent Memory As COVID Supercharges Risk

Coronavirus cases at Amazon continue to
climb as workers demand more protections


12 of Alaska's 35 new coronavirus cases are
seafood workers in Dillingham

Warning - thousands could be left with lung damage

NC Coronavirus hospitalizations top 900

Summer UV rays can inactivate CV in 34 minutes

Virus pushing over 100 million of South Asia
children into poverty, says UN

Portuguese Government Reinstates Restrictions
Amid New COVID Cases in Lisbon

Courage - Writers in the Age of the Cybermob

Twitter Flags Another Trump Tweet For 'Threat Of Harm'

Apple Can Now Unlock Your Car And
Listen To You Washing Your Hands

Anonymous Psychiatrist Deletes Rationalist Blog
After NY Times Threatens Doxing

Tesla On Autopilot Veers Into Oncoming Traffic In
Germany - Causing Head-On Crash Killing Three

Photos - F-35A Tests Dropping Nuclear Bombs in
Trove of Images Released by Pentagon

Russia Agrees to Expedite Delivery of Ongoing
Defence Contracts to India Including S-400s

US was aware its INF-related demands addressed
to Russia were unrealistic — Bolton


Siberia is Zuper Hot

Russia, India, China to oppose destructive actions
of other states, says Lavrov

Past three months drastically changed
Russians' lifestyle, says Putin

Putin urges citizens to stay vigilant before
coronavirus vaccine production begins

Second group of volunteers vaccinated against
COVID-19 at top Moscow medical university

China Expanding Boundary Into Northern Region
of Nepal, Reports Quoting Govt Document Suggest

'What happens with customer data?' British joy over
reopening of pubs muted by BoJo's plans for owners
to collect personal details of Patrons

'I'd like to apologize...to absolutely nobody' - Burnley fan
'Refuses to repent for White Lives Matter banner'

Burnley FC Says 'White Lives Matter' Banner
is Offensive - Many Are Questioning Why?

Blackpool Airport Bans Banner Ad Flights
Following 'White Lives Matter' Controversy


Leaked Paper From Brexit Talks Reportedly Suggests
New Row Over EU Subsidies for Farmers

Why 'pedophile matchmaker' was treated as respected
sexology expert in Germany FOR DECADES

False Flag - Nova Scotia Shooter May Have
Been RCMP Undercover Agent

Australians balk as 7-Eleven rolls out facial recog

Outrageous - Merchant Services Company 'Square'
(Like A PayPal) Is Now Keeping 30% Of Some Sellers'
Income Stream For Up To Four MONTHS - Beware!

Mortgage Delinquencies Surge To Nine Yr High

Ron Paul Warns 'The Fed Is Getting Desperate'

Gold Breaks Out To New 8 Year High

World's Ultra Wealthy Urged By Financial Advisers
'Hold More Gold'

Global trade faces worst plunge on record
but 'it could have been much worse' - WTO


UK Car Industry Pleads for Government Support as
'One in Six' Employees Face Job Losses

Supersonic business jet can have flight range up
to 8,000 km — Tupolev Company

Bayer Pays $10 Billion To Settle Thousands Of
Monsanto Glyphosate Lawsuits

Terrified residents flee shaking buildings as
7.5 Quake strikes So. Mexico - Photos, Videos

Israeli Lobby Dreads Netanyahu's Planned
West Bank Annexation

How Bolton, Netanyahu and Pompeo Sabotaged
Trump's Dream of Talks With Iran

US call for talks with Iran A mere lie, Iranians
won't surrender to pressure - Rouhani

Yemeni armed forces target strategic
sites deep in Saudi Arabia

India to Mandate 50% Staff Cut at Pakistan's
Embassy - Ministry of External Affairs

Heavy snow engulfs high elevations of
Idaho and Montana


The Spiritual Gift of Theatre

Nature unleashes its fury on Istanbul with floods,
hail storms & ferocious Tornado - Watch

Tucker - The Real Reason Communist Mobs Are
Destroying Our Statues And History

Trump Warn's Anarchist Vandals After Fight With Police
Who Prevented Them From Toppling Andrew Jackson
Statue In Lafayette Square Park - Numerous Arrests - Vid

Bolshevik Protesters Cleared From White House Area

Seattle Mayor To Chop CHOP After Shooting - Says She
Will Dismantle the Zone And Return It To The City

Utah faces 'complete shutdown' from COVID
...state epidemiologist warns

7.4 Quake Hits Southern Mexico, Tsunami Threat - Watch

Trump Warn's Anarchist Vandals After Fight With Police
Who Prevented Them From Toppling Andrew Jackson
Statue In Lafayette Square Park - Numerous Arrests - Vid

Seattle Mayor To Chop CHOP After Shooting - Says She
Will Dismantle the Zone And Return It To The City

Utah faces 'complete shutdown' from COVID
...state epidemiologist warns


Trump's Rally SMASHES Ratings, Small Crowd
Dwarfed By 12 Million Live Viewers

Trump aides debate future size and look
of signature rallies after Tulsa debacle

Fox Host Asks Korean Band To Explain
Why K-Pop Fans Sabotaged Trump Rally

Trump rally gives Fox News largest Saturday
night audience in its history

WH says Trump has no apology for calling
coronavirus 'kung flu' at Tulsa rally

Trump Hints at Return of Richard Grenell in
'High Level' Position in the Administration

Trump warns of 'RIGGED' election, claims millions
of mail-in ballots will be forged by foreign powers

If Black Vote Goes Republican Over 15%
The Dems Become A Permanent Minority Party

Trump Might End Up Deciding The Grief Isn't
Worth It and Withdraw From Contention

Pollster Says 'A Biden landslide is possible' - Imagine
The Damage To Trump's Self-Esteem If America Voted
For An Openly Mentally Senile Criminal Over Him


Must Watch Video of Various News Reports from 1987
hammering Joe Biden for Pathologically lying And
plagiarising speeches during Democrat Primary

Trump's got bigger problems than empty seats

Creeper Joe Biden Promises Amnesty for
11 Million People in the Country Illegally

More Biden Ukraine Audio Tapes Discussing
Destroying Witnesses, Corruption, Planning
Organized Crime Schemes And Much More

Biden Taps Former CIA, Obama Officials
To Handle 'Pre-Transition'

Never Forget! Jewish Lives Matter MOST - Watch

John Bolton Is Lobbying Hard for Rand Paul
to Be Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

Bolton's Win Could Cost Him More Than Just Profits

Bolton's Revelations on What Kim Jong-un
Gets Out of Trump Polarize Twitter

Trump says he gave 'wacko' John Bolton
a chance, just to hear 'differing points of view'


'Don't do it!' - Trump pushes back against NYC
plans to take down Teddy Roosevelt statue

Outcry & cheers as Teddy Roosevelt statue in NYC
to be dismantled over 'depicting black & indegenous
people as racially inferior'

Laughing Black Man Blows Up Homeless Person
With Incendiary Device, Leaves Him Ablaze - Watch

Luongo - The US Is In Civil War

The South may now secede

Obvious False Flag - Noose Found In Bubba Wallace's
Talladega Garage Stall

Pastor Manning Warns Communists And Blacks
That Whites Are Going To RISE Up - Watch

The Myth Of Systemic Racism - Watch

Anti-Soros Sentiment Growing on Social Media
Over Racially Charged US Protests

Jewish Supremacist Ben Stiller suggests Teddy
Roosevelt statue be replaced by Robin Williams
...who died from erotic asphyxiation


Or Did George Floyd Die of a Drug Overdose?

Cop charged in George Floyd killing shamed in
viral Video as he goes to buy Oreos

'Sorry but I don't suffer 'White guilt' - I've spent 30 hrs
researching slavery in Europe And I have Found nothing
but corrupt history' - Jews Not Euro Whites Behind It

Atzmon - Jewish Identity Politics And
The Current Identitarian World War - Vid

104 people shot, 14 dead over Father's Day
weekend in Lizard Lightfoot's Chicago

Dick Allgire's Stunning Remote Viewing Of Current
Chaos - Look At The Session Work Images...

Moron Chick-fil-A CEO gets on his knees, shines
rapper's shoes, says White Christians must 'repent'
'shame' of racism - No Mention Of Black Racism?

BLM Founder Is a Zionist Communist Soros Institute
'Expert', Called For 'Opposing Capitalism' -Colleague
Admits 'We Are Trained Marxists' - All connects to Zionism

2nd CHOP Shootout Caught On Video Last Night
Streamer Has Phone Stolen By Goon Demanding
He Erase Evidence - Watch

Seattle Official Peddles Conspiracy Theory
That CHOP Shooting Was Right-Wing Attack


Seattle Police say crowd stopped access to CHOP
shooting victims as Moron councilwoman blames Trump

NPR at it again - Calls a Self-Defense Escape
From Armed Anarchists A 'Right Wing Extremist Attack'

Exposing Israel's Direct Role in US Violence

What Lunatic Is Running This Floyd Hoax
Madhouse? My Bet Is the DNC

J&J Pulls Skin Whitening Products Used By Blacks

GA House Passes Bill To Dissolve County PDs

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Irish Slaves Were
Brought To The New World By England

Ghislaine Does Paris - Epstein's Fugitive 'Madam'
Hiding Behind French Extradition Laws

Governments the US Wants Toppled
That Threaten No One

2 dead, 12 injured as block party in Charlotte, NC - Vid


NYPD Suspends Officer Caught on Camera Putting
Black Man in Banned Chokehold in Queens

CV testing in the US finally meets the bare minimum

White House delivers mixed explanations on
Trump's vow to slow down CV testing

9 Hand Sanitizers May Have Potentially Fatal Ingredient

First Wave Isn't Over Yet, It's Getting Worse
In The South and West

More young people testing positive for
CV in states near Alabama

Coronavirus weakening, may disappear on its own
...Italian doctor says

TX governor warns tough actions will be needed
if coronavirus spikes more


I Was a Lockdown Fanatic and Now Feel Like a Fool

Media Begging For A 'Second Wave'

NYC's Army Of 3,000 CV 'Contact Tracers' Have
Accomplished Surprisingly Little

'Has CV peaked? I don't know' - NIH official

'Culture of Fear' in NHS May Prevent Whistleblowing
...Life-Saving Lessons Being Learned, Doctors Warn

How Many More Lives Will Politicians Sacrifice
In The Name Of Fighting Coronavirus?

The Latest Pandemic Shortage To Appear...
Coins Are The New Toilet Paper

Bolton - Trump Gave Israel Green Light For
For Preemptive Strike On Iran Nuclear Sites

Bolton Reveals Why He Was Worried to Leave
Trump Alone With Putin At 2018 Helsinki Meeting


Mike Pompeo Fires Fresh Salvo at Bolton
After He Reveals Plans Not to Vote Trump

Bolton Denies he's voting for Biden after
The Telegraph reports him saying so in interview

Bolton Memoirs on Korea Are 'Distorted' - S Korea

Trump Branded EU's Jean Claude Juncker as
'Vicious Man Who Hates the US' - Bolton Book

Bolton - Trump Probably Obstructed Justice
by Trying to Intervene in Turkish Bank Probe

West Has to 'Pick' Competitor to Challenge Huawei,
Ericsson & Nokia Are 'Best Positioned' Barr Says

NASA warns of 5 More asteroids set to blaze past
Earth as scientists Try To Figure Out Defense

Russian Coronavirus Vaccine to Protect Against
CV For Over 2 Years, Developers Say

Moscow's deputy UN envoy mocks Nikki Haley
over blaming US unrest on Russia

China's Big Surprise - An EMP Attack On America


White House adviser says Beijing 'created' CV
But It's An 'open question' whether it was deliberate

US Intel - China Ordered Deadly Attack on Indian Troops

Look who's talking! Pompeo slams China's
'politically motivated' charges against 2 Canadians
nabbed after Huawei CFO arrest

Loose Cannon Pompeo's Militant
Hostility Toward China

Videos of Intense Face-off Between Indian and
Chinese Troops Go Viral Days After Deadly Clashes

China-US tensions are now ideological & potential conflict
could be far more dangerous than Soviet-US Cold War

China warns of reprisal as Japanese city changes
disputed area name

Trump's Special Envoy Slams China for 'No-Show'
at US-Russian Nuclear Talks in Vienna

Trump Threatened to Pull Troops Out of Japan,
South Korea Amid DPRK Missile Tests Says Bolton

North Korea Has 12 Million Leaflets Ready
to Be Spread in South Korea – Reports


British Jews petition UK govt to reject nomination
of right-wing new Israel ambassador

UK Gov't Urged to Ensure Capacity to Deal with
Second Surge of CV to Avoid 'Swamping' NHS

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Set to Announce
Cut in Social Distancing Rule

Spain reopens EU borders, Drops travelers quarantine

Sadiq Khan Opens Up on Mental Health - Says He
Has 'Not Been Providing Proper Leadership'

Reopened Pubs in England May Require Customers
to Check In

Amid Stuttgart riots, Berlin vows to prosecute leftist
pundit who called for police to be sent to Trash Dump

Watch Dutch riot police fire water cannon to
disperse rally against coronavirus restrictions

Swedish Parliament Demands Crackdown
Against Gang Crime Amid Shooting Spike

Afro-Swedish National Federation Wants to
Tear Down Statue of 'Colonial' King


Clashes in Norway as Anti-Muslim Demonstration
Pelted With Eggs, Tomatoes – Watch

'Afro Hitler' Magazine Cover Causes Controversy
Amid 'Black Lives Matter' Protests

New Zealand Unveils Web Safety Ad
Featuring Two 'Porn Stars'

Tesla's Model Y Is Getting Horrific Quality Reviews

Trump Labor Leading US Retirees 'Like Lambs to the
Slaughter' - Offers 401ks To Private Equity Ghouls

Meet BlackRock, the New Great Vampire Squid

Fed Begins Rationing Coins As
Americans Horde Cash

Gold Spikes to Monthly High as Surge in CV Cases
Tarnishes Hopes for Swift Economic Recovery

Asian Century Began in May 2020

US Shale Industry Faces $300 Billion in Losses
And Possible Wave of Bankruptcies


Coronavirus crisis pushes poorer UK households
further into debt while rich get richer

30% Of Americans Didn't Make Their
Housing Payment In June

Disappearing Billions - German Scandal-Riddled Payment
Firm Claims Cash Missing From Accounts Never Existed

Resist Or Submit

Sixth Iranian ship nears VZ port carrying food

Trump says could meet with Venezuela's Maduro

IDF Chief - Iran 'Most Dangerous Country in Mideast'
...A Threat to Israel Despite Lack of Common Border

Top Trump officials to meet ahead of Israel's
annexation of Palestinian lands

Israeli Pegasus spyware used on Moroccan journalist
just after its maker vowed to respect human rights

TN paper apologizes after ad promising nuclear
bomb from Islam in July based on 'Bible prophecies'


In Repeat of Bush-Era Claims About Iraq, Bolton Now
Says Iran Was Probably Producing Yellowcake

Iran will send black box of downed Ukrainian
plane to France - FM Zarif

Libya's GNA Says Sisi's Offer to Train, Equip
Local Tribes Amounts to Declaration of War

Libyan National Army Introduces No-Fly Zone
Around Sirte, LNA Spokesperson Says

Arab League to hold emergency meeting on
Libya Tuesday

Russian, Egyptian top diplomats call for
immediate launch of intra-Libyan dialogue

India fighter jets fly near disputed border
with China week after deadly clash

India, China Holding Corps Commander-Level
Talks in Ladakh - Indian Army Sources

India 'Seeks Early Delivery of Russia's S-400s'
& Jet Spare Parts Amid Border Crisis With China

Pakistan Summons Indian Charges d'Affaires
Over Deadly Border Shooting at LoC


India's Monsoon Rain May Save Country
From Locust Invasion

How One Man Exposed Secret
Security Around Area 51

Trump Junior Asks Dad About Aliens
and Roswell in Father's Day Interview

'Captured by Aliens?' – A Review

CERN Council endorses building larger supercollider

Researchers discover largest prehistoric structure
EVER FOUND in Britain hiding near Stonehenge

AI Algorithm Solves Mystery of California's
Enigmatic Tiny Earthquake Swarm

Indonesia's most active volcano spews ashes
6 km into the sky - Photos


Zionist Communist Murderers - It Is Their Plan For
America Unless The People STOP It - Must Watch

US is now a FAILED Nation...No rule of law, no police,
no leadership, no free speech, no functioning markets
and no equal protection under law...You're On Your Own

Our Forefathers Now Being Condemned as
Immoral by the Most Immoral, Degenerate
Lowlife Communist Filth In America

A Historical Documentary on Marxist Murderers

FBI source in Russia probe called Israelis
'fu*king spies' who should be killed

Trump says His niece Won't Be Allowed To Write
Her Tell-All Book Because Of NDA

Read Here - John Bolton's Full White House
Exposé Leaked Online

COVID, Racism & Bolton's Book - How Pelosi's
Anti-Trump Rant May Backfire on Dems in Election

Jerry And The Princess Said 'Pissed' And Brad Parcale
And His Tulsa Rally Size Predicitons

Chris Wallace presses Trump campaign adviser
on Tulsa rally - 'People didn't show up'


Trump Camp Rejects CCP - Tik Tok Sabotage
Says Fake News Media Used CV, Riots To Cut
Scare Fans Away From Tulsa Rally

CCP owned TikTok trolls Interfere with the
Trump campaign over Tulsa rally

Tik Tok Teens, K-Pop Say They Sunk Trump Rally

Democrats and Republican Never-Trumpers are
celebrating Chinese interference in the US election

BLM Is Being Used By Democrats To Spearhead
Their Marxist-Leninist Communist Revolution
As Racial Pandering Is All Democrats Have Left

CHOP Communists Talk Guillotines - Watch

Video shows CHOP 'warlord' begging for paramedics
to go inside & save man's life after shooting

9 Dead, 56 Shot In Chicago Father's Day Weekend

1 dead, 11 with non-life-threatening wounds
following shooting – Minneapolis police

Five People Seriously Injured in Shooting in Texas


'Animals Taking Over Our Cities' - Eric Trump
Lashes Out at BLM Protesters at Tulsa Rally

BLM leader says group developing highly-trained
'military' arm for 'war on police' - (Terrorists)

Gulfport Communist demonstrators meet
American Confederate group at monument

Take A Look Into Your Future, America...
A Zionist 'Utopia' Without Police And Nothing
But Communist radicals in charge - Wake Up

Cuomo says conservatives have no place In NY!

Allgire Remote Viewed Anarchist Shootings A Month Ago

Trump says he wants a law criminalizing
desecration of the American Flag

We don't know much more about Trump's finances
now than we did in 2016

Roberts - George Floyd Was Not Killed By Police

Roberts - The Joys of Diversity and Multicullturalism
Have Come Home to Roost


Roberts - Education Is Offensive and Racist
and so is America

Roberts - The Real Racists

What kind of "popular revolution" is this?!

COVID-19 Second Wave Debunked WATCH
Dr. Vernon Coleman explain why 'they' need
a second wave...and how it will be arranged

Scott Gottlieb warns of 'exponential growth' in
coronavirus cases in states easing restrictions

White House adviser - Trump admin preparing for
possible second wave of coronavirus in the fall

Trump says he ordered coronavirus testing
to 'slow down'

Trump draws fire for saying he wanted
coronavirus testing slowed down

Nebraska Governor - Counties requiring masks
Are ineligible for relief money (Unbelievable)

After The Lockdowns, Government 'Fixes' For
The Economy Will Make Things Even Worse


Spain lifts coronavirus state of emergency
and reopens borders

WHO reports largest single-day increase in
coronavirus cases Yet

Trump Confirms Looming New Visa Restrictions
Amid Attempts to Kick-Start CV Battered Economy

Global GeoEngineering News Alert - 6-20-20

Meanwhile 5G Construction and Deadly Radiation
Continues At A Feverish Pace In The US

Have Apple And Google Suddenly Uploaded A COVID-19
Tracking App To Your Phone? The Facts Behind The Furore

Google Chrome users may have been impacted
by a massive spying campaign

Trump Says Slashing Troops in Germany
Over Nord Stream 2 Pipeline and 'Delinquent'
NATO Spending

The Soviet Communists Did NOT Defeat Germany

Boeing Makes Simple Jets for the Military
Needlessly Complex so It Can Rip Off the
Taxpayer on Maintenence Contracts>


'We'll see' - Ahead of 'national vote' on changes to
The Russian constitution, Putin doesn't rule out
running for A fifth presidential term

Viral Images Of Russia's New Cathedral of the
Armed Forces

WH Official Accuses China of Sending Its
Citizens Abroad to Spread Coronavirus

How much do we REALLY know about Kim Yo-jong,
the outspoken sister of Kim Jong-un who's now No. 2?

China Halts Poultry Imports From Tyson Plant
in US Over COVID Concerns

USS Roosevelt, USS Nimitz Carriers Conduct
Joint Drills in Pacific in Show of Force to China

China likely lost at least 40 soldiers Dead
in border clash - Indian minister

UK Foreign Sec Raab Doubles Down on Refusing
to 'Take the Knee' Before BLM Protestors

The Guardian's sister paper forces YouTube to again
terminate 'far-right' channel, The Iconoclast, doxes
man behind it

Germany coronavirus - Extra police enforce
German tower block quarantine


Five Facts BBC's 'The Salisbury Poisonings'
Forgot To Mention

UK media name 25 yr old Libyan Khairi Saadallah
as Reading terrorist attack suspect

Liverpool FC's Boss Jurgen Klopp Lashes Out
at UK Government's Response to Coronavirus

UCL Removes Names of Prominent Eugenics
from Three Facilities

Rioters attack police and smash shops
in Stuttgart, Germany - Video

French climate council urges referendum
on making 'ecocide' a crime

Grim Greta Thunberg Calls World Society
'One Big Nudist Party'

BlackRock Authored the Bailout Plan Before
There Was a Crisis – Now It's Been Hired by
three Central Banks to Implement the Plan

Wall Street Veterans Call Out the Fed for
Creating a Dangerous Stock Market Bubble

Former Fed Insider Says Dollar Will Lose
Reserve Currency Status


Over $18 Trillion In Global Stimulus In 2020
...21% Of World GDP

Nearly Half Of Americans Consider Selling Their
Home As COVID Crushes Finances

Buy This Bankrupt Cruise Ship At Auction

Amazon halts sale of photo book with intro
by PEDOPHILIA advocate after inquiry from RT

Leaked Documents Reveal Right-Wing Oligarch
Plot To Overthrow Mexico's AMLO

Bank of England Set to Decide Who Venezuela's
President is - How Did It Come to This?

Ex-UK FM Was Glad to Join Trump in Pressuring
Venezuela, Freezing Gold Assets – Bolton Reveals

Bolton Says Trump Gave Bibi Green Light For
Preemptive Israeli Strike On Iran Nuclear Sites

Israeli Anchor Suspended After Claimimg Netanyahu
Would Get Likud Votes Even If He Were a Rapist

Israeli warplanes fly low over Beirut despite
Lebanon's complaint to UN Security Council


Iran will not allow IAEA access to its nuclear sites: MP

Atomic Oversight Group Says Iran May Be Holding
'Undeclared Nuclear Material And Activities'

Turkey Deploys More Troops to Northern Iraq
for New Anti-Kurdish Offensive

Egypt's Sisi Visits Airbase Near Libyan Border,
Threatens Intervention Backing Haftar

Yemen's Southern Transitional Council Claims
Full Control Over Socotra Island in Indian Ocean

China likely lost at least 40 soldiers Dead
in border clash - Indian minister

Indian Troops Given 'Fire At Will' Orders Against
Chinese Troops If Threatened, Enraging Beijing


Trump Mocks Antifa Anarchists In Seattle
Rips Biden In Tulsa Rally

Anonymous Group Tweets claim they used AI
to reserve 1,000s Of Rally seats to sabotage
attendance And Hurt His campaign...

Tulsa rally - Trump says he wanted testing
slowed down, uses racist term for coronavirus

Trump Criticizes Removal Of Confederate Monuments

Backlash Against BLM For Tearing Down Grant
And National Anthem Lyricist Statues

'I Can't Breathe' Woman Arrested At Trump Rally
For Refusing To Leave - Vid

BLM Co-Founder Admits - 'Our Goal Is To Get Trump Out'

Over A Third Of Americans Think Civil War Is Likely

Extraordinary - Blacks Expose FRAUD Of 'Systemic Racism'
Watch And Share This Video

Murders Spike In NYC As Residents Flee For Suburbs


Twitter is 'canceling' Joe Rogan again after he said
MSM ignores Joe Biden's mental decline

US cop stays calm as protesters blow smoke in his
face & give him middle finger - Vid

Kentucky cuts number of polling stations by 95%
ahead of primary voting

CHOP Shooting. Leaves One Dead, One Critical
Zero Leadership Leaves Seattle Disintegrating

Muhammad Ali's Son Believes His Dad Would
Have Seen BLM Protesters as 'Devils'

Trump WH confirms Big July 4 celebration in DC

Sensing Loss In Nov? Trump Gets All-Trump Channel

Trump Says Bolton Has to Pay 'Big Price' as Judge
Clears the Way for Scandalous Book Release

Trump's Refusal to Bomb Iran 'Disproves' Bolton's
Memoir, His Ex-Chief of Staff Says

Tucker - Voting Doesn't Work, Violence Does


Griffin - Communists Have Been Trying To
Start Race US War Since The 1920s - Watch

Antifa, BLM Terrorists, Cross-Dressing Freaks Going
Door-To-Door Raping, Sodomizing And Robbing CHOP
White Residents - Watch

BLM Co-Founder Confesses on Video
That They Are Trained Communist Marxists

Watch - Why BLM Is A 'Color Revolution' Syrian
Explains by Zionism Is easy To Spot In ANTIFA

The White Issue - 'Jews Are Not White'

Watch Jew American activist Barbara Lerner Spectre
calls for destruction of European ethnic societies

Judea Declares War On White Nationalists

Richard Nixon On Jews - Watch
Israelizing the American police...Palestinianizing
the American people

Atzmon - Questions to do with Erasing the History
of Slavery and Colonial Abuse

Pence Savaged By Radical Left For Refusing To Say
'Black Lives Matter' - Says ALL LIVES MATTER


Political Model Forecast US Current Chaos
A Decade Ago - 'Civil War' Is Next

Bolton confirms Trump's wickedness
...but Did Nothing To Stop It

Communists Dump A Wholesome Black Image
Aunt Jemima's Great-Grandson Upset Family
Legacy Will Now Be Erased...By Black Pressure

Bye Bye Eskimo Pie - Twitter Abuzz as Popular Ice Cream
Brand Drops Derogatory Term for Its Product

Murders Spike In NYC As Residents Flee
To The Suburbs

You Won't See This On Any MSM Platform - This Is Not A Case
Of Monkey See, Monkey Do...This is Taught, Learned Cultural
DNA HATRED Of Whites - Stone Age Kid Is A Stone Cold Killer

Cops Ignore Hate Crime - Stone Age Black Freed By Cops
After viciously Beating White Man At Macy's

Louisiana Police telling Americans to stand up
and take back their country

It's Time for Americans to Engage in Mass
Resistance Against the LGBTQ Culture of Death

Portland Police Ends With Police Firing Munitions
At Crowds, One Hit In Back Of Head


Protests Continue In Portland Into Fourth Week

3 Dead In Reading, England, Two In Hospital
As Muslim Attacks Whites. With Knife

We Live In A Time When Our 'Opinions
Qualify As Crimes

Justice Roberts is Compromised Because
He Flew on Epstein's 'Lolita Express'

Four states report record highs in coronavirus cases

LA County reports 2,055 new CV cases - 48 deaths

Pleasant Acres And ManorCare South report
nearly 100 coronavirus cases

COVID Hospitalizations Set Records 9 Days
Straight as Texas Surpasses 107K Cases

CV testing in west Phoenix draws huge crowds

Many Americans Would Be Emotionally Crushed By A
Second Coronavirus Wave Say Psychologists


CHEAP MEAT to blame for CV outbreaks at meat plants

All MLB Teams Panic And Close Spring Training
Over Coronavirus Fears

Mosquitoes for vaccination! - Kill Gates Mosquitoes
From Hell

WHO Is Hoping For Hundreds of Millions of
(UNPROVEN) Covid Vaccine Doses Before 2021

NIH halts COVID clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine


Immunity to CV may wane 2-3 months after infection

BlackRock Is Heavily Invested In 3M (Masks) &
The Rockefeller-Funded CV Predictive Tracking Ring

Blood types and Covid risk confirmed

Wild Man Drives Rental Mustang Coast To Coast
...In 25 Hours 55 Minutes

Tucker blasts Big Tech after show segments
flagged - 'Censorship is now everywhere'

5G to provide high-speed cell phone connectivity
to 65% of global population by 2025 – Ericsson

Dying For An iPhone

The North Face pulls ads from Facebook

Massive Spying on Users of Google's
Chrome Shows New Security Weakness

Video shows closest ever look yet at secret
US six-blade 'ninja missile' which minces
targets without explosives


US military plans overtly aimed at deterring Russia, China

US Surveillance Aircraft Reportedly Circle Korean
Peninsula as North-South Tensions Simmer

Experience with Ebola can help Russia
develop vaccine against CV faster

Putin calls for AI to be used in healthcare

Putin is Concerned About Trump's Ability to Uphold
Russia-US Agreements - Kremlin Spokesman

London Mayor - Mandatory Masks Will Be The
'New Normal' For At Least Another Year

UK set to effectively end lockdown next month

Germany's coronavirus reproduction
rate jumps to 1.79

DNA Evidence Linking 2004 Rape in Portugal to
Maddy McCann Suspect Was Binned, Report Says

Jeremy Corbyn's Brother Charged for Breaching
Coronavirus Lockdown Measures


UK debt now larger than size of whole economy

Ehret - From Dodgy Dossiers To The Sacking of Whitlam
The British Empire Stands Exposed

German Authorities Sent Kids To Live With Pedos
In 'Experiment' That Lasted Over 30 Yrs

Reviving the economy should start with
the US power grid

Americans Have Already Skipped Payments On More
Than 100 Million Loans And Job Losses Continue To Escalate

Von Greyerz - History Tells Us To Own Gold
When Central Banks Run Out Of Control

'Second Month Of Quasi-Paralysis' - Swiss Watch
Exports Collapse 68% In May

Nord Stream 2 may contribute to Europe's
energy security - Kremlin

Israeli demolition of Palestinian structures in West Bank
soars by 250% in 2 weeks - UN

France's test of nuclear-capable ballistic missile
inconsistent with NPT obligations - Iran


Egypt's President Tells Troops to Be Ready
to Fight Abroad

Another Summer of Out of Control Ticks

Frozen in time - Abandoned farmhouse includes
newspaper from 1912 when the Titanic went down

Tucker - Voting Doesn't Work, Violence Does

Antifa, BLM Terrorists, Cross-Dressing Freaks Going
Door-To-Door Raping, Sodomizing And Robbing CHOP
White Residents - Watch

Griffin - Communists Have Been Trying To
Start Race US War Since The 1920s - Watch

Pence Savaged By Radical Left For Refusing To Say
'Black Lives Matter' Says ALL LIVES MATTER

Political Model Forecast US Current Chaos
A Decade Ago - 'Civil War' Is Next

Bolton confirms Trump's wickedness
...but Did Nothing To Stop It

Communists Dump A Wholesome Black Image
Aunt Jemima's Great-Grandson Upset Family
Legacy Will Now Be Erased...By Black Pressure

Judea Declares War On White Nationalists


Pence Refuses To Bow And Say 'Black Lives Matter'
...Says 'All Lives Matter' - Best Thing He's Done

Photos from the scene as more Trump supporters
gather in Tulsa before Trump's Big Rally

Trump - Expect 'A wild evening' in Tulsa, mask optional

OK Supreme Court Allows Trump Rally To Proceed
Tulsa Curfew Said Now Lifted

President Trump's Tweet To Tulsa Protesters
'It Will Be A Much Different Scene'

Trump Warns Communist Anarchists Not To Mess
With His Tulsa Rally On Saturday

Trump's campaign manager didn't vote for Him in 2016

Trump's Poll Numbers Are So Bad the GOP
Is Starting to Panic About a 'Wipeout'

NYT - Trump Advisers Assume He Could Be Unwilling
to Run for Re-Election

Trump says mail-in voting could cost him reelection


Biden Leads Trump In 'Phony' Fox News Poll
That Oversamples Dems

Americans Are Too 'Idiotic To See How Enslaved
They Are'...Even As the Gates of Hell Open Up

Susan Rice says Trump's supporters in Senate
belong 'to the trash heap of history'

Fauci - Americans "Don't Believe In Science
And They Don't Believe Authority"

Pandemic-Weary New Yorkers Spark Housing
Boom In Suburban New Jersey

Major Cruise Lines 'Voluntarily Suspend'
Trips Out Of US Ports Until Sept. 15

Last November, DHS Warned US To Be Prepared
To Go Without Electricity For Up To Six MONTHS

US Electric Grid Prime Target Of Terrorists Of Enemy
Nations - DHS Says There's A 'Profound Threat'
They KNOW Something - Take This Warning Seriously

China develops weapons to fry US electric grid
eyes high-tech 'Pearl Harbor' attack Which Would
Send the Nation Into Anarchy And death

China preparing to kill 90% of US population with
'EMP Pearl Harbor' first strike attack followed by
military invasion and occupation of America


Trump Says Should Have Fired Bolton for Botching
NK Talks but Bolton Had Already Done So Under Bush

Bolton's New Memoir Claims Trump Said He Didn't Care
if Daesh Returned to Iraq

Watch - Portland protesters tear down statue of
George Washington, drape it with burning US flag

Black Lives Matter Admits To Being Communist

How Black Lives Matter Is Bringing Back
Marxist Bolshevik Communism

A Huge Cover-Up Happened in Atlanta Last Night As
Cops Quit En Masse Over Brooks Shooting Charges
Leaving the city Without Police Protection

Black On White Child Hate - Not Monkey See Monkey Do
This Is Taught Cultural DNA Hate Of Whites - Stone Age
Kid Is A Stone Cold Killer

Brooks Was Killed In Self Defense - Watch

Communist Pelosi orders removal of four portraits of
Confederate House speakers from Capitol

Moron MN mayor calls for city to remove 'chief' from
city job titles because it's 'offensive' (Psycho)


NYPD Are Being Encouraged To Strike On July 4
In Response To City's Anti-Police Sentiment

Officer Involved in Death of Black Woman in
US State of Kentucky Terminated, Mayor Says

Democrats Introduce Bill to Make Juneteenth
US Federal Holiday, Senator Markey Says

Portland protesters tear down statue of
George Washington drape it with burning US flag

Confederate Monument Removed in Atlanta
Suburb After Court Decision - Video

Poll - Majority of Americans oppose changing military
bases named after Confederate leaders

US Chick-Fil-A's CEO takes knee & shines shoes
of black rapper to win pardon for whites 'shameful oblivion'

Elites who appease the baying mob's apology
addiction have stripped apology of all meaning

Allgire - Your New Digital ID...Coming Soon

Donald Trump attacks Anthony Fauci over wary
assessment of NFL season


Fauci Doubts NFL Football Will Happen This Year

Trump Says Fauci "Has Nothing To Do" With NFL Decision

23 Clemson football players test positive for CV

49ers player tests positive for novel coronavirus

Brazil's CV cases top 1 million as the virus spreads

Phoenix requires masks in public as CV cases surge

FL reports 4,000 new cases - record single-day Rise

Coronavirus Attacks the Lungs - Meanwhile A Federal
Agency Just Halted Funding for New Lung Treatments

Sioux Falls meat packing plant workers MIA

Gila River AZ casinos temporarily close again
as cases rise


US movie theaters slammed for not requiring visitors
to wear face masks and calling issue 'political'

AMC reverses course, will require guests to
wear masks at its theaters

Who deemed the 'outdated attitudes' on display
in 2019's 'Aladdin' movie unacceptable in 2020?

How To Check If Your iPhone Is Secretly
A Coronavirus Tracker

Navy Flip-Flops, Won't Reinstate Fired Aircraft Carrier
Captain Who Sounded Alarm Over COVID-19

Poland May Be Threat to Russia Only if It Provides
Its Territory for NATO Military, Kremlin Says

Bundestag Lawmaker Urges Merkel to Abandon
Nord Stream 2 Over Khangoshvili Case

Ten Indian soldiers reportedly released by China

Pompeo Says If China Wants to Rise, It Should
Do So Based on 'Western Rules Set'

US Wants to Surround China With Missiles
but Its Asian Clients Don't Want to Host Them


China conducts military drill in Tibet
amid border tensions with India

China denies capturing Indian soldiers during recent
Deadly caveman-style border attack on Indian Troops
Media says Beijing freed 10 Indian servicemen today

Indian State Police Ask Personnel to Uninstall
Chinese Mobile Apps Amid Anti-China Chorus

North Korean media - Japan will become 'ENEMY
OF HUMANKIND' if it bolsters defense policy

Scientists Find Traces of SARS-CoV-2 in Italian
Wastewater Predating 2019 Wuhan Outbreak

World entering 'new and dangerous phase' of Covid
as pandemic accelerates - WHO

Black men TWICE as likely as white men to die from
coronavirus in England and Wales, new research reveals

UK Test and Trace - 'Serco Has a Track Record
Falsifying Data' Expert Says

UK YouTube users more likely to believe
coronavirus conspiracy theories, study finds

American Airlines May Be First Airline Bankruptcy
...But It Will Not Be The Last


EU Parliament Eases Capital Regulations to
Boost Lending in Wake of COVID Crisis

UK Debt Now Larger Than Economy Due to
Coronavirus Measures

Netherlands Supreme Court accepts Russia's appeal
of $57 BILLION verdict in favor of ex-Yukos shareholders

US oil dominance is coming to an end

ECB chief urges quick EU recovery plan to
pull economy from 'dramatic fall'

Germany, France Trying to Prevent Israel's Annexation
of Palestinian Territories, Maas Says

Iraq Doesn't Want Quick Withdrawal of US Troops, US General Claims

AEA calls on Iran to 'fully cooperate' and give inspectors access to suspected nuclear sites 'without delay'

Britain, France, and Germany Oppose US Effort to
Re-Impose Sanctions Against Iran - Joint Statement

AEA calls on Iran to 'fully cooperate' and give inspectors
access to suspected nuclear sites 'without delay'


Iraq Doesn't Want Quick Withdrawal of US Troops, US General Claims

China denies capturing Indian soldiers during recent
Deadly caveman-style border attack on Indian Troops
Media says Beijing freed 10 Indian servicemen today

Indian State Police Ask Personnel to Uninstall
Chinese Mobile Apps Amid Anti-China Chorus

'It's not ours' - Japan Govt Denies knowledge
of strange Daylight 'UFO' Sphere - Hovered For
Hours In Sky - Vid, Photos

Shiny & Metallic Meteorite Piece Falls
From Sky in India's Rajasthan

Breathtaking x-ray 'map of the universe'
could revolutionize future of astronomy

Surf's up? Planets with oceans likely far more
common than we thought, says NASA

Origins unknown - First rhythmic radio signals detected
from 500 million light years away


Remember? DHS Warned America To Be PREPARED
To Go Without Electricity For Up To Six MONTHS

China preparing to kill 90% of US population with
'EMP Pearl Harbor' first strike attack followed by
military invasion and occupation of America

Trump Teases The UFO-ET Card - says he's heard
'interesting' things about Roswell

Trump supporters crowd Tulsa ahead of Saturday rally

Trump says US will not lock down again
amid rising coronavirus cases

Portland Communists Try To Establish 'Autonomous Zone'
In Front Of The Mayor's Home - Police Quash It

As Communists Target Small-Town America
Armed American Patriots Stand Tall And Vow
To Protect Their Towns From Burning, Looting
Left Wing Media Tries To Make THEM Criminals

Black Female State Department official resigns
over Trump's handling of racial tensions in the US

Orlando Sentinel Stops Publishing Mugshots
...Because Too Many Of Them Are Black

Overwhelming Majority of Battleground Voters
Say Biden Lacks Mental Capacity to Be President
Hillary Just Waiting For The Right Time...

Fox News Poll - The Creeper Widens Lead Over Trump

Zionist Controlled Wikipedia Editors Delete
Antifa Involvement in Riots And Past Violence


Globalists Reveal That The 'Great Economic Reset'
Is Coming In 2021

Trump Calls For New Justices After 5-4 DACA
Decision That Enraged Conservative America

John Roberts defies Trump and conservatives
with another legacy decision

High Court Rules 5-4 DACA Will Stand Because Trump
Violated The APA - Roberts Joins Left Wingers, Wrote
Decision But Also Claims Trump Admin Does Indeed
Have The Power To Rescind DACA Just Not This Way
Watch Trump Roll Over And Pretend He Can't Do Anything

Remember - Ann Coulter Blasted Trump On DACA For
Saying He'll Make Deal With Dems To Let All 700,000 Stay
...'I Give Up...They Can Stay...YOU Must Go' She Wrote

CHOP Warlord Is A Muslim, Connected To Dubai

BLM co-founder says she and her partner
...are trained organizers and Marxists
(This Is An Attempted Communist Overthrow Of
America And ALL Local Govt Officials Who Help
Or Tolerate It In Any Way Are Guilty Of Treason)

This Color Revolution Isn't Black Or White
It's As Blue As The Soros-Clinton Dems

Proof Trump Knows He's Losing

Bolton - Trump's not 'fit for office' - He doesn't have
'competence to carry out the job' - Wonder What
Bolton Thinks Of Creeper Joe Biden's 'Competence'


Trump's rallies confirm John Bolton's China story

CBS reporter asks Trump why he hires people
'that you believe are wackos and liars' amid
Bolton book furor

Pelosi Claims Trump 'Ethically Unfit, Intellectually
Unprepared' for Presidency Amid Bolton's Book

Trump whacked from within by John Bolton

Bolton's Book Discusses Trump Dumping Pence
For Nikki Haley, A 'Cool' Invasion Of Venezuela
And That Pompeo Described Trump As '...Full Of Shit'

CNN Reveals Stunning Allegations In Bolton's
Book About Donald J. Trump...

Tucker Carlson Now Number One Cable News Host
Because He Is The Only One Telling The TRUTH

'Welcome To CHAZ' Tourism Video Goes Viral

The Man Who Predicted 'Mayhem' In 2020
Ten Years Ago Says A Civil War Could Be Next

Atlanta PD Calls Out Sick En Masse As Fired Officer
Charged With Murder In Killing Of Rayshard Brooks


#RIPTacoBell - Critics demand fast food chain's cancellation
over video showing employee fired for supporting BLM

The Floyd Riots Op Marks a Century of
Communist Agitation

The USA Plan - Militarized Control of the Population

Icke - The New Normal Is Designed To Drive
You Crazy...Acquiesce And It Will

OR Gov Kate Brown Says Masks To Be Necessary
For All Who Enter Public Indoor Spaces Like Markets

Now masks are beneficial - California orders people
to wear masks in most indoor spaces

Black Lives Matter protests win medical approval,
but not Trump rallies - Is CV a card-carrying Democrat?

Early Data Shows, Magically, No Uptick in CV
Transmission From Riots - Total Bullsh*t

Fauci Fearmongers Football May Not Happen This Year

Beijing Xinfadi Wholesale Market SARS CoV2
Sequences Are Italian Lineage


Americans Skip Millions of Loan Payments as
CV Takes Economic Toll - Will Trump Help Them?

The eco-warriors anti-growth agenda is a deadly pandemic
in its own right & WWF is using CV to push its green goals

Who Controls the Gates Family? - Watch

FB Drops Trump Ads For Allegedly Using A
'Nazi' Symbol...A Red Triangle! What Crap

Facebook Removes Trump Campaign's Ad for
Allegedly Violating FB Hate-Speech Policy

Virus app U-turn - Britain to switch to Google & Apple tech
for Covid contact-tracing despite rejecting it earlier

FBI Uses Social Media, Etsy And A Tattoo To
Track Down Woman Accused Of Torching Cop Cars

NBC Facing 'Considerable Backlash' After Pushing
Google To Demonetize