Headlines 2020

Hundreds call for 'end to tyranny' in anti-lockdown
protest at California state Capitol - Watch

UK Government Reportedly Plans to Rescue
'Strategically Important' Companies Amid CV Crisis

Civil Service Twitter account roasts 'Arrogant Truth Twister'
BoJo, as lockdown-breaking adviser reported to police

Cummings Refuses to apologize for CV lockdown-breaking trip,
cites child's health but convoluted story triggers More scrutiny

TV Clip of Kids Lauding Nicola Sturgeon Removed
After Comparisons to 'North Korea Propaganda'

'Orwellian dictatorship' - Italian government to recruit 60,000
'civic assistants' to snitch on CV 'rule breakers'

Austrian Social Media Users Express Support for
President Following His Curfew Violation

Spinning Black Smoke Ring Over Australian Town
...Sparks Online Debate

'Worse Than The Great Depression' - Peter Schiff
Fears '70s Stagflation 'On Steroids' Ahead

Big Pharma steered public money away from pandemic
research and into PROFIT-MAKING projects for years


Big Brother benefits - CV accelerates transition to cashless society
but does it mean more safety or less freedom for us?

If The Fed Is Worrying, Shouldn't You Worry Too?

Central Banks Are Destroying What Was Left
Of Free Markets

The Fed Is Now The Proud Owner Of Bankrupt
Hertz Bonds

Oil Is Unlikely To Go Much Higher

EU mulls slapping US Big Tech with digital tax
to help finance economic recovery from CV

Credit Suisse Is Preparing For Layoffs As CEO Admits
'Something' Needs To Change

Germany's struggling carrier Lufthansa agrees to
$10 billion state rescue package

China Sets Yuan Fix At Weakest Since 2008

Dreaming Of Visiting Japan? The Government Might
Pay Half Your Expenses To Jumpstart Tourism


Hundreds test positive for coronavirus at BRF
meatpacking plant in Brazil

US militarizes Caribbean to tighten Illegal blockade of VZ

Second Iranian Tanker 'Forest' Reaches Venezuelan
Exclusive Economic Zone, Tracking Data Shows

US imposes CV travel ban on Brazil visitors,
excluding Americans

US to Donate 1,000 Ventilators to Brazil,
NSC Says After Trump Issues New Entry Ban

Bolsonaro joins protesters as Brazil political
scandal heats up amid pandemic

Bolsonaro branded a 'killer' during hot dog trip
as Covid-19 death toll soars

Israel will not miss 'historic opportunity' to annex
The West Bank - Netanyahu

Lots of Noise, Three Cases, and One Prime Minister
...Benjamin Netanyahu Trial Kicks Off in Jerusalem

Era of US military presence in region ending
Says IRGC deputy commander


Giraldi - Leading Neocon Directs Pentagon MidEast Planning

Khashoggi's Family 'Pardons' His Killers After Receiving
Multi-Million Properties And 5-Figure Monthly Payments

80 Flights Cancelled on First Day Domestic
Flights Resume in India After Two-Month Hiatus

Locust Invasion Now Shredding Central India - Watch

What Would Depletion of Earth's Magnetic
Field Bring?

At The 'Calma Dolores'

Countless Animals Killed In Cold Blood
To Make Rihanna's Illuminati Coats

Newly discovered Comet SWAN is now VISIBLE
from Earth but facing fight for its life as it nears the Sun


Coulter Calls Trump The 'Most Disloyal Actual Retard'
Ever To Be President - Adds He Is A 'Blithering Idiot'
A 'Moron' And 'Lout' And Regrets Once Believing In
'This Shallow And Broken Man' And All Of HIs Promises

Trump Calls Columbia A 'Disgraceful Institution' After
Its New Study Saying Up To 36,000 Died Over Trump's
Miserable Response To The Coronavirus Pandemic

Jared Kushner Seeking to The Modify Republican Party
Platform, Report Claims - Gosh, What CAN’T Jerry Do?

Trump Shows His True Self On Memorial Weekend

The Sad Truth About Memorial Day

US Supreme Court Has Ruled that Forced
Vaccines Are Constitutional - Civil War Coming...

Trump says he's finished hydroxychloroquine
regimen to ward off Coronavirus

Trump Brag-Tweets that CV 'Numbers' Are Declining
...But The Numbers Don't Say That

Some US Stores Begin To Bar People Wearing Masks
...In Move To Restore Freedom

Baldwin - Fauci And Birx...Lock Them Up!

Oops...CDC Makes Big Correction About Spread of CV

FL Ruled to Be in Violation of Science For Not
Having More People Die

Mastercard will not send staff back to offices
without coronavirus vaccine says exec - Good
Luck waiting for something that may never Be!

The Genetic Code of The Planet Is Under Attack
'It's Time For A Rewrite' Says MIT AI Prof


Soros Views The CV Plandemic As A 'Revolutionary
Moment' Where 'Everything Is Up For Grabs'

EU Planning 'Vaccination Passport' Since 2018

Yuri Bezmenov Explains How to Brainwash
an Entire Nation - 8 Minutes...Watch

New Zealand Joins The Third World

NZ's Jacinta Adern in 7 minutes - It's The Same
Zionist Communist Globalist Takeover Worldwide

Sweden Has CV Beat, Leaving Everyone Who Locked
Down With Egg on Their Face

CV Infection Case Fatality Rate Now Averaging 0.2%

After 7 Weeks of CV 'Ravaging' No-Lockdown Belarus
...99.998% of Its People Are Still Alive

The Deep State Had The Rockefeller Foundation
Draw Up Prison State Plans In 2010 - Watch

Trump Says Biden Is Not Mentally Able To Be
President - 'He Doesn't (Even) Know He's Alive'


'Dems could pick a GLASS OF WATER as candidate'
Trump picks apart Biden & talks About the Deep State
in new softball interview

No Longer Any Question - Creeper Joe Carried
Out a Big Coverup In Ukraine

The Creeper Is A Ventriloquist's Dummy
...And The Press Knows It

Maskless Trump Golfs As Toll Nears 100,000

Trump falsely claims '1,000s' of mail-in ballots Forgeries
despite his own commission not finding ONE case of fraud

Trump - Democrats To Exploit Vote-By-Mail 'Scam'
For 'Greatest Rigged Election In History'

The Reopening Is An Illusion

50% Of 'reopen America' Twitter accounts are BOTS

Meet Bill Gates (The Finale) - James Corbett

Who was Bill Gates Before Microsoft? - Learn


Timeline - How Plandemic Is Speeding Loss Of Freedoms

The Slippery Slope to Despotism - Paved with
Lockdowns, Raids and Forced Vaccinations

Russophobes lose their minds as IRS tweets CV relief
payment info in Russian...like all major languages

Walnut Creek, CA - Doctors have seen more suicide deaths
during quarantine than deaths from The Wuhan virus

Chilean Anti-Lockdown Protesters Set Police
Vehicle Ablaze - Watch

Church-Related Coronavirus Outbreaks
Reported As Trump Pushes For Reopening

CV Outbreak In LA Farmer John meat processing
facility...Over 100 Cases So Far

FEMA Quarantine Sites are appearing all over WA
So far, Two have been filmed - Watch

Sun Is Now In 'Lockdown' But Scientists Dismiss
Apocalypse Theories - (The Solar Minimum Could
Be cover Story For mass Food Shortages)

Rats - With restaurants closed, Rat sightings Surge

National Guard sets up mobile testing locations
across Wisconsin, including at private businesses

Sheriffs - We Took An Oath To The Constitution
Not to Governors And Lockdowns

OK Police Now Pulling Over Drivers In
Pilot Program for THC Breathalyzer

5G May Penetrate Even Deeper Into the Body Because
of Its Very Fast Pulse Says Former WHO Scientist

UFO Crash in Magé, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Witness Sneaks Past Military, Films Craft - Watch

US successfully tested a laser weapon that
can destroy aircraft In mid-flight


Pentagon Video Warns of 'Unavoidable' Dystopian Future

Coronafacts - CFR ≈ 1% And The Spread Is Low

Study - Social Isolation Increases Risk of Heart Attacks,
Strokes And Death

CV Lockdowns Will Result in Up to 380,000 Extra
Malaria Deaths in 2020 - 250,000 Children Under 5

Kaliningrad is Russian 'Dagger' in Heart of Europe,
US National Security Adviser Claims

US seeks to undermine Russians' trust in Putin
via controlled media - State Duma speaker

More than half of Russian regions can begin ease
coronavirus lockdowns

Fumes & scuffles as riot police fire tear gas amid
renewed anti-govt unrest in Hong Kong - Watch

China 'open' to intl efforts to identify CV source - FM

Auto Registrations In Europe Plunge 76% In April
...The Largest Drop On Record


Danish PM Lied That Health Agencies Backed Lockdown
Actually They Had Proposed the Swedish Model

Giant Video of BoJo Saying 'Stay at Home'
Placed Outside Dominic Cummings' House

Johnson accused of 'lying through his back teeth'
after backing embattled adviser Cummings

Tory MPs in support of Cummings' resignation

Police in Hamburg use Water Cannons to disperse
demonstrators against anti-lockdown protest - Watch

Barcelona anti-lockdown protesters call for end
to state of emergency

US will 'disconnect' from Oz over China-Victoria deal

Stashing Gold May Be Illegal Soon

Victoria's Secret Closing 250 Stores After
Suffering a $275.2 Million Quarterly Loss

Bankruptcy Tsunami Begins - CV Lockdown
Damage To America Is Almost Incalculable


Soros - Coronavirus Could End 'Civilization'
Unless Perpetual Debt Adopted

Businesses Demand Boris Johnson Build 'Air Bridges'
to Low-Risk States to Speed up Economic Rebound

New year-round port to link Russian Arctic
sea route with Asia in 2025

'All Hell Could Break Loose' -The Current
Precious Metals Shortage

Scotland Bans Companies In Tax Havens From Bailout

More than 90 countries request IMF bailout

Food shortage In Chile prompts clashes between
hungry protesters & police - Watch

Watch pro and anti-Netanyahu protesters engage in
tense face-off in Jerusalem as PM corruption trial opens

Israeli PM slams corruption trial as plot to 'depose
a strong right-wing leader'

Israel Had Foiled Major Qassem Soleimani
Plot In Region - Ex-IDF Chief Details


Iran's defense preparedness at highest
level in 40 years - IRGC cmdr

South Africa's Lockdown Is Especially Severe

Trump trashes coronavirus science he doesn't like
Here's a rundown - Trump Is Messed Up In The head

Trump's Disastrous, Chaotic CV strategy is
Clearly backing the US into a corner

500 MDs tell Trump to end coronavirus shutdown

Trump Refuses to Provide PPE for Healthcare Workers

CDC Rushes Out CV Guidance For Religious
Worship After Surprise Trump Announcement

Virus may be spreading uncontrolled in 24 states

Jeff Sessions snaps back after Trump tells
Alabama not to trust him (And Vote For A
Pro-Illegal Immigration Globalist Hack)

Bravo - Jeff Sessions Fires back at Lowlife Trump...
'You're damn fortunate' I recused from Russia probe
Vote For Sessions - A Patriot Of True Integrity

Adam Schiff Asks DNI To Declassify Flynn's
Phone Calls With Russians

Buttigieg (Keeping His Face In The 'News') Helps
The Demented Criminal Creeper Biden Raise
$1 Million Dollars at A Big 'Grassroots' Fundraiser


Trump Demands Fox News Fire 'Fake Pollster'
As Election Poll Numbers Show Biden Ahead

Oops - Trump's Press Secretary Accidentally
Discloses His Bank Details! Dumber All The Time

The Creeper apologizes for telling black DJ he
'ain't black' but his supporters were already covering
for him - Time For Biden To Go To Shady Acres

US House Lawmakers Demand Summary Report
on Ventilator Talks Between Trump, Putin

More than 40% of Republicans think Bill Gates
will use vaccine to implant Nanochips - survey

Study - CV immunity could last just Just 6 months

The Next Recession Will Destroy Millennials

Millennials are facing another once A generation
economic disaster

Check You Retail Receipts - Some businesses Are
Adding A Coronavirus Surcharge! - Photo

#PassTheMic is Bill Gates latest celebrity-backed
push for globalism


'COVID Passport' - Will We be Able to Travel
Without Being Tested for Antibodies? (Doubtful)

US 'Top Health Expert' Fauci Explains Risks
Behind Development of A CV Vaccine

Buchanan - What Does Winning Mean In
A Forever War?

COVID-19 Has Replaced Osama Bin Laden
As The Fall Guy For Lost Liberties

Shamir - Coronavirus Conspiracies

Forced, Mandatory Vax? Supreme Court Said Yes!
But Wait, There's More...

Trump Administration Reportedly Mulls Creating
US Alternative to 'Some of WHO's Work'

When even tough New Yorkers become petrified
pandemic-shamers, it's time to confront our
Over Blown Fears about Coronavirus

Record High Grocery Prices As US Farmers
Smash Eggs & Dump Milk - INSANITY

Cuomo Tries To Blame Trump Policies For Sending
Infected coronavirus patients to nursing homes


After OK Killed 275,000 Jobs Over CV, The Sheriff
Is Now Evicting Residents Who Can't Pay - In 6 Months
America's Streets Will Be Crawling With New Homeless

MO hairstylist with CV And Symptoms Exposed
Over 90 Clients To The Disease

GA coronavirus hospitalizations on rise in last week

Arkansas Having A second CV peak - governor

Gingrich & DeSantis - Congress can give Americans
an extra $11,000 without costing taxpayers a penny

Will the Coronavirus Kill What's Left of Americans
Faith in The government In Washington?

Biased MSM Again misuses science to paint sensible
Sweden as reckless gamblers - why they're WRONG

Medics sound alarm as lockdown suicides SOAR
in US - and health officials knew it would happen

Some Americans Believe in Bill Gates Alleged
Involvement in CV Plot, Poll Shows (Gosh)

81% Of Canadian CV Deaths Are In Nursing Homes


Black Nursing Home Employee Who Beat 75 Yr Old
Patient Was moved to facility AFTER contracting CV

Brutal Black Nursing Home Abuser Made Video
Saying 'Black People Are Supposed To Rule Earth'

US cities Approve homeless tents as CV crisis spreads

US Births 35 Yr Low - CV Pessimism = Japanification

Cluster of Case Reported After AR swim Party

New hydrophobic membrane could hold key
to combating global mask shortage


Global Geoengineering News Alert 5-23-20

Apple whistleblower - Siri is ALWAYS recording

WH Considers Panel To Investigate 'Left-Wing Bias'
(Bolshevik Communism) In Silicon Valley

$650 Billion - Facebook To Cut Pay Of Remote
Workers Moving To Lower Cost-Of-Living Areas

YouTube Censors Doctor Knut Wittkowski
For Opposing The Tyrannical Lockdowns

How We Can Upscale Joe Rogan's Spotify
Decision into a Global Liberty Movement

Gamer training platform that uses AI & cognitive
science secures big investment while lockdown
makes esports hot

Upcoming 'Apple Watch for kids' is a bad
sign of creeping tech addiction

Amazon Opens Giant Homeless Shelter
in its Seattle Headquarters

'They Saw This Day Coming' - Huawei Forges Alliances
With Rival Chipmakers As Trumps Crackdown Worsens


London Reportedly Set to Cut Huawei's Role in
Development of 5G Network in the UK

US tech giants still doing business with blacklisted
Chinese companies, research firm claims

Statue of Liberty-sized ASTEROID barrelling
towards Earth as six space rocks set to skim past

Trump's Plan to spend Russia & China 'into
oblivion' in arms race will bankrupt only The US

Trump Discussed Possibility of Nuclear Test
First Time Since 1992, Report Claims

USS Portland's High-Powered Laser Disables
Drone in Weapon's First At-Sea Test - Vid

EU Foreign Policy Chief Borrell Urges US to
Reconsider Decision to Leave Open Skies Treaty

Russia confirms intention to implement
Open Skies Treaty

UK, US, Ukraine, Estonia ignored UN Security
Council meeting on Crimea - Russian Mission

Putin signs bill on remote voting experiment
in Moscow in 2020-2021


Around 12% of Moscovites have CV IMMUNITY
city says, after random testing of 50,000 people

World's ONLY floating nuclear power plant
project goes fully operational in Russia - Watch

Trump Admin Slams China's Security Laws
in Hopes of Saving Our Own Economic Standing

US Media in an Uproar Over China's
National Security Law

Trump admin Blacklists Multiple Chinese Entities Over
Rights Abuses, Ties to Weapons of Mass Destruction

US to add 33 China companies to economic blacklist

US Sanctions Chinese Surveillance Companies
For Human Rights Abuses Against Uighurs

Still looking for a bogeyman? Moscow slams US State
Dept after it posts $250,000 grant to 'expose Russian
health disinformation' - Trump's Wars Are Asinine

China reports zero new Covid-19 cases for FIRST TIME
as pandemic finds new 'epicenter' in South America

Filipino Detained for Reportedly Offering
$8 Million 'to Anybody Who Kills Duterte'


Senior Tory Says Boris Has 'Lost His mental Edge'
After Near Death Battle With CV - Report

BoJo Aide Dominic Cummings in Hot Water After
Reportedly Flouting Lockdown Rules While Infected

British Health Officials Suggest CV Vaccine
Could Be Mandatory - Ya Think?

Children in care can be vaccinated against their
parents' wishes without court order, UK judges rule

Italian MP, Sara Cunial, Drops More Major
Truth Bombs In Parliament - Watch

BBC blasted after political editor jumps to defend
PM adviser Cummings After Huge lockdown breach

PM Johnson Gives Cummings His Full Support

As record numbers of non-EU Invaders arrive in UK
the silence of Brexiteer politicians is deafening

Britain Reports Puppy Shortage Amid
Coronavirus Lockdown

'Right thinks 'lockdown' is an affront to liberty but will
cheer as new anti-terror laws turn us into Gitmo Britain'


Ex-Border Chief Warns of 'Major Threat' to UK
as Councils 'Overwhelmed' by Child Invader Surge

Le Monde Co-Owner Acknowledges He Spied
on Ex-President Mitterrand for French Intelligence

Far-right protests in Spain against CV lockdowns

People Protest Against Lockdown Measures
Near Bundestag in Berlin - Watch

All aboard! Spain is reopening to international
TOURISM beginning In July

'Regretful' EU Leaders Hit Back at UK
Over New Quarantine Rules For Travellers

42% Of US Jobs Lost In Pandemic Gone Forever

China Releases e-Yuan Cryptocurrency and Investors are
Going All-In For It - The New World Currency will Be Cryptos

Why US is Stockpiling Russian Oil Amid
Overproduction Crisis on Market

Pentagon Bins US Rare Earth Projects Funding
in Setback for Plans to Cut Reliance on China


Poor Countries Borrowed Billions Using Their Oil
As Collateral And Are Now Struggling To Pay

Macleod - The Path To Monetary Collapse

Why The Gold/Silver Ratio Is A Useful Indicator

How Russia is Saving Global Gold Market Amid
Shortages of Physical Precious Metal

Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden Reportedly
Propose Own Plan for EU Economic Recovery

In pictures - coronavirus is surging in Brazil

Brazil Rises to 2nd Place in World CV Cases
Overtaking Russia in Number of Infections

Bolsonaro Denies Interference With Federal
Police - Slams Video 'Evidence'

Trump US Threatens VZ Bound Iranian Oil Tankers
With 'Imminent Use of Military Force' - UN Envoy

Iran Oil Tankers To Reach Venezuela In Next 24 Hrs
Amid 'Threat Of Imminent Military Force By Trump US'


US 'Will be IN TROUBLE' if it makes 'MISTAKE'
of interfering with VZ bound tankers, Rouhani warns

'We Are Ready for Whatever' - Venezuelan Missiles
Deployed on Island Against US Forces - Watch

First coronavirus death confirmed in Gaza
as Palestinian territories lift lockdown

US Provoking India-China Tensions But Delhi
Doesn't Want to be Used as Tool

The truth at the bottom of a bourbon shot

The galaxy might be full of micro-machines

TX discovery of 95,000 non-citizens on voter
rolls Cheered by election integrity hawks

How Wealthy Jews Bribed and Controlled
Winston Churchill

Weakening of Earth's Magnetic Field Causing
Satellites and Spacecraft to Malfunction

Robot Sheep Dog Herds Animals in New Zealand


A Toddler and a Snail

Shocking pictures show tent cities
alongside LA freeways

Earth Magnetic Field Mysteriously Weakening In Specific
Locations, Throwing Off Satellites And Spacecraft

New Fox News poll shows Demented Pervert Biden
Beating Trump...Donald Is Not Happy - Vox

MSNBC Suggests Trump Has 3% Support Among Blacks

'We've Never Seen Numbers Like This' - Trauma
Doc Sees Post-Lockdown Suicide Wave Starting

Poll - Most say they won't go to Restaurants
Or The gym despite Their reopening

Dr Faustus - Americans Should Get Out And Enjoy
The Holiday Weekend As Long As They...

Feckless Dr. Faustus NOW Says Staying Closed Too
Long Could Cause 'Irreparable Damage' AFTER Using
Ferguson's Junk Model To Destroy Our Economy

Tucker - Zero Evidence Lockdowns And House Arrests
Have Saved Lives - Mass Quarantines May Have Killed
Many People - Govt And The MSM Spread FEAR - Watch

CDC Admits CV Mortality Ratio is Similar to 1957-58
Flu Pandemic Where No Lockdown Was Needed

UK Chief Medic - CV Is HARMLESS To The Majority

Trump's Unproven Hydroxychloroquine Linked to
Doubling The Death Rate Of Those With CV


Hydroxycloroquine increases the risk of death
in coronavirus patients - The Lancet

Remdesivir Study Is Finally Out - It Only Helped
Those On Oxygen Finds Mortality Too High For
Standalone Treatment

150 doctors agree second wave is planned
To Force mandatory vaccinations

6 mos Late And Trump Still hasn't Had his physical
...The White House won't say why

Trump's CV Antics Are Alienating Educated Voters

With Trump, the Pathology Is the Point...
We Have No Functional President Or Admin

Demented Biden Sorry About 'You Ain't Black' Remark
...It Was 'Too Cavalier' He Says

'You Ain't Black' and Biden's 10 Other Acts of Racism

Central Banks Are Buying $2.4 Billion In Assets Every
Hour As Their Balance Sheets Eclipse $20 Trillion

Top Execs Dumped $30 Million In Stocks After
Moderna Announced Positive CV Vax Results

RFK Jr - Moderna Vaccine trial - 20% 'serious adverse event'

HCQ, Moderna & The Politics Of Pandemic 'Medicine'


Whistleblower - New Vax causes sterility in 97% of women

Harvard Medical School Prof Questions Fauci's
'Shading' Vax Results

US To Launch Massive CV Vaccine Test
...Involves Over 100,000 "Volunteers"

CDC Goes Door to Door Conducting Questionnaires

These companies plan to make working from home
the new normal..forever

Denver orders closure of facility that handles
All Mail For CO And WY After 5 Infected

Trump says he will order churches reopened
...why that's not legal

Judge Nap Says Trump Has No Authority To
Order Churches Reopened

Reopening churches 'dangerous and foolish'
...Lizard Lightfoot tells Trump

MS church fighting CV restrictions burned to the ground


Over 4,300 virus patients sent to NY nursing homes
...Great Job, Gov Cuomo

Ten reasons why immunity passports are a bad idea

2010 Rockefeller Foundation Report Described Whole
Pandemic Op EXACTLY - Watch Journalist Vox Read
And Prepare To Be STUNNED - It's All A Planned OP
As We've Said - Your 'Government' Raped The nation

Kissinger's NSSM 200 In 1974 - Massive World
Depopulation Agenda Laid Out

coronavirus invades Trump country but
Republicans still aren't worried

Life went on as normal during the killer
pandemic of 1969

Epidemiologist Wittkowski slams CV lockdowns
'We could open Right up again and forget the
whole thing' - There was no reason for Any Of It

YouTube censors epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski
for telling the truth by opposing lockdown

Maniac CDC Chair of Advisory Comm on Vaccines
'We'll Just Get Rid of All Whites in The US Because
Non-White Immigrants' Want To Get Vaxxed The Most

Unemployment Filings Top 38 Million
McConnell Vows to End Enhanced Benefits


Ron Paul - The US economy won't recover soon And
The Federal Reserve 'should go out of business'

IMF says banks will Fight to be profitable Thru 2025

43 states have record unemployment
...See where your state ranks

World's Zoo Animals may be culled en masse
to prevent Starvation As CV Lockdown Hits

Edenville dam - Feds spent 20 years warning of danger
before it failed - Trump's 'Infrastructure Program'


VA governor signs bill decriminalizing marijuana

Some Say a National Quarantine Is Constitutional

Pushback after Facebook says 'encrypted' Messenger
chats will be shielded from 'harmful interactions'

FB policing personal messages won't really save
children from abuse but WILL bring us closer to 1984

Tesla Employees Say Fremont Factory Is
A 'Modern Day Sweatshop'

Moaning viral thread accuses Elon Musk
of ruining Texas neighborhood with rocket tests

NASA Should Beware of Viruses From Space

China Defence Spending to Hit Three-Decade
Low Amid Pandemic-Driven Uncertainty

US Air Force Tries Once Again to Replace
its B-52 Bomber Fleet's Engines

Russia rejects US ultimatums on Open Skies Treaty


Russia to discuss its new weapon systems only
along with US missile shield, says diplomat

Germany set to abide by Open Skies Treaty even
after US pullout, calls on others to make it stay

NATO calling on Russia to return to full
compliance with Open Skies Treaty

Russian COVID vaccine developers
successfully test it on themselves - expert

Why Those Coronavirus Models Aren't Real Science

Putin warns of potential 2nd wave of CV infections
in the fall, tells Russian Health Ministry to prepare

Russia reaches coronavirus plateau - watchdog chief

South Korea just flexed its contact-tracing power
After partiers with coronavirus went to nightclubs
it found and tested 46,000 exposed people

Trump US is treating China like it's Nazi Germany
This slide towards WW3 needs to end NOW

Obama's Ambassador To Beijing Compares
Trump To Hitler On Chinese TV


China Claps Back - New National Security Bill A
'Death Knell' For 'US Influence' In Hong Kong

'Hong Kong People, Resist!' - Pro-Democracy Protests
Against China Security Law Slated For Weekend

US Commerce Dept Adds Nine Chinese Entities
to Economic Blacklist Over Human Rights Abuses

UK Government Acting 'Two Weeks' Earlier Would
Have Saved Lives, Says Senior Scientific Advisor

Hand Sanitisers, Protective Goggles, Face Masks
...UK Pub Chain Unveils Post-Lockdown Plans

'Social Distancing Walls' - Gym Reveals Future
Layout In Post-Corona World

UK Sets 14 day quarantines for new arrivals
Border Force given power to DENY foreigners entry

Bars And restaurants set to reopen in
Madrid as Spain sheds more lockdown measures

1 In 4 American Workers Have Filed For
Unemployment Benefits In 2020

Hertz files Chapter 11 bankruptcy amid pandemic

US billionaire wealth skyrockets to over
$3 TRILLION during pandemic


Soros says EU may not survive unless it props up The
'sick man of Europe'...Italy

Perennial Dazzle of Bullion - Russian Central Bank's
Gold Reserve Props Up Ruble Despite Pandemic

Digital Currencies Could Threaten US Geopolitical
Power Warns JP Morgan

Hertz Dumps Fleet Of Corvettes While Trying
To Avoid Bankruptcy

FAA Approves Cargo To Ride In Passenger Seats

UK Mortgage Repayment Holiday
Extended for Another Three Months

Guaido 'GREATLY MISLED' us ahead of botched VZ coup
ex-US Green Beret on interrogation tape

Scientists in Brazil make faster, cheaper RNA
coronavirus test that doesn't produce false negatives

Iran monitoring US military, to respond to threat
to interests anywhere in world - Top general

Israel poses 'most serious threat' to peace
And its WH backers must be held accountable
for Palestine 'apartheid' – Iran's Zarif


Hamas Chief Vows Major 'Armed Resistance'
If Trump-Kushner 'Deal Of The Century' Implemented

Hezbollah says Palestinian land should
return to its rightful owners

Lebanese Parliament speaker reiterates rejection
of Trump-Kushner 'deal of the century'

Pakistani passenger plane approaching
Karachi airport crashes in residential area - Vid

Locust Swarm From Pakistan Entered India
Earlier Than Expected

Hand Sanitisers, Protective Goggles, Face Masks
...UK Pub Chain Unveils Post-Lockdown Plans

'Social Distancing Walls' - Gym Reveals Future
Layout In Post-Corona World

Spectacular storms strike central US ahead of
predicted 'extremely active' hurricane season - Watch


Tucker - Zero Evidence Lockdowns And House Arrests
Have Saved Lives - Mass Quarantines May Have Killed
Many People - Govt And The MSM Spread FEAR - Watch

UK Chief Medic - CV Is HARMLESS To The Majority

Trump's Unproven Hydroxychloroquine Linked to
Doubling The Death Rate Of Those With CV

Hydroxycloroquine increases the risk of death
in coronavirus patients - The Lancet

Trump Says US Won't Close Again, Even If A
Terrible Second Wave Occurs - (Agree - We're
Tough And Need To Stand Up And Face CV Down)

Anonymous CDC Officials Tell CNN Trump Cost
America 'Lives and Money'

Trump Sounding Bidenish on his coronavirus test
...'I tested positively toward negative'

Trump accuses Dem governors of keeping lockdowns
because of 'politics' during Michigan Visit

Intel Officials Reportedly Struggle To Brief Trump
Because He's Like A Giant Toddler

Says He'll Not Wear A Mask In Front Of Cameras

Trump Caught Wearing Mask In 'Back Area
Of Ford Plant' - Photo

Gates Linked Study - US CV Death Toll Could
Nearly Quadruple by Year's End

Obama Science Advisers Warn Trump Has 90 Days
to Replenish Medical Stockpiles Ahead of Possible
CV Resurgence In Big Fall 'Second Wave'

Do (Illegal And Unconstitutional) Lockdowns Work?
...Mounting Evidence Says NO

Over 500 Doctors Warn Trump Nationwide Shutdown
May Cause 'Millions of Casualties'

'As someone battling depression, I know how much
the mentally ill are suffering during the CV lockdown'


Trump to lower flags in memory of CV victims

Trump In 'Desperate Effort To Steal Election'
By Opposing Vote-By-Mail, Says DNC's Perez

As Republicans Face November Disaster
Efforts to Undermine Social Security Mount

Looney Lizzie Warren pivots on 'Medicare for All'
in bid to become Biden's VP

Sanders Convention Supporters Told NOT To Criticize
Dem Party Leaders Or Other Contenders In Person
Or On Social Media

Will Trump Wage More Wars to Distract from
Coronavirus and Economic Collapse?

Positive Change in the US Not on November Ballot

Phony MI Gov Whitmer Tells People Not to Travel to
their Summer Home - Then Her Cars Are Seen Parked
Outside of HER Summer Home - Disgusting Hypocrite

More Dams Will Fail As The Crazy Weather
Changes Inflict Stress On Our Failing Infrastructure
Which Has Been Completely Ignored By Trump

Virtual Debate Between Caruso-Cabrera
And AOC Turns Ugly


As Customers And Employees Return, Coronavirus
Outbreaks Bloom At Retail Stores

Reopening reality - GA jobs aren't flooding back

Baltimore mayor to Trump - Don't visit our city
during Our coronavirus Lockdown order

Trump says G7 likely to be held at White House
despite coronavirus concerns

570 Workers Test Positive For CV At Tyson
Plant In North Carolina

CV hits TX day care - majority of cases among staff

US forks out over $1.2 billion for 300 MILLION DOSES
of Univ of Oxford's unproved, unknown CV vaccine

Who are the Barack Obama-Linked Scientists Who
Lecture Trump on CV Preparedness?

Full Fauci Timeline - Sorting Fact From Fiction

Rand Paul Shreds Fauci For 'Emasculating The
Medical Care System' And 'Ruining' The Economy


Keeping Up With The Chuckling Cuomo Bros...
23,000 dead New Yorkers And A Nasal Swab Joke

Almost 80% Of Americans Are Willing To Pay More
For Non-China Made Products - Poll

The 'new normal' is an abnormal world where
we never learn to socialise

Coronavirus Stats - At least 4 states combined
numbers from two tests

Is QAnon the newest American religion?

Republican QAnon conspiracy promoter picked
to run for US Senate

For feminists it doesn't matter that CV kills almost twice
as many men because 'women bear the emotional brunt'

Bolshevik MSM Coverup Of Black Psychopath Beating
White Men & Women nursing home Patients - Watch

Wooldridge - Ruminations Of A Baby Boomer...
Why Our Elected Reps Don't Represent Us

Dr. Phil Slammed for Saying Shutdowns
Deadlier Than Corona

Lori Loughlin Gets Two Months In Prison For Bribing
College Officials, Plea Deal Avoids 40 yrs Behind Bars

Hidden Camera Captures US Cop's
'Disturbing' Traffic Stop Meltdown

YouTube Censors Video With Medical Doctors
Saying Hydroxychloroquine Might Help Treat CV

Zuckerberg insists Facebook ready for 'arms race'
over 2020 US election interference


UN Moves to Combat CV Fake News With 'Reliable &
Accurate' Data...Which Censorship Always Provides

Undeniable Hexagonal Opening To Underground
UFO Base On Indonesian Island - Watch

The Pure Evil Pompeo Doctrine

Senior military leaders warn coronavirus threat is
'not going away' as they brace for a second wave

Trump Approves Sale of Heavy Torpedoes to
Taiwan As Tensions With Beijing Escalate

Pentagon 'Resetting' Aging Lancer Bomber
as Missile Platform for Pacific Power Projection

Russia's newest radar can track 1,000+ fast-moving
And HYPERSONIC weapons, and is now available
For purchase to foreign buyers

Trump Confirms US Withdrawal From Open Skies
Treaty - Says New Deal Possible

Civil war among 'Russia disinformation' crowd
RT watchers fell out over not hating RT enough

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov hospitalised
in Moscow with suspected coronavirus - reports


Ukraine Judge Orders Joe Biden Listed As Alleged
Perpetrator Of Crime In Prosecutor's Firing

Poroshenko blames Zelensky for helping
'fabricate' audio of his call with Biden

Senate Committee Issues First Subpoena in
Hunter Biden Corruption Probe

So Joe Biden wants a female sexual assault
survivor as his running mate?

NATO owes Ukraine $200 BILLION over Kiev's
decision to forgo nuclear arsenal in 1990s – ex-MP

Ukraine to please its tiny Muslim population by
making Islam's major holy days national holidays


US jet transporting US ventilators arrives in Russia

Ukrainian Intelligence Says Ex President's Inner
Circle May Have Leaked 'Treasonous' Biden Tapes

China To Invest $1 Trillion In New Plan To
Overtake US In Technology

China security law 'could be end of Hong Kong'

Trump Threatens 'Very Strong Reaction' If Beijing
'Interferes' With Hong Kong

Beijing accuses Pompeo of using 'democracy'
bill to blackmail Hong Kong Government

Senators Introduce Bill Sanctioning Chinese
Officials & Banks Over Hong Kong Crackdown

'There is Only One China' - Beijing Blasts Pompeo
for His Congratulatory Praise of Tsai Ing Wen

Pompeo Slams China for 'Hostile Trade Threats'
over Calls for CV Probe - Watch

Pompeo Accuses China Of Helping Iran's
'Gas For Gold' Sanctions-Busting In VZ

CV Vaccine Trial Produced 'Immediate' Immune
Response in Mice - Chinese Researchers


ECDC Director Warns Europe Will See a
Second Wave as Public 'Resolve' Weakens

UK politicians who urged us all to 'follow the science'
now turn on the scientists for being WRONG

Lord Sumption telling the truth on BBC - Watch

NHS Staff in Trial Of Effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine
Used by Trump as CV Prophylactic

Trials for On the Spot Coronavirus Tests
Begin in the UK This Week

Antibody Study Reveals No Sign of Herd
Immunity in Sweden

'Aiding Invasion' - Nigel Farage Accuses France
of Escorting Migrant Invader Boats Into UK

N. Ireland won't use UK's contact-tracing app
will use own version to 'interact' with Republic
of Ireland's app, minister says

Scotland's Sturgeon Unveils Lockdown Exit Plan
Lifting Restrictions From 28 May

Dutch emergency services battle fire at abandoned
Nuke plant, urge residents to lock windows, doors - Watch

Paris burns for 4th night in a row as residents
clash with riot police over motorcyclist's death - Vid

Hungary closes migrant transit zones after court ruling


Illinois' Borrowing Costs 5 Times Higher
Than AAA-Rated States

JPM's Kolanovic Finds Coronavirus Lockdowns
'May Have Caused More Deaths Than CV Itself

If Fed Follows The Market, Rates Go Negative

New Zealand Uses Pandemic To Explore
Four-Day Work week

Gold Is Best Performing Asset In 2020 YTD
With 15% Gain in USD

Bank of England Paves Way for Negative
Interest Rates in Unprecedented Move


French care homes face manslaughter investigation
Victims lawyer tells RT details of 'scandal amid epidemic'

Venezuelan Authorities Detain 66 Participants
of Attempted Maritime Incursion

Maduro Accuses Colombian President of
Ordering to 'Infect' Venezuela With Coronavirus

Israeli Websites Hit in Massive Hack Attack by
Mysterious 'Hackers of Savior' Group - Watch

Netanyahu supporters responsible for acts of
aggression against Palestinians - Zarif

Watch Troops Force Another US Convoy to Turn And
Go Back Where It Came From in Northeast Syria

What On Earth Is Trump Doing By Bombing Somalia?

Imran Khan Claims Indian 'False Flag
Operation' in Kashmir is 'Imminent'

Scientist suggests coronavirus lockdowns Ramped Up
Cyclone Amphan before it hit India - Watch

East Africa fears 'triple threat' from coronavirus,
floods and locusts


NASA will pay people to spend 8 months in a
lockdown to simulate Mars & moon Missions

One of Earth's main planetary defense telescopes
just spotted a NEW kind of ASTEROID...with a tail

The Teacher and the Mouth to Ear Tradition

How to See Comet SWAN in Night Skies

Doctors Warn Trump Of Mass US Casualties
If Shutdowns And Lockdowns Continue

Trump Will Lose In A Landslide Because Of The
Destroyed Economy - New Election Model

Encore - 2010 Rockefeller Fun Report Described Whole
Pandemic Op EXACTLY - Watch Journalist Vox Read
And Prepare To Be STUNNED - It's All A Planned OP
As We've Said - Your 'Government' Raped The nation

White House MD prescribed hydroxychloroquine
for Trump Say Press Sec McEnany

Trump Continues To Lie About Hydroxychloroquine

Snyder - Fear Of Coronavirus Has Absolutely
Destroyed America's Future

CDC staffers say Trump Is putting politics
ahead of science

New CV Model Shows 5 Million Americans
Will Be Infected and 290,000 Will Be Dead
By July 24 If Social Distancing Isn't Followed

Br Nathanael - Trump's 'Militarized' VAX Plan

The CV Vaccine May Be Pieces Of RNA Or DNA
Genetic Material - A Temporary Vaccine' - Watch


CDC Nows Says Coronavirus Does Not Spread
Easily Via Contaminated Surfaces

6 Feet Is Not Enough To Stop Virus Transmission

McEnany Says Trump Supports Vote by Mail 'For
a Reason'...Not Just Because Of The Pandemic

MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer in Talks
to Join Creeper Biden Ticket as US Vice President

New tapes of Poroshenko-Biden calls reveal 'independent'
Ukraine was total US client

Zelensky Seeks Probe Over Leaked Audio Of
Biden Linking US Aid To Prosecutor Axing

Declassified Rice Email Confirms Obama, Biden
And Comey Targeted Flynn

Treasury Department Spied On Flynn, Manafort
And Trump Family

No More 'Mr.Clean' - Inside The 'Scandal-Free'
Years Of Obama's Presidency

Forget 'Flatten The Curve' - This Was All Planned
...It's A GeoPolitcal-Economic-Societal Op


Contact Tracing Data May Be (Will Be) Sent To WHO
And Law Enforcement & Used To Quarantine People

87% of US nurses forced to re-use PPE
84% surveyed haven't been tested for CV

Gym Opens Against NJ Rules - Police Arrest Young
Man Who Goes There To Work Out - America RIP

Joblessness tops the Depression record
and this Coronavirus isn't going away

Trump secret new watchlist lets his admin
track Americans without needing a warrant

Ukraine Judge Orders Creeper Joe Biden Listed
As Alleged Perp Of Crime In Prosecutor's Firing

Sen. Barrasso rips Pelosi's 'fantasyland bill' for
prioritizing jobs for illegal Invaders over Americans

'Morbidly Obese' - Pelosi says she gave Trump
'dose of his own medicine'

Aluminum, Fluoride, Glyphosate and EMF
...The Deadly Soup to Shut You Down

New York transit agency launches UV light
pilot program in effort to kill CV


Pandemic Or Infodemic - The Devil's In The Details

'Whitening of the Media' - As Pandemic Cuts Ravage
Newsrooms, Diversity Is 'First Thing That Goes'

Woman behind 'Roe vs Wade' said in a 'deathbed confession'
that conservatives paid her to lie about her conversion

19 Yr Old Swedish Man Knifed To Death
Trying To Stop Sub-Human Black African
Somali Invader Raping White Woman

Costco shopper gets bounced from store
after refusing to wear a mask


DOJ tells CA to reopen churches

'Masks On, Clothes Off' - First US Strip Club Reopens

Poll Finds More Americans Losing Tempers
Amid Spike In Lockdown Calls

Epstein's Accuser Claims in Lawsuit She Was
Recruited at Dinner With Bill Clinton

US Extends Policy to Immediately Reject Invaders
at Southern Border Indefinitely – DHS

Facebook & USA Today 'Fact Checkers' Censor
Amnesty Warnings About Heroes Act

Facebook 'Fact Checker' Worked At Wuhan Biolab
Ruled Out Virus-Leak While 'Debunking' Articles

Facebook & USA Today 'Fact Checkers' Censor
Amnesty Warnings About Heroes Act

Facebook Announces 'Hateful Memes Challenge'
With $100,000 Prize Pool To Identify 'Hate Speech'

Ex Microsoft Exec, Gates Buddy, Now ND Governor
Rolls Out Chinese Social Credit Score System


Emperor Burgum of ND Introduces Obedience
Scores For Going To Work

Manager of Florida's COVID-19 Dashboard Fired
Because He Refused to Manipulate Data

Wayback Machine is now Doing Big Tech Censorship

Outsourcing Firm Serco Accidentally Shares Contact
Tracers' Email Addresses

Whistleblower Slams Apple's 'Lack of Action'
on Privacy Issues

Experts Predict 3 Percent Growth in China's Military
Budget Amid Rising Defence Needs

New US Destroyer Arrives at Spanish Rota Base
as Navy Pushes for Aegis Ashore System

US Air Force F-35 crashes during 'routine' training
flight in FL - An F-22 Crashed A Few Days Ago

First US Space Force Cmdr Dies At Home - Nothing
Said About foul Play But Something Smells...

Venezuelan Air Defence's Chinese made Radar
Detects US F-22 Stealth Jet


NASA uncovers evidence of bizarre parallel universe
where physics And time operate in reverse

Hitler Debates Churchill

Putin urges higher competitiveness of national
agriculture on world markets

Putin - Russia is now fully self-sufficient in basic
food products

Number of coronavirus recoveries exceeds
new cases for first time in Russia

Bloomberg Forged Data to Tarnish Russia Over
CV Response - Russian Embassy in US

Zelensky is confident he should hold direct talks with Putin

Lugansk threatens to change contact line if
Ukrainian shelling continues

In Latest Escalation,Trump Blames. China For
'Mass Worldwide Killing'

Pompeo's Congratulations Tweet To Taiwan
President Sparks Outrage With China


Pompeo Slams WHO's Tedros Over 'Unusually Close' Ties
To Beijing, Addresses Controversy Over Fired IG

China Paves Way for Countermeasures Against
US Crackdown

Breakthrough South Korean Study Finds Recovered
CV Patients Who Test Positive Aren't Infectious

China's Newest Coronavirus Outbreak Shows
Virus May Be Mutating - (It's The Italian Strain)

World's Apart CV Response by China and the US

All Aboard for China Bashing

Beijing Accuses New Delhi of Obstructing Patrols Along
Disputed Border Area - Reports

Chinese newspaper mocks Australia amid trade row

Trump's New Anti-China Strategy

Fourth Chinese journalist arrested for live
streaming in Wuhan


Dismay after UK minister admits govt prioritized NHS
over care homes during CV early stages

Lockdown Limits Tested as Brits Flock To Beaches
and Parks Amid Nationwide Heatwave - Photos

UK government CAPITULATES to rebellion of
Labour-led councils over June school reopening

Invaders Riot In Paris Again, Attack Cops With Fireworks

ALWAYS Happens - NZ Gun Crimes SOAR Following
National Gun Bans By NZ government Communists

Europe abandoning Trump on the world stage
as it turns to China

Just Days After Reopening Two Plants, Ford Shuts
Them Back Down After Workers Test Positive

Pier 1 Imports closing all 540 locations after 58 years

Don't even think of owning stocks unless you're
willing to buy and hold for at least 10 YEARS

Chicago Chicken Shop Charges 26% CV Fee
...Claiming Rapid Food Inflation

US Cities Will Lose $360 Billion From The Lockdown


More Than 4 Million US Homeowners Skipping
Mortgage Payments

68% Of Unemployed US Workers 'Are Eligible For
Payments That Are Greater Than Their Lost Earnings'

'They Don't Want To Come Back To Work'
Restaurant Blames CARES Act For Labor Shortage

The GOP Alternative To More Stimulus Checks
...Tying Aid To Work

Most Americans see layoffs as temporary
but research shows otherwise

Senate passes bill removing rogue Chinese
firms from US stock exchanges

The Growing Case for Hyperinflation
of the US Dollar

Silver Joins Gold At The Party

German Economist Warns Italy Faces Eurozone
Exit As Coronavirus Crisis Deepens

Rishi Sunak Warns of Recession 'The Likes of Which
We Have Never Seen' as UK GDP Contracts


Rolls-Royce to cut 9,000 jobs, mostly in the UK
in order to survive the coronavirus pandemic

UK Unemployment Soars to 2.1 Million in April

Trump Weighs Travel Ban on Brazil After
Record Spike in Coronavirus Cases

Former US Green Berets reveal new details
of botched Venezuela coup in interrogation tapes

Venezuela Plans to Appeal to The Hague Over
US Effort to Halt Oil Trade With Other Countries

Venezuela Reportedly Files Legal Claim to Force
Bank of England to Transfer its Gold

Protesters Demanding Food Clash With Santiago Cops

Mystic Rabbis Forecast - Jews Outside Israel in
Grave Danger - God won't Protect them

Abbas Suspending Agreements with Israel?

In veiled warning to Iran, US tells Gulf mariners
to stay clear of its warships


Iran's Navy to Continue its Activities in Persian
Gulf Regardless of US Warning - Reports

US intel - Iran not destabilizing Afghanistan
despite Pompeo's claims

US Treasury Slaps Iran With New Sanctions,
Including Minister of Interior, Prison System

Beijing Accuses New Delhi of Obstructing Patrols Along
Disputed Border Area - Reports

Africa's CV Cases Soar Past 88,000 As 'Coronavirus
Apocalypse' Fears Loom

US Navy Laser Creates Plasma 'UFOs'

Newly-Acquired UFO Reports By Navy Pilots Revealed

Aztec UFO Coverup Blamed On CIA

Robert Spencer Carr, The Aztec UFO
Incident And Hangar 18

Scientists Successfully Create Most Advanced
'Hybrid' Mouse-Human Chimera Yet


300 Meter Space Rock is Hurtling Towards Earth at
Nearly 13 Km a Second, Will Come Close In June

End of the world - 50 Yr old simulator predicted
eerie-accurate approaching doomsday

Trump Lawyer Dershowitz Says 'Forced Vaccination
Is The LAW' - Watch

Planned Parenthood Affiliates Improperly Applied
For And Received $80 Million - And Feds Want It Back

Pence says he isn't taking hydroxychloroquine
Wonder What Katie Miller Is doing...

Over 6,500 Physicians Around The World Say
Hydroxychloroquine WORKS And Is BEST Treatment

Trump taking controversial Hydroxychloroquine
after a Hasidic Jewish doctor recommended it

Trump's Lawyer States 'Forced Vaccination Is The Law'

Social Distancing Is State-Mandated Humiliation

White House Vaccine Czar Sells $12 Million
Slug Of Moderna Options For Massive Profit

Trump EO Makes Hundreds Of Deregulations
Now Permanent In Fight Against CV

Study Trump cited in attack on WHO doesn't EXIST!
says editor-in-chief of prestigious medical journal
Donald Keeps Making It Up As He Rolls Along

Trump crew's Covid quackery - What An Unbearable
Sadness For Americans To Have Such Incompetence
At The Helm In Worst Crisis In Over 80 Years


Trump Sacks Another Regime Official In His
Ongoing Policy Of Purging All Critics

Trump Administration's New Watchlist Allows
Tracking Americans Without A Warrant

Trump NOW says The high number of US coronavirus
cases is a TRIBUTE to his testing progress!

Trump Letter To WHO On China and COVID Pandemic

Trump's trip to the Hill was all about His Reelection
campaign (HIM)...not about coronavirus

Gates And The Population Control Grid - Corbett

Thanks to AG Barr and McConnell, The UnConstitutional
Patriot Act Will Soon Be Stronger and More Invasive

'Fat shaming is cool now?' Pelosi's jab at Trump's
weight sends #MorbidlyObese trending

Pelosi says 'morbidly obese' Trump taking
hydroxychloroquine Is 'not a good idea'

House Dems Tell Supreme Court They Are
Preparing For A New Impeachment


Phone Calls Between Demented Biden And Ukraine's
Poroshenko Leaked - Details $1 Billion Quid Pro Quo To
Fire Burisma Prosecutor - Creeper Must Step Aside Soon

Blood Brothers - Barack Obama, Lindsey Graham
and John McCain

Time To Break Up The FBI?

Senate GOP Compile Massive Subpoena List For FBI
Abuse Probe - Demand Unredacted Susan Rice Letter

Obama WH portrait unveiling not expected
as Trump accuses him of crime

Judge Deals Setback to Trump Family - Ugly
Pyramid Scheme Lawsuit Likely to Unfold in Public

Buchanan - Will Americans Submit To Second Lockdown?

Lockdown Zealots Are Behaving Like Cult Members
...Psychotherapist Warns

Mentally Stunted Bolshevik OR Governor Says
Closed County Residents Can't Shop in Open Ones

All US Citizens Will Rounded Up - Greg Evenson
Knew And Spoke Of The Plans Years Ago - Watch


FL Man Who Mocked Virus Changes Tune After Getting It

After enduring ventilators, body aches, fever
And Worse, Some CV survivors say states should
Not Be Reopening So Quickly

Another Study Points To CV Lab Creation

Ex Top Israeli Health Official - No One Dies from CV

Censored 'Plandemic' movie website defaced by
hacker claiming Dr Mikovits is 'bat s**t crazy'

CV Deaths In Context - How Many People Die Each Day?

'Doubts' Over Oxford CV Vax after ALL the monkeys
that took part in the trial Became Infected!

The Myth of a CV Vaccine to the Rescue

Researchers Are Working on CV Vaccine to Address
Possible Coronavirus Mutations - Report

17 Yr Old blood sample with SARS antibodies could be
new secret weapon against CORONAVIRUS – study


Bolshevik CA Gov Newsom will Fire Police Officers,
Firefighters, Healthcare workers while giving at least
$125 MILLION to Invader aliens

High CV Attack Rate At Rural Arkansas Church

Ron Paul Rages - Virus 'Experts' Have Led
To Death & Despair

Big Tech Is Turning Hospitals Into Real-Time
Surveillance Centers

Dystopian and disturbing - Big Tech censorship
lumps together conspiracy loons and proper scientists

America's First-Ever Jury Trial By Zoom
Streamed Live Today

Exposed - CIA used Sheldon Adelson's
firm to spy on Julian Assange

California to Resume Professional Sports in
June Without Fans - Comrade Gov Newsom

Sports Without Fans in the Stands

Florida scientist was fired for refusing
to 'manipulate' COVID-19 data

Ocean City bar promotes social distancing with 'bumper
tables' - Americans have lost all self respect And dignity

How Will CV Change the World? Historian Frank
Snowden on Epidemics From the Black Death to Now

All Roads Lead to Dark Winter

Another Black Attacks Whites In Hate Crime
Uses Machete On Elderly Couple Out For Walk


Clear, Daylight Footage Of 60 Foot Creature
Swimming In Canada's Lake Okanagan - Watch

Facebook Offers $100,000 Prize To Anyone Who Can Build
An AI That Finds And Identifies 'Hate Memes' Online

Since I Met Edward Snowden, I've Never Stopped
Watching My Back

Hackers steal personal data of 9 million EasyJet
customers in 'highly sophisticated' cyber attack

Canadian Competition Watchdog Slaps Facebook
With $9 Million Fine Over Data Privacy Investigation

Outrage - Trump plans halt to National Guard deployments
before retirement benefits kick in For Guard Members!
What A Lowlife This Guy Is

COVID-Stricken Aircraft Carrier Finally Returns
To Sea With Greatly Reduced Crew

US nukes in Poland would not be a deterrent
but a MASSIVE provocation for Russia

Redeployment of US Nukes From Germany to Poland
Is Violation of Russia-NATO Agreement - Lavrov

Putin might INVADE & China will DOMINATE
says the Atlantic citing 'experts'


Russian Embassy says NYT 'refused' to publish
comparative CV death statistics in official's letter

Russian Prime Minister Mishustin Discharged
From Hospital After CV Treatment, Resumes Work

How US & UK media have ratcheted up CV information
war against Russia to distract from problems at home

Russian Direct Investment Fund Says It Paid in Full
for COVID-19 Aid Sent to US

World has changed due to pandemic
ex-PM Medvedev says

US administration is shaping great power
standoff concept, says Lavrov

Top Ukraine journalist comes out as INTEL AGENT after
interviews with 'enemies of the state' kindle protests

Over 100 Million in NE China Face Renewed Lockdown

Beijing Begins Construction Of A P-3 Biolab
More Weapons, More Psychopaths At Work
No Country Should Play With Mother Nature

US Tries to Use China to Shift Responsibility
and Evade Intl Obligation to WHO, Beijing Says


Trump gives WHO 30 days to make 'major improvements'
before US PERMANENTLY freezes funding

US Sanctions Chinese Logistics Firm for Working
With Iranian Airline

Another Study Points To CV Lab Creation

China Slaps Australia with Huge Barley Tariff
Amid Canberra's Push for CV Origins Probe

Government advisor states UK may have to
live with coronavirus 'for years'

Neil Ferguson's Computer Model Is Ripped To Shreds

Temporary Health Workers Were Unknowingly Spreading
CV Between Care Homes in UK, Report Claims

Britain suffers Biggest surge in unemployment claims
In History as UK minister insists country can cope

New Docs Reveal Links Between Firm That Spied
on Assange and the CIA Says Investigative Journalist

'You first then' - Prince Charles' plea to Brits to
'Pick for Britain' during CV crisis provokes anger


UK Police Force Humiliated After Launching
Manhunt For Trucker Who Kissed Woman

'Sobriety Tags' Set to Come Into Force Across
England and Wales

Brexit - Senior Minister Michael Gove Says
EU Must Recognise UK as a 'Sovereign State'

EU Offers 'Relatively Low-Quality' Trade Deal &
'Unprecedented' Oversight of UK's Laws - Frost

'Lone Wolf' Daesh Fanatic Was Planning to Bomb
Barcelona-Real Madrid Match Using Drones

Top German court rules intelligence agency's
monitoring of foreigners abroad is unconstitutional

Macron loses absolute majority in parliament as
frustrated MPs DEFECT to new left-leaning grouping

How Banks Mint Money and What's Restraining
Digital Currency

Trump - Letting Big Corporations Get Away
with Whatever They Want

Fearing the baying mobs? Jamie Dimon roasted
for belated show of caring about inequality


Streets of Rio de Janeiro Undergo Disinfection to
Halt Spread of CV - Watch

Nature unloads on Cancun, Mexico with waterspout,
solar halo, lightning, wind & hail - Watch

River in Israel Turns Red As Waterways Around
The World Fulfill Biblical End Times Prophecy

EU won't recognize unilateral Israeli annexation
of occupied land - Borrell

Israeli Operatives Behind 'Highly Accurate'
Cyberattack on Iranian Port Facility

US and other foreign forces must leave Syria
respect its sovereignty - Iran

Syria finds US-made TOW missiles, Israeli mines
in southern region

Syria Seizes Stock of Terrorist Weapons,
Including US-Made TOW and LAW Missiles - Photos

Wear A Virus Mask Or Face Jail In Kuwait and Qatar

India - Muslim goon squads threaten and abuse
Muslim women for shopping in Hindu-owned shops


Cartoon Network Teaches Kids About 'Intersex,
Non-Binary' Gender Identities

Communist UN Claims It's Politically-Incorrect
To Say 'Husband' Or 'Wife'

The United Nations Wants You To Stop
Saying Gendered Words

Surveillance – Let's Protect Each Other

The Worst Is Yet to Come: Contact Tracing,
Immunity Cards and Mass Testing

Hydroxychloroquine Taken by Trump Confirmed

Trump Says He's Been Taking Hydroxychloroquine
To Prevent Coronavirus Symptoms

10 Numbers Show US In a Horrifying Economic Depression
Real Unemployment Is 30.7% And 42% Of Job Losses
Will Never Return - Damage Is Worse Than Discussed

Globalist Poodle Mark Cuban - 'We need a transitional fed
jobs program that trains and hires millions for a federal
tracking-tracing-testing program' - In Other Words, A
Federal Communist Domestic Spy Force...A New STASI

Mark Cuban proposes $1,000 coronavirus stimulus
check every 2 weeks - Money Out Of Thin Air

Doxycycline And Ivermectin Combo May Be
New Effective CV Treatment

Still - 100% Of 60 CV Patients All Recovered With Just
ONE Dose Of Doxy And Ivermectin

Trump's job is to manage risk - CV shows he's failing
('Electing Trump was a gamble, It's not paying off')

Trump attacks WHO as 'puppet of China'

Trump officials deflect blame for US coronavirus
death toll, escalate reopening push (Nov Nears!)


Wearing surgical masks can reduce CV spread 75%
Says New study - We've said this from The beginning
But Trump Failed To Restore The US Strategic Reserve

Trump - A CV Vaccine Is 'for everyone that wants to get it!
...Not everybody's gonna want to get it'

After backlash from vax skeptics, Trump seems
to be distancing himself from Vax As A Pandemic Cure-All

US CV Deaths Are 'Dramatically Overcounted' Says
Illinois State Director Of Public Health

Scientific American - Flu Deaths Are 'Substantially'
Overestimated to 'Encourage Vaccination'

Rand Paul Tells Fauci It Is A Huge Mistake If We
Don't Open Schools This Fall - Watch

Trump NOT Happy And 'Surprised' AG Barr won't
Investigate Obama And Biden Over Russiagate
Barr Bemoans 'Increasing Attempts' (By Trump?)
To Use Criminal Justice As A 'Political Weapon'

Pompeo Says He Asked (Told?) Trump To Fire IG
Because He was 'Undermining The State Dept

State Department IG Trump fired was
investigating Saudi arms sale

US Official Claims IG's Firing May Be Linked to
Trump's $8 Bln Weapons Sale to Saudi Arabia


The 'Unmasking' Of Creepy Joe Biden

Geese honking, iPhone ringing - Mentally Challenged
Biden (Gong Show) event beset by bloopers

Sen 'Bubble Boy' Rubio chosen as acting
Intel Committee chair - What A Grand Choice!

FORCED Vaccinations - 'You Have NO RIGHT to NOT
be Vaccinated' - Alan Dershowitz ('I Never Took
My Underwear Off On Epstein's Jet...')

Preventing a Great Depression Will Cost
Another $10 Trillion

Sweden's Model Of Dealing With CV WORKED Even
Through A Somewhat Higher Elderly Death Rate

Soviet-Style State Lockdowns Are Creating A
Mental Health Disaster

AT&T Submitted 500+ Patents and Applications
to Turn Normal Power Lines into WiFi Transmitters

Flynn's Lawyer's Open Letter To Obama - 'The Only
Crimes Here Were By Your Alumni In The FBI, The WH,
The Intel Community And Justice Department'

Ilhan Omar Has Been Leaking Intel To Iran - Report


Obama Staffer Scrambles To Salvage Reputation After
Trump-Russia Lies Exposed - Implies Zero Hedge Is A
'Disinformation Clearinghouse'

Panic Sparks Surge In Democratic Socialists
Of America Memberships

It Already Pays Better To Be Unemployed...Illegals Next?

House Dems Demand Trump State Dept Turn Over
'Secret Plan' to Slash Social Security Amid Pandemic

Federal Govt Buys Riot Gear, Increases Security
Funding, Citing Pandemic (Economic Collapse)

Atzmon - Pilpul And Dershowitz For Beginners

Wooldridge - Ruminations of a Baby Boomer...
Extreme Poverty And Extreme Wealth in America - Pt 3

US CV Cases Pass 1.5 Million - Deaths Top 90,000
Brazil Overtakes UK With World's 3rd-Largest Outbreak

All Of OR CV restrictions ruled 'null and void' after
Dim governor failed to get approval from legislature

Group that TRACKED protesters cell phones accuses them
of spreading CV across US...even if they DIDN'T leave cars

NFL testing new protective face masks with
surgical or N95 material

FL will ease ban on vacation rentals - but visitors from
the Big Apple aren't welcome

Judicial Watch Trying To Stop CA From Giving
$75 Million To Invading Aliens

Bars And Restaurants Allowed To Reopen If
They Agree To Snitch On Customers

Maryland Bar Goers Flock to Seafood Pub in
Giant Inner Tubes, Coming Soon

Face mask fashion - from Nightmare Nancy to Cindy
Crawford, the pols and celes leading the way

Madagascar President Heroically Defends Homegrown
Herbal CV Cure - Says 'No One Has Died' And The
WHO And The Western Drug Powers Are Trying To
Quash Their Formulation


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Explained - Watch

Evidence suggests sun entering 'solar minimum'

Chiappalone - Again With The 2 Agendas - Part 1
...A Clearer View Of Good And Evil

Huawei says it's fighting for 'survival' as Trump
cuts off global chip suppliers

World's Largest Contract Chipmaker Halts Deliveries
To Huawei As New US Sanctions Bite

China's Oppo Inks Pact With UK's Vodafone to Push 5G
Adoption Worldwide Starting With Spain, Germany

Oh deer! Twitch proves itself a joke after giving A Trans
Species female a spot on its 'Safety Advisory Council'

Cybersecurity Firm Detects Android Malware That Has
Been Spying and Stealing From Users Since 2016

UFO 'Bigger Than Earth' Flying Past the Sun
Spotted by NASA Observation Mission - Vid

Putin, Erdogan Discuss Coronavirus Response,
Situation in Syria and Libya


Putin, Erdogan discuss cooperation in development
of anti-coronavirus vaccines

Expert links Russia's low coronavirus death rate to
high herd immunity

Measures Taken by Russia Led to One of Lowest
CV Mortality Rates Globally - Minister Says

Six of Russian State Duma Members Diagnosed With CV

Normal life in Moscow will resume ONLY after
60% of residents have Covid-19 immunity – official

Navarro Says China Deliberately Allowed CV
to Spread Outside Its Borders

100 countries are Now pushing for investigation
Of China Regarding The Coronavirus Pandemic

China - Preliminary Finding Points To Natural Causes
In Ambassador's Death, Sends Investigators To Israel

China Acknowledges Destroying Early Coronavirus
Samples Confirming US Accusation

UN chief says World Health Organization is
'irreplaceable' & world is paying 'heavy price'
for ignoring early advice on Covid-19


WHO's Hesitation to Granting Taiwan Observer
Status 'Further Damages' Its Credibility - Pompeo

Xi Supports WHO Probe Into COVID Origins,
Vows To Share Vaccine 'With The World'

WHO chief promises independent & 'transparent'
review of its handling of CV pandemic response

Australia Raises Concerns Over Beijing's Military
Presence in South China Sea Amid US-China Tensions

Chinese Troops Tighten Control in Galwan Valley
After India Crosses Border for Fortification

Philippine Malls Reopen But Shoppers Must Walk
Through Disinfectant Gas Chambers To Enter - Watch

Hong Kong Airport Visitors Must Pass Through
Disinfectant Gas Chambers - Watch

Portable Disinfectant Gas Chambers In India, Too

70 percent of Spain emerges from lockdown amid
large protests calling for govt to resign - Watch

Traditional Beer Gardens in Munich Welcome First Visitors
After Lockdown Restrictions Eased - Watch


'I'm only human': top German politician in hot water
over Giving a HUG during Covid-19 lockdown

Social Security Benefits Have Lost 30% of Buying
Power Since 2000 - That's Called INFLATION

Brown - Another Bank Bailout Under Cover of a Virus

Saudi oil tsunami closing in on US could tank
crude prices again

'Tidal Wave' Of Delinquent Mortgages Set
To Surpass Great Recession

China's Oil Demand Rebounds To Pre-Coronavirus Levels

Oil Jumps 11% On Signs Of Demand Recovery

Powell Makes History By Unleashing Record
'Buying Panic' In Stocks

Euro, EU Bonds Surge On Merkel-Macron
EU Bailout Fund Headlines

One Bank Sees Fed Balance Sheet Hitting
$130 Trillion If Powell Buys Everything


Dump the dollar - Russia has now gotten rid of
over 96% of its US debt holdings

US Attacking Own Firms Over Anti-Russia Sentiment
Moscow Says After AG Barr's Criticism of Apple

UK, US 'Hope for Accelerated Trade Talks' Amid Reports
of Discord Over London's Projects With China

Brazil's Bolsonaro Flouts Social Distancing Rule
Posing for Rally Pics With Children

USAID Official Warns of 'Caravan' Style Rush of
Illegal Invaders On Border After Coronavirus

Tehran Pledges 'Decisive Response' to Possible
US Attempts to Intercept Iranian Tankers

Iran Supreme Leader says Americans will be
expelled from Iraq and Syria

Trump Bombs Syrian Wheat Fields While
'Fighting' Coronavirus At Home

The Houthis - A new challenge to Israel's interests
in the Red Sea region and Arabian Peninsula

Saudi pilot who went on gun rampage at Florida
naval base linked to 'Al-Qaeda operative'


SUPER CYCLONE forces evacuation of over
1.1mn people in India & Bangladesh amid coronavirus crisis

Thousands witness mysterious lights over Brazil
amid UFO crash claims

2010 Rockefeller Foundation Report Described Whole
Pandemic Op EXACTLY - Watch Journalist Vox Read
And Prepare To Be STUNNED - It's All A Planned OP
As We've Said - Your 'Government' Raped The nation

9/11 saw much of our privacy swept aside
And Coronavirus could end it altogether
(That, Of Course, Is The Plan...)

Study Points To CV Lab Creation - Lead Author
Suggests 'Forced Selection' vs Genetic Engineering

Coronavirus will magically disappear by November
Says Eric Trump - Meanwhile America Lies In Ruins

Eric Trump accuses Democrats of 'milking'
coronavirus lockdowns to win the election -

A Sitting President, Riling the Nation During a Crisis

Soviet-Style Dem Governors Face Dozens Of Lawsuits
Over 'House Arrest' Lockdown Orders

Eric Trump Says Dem Lockdowns Are All
About Hurting His Dad In The Upcoming Election

Eric Claims Social Distancing Is a Democrat 'Strategy'

Billionaire MAGA Fan Peter Thiel Has Had It With
Trump's Disaster CV Response


'For Lease' - The Massive Commercial Real Estate
Apocalypse In Photos

The National Debt Clock Is Flashing A Major Red Alert
...Shows the Trump economy is a mirage based Entirely
on deficit spending

Why Debbie Birx is the real power doctor
on the Trump coronavirus 'task force'

Life went on as normal during the killer
pandemic of 1969

Epidemiologist Wittkowski slams CV lockdowns
'We could open Right up again and forget the
whole thing' - There was no reason for Any Of It

YouTube censors epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski
for telling the truth by opposing lockdown

Maniac CDC Chair of Advisory Comm on Vaccines
'We'll Just Get Rid of All Whites in The US Because
Non-White Immigrants' Want To Get Vaxxed The Most

Kissinger's NSSM 200 In 1974 - Massive World
Depopulation Agenda Laid Out

Trump's Catastrophic CV Response Slammed

Dump Trump Says The Lancet

How Technology and BioWarfare Will Affect
How WW3 Is Fought

Trump Demands Biden and Obama Go to Jail
'For 50 Years' for Flynn Case


Jerry Kushner Has Been Registered To Vote As A
Female For The Last 8 Years - A Real 'Man's Man'

Spot-On, Brave Italian MP Demands Bill Gates
Arrest For Crimes Against Humanity

'Really good quality sex education starts very,
VERY early' says Satanist Melinda Gates

The Next Recession Will Destroy Millennials

Blame (Power Mad) State governors for
coronavirus deaths in nursing homes

Trump Adviser Navarro Says Lockdown May
'Indirectly' Kill 'A Lot More People' Than CV

Will Coronavirus burn out 'naturally' BEFORE Vax?
Former top WHO oncologist Karol Sikora says
there's 'REAL CHANCE' That Will Happen

No spike in CV in places that are reopening
...US health secretary says

Hitchens - We're Destroying The Wealth Of
Nations & The Health Of Millions

Hackers Publish 'Harmless' Part of 'Dirty Laundry'
on Trump, Warn They Could Sell Rest to Joe Biden


Mitt Romney Slams 'Unprecedented Firings' of IGs

How Huxley's X-Club Created Nature Magazine
And Sabotaged Science For 150 Years

Spraying disinfectants can be 'harmful' says WHO

Obamagate Is Not A Conspiracy Theory

Dems launch ANOTHER Trump probe – after he fires
State Dept official who was investigating Pompeo And
pushed a new 'dossier'

Luongo - 3 Trillion Reasons Why Pelosi Just
Sparked The Nationwide Battle For The 'Tax Producers'

Trump - 'I'm Not Running Against Sleepy Joe Biden
...Not Even A Factor'

Democrats Have Abandoned Civil Liberties

The Marxist Zionist Destruction of Womanhood

US sees biggest food price rises in 46 years


See how much we are now spending on groceries

100,000 crew members stuck on cruise ships
after CV shutdown

Tired of Lockdown, New Yorkers Flood Bars, Beaches

Meet Barbara Ferrer, The Social Justice Warrior
With No Medical Background Leading
LA's Ruthless CV Response

CA Denies SpaceX Subsidy Request - Is Musk's
Government Gravy Train Coming To An End?

CO Gov Blasts CDC's False Counting Of CV Deaths
Revises States Count Downward Using New Criteria

CV forces end-of-life conversations for
nursing home residents

How 3 people are coping with mental illness
in coronavirus lockdown

Essential workers lose hazard pay as CV
pandemic rages - Vox

NY COVID Cases Increase To 350,121 - Deaths To 26,082


NJ COVID Cases Increase To 146,334 - Dead To 10,356

PA COVID Cases Increase To 62,234 - Deaths To 4,418

Legal challenges to stay home orders Increase

John Brennan and the Plot to Subvert
an American Election

How Biosecurity Is Enabling Digital Neo-Feudalism

White Woman Heather Perry Murdered
in Denver by Black Male Released from
Jail Early...Because of CV Concerns

College Dems & Republicans Demand Closure Of
All Chinese 'Propaganda' Centers

11 LA Firefighters Seen Escaping Explosion And
Blaze In Downtown Building - Watch

Puerto Rico to Ask Residents to Decide on
US Statehood in November - Governor

First Named Storm of 2020 Hurricane Season
Forms Off Florida


DHS & FBI fear more attacks on 5G infrastructure
fueled by CV conspiracies

Zoom Is Now Worth More Than The
World's 7 Biggest Airlines

US Sanctions on Huawei Helping China's
Xiaomi Conquer Markets Around World

NASA releases basic principles for
moon exploration and Mining

US Military Launches Secretive Spaceship
With On-Board Laboratory Into Orbit

US P-8A Poseidon Spy Aircraft Spotted on Mission
Near Russian Military Base in Syria – Report

Coronavirus situation stabilizes across Russia
chief Health doctor says - Report

CV Devastated Moscow, Still moving Across Russia

Moscow Region gears up to partially lift CV
restrictions by Monday

Russia's National Guard launches BLIMP to spot CV
lockdown violators...to mixed reviews


Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria,
New START, and Western Propaganda

Bloomberg changes headline AGAIN amid backlash
over article on why CV 'didn't kill more Russians'

Eurocrat accuses Russian media of spreading
CV 'CONSPIRACIES' But offers no examples

Czech Police Appear to Have No Proof of Russian
Poisoning Plot - Minister

Putin calls Russia a 'distinct civilization' that
needs to be SAVED with homegrown high-tech

All 4 Planes With Russian Specialists
Returned From Serbia - Defence Ministry

China Amb to Israel found Dead In His Bed Says
Israel - 'No Signs Of Foul Play', Of course

Chinese Ambassador To Israel Found Dead
In Israel Home Sparking Avalanche Of Rumors

What growing epidemic in China killed 843,000
people across the nation in 2017?

Top Chinese Medical Expert Accuses Wuhan
Officials of Slow-Walking Coronavirus Response


Australian Minister Urges China To Return His Calls
to Avoid Starting Trade War Between Them

62 Countries Back Joint Australia-EU Initiative For
Independent Inquiry Into CV Outbreak

China's Planned Retaliatory Steps Against New US
Crackdown on Huawei May Come as 'Nuke Bomb'

Duke of York Alleged to Have Been at Epstein's
At Time of New Accuser's Horrid Sexual Abuse

Boris Johnson Says Wants to Return UK to
'Near Normality' in July

Johnson Calls Nation to Stay Alert as UK Moves
to Ease Coronavirus Lockdown

Head of Scottish Transport Police Repeatedly
Breaks Lockdown Restrictions

Boris's Brexit betrayal brings a united Ireland closer
...but here's why the South may think twice

Boris in 'Tense' Clash with UK's Top Civil Servant

German Domestic Security Agency Says 'Extremists'
Are Trying to Hijack Anti-Lockdown Protests


EU Foreign Affairs Chief Urges Bloc to Stay United
Says China May Cash in on Internal Division

Swiss protesters demand say in coronavirus measures

Police Use Force, Tear Gas Against Anti-Government
Demonstrators in Warsaw

Mock Tombstone Found Near Merkel's CDU Office
Amid German Anti-Lockdown Protests

Prime Minister Conte Says Italy Facing 'Calculated Risk'
in Easing Lockdown

Hungary's Orban says Budapest lockdown will now
be gradually lifted amid CV powers row with EU

France slams Italy for Solo plan to reopen to tourists

Bankers Play Their Hand - Powell says full economic
recovery may not happen without a vaccine

30% Of Americans Have Raided Retirement
Savings During Coronavirus Lockdown

Why US colleges may collapse financially
during the pandemic


Here's 5 Reasons Why Gold Miners Have Massive
Outperformance In The Tank

CV brings diamond sales to an almost complete halt

US Poised to Revamp Its Aid Program for Small
Businesses to Deal with CV Catastrophe Fallout

CV Wipes £54 Billion From the Coffers
of UK's Super-Rich - Report

Russia, VZ looking at establishing direct air service

Russian-VZ intergovernmental commission Closer

After 3 elections, Israel finally has a government

US threatens ICC with 'consequences' if it acts on
war crimes complaint against Israel filed by
'fake' Palestinian state

Israeli Law Should Apply to West Bank
Settlements, Netanyahu Says

US Will Be 'Expelled From Iraq and Syria'
Iran's Supreme Leader Says


Khamenei - Americans support terrorists,
will be expelled from Syria and Iraq

Defense minister Says Iran ready for strategic
partnership with Iraq

Russia says US cannot trigger snapback
of UN sanctions on Iran

Tehran blasts 'mindless' trio of Trump, Pompeo
And US Iran envoy

Militants Shell Towns in Syria's Idlib - Russia

Saudi Arabia impounding 22 ships carrying fuel
And food at Jizan port

Vessel Attacked Off Southern Coast of Yemen

Libya's UN-backed GNA forces destroy Haftar's
air defense system, drone south of Tripoli

Turkey Demands New NATO Intervention
In Libya - 'Haftar Must Be Stopped'

You Are Legion!


How To Move Like The Amish

Far Beyond Orwell - Govt Could Dictate Who You Will Be
Allowed To Socialize With...Via A Tracking App

Watch - UK Chief Medic Confirms (Again) That CV
Is Harmless To Vast Majority

Italian MP Speaks Brilliant Truth About CV And
Reveals The Evil And The Primary Players Who Are
Moving To Take Absolute World Control - Watch

Jerry Kushner has been registered to Vote as a
Female for the last 8 years! - Report

'But will it fly at ludicrous speed?' Trump teases mysterious
'SUPER DUPER MISSILE' at Space Force flag unveiling

Trump and GOP Oppose New House $3 Trillion
Economic Stimulus Measure

Footage Emerges of MSNBC Host Scarborough
Joking About Odd Death of His Intern

Tucker Blasts LA's Out Of Control Anti-Science
Megalomaniac Mayor - A Communist Dictator
Blatantly Forcing His Will On Millions - Watch This

CO Revises Way It Counts CV Deaths And Says
Fewer Have Died Of CV Than Previously Stated

Evidence mounts for CV lockdown CAUSING
additional deaths - answers seem no closer


Canada Sends 3/4 Of A Billion Dollars To
Gates Organization to Push Global Vax

Gates Explains that the Coronavirus Vaccine
will Use Experimental Technology and will

Trump's WARP SPEED vax czar oversaw an infamously
BOTCHED vaccination - 1/3 Americans Don't Want Vax

Trump Considering Whether CV Vaccine Will Be Free

US Health Dept: Experimental Vaccine Protects
Monkeys From CV - Human Trial Begins in UK

Trump Caves - White House Ready to Restore
Partial Funding To WHO - Report

Trump Fires State Department Inspector General
Allegedly Investigating Pompeo

The Complete 'Collusion Against Trump' Timeline

Trump - Unfit for Any Public Office

Comrade Newsom To Force 1 Million Students At CA
Universities To Stay Home Next Fall


De Blasio's NYC Rats Hit With Hunger Crisis
During Lockdowns

Cuomo puts brakes on reopening NY - claiming 'nobody's
been here before' – Uhh...what about Georgia?

'We Need Help' - Cuomo DEMANDS Federal 'Assistance'
Claims CV Has Left New York State $61 Billion In Debt

Communist. Chicago Mayor 'Lizard' Lightfoot Says
To Pick People For Government Positions Who

FL Gov DeSantis Masterful Efforts to Protect The State's
Elderly Show NY Gov Cuomo's Gross Negligence

Cuomo Under Fire for Directive Requiring NY Nursing
Homes to Accept CV Patients - Death Sentences!

DeSantis Invites US Sports Teams From All Over The
Country To Operate In Florida During Plandemic

Caught On Video - Broward Co Administrator Discusses
Going Into 'Family Homes' to Separate People

Sailors on Carrier Theodore Roosevelt Get
Coronavirus For The Second Time And Are
Removed From Ship Again - (No Vax Will Work)

April 2020 Rockefeller Foundation Paper Urges
Testing and Tracing The Entire US Population


Trump promises hundreds of millions of CV Jabs By
January but scientists doubt it - More Trump Hyperbole

WA State Communist Gov Inslee Laying Out The New
Soviet Policy Of Snitch Culture & Forced Quarantining,
Forced Removal Of Children & Military Contact Tracing
WA Governor's Soviet Children's Emergency
Quarantine Centers - PURE BOLSHEVISM - Watch

Things Are Now Beyond UnConstitutional
...They are Often Pure Dictatorship

Understanding Mueller Lies About Michael Flynn

WaPost suggests Trump would REJECT a lost
election...just like it has been doing for Years

Dark web hackers threaten to leak Donald Trump's
'DIRTY LAUNDRY' - demand $42 Million ransom
& gullible #Resistance ready to start fundraiser

FBI no longer trusted? ODNI says spies will take
over US election security briefings

TSA To Check Passenger Temperature At Airports

Jews Really ARE Disproportionally Powerful
In Hollywood - Watch

You Need To Get Prepared For The Food Shortages
That Are Coming


Hopes dim on quick economic recovery

Senate Votes To Allow FBI and CIA To Spy On
Web Browsing History Without Warrants

The Economic Devastation Could Ultimately
Kill More Than the Virus Itself

WH Adds 5 New Members To Trump's CV Task Force
No Mention Of President Kushner's Secret Task Force

CV Deaths & Pre-Existing Conditions - Who's
At Risk...What Illinois Data Shows

The teachers stubbornly refusing to reopen US and UK
schools are selfish, cowardly, hypocritical and avaricious

Max Germaphobia? Watch

Bizarre EU-Funded Comic Book Predicted Pandemic
...With Globalists As Saviours

CNN reporter blasted for removing mask
seconds after end of WH press briefing

Male CV patients with low testosterone levels are
MORE likely to die from CV

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 5-16-20

Zuckerberg Really Must Think We're All 'Dumb F**ks'

Facebook covers genuine video of Chicago Mayor
supporting New World Order with 'false' fact check


Trump vows to strip 'radical left' of 'Total Command' over
FB, IG, Twitter & Google

Amazon Non-Committal on Having CEO Jeff Bezos
Testify in Congress

'Propaganda machine says it's OK for there to be
Bezos & Zuckerberg' - Roger Waters tells RT how
media shields CV villains

China to Take Measures against Apple, Cisco
If US Continues Hitting Huawei With Sanctions

Phrenology is back, wrapped up with facial recognition
in a 21st century pre-crime package by univ researchers

Pentagon Confirms Developing a Range of Hypersonic
Weapons as Trump Touts 'Super Duper' Missile

'We surrender!' Roscosmos chief taunts Trump for
bragging about 'super-duper' US missile

Russia's modern weapons developed thanks
to fundamental science - Putin

Russia launches production of Su-35 fighter
jets for Egypt — source

Poland would gladly host American nukes if Germany
refuses, US envoy claims, fanning 'Cuban missile crisis 2.0'


NASA - US Hopes Russia Will Support Artemis
Space Development Accords

Beijing Hands Scientists Top Award for Nuclear Missile
It's Never Admitted to Building

Russia's Fifth-Generation Su-57 Fighter Jet
Testing Unpiloted Mode – Source

AFRICOM - 'No Pause' in Fighting Al-Shabaab
Despite 5 Week Halt in Somalia Airstrikes

Russia reports lowest number of CV cases since May 1

Russia's CV recoveries surpass 63,000

Putin gives instructions to increase
coronavirus testing in Russia

FT publishes Russian ambassador's official
response to article on CV mortality

Instead of Bashing Russia for Low COVID Death
Rates West Should Test More & Guess Less

China calls on US to pay $2 billion debt to UN


Watch - UK Chief Medic Confirms (Again) That CV
Is Harmless To Vast Majority

Brits Blast Neil Ferguson's Imperial College Modeling
As Outrageously Wrong

UK launches trials for CV 'SNIFFER DOGS'

UK police hunt lorry driver for KISSING woman
on cheek as a THANK YOU

Jeremy Corbyn's Brother Arrested at London
Lockdown Protest

Spain PM says will seek one-month extension
of state of emergency

Yellow Vests, Black Bloc Protesters Stage 'Black Spring'
Rally in Paris Amid Eased Lockdown - Watch

Germans Protest Against Lockdown in Stuttgart - Watch

Underequipped French nurses roast Macron

Activists Protest Against CV Restrictions in Berlin - Watch


Quarantined & lonely? Find a 'Sex Buddy'
Dutch government advises

An NHS trust is hiring a climate-change manager
amid a pandemic - so should we clap for Greta, too?

Global Cooling - Low Solar Activity To Cause Temps
To Plummet, Say Scientists

GDP could decline by 42% in the second quarter
according to the Atlanta Fed

Visa Files Patent for Cryptocurrency System
to Replace Cash

Marching Toward Zero? Russian Investments in
US Treasury Securities Drop to Record Low

Russian Vessel Capable of Finishing Nord Stream 2
Docked at German Port Near Construction Site

Russian Sovereign Wealth Fund Head Confirms
Plans to Meet With UAE Foreign Minister

Russia's biggest automaker to jump-start
production next week

United Airlines Only Needs 3,000 Of Its 25,000
Flight Attendants


Volkswagen's $33,000 ID3 EV Arrives In The UK
This Summer And Is A Major Threat To Tesla

Air Canada to Lay Off Half of Its Staff Amid
Pandemic - Reports Suggest

US Agriculture Secretary Launches $3 Billion
Program to Help Farmers Amid Pandemic

Will Congress Bankrupt The Mom And Pop
Landlord With This Socialist New Bill?

How CV Is Forcing Americans Into Early Retirement

US to send oil to Belarus in latest inroad
into Russia's orbit

Trump Regime Aims to Block Legal Cooperation
Between Iran and Venezuela

Colombian Defence Minister Refutes Maduro's
Accusations of Preparing Invasion to Venezuela

Virus infects 38 indigenous Brazilians - 2nd health min quits

White House Mulls Returning Cuba To 'State Sponsors
Of Terrorism' List By End Of Year


EU to launch diplomatic push against Israeli
West Bank annexation plan

Police Say 2 Officers Injured in Armed Attack
in Israel's Tira

Saudi Arabia launches TV series production
to promote normalization with Israel

Iranian News Agency Warns US Acts Over VZ
Fuel Shipments Will Not 'Go Without Repercussion'

Jordan's King Warns 'Massive Conflict' Coming
If Israel Moves To Annex West Bank

Report reveals UK attempt to turn
Syria Alawites against Assad

Saudi Arabia asks Hadi regime officials to
leave as costs bite amid economic downturn

80,000 Police Personnel to be Part of India's
Clinical Trial of Ayurvedic Drugs for CV

Battlefield 2020 & The Angel Within

From Wuhan to Baghdad with Donald Trump
and George W. Bush


German intelligence exposes Muslim Brotherhood's
plan to undermine Germany

Italy - Invaders quarantined aboard ferry cost
taxpayers 4,000 euros a month each

The Satanic Nature of the Global Elite
a Christian View

Six big lies you have been told about Russiagate

Leaving the USA - Number of Americans
Renouncing Citizenship Spikes in 2020

How to Detox From Vaccines

House Passes $3 Trillion CV Relief Bill - Most Expensive
Bill In History - 14 Dems Voted Against It

Hidden Circuit Panel In Brand New 5G Tower Is
Labeled 'COV-19' - What The Hell Is Going On?
Will This Frequency Trigger A Seeded Virus In
Your Body? Or Cause An Outbreak? - Watch

450 Volt 5G Scanning Antennas Discovered
In Weaponized LED streetlamps - Watch

This Particle Physicist Believes that 5G is a
Directed Energy Weapon Designed for Control

The Gates Coronavirus Certificate Of Vaccination ID
And Patent 060606 - Listen To The Facts - There Is A
Religious Message Here But Listen To The Hard Facts

Gates Explains that the Coronavirus Vaccine
will Use Experimental Technology and will

FDA Halts CV Testing Program Backed by Gates

Jerry's Jabs Coming? New US Vax Czar Says January
Is A 'Credible Goal' For Kushner-Trump 300 Million
Dose (Forced) Vaccine Target

Trump promises hundreds of millions of CV Jabs By
January but scientists doubt it - More Trump Hyperbole

WA State Communist Gov Inslee Laying Out The New
Soviet Policy Of Snitch Culture & Forced Quarantining,
Forced Removal Of Children & Military Contact Tracing

New US case counts going down in 28 states - CNN


'Dementia-Hit Creeper Joe Biden Now Says He
'Doesn't Remember' His Sexual Assault Accuser

Dementia Addled Biden Dreadfully bungles His
Words (Again) This Time In A virtual roundtable
Imagine The Creeper In A Presidential Debate...

Biden's Dementia Seems To Be Worsening

World looks on in horror as Trump flails Away over
pandemic despite His Ridiculous claims US leads way

Trump - Without Coronavirus Testing 'We Would Have
Very Few Cases' And 'When you test, you find something
is wrong with people' - What Brilliance...

Trump Desperately Trying To Walk Past CV
And Resume His Narcissistic Cult Rallies

Trump falsely claims truckers protesting
Industry problems are honking to support him
...Trump lies (Again) on national television

New US 'Vaccine Czar' Says January Is A 'Credible
Goal' For Trump's 300 Million Dose Target

Trump says govt will work at 'Warp Speed'
to deliver vaccine Before year's end

Trump Says US Will Invest in Top CV Vax Candidates,


But...Trump downplays need For Vax, says disease
will Simply 'go away'

Buchanan - Fauci Versus Trump - Who's Right?

Georgia's Reopening A 'Great Success'
'No One Is Going Too Fast' Experts Claim

'This Was My Dream' - MI Music Store Owner Weeps
...Blames Gov. Whitmer For Destroying His Business

Texas governor lifts restrictions even
though new cases are climbing

The most blatant example of inflated
COVID-19 death stats yet

GOP Rep, Former Veterinarian, Doesn't Wear A Mask
(Like Trump) Says 'There's Just No Need'

FDA Alert On The POOR Accuracy Of Abbott's
'ID NOW' Quick Coronavirus Tests

NY Admits Knowingly Undercounting Nursing Home
Deaths After Quietly Changing Reporting Rules

WHO Is Telling Us That CV 'May Never Go Away'


UN Official Suggests Lockdowns Should Continue

Fresno County CA Sheriff Refuses To Enforce Comrade
Newsom's Home Lockdown Orders - 'We're Too Busy
Re-Arresting Released Criminals'

As meat-processing factories struggle to reopen
government documents warn of shortages Soon

Even As Markets Limit Meat Sales - US Farmers
May Have To Euthanize 10 Million Pigs

Coronavirus is massacring US elderly in nursing homes
neglected for years by a power hungry industry

Nursing Home Deaths Peak In Illinois, Gov Pritzker
Slammed For Failing To Protect State's Most Vulnerable

More People Died in NY Nursing Homes Than in all FL

NYC's Rat Population Hit With Hunger
Crisis During Lockdowns

As Deaths Rise, More Feel The Numbers Are Exaggerated

Tesla Plans To Open New Factory In Texas
As Musk Spurns 'Fascist' California


Three more months of lockdown? Joe Rogan
mulls leaving 'restrictive' California for Texas

US Mom Violently Arrested Moments After
NYPD Confrontation Over Face Mask - Watch

No Proof That Russia Hacked DNC - Democrats
Hid Sworn CrowdStrike Testimony For Over 2 Yrs

Ultra-wealthy purchasing bunkers with underground
shooting ranges amid Total CV meltdown fears

Americans Must Vote In A President Who Won't Direct
Public Health By Partisan Politics - Lancet Editorial

'Weird as hell'...Some CV patients have
symptoms for months

Hawaii plans to extend stay home measures
travel quarantine until end of June


Nevada's vote by mail primary stirs fraud concerns
as unclaimed ballots pile up - 'Something stinks here'

Eye-rolling after CNN's teen panelist Grim Greta
...Trying Desperately To Remain in The 'News'...
implores The world to 'listen to the experts' on CV

Warming Fraud Ending - Global Cooling Next As Low
Solar Activity To Cause Temps To Plummet - Scientists

Modern Art is Marxist Communist Art

New World Next Week - The Corbett Report

Trump salutes his 'keyboard warriors' but has Done
Nothing To Stop Massive Soviet-Style Online Censorship
he actually curtailed corporate online censorship?

Facebook Buys Giphy For $400 Million As
Tech Giant Pledges To Banish All 'Hateful Memes'
Another Big Step To Total Communist Censorship

Seventh Amazon Worker Dies Of CV
As Staff Scared To Return

Google Shares Tumble On Reports Of
Imminent Antitrust Lawsuit

FRAUD - Israeli Historian Discovers '6 Million' Holocaust
Figure Was INVENTED at Zionist Conference In 1944


US Army to Build Hypersonic Weapons
Test Center on Texas A&M University Campus

US F-22 Fifth-Gen Fighter Jet Crashes in FL

No need for 'show trials' of Western journalists
but responsible reporting is key – Lavrov

Russia - Most CV patients have blood type A,
half Are asymptomatic

Pre-Clinical Trials Show Mefloquine Stop
Coronavirus Cytopathic Effect - Russian Official

Russia plans new Venus exploration program

Lavrov calls for universal approach to problems
of misinformation

Futures Tumble After US Restarts Trade War
With China, Locks Out Huawei - China Vows
Retaliation Against Apple And Boeing

Here Is The Simple Reason Behind Trump's
Escalating Feud With China

US Blocks Shipment Of Semiconductors To Huawei
In Latest Procovation Of Beijing


Chinese Authorities Note Organ Damage,
Mental Health Issues May Result From CV

1 in 4 UK CV Hospital Deaths Linked to Diabetes
And Obesity, 20 Percent to Dementia

London's CV R number is well below critical at 0.4 with only
24 new cases a day - why can't we have our lives back ?

Over 25% of UK population could have had CV
already, doctor tells RT

End the lockdown, cut the green crap...Here's five things the
UK govt should do now to get us out of the mess they created

NHS workers scolded and warned off speaking out
about PPE shortages

Scotland's chilling new blasphemy law

Rupert Murdoch Invests Millions in Advert-Free
Times Radio and Has BBC in His Sights

First child dies in France from rare Kawasaki-like
disease unwisely linked to CV

Orban hits back at critics as he plans to hand back
emergency CV powers that caused major spat with EU


Outrage - 500,000 Germans apply to take part in Stuttgart
lockdown protest but police RESTRICT rally to 5,000
due to 'social distancing'

Blaze rips through chemical plant near Venice,
residents warned to block windows with damp
rags to stop Toxic Smoke - Vid

German restaurant uses plastic mannequins to make
it feel Full And Lively during pandemic

People Will Have to Use App to Book Sunbathing
Place on Beach in France

Europol Says EU Faces Second Muslim And Black Invader
Wave as Coronavirus Crisis Takes Hold

Fed Warns Stocks Face 'Significant Declines'
If Pandemic Worsens (Which It Will)

JC Penney Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Trump Announces $1.4 Billion in CV Relief
Funding for New Jersey Transit System

US Industrial Production Plunges By
Most In Over 100 Years

US Oil Rig Count Crashes To 11 Yr Lows
'There's A Double Risk On The Horizon'


Foreigners Dumped Record Amount Of US Treasuries
Amid March Liquidity Crisis

Global economy's losses from pandemic
could reach $8.8 trillion, report says

Gold, Dollar, & Bonds Jump; Stocks Slump On Fauci
Fear mongering And China Trade Turmoil

Silver Is Soaring, Gold-Ratio Plunges
To 2-Month Lows

Germany Is in recession with economy in
worst plunge since global financial crisis

Mexico now cremating the dead on an 'industrial scale'
as the coronavirus pandemic reaches 'staggering'
number of fatalities... all covered up, China-style

Iran Reportedly Sends Five Tankers to Venezuela
Amid US Economic Blockade

Nothing Changed: Why US Coups in Latin America
in 20th Century Resemble Recent Events in Venezuela

Jordan warns of clash with Israel if
West Bank annexation goes ahead

Russia, China slam US plan to extend
UN arms embargo on Iran


Iran's FM ridicules US 'snapback' of UN sanctions
...needles Trump for CV 'disinfectant' remark

India Announces $13 Billion Fund for Agriculture
Infrastructure as Part of CV Stimulus Package

'No longer a secret' Al-Qaeda, Daesh hitting
each other in Africa's Sahel

Powerful 6.4 Earthquake Strikes Nevada

Mind's eye - Incredible new brain implant lets
the blind 'see' letters and shapes

Scientists develop new tool in fight against Cancers
and Viruses that sequences circular DNA

SHOCKER - Circuit Panel In Brand New 5G Tower Is Labeled
'COV-19' - What The Hell Is Going On? Will This Frequency
Trigger A Seeded Virus In Your Body? Cause An Outbreak?

Trump Explains How He Is Calling Up The Army To
Vaccinate Americans! Watch

Trump goes w/o mask on trip to PPE factory In PA

US Mask Maker Blasts Trump Govt For FAILING To
Prepare For Pandemic - 'I've Been Ignored So Long'

Black light experiment shows how quickly a virus
like CV can spread at a restaurant - Watch

LA Mayor - We'll Never Be Fully Reopened Until We Get
A Cure And A VAX! - WA To Use National Guard To Trace
And You Can't Leave Your Home Until You're Tested! - Watch

In WA State You Need ID To Eat But Not To Vote!
Restaurants MUST Keep Log Of ALL Customers
Including Their Contact Information - Communism

WA Governor Inslee To Residents - CV Test Refusers
Will Not Be Allowed To Leave Home To Get Groceries

Wisconsin bars packed with patrons immediately
after court strikes down stay-at-home order

Comrade Newsom Wants 10% Pay CUT For CA Workers


Ousted whistleblower Dr. Rick Bright unloads on
Trump And His admin's coronavirus response

Lockdowns Are A 'Colossal Mistake' - Ex NYT Reporter
The Economic And Societal Devastation Is Far Greater
Than The Worst Of The Projections

Trump Is working with the Gates Agenda And will
Force Americans To Be Vaccinated TWICE -
300 Million doses of VAX For American By Jan 2021

Trump will use the military to distribute the vaccines
Get your Jerry Kushner 'Warp Speed' Vax...Or An M-16

Read HR 6666 And you Will See The Trump Agenda

Asymptomatic carriers Can speak CV through talking

Masks help stop the spread of coronavirus – the science
is simple and I'm one of 100 of hundreds Of experts urging
governors to require public mask-wearing

Trump calls Fauci's caution on schools reopening
'not an acceptable answer' - A Huge Rebuke

Trump keeps making CV testing out to be a 'PR problem'

Most Americans disapprove of Trump's (Imbecilic)
handling of crisis - Global toll reaches 300,000 Dead


Trump Labor Dept Urges Employers to Report
Workers Who Stay Home Due to Virus Fears

President Kushner Convinced Trump in March That
Coronavirus Testing Was a Bad Idea

Hillary Reminds all That Jerry Kushner 'doesn't get
to decide when the election is'

Pentagon fires its point person for Defense Production Act

More $$ For Zionism - Holocaust Education Bill
Passes Senate - (They Dare Not vote Against It)

Dr. Russell Blaylock On The Downside Of Face Masks

Judge Has No Legal Authority to Interfere in DoJ's
Decision Whether to Prosecute Flynn, Lawyer Says

Contacts Exposed Between US Embassy And
Hunter Biden-Connected Ukraine Energy Firm

Sen Burr Resigns As Head Of Intel Committee Over
'Insider Trading' Probe

Are Democrats Trying To Eliminate Proof Of
Who You Are To Vote?


Tyson Foods Slashes Meat Prices To
'Keep Beef On Family Tables'

Lansing Braces For Another Militia-Fueled State
Capitol Protest

Incredibly detailed 3D model reveals coronavirus
down to The ATOMIC level

The Myth of 'The Fall of the Berlin Wall'

Two Killed as Car Bomb Blast Hits COVID-19
Response Team in Eastern Turkey - Reports

Photos: US Army Facility Destroys Last of
Sarin-Laced 8-Inch Artillery Shells

Pentagon Reports Number of COVID-19 Cases
Among Service members Approaches 5,500

Still in the grip of Covid-19, US & Poland plan to
practice defeating enemy on NATO's 'eastern flank'

Growth in coronavirus cases across Russia stopped

Putin orders to ensure control of genetic technology use


Putin suggests creating national genetic database

Putin: genetic research comparable to 20th century
atomic project in scope

Russia, Italy working on treatment of CV
with plasma-based drugs

Russia Slams 'Groundless' US Attempts to Impose
Anti-Chinese Narrative on Entire World Amid Pandemic

Russia considers issue of China's accession to New
START treaty 'completely contrived'

Diplomat slams West's biased 'coronavirus disinfo'
claims against Russia, China

DOZENS of babies born to Ukrainian surrogate
mothers left stranded in Kiev hotel due to Covid-19

In China, four decades of economic growth
screeches to a halt

Trump Warns US Could Completely Cut Off Relations
With China Amid Coronavirus Spat

Pompeo Calls on China to Stop Attempts to
Steal CV Research


How dare you... use CHINESE drones!? US lawmakers
'grill' feds over spying on lockdown-violating Americans

Beijing signals harsh counter-sanctions for US lawmakers
And STATES targeting China over Coronavirus outbreak

Chinese Diplomat to India Takes Dig at Western
Countries Over Low Ranking in CV Response

At Least Four GOP Lawmakers, Two US Entities
to Be Put on China's Sanction List Over CV Lawsuits

Hong Kong scientists confirm dogs also suffer
from Coronavirus

As Philippines evacuates 200,000 ahead of
Typhoon Vongfong, emergency shelters set
to struggle with pandemic social distancing

Japan lifts coronavirus-related state of emergency in most regions, Tokyo not included

UK care home residents 'fading away' say staff & families

More Than 300,000 Living in Absolute Poverty in
Northern Ireland as Coronavirus Hits Poorest Areas

Our Economic System Fuels Outbreaks, Says Evolutionary
Epidemiologist Who Predicted the Pandemic


We need a vaccine against state authoritarianism

Is Sweden's 'Herd Immunity Strategy'
The Best We Can Do?

Norway Sees Anxiety, Depression Symptoms
Triple During CV Lockdown

French pharma chief backtracks after promise
vaccine will reach American patients first...sparks ire

Vitamin B3 can 'flip the switch' on incurable genetic
muscular disease, researchers say

Optimistic Side - EU CV Vaccine Likely in 2021
as Nations Race for Cure 'As Soon As Possible'

Sweden's Herd Immunity Strategy Will Soon Be
The World's

Bitcoin Could Reach 10 Trillion Market Cap

Wall St Heavyweights Are Sounding Alarm About Stocks

Barrack's Colony Capital Defaults on Real Estate Loans
The beginning of massive defaults in the commercial
real estate market


Amid Gold Market Turmoil, HSBC Taps Bank
Of England For GLD Bars

How The CV Bailout Gave Wall St A No-Lose Casino

A Broad US Dollar Shortage Would Erupt
If There Is A New Trade War With China

Hertz Cancels 90% Of New Car Purchases,
Further Pressuring Already Desperate Automakers

France Unveils Unprecedented $19 Billion Plan
to Aid The Tourism Industry

Mexico Reveals 'new normality' in plan to reopen economy

US-backed Israeli plan deprives Palestinians
of all rights - UN legal expert

Israeli Reports Car-Ramming in West Bank Settlement

Israeli Air Force to Shutter F-16 Squadron
Focus on F-35s Amid Modernization Effort

Israel 'Appears' to Ramp Up Strikes in Syria,
US Diplomat Says


Gunpoint diplomacy: US to 'snap back' all UN sanctions
on Iran if expiring arms embargo isn't renewed

Zarif Not Surprised US Officials 'Advising People to
Inject Disinfectants' Say They're Still Part of JCPOA

Norwegian Forces in Iraq Warn of Daesh Build-Up
Amid Covid-19 Crisis

Trump US-Backed Forces Seize Syrian Commercial Bank
In Oil-Rich Northeast Province - Gangsterism In The Raw

Burundi Becomes 2nd African Nation To Expel WHO

On the 75th Anniversary of V-E Day and
the Coronavirus Scamdemic

WI Supreme Court Strikes Down Governor's Lockdown
Orders As Unlawful And Unenforceable

Jerry Kushner just Made It Obvious - There is Likely
Discussion Of Shutting down The November election...
Er, 'Postponing' It Because CV Danger To Voters

2 Months In And Trump still doesn't have a CV plan

The Trump coronavirus plan looks like The Soviet Union
Chernobyl playbook

'Accidental' Bleach & Disinfectant Poisonings Spike in
US After Trump's Brainless Injection Comments

1/3 Of Americans Will Stay In Quarantine Even If
Instructed To Get Back To Normal Life And Work

House Dems $3 Trillion Package Include Amnesty For
Some Illegal Invaders

Trump calls House Democrats' $3 Trillion
coronavirus bill 'dead on arrival'

Pelosi's Latest Plan Orders Felons And
Invaders Released From Prison

WA Governor To Residents - If You Refuse A CV Test
Or Help Tracers, You Won't Be Allowed To Leave Home
For Groceries...In The New United Soviet States Of America

Proof Trump Is Preparing For Every American
To Be Force Vaccinated TWICE


Dept of Defense Is purchasing 500 million ApiJect
syringes to inject every person in US With A CV Vax!

HR6666 And Gates Patent 060606 (Nano Chip In Vax)
To Create Totalitarian One World Government Under The
Scam Of Fighting Coronavirus - Welcome To Planet Evil

Rense Exclusive - Photo Proof Of Brand New
'Mobile Medical' (Door-To-Door) Trucks Already
Being Shipped To The Eastern US

Ooops...The Stunning TRUTH About Ahmaud Arbery - Watch

Hero Patriot Seattle Cop Prepares To Be Fired After
Refusing To Remove Viral Video Reminding Officers
Not To Obey Unconstitutional 'Tyrannical Orders'

The Creeper says 'responsible' journalists have duty to
investigate Reade claims But Won't Open his archives

Jerry Kushner On Delaying The 2020 Election
'It's Not My Decision To Make' - Hmmm...

CDC Reopen Document Vastly Differs From Trump's Plan

US unemployment insurance system is broken by design

TX JBS meatpacking plant rejects state
effort to test All workers


Trump had said more than 18,000 false or misleading
things during his 1,170 days in office - average of 15 a day

Howard Stern To Trump Supporters...
He Hates You And So Do I

Fears of megadrought as Missouri River driest
since 800 AD - Food Shortages Coming...

Dr. Dan Erickson Discusses How Locking Down Has Not
Worked And That The Virus Should Be Allowed To Run
Its Course...Says The Country Should Reopen - Watch

CA Patriot Doctor Blasts The Federal Government's Policy
Points Out How We Can Never Achieve Herd Immunity By
Keeping Healthy People Locked Up - Watch

Another Patriotic Police Officer Speaks Up - Watch

Gen Z Will Be Ravaged By The Financial Destruction
Caused By The Coronavirus Plandemic

Br Nathanael - The Bill Gates Barcode

Gates Founded Research Institute Projects
Coronavirus May Kill Over 147,000 in US

Gates Controls The British Government Response
To COVID-19 - Part 2


Watch - Bill Gates' Plan to Vaccinate the World

Rand Paul calls out Fauci over CV policy based On
'one wrong prediction after another'

Italian political think tank says
herd immunity a myth

CNN lies about 68% of Americans waiting for
CV vaccine to return to normal life as lockdown
gives MSM new lease on life

Canada, China to test GMO CV Vax on humans

Soros Has 'Faith That Trump Will Destroy Himself',
Fears 'Weakened' Xi And Sees 'Existential Risk' For EU

CV Cases Soar in Some US Areas Contrary to Trump's
Claims Says US Media Citing Leaked Report

Ron Paul - 'Eat A Waffle, Go To Jail...'
Authoritarians Using CV Fear To Destroy America

Scarred & Scared - The Reshaping Of The
American Consumer Begins

McDonald's Reveals Future Layout Of
Restaurants In Post-Corona World


New York pastor says his parish lost 44 people to CV
...But if people want to go there and take the risk of
getting sick they should be allowed to

CV Case Counts And Death Tolls Are
Likely Undercounts - NPR

Coronavirus Murder - UK railway worker dies of CV
after man intentionally spits on her

Fear, Fear, Fear - 'This virus may never go away'
WHO warns CV could be endemic

Coronavirus - A case for medical detectives

Michelin-starred VA restaurant reopening,
...using mannequins to fill Its empty dining room

Uber to require face masks starting May 18
...will use AI to enforce That New Policy

LA Mayor Backpedals Lockdown Extensions
...After Furious Reaction

College forced to apologize after trying to CENSOR
prof over 'offensive' questions about 'Islamic terrorism'

Prince Harry Said 'Friendless' And 'Unemployed'
In The Hollywood scene.


Workers Install 5G Tower That Looks Like A Tree
During Lockdown

You're Being Conditioned To Live In
A 5G 'Smart City' – Resist It!

Birds Sense Extreme 5G Dangers And
ATTACK A New 5G Tower - Watch

NHS Patient Confidentiality is Threatened by
CIA-Linked Surveillance Firm, Warns medConfidential

Twitter to Permit Employees to Work From Home 'Forever'

Mark Zuckerberg Warns That Facebook's Ability
to Moderate Content Impacted by CV

Android apps with more than 4.2 BILLION downloads
leaked user data through Google's Firebase - study

Facebook paying $52 million settlement to moderators
who claim they developed PTSD through work

Twitter Takes Its Plandemic Censorship Into Overdrive

YouTube CEO Admits Users Don't Like Boosting Of
'Authoritative' MSM Channels But They Do It Anyway


Black US journalists & public figures shamed into
dropping out of Huawei-sponsored CV disinfo panel

The US and China are entering a new
Cold War amid the plandemic

Bulging US deficits may threaten prized Pentagon
Weapons And Arms projects

Pentagon Has An Obsession With This Robot
Minesweeping Stealth Boat

US Navy Publishes Years' Worth of Hazard Reports
on Pilots' UFO Encounters

'No Coherence' - Hawkish US Think Tank Blasts
Pentagon's Lack of Arctic Policy

In a world gone mad, China must build
MORE NUKES to make disarmament possible

Responding to CV - Russian Scientists Developing
New Ways of Treatment, Protection & Prevention

Russia ready for dialogue with US on matters of
'historical memory' — Lavrov

Russian lawmaker expects explanation following
Financial Times article on COVID death toll


Russia's US envoy slams Ukrainian message
to veterans as cynical

FSB detains foreigner in Russia's Far East
over calls for sponsoring terrorism

Russia - US claim of Iran nuclear deal membership
'ridiculous' after unilateral withdrawal

US knocks on a closed door seeking to extend
Iran arms embargo - Russia's UN envoy

Buchanan - China: Coexistence Or Cold War II?

CIA Believes China Tried to Have WHO Delay
Global Coronavirus Warning, Report Claims

US Senators Introduce Sanctions Bill to Hold
China Accountable for CV Outbreak And Pandemic

Is the US abandoning its war on Iran to focus directly
on the so-called China threat?

Arkansas Prof Arrested For Concealing 'Close' Ties
To China After Hard Drive 'Found'

Germany's Das Bild Says 'Lockdown
Was a Huge Mistake'


Europe's CV Chaos - Lockdown For Locals,
Amnesty For Black African And Muslim Invaders

UK coronavirus outbreak kills at least 20,000
in care homes

French govt management of PPE has left
elderly exposed to coronavirus

Italy Sentences Black Somali Man to 8 Yrs
for Plotting Terrorist Act in Vatican - Reports

Nicola Sturgeon Rejects Accusations of 'Coverup'
Over Nike Conference Coronavirus Outbreak

UK govt gives film & TV industry green light to
restart WITH social distancing rules

$2,000 A Month Stimulus Check?
Or Will It Be Permanent Universal Income?

Tesla Reopens Nevada Gigafactory After Restarting
Fremont Factory in California - Reports

How The Bitcoin-Halving Went Down
(And The Hidden Message To The Fed)

Trump Administration Asks Federal Reserve
to Modify Loans to Help Big Oil Companies


US Runs Record $738 Billion Deficit in April
Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

EU Threatens To Sue After Germany Questions
Legality Of ECB Bond Buying Program

EU may open borders closed by CV lockdowns
for tourism as industry faces 'grave danger'

Russia ready to help Venezuela investigate
mercenaries' incursion — Lavrov

Number of Suspects Detained in Botched
Mercenary Invasion of Venezuela Tops 40

We can't let the left destroy America like what
happened to Iran in 1979

Indian Cops Use Metal Tool To Grab
Social Distancing Dissidents

'Mystery Agents' Quiz UFO Witnesses

The Pentagon's UFO Videos – The Skeptic's Guide

Frank Scully's 'Behind The Flying Saucers'
Makes Best Seller's List, Picture Rights Discussed


Roswell's 'UFOlogist Invasion' Cancelled
But Festival Still a Go

The New Owner of 'Skinwalker Ranch'
Steps Forward – He's No Stranger to Weird Stuff

Rand Paul Unloads On Fauci - Cites REAL Statistics
Call Policies 'Ridiculous' And Tells Fauci He's Not The
'End All' And We Need To Look At The Swedish Model

Coronavirus Has A Wide Range Of Strange And
Frightening Syndromes - It Hits The Whole Body

Encore - This is undoubtedly the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth - Russian GRU Colonel Exposes
How The 'Pandemic' Is Being Used To Change The World

Trump setting the stage for wartime retaliation against
communist China regime for launching bioweapon
attack against the United States

HR6666 And Gates Patent 060606 (Nano Chip In Vax)
To Create Totalitarian One World Government Under The
Scam Of Fighting Coronavirus - Welcome To Planet Evil

HR 6666 Is The Sovietization Of The United States
Illinois Dem Introduces $100 Billion 'Contact Tracing' Bill
This Is NOT 'Contact Tracing' - It's A Civilian STASI Army

Proof Of 'Mobile Medical' (Door-To-Door) Trucks
Already Being Moved East

NWO Acolyte Melinda Gates Wears Satanic Upside Down
Cross While Pushing For (Nano chip) CV VAX Program

Fauci, Birx And Trump's ANNIHILATION of The US Economy
And Tens Of Millions Of Jobs And Businesses


America's economy Will Get worse when unemployment
insurance expires - The Damage Is Far Too Great

Trump campaigns on return to normal during
the coronavirus pandemic - There Will Be No
Return To 'Normal'

Dems $3 Trillion CV Relief Bill Extends Free Money
To Certain Illegal Alien Invaders

Universal basic income and the end of the republic

'Social Distancing' Is Snake Oil, Not Science

Thousands Of Brits Are Dying At Home Due
To The Lockdown

Snyder - Why Does The Mainstream Media Seem So
Desperate To Keep The Plandemic Lockdowns Going?

US braces for pandemic to drive largest wave
Of Invaders To ever Crash The border

Contact Tracing Group Funded By Soros and Gates
Has Chelsea Clinton on Board

Shimatsu - Child Symptoms Came From Nuke Test Site
Plus COV at Wuhan Military Games - Part 23


Musk To Move HIs Tesla Operations To NV or TX
Immediately After Alameda County Refuses To
Permit Him To Resume Carmaking On Friday

Manchild Trump goes on wild tweet storm
to distract from Fauci testimony

Fauci's Senate testimony debunked a number
of Trump's coronavirus LIES

Supreme court grills Trump lawyers over
president's unreleased tax returns

Trump's Big reopening, 1.000s getting sick on the job

How CV Spreads Through the Air - What's Known So Far

Kevin James Short Film Mocks Coronavirus Distancing,
Snitching Police State Surveillance And 'Enforcement' - Watch

Watch Trump's pattern of insulting female reporters

Trump's Attempt To Spin the CV Crisis Isn't Working

Donald Trump, Unmasked


Why Won't Trump Wear a Mask?

Trump's Testing Claim Is Not And Has Never Been True

Antibody Tests Show OH Had First CV Case January 7

CV Spreads In Meat Plants, 200 USDA Inspectors Infected

'The Financial System Will Have To Be Reset'
After The Plandemic Op

Authoritarians Using CV Fear to Destroy America
...Ron Paul Institute

To reopen, WA Restaurants will have to keep log of All
customers to aid in 'contact tracing' - Communism
In The USSA - Imagine how this will Encourage Diners

Unreleased White House report shows coronavirus
rates spiking in heartland communities

LA County Health Director - Stay Home Orders Likely To
Remain Thru August – Hello Third World Despair

Ooops...The Stunning TRUTH About Ahmaud Arbery - Watch


The Spanish Flu Didn't Kill 50 Million - The Vaccine Did!

Rise Of The Drones Under Guise Of Helping Fight CV
Make No Mistake, They will be PERMANENT Fixtures
Above Us From Here On Out...

Repeat - Pigeons Realize 5G Is Deadly - Watch Them
Hurl Themselves Into full-blown attack On A 5G Tower

George Carlin - Fear of Germs - Watch

Black Shoots, Kills White Couple In Cemetery Where
they Were visiting the grave Of their son

The Silent Special Prosecutor Who Got Results

Putin's coronavirus crisis deepens with fatal
hospital fire and spokesman's diagnosis

Russia becomes world's second hardest-hit country
with 230,000+ confirmed CV cases, surpassing Spain & UK

Russia to ease lockdown - Economy couldn't afford to
wait for CV curve to flatten, while government poll ratings fell

Ex-Russian Public Health Chief Slams Reports on
Russia's Low CV Death Toll as Hype

WHO - no evidence of Russia's underreporting CV mortality

Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin's spokesman,
Has been hospitalized with coronavirus

Chinese human rights lawyer disappears after posting
a letter on WeChat criticizing the CCP response to CV

Wuhan to Complete CV Test for Everyone in 10 Days


'It couldn't have happened' says head of Chinese lab
accused by US of leaking Coronavirus

As Fed Recoils From NIRP Trump Says US Should
'Accept' Negative Rates, 'Boxing In' Powell

Boeing CEO Predicts A US Airline Will 'Most Likely'
Go Bankrupt This Year

Uber Offers To Acquire Grubhub...Creating A
Food-Delivery Giant

Oil giant Saudi Aramco profits crash amid
coronavirus-driven energy market rout

UK's MoD Refuses to Release Key Procurement
Report, Fearing This Would Constrain 'Future Policy'

Elon Musk will need more than 10,000
missiles to nuke Mars — Roscosmos

Humans need principally new engines
for fast-speed space flights — Roscosmos

Chiappalone - The Coming Wars

Last Train to Wuhan V - Which Station is This, Exactly?


White House staff ordered to wear masks
Trump Says He Won't follow The Order...
Because He Says, He Stays 'Away From Everyone'

HR 6666 Is The Sovietization Of The United States
Illinois Dem Introduces $100 Billion 'Contact Tracing' Bill
This Is NOT 'Contact Tracing' - It's A Civilian STASI Army

Proof Of 'Mobile Medical' (Door-To-Door) Trucks
Already Being Moved East

US STASI Begins To Implement WHO 'Contact Tracing'
Forcibly Removing Citizens From Their Homes - Watch
('Contact Tracing' Is The 'New Normal' In Soviet America)

As State Reopens, Ohio Urges Employers To Snitch
On Workers Who Stay Home Over Virus Fears
Divide Americans...and Crush Them

DARPA Robot Now Enforcing Social Distancing - Watch

Oink-Oink Moo-Moo - US Meat Exports To China Soar!
As US Supplies Dwindle And Workers Risk CV Infection

Trump Is Losing It - Storms Out Of Press Conference
After Female Reporters Challenge Him On Testing

Fact check - Trump falsely claims CV numbers are
'going down almost everywhere' (on which planet?)

Americans returning to work can get tested
'very soon' Says Trump - US clearly laboring
to get Testing up to speed


Excellent - Bill Gates 'Philanthropist'...Or Monster?

Katie Miller Symptomatic When Tested Negative For CV

'I felt no vulnerability whatsoever' - SuperTrump
downplays new WH virus cases And pushes reopening

Why Trump's idea that he saved millions of lives
is Completely laughable

Another Test Shows Trump Fav Hydroxychloroquine
Doesn't Help CV But Can Raise Heart Attack Risk

Coronavirus tests are Largely bogus... false positives
vastly outnumber real positives ... official infection
counts wildly overstated - Consider These Facts

Watch - Sweden did Virtually Nothing And normal
life Went On Just Fine - the infection is Virtually over
(Sorry, It Is In Swedish but You'll Get The Idea)

Finally Some Truth - CV expert Says It will rage
'until it infects everybody it possibly can'

Trump's latest Twitter meltdown featured QAnon
and a lot of 'OBAMAGATE' - Vox

Coronavirus - Trump says he'd consider ordering
states to test nursing home residents


On top of official death toll, number of CV-related
deaths also up in NYC

Why Does Japan, with An Aging Population, Have
So Few Coronavirus Cases?

Trump Adviser Hassett - 'There Is No Downside'
Implementing a National Coronavirus Tracing System
(This Is A Massive Step To A Total Surveillance State

Midwesterners were already doubting Trump
The CV nightmare could seal his political fate

The Kamal emerges as early Biden VP favorite
as sting of debate attack fades

Obama Participated In Plot To Frame Flynn - Sidney Powell

Flashback - Obama Ordered Comey To Conceal FBI
Activities Right Before Trump Took Office

Trump Furious After NBC 'Apologizes' For
Chuck Todd's Propaganda Edit Of Barr Interview

Trump wades into PA coronavirus plan,
...governor pushes back

PA Governor threatens to withhold coronavirus aid
to counties that defy lockdown orders


Elon Musk Faces Down Comrade Newsom - says he's
willing to be arrested as he reopens Tesla factory

Musk Reopens CA Tesla Plant - Escalating Standoff
Terms Alameda County Lockdown UnConstitutional

Br Nathanael - Four Viral Lessons

Bipartisan senators seek funding for pork
producers forced to euthanize livestock

Secrecy of Trump's taxes, financial records
on the line in Supreme Court arguments

Tara Reade's attorney asks Biden to authorize
search of his Senate papers

LA County inmates trying to infect themselves
with coronavirus Says sheriff

Small Firms Join Rush to Return Loans
After Rules Revisions

US creating guidelines to reopen nursing homes

Surviving CV May Not Feel Like Recovery for Some


Michigan Barber - Whitmer 'has no concept at all of
the damage she's doing' (Maybe She Does...)

Watch Hamilton Ontario Police Arrest Alleged 'Anti-
Government' Couple In Their Own Home, Under
Canada 'Mental Health Act' - STASI Soviet Lives

Future Air Travel - Four Hour Process, Self Check-In,
Disinfection, Immunity Passes - this is bad news

What Trump Will Likely Do After The Presidency

Silence And Action Are True Wisdom's Best Reply


Twitter says it will label 'misleading' CV tweets
...even if they're from Trump

Joint Chiefs Members Sidelined By Coronavirus
As Alarm Grows Over White House Exposure

Lockheed Martin declares Mission (almost) Accomplished
brings F-35 Turkey's 100+ safety flaws down to Just 8
... and hundreds of lesser issues

Japan Takes Delivery of Accident-Prone
V-22B Osprey Tiltrotor Aircraft - Watch

A Chinese Rocket Fell Back To Earth
Totally Out Of Control

Germans March To Honor Memory Of Rudolf Hess On
Anniversary Of His WW2 Peace Flight To England - Watch

Uh oh, Putin Is Following Trump's CV playbook
...With Even Worse Results Possible

Paid holidays end May 12, Russia to start gradually
easing coronavirus quarantine measures - Putin

Russia climbs to third spot in global coronavirus cases ranking

Moscow reports a sharp rise in 'excess' April deaths
as coronavirus continues to spread in Russia


'Pure provocation' - Moscow fumes as Czech media
names diplomat a ricin courier in alleged assassination plot

Leaked letter shows Ukrainian police demanded
Jews' names & addresses 'to fight organized crime'

'We are at war, Make no mistake' - WH official
kicks anti-China rhetoric up a notch

US Security Agencies Reportedly to Warn of Chinese
Hackers Seeking to Obtain CV Vaccine Data

China refutes 'two dozen lies' by US politicians
over Coronavirus pandemic

China urges US to reverse decision to limit journalist
visas, warns of possible 'countermeasures'

WHO Lawyer Rules Out Inviting Taiwan to World
Health Assembly Amid Divide Among Members

New Swedish Prognosis Predicts Herd Immunity
Will Be Achieved for Stockholm in June

Vaccine Against CV to Be Ready No Earlier
Than 2021 - German Minister

German media watchdog rejects Browder's complaint
against Spiegel over Magnitsky story report, says his
own narrative lacks proof


British Police Are Investigating People Who
Post Tweets Critical Of Lockdown

UK Police Federation Says Lockdown Changes
Will 'Cause Huge Problems'

Public in England Advised to Wear Face
Coverings in Lockdown Easing Plans

UK to start QUARANTINING all incoming
air travellers...but not from France

Coronavirus And the strange death of English liberty
We were once freebooting pirates, now we churn out
fear-stricken weaklings

CV crisis leaves 700,000 children without sufficient food in Italy

Paris Comes to Senses After 8 Week Coronavirus Lockdown

Mission 'social distancing' failed - Passengers packed onto
Paris Metro train spark outrage as CV restrictions eased - Watch

Suspected 'ISIS-inspired' terrorist cell members
arrested in Poland over attack plot

US has no need to buy back debt, will take
advantage of low interest rates - Mnuchin


The Bitcoin Halving Is Here - Are You Ready?

Saudi Arabia to triple VAT as Covid-19
And low oil cripple state finances

Oil Spikes After Saudis Unexpectedly Cut
Output Unilaterally By 1 Million b/d

The Bitcoin Halving Is Here - Are You Ready?

Apple To Move A Fifth Of iPhone Production
From China To India In Massive Supply-Chain Shift

India Steps Up Assistance in Indo-Pacific
amid China's Health Silk Road Initiative

'Prepared to hand back the British flag?' BA chief
savaged by Labour MP over 'outsourcing' jobs
While sitting on £8.7 Billion cash reserves

Richard Branson to Sell $500 Million Worth of
Virgin Galactic Shares to Save Company

Hospitals treating coronavirus patients in Mexico City
are reaching maximum capacity

Leader of infamous Mexican cartel dies in
prison after contracting Covid-19


UK Would Not Back Israeli 'Annexation of Parts
of West Bank', Junior Foreign Office Minister Says

'He is Free' - Zarif Says Scientist Detained by US
on Trumped Up Charges Will Return to Iran Soon

Watch - damaged Iranian naval ship involved in
training incident that left 19 dead & 15 injured

US is Smuggling Daesh Terrorists Out of Syria (Again)
...Major Iraqi Pro-Government Militia Claims

One worker infected 533 others with coronavirus
at a factory in Ghana, president says

Year of Calamity? Plague-like Locusts Return to Pakistan
and India, Endangering Food Security

Nepal Summons Indian Envoy after New Delhi
Builds Road near Chinese Border

'2020 is like Hunger Games' - Italians shocked as Quake
hits Rome week after Covid-19 lockdown relaxed

Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits Indonesia's East - USGS

4.0 Magnitude Quake Hits North Korea - EMSC


Humans and Neanderthals 'co-existed in Europe
for far longer than thought'

Pence Refuses To Self-Quarantine Even Though
His Press Secretary Is Infected!

NBC News Admits Chuck Todd's Meet The Press
Deceptively Editing Barr's Remarks On Flynn

The Real April Jobs Report - 42 Million Unemployed
And A 25.5% Unemployment Rate

The Link Between Human Retroviruses
and Chronic Disease...Dr Judy Mikovits - Watch

Animated Graph Shows How US Leads World In New Cases

How Trump and the CDC Failed the CV Test

A front row seat to the greatest self-inflicted
economic disaster in history

Trump US Govt Rejected Offer For Millions of N-95
Masks at Start of Coronavirus Pandemic - Report

Bill Gates Goes Viral on Digital ID, Digital Currency

Peter Navarro - The Chinese communist party dismantled
Trump's 'beautiful economy' in 60 days amid coronavirus


The Folly of Trump's Blame-Beijing CV Strategy

Trump charges Obama with 'biggest political crime
in American history'

President Obama Was In On Plot To Frame General
Mike Flynn Says His Attorney

Cabal of Liars of Top Obama Officials Need
to be Held Accountable

Video Emerges of Creeper Biden Admitting He Was
Arrested for 'Following' Female College Students'

1996 Court Documents says Tara Reade told of
harassment in Biden's office

Dems & media have no shame backing Biden
who personifies exactly what they bash Trump for

A CV State Of Mind - America's Mental Health Suffers
As Anti-Anxiety Drug Prescriptions...Go Viral

Pandemic doctor predicts coronavirus
will dramatically spike

How Coronavirus Could Break Trump


US Heading Into Depression? The V-Shaped
Recovery Fades Away

Fauci in quarantine as Trump projects confidence
and urges states to reopen (Trying to Use The
Successful Sweden Model)

Why Shut Down? CV Infections Would Plummet If 80%
Of Americans Just Wore Masks According To Study

Global coronavirus cases soar past 4 Million
as US accounts for 33% of confirmed infections

Some 5,000 People Waiting Out Pandemic
In Frozen, Virus-Free Antarctica

We Now Know Far More About CV
...The Lockdown Should End

Weekend Humor: What It's Like To Believe
Everything 'The Media' Tells You

Elon Musk Says He 'Sympathizes' With
Anti-Globalist Movement

Over 1 In 1000 People Living In NY-NJ Die From CV

NYC doubles number of 'social-distancing ambassadors'
(Thug-Snitch Mentality) after cops enforcement backlash


US Has 'Limited' Ability To Make CV Treatments, VAX

Epstein Arranged Prince Andrew's Meetings With
Three Young Women in NY Mansion, Model Claims

The Coronavirus 'bailout' Is A $6 trillion
giveaway Scam to Wall Street

Real Unemployment Rate Is 35.7%

US unemployment rate will get worse - Mnuchin

Instead Of Human samples, Tanzania Sends Corrupt WHO
Samples Of Goat, Papaya And A Pheasant - WHO Says All
Three Tested Positive - WHO Then Thrown Out Of Tanzania

Proof Of 'Mobile Medical' (Door-To-Door)
Trucks? Being Moved East

New virus clusters show risks of 2nd wave

It Is Not About A Virus... It Is About Control - How?
Through Control Of Your Food Supply Via A-21
And 'Sustainable Development'

'Your Every Move Will Be Watched' - Post CV Offices,
work Places To Resemble China's Social Credit System


Funeral Directors say NYC padding CV death numbers

Patriot Police Officer Speaks Out About What's
Coming If Police Continue To Ignore Constitution

Atzmon - Metropolis and the Battle for Herd Unity

MA Ice Cream Shop Opens And Then Closes
After Employees Are Abused - Many People Have
Forgotten How To Act After 2 Months Lockdown

People Leaving - Cities Foundering during pandemic

Photos show world Obeying social distancing

US Health Care Sector Has Shed 2 Million Jobs
...in a 'Pandemic'

Dorothy Kilgallen...The Reporter Who Knew Too Much

Trump and Semiconductor Companies Including
Intel Seek to Kickstart New Chip Plants in US

Russia to go ahead with plans for strengthening
army under any circumstances - Putin

US Navy warns China against 'bullying'
others in S China Sea amid rising tensions

US Ditches Plans to Raise Combat Readiness
of Fighter Jets

UK Reportedly Mulls Buying Smart Rifles
Which May 'Transform the Battlefield'


Electric microwave plasma thruster could rival
traditional jet engines

Catholics Warn of Coronavirus Creating 'World
Government Beyond All Control'

Putin - Russia is 'Absolutely Reliably Defended'
Against Any Foreign Intervention

Russia breaks 200,000 mark on total CV
cases with over 11,000 newly registered infections

Patriotism is Russia's national idea, says Putin

Fireworks Display Illuminates Night Sky in
Moscow for Victory Day Celebrations - Watch

WATCH Russia's active-duty pilots fly over Syria
for V-Day parade in stunning GoPro Footage

Russian drone mini-sub plants memorial in WORLD'S
DEEPEST Mariana Trench – all by its lonesome robotic self

ICU death trap - One patient dies, 300 evacuated after
fire breaks out at CV hospital in Moscow - Watch

Moscow Vows to Hold Serious Talks With US Amid
Attempts to Downplay USSR's Role in Defeat of Nazism


Russia Records 10 Acts of Vandalism Against Soviet
WWII Memorial Sites in Poland in 2020

China Closes Shulan City Near North Korea
After Infections Rise

WHO Bashes German Media for Claim Xi Jinping
'Pressured' Tedros Withhold CV Info

China Asked WHO To Delay Pandemic Announcement
And Deny Human-To-Human Transmission - German Intel

Wuhan Biolab Where Coronavirus Was Studied
Mysteriously Shut Down In October Report Claims

After China Forced Out Reporters, Trump Hits Back
With Severe Restrictions On Chinese Media

Beijing Intensifies Military Presence in South China
Sea in Light of Growing US Activities in Region

Indian and Chinese troops 'clash on border' in Sikkim

China, Iran Are On The March

Boris Johnson Calls On UK To Go Back To Work
In Plan To Ease Lockdown


BoJo introduces Covid-19 'alert levels' for UK
as part of 'roadmap' out of lockdown - Watch

Boris Johnson Says Catastrophe With Half-Million
Deaths Was Averted Due to CV Quarantine

UK Government Releases Previously Redacted
Document on Harsher Lockdown Measures

Lockdown Fanatics Are More Frightening Than CV

Scotland's Nicola Sturgeon - Boris Johnson's Decision
to Drop 'Stay at Home' Message is Catastrophic

UK Queen to Leave Public Duties for Longest Period
in Her 68 Year Reign Due to Pandemic, Aide Says

Commercial Real Estate Is Crashing In Europe
Offices Obliterated, Retail Routed

European Commission Mulls Legal Action
Against Germany Over National Court Decision

Eurozone Breakup Risk Reaches New High

Tesla's Head Of Europe Leaves After 'Disputes'
With Elon Musk


Italian PM Conte Suggests Early Lockdown Lifting

Airlines Face Massive Job Cuts After Bailout
Money Is Used up

Former JPMorgan Economist - We Are Heading
Towards A Weimar Republic Inflation Setup

Are Gold and Silver About to Explode Higher?

Time To Think About Finally Winning WWII
Against Banksters

Get Used to It, CV Taxes Are Coming
....Will Remain Indefinitely

From Overstretch To Collapse

UK Seeks to 'Slowly and Cautiously'
Relaunch Economy - Minister

Three Colombian Army Boats With Ammunition
on Board Found by Venezuela After Failed Invasion

US Sanctions Meant to Pressure Venezuela
Amid Pandemic to Initiate Power Change - Minister


Venezuelan Court Orders to Arrest US Citizens
Accused of Involvement in Failed Invasion

Why Operation Gideon Failed & What Strategic
Goals Washington is Pursuing in Venezuela

New Israeli Government's Swearing in Ceremony
Postponed Over Mike Pompeo's Visit, Reports Say

Pompeo to visit Israel to discuss Iran influence
And West Bank annexation

Israel Mulls Response to Alleged Iranian Cyber
Attack That Breaks 'All the Codes of War'

Israel 'Too Weak' to Take on Iran as it Continues
to Cement its Presence in Syria

ICC rejects Australia's 'unfounded' challenge
to probing Israeli war crimes

Iran Tried To Sabotage Israel's Water Supply
In Major Cyberattack Says The WaPost

Iran Ready for Unconditional Prisoner Swap
With US, Reports Suggest

Turkey Will Deem LNA Forces 'Legitimate Targets'
if Attacks Against Its Interests Continue


US Sanctions Exemptions Facilitate Aid Flow
To Terrorists Amid Pandemic, Syrian Ambassador Says

Heavy rocket attack by Libya rebels
damages airport in Tripoli, kills 6

Protracted Saudi war draws Turkey to
Yemen after Libya

India rolls out red carpet for 100s of US firms
that Washington wants out of China – report

The internet is penetrating rural India rapidly
and the trend could transform electoral politics

Massive Face Off Erupts Between Indian
and Chinese Troops, Several Injured - Reports


ReOpened Georgia Reports Fewest CV Patients

Polly Documents How Fauci, Bill & Melinda Gates And The
Global 'Coronavirus Elite' Are Tied Together - Essential To
Understanding How The World Is Run - Brilliant - Watch

Who Is Bill Gates And Is He Really What He Seems?

After CV Contact, Dr. Faustus Says HE Will
Only Do A 'Modified Quarantine'...

Ousted Scientist, Dr. Rick Bright, Tears Up Ripping
Trump's Morbid CV Response: 'We Could've Done
Something And We Didn't'...Doctors & Nurses Have Died

Coronavirus Cluster Blossoms At White House
As Trump Continues To Minimize Threat

Brave American Says NO To 'New Normal' - Sheeple Are
Walking Up The Slaughterhouse Ramp - Resist Tyranny
In Sweden, People Are Free, Their Herd Immunity Is Near

Whitney - Sweden Is The Model

Snyder - America Is A Powder Keg, Ready To Explode


Fact check - Trump not even remotely true on
coronavirus death toll And CV testing

US STASI Begins To Implement WHO 'Contact Tracing'
Forcibly Removing Citizens From Their Homes! - Watch
(Contact Tracing Is The 'New Normal' In Soviet America

'Contact Tracer' And 'Disease Investigator'
Communist Jobs Spring Up Across The Country

DARPA Robot Now Enforcing Social Distancing - Watch

Corbett - A Very Good Description Of The Second Wave

As State Reopens, Ohio Urges Employers To Snitch
On Workers Who Stay Home Over Virus Fears
Divide Americans...and Crush Them

WHO is Behind the Censoring of 'Plandemic'?

Musk Says He Will Move All Future Operations
Out Of 'Fascist' California

Comrade Newsom Orders Mail-In Ballots For November
Sent To All Registered California Voters

The Coronavirus Response -
The Goal Is Control of All Humanity


Obama Says Trump's CV Response Has Been
'Absolute Chaotic Disaster'

Pelosi snaps at reporter who mentions Trump,
Says 'Don't waste your time or mine on what he says'

Trump and Pence both Obviously exposed
to coronavirus at the White House

White House On 'High Alert' As 11 Secret
Service Agents Currently CV Infected

Ivanka Trump's Personal Aide Tests Positive
Joining Range of Other White House Staffers

US job losses reach Great Depression levels
It Didn't Have To Be This Way - Look At Sweden
Trump, Fauci & Birx Have Destroyed America

It Pays...Very Well...To Stay Unemployed

American Shopping Malls Resemble
Ghost Towns After Reopening

Obama Claims Rule of Law 'at Risk' in US
After DOJ Drops Criminal Case Against Flynn

Did Obama Defense Deputy Lie To Protect Her
Fraudulent Russiagate Sources?


CNN just called OAN 'more state-run propaganda
network than a credible news organization'

Creepy Joe Accuser, Reade, Is Leaving Dems After
Party's Response to Her Sex Abuse Allegations

How Many Lives Will Politicians Sacrifice
In The Name Of Fighting Coronavirus?

Scientific Research Finds That Closing Borders
Is Most Effective Way Of Combatting CV - Gosh,
Didn't Trump Swear he'd Stop the Border Invasion?

Rock And Rock Giant Little Richard Leaves Us At 87
This Story Includes Some Of His Greatest Hits - Watch

Woodstock Occurred in Middle of a Pandemic

Warm weather won't kill off coronavirus - study

Breaking Birds Massively Attack Cell Tower
...Before Dropping Dead - Freaky Footage, Watch

Rare syndrome tied to CV kills three NY children

NYC hospitals begin planned surgeries
delayed by coronavirus


Suspicion And Skepticism Are Vaccines For Deception

What To Stock Up On For The Coming Year Of CV

As Expected - More than 2,500 new cases
In Florida since reopening Last Monday

Wooldridge - Just Another Bike Ride....
Silence and Action Are True Wisdom's Best Reply

Beware Of Plans To 'Build Back Better'

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 5-9-20

YouTube Targets Chinese Blogger After She Posts
Video On Coronavirus Origins

Algorithm Bug? Netizens Complain Facebook Bans
Users for Posting Photo of Soviet Flag Over Reichstag

27 million reasons we must remember Victory Day
And Stop attempts to rewrite history

20% Chinese companies ready to increase investment
in Russia after pandemic — poll


Putin and Trump's cooperation efforts don't
match words of US officials - ambassador

US Blasts Russia & Assad For Sending
Mercenaries Into Libya To Support Haftar

Coronavirus cases in Russia grow by
10,817 over past day

Over 5 million CV tests conducted in Russia

Russian UN Envoy: Turbulent Relations Among
States Resemble Trends Prior to WWII

After Three Supersonic Program Failures,
US Simply Ripped Off Russia's Kh-31 in '90s

Western journalists & politicians MOCK Russian
doctors driven to suicide by CV pressures

WH attributes victory over Nazis to 'America & UK'
in bizarre VE-Day message, gets schooled on Twitter

Trump Igniting Cold War With China to Win ReElection

How China Will React to the Unprecedented Hysteria
From the Trump and The West


US blocks UN resolution on coronavirus ceasefire
after China pushes WHO mention

US Toughens Visa Rules for Chinese Journalists
to Add to 'Greater National Security Protections'

Japan Protests After Chinese Ships Enter Territorial
Waters Near Disputed Islands, Reports Say

Night clubs and bars shut down in Seoul after
new CV hotspot emerges in main leisure district

Allies despair as Trump abandons leadership role
at a time of global crisis

Lockdown protest in central London rattles police

Fatties Stay Home: Leaked UK Doc Shows
Mandated Remote-Working Plan For Obese Brits

UN rapporteur on torture 'scared to find out more
about our democracies' after delving into Assange case

UK Experiences Record-Breaking Number of Illegal
Muslim And Black African Invader Crossings Over Channel

Protesters Held for Breaking Lockdown
Rules in Berlin, Police Say


Top German politician wants to 'urgently' reopen French
border despite Berlin's reluctance to ease travel restrictions

'Critical Shortcomings' - French Foreign Spy Agency
Angry at Poor Job Applicants

Multibillion Dollar Bailout for Arms Industry - Of Course!

San Diego Unemployment Rate Nearly 27%
Breaking County Record Set During Great Depression

Trump says US will start purchasing dairy,
meat and produce from farmers

The hunger crisis during the coronavirus
pandemic in the US in photos - Vox

Depressionary Economy Versus A Bull Market
...Both Can't Be Right

Time To Learn About Money

Goldman Sachs - Oil demand could exceed
supply by end Of May

Why China is better prepared than other
economic powers for any global crisis


Silver Coin Premiums Soar - Signal 'Alt-Money'
Demand As Re-Opening Recovery Hype Fades

Clinical trial enrollment Dives as volunteers are
scared off coronavirus drugs promoted by Trump

Bolsonaro Claims Idea of Organising A BBQ
Party Amid Pandemic Was 'Fake'

'No US Involvement at All' - COO of Firm
Behind Botched Venezuela Raid Says

Venezuela's Guaido says US mercenary contract is fake
even after own allies give full doc to US media

White House Council - Venezuela Attack Would Be
'Overt, Direct & Effective' if US Was Involved

Russian troops helping Venezuela search for
members of failed incursion: Report

Venezuelan Army Announces Arrest of Two More
Mercenaries Involved in Failed Maduro Kidnap Attempt

Trump's Amb to Israel Says US Ready to Honor
Israeli Sovereignty Over 30% of West Bank

Ethiopian Military Admits Downing Aid Plane in
Somalia Over Suicide Attack Fears


Libya - Tripoli sustains massive rocket attack
...planes ablaze

Several Fires Break Out as Jet Fuel Storage Facility
Attacked at Mitiga Airport in Libya

Afghan Government Releases 1,000 Taliban Members

A New Ocean Starting to Form in Africa?

Authoritarianism In The Age Of Pseudoscience

Pence's Press Secretary Infected...And She's MARRIED
To Trump's Top Senior Policy Advisor, Stephen Miller!
Both Pence & Trump Have Been Surrounded By Virus

Three White House Staffers Have Now Tested Positive
Including Trump's Valet And Two Pence Employees

Sweden's Incredible Success - No Shutdowns,
No Economic Catastrophe, No Distancing,
Schools Open - Watch From 4:09

'Cheap and Harmless': Swedish Researchers Assume
Vitamin D Can Protect Against Coronavirus

'There Has Never Been A Disease In The History Of
Mankind' That Manifests In So Many Different Ways - Watch

Trump's 'zombie economy' scheme that pays workers
to stay home and NOT work while small businesses
get crushed is the dumbest economic experiment ever

The Four Horsemen Of Trump's Apocalyptic CV
Response...Kushner, Miller, Pompeo and Barr

Trump wants you to think His US Covid response
is the envy of the world - Guess Again, Donald

What Foreign Policy Experts Make of
Trump's Coronavirus Response

Donald Trump's legacy is truth decay - He Even Said
'Maybe Our (His) Best Work Has Been With CV Pandemic'


Trump says CV will 'go away without a vaccine'

USC & Emory Creating Mass Surveillance System
Similar to China's Social Credit Scoring - We Will
All Be Given SCORES based on The CV Pandemic

People who traveled from NY across the US in
early March caused nearly 65% of coronavirus
cases in the rest of the country - research suggests

The NY Fed Is Exercising Powers Never
Bestowed on It by ANY Law, Anywhere

Fed Chair Powell Has Over of $11.6 Million Invested
with BlackRock, the Firm that Will Manage a $750
Billion Corporate Bond Bailout Program for the Fed!

Fauci & Birx Used Neil Ferguson's Imperial College Fraud
virus model To Convince Dumb Trump To Shut Down The
Whole Economy And Destroy The Lives Of Millions

EVIL - HR 6666 Would Direct HHS To Give Grants To
'Eligible Entities' (Who Would That Be?) To Use Mobile
Labs To Go Door to Door To Test Americans For CV And
Then Follow Up with Contact Tracing And Surveillance

Tara Reade calls for The Creeper to drop out
of the presidential race

Biden promises to strip the accused of
their constitutional rights

Bern And The Kamal Want $2,000 A Month For
Americans 'During The Pandemic'


The Squad Urges Pelosi To Include Universal $30,000
Student-Loan Cancellation In Next Relief Bill

US Intelligence, Obama Aides Never Saw Any
Direct Proof of Trump-Russia Collusion - Transcripts

in case against General Flynn

Sweet revenge? Now that Mike Flynn is free, Trump
may be tempted to punish the Russiagate conspirators

The Great Russiagate Hoax Exposed

Ex-Epstein Associate Maxwell Reportedly
Doesn't Believe He Killed Himself

Cuomo warns of 'entirely different chapter' as Five
Yr Old NYC boy dies from CV-related complications

At least 85 kids across US have developed rare,
mysterious CV-linked illness (number keeps growing)

NY Gov Cuomo says he won't sacrifice human lives
to reopen the economy - The argument is 'absurd'

Meatpacking Plant Workers And Shipments Are
Major CV Transmission Vectors Over The US


HHS Sec Says Lifestyles Of Meat Processing Employees
Worsened The Coronavirus Outbreak

Trump responds to Wendy's meat shortage - says
he'll call The fast food chain's director To Fix It

Kroger CEO Promises Meat In Stores But Customers
May Have To Be 'Flexible' On What They Buy

US Shopper's Disregard for Store's Face Mask
Policy Ends in Violent Body Slam - Watch

Trump's Coronavirus Propaganda Machine
May Be Kicking Into High Gear

Melinda Gates gives Trump administration A
'D-minus' for his coronavirus response

Has Trump Reached The Lying-To-Himself-And-Believing-It
Stage In The Coronavirus Pandemic?

First It Was 'Murder Hornets'...Now WA Must Confront
Gypsy Moths

Seattle To permanently close 20 miles of residential
streets to most vehicle traffic - Madness Abounds

Amsterdam Restaurant Creates 'Quarantine Greenhouses'
So Guests Can Dine While Social Distancing - Photos


How The Elite Use Fear to Control Us
...And How to Break Free

You Can't Wall Yourself Off From Coronavirus

History Channel And Bill Clinton plan documentary
series about the American presidency - Amusing!

Technofascism - Digital book Burning In A Totalitarian Age

Difference Between N95s, Surgical Masks, Cloth Masks

GOP RINO Candidate Anna Paulina Luna Supports
Democrat Positions on Amnesty for Illegals

Tony Fauci (song parody)

Why was The GREAT Ezra Pound Erased from History?

YouTube Targets Chinese Blogger After She
Posts Video On Coronavirus Origins

Facebook Censorship Council Includes Pro-Muslim
Brotherhood Activist

'Police state' & bad for IT business - Telegram founder
who ditched Russia unloads on the US & life in Silicon Valley

Beijing Media Calls for Quadrupling China's
Nuclear Weapons as US Continues Encirclement


India Builds Strategic Route Connecting China
Border for Better Accessibility to Security Forces

Kushner Details His Wild Idea to Use
Russia's Secret Communications Systems

Russian Hackers Again Accused of Gaining
Access to Merkel's Emails in 2015

Georgia recalls envoy from Kiev as its ex-President
Saakashvili, a wanted man back home, lands top
govt job in Ukraine

In China, 80 million may already be out of work
9 million more will soon be competing for jobs

Two China Teen students suddenly drop dead while
running laps at school...with masks on

Chinese Researchers Find CV Material in
Sperm of Infected Men

China-US War of Words, COVID-19, Economic Collapse
And US-China Trade Jeopardized

German Intelligence Reportedly Doubts US Theory
About Chinese Lab Origin of CV

Australian intel say US attempts to push CV China lab
theory undermine plan for Indy probe into virus origin


US Blaming China for CV to Neutralise Global
Market Competitor, Russian Envoy Says

Release the hounds! Singapore deploys ROBOT DOG
to help enforce social distancing - Watch

Hong Kong legislature descends into chaos
as lawmakers BRAWL - Vid

'Situation fragile': EU says borders should stay closed
until June 15 over pandemic fears

Milan branded a ticking CV time BOMB by Italian
virologist as people flout precautions as lockdown eased

Swedish gangsters unload on McDonald's
with AK-47 in drive-by shooting - Watch

Australia reports 'surge' in illegal hydroxychloroquine
imports as people seek alternative treatments for CV

Top JPMorgan Officer - It Will Take '10 to 12 Years' for US
Employment Levels to Recover - The new normal Will Be
third world poverty And perpetually high unemployment

Grim US Class of 2020 Job Prospects

52% Of All US Small Businesses Are Expected
To Be Gone In 6 Months


Worst Jobs Report In US History - 20.5 Million Jobs Lost
To Trump, Fauci & Birx - Unemployment Hits Record 14.7%

For The First Time Ever, More Than Half Of The
US Population Is Not Working

Businesses Struggle to Lure Workers Away
From Easy Unemployment Checks

88,000 US Truck Drivers Lose Jobs In biggest Crash
on Record - If The Trucks Stop Running, We're Done

New Yorkers Queue for Federal Benefits as US
Faces Record Unemployment Rate - Watch

Canada Loses Record Number of Jobs in April
Due to Pandemic as Unemployment Hits 13%

National Restaurant Chains, 'Souplantation' And 'Sweet
Tomatoes' Are permanently closing all restaurants Over CV

JC Penney Strikes $500 Million Bankruptcy Financing
Deal - Expected To File Next Week

Stockman On Inflation, Gold, & Personal Freedom
In A Post Pandemic World

Something Odd Is Going On In
Parking Lots Around The US


Why printing money to avert a recession
is not smart economics

Venezuela charges two Americans with terrorism
and conspiracy over failed mercenary plot

Trump says he'd use ARMY to raid VZ as he doubles
down on denial of ordering botched plot

Private Military Company Behind Botched
VZ Raid Suspected of Plagiarism

Maduro Accuses US Chargé d'Affaires Story of
Being Behind Boat Incursion From Colombia

3 Nurses Strangled in Mexico, Border Mayor Gets Coronavirus

Iran daily coronavirus death toll hits lowest level
in over 11 weeks - Health Ministry

US does not seek to leave region, has to be forcibly
expelled by resistance - Senior Iraqi cleric

From Syria to Libya - Captured Mercenaries Recount
Tales of Coercion, Deception

Ansarullah slams Saudi Arabia, UAE for using
television programs to promote Israel


Coronavirus fears and frustrations as US states reopen

What it's like to live in Antarctica during pandemic

Are you ready for this week's absurdity?

Trump's New Campaign Message - Blame China,
Save The Economy - Trump Comparing The 'China
Coronavirus Pandemic' To The Pearl Harbor Attack

Our Shattered Economy - New Jobless claims filed
reach 3.2 million - Crisis total 33 million Lost Jobs

US unemployment hits 33.5 MILLION marking
worst economic downturn since Great Depression

Trump's Number One Goal - Extricate Himself From
All Responsibility And Shift It To The States

President Kushner Screwed Up His COVID Jobs,
So Trump Gives Him An Even Bigger One!

Trump Putting The Utterly Unqualified Jerry
Kushner In Charge Of Anything Shouldn't Be
A Surprise - The US was sick long before CVD

End the Lockdowns - Start The Takedowns

The CVD Op - Gates (Who Knows) Warns In Advance (again)
Next Is 'Pandemic 2' And Then A Very Deadly BioTerror Attack
(Doesn't Say By Whom...We'll Never Know The Truth) Can You
Spell 'Endless Fear' And 'Population Reduction'?

A Trump Personal WH Valet Who Handles His Clothing,
Brings His Meals, Wears No Mask And Likely Helps Dress
Him Is Infected...But No Self Quarantine For Trump

Trump announces Coronavirus tests are 'overrated'
...but He will get tested daily


White House staff to be tested daily for coronavirus
after Trump's Personal Valet tests positive

Trump Rejects CDC 17 Page Guidelines For Reopening
...CDC Source - 'We're Used To Dealing With A WH That
Asks For Things And Then Chaos Ensues'

Here are the Trump-Rejected CDC guidelines
He doesn't want you to see

US death toll tops 74,000 as Trump shelves
too cautious CDC guide to reopening Nation

YouTube Deletes Viral Video Claiming Dr. Fauci
Is Spewing 'Absolute Propaganda' About CVD

Trump Refused mask At Honeywell because Of Vanity
And fear He'd Look 'Ridiculous' - And that photos in
Democrat attack ads could harm his reelection chances

Trump's Coronavirus Task Farce

Trump thinks US coronavirus death count is inflated

Trump boosters Don't believe the CVD death toll

Womens Rights Attorney Lisa Bloom - Yes, Biden
Is A Rapist But I Endorse Him


'Peak cringe' - New York Times roasted for Biden
'hottest-bad-boy' election campaign strategy article

He Is 'An Innocent Man' - Trump Happy After DoJ
Drops All Charges Against General Flynn

DOJ Drops Case vs Ex Trump National Security
Advisor Gen Michael Flynn

New Bombshell Documents Raise the Question
Why Obama Feared Michael Flynn So Much

States begin to reopen even as cases surge
Sweden is the Model But It's Too Late For US

Coronavirus appears to die quickly in direct sunlight
...Direct UV Radiation

TWICE Deported Invader Beats Woman And Infects
Two Officers With CVD...And Is Then RELEASED

San Francisco gives drugs, alcohol to homeless
quarantining in hotels

Furor Erupts Over SF Giving Drugs To Homeless
Addicts As Businesses Prepare To Reopen

Warning to Coronavirus Snitches


NC DMV worker infected, state headquarters
office closed

People who refuse to download the COVIDSafe
virus tracing app are the new anti-vaxxers

CA Communist Gov Newsom Reveals Giant Budget
Deficit - To Allow More Reopening To Begin

When Governments Switched Their Story From
'Flatten The Curve' To 'Lockdown Until Vaccine'

Simpsons writer admits 2020 pandemic clairvoyance
as murder hornets clip goes viral

MI March SARS CoV2 Sequences Largely Italian Lineage

Vit D Levels May Impact CVD 19 Mortality Rates

RT Spends The Day With David Icke

The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Coverup
How a Little Newspaper Solved the Biggest Scientific
and Political Mystery of Our Time

First US Space Force commercial released
'Maybe your purpose isn't on this planet'

Trump Tells Putin He Looks Forward to Future
Talks to Avoid Costly Arms Race

US amb hails cooperation with Russia on CVD crisis
but crucial nuclear weapons differences remain

Stoltenberg Vows NATO to 'Remain Nuclear
Alliance as Long as Atomic Weapons Exist'


USAF Female Fighter Pilot - Watch

Govts may see 'immunity passports' as a way of
reopening but they're a plunge towards totalitarianism

Putin - Russia, US can achieve much, if they follow
traditions of allied relations

Putin, Macron discuss preparations for UN
quintet's videoconference on pandemic

Putin, Abe discuss anti-coronavirus fight, Kremlin says

Moscow decrees masks, gloves on public transport,
in shops from May 12, lockdown To Run to May 31

Russian military specialists to disinfect urban
facilities in Italy's Lumezzane

Moscow has THREE TIMES more Coronavirus
cases than officially accounted-for – Mayor

Beijing May Dump US Treasuries In Response
To US Hostility, Start Its Own QE - Chinese Media

ALL of China declared 'low Covid-19 risk'
as daily infections approach zero


CVD Killing Black Brits at Twice the Rate of Whites

Unflushable Turd Blair Wants 'Much Greater Heft
and Weight' for WHO in Fight Against CVD

'Tracking Shaming' - In Australia You Are Selfish
if You Do Not Install the Corona App

NHS X Trialling New CVD Contact Tracing App
Amid Concerns on Privacy, Input From Google, Apple

The UK state's desire to keep tabs on us via
smartphone apps is sinister. Fortunately, it's
turning into another CVD cock-up

Britain's ex-spy chiefs got rich off 'Russian threat'
warnings, but IGNORED alarm bells on pandemic risk

UK moves to relax CV restrictions but Brits beg to
#KeepTheLockdown, despite cooped up since March

It's time inefficient altruism stopped bailing
out government failure

UK Police Officer's Bike Stolen Enforcing Lockdown

Leaked 2017 Report Exposes UK Government
Lies on Care Home Pandemic Preparedness


'Worst case' scenario - Second CV wave could
come as early as July, top doctor in Germany warns

Sweden passes 3,000 coronavirus deaths as
Scandinavian nation becomes battleground
for lockdown debate

EU Trade Chief Slams UK Approach to
Post-Brexit Trade Talks

Swedish Journo Claims Muslim Brotherhood
Gaining Foothold Within Country's Defence

Thanks, Brussels! Now Poland can have its own
gas pipeline at EU taxpayers' expense

'Biblical' Wave Of Bankruptcies Is About
To Flood The US

US To Remove Patriot Missile Protection
From Saudi Arabia Amid Oilpocalypse

Bank of England Forecasts 14% Drop for
UK Economy in 2020

Final Judgement of Finland's Basic Income Trial
...More Happiness, But Little Employment Boost

US Consumer Credit Unexpectedly Crashes As
Americans Repay Record Amount Of CC Debt


Bill Gates and His 'War Against Cash' Are a Threat
to Our Liberty, Economist Warns

Luongo - Elites Would Like To Remind You,
'Remember, Cash Is Trash" In A Post-CVD World

Rand Paul - 'Reopen The Economy,
No More Imaginary Money'

Everyone Knows The Govt Wants
A 'Controlled' Weimar

Historic Eurodollar Panic - Negative Rates
Now Expected As Soon As November

Graph Shows 'Unprecedented' Australian Job Collapse

US Wants Release of Two Special Forces Vets
Who Led Failed Coup Attempt in Venezuela

Venezuela - Trump's Failed Mini Bay of Pigs Fiasco

Moscow calls US claims it had nothing to do
with Venezuela raid 'unconvincing'

US Mercenaries' Botched Venezuela Raid May
be Prelude to Bigger Invasion, Analyst Warns


No smoke without fire? Trump nominates new
envoy to VZ, first in 10 YEARS after denying
US involvement in failed incursion

Mexican chemical plant RIPPED APART by
huge blast as locals flee for their lives - Watch

US Military Loses Second Drone Near Niger
Due to Mechanical Failure, Pentagon Says

Sound of Toilet Flushing Heard on Supreme
Court Oral Arguments Phone Session

Place in the US With No CVD? Look to American Samoa

Bob Dylan – Murder Most Foul - Vid

Doctor Nicotine

Why Germany surrendered twice in World War II

Businesses Across US Defy Lockdown Measures
...'We Have No Choice'

Debt Cancellation for the World to Survive


State setting traps for 'Asian giant hornets' in OR

US experts dismiss worry about 'murder hornets' as hype

Oregon State went door to door offering coronavirus tests
...It won't say how many people tested positive

Oregon Air National Guard flyovers coming
soon to Southern Oregon

Wacky Time - JetBlue flies three jumbo jets over NYC
to pay tribute to city's coronavirus health workers

Staggering Interview With Dr. Judy Mikovits PhD
One Of The Most Important Ever On Covid-19 - Watch

Dr Judy Mikovits PhD - Fauci's Worst Nightmare - WATCH

Wuhan shows the world that the end of lockdown
is just the beginning of the Crisis

Trump vetoes resolution limiting his ability to
wage war against Iran - Another War For Israel

Trump Is Losing It Over Reality Of His Disastrous
CVD Response - rebukes nurse in WH exchange

Trump again says coronavirus will 'disappear'
...as US deaths top 72,000

Trump Is About to Go Full CVD Death Denier

Trump Now Says The Coronavirus Crisis is
Worse Than Pearl Harbor or 9/11

Trump Flips Yet Again - Insists Coronavirus Task Force
Will Continue 'Indefinitely'

Trump softens promise of CVD VAX by end of year


Trump's ABC interview illustrated why he
rarely strays from Fox News

Shimatsu - Self-Righteous Pompeo - And ER Doctor 'Suicided'
By Too Big To Fail Health Syndicate - COV Part 22

Bill Bennett Says It's Only 50-50 That Biden Will Be
The Dem Nominee - (It's Not Going To Happen)

WHO envoy warns coronavirus vaccine
may never be developed

Mandatory Vax - Just Say NO - Important Information - Watch

Communist Gov Gavin Newsom - CA 'Not Going Back
to Normal Until We Have a Vaccine' (18 Months, If Ever)

They Want To Make Social Distancing Permanent...

Trump WH Pushed FEMA To Give its Biggest CVD
Contract to a Company That Never Had to Bid - Report

Yale Epidemiologist Slams Trump's CVD Response
as A Possible War Crime

Trump Blames Obama for 'Broken' CVD Tests
...That Didn't Exist


Trump's coronavirus team relies on 'stupid' model
by controversial economist

US Now 'The Land Of Snitches' During Pandemic

CVD survivors are shunned & abused by people
who fear they're still contagious

Cuomo - Illustrates Lockdown Failure - 66% of new
coronavirus NY cases Developed at home

Cuomo says it's 'shocking' most new CVD hospitalizations
are people who had been staying home In Quarantine

Kushner 'Task Force' Airlift Moves Millions
of Masks...But Details Are Being Kept Secret

Kushner-backed program Of chartering flights to
address hospital shortages raises Big questions
Doubtless Jerry And Donald Are 'Doing Very Well'

Jared Kushner's CVD Taskforce is Incompetent

Volunteer on Kushner's coronavirus team filed
complaint to Congress About Failing Efforts

Whistleblower reports pressure to extend A Pharma
contract Because Company CEO Was Jerry's Friend


Jeff Sessions - Why Would Trump Encourage
Even ONE Foreign Worker To Enter The US
When 30,000,000 Americans Are Jobless?

Trump Awkwardly Hugs Arizona Governor Instead
of Shaking Hands During Mask Factory Visit - Watch

CVD killing more blacks in US than any other group

American Meat Workers Are Starting To Quit
With Some Plants Reopening

Smithfield Meat gets worker safety lawsuit tossed

Tyson Foods Helped Create the Meat Crisis It Warns Against

Most Americans Have Serious Doubts About
The Official CVD Death Count - Axios-Ipsos Poll

Italians Waking Up To The CVD Numbers Game - Watch

Georgia kicks off chilling door to door
CVD blood collections

People are hosting CVD infection parties in Walla Walla


Blood thinners may help patients with severe CVD

Tucker - Policymakers just can't stop breaking coronavirus rules

What Is 'Operation Mockingbird'?

Nation's stockpile Is no match for the CVD pandemic

Texas AG tells judge to free Dallas woman
'unjustly jailed' for operating hair salon

Thousands Donate To GoFundMe For Jailed
Salon Owner Who Stood Up To Judge - Watch

TX Bar Owner And Quarantine Protesters Are Arrested
After SWAT Team Swoops In

Grenell Gives Schiff Ultimatum - 'Release Secret
Russiagate Transcripts Or I Will'

CBS denies STAGING long line at CVD test center
after Project Veritas claim

Preliminary research identifies mutation (Italian Lineage)
that may put people at risk for a second CVD infection

Northeast Iowa SARS CoV2 Sequences Are Italian Lineage

History Prof Debunks Central Claim In Pulitzer
Winning New York Times '1619 Project'

Br Nathanael - Jewish 'Contributions' To America - Vid


Canadian Officials Concerned by Attacks on Cell Towers
Amid 5G Conspiracy Theories

YouTube's Chief Product Officer Insults His Own
Users As Basement-Dwelling Idiots

Twitter will warn users about their 'HARMFUL'
language...BEFORE they tweet

Social media slams celebs urging AGAINST
return to normality after Covid-19

Pentagon considering banning recruits who
have been hospitalized by coronavirus

Watch - US Air Force's B-1B Bombers Make 24 Hour
Flight for Live-Fire Drills Near Russian Border

Russian researchers develop nanofibers that
can stop coronavirus-sized particles

Russian Public Health Chief Proposes 3-Stage Plan
to Lift Coronavirus-Related Restrictions

Lockdown in Moscow to not be eased after May 12

Worry Over CVD Exposure Was Kim's Reason
For Vanishing - Not Surgery Says S Korean Intel


Pompeo Says US Intelligence 'Still Figuring Out'
Where Coronavirus Began as Trump Blames China

Pompeo repeats Chinese lab created coronavirus
theory but we may have to wait a long time for proof

Belgium Accuses China Of Bio-Espionage - Biological
Warfare Program And Vaccine Experts Targeted

Chinese Ambassador Slams British MPs For
'Cold War Mindset' - Urges 5-Point Post CVD Strategy

China's UN envoy slams 'absurd' US politicization
of new coronavirus

Chinese scientists harness fourth state of matter to
create 'air plasma' jet engine that runs on electricity alone

Chinese tourism begins to recover after
but revenue still down almost 60%

Chinese Buyers Flee Hong Kong Real Estate
In Major Hit To World's Priciest Property Market

China says 'political virus' of violent protests
must be removed in Hong Kong

Scientist Whose Doomsday Models Sparked Global
Lockdown Resigns After Breaking Quarantine
To Bang His Married Lover


The man behind the world's CVD lockdown has screwed
his mistress, screwed us all and now, thankfully, his career

Did Tory papers sit on Neil Ferguson sex scandal Story
for FIVE weeks And then unleash it to push for quick
end of lockdown?

How UK press got to be the LEAST trusted

Burying bad news? Questions raised as scientist sex scandal
eclipses news That UK's CVD Death toll surpasses Italy

Heathrow Airport Launching Trial for
Health Screening Post-Lockdown

Boris Johnson Promises 200,000 Daily
Coronavirus Tests in the UK by End of May

Intl comparisons on CVD not helpful 'at this stage'
Says BoJo as UK deaths soar to highest in Europe

Life after the lockdown - Italy starts slow return to normality

We Have Put the First Phase of CVD Pandemic
Behind Us, Merkel Says

Spain's Constitutional Court to review sedition
sentences for Catalan independence leaders


Companies Slashed Over 20 Million Jobs In April, ADP

Comptroller Warns 20% Of Jobs Will Evaporate As
NYC Faces Biggest Crisis Since Great Depression

Uber Slashes 3,700 Jobs As Lockdowns Crush Gig-Economy

EU economy set to contract 7.5% this year in worst
economic shock since Great Depression

Musk Officially Qualifies For His $700 Million Payday

US Fed blames rise of Nazis on Spanish flu in preemptive
bid to dodge responsibility for post-Covid extremism!

US Unemployment Rate Likely to Hit 1940 Levels
...Federal Reserve Vice President

It's Now Virtually Impossible To Get Bank Credit
As Lending Standards Soar

Enjoy Your Future - We're Spending It Now

Disney Suspends Dividend After Earnings
Plunge 63% As Theme Parks Close


Illinois True Retirement Costs Near 60% Of Budget

Luongo - 'Where's The Beef?' Not On The Horizon!

Escobar - Get Ready For The Next Game-Changer
The Gold-Backed Digital Yuan

80% Of Employees At Bank Of Montreal May Shift
To Hybrid Telecommuting Post-Pandemic

Eurozone GDP to See 7.7% Decrease in 2020

Ferrari Touts "Strong Order Book", Expects To
Outperform In 2H 2020 Despite Auto Industry Implosion

South Korea Reportedly Fines Mercedes-Benz,
Nissan, Porsche For Emissions Data Rigging

Captured Mercenary Admits Plans to Kidnap
VZ's Maduro And Take Him to US on Plane

Israeli Defence Ministry Says Signed Contract
to Lease Drones To Greece for Border Defense

UK Gov't Launches Picture Contest to Celebrate
70 Years of British-Israeli Diplomatic Relations


German Intelligence is Reportedly Among Mediators
in Secret Israel-Hamas Swap Talks

Israel approves thousands of new units
in West Bank settlement (What A Surprise)

US ready to recognize Israel 'sovereignty'
(Ownership) in West Bank, Friedman says

Surprise asteroid EVADES Earth protection satellites
in one of the closest flybys ever recorded

NASA, US Space Force Roll Out Ten-Year Plan
to Address Near Earth Asteroid Flybys

Tom Cruise to Become First Film Star in Space

Trump Administration Drafts 'Artemis Accords'
Treaty for Lunar Mining, Report Claims

US to agree to PACT with 'like-minded' nations on
space mining, 'safety zones' on Moon, sidelining Russia

'Slaughter Phase' of Asian Giant Hornet Poses
'Catastrophic' Threat to US Agriculture

Closest black hole to Earth discovered just
1,000 light years away - 'VISIBLE' to the naked eye


Strong 6.9 Earthquake Jolts Indonesia

Alligire - Correction! How It Started Out - Watch

New Analysis Shows Coronavirus Was Spreading
In The US And Euro And Elsewhere LAST YEAR

Trump Admin In Talks About Winding Down The CVD
Task Force - Trumps Says Can't Keep US Locked Down

Trump's CVD task force to be wound down around
Memorial Day - Most Efforts To Be dumped On States

Huh? Trump says Americans are 'starting to feel good'
about coronavirus - No, Donald, They Aren't

Trump will have to face the price of reopening the
US economy - tens of thousands of American lives
(Maybe 100s Of Thousands...Or America Dies)

Dull-Normal Trump mischaracterizes new models
showing grim coronavirus death projections

Trump EO Did NOT Stop meat Plant Closures
...Seven more shut down in the past week

20% Of All Wendy's Restaurants Said To Be
Out Of Beef As Shortage Spreads

Trump does not wear mask at Honeywell tour
(because he's been protected Against CVD?)


As We Said, All That Was Needed Would Be For Americans
To Wear Masks And Wash Hands - Austria Has 90% Drop
in CVD Cases After Requiring People to Wear Face Masks

CVD Death Toll Expected To Double As People
Are Released From Basic 'House Arrest'...
Trump White House Not Happy With Projection

Trump Wasted Another Month...April...In CVD Fight

Remember President Kushner - Everything Will Be Back
To Normal By June - New Projections Show 3,000+
Americans Will Die Each DAY In June

The cost of reopening the economy, in lives
It is either that or lose The entire nation - This
Should be Thought Of As World War For Survival

Herd Immunity May Only Need 10-20% to Be Infected

Slovenia's Official Antibodies Study Implies The
Actual CVD Infection Fatality Rate Just 0.15%
Which Is Comparable to Seasonal Influenza

Trump Is Unraveling - The country is witnessing
the obvious steady, intellectual and psychological
decomposition of Donald J. Trump

Trump Goes Volcanic at George Conway's Video
'Mourning in America' - Trump Is Losing It

18 Signs That We Are Facing A Record Breaking
Economic Implosion In 2020


Devvy - Is Civil Disobedience The Only Way
to Re-Open America?

The Worldwide Lockdown May Be the
Greatest Mistake in History

If Nothing Else, The Lockdown Has Been
Good For The Earth

Trump's Hopelessly Confused Response to the
Coronavirus Just Got Worse

Why Are Google And YouTube So Afraid Of CA
Dr. Dan Erickson And His CVD Findings?

2006 Video Shows Biden Calling For 700 Border Wall And
Prosecuting Americans Who Hire Illegals! Talk IS Cheap!

Buchanan - How Long Can Biden Hide In
His Basement? (Until The Timing Is Right For
Hillary To Step In...)

The Creeper - A Hands-On-Women Video - Watch

'Believe Women' Has Morphed Into 'Believe Obama'

CVD researcher Near 'significant findings' Murdered


VA Dem Governor 'Blackface' Northam to begin
double-counting multiple positive coronavirus cases

Public Servants Have Become Petty Tyrants

Communist Gay Chicago Mayor Who Violated Her Own
Lockdown Order Threatens Non-Compliers With Jail

A 'gallery of snitches, busybodies, and employees who
rat out their own neighbors and employers'

NBC News Digital, NYT, WaPost (Communist) Union
Votes to Request 'Public (Govt) Financing for Journalism'
...The Result Will Be State Sponsored Propaganda

A Pulitzer (Propaganda) Prize Was Just Given To The
1619 Essay The NYT Admits Is Historically Inaccurate

They're giving out Pulitzers for propaganda now

'What garbage' - Communist Rag Sheet Teen Vogue
turns to teen activists to make the case for socialism

Pro-Abortion Actress Rages on Ellen Show That
Parents Who Won't 'Transition' Kids Feel They
Are 'Disposable'

California Man Arrested 3 Times In 12 Hours
But Repeatedly Released Due To Zero Bail Policy


New York Confirms Another 1,700 Unreported
Nursing Home Deaths Caused By CVD

New York City Subway to Close First Time in History
Tuesday Night Amid Pandemic - Cuomo

It is time to take seriously the link between Vitamin D
deficiency and more serious CVD symptoms

Judicial Watch Files Suit on Behalf of Daily Caller
News Foundation For Records Of Fauci and WHO

Plandemic the movie - First Trailer Teaser - Watch

De Blasio calls Trump a backstabbing hypocrite
over resistance to local bailouts

Comrade Governor Newsom slams NoCal counties
as 'making a big mistake' for opening restaurants
gyms salons and spas

Taser-Wielding NYPD Punk Cop Punches Bystander
During 'Social-Distancing Bust' - Police State US

Court Upholds CA Ban On Church Services In Pandemic

The Worldwide Lockdown May Be the
Greatest Mistake in History


15 children hospitalized in NYC with mysterious
syndrome possibly linked to CVD

Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome
Potentially Associated with COVID-19

New Testing Technolgy - A Corona Breathalyzer
Israeli firm Claims It Works In 60 Seconds

Elvis Was King, Ike Was President And 116,000
Americans Died In A Pandemic

Knock, Knock - We're From The Government
And We Want Your Family's Blood

US Universities Creating Social-Credit-Style
Coronavirus Surveillance System

Preliminary research identifies mutation that may
put people at risk for a second COVID19 infection

Coronavirus Opens Eyes to Homeschooling

If Nothing Else, Lockdown Has Done Some Good For Earth

'Homeland Defense' and the Militarization of America

US and UK Security Agencies Warn of Cyber
Attacks to 'Exploit' Pandemic

Eric Schmidt claims he can link tech & defense
but he's just a civilian dilettante who has no
understanding of reality of war

Defense Secretary Esper - US 'Had Nothing to Do'
With Attempted Raid in Venezuela


US Seeks 'Balanced' Partnership in Space
Programs With Russia - NASA Administrator

China successfully conducts maiden launch of
Long March-5B carrier rocket

"Not A Bluff": White House Might Pull US Military
& Intelligence From UK Over China's Huawei

Trump Used the Coronavirus to Extort US
Governors Like He Did The Ukraine Govt

Western media is WRONG, Russia & China
are NOT going to clash over Coronavirus

Russia waging 'HYBRID WAR' on Europe by protesting
removal of Soviet liberator statue, claims Czech official
who had it torn down

Kim Jong-un accepts WWII medal awarded by Putin
days after DEATH rumors spread by Western media

Russian Embassy ridicules Pulitzer Board for awarding
prize to NYT 'undiluted fabrications'

US Official Calls on Chinese People to Carry Out
'Acts of Bravery' (REVOLT) as CVD Spat Escalates - Watch

Communist china Warns Of Possible Armed Conflict With
Trump's US Over CVD Backlash


Fauci & Top U.S. General Throw Cold Water On
Trump's Coronavirus Claim That China did it

Fauci Covers For China, Dismisses Trump's Claim that
Coronavirus Has 'Artificial' Origins

'Highly Unlikely' - Five Eyes Reportedly at Odds With US
Over Speculation on CVD Lab Origin

UK Passes Italy For highest CVD death toll in Europe

How UK Government's COVID-19 Contact
Tracing App Works - Is User Data Safe?

UK's Covid-19 contact tracing app gets bad reviews
after reportedly failing all performance tests

Heroic failure - Why did the NHS keep building
NINE Coronavirus emergency hospitals even
when it was clear there was no need for them?

Coronavirus lockdown adviser Neil Ferguson
resigns after breaking lockdown

Who is Neil Ferguson? Meet SAGE member
who broke lockdown rules

The UK Is Now Home To The Deadliest
COVID-19 Outbreak In Europe


UK's 'Unsustainable' Furlough Scheme Must Be
Wound Down Without 'Cliff Edge', Says Chancellor

UK Unions Refuse to Support Govt Back-to-Work
Plans Amid Safety Concerns, Threaten Walkouts

Police 'Visit', Urge Nigel Farage to Respect
CVD Measures After Dover 'Illegal' Migrant Report

Watch - Police detain dozens protesting
against coronavirus lockdown in The Hague

Macron announces indefinite 'limit' on international
travel due to CVD pandemic

First murder hornets, now tiger mosquitos?
Over half of France warned of dengue & Zika-transmitting
insects just as lockdown lifts

Our Inevitable Collapse - We Can't Save a Fragile
Economy With Bailouts That Increase Fragility

Trump's wealthy friends look to cash in during crisis

China Moves to Wean Itself of US Dollar Dependence
Steps Up Testing of Sovereign Digital Currency

Ron Paul - The Fed Is Far More Lethal Than CVD


US Trade Deficit Widens On Record Crash In Exports

US, UK Launch First Round of Talks to Reach
Comprehensive Trade Deal - Statement

EU claims Germany has no say on its
money-printing policy

Airbnb To Lay Off 1,900 Employees
As Tourism Industry Collapses

Venezuela claims to have captured two Americans
involved in failed invasion

Trump admin monitoring coronavirus conditions
in Latin America, weighing next steps

IsraAID Deploys Volunteers to SoCal for CVD Relief

US forfeited any right to seek renewal of UN
arms embargo on Iran - European diplomats

Watch Alleged Footage of US Choppers Swooping
Down on Syrian Town, Picking Up Unknown Persons

Horror in Syria as Group Discovers Gorge Used by
Daesh to Dump Dead Bodies – Graphic Video


Why a coup in Qatar could be a game-changer
in the Middle East

Libyan government forces launch offensive to
liberate key airbase from Haftar rebels

In Sicily, The Desperate Receives Offers
They Can't Refuse

The Accidental Beekeeper

A Woman Set Up a Little Free Pantry Without a Permit
The County Threatened Criminal Charges


Key Model Projects US Will Lose 134,000 To CVD
That's Almost Double It's Last Estimate

White House Raises Daily Death Projection
To 3,000 A Day By June 1 As Virus Spreads

NYT Publishes Grim CDC Projections Calling For
Daily Coronavirus Deaths To Double By June

China discovers new CVD strain that 'lasts for 49 days'

Trump's Virtual Town Hall - A Vehicle for Deception,
Finger-Pointing and Threats

Tucker Calls CNN's Brooke Baldwin An 'Airhead'
Over Interview With Barber Opening His Business

Tucker - Totalitarianism Doesn't Shock Us Anymore

GOP group unleashes devastating ad that hits
Trump for making US 'weaker, sicker, poorer'

Our Self-Imposed Prison System - Watch

Coronavirus Gives A Dangerous Boost
To Darpa's Darkest Agenda


The Three Nations Of CVD & A Windbag Named Fauci

Flashback - Here is Dr. Faustus WISHING for a Brand
New Pandemic in A November 2019 Interview...

Dr Judy Mikovits PhD - Fauci’s Worst Nightmare - WATCH

US - Hospitals Get Paid $13,000 to List Patients as CVD
and $39,000 to Put Them on a Ventilator

Pompeo believes coronavirus was 'man-made'
...But also agrees with intelligence that it was not!

Trump Takes Swipe After Pelosi, McConnel Decline
To Have CVD Tests

Looney Lizzie Warren First Choice Among Democrats
For Joe Biden VP Pick

Leftists Fume As Michael Moore Turns On Fraudulent
'Green' Movement In Latest Movie

Costco, Kroger rationing meat amid coronavirus
shortage fears - (But Not In Sweden...)

CVD Surges in Meat Plants as Activists Demand
Worker Safety & Meatless Mondays

Tearful Nurse Blows Whistle on NY Hospitals
For 'Murdering' Coronavirus Patients - Watch


Our Glorious Orwellian Reopening

Wooldridge - Ruminations of a Baby Boomer
...Human Cruelty Around the World

Musk Lists Two Bel Air Homes, Says He's Selling
'All Physical Possessions' - What Does He Know?

Boris Johnson dropping truth bombs Of The PLAN - Watch

Prof Neil Ferguson & His Wild-Eyed CVD Projections
Is Imperial College still Open for Business?

Three Russian Frontline Doctors Fall From Hospital
Windows Raising Intense Questions

Individual Citizen Fever-reading drones just first
of a wave Privacy-Stealing Technologies

Daytona Beach police using drones with Speakers
to enforce coronavirus closures - Big Brother Is HERE

More than 900 Missouri residents who 'snitched'
on lockdown rule-breakers fear retaliation after
their personal details are leaked online

Three charged in killing of store security guard
over virus mask


The pandemic has amplified ageism - 'It's open season
for discrimination' against older adults

50 Yrs Ago Today, US Troops Slaughtered Kent St
Anti-War Protestors

Former CIA operative - 'People like' Comey and
Brennan should get death penalty

The Inevitable Coronavirus Censorship Crisis Is Here

The Great Realization by Tom Foolery - Watch

Coronavirus-caused economic slowdown
could starve 130 million Worldwide (More)

ER Doctor - Pulse Oximeters Detect Oxygen Deprivation
Earlier from CVD And Can Help Avoid Ventilators

Locked Down - CVD Manufacturing Consent

Russia SARS CoV2 Sequences Are Largely Italian Lineage

Israel SARS CoV2 Sequences Are The Italian Lineage

Kinshasa DRC SARS CoV2 Sequences Are Italian Lineage

UT Recent SARS CoV2 Sequences Are Italian Lineage

Aldous Huxley - How To Make The Masses Obedient
And 'Happy' - Watch Especially 12:00-21:00 (1958)

Hoffman - God's 'Offensive' Name removed From
The Jerusalem Bible

Communist Dems DEMANDED Chinese Style Censorship
...Youtube Agreed And MAJOR Channels Got Purged


Russia to replace human soldiers with robots in combat

Spread of CVD cannot be fully stopped now Says
Russia's chief sanitary doctor

Russia's coronavirus cases far from reaching plateau
...says pulmonologist

Russia to keep some restrictive measures until
CVD vaccine is found - health minister

Russian-German Board Chair Calls for Reconsidering
Sanctions Against Russia Amid CVD

Russia's Northern Fleet Tracks NATO Warships
Crossing Into Barents Sea - Defence Ministry

N Korean Defectors Apologize For Embarrassingly
Wrong Kim Jong Un Death Info

Coronavirus Survivors Want Answers
... and China Is Silencing Them

Chang - China Is Playing a Very Dangerous Game
It Can't Win

No End to US Propaganda War on China


China Warns Of Possible Armed Conflict With US
Over Coronavirus Backlash

'Bluffing' - China demands 'enormous evidence'
Pompeo cited regarding CVD Wuhan lab origin

US beats trade war drums to move its supply
chains out of China

Mnuchin - There Will Be 'Significant' Consequences
if China Doesn't Make Good on Trade Deal with US

American Power Grid 'Vulnerable' To Chinese
Cyberattacks, Navarro Warns

WHO Says It Received No Data from US
Proving Artificial Origin of CVD

Time for 'post-mortem' on China's response to CVD will
come later but questions need answering – UK defense chief

China Faces 'Economic Reckoning' As CVD
Turns World Against Globalisation

Coronavirus Pandemic Shows China is Greatest
Geopolitical Threat to US - Senator Ted Cruz

Trump Says China 'Made Horrible CVD Mistake'
And 'Tried to Cover It'


Another leaked intel report accuses China of 'intentionally'
concealing coronavirus danger to hoard medical supplies

Vote Leave's AI Firm Sweeps Seven UK Govt
Contracts Amid Conflict of Interest Scandal

BoJo's close ally resigns in disgrace from UK govt after
'intimidating' member of public, 'abusing' parliamentary privilege

UK Columnist Slammed for 'Trying to Stir Unrest'
With Her Stance on Face Masks

Government Wants to Use the Pandemic to
Plant Microchips in People, Piers Corbyn Claims

John Pilger - A digital pandemic is coming.

First Covid-19 case in France could have been as early
as December, new evidence suggests

Germany's actual Covid-19 cases could be TEN TIMES
higher than officially confirmed number

Parents in Paris exasperated as schools plan to take
only 10% of students back in phase 1 of lifting lockdown

Shops, hair salons and bookstores reopen in Spain
as rate of CVD infections & deaths drop


Majority of Danish Muslims Wish to Make
Criticizing Islam Illegal

CVD reopening deals Vegas casinos a losing hand

Texas Regulator Says Efforts To Impose
Oil Production Cuts Are Now 'Dead'

US Refineries Cut Volumes More Than 20%
in Past Month Due to CVD

Saudi Arabia Braces For 'Painful' Austerity
Measures As Low Oil Prices Persist

German Government will continue to support
companies participating in Nord Stream 2

Tesla Applies To Sell Electricity In The UK

Canada's Air Carrier Records Nearly $740 Billion
Net Loss in First Quarter

Airlines steep losses sink Dow Jones by over
300 points as Buffett dumps holdings in troubled sector

International air travel may resume in mid-summer
Says major Russian carrier


Major American Retailer J. Crew
Files For Bankruptcy as Clothing
Industry Suffers From CVD

Welfare claims in the UK have surged
to 600% of pre-coronavirus levels

'Economic Fallout Accelerated' - Hong Kong
Records Worst Contraction In History

Iran to Drop Four Zeros From National Currency
The Rial...And Rename It as the Toman

President's Assassination was ultimate goal of
US-Colombia mercenary invasion of VZ – Maduro

Watch Ex-US Spec Ops Officer Claim He Led
Botched Bay of Pig's Style Invasion of Venezuela

Israel's Likud submits bill to Knesset to
annex more Palestinian land

US forces transport imprisoned Daesh terrorists
from Syria to Iraq SANA

Unknown terrorists murder nine policemen in Syria's Dara'a

Lebanese President Slams Intl Community for
Failing to Meet Obligations on Syrian Refugees


Taliban claims responsibility for deadly attack
on Afghan military site as peace deal crumbles further

Saudi-led militants start takeover of Yemen's
Socotra after fierce infighting

Ancient Egyptian 'Funeral Home'
One-Stop Shop for the Afterlife

2020 Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks this Week


Trump Town Hall - Says He Thinks A Vaccine Will Be
Available By Year End - Says 'The Plague Will Pass'

Now Trump Says He Wasn't Briefed By US Intel
Until 'Late January' - That's Not What Intel Says

Trump has destroyed the country he promised
to make great again

Trump warns Maine after business punished for
reopening as more devastated owners defy lockdown

Trump's Use of Nonexpert's CVD Model
...Is Not Going Well, At All

New Wharton Model - Reopening states will cause
233,000 more people to die from CVD

Whitney - How Sweden Succeeded While Others Failed

Sweden Has Already Won The Debate On
The Draconian CVD Lockdown Policy

This is The Biggest Scam Ever Perpetrated
on The Human Race- Watch

You're Being Lied To About CVD On A Huge Scale
To Reduce Your Human Rights And Freedom Forever


Allgire - We Can't Make It Without Oil And Diesel

There Is Now A Record 375 Million Barrels Of Oil
Stored On Tankers

'Death is our greeter' - Doctors, nurses struggle
with mental health as coronavirus cases grow
(they are getting burned out...Many will fade)

Did FBI Operative's Lie Launch Flynn Investigation
...And Did IG Horowitz Run Cover?

The Case Of General Flynn - Exposing Washington's
'Big Game Of Liars' Poker'

Trump Takes Aim at George W. Bush Over Call
for Unity in Times of CVD

Ex-FDA Chief - We Could See Persistent Cases Of CVD
Right On Through Summer

Pompeo - 'enormous evidence' CVD came from China lab

CIA And MI6 Put Together 'Scientific' Dossier On
China's CVD Coverup - West Readies To Demand
Compensation From Beijing

DHS report - China hid CVD severity to hoard supplies


Biden In Trouble With Key Voting Block

Tara Reade Says Sex Assault Allegation Not Included
in 1993 Joe Biden Complaint

Biden Accuser Tara Reade Complains of 'Creepy
Online Harassment' Over Her Sex Assault Allegations

Biden Is Everything The Democrats Are

Trump slams 'Crazy Nancy P' for not reconvening House

How Trump Has Broken The Polls

15 Questions for Fauci and Birx Before They
Completely Annihilate the US Economy

Dr Judy Mikovits PhD - Fauci’s Worst Nightmare - WATCH

'Gates Seeks To Microchip Humanity' - Russian
Oscar-Winning Director Pushes Vax Conspiracy
Loosely Based On Real Patent

Roger Stone says Bill Gates may have the creation
Of CVD In order to microchip the masses


'Remdesivir Is Probably WORTHLESS' - Trauma Surgeon
Exposes 'Drug Company's Shenanigans'

US Govt (Trump-Kushner) will decide where remdesivir
goes...Not Doctors And Health Professionals - drugmaker

Conservative Commentator Candace Owens
says her Twitter account was suspended following
A tweet about Whitmer's Stay Home Order

58 New Coronavirus Cases at Worcester, MA Walmart
Bringing Total to 81 – NBC Boston

Chicago Democrat Tyrant Mayor Threatens To Arrest
Anyone Who Refuses To Follow 'Social Distance' Decree

Slaughterhouse Robots To Ease Meat Processing Crisis

'Happy hypoxia' - unusual coronavirus effect baffles docs

How New York City is dealing with its dead

CA farmers are getting older - What will happen
to their farms when they retire? (Big Ag Buys Them)

Aldous Huxley - How To Make The Masses Obedient
And 'Happy' - Watch Especially 12:00-21:00 (1958)

You're Being Lied To About CVD On A Huge Scale
To Reduce Your Human Rights And Freedom Forever


Communist Trudeau Bans 1500 Models And Variants
Of Types Of Firearms - Throw Him OUT

Roberts - Coming Out of Lockdown Unprepared

Welcome to the era of the Great Disillusionment

Facebook Censors Suddenly Ban The Unz Review

US builds nuclear shield to deliver surprise nuclear
strike on Russia — General Staff

Pentagon Reviewing Hypersonic Program As
Investments In Mach 5 Missiles Expected To Soar

'End of US Global Dominance' Predicted in
Wake of CVD as World Order to 'Reinvent Itself'

Is there a “6th column” trying to subvert Russia?

Over four Million CVD tests conducted in Russia

Russian, Italian servicemen decontaminate
three retirement homes in Brescia


Russian Military Helps Disinfect Another 20 Facilities
in 3 Serbian Cities - Ministry

Tunisia Asks Russia for Respirators, Masks,
Medical Equipment Amid Pandemic

How a US Government Sponsored Outlet Sparked Media
Hysteria About Kim Jong-un's 'Death'

North & South Korea 'exchange gunfire' in DMZ – Seoul

Seoul Disagrees With Speculation that
Kim Jong-un Had Surgery - Reports

Trump Tweets Glad to See Kim 'Is Back and Well'

'The US Doesn't Own The UN' - Furious Beijing Blasts
UN Mission's Taiwan Tweets As 'Political Manipulation'

Prince Andrew is 'Not Prepared to Co-Operate'
With US Attorneys on Epstein Case

Prince Andrew ignores three formal requests
to be interviewed

'Not today' - UK says it's wrong time to be
Scrutinizing China for CVD origins


Primary Schools in UK Could Reopen on 1 June

UK Government Announces $95 Million Support
to Those Most Vulnerable Amid Pandemic

UK Gov't Considering Introducing 14-Day
Quarantine for Flight Arrivals - Transport Secretary

Your passport and corona test, please
Vienna airport starts on-site screening
for those who wish to avoid quarantine

'As long as coronavirus doesn't go on vacation'
German interior minister warns against
'reckless' reopening of borders

Nearly Half of UK Doctors must Purchase Own PPE
...Or Rely on Donations, BMA Study Finds

Nearly ONE FIFTH of British households have trouble
feeding children as result of LOCKDOWN

Ex-German Chancellor Urges Lifting 'Senseless'
Anti-Russian Sanctions Amid CVD Pandemic

Brace For A Monday Massacre - Buffett Liquidates All
Airline Holdings As Berkshire Sees Another Slide

Billionaires Got $28 Billion Richer During
Coronavirus Pandemic - Study


What Caused The New York Vs London Gold Price
Spread And Why It Persists

Saudi Arabian Finance Minister Says Real Impact of
CVD Expected in Second Quarter of 2020

Global energy's historic plunge equivalent to losing
The entire energy demand of India

Spain Seeks Another Bailout As Deficit Skyrockets

Norway's $1 Trillion Wealth Fund Doubled Down
On US Stocks During March Market Rout

Michael Hudson on the current economic crisis

'Invasion by sea' - Venezuela thwarts 'mercenary'
infiltration attempt from Colombia

Ex-Green Beret Was Behind Failed Attempt At
'Armed Invasion' Of VZ Funded By US Billionaires

Brazil - Moro Testifies Against Bolsonaro
...And Calls Him 'Judas'

Inmates Take Prison Guards Hostage in Brazilian
City Most Affected By Coronavirus


Brazil's Supreme Court Suspends Bolsonaro's
Order to Expel Venezuelan Diplomats - Reports

Mossad behind German blacklisting of Hezbollah: Israeli TV

Trump tells Netanyahu not to cherry-pick 'deal of century'

127 British MPs call for sanctions on Israel
over West Bank annexation

Iran's warning - Nuclear deal will die forever
if arms ban extended

Iran to reopen mosques in low-risk areas from Monday

US using ISIS attacks as pretext to extend its Iraq presence

Syrian Troops Demine Hundreds of Hectares of
Land in Bid to Rebuild War-Torn Nation

Saudi Officials Say Whopping 70% Of Mecca's
Population Likely Infected With CVD

Saudi Arabia Puts Industrial Part of Dammam
on Lockdown Starting Sunday


Five Security Personnel, Two Terrorists Killed in Kashmir

Giant 'murder hornets' that kill 50 people a year
in Asia have invaded the US

The Sun is Still 'Unusually Quiet'

Every Single Heartbeat Affects Our Perception
of The World

Emotional Eating - Why Are You Doing It
And How Do You Stop?

Trump plots economic pivot at Camp David
Expected to meet with Jerry And The Princess
And chief of staff Mark Meadows, Others

Trump Gives (Himself) And His Admin A 'Spectacular'
Rating For It's Performance Against CVD - Then Blames
Obama For Broken Tests For A Virus That Didn't Exist

Trump - America's most unpopular leader

Hillary shows off cloth mask - 'VOTE'

One Of Alex Jones Most Frightful Rants Ever - Talks
Of Killing, Cooking And Eating His Neighbors And
Drinking Their Blood - Endorsing Cannibalism - Watch

Trump, Presiding Over And Leading America To Its End,
Is Slowly Realizing He's Losing - Like Othello, He Rages
At His Staff And Anyone He Suspects Of 'Disloyalty'

Jake Tapper Hits Trump With A Stunning Reminder Of
His Hypocrisy (Trump on Friday baselessly accused CNN
and NBC News of being puppets for the Chinese govt)

Coronavirus Kills Six Workers at Broadridge Warehouse

New report says CVD pandemic could last for two
years – and may not subside until 70% Have immunity

Some coronavirus patients with mild cases report
symptoms for a month


German government 'to gain 25% stake in Lufthansa'
(The Nationalization of big business in gaining steam
And We Will See It Here, Soon - World communism)

NYT Calls For A Full DNC Probe Of Sex Assault
Charges Against Creeper Biden - This Will Likely
Lead Him To The Exit And Hillary Will Be Drafted

Leaked Western intel dossier reveals How China
deceived the world about coronavirus Beginning
Last December 31 - Resulting In Mass Death

Trump's Wimpy, Half-Assed Immigration 'Suspension'
Is GONE In The Latest Reversal-Betrayal Of His Base
...And 30 Million Americans Out Of Work - Trump Must Go

Redacted FBI document hints at Israeli efforts
to help Trump in 2016 campaign

Union Says S Dakota Smithfield pork plant
will reopen On Monday

Healthy pigs being killed as meatpacking
backlog hits farms

'Conspiracy Theories' Thrive As Texans Flock
Back To Shopping Malls

Four Of Seven Serious Sex Offenders Released
From CA Jails Already Rearrested

50 Dead, 60 Wounded After VZ Prison Uprising


'Remdesivir Is Probably Worthless' - A Trauma
Surgeon Exposes 'Drug Company's Shenanigans'

Eva Murry Says Joe Biden Sexually Harassed Her
When She Was Just 14

After refusing for weeks, FL reveals flurry of deaths
at individual nursing homes, ALFs

Barron Trump's Elite School Getting Taxpayer Stimulus
Money - Steve Mnuchin Wants It Back

DIY Face Mask Video Tutorial With Kay - Hilarious!

Brace For A Monday Massacre - Buffett Liquidates
All Airline Holdings As Berkshire Sees Another Leg Lower

GeoEngineering Watch Global News Alert 2-2-20

SpaceX - Camel's Nose Under The Tent
Of Rapid Space Militarization

REAL HISTORY - In Defense of Neville Chamberlain

Russia Is Making High-Budget, High Quality
Christian Cartoons ...Imagine If Disney Were
Still Christian - Soon With English Subtitles


China deliberately destroyed evidence about start CVD

Macleod - Geopolitics Post-COVID-19

China Issues Odd Animated Lego Video
Attacking Trump's COVID-19 Response

China Slams US for Provocative Tweet Urging
For Taiwan to Get a Seat in UN Amid Pandemic

Three Suspected Bombs Reportedly Found
in Abandoned Hong Kong School

Japan Plans to Draw Up Protocols for Potential UFO
Encounter in Wake of Bombshell Footage by US

Muslim death cultist Invader tells Danish man
'You Danes are being exterminated, You're like
animals...We Won't integrate'

Boris Johnson's Coronavirus Lies Are Killing Brits

Crushing the States, Saving the Banks
...The Fed's Generous New Rules

Israeli Historian Discovers '6 Million' Holocaust
Figure Was Invented at Zionist Conference In 1944,


US Embassy Says Israeli West Bank Annexation
Can Move Forward Without A Palestinian State

N Korea Releases Brand New Photos Of Kim Jong Un
At Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony As Crowd Cheers

Kim Jong Un Makes First Appearance In 3 Weeks

RED ALERT - Trump 'pivots to mandatory vaccinations'
jumps in with Big Pharma's diabolical 'warp speed' mass
medical experiment on the American people

Oil Is Dead In The Water, The Entire US Economy Is Next
Longer CV Lasts, Less The Future Will Look Like The Past
This Is A National Economic Calamity, Never Seen Before

Trump World Now Turns On MASKS As The New True
CVD Villains - (Because There STILL Aren't Enough)

Some meat plants reopen but Trump order may not be cure-all

How Trump Gutted Obama's Pandemic
Preparedness Systems

Trump's Habit Of denying His Own past statements
becomes Even more glaring

For Many Trump Voters, Coronavirus Was The Last Straw

Trump WH blocks Fauci from testifying In Front
Of House Panel next week


'View' co-host rips President Kushner's 'cruel'
comments on coronavirus response

Number Of Sailors On USS Kidd Nears 100
As Navy Goes Mum - Ship Docked In San Diego

Panicked, Stammering Biden Tries To Dodge Reade's
Sex Assault Claims In Bizarre Interview - Watch

The Creeper Formally Denies Reade's Sex Assault Claim

Forget #BelieveWomen, 'I Believe Biden' is trending
Dems rush to defend sex assault denial – but they
won't like the results

Buchanan - Will Depression II Dictate Trump's Fate?

Trump blaming Obama for broken CVD tests
is More complete nonsense

When will US reach 100,000 deaths? After a horrific
April, That grim milestone could hit in Middle of May

Gates Slams US CVD Testing Data as 'Bogus'
...Says It Lacks Accuracy


How Greed and Incompetence Delayed N95
...Masks While People Died

Children With CVD Are Significantly Undercounted

Flu deaths vs coronavirus deaths - These reasons
show why CVD can be more dangerous than the flu

GOP's CVD Stimulus Priority - Make Workers
Poorer And Less safe

DeVos sued for seizing student loan borrowers
wages during pandemic

Pressure Said mounting on Trump to
'drop the hammer' on China

Was CV-19 Modified by Humans? - A Solid Basis
for Scientific Discussion

Giraldi - Trump Trying Desperately To Misdirect CV
Attention By Verbally Attacking China, Russia, Iran

Trump Now Claims He's Seen 'Evidence' Suggesting
CV Came From The Wuhan BioLab

US Intel Says CVD Didn't Come From China Lab


More Evidence CV Is a US BioAttack on China

China Refuses WHO Request To Take Part
In CVD Origin Probe

WHO Adviser Says It's 'Likely' CVD Leaked from Lab
Slams Trump Admin Response to Pandemic

American Pravda - Our Coronavirus Catastrophe
as Biowarfare Blowback? - Unz

CVD Is a Neocon Biowar Attack on China
...Unpacking Ron Unz's Bombshell Article

Trump Regime Threatens Escalated War on China
...by Other Means

The Trump Admin Has Put Federal Workers at Risk

Citing study that sunlight kills coronavirus
Gov DeSantis to reopen Florida's parks

Wages Seized, Bank Accounts Frozen - The Poor Are
Getting Poorer as Heartless Creditors Pursue Debts

Las Vegas Turns Casino Into Food Bank
...Cars Line Up For Miles


Food Lines a Mile Long In New Jersey

Milwaukee Airport In The Afternoon Of May 5, 2020

Atzmon - Corona Progressives and the Agora

Smith - The Crisis Won't Stop Until The Globalists
Are Removed From Power

CA Communist Gov Gruesome's Orders Release
Of 7 HIGH LEVEL Sex Offenders

Judicial Watch Sues CA to Stop Newsom's Initiative
to Give $75 Million in Cash Benefits to Invading Aliens

Bolshevik Judge Allows Warrantless Aerial
Surveillance Of Baltimore

Nearly 900 workers at Tyson meat plant
in Indiana test positive for coronavirus

Tyson Waterloo Plant Refuses Trump EO
Orders To Reopen - It Will Remain Closed

How Sweden Has Faced the Virus
Without a Lockdown


Coronavirus is Christmas for Liberal Control-Freaks

US Health Insanity Against Its Own Continues
Leah Was Billed $1,000s For Her CVD Treatment
Marco Got It Free...Because He's An Italian

Two Guards at Detention Facility Die After Getting
CV as ICE Invader Infections Continue to Rise
'They Didn't Have To Die' - Trump Admin Blamed

US CV Death Toll Staying Below Six Figures
Called 'Optimistic'

Tenants, landlords brace for largest rent
strike in decades

Obama's Communist CIA Chief Brennan speaks
out about his Muslim faith...in fluent Arabic

Health officials propose paying Americans $50
a day to self-isolate.

Illinois Gov Fumes Over 'Reprehensible' Question
About Wife's Bugout To $12 Million Florida Estate

'COVID toes' and other skin symptoms
may be a sign of coronavirus

Trump Finally To send PPE shipments
to nursing homes


'Pandemic drones' and other technology
could help limit the spread of CV and ease
restrictions sooner, but at what cost?

Trump Issues Executive Order to Protect US
Bulk Power System From Foreign Attacks

CNN, NBC News Networks Praise China in
Fake News Coverage, Trump Says

Pentagon Concerned Over 'Adversaries' Using
Pandemic Crisis to Acquire US Defence Firms

US Probing Texas Universities' Ties With Wuhan Lab
at Centre of COVID-19 Theory, Reports Say

US, UK Centres Developing COVID-19 Vaccines
Suffer From Foreign Cyberattacks - Report

Increased Virulence In SARS CoV2 Italian Lineage

MD SARS CoV2 Sequences Are Largely Italian Lineage

Association Of American Physicians Says Trump-Touted
Drug Has 90% Chance Of Helping CVD Patients

Will US allow Chinese investigators to inspect
bio-weapons lab in Maryland?

US should have spent half its military budget on
healthcare system instead of missiles, 'ex-economic
hitman' Perkins tells RT

Warships From US 6th Fleet, UK Practice Anti-Submarine
Warfare in Arctic, Navy Says

China Enters Indian Ocean at Time of CVD Crisis
...India's Navy Hurting More Than Expected


Soros Launches Furious Attack on Putin in FT
'War Crimes in Syria'...'Caused The Migrant Crisis'

Putin's Health Under Maximum Protection in Wake
of Prime Minister's Infection - Kremlin

Second wave of coronavirus in Russia may begin in fall
...Consumer Rights Watchdog

Chinese journalist jailed for 15 years for
'Attacking' The Communist Party

What would the US and China do if chaos erupts
in Kim Jong-un's North Korea?

Two new infections end Hong Kong's five day
streak of no cases - local contagion threat remains

Trump is handling coronavirus so badly,
he almost makes Boris Johnson look good

Rare Disease Possibly Linked to CVD Diagnosed
in German Children - Reports

Oxford scientists to make a million doses a
month of possible CVD vaccine

Australian PM Admits Canberra Has 'Nothing' to
Prove Chinese Lab Was 'Likely Source' of CVD


Dying Economy - April Will Be The Worst Month
On Record For US Auto Sales

Fed To Print 9.5 Trillion To Buy Most Of World Gold

Silver Hasn't Been This Cheap In 5,000 Years
Of Human History

After Gold & Oil Contract Chaos, CME Group
Secures $7 Billion Credit Line 'In Case Of
COMEX Member Default'

Fed Cuts Pace Of Treasury QE To Just
$8 Billion Per Day

'There is no future' muses Ford CEO Jim Hackett
after pocketing $52 Million

Tesla Slashes Model 3 Price In China
To Qualify For (More) Government Subsidies

'The Trade War Is Back' - BMO Warns The 'Summer
Promises To Be Unlike Any In Political Memory'

11 Million Brits Face 'Financial Cliff Edge'
Due to Coronavirus - Survey

Exxon Reports First Quarterly Loss In 32 Years


Possible Nord Stream 2 Pipelayer Enters Danish Waters

Baseless US claims aim to obstruct Venezuela's
oil plans amid sanctions - Iran

German Regulator Plans to Deny Nord Stream 2
Waiver from New Gas Directive - Reports

US Imposes Iran-Related Sanctions on Investment
Company, Individual, Treasury Says

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Accuses WHO
of Encouraging Sexual Activity in Children - Report

Crazyman Pompeo Demands Countries Block Airspace
To Iran's 'Terrorist Airline' After Venezuela Deliveries

Mamas, Don't Let Your Daughters Grow Up
to Be Soldiers (song parody)

Amazing Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

How Fanatics Hack Our Minds

Coronaphobia – Well, Who Created it Main Stream Media?


Nearly 900 workers at Tyson meat plant
in Indiana test positive for coronavirus

Trump Makes A Bunch Of New False And Misleading
Statements At A White House Press Briefing

CV To Continue Spreading, Causing Up To 2 More YEARS
Of Coronavirus Pandemic Misery Until 60-70% Of The US
Has Had The Virus - And Herd Immunity Is Achieved

Dr Faustus Decrees There Will Be No Sports In
America This Year - He's Got To Be removed
He's Already Destroyed Over 30 Million Jobs

Crazed Communist CA Gov Newsom orders
Orange County beaches to close

CA SHOWDOWN - OC Sheriff Will Not Enforce Order After
Power Mad Dem Gov Newsom Announces 'Hard Close'
of All Orange County Beaches - Watch

First Major Study Shows Direct Correlation Between
5G Networks and Coronavirus Outbreaks

Trump Blasts China Over Virus - Says It Might Have Been
'Horrible Mistake' From Wuhan Lab Or An Intentional Release

Trump Is Losing His Mind Over Reports
That He's Losing His Mind

Shakespearean Tragi-Comic Trump Considers Ways To
'Punish' China - Convinced Beijing 'Will Do Anything'
To Make Him Lose The Re-election - Something His Ego
And Terminal Narcissism Couldn't Accept

Trump says China wants him to lose re-election race

China Say It 'Has No Interest' in Meddling in The US
Presidential Election Amid Trump's Allegations

Newly-Released FBI Documents Hint
Israel Secretly Helped Trump Win 2016 Election


Trump's Recovery Plan Looks Like a Fantasy

President Kushner Declares The Trump Administration's
'Great Success' Over Coronavirus! - Watch

Jerry Kushner Is the 'De Facto President of the
United States' Says Former White House Official

Jerry Kushner predicts much of the country
will be 'back to normal' in June - Sure Thing...

As death toll passes 60,000, Trump's team searches
for an quick, safe exit strategy

Hilton CEO Shatters Trump's Ridiculous MSM Conspiracy
To Damage Him And His Reelection

Gates paralyzed half a million Kids with polio vaccines
...do we want him vaccinating the world for coronavirus?

Our bills are due on May 1 - where is Congress?

Trump declares May 'Older American's Month'
...What The Hell Is An 'Older' American?

CV hype Is The biggest political hoax in history


O'Keefe Strikes Again - Funeral Directors in CV Epicenter
Doubt Legitimacy of Deaths Attributed to Pandemic - Vid

As Biden Fades, Hillary waits for the Right time
To Make Her Move

Watch - Dementia Stricken Joe Biden dozing
off as Hillary Clinton was talking?

Unsealed FBI Handwritten Notes, Emails Reveal
Agents Plotted Perjury Trap On Flynn

Even if Michael Flynn's case is dismissed, don't expect
the FBI to stop its political abuse of power

Israeli Prof - Pandemic Is Always In Decline From The
8th Week Regardless Of The Country's Response Policy

Wuhan Shows That The End Of Lockdown Is Just
The Beginning Of The Coronavirus Crisis

More Likely To Die If Vaxxed? Why Gates Wants Indemnity

RFK Jr - Bill Gates Globalist Vaccine Agenda

Majority Of Canadians Think COVID-19 Vaccine
Should be Mandatory! - New Poll


Trump Can't Explain Claim How CV Will be 'Eradicated'
Even Without Vaccine

Hohmann - 'Social Distancing' Is The Problem, Not The Answer

The Dubious CV Models, The Tests
...and Now the Consequences

TX Farmer 'We Are Being FORCED To Destroy Your Food'

Beef Prices To Record High As Meatpacking Plants Shut

Will Food Shortages End Support For The Lockdown?

Food Plant Workers Clash With Employers
Over CV Safety

Painkillers, sedatives in short supply during pandemic

Dallas County reports highest 1 day increase in CV cases
5 deaths - (Some Say let it run wild, That It's not going to
Recede until It Runs Through The Entire Population)

Texas Restaurant Owner - We Must Reopen 100%
...Or Not At All


Michigan politicians wear bulletproof vests as armed
protesters storm Capitol to protest stay home orders

American STASI - CA Building 10,000 Person Communist
Army Of Professional Snitches

Musk calls US shelter-in-place orders fascist,
And Un-American in rant

Communist US Court Strikes Down Kansas Law Requiring
Proof of Citizenship In Order To Vote

Minneapolis Mayor Allows Muslim Call To Prayer
To Be Blasted 5 Times A Day Subjecting All
Christians And Other Religions To It - Incredible

Wooldridge Comments On Minneapolis Call To Prayer

Being Afraid And Eliminating Exposure To Germs
...Leads To Death by Fear & Germs - Unless The
Government Kills You First

Germany's Robert Koch Institute Not Ruling Out 3 Waves

3 New York judges die, almost 170 court workers infected

Dozens Of Rotting corpses found in non-refrigerated
trucks at New York funeral home


NYC Homeless Fill Up Subway Cars Amid Pandemic - Watch

Epstein Victim Maria Farmer - 'Jews Are The Biggest
Supremacists I've Ever Met' - 'The Things They Said
About Blacks Made Me Cry' It Was Made Very Clear
To Me, 'You're Just A Servant, You're White' - Watch

Michael Moore's latest film targeted 'renewables'
& accused 'green' groups of being in Big Energy's
pockets - It hit a nerve

Stupid-19 Video - 'The New Normal'

Over 70% of inmates in federal prisons have CV

Portland To Ban Cars On 100 Miles Of Roadway
To Promote Safe Distancing - What Garbage

Chick Baldwin - NEVER AGAIN!

25% Of Americans Depend on Trump as Their
Major Source of CV News - Poll

MSNBC Attacks Trump For Using The DPA
After Criticizing Trump For Not Using The DPA

AI Outperforms Human Intel Analysts In a Key Area
...In other words AI will kill with impunity

Croatian Presidency Reportedly Pressures EU
to Boost Introduction of 5G And 6G Networks

Apple, Google Partner For Big Brother
Tracking Platform Of Americans


Google muscles into video conferencing with 'secure' Zoom
competitor as 60% Of Americans don't trust Big Tech with data

Twitter opens up data for researchers to study CV spread

US Air Force Claims It's Ready to Use Nuclear
Arsenal Despite Coronavirus Pandemic

US push for low-yield nukes makes atomic war MORE
likely as Russia will retaliate with full force - Moscow

Amid pandemic, Pentagon pushes its 'Russia more dangerous
than ISIS' fear porn and not for the first time

US Lawmakers Push to Fund Hawaii Defense
Radar as DoD Mulls THAAD Deployment

Russia's coronavirus cases surpass 100,000

65 CV patients die in Moscow in past day - Total Now 611

Russian Prime Minister Mishustin tests positive For CV

Anger rises among Russia's doctors as coronavirus
hospitals get put on lockdown


US involvement in Normandy Four format 'off the table' — Kremlin

Trump's Most Influential China Hawk Suspects
Coronavirus Leaked From Wuhan Lab

South Korean Example Confirms Mass Testing
Helps to Stop CV Spread

Coronavirus originated in China but was 'not
manmade or genetically modified': US intel community

Pentagon Finds US Supply Chain May Be Too
Dependent on China - Ya Think?

Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest during the
CV Outbreak in Italy

As Mortality Rate Spikes, Bankers In UK Won't Return
To 'The City' Any Time Soon

UK set to miss CV testing target as its death toll
jumps to second in Europe

Covid-19 was already 'silently circulating' in France
before virus arrived from China & Italy – study

German Infection Rate Spikes After Merkel Eases Lockdown


Germany bans Hezbollah, conducts multiple anti-terrorist raids

As Italian Crime Drops By 66.6% During Lockdown,
Loan Sharks Focus Lasers

Finland Poised to Reopen Schools as Random
Antibody Tests Indicate Low COVID-19 Incidence

'Complete Collapse' - Virus Lockdowns Smash
German Jobs, Lead To Record Drop In Euro Economy

France Plunges Into Recession as GDP Sinks

New Communist WHO Guidelines Encourage EU Kids
Under 4 To Be Taught 'Masturbation' & 'Gender Identity'

WHO Hails Lockdown-Free Sweden as 'Model' for
'New Normal' Despite Gloomy CV Predictions

It's closing time for many of Ireland's pubs

77th Brigade - Is British Military Waging An
Information War On Its Own Population?

LOKIN-20 - UK Quarantine Sparks Increasing Health Concerns


FL jobless claims surpass Those In CA as
unemployment spreads

Amazon's earnings report for Q1 2020 Miss Mark
Even With Big CV Jump

The Myth of V-Shape US Economic Recovery

'Immediate danger' - Half of world's workforce could lose
livelihood due to CV - UN agency warns

Americans Are Hoarding Most Cash
Since The Reagan Years

Gold demand skyrockets 80% as pandemic fuels
investor dash for safety

Peter Schiff Debunks 'Gold Is Set To Crash' Narrative

No-fly year: 1.5 BILLION fewer air travellers in 2020
amid Covid-19 crisis, UN aviation agency predicts

British Airways Plans to Cut Pilot Jobs by Almost 25%

Trump's Trade War Costing US Influence in Intl 5G Bodies
as China, Huawei Leads in Contributions


Croatian Presidency Reportedly Pressures EU
to Boost Introduction of 5G And 6G Networks

'It's A Weapon For The US' - China Official
Renews Calls To Dethrone The Dollar

6 Central Banks & The Ponzi Scheme
That Will Bankrupt The World

'War On Cash' Is Kicking Into Overdrive

Federal Reserve Maintains US Rates,
Says Pandemic Poses 'Considerable Risks' to Economy

Inside Story Of How Trump Got MbS To
'Bend The Knee' - Cut Oil Supply Or Lose US Protection

Trump warned Saudis to cut oil production
or lose US military support

Shell Announces First Dividend Cut Since WWII

Oil Rallies On Signs Of A Global Reopening

Texas Railroad Commissioner Reveals Why He's
Against 'Curtailing the State's Oil Production'


Norway Will Reduce Oil Output in June - Oil Ministry

Gulf of Guinea - Oil pirates have a new favorite hotspot

Caracas Reportedly Urges Bank of England to Sell
Venezuela's Gold to UN for Anti-COVID-19 Efforts

What Makes Argentina's Response to CV
So Different From Other South American States?

Israeli Military Buildup Near Golan, Is War Coming?

'Iran will target US bases with missiles if it faces threat

Moscow - UN Weapons Embargo on Iran Can't Be
Prolonged Despite US Efforts

Russian envoy blasts US for claiming to be part of Iran Nuke deal

Batch of nuclear fuel delivered to Iran's Bushehr
nuclear power plant — Russian embassy

Major Yemeni op clears most of province
And kills over 1,200 Saudi-led mercs.


Turkey deployed US-made HAWK missiles to Idlib - Syria

UAE delegation visits Sudan to recruit mercs
for Libya rebel commander - Report

Hunger to Kill More People in India Than COVID-19
Warns Country's Top Industrialist

Full Interview - Ed Snowden On Trump, Privacy,
And The Major Threats To Democracy

Here Are The Last 34 Countries On Earth Yet
To Report A Single CV Case

If ET Sapient Life Exists, It Can Intercept Our Signals
Says Chinese Astrophysicist

NASA Helicopter Joins Next Mars Mission for
Test Flights in Thin Atmosphere

Onto the next 'child-rights crisis'? Grim Greta launches
fundraiser to battle CV pandemic

The Largest Ozone Hole Ever Recorded Over
North Pole Has Finally 'Healed Itself' & Closed


CV hype Is The biggest political hoax in history

As Biden Fades, Hillary waits for the Right time
To Make Her Move

Trump erupts at campaign team as his poll numbers Dive

Unsealed FBI Handwritten Notes, Emails Reveal
Agents Plotted Perjury Trap On Flynn

Wuhan Shows That The End Of Lockdown Is Just
The Beginning Of The Coronavirus Crisis

Epstein Victim Maria Farmer - 'Jews Are The Biggest
Supremacists I've Ever Met' - 'The Things They Said
About Blacks Made Me Cry' It Was Made Very Clear
To Me, 'You're Just A Servant, You're White' - Watch

TX Farmer 'We Are Being FORCED To Destroy Your Food'

Beef Prices To Record High As Meatpacking Plants Shut

Will Food Shortages End Support For The Lockdown?

Texas Restaurant Owner - We Must Reopen 100%
...Or Not At All


American STASI - CA Building 10,000 Person Communist
Army Of Professional Snitches

Jerry Kushner predicts much of the country
will be 'back to normal' in June - Right!

10 Stages of The Coronavirus Destruction of the
World By The Global Elite Second Wave, Disputed
Elections, Stocks Crash, Food Crisis, Riots, More

US Coronavirus Deaths Top 60,000
...Trump's Predicted Maximum

US coronavirus outbreak soon to be deadlier than
any flu since 1967 as deaths top 60,000

US Buys 100,000 More Body Bags,
Preparing For The CV Worst - WSJ

Coronavirus Is 'as deadly as Ebola in A hospital'

Trump won't extend distancing guidelines
Says He's Leaving It To the States!

Jerry Kushner Is the 'De Facto President of the
United States' Says Former White House Official

Dr Faustus warns of 'a bad fall and a bad winter'
as President Kushner claims victory over pandemic

President Kushner calls (His & Trump's) US CV
response a 'Great success story' as cases Pass 1 million...

Kushner's 'princely arrogance' set back the coronavirus
response by many weeks


Jerry Kushner claims 'we have all the testing we need'
actual experts say he's utterly wrong

Reports uncover President Kushner's business ties
with one of Israel's richest families

Why did Trump On 9-20-19 end the pandemic early-warning
program to detect coronaviruses just months before the
coronavirus crisis started in China? This Was ALL Planned

9 Simulations, Drills and Laws Used To Plan And
Prepare for the Coronavirus Plandemic

Survey Finds 50 MILLION Americans Have Lost
Their Job In Past 6 Weeks - (All Part Of The Plan)

Trump Mocks Man's Mask and Pence Refuses
to Wear One - Are Trump & The Political Elite
Being Protected From Infection Somehow?

Ivanka Is Back With Father Who Cites '15 MILLION Jobs'
He Says She Created And How She Is Behind The Small
Business Bailout Program - God Save The Princess!

Coronavirus Essential Workers at Amazon And
Walmart to Go On Strike

Trump Just Doesn't Get It - Does Not Understand
How Dangerous And Deadly The Coronavirus Is

Meat Plant Employees To Trump - Workers Aren't
Going To Show Up For Work


Next Phase Of The Crisis - Food Shortages In
Staples Such As Rice, Sugar, Corn And Eggs

'Crisis In Processing' - Pandemic Exposes Fragility
Of Food Supply Chain

US Farms Kill Millions Of Chickens As
Food Crisis Nears

Rebuild a better world? First we need to accept that
the West's economies were utterly broken before
The Coronavirus Plandemic Was Unleashed

CV Relief Money Often Pays Workers More Than
Work - Ergo, People will voluntarily stay unemployed
until the economy burns to the ground

Biden As President Would Cause Massive Border
Invasion From Day One Of His Term - Ex ICE Boss

Trump Falsely Suggests He Was Right When
He Said There Would Be 'Close To Zero' Cases
Of Coronavirus In The US In February

Melinda Gates - We're 18 months from a vaccine
'We're Absolutely Going To Have More' Pandemics
They're Both Part Of The Plan To Rule The World

Luongo - Just Say No To Contact Tracing


Br Nathanael - Who Leaked COVID-19?

Vit D Insufficiency is Prevalent in Severe CV Cases

An unprecedented number of 'Do Not Resuscitate' forms
have been received from doctors, appear to have been
carried out without consent - Genocide

7-Step Path from Pandemic to Totalitarianism

This Is The Biggest Power Grab Since 9/11

The Crash Has Just Begun

Gates, Soros linked Charity forecasts
one billion coronavirus cases

Blood Of Recovered Coronavirus Patients
Is Being Sold On The Dark Web

Trump Health Secretary Alex Azar Likely Gone Soon

MIT - What If CV Immunity Doesn't Last Long?


UK Warns Doctors About Mysterious New
Respiratory Syndrome Appearing In Children

Almost 80% Americans Against Trading Privacy
for CV Surveillance - Study

Pandemic Passports And The Danger Of

Devvy - Protesters Protesting Anti-Lockdown Protesters
...Dangerous Ignorance

Devvy - Operation Lift Lockdown May 1st
...A Make Or Break Be There

ALIPAC illegal immigration fighting candidates advance

Trump Says He May Demand 'A Lot More'
Than $160 Billion From China For The Pandemic

China Should Be Sued For $6.5 Trillion - Top UK Think Tank

'Don't defend Trump – attack China' - coronavirus
strategy revealed in Republican memo

'Charmed' Star Rips 'Disgrace' Donald Trump Over
Grandfather's Death From Coronavirus


McConnell Wants Full Corporate Immunity From CV Lawsuits

100s of Americans line up for drive-thru food bank
handouts in Los Angeles and Pennsylvania

Pentagon - Removing The 'God Gene' With Vaccine
You Need To See This - Watch

About 60%' of West Point cadets returning for Trump's
commencement speech Will Be Infected

Donald Trump - Illuminati Choice For President Parody - Watch

Wooldridge - A Single Thread In The Tapestry Of Life

Blacks Still Having Massive Chicago House Parties
While Claiming Disparate Coronavirus Impact On
Them Is Caused By 'Racism' - Ludicrous

MD Officials 'Weaponize' CV Restrictions to Suppress
First Amendment Rights of Protesters

Why Illinois Is Broke - 109,881 Public Employees
With $100,000+ Paychecks Cost Taxpayers $14 Billion

'Money Is Running Out' - Vegas Struggles To
Survive Shutdown


Trump Delivers Remarks on Supporting Small
Businesses Through Paycheck Protection Program

Halfway House Resident Who Raised Alarms Over CV
Is Sent Back to Jail - Just Like Communist China

New York clinical trial quietly tests heartburn
remedy against coronavirus

Remdesivir Speeds Recovery Of Advanced CV Patients

NJ Prisons - 29 Coronavirus Deaths, Only 184 Tests

Amazon, Google, and Apple have moved past monopoly
status to competing directly with governments...and winning

YouTube expands 'fact checks' to 'protect'
Americans from CV 'misinformation'

Huawei's launch of new map app signals Trump's
ban on China's tech giant may backfire on Google

Tech Giants are Profiting - and Getting More Powerful

Germany, France Change Stance on Apple-Google
Contact Tracing Project

Hillary Clinton To Give Keynote Speech At
Cybersecurity Conference


Why is it even called 5th Gen? Pentagon's decision
not to fix supersonic speed issue with F-35C defeats
The jet's very purpose

China 'Expels' US Warship From South China Sea

Russia & US are rushing into new arms race as
they run out of time for realistic arms-control deal

US Navy Carrier Nimitz Sets Sail in Empty
Pacific After CV Puts Fleet in Port

US Navy Takes Delivery Of Futuristic Stealth
Destroyer (7 Years Late)

General Electric Wins $707 Million
Engines Export Deal With 4 US Allies

'Corona-Killing' UV Bots Could Be Deployed At Military Bases

Meet 'Salus' The Pentagon's New CV Hotspot,
Panic-Buying And Predicting AI

Trump Wants All US Troops Immediately Out
Of Afghanistan Due To Coronavirus

Suicide Rate in US Military Now Increasing
at Same Rate as Civilian Epidemic


Coronavirus spread dynamics in Russia slow down
considerably says Moscow's mayor

Almost 40% of Russians believe that working
remotely is more effective, study says

Moscow Starts Running Immune-Enzyme
Blood Analysis to Detect Coronavirus

Ukraine denies Armenian genocide, refers instead
to 'tragic events of April'

China's control of US media Now out in the open

Who is winning the China-US race to run the world
amid the CV pandemic?

CCP Calls 'Sinister US Secretary Of State Pompeo
An 'Enemy Of World Peace'

US Intel Officials Believe 45,500 Corpses
Were Incinerated In One Fortnight In Wuhan

Trump Stresses CV Should Have Been Contained in China
(He Let All Major Asian Airlines Continue Flying CV In)

US Govt Report Concludes Wuhan Lab 'Most Likely
Source' Of Coronavirus Outbreak


Pompeo - China Using 'Classic Communist Disinfo'
To 'Hide And Obfuscate' Virus Origin

Pompeo Claims Multiple Labs in China Are Working
on Contagious Pathogens (Next Pandemics)

Chinese Foreign Ministry points to risks posed
by US labs in former Soviet Union

HK scientists to identify city's 'invisible' CV Carriers

Beijing to lower emergency CV response
level as country slowly returns to normal

Buchanan - Up For A New Cold War...With China?

Krieger - Chinagate Is The New Russiagate
...And Is Far More Dangerous

Canada's Chief Public Health Officer Advocates 'Tracking
Bracelets' For Vaccine Refusers In 2010 Documentary

Contact-tracing app will be 'key part' of UK government's
CV surveillance programme' – Johnson spokesman

Italy's CV daily death toll JUMPS as number of
cases passes 200,000 milestone


'Naked Concerns' - German Doctors Strip to
Protest Lack of Protective Equipment

Spanish official apologizes for spraying Bleach
on popular beach

Barcelona police catch 'SERIAL KILLER' suspect
after 3 homeless people found beaten to death

A cautious reopening but gatherings still off
the cards - How Europe is lifting its lockdown

Driver who rammed police motorcyclists in Paris
pledged allegiance to ISIS, prosecutor says

Cross On Greek Shoreline Removed
Because it Offends Muslim Invaders
The Greeks Are Cowardly And Weak

Trudeau Says Over 44,000 Canadian Businesses
Apply in One Day for CV Wage Subsidy

Largest Rent Strike in Nearly a Century Scheduled

Tesla turns surprise first-quarter profit despite
coronavirus shutdown - Huh?

sales by Japanese automakers dropped by 34% in March


CV Plandemic exposes another fault line in globalisation
as West's obsession with cheap clothes ends in disaster

Over 1 million KEGS of beer are sitting in
empty stadiums, bars, restaurants across US

US Cattle Prices Plunge To GFC Lows
Amid Soaring Food Prices

US GDP shrunk in first quarter at fastest pace
since Great Recession

Gold Surges To New All Time Record Highs in Euros,
Pounds and Most Currencies

America's Super-Rich See Their Wealth Rise $282 Billion
In Three Weeks Of Pandemic

US Unveils Strategy to Restore Its Global Nuclear
Energy Leadership Amid Competition With Russia

FAA Investigates Boeing After Debris Found
in Almost Half of Undelivered 737 MAX Planes

Boeing Burns Through A Record $4.7 Billion In Cash
As Revenue Crashes 26% - Will Fire 10% Of Workers

"Holy God. We're About To Lose Everything”
CV Crushes Over-leveraged Airbnb Superhosts


Hertz Bankruptcy Imminent After Massive Layoffs
Missed Lease Payment

Finnish Furloughs Reach Record High

France's Finance Minister to 'Tighten Control'
on Investments in French Firms From Outside EU

Belgians Urged to Eat Fries Twice a Week as
Lockdown Cripples Frozen Potato Industry

The Death Of US Oil

Historic Oil Price Crash Will Create
A New Era For Energy

Iran Breaks Through US-Led Blockade To
Deliver Record Amount Of Oil To Syria

Energy Regulatory Commission Head Says US LNG
Allies Want to Collaborate in Post-Pandemic World

TX Oil Regulator to Vote on 20% Prod Cut on 5 May

Saudi Arabia's Budget Deficit Reaches About
$9 Bln in First Quarter


British Airways to Cut Up to 12,000 Jobs as
Aviation Demand Plummets

Italian Car Sales Plunged 98% In April

US 'prepared to recognize' Israeli annexation of parts
of The West Bank if it restarts talks with Palestine

UK Foreign Minister Pays Tribute to 70 Years
of Friendship Between Britain and Israel

Saudi writer asks Netanyahu to 'wipe Pals off the world'

More Than 700 Iranians Have Died From
Drinking Methanol as False CV Cure

Rouhani to US - This waterway is called
The Persian Gulf not The 'New York' Gulf

Russia Calls on US, Iran to Exercise 'Maximum Restraint'
Amid Escalating Tensions in Persian Gulf

US to Ensure Iran Cannot Buy Conventional Weapons
When Embargo Expires in October, Pompeo Says

Rouhani, Imran Khan call for more trade ties as
Pakistan PM blasts US sanctions on Iran


Massive truck bomb explosion in Syria's Afrin
kills 40+ civilians & Turkey-backed militants

Saudi Arabia Says Situation in Yemen's Aden
Should Return to Before STC Declaration

Pakistani FM Digs at Indian PM Modi - 'We Can Not
Stand By and Let Another Gujarat Happen'

India Vows Action Against US Agency
Over Scathing Report on Religious Freedom

India Gets 1.5 Billion Loan from Asian Development Bank

IMF Approves $3.4 Billion in Funding for Nigeria
Amid CV Outbreak, Oil Price Collapse

Abolish family, eat bugs, inject female hormones - CV is
Christmas for liberal communists And control-freaks

California Triumph Of The Woke Oligarchs

One CV patient is like 'fire through dry grass' Says Cuomo
...but demands care homes take them in anyway

Americans losing faith in what Trump says About CV


Graphic Video Shows US Cop Thrashing, Throwing
14 Yr Old Over Alleged Marijuana Use

Jackson Mayor Suspends Open Carry Law, Citing CV

Study Finds 'Historic' Drop In Math, Reading
Scores Since Adoption Of Common Core

A Virtual Tour of Egyptian Heritage Sites

Love and Going Consciously Vulnerable

Hillary Endorses The Creeper For President Even
Though Biden Is Dem Political Suicide (Don't Be
Fooled, She Knows Biden Won't Be The Nominee
And She'll Be Asked To Come to The Rescue...)

Rense - Hillary's 'Endorsement' Of Biden...Don't Be Fooled

Stealth removal of CNN clip supporting The Biden
sex assault claim proves MSM's double standards

Trump is unravelling – even his supporters
can't ignore it any longer

Trump - I Was Right, Coronavirus Cases 'Will Go
Down to Zero...Ultimately'

Trump to America - Don't blame me

Inside Donald Trump and Jerry Kushner's
Two Months of Magical Thinking

Stormy Daniels, porn star, Nows says Her Affair
With Trump never happened- Hmmm...


More Than Half Of American Support Voting
By Mail For ALL US Elections

Trump's CV briefings are sabotaging His Chances
For reelection...aides fear

Trump 'can't imagine why' there was spike
in calls to poison control

GA Men poisoned after drinking bleach, Pinesol
To Try To Protect Themselves From Coronavirus

Mnuchin Says No Bailout for States With
'Badly-Managed Budgets'

Pence Ripped for Walking Through Mayo Clinic
...Without A Face Mask - Watch

Reporter (Blonde) To Trump - If A President Loses More Lives
To CV Than The Vietnam War, Does He Deserver Reelection?

US Passes One Million Known Coronavirus Cases

The Virus Is Quite Real But The Political Hype
And Use Of It To Subdue America Are Inarguable

Trump Decides Now Would Be a Great Time to Cut
Coronavirus Research Funding


Expert Says US is on the Brink of 'Mass Civil Unrest'
(That Is Part Of The Plan...)

President Trump Readies Bailout For
Nation's Food Suppliers

Trump Says He'll Sign EO Ordering US Meat
Processing Plants To Stay Open

Trump's Salvo On Meat Workers May Be Deadly

US Meat shortages possible 'by end of the WEEK'
At Least 13 Plants Workers Are Dead From CV

Nationwide Meat shortages may be coming

Piglets aborted, chickens gassed as CV slams meat

Experts sound alarm for food shortage in US

Pelosi Pitches Universal Basic Income To Cope
With Pandemic

Trump tells governors to 'seriously consider and
maybe get going' on opening schools


Majority Leader McConnell Says US Senate to
Reconvene Next Week in 'Smart, Safe' Way

Wooldridge - Our National Calamity
...Yet We Need to Get Back to Work

Encore - Jerry Kushner's Fox Interview On Supply
Chain Policies And Foreign Suppliers

Bill Gates Says Life Will Go Back to Normal No
Sooner Than One to Two Years From Now

Repeat - Gates Calls Coronavirus 'Pandemic 1'
And Tells People To Get Ready For 'Years of Pain'

Young, Middle-Aged CV Patients Suffering
Deadly Strokes in US

Nursing Homes, Elderly Facing a Unique Pandemic

Trump ignored repeated virus warnings in Jan-Feb
Two Crucial Months Wasted - US media

Br Nathanael - The Enemies Of Free Speech - Vid

Is America Turning Into a Communist Country?
(AKA - Is America Turning Into A Zionist, Bolshevik,
Communist Soviet Country?)


Fox News Fires 'Diamond & Silk' Vlogger Duo for
Pushing CV Conspiracy Theories - Report

AG Barr Sics Federal Prosecutors On States
With 'Unconstitutional' Lockdowns

US Gun Makers Making PPE And Donating To First
Responders And Health Care Workers All Over US

Las Vegas Venetian Hotel To Employ Over 800
Safeguards When It Re-Opens After May 31

Miami-Dade County Lays Out 'New Normal
Initiative' Plan For Reopening Amid CV Crisis

Antibody Tests Won't Get Us Back to Normal

'Wonderful Man' - Trump Appears Undecided
on Reappointment of General Flynn

UPS Drones To Deliver CVS Meds To
Florida Retirement Community

This Is A Power-Grab The Likes Of Which
We Haven't Seen Since 9/11

Caretaker steals ring from elderly woman
Who is dying of Coronavirus


NYC tenant groups plan one million strong
RENT STRIKE as The end of eviction moratorium
looms with no amnesty in sight

Tesla Fired 300 Janitors And Bus Drivers While
Musk's Wealth Grew By $650 Million In April

Tesla Requests Workers at California Factory
to Return to Work Before Lockdown Ends

New York clinical trial quietly tests heartburn
remedy against coronavirus

A Doctor's Warning From the Rural South

Medication Shortages Are the Next Crisis

Br Nathanael - The Illustrated Protocols Of Zion - Vid

AI Breaks Barriers Where Policymakers
May Go Wrong - CEO of US-based Firm

44 CV Positive patients die in Moscow over past day

Only 33% Of Russians observe one meter distancing

'People Will Raise Me Up on Pitchforks' - Lukashenko
Explains Why He's Resisted Coronavirus Lockdown

Ukraine's Opposition Accuses US of Scrubbing Info
About Biolabs' Activities on Ukrainian Territory


Critics Lash Out At Joint US-Russia Declaration
On Historic Elbe Meeting

Tallest volcano in Eurasia Erupts in Russia's Far East

US, S Korean Envoys Discuss Peninsula
Settlement Amid Rumors About Kim's Ailing Health

'I just wish him well' - Trump says he has
'good idea' of Kim Jong-un's condition

China lashes out at Trump US, claims country is
'lying through their teeth' about coronavirus

'Not Happy With China' - Trump Directing 'Serious
Investigations' of Wuhan CV Outbreak

US unable to create coalition to demand
compensation for pandemic from China — analyst

Sen Tom Cotton Calls To Ban Chinese Students
From Studying Science In The US

Chinese factory overwhelmed with orders For
Fauci bobblehead figures

'What's the US hiding?' Beijing slams Washington's
CV response & 'desperate' attempts to blame China


UK Urges Brussels to 'Revise Brexit Stance' to
Inject 'Political Impetus' Into Trade Talks

German minister blasted for wearing NO MASK
to receive CV supplies AND flouting distancing rules

Car Rams French motorcycle police, seriously
injuring two officers - Terrorism Suspected

The coming Greater Depression of the 2020s

Boeing to Resume 787 Dreamliner Jets
Production in South Carolina in Early May

Airbus to Furlough 3,200 Staff at UK Broughton Factory

Trump Could Use 'Nuclear Option'
To Make Saudi Arabia Pay For Oil War

US Crude Plunges 25% on Fear Country
May Run Out of Oil Storage Space

First Negative Oil Prices, Now Sicily
Will PAY Tourists To Visit

Physical Gold Premiums Soar To Highest Since
Crimean Conflict As Congressman Questions COMEX


US Federal Reserve Offers States, Municipalities
up to $500 Billion From CV Fund

Tyson Foods Warns of Impending US Meat Shortage
as More Workers Test Positive for CV

Brits Back Radical Policies Including Universal Basic
Income and Rent Controls to Combat CV

Venezuelan President Maduro Appoints New
Heads of PDVSA and Oil Ministry - Report

Colombia's National Liberation Army Announces
End of Ceasefire From 1 May

Trump US ready to recognize Israeli 'sovereignty'
Over illegally occupied Palestinian lands

Palestinian group says has captured Israeli
military drone flying over Gaza

Remembering Its Fallen, Israel Celebrates 72 Years
Since Dramatic Decision That Shaped Its History

Saudi Arabia Scraps Death Penalty for Minors, And
Flogging, in Bid to Modernize Penal Code

Libya's Haftar 'accepts people's will' to rule, declares
UN-brokered unity government deal 'thing of the past'


Russian FM Source Says Moscow 'Surprised' at
Haftar's Claims of LNA's Control Over Libya

Top Manhattan ER Doctor Commits Suicide After
Being Devastated By The Coronavirus Onslaught

RN - Insane Patient Murders Said Going On In NYC
Hospitals - 'Like A Horror Movie' - Watch

Trump's Absence from CV briefings didn't last long
Today's 'Press Conference' Seemed Just Like
Another Rose Garden Pandemic Briefing

Why Trump Can't Stop His Coronavirus Briefings

Trump to Sideline Fauci and Birx in Coming Weeks
And Pivot to The Economy...what's left Of It

Rothschild Zionists Are A Fifth Column Within
The United States Of America

Trump's Weekend Twitter Barrage Full Of Bizarre
False Claims And Self-Pity

The PLandemic Plan Used To Bring In The UNs
2030 Agenda 10 Yrs Earlier

Masks, Temperature Checks Will Be The New Norm
At Restaurants In this Big Brother Snitch Culture...
'He's Got A Temp, Call The (STASI) Cops!'

CCTV Cams Measure Heartbeat & Social Distancing
...Will Soon Analyze Your Blood With Cams, Too

Corbett Predicts What Will Happen Next In
The Coronavirus PLandemic


Who Does Birx Really Work For? Watch Her Slip Up
and Say 'The Gates...' (Foundation) 'uh...er...The Federal
Government Has Recommended' - Oops - Watch

Chile to introduce controversial 'virus-free' certificates
In An Obvious Beta Test Of Gates' Brave New World

TX Governor Will Allow Stay At Home Orders To End
On Thursday And Most businesses To Reopen Friday

Encore - Dr Luc Montagnier Nobel Prize Scientist
Who Discovered HIV Says CV Was Lab-Created

Atzmon - The Corona Crisis - A Viral Episode...
Or A Radioactive Half-Life Nightmare

Do Lockdowns Save Many Lives?
In Most Places, the Data Say No - WSJ

No Lockdown Sweden Amp Says Stockholm
could reach herd immunity by May

Are Continued Shutdown Orders Constitutional?

Neighbor & Colleague Reportedly Back Tara
Reade's Claims Against The Creeper

Alcoholic Pelosi endorses The Creeper,
Sexual Predator Joe Biden for president


Encore - The Truth About Anthony Fauci - Watch

Real History - Just In Case You Still Think Hitler
Died In the Bunker In Berlin In 1945 - Photos

Giuliani Drops a Bomb on Fauci after Learning
he gave $3.7 Million to Wuhan Laboratory

New York Cancels Presidential Primary Vote
Because Of CV - Sanders Camp Not Happy

Trump Now Says Adam Schiff Should Be
Arrested For Treason

Trump Asks Why Taxpayers Should Bail Out
'Poorly Run, Democrat' States

Trump In Trouble - Kushner Steps Up, Talks
Big On Supply Chain And Testing Issues - Watch

'Hambergers' & 'Noble prizes' - Trump attacks press
in furious Twitter rant with Dumb spelling errors

John Tyson Says 'The Food Supply Chain Is Breaking'
As He Closes More Plants Due To CV Infections - Watch

US Just Weeks Away From Meat Shortages
Processing Plant Closings Are Spreading


Birx In A Hot Spot - Temperature Rising

Jake Tapper and Chuck Todd Deliberately
Lie to Viewers While Questioning Birx

Do Lockdowns Save Many Lives?
In Most Places, the Data Say No - WSJ

No Lockdown Sweden Amp Says Stockholm
could reach herd immunity by May

CA Communist Regime (Unconstitutionally) Bans
Event Permits at Capitol to Shut Down CV Protests

CA Communist Gov Newsom's Enraged At
Thousands Who Went To SoCal Beaches

Fox's Bartiromo - Sources say Michael Flynn will be
'completely exonerated this week'

Gates Slams US Trump Over Handling Of CV And Defends
CCP, Saying 'China Did A Lot Of Things Right'

Gates and Ellen Discuss Vaccinating '7 Billion
Healthy People' in Order to 'Return to Normal'


Bill Gates Praised Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein
Found Him 'Kind of Intriguing'

Don't Forget About The Georgia Guidestones

Bogus Coronavirus Deaths Confuse The Entire Picture
Anyone 'Suspected' Of Having CV at time of death
is Counted as having Died From It

Doctors identify serious coronavirus-related
condition among children - This virus Is Evil

Scientists Find More Evidence Coronavirus
Can Travel On Air Pollution Particles

Coronavirus Lingers in Air of Crowded Spaces

Robots use light beams to zap hospital viruses

US primary care doctors and patients are in crisis

The best material for homemade face masks
may be a combination of two Common fabrics

New AirAsia cabin crew uniforms Look Like ICU PPE


Coronavirus Is Killing More Americans Than Vietnam

New York City Launches Contact Tracing Network
in May to Stop CV Spread - Mayor

Argentina SARS CoV2 Sequences Are Italian Lineage

St Petersburg SARS CoV2 Sequences Are Italian Lineage


SARS CoV2 Sequences From CT Are Italian Lineage

Argentina SARS CoV2 Sequences Are Italian Lineage

St Petersburg SARS CoV2 Sequences Are Italian Lineage

Surveillance – Now Is the Time to Protect Yourself

How US rich have turned pandemic into profit

Supreme Court rules Government must pay BILLIONS
to Obamacare insurers – Proves Obamacare was written
by Insurance Companies for Insurance Companies

For America, the tyranny of government is
more dangerous than Coronavirus

Annual global military spending hits highest
point in a decade – SIPRI

German Military Spending Up by Double Digits as
World Total Hits Highest Level Since Cold War

India Third After China, US in Military Spending
Amid Heightened Border Tension


'Counterproductive & unfair' - Russian FM defends
WHO after Trump attacked it and stopped financing

US House Committee Launches Inquiry into Trump's
Decision to Withhold WHO Funding - Chairman

No progress in EU-EAEU dialogue because
of EU's biasedness — Lavrov

Russia overtakes China in CV cases (If Anyone
Believes China's 'Official Statistics')

Trump Says He Knows How Kim Is Doing And Wishes
Him Well - But Won't Tell The Press About it

Was Kim Wounded At Cruise Missile Test On April 14?

China Slams Hostile US Actions And Failed US System

China could have 50 times more CV cases than
claimed - Trump administration official

China threatens economic punishments if Oz
investigates Beijing's coronavirus response

Trump's China Nightmare Is Coming True For
The US Dollar (a push towards digital currency)


China is victim, not mastermind of CV disinformation – FM

Western Spy Agencies Investigating Wuhan Scientist
Highlighted By Zero Hedge In January

Thinking caps on - Chinese school kids return to classroom
with the help of 'social distancing hats' - Photos

Howls As BoJo Speaks Of UK's 'Apparent CV Success'

The UK's CV response is being led by a
secretive, incompetent cabal. No wonder our
policies have been such a shambles

No, BoJo, 'It's a national catastrophe' - Johnson ridiculed

UK PM Boris Johnson Refuses to Relax CV
Lockdown to Avoid Second Wave

Leading UK academic calls for the re-introduction
of conscription

UK Population's Happiness Levels Rise, Stress
Levels Fall as Lockdown Continues – Poll

From lions to lambs - CV reveals supposedly freedom-loving
British to be anything but, as we happily clap away our liberty


Julian Assange's extradition hearing postponed
amid CV pandemic...earliest available date November

'We deserve extinction' - Twitter furious as Spaniards flock
to beaches & parks, flout rules during lockdown break - Vid

'I Want My Life Back' - German Anti-Lockdown Protests Worsen

Germans don compulsory masks as lockdown eases

Trump Adviser - The Economic Outlook Is A
'Really Grave Situation'

US 'Heading' for Great Depression 2.0 Amid CV
Induced Economic & Job Collapse (Was All Planned)

White House Economic Adviser - Q2 GDP Will Be Biggest
Negative Number Since Great Depression... -20% To -30%

13 Public Companies Agree To Return $170 Million In
Small Business Coronavirus Stimulus - Others Are Keeping It

White-Collar Workers Logging Three More Hours
Per Day During Pandemic Lockdown

Do Russian grain export limits threaten global
food security? The answer is no


US Reportedly Slams Turkey's Plans for Natural
Resource Exploration Off Cyprus' Coast

Brent Crude Price Falls Below $20 Per Barrel

South Korea Has Run Out Of Oil Storage

Oil Prices Crash 24% As Storage Fears Mount

Russia, US to continue sharing information on
oil market, says Lavrov

Southern European Tourism (21% Of GDP)
Is On Its Knees...Will It Ever Get Back Up Again?

Since Inception, Euro Has Devalued 85% vs Gold

Denmark Greenlights 18 kilometre long $7.5 billion
tunnel to Germany

UK Tourism Hotspots to be hit With 'Devastating'
Job Losses in Post-CVCrisis

Boeing CEO Warns Aviation Rebound Will Take Years


'Bleeding cash' - Airbus warns of deeper job cuts
with its Very 'survival at stake'

Volkswagen resumes production at Europe's
largest car factory after CV shutdown

El Salvador Okays use of lethal force on gangs

Trump Pushing for Confrontation with Iran
To Hide His Coronavirus Disaster?

Zarif Tells Pompeo to Stop Dreaming About Return
to JCPOA After Failing to Bring Iran to Its Knees

Iran reports lowest number of Daily cases in past 40 days

Three Civilians Reportedly Killed in Alleged
Israeli Attack on Syria

Saudi TV lionizing of Jewish woman in Ramadan
angers Arabs Far And Wide

Three Civilians Reportedly Killed in Alleged
Israeli Attack on Syria

Seven Suspected 'Terrorists' Killed as Second
Gunfight Breaks Out Within 24 Hours in Kashmir


Pentagon officially releases Already Seen UFO videos

Trump In Severe Trouble? Who Ya Gonna Call?
Jerry Kushner, Of Course - Kushner Steps Up, Talks
Big On Supply Chain And Testing Issues - Watch

John Tyson Says 'The Food Supply Chain Is Breaking'
As He Closes More Plants Due To CV Infections - Watch

The coronavirus CFR in the USA is likely above 10%
Remember, The Case Fatality Rate (CFR) is not
the same as The Infection Fatality Rate (IFR)

How face masks affect human interaction
and psychology...and what to do about it

We Still Don't Know HOW the Coronavirus Is Killing Us

Shimatsu - Obama Era DHS-NIH Funded TB Research
On UK Badgers For Coronavirus BioWar - Part 21

Bannon Blasts China's Response To CV
Says 'They've Got To Be Confronted'

The hard data is in - stop the media and government
driven panic and end the total isolation - The Hill

More states are easing restrictions this week
unnerving experts and some local officials

In four US state prisons, some 3,300 inmates Test
positive for coronavirus - 96% HAVE NO symptoms

'This Pandemic Is Over - Let's Stop the Economic Suicide
...and Get Back to Work'

NYC sees spike in disinfectant exposure
cases after Trump's Imbecilic comments


Birx declines to criticize Trump and warns
distancing will last months

Birx, Others Try To Cover For Trump's Bald-Face Lying
Incredible - Trump Now Trying To Blame The Press
For His Disinfectant Injection Madness - Watch

GOP MD Gov Hogan to Trump - Stop All The coronavirus
'misinformation' & saying 'whatever pops into your head'

Pelosi says Trump's Vaunted travel ban was not
effective in preventing people or CV from entering US

Trump's WH Coronavirus Briefings Are His New
Reality TV Show - The Atlantic

Gates calls question about whether China covered
up the coronavirus...a 'distraction'

She's Back - Nutty Nikki Haley's Anti-China Rage

#DropOutBiden Floods Twitter as Larry King Clip
Strengthens Sex Assault Claim Against The Creeper

CNN 'Larry King' episode featuring Creeper Biden
accuser's mother DISAPPEARS from Google Play catalog

Socialist Dem Leaders Refuse To Discuss Creeper Joe's
Sex Issues And Allegations - No surprise


Accuser Tara Reade Blasts CNN's Cooper For Not
Asking Creeper Biden About Sex Assault Charges

Cash-Strapped Businesses Reopen In Georgia
As 16 States Join Push To End Lockdowns

Most Americans Will Be Scared To Return To
Malls When Stores Finally Reopen

American Farms Kill Millions Of Chickens Amid
Virus-Related Staff Shortages At Processing Plants

USDA let millions of pounds of food rot
while food bank demand soared

Over 40% Of San Diego Residents Turned To
Food Banks Last Month

Roberts - 'CDC is actually a vaccine company' - RFK Jr

After Decades Of Brainwashing, MSM And
Governments Are Losing Control Of The People

Watch - 40 Thousand Citizens Reject 'Stay Home'
Orders and Flock to Newport Beach, CA

The Key Dates As World Reopens From
The Coronavirus Coma


WHO warns there's no evidence Survivors Have
CV immunity - Global death toll Passes 200,000

Scientists fear Coronavirus vaccine will be
impossible to produce

One-Third of Americans Believe CV Vaccine Exists
And Is Being Hidden by The Govt – Survey

Trump Doesn't Owe Millions to Bank of China

Coronavirus Reveals the Destructive
Arrogance of the Ruling Class

Traitorous NJ Dem Governor Phil Murphy considering
paying Invader aliens $600 a week ($2400 A MONTH)
despite his state allegedly 'running out of money'

Mentally Unstable Communist Actress AOC Says
Illegal Invader Immigrants Detained By ICE 'Have
Not Committed a Crime'

Dr Ted Noel On Coronavirus And Much More
Start Watching At 4:50 - Vid

CV Concerns Spark Existential Threat For Many Colleges

High-Dose CQ Treatment Tied to Death And
Cardiac Events in Coronavirus Patients


China Continues To Flood The World
With Defective Medical Supplies

Let's Stop Pretending We're All...in the Same Boat
...Billionaires Are In their OWN boats

NJ counties are fighting over testing supplies as
they battle coronavirus with little help from the state

Random sampling shows tens of thousands of missed
coronavirus cases in Miami-Dade County

Tucker Shreds Chris Cuomo - Watch

Cyclist Verbally Hassled By CNN's Cuomo Tells
His Story To Tucker Carlson - Watch

Could There Be A National Rent Strike On May 1st?

The Covid-19 pandemic exposes HUGE flaws in
America's broken healthcare system

Muted and vacant - Las Vegas struggles to survive

Utah Senate Votes To Legalize Polygamy

CV Concerns Spark Existential Threat For Many Colleges

Man Released From Riker's Over CV Arrested
On New Rape charges

Vertical Farm Production Moves To Big Cities - Watch


Roberts - Churchill's War...The Real History of WW2

Outrageous - Google to Censor Discussions of
4G And 5G Wireless Tech Health Effects

FCC Chair Commits to Enhancing WiFi-5G During
Pandemic Despite Warnings From Experts

Chinese Company Suspected Of Spying On US
Citizens Donates Police Drones To 22 States

Twitter Suspends Account Of Biotech Company
Testing UV Light To Treat Coronavirus

Twitter CEO Unveils Feature To ;Editorialize'
Trump's Tweets As Election Nears

Facebook vs Israel's NSO Lawsuit Reveals Hundreds
of WhatsApp 'Attacks' Tied to One IP Address

'Subtle cues' make people SHARE more online
...what does this mean for a post CV world?

Millions of Credit Card Customers Can't Pay Their Bills
Lenders Are Bracing for Impact - WSJ

Mortgage Market Meltdown - Even Wealthiest
Loan Applicants Are Being Turned Down By Lenders


'Capitalism' On Life Support... Time For A Cure

China boosts oil imports from Russia,
while slashing purchases from Saudi Arabia

The shale suffering has only just begun

Boeing used 'FALSE CLAIMS' to ditch
$4 billion deal, Brazil's Embraer says

Plan B? Branson reportedly mulls selling
Virgin Atlantic as he waits for bailout

Goldman Was Furiously Buying Mortgage Bonds
In The Days Before The Fed's Massive Bailout

Airlines are in freefall amid pandemic but why
should taxpayers foot the bill?

Pandemic Exposes Liberalism's Free Trade
Open Borders Road To National Suicide

More From 'New Normal' (In 50 'Darker' Headlines)

Dispute in Pentagon Over Fate of Fired Captain
Crozier Who Warned of Coronavirus - Report


Russian paratroopers in world's FIRST-EVER 10km
group jump...in the ARCTIC - Watch

Russian Airborne Forces World's First to Execute
Paradrop From Lower Border of Arctic Stratosphere

38 CV patients die in Moscow in past day
overall death toll at 404

Several EU countries cannot ask for Russia's
help because of their 'big brothers' - Lavrov

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Libya, Venezuela
and Trial of a US Spy

Putin's Press Secretary Shares 'Secrets' of
His Special Communications Phone

N Korea's Kim sends letter to construction workers
amid reports his TRAIN spotted at coastal resort

South Korea Now Says Kim Is 'Alive And Well'

Social Media having Field Day At Kim's Expense

Kim Said To Be Brain Dead, Dead Or Just Fine


US AG is escalating rhetoric aimed at China - Opinion

In Greenland as in Hong Kong – the same
subversive US playbook

Can the West Actually Ditch China?

AngloZionists strategic PSYOP against China

Singapore Man Jailed For 6 Weeks After Violating
Quarantine Over 'Irresistible Urge' For Pork Soup

We're opening businesses on May 4 but don't expect
'full freedom for all' - Italy's Conte Ending of lockdown

Italy to Remain Closed for Tourism Until End of Year

Parisians defy CV lockdown with outdoor DANCE PARTY
that prompts police raid - Watch

Yes, the UK's weekly death toll during CV is high
But it's been worse in the past and we didn't shut
down the Entire economy then

'European race to allow tourist travel again
leads to unacceptable risks' – German FM


BoJo to return to work as UK CV deaths pass 20,000

Sturgeon proposes different lockdown 'exit'
strategy from the rest of UK

UK to belatedly quarantine international arrivals

UK Govt Orders 50 Million 'Immunity Tests'
Amid Scientific 'Breakthrough'

UK Scraps China from Official CV Death Tally
Graphs in Snub over Flood Of 'Coverup' Claims

Swedish Scientists Predict 'Tragedy' And
'Unnecessary Deaths' as CV Triage Starts

Poland Criminalizes Teaching Gay Propaganda,
Sex Education To Children Under Fifteen...Teachers
(Pervert Pedophiles) Face 5 Years In Prison

Berlin Police Arrest Over 100 Protesters
for Violating CV Restrictions

Australian Authorities Launch CV Contact
Tracking App - Reports

Brazil - Bolsonaro supporters demand reopening
of businesses in Sao Paulo


Russia to Deliver 40+ Tons of Medicine to Venezuela
to Fight CV by May 9 - Ambassador

Defying 'Fierce Competition', Mossad Supplies
More Equipment to Israel to Curb CV

Demonstrators swarm Tel Aviv to decry Netanyahu-Gantz
'unity deal' as affront to justice system - Watch

Israel's seizure of $129 Million of Palestinians
tax revenues act of 'piracy And theft' - Minister

Jerusalem merchants eager to reopen stalls
clash with police enforcing lockdown - Watch

US accuses Iran of using ballistic tech for satellite launch

US Space Force Chief Trolled for Calling
Iranian 'Noor' Satellite a 'Tumbling Webcam'

Trump Regime Aims to Suppress Iranian Truth-Telling

US Treasury Dept blocks, seizes website
of 'Iran' newspaper

Iran to reopen religious sites in 'white' risk zones


US tells UN to renew Iran arms embargo in
breach of nuclear deal

UAE-backed separatists break with Saudi-sponsored
militants, declare self-rule in southern Yemen

How Does A Harvard Prof Think It's 'Authoritarian'
To Allow Parents To Teach Their Kids?

Hubble...30 Years Of Exploring The Cosmos - Watch

Satellite images reveal huge amounts
of methane leaking from US oil fields

Kim Said Left In 'Vegetative State' After Heart Stent
Surgery - Chinese Doctors Said Flown To His Bedside

Mystery Grows About Kim's Health

Trump Planning to Boot Alex Azar As HHS Chief
...Endless Firings And Replacements

Former Major Clinton Supporter Says Biden Must
Withdraw From Race over Tara Reade Sex Allegations

Greenwald - Biden's sexual assault accuser
Tara Reade 'isn't going away'

Scaramucci - Trump Is Trying To Tell People 2+2=7
...You Can't Yell 'Fake Science'

President Trump is unwell

Coronavirus Highlights Trump's Malignant Narcissism

Trump Going Into Hiding From The Press - Reports
As We First Said, He May Decide Not To Seek Re-Election
As He Continues To Reveal Gross Ignorance & Stupidity


Legendary Debacle of Trump's coronavirus disinfectant
And bleach comments could be tipping point

Trump Says WH press conferences aren't worth
the 'time and effort' - Wonder Who Finally told Him...

Trump's Coronavirus team - A Dog breeder, an internet thug
...and a college senior

Victim Trump - campaign pans coronavirus panel
as The 'third Witch Hunt In Three Years'

Trump Is A Tyrant With A Clear Contempt For Truth And
Competence - The Bill For Trump's Delusions Is Now Due

Aides And Allies Trying To Get Trump To
Stop His Daily Coronavirus Updates

Trump Thinks His Job is Inventing Miracle
Coronavirus Cures

'What Else Has The FBI Buried?' - Stunning Newly
Disclosed Documents Exonerate Gen. Mike Flynn

Michael Flynn breaks Twitter silence after 31 months
...Destroyed by Zionist Warmongers

Flynn Court Declaration - True Hero thrown under the bus
by Trump's handlers...Lubavitchers Jerry & The Princess


Millions Of Now-Unemployed Americans Are Making
More Money Than They Did When Working

Over 40% Of San Diego Residents Turned
To Food Banks Last Month

Morgue Workers Struggle to Give CV Victims
A Dignified Death

1,000 Front Line Medical Workers Forced
Into Isolation Due To Faulty Chinese Masks

WHO Says 'No Evidence' Recovered CV Patients
Can't Be Reinfected

Allgire - No Fear Porn Allowed - Pay No Attention
To Those 'Food Shortage' And 'Civil Unrest' Stories!

US Reels Toward Meat Shortages and the World May
Be Next - Good time to go Vegan for good health!

The Devastating Ripple Effects Of The Govt Unneeded
Lockdown Are Only Starting To Take Shape

Fact Check - Smithfield Foods, Inc Is, Indeed A Wholly-Owned
Chinese Company - However All Pork Products Sold In The US
Are Raised And Processed Entirely In The US - The Facts

Smithfield Foods sued over Missouri
plant conditions - Closes Another Plant


Hog-Culling Next As Meatpacking Plants Shutter
Operations Stoking Fear Of Food Shortage In Weeks

The Man-Made Laboratory Origin of Covid-19
By Alan Cantwell, MD

States Realize Economic Collapse Is near and the
Reopening of states accelerates in last ditch
effort to save TEOTWAWKI

Poll - 69% of voters support Medicare for All
Socialism-Communism Is At The Front Door

Real Estate in 'Chaos' as Laws Waived on Rent,
Debt that will possibly cause an epic collapse

Walmart store in CO shuts down after CV deaths

CV Taking Terrible Toll Of Nursing Home
and Extended Care Patients - Watch

CV Entered My Father's Nursing Home and Nobody
Warned Me - I didn't Have The Chance To Save Him

OR OKs $10 Million For Illegal Aliens For CV 'Relief'

New York City will distribute 500,000 free halal meals
to Muslims during Ramadan


Judge halts Kansas governor's order limiting church
gatherings to 10 people

Herd Immunity vs Lockdowns - Sweden vs Michigan

Tens of 1,000s descend on SoCal beaches amid heatwave

Hundreds flock to Florida's reopened beaches
as state death toll hits 726

When Will What Happens in Vegas Return
to Las Vegas? - Maybe Not in this decade

NJ police say 'excessive wearing' of mask contributed
to driver passing out, crashing car

Key nose cells identified as likely CV entry points

Coronavirus Put Her Out of Work, Then Debt Collectors
Froze Her savings - The Brutal Human Cost Of CV

Cyclist Describes Very Unpleasant Encounter
With Chris Cuomo On Easter - What Quarantine?

Don't bet on A vaccine to protect us from Covid-19
says world health expert

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 4-25-20

Two Black Males Murder 18 Yr White High School Sr
in 'Botched Sneaker Deal' - Her Name Is Andrea Camps
Race And Hate Crimes continue And Will Worsen


Facebook targets Zoom with beefed-up video
conferencing functions – after Zoom challenged
for sharing data with Facebook

Small Business Rescue Money Flows
Directly to Major Trump Donors

Auto Industry's Ticking Time Bomb - How Plunging
Used Car Prices Could Devastate Automakers

CV Economic Destruction Is A Preview Of The
Green New Deal Economy

Nonprofits Linked to Soros, Koch Brothers Seek
Small Business Coronavirus Loans

Macleod - Anatomy Of A Fiat Currency Collapse

US Banks Are Pulling Back From Lending To
European Companies

Saudi Arabia to take on billions in debt
to survive the oil price crisis

Footage Shows Oil Tankers Floating off California
Coast Amid Crude Glut Triggered by COVID-19

RT launches live map connecting volunteers
And those needing help amid coronavirus


Putin, Trump Adopt Joint Statement on 75th
Anniversary of Elbe Day

Euro 'Patrons' Oppose Russian Help In Pandemic - Lavrov

Moscow - Some Countries Excuse Own Insufficient
COVID-19 Response by Attacking WHO

US Will 'Make Sure' Countries Understand
Coronavirus Came From China - Pompeo

Boris Johnson Reportedly Pressured to Rethink UK
Relationship with China that 'Lied' About CV

'Wuhan Plague' Plaques Featuring Chopstick-Wielding
Pooh Holding Bat Appear In Atlanta

UK ONS Figures Show Three Times More Deaths
From Flu & Pneumonia Than COVID-19

Oxford-based pharmatech company uses artificial
intelligence to find drug against COVID-19

UK Govt May Allow Small Social 'Bubbles'
as Way Out of COVID-19 Lockdown - Report

'Let me go to work!' Hundreds of protesters
demand removal of fence on Polish-German
border amid CV lockdown - Watch


Israeli settlers attacks against Palestinians
rise 'noticeably' - rights group

Shooting in Arab Settlement in Northern Israel
Leaves 9 People Injured

Anti-Netanyahu 'Black Flag' Protesters
Gather in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square - Video

Iran Sees 'declining trend' in CV deaths, infections

'Iran will never initiate any conflict in the region'
Rouhani says amid raging tensions with US

Pakistan Navy Carries Out Live Weapon Firing
With Series of Potent Ship Killers - Watch

Biblical Threat - Swarms of Voracious
Locusts Sweep Across Africa - Video

Nineteen Killed in Militia Attack on Village in DRC


John Barbour's Facebook Post On His 87th Birthday
Happy Birthday To You, Johnny!

LIAR-IN-CHIEF Trump Now Claims He Was Just
Being 'Sarcastic' When Talking About Injecting
Disinfectants And Bleach To Kill Coronavirus!

Trump Now Says He Didn't Say What He Said
About Possibly Injecting Bleach Or Disinfectants
Into People To Cure Them Of Coronavirus! Watch

Doctors Destroy Trump's Lunatic Idea to Test Injecting
Disinfectants, Bleach And Using Sunlight as CV Treatments

Watch California ER Doctor's Coronavirus Briefing
Stunning Truths Emerge - Very Important - WATCH

More From The CA ER Doctor - We Are Being Conned And
The Virus is being USED as a weapon Against America
'There's Something ELSE Going On...It's Time To Open Up'

Was this Coronavirus Created to Destroy the
US Economy And To Create a New Nation State?
(Probably, Yes) Welcome to The USSA

Sen. John Kennedy - The Entire US Economy will
collapse if it's closed until All CV cases are gone

Bill Gates Calls Coronavirus 'Pandemic 1' in Memo
Tells People To Get Ready For 'Years of Pain'
...He Knows What's Planned

Yale Prof - Trump Is Using Subconscious Techniques To
Push 'Armed Troops In The Streets' Toward A 'Massacre'


CNN's Sanjay Goofball Humiliates Himself
While Trying & Failing To Justify CV Hysteria

Leaked emails reveal secret Trump chloroquine plan!
Why HHS Vaccine Doc Was Removed For Opposing This

FDA Major Warning Against Using Hydroxychlorquine
Or chloroquine On Coronavirus Infections

Former US Federal Vax Agency Chief Files Whistleblower
Complaint For 'Retaliatory' Demotion By Trump

US Mainstream media Is communist propaganda

As We Warned - At Least 10 Meatpacking Plants Close
In Weeks Across America...Stoking Food Shortage Fears

Murders in NYC surge for second week in a row
as coronavirus lockdown continues

NYC struggles with growing homeless population
amid coronavirus crisis

California Bans 'Gatherings' On State Properties After
Protests Surge Against Newsom's 'Stay Home' Orders

After Holding Up Small Business Relief Funds,
Dems Go Full Throttle On Bailing Out Blue States


WaPo reporter under fire after cutting out DRUM Of
rubbing alcohol from pic to blame Trump for price spike

Ricky Gervais AGAIN roasts virtue-signaling
celebs lecturing people over Coronavirus

Work is oppression but tyranny saves lives? AOC's
lockdown hypocrisy doesn't start or stop with her

'They Demand Unemployment' - Biz Owner Shocked
When She Tells Staff Their Paychecks Will Resume!

Seven-Step Path From Pandemic To Totalitarianism

Mother of Biden-accuser Tara Reade called
into Larry King about it in 1993

US coronavirus fatalities jump as over 3,000 die
in 24 hours in 2nd deadliest CV day Yet

Judge shoots down California law mandating
background checks for ammunition buyers,
citing 'grave injury' to 2nd Amendment

Piro - CA Gving Money To Invaders Is Illegal

SoCal Nurses Who Were Suspended For Refusing
To Work Without N95 Masks Have Been Reinstated


CA lawmakers press Gov Newsom for details
on his $1 Billion Face mask deal With China

Five threats to US food supply chains

TX Mayor Caught Defying Her Own Stay Home
Order At Local Nail Salon

'Pandemic Drones' To Fly In Connecticut,
Hunting For CV Infected Citizens

Harvard Nanotech Wizard Scientist Arch Traitor
Charles Lieber and his Virus transmitters

Br Nathanael - The Jews Who Wrote The Protocols Of Zion

Media Full-Court Press Continues Against 'Trump-Touted'
Drug Hydroxychloroquine

Escobar - What Did US Intel Really Know
About The 'Chinese' Virus?

The Data Is In... Stop The Panic And
End The Total Isolation

Here Are The Key Dates As The World Reopens
From The Coronavirus Coma


New US Health Spokesman Says Rothschild
Family 'Craves Control' - Blames Soros Over Virus

Iran, Some Arab States 'Lying' About Their CV
Death Toll, Mossad Chief Claims

Tehran Says UK, France Use Double-Standard
Policies Regarding Iran's Satellite Launch

Facebook quietly stops letting advertisers target
'Pseudosciene' fans after years of boasting
'misinformation fighting role

Outraged Lawmakers Demand Answers From
Amazon, Claim Bezos Giant Lied to Congress

Award-Winning Journalist Greenwald Blasts US
media For Ignoring Julian Assange's plight despite
3 years of its 'devotion' to protecting press freedom

'Gold mines right now are literally GOLD MINES'
...Peter Schiff tells RT's Boom Bust

Hickey - This Is A Perfect Environment For Gold'

What's Going On In The Silver Market?

Russia cuts key interest rate amid CV
lockdown & plunging oil prices


Brazil In Turmoil, Markets Plummet After Justice Minister's
Shock Resignation Over Bolsonaro 'Political Interference'

Important Info for Seniors with Retirement Accounts

America finally found the lost City of Gold

UN Calls For Trillion Dollar Debt Jubilee For
Poorest Countries

Luongo - Trump...Live By Oil, Die By Oil

Peter Schiff - Gold Is The 'No-Brainer' Investment

JCPenney Prepares To File For Bankruptcy

Treasury Orders Public Companies To Repay
PPP Loans Meant For Small Businesses

Credit Card Companies Are Cutting Limits For
Riskier Customers As Millions Of Jobs Evaporate

CV Triggers Record Losses For Swiss Natl Bank


Billionaire Branson wants govt support in the pandemic
...and resorted to attention-grabbing tactics to get it

Swedish Professor attaining herd immunity
only way of beating Coronavirus

Navy Recommends Reinstating Fired Capt
Of USS Theodore Roosevelt

US Intelligence, Pentagon Explore Possibility
of Coronavirus Being Used as Bioweapon

US Intelligence, Pentagon Explore Possibility
of Coronavirus Being Used as Bioweapon

Pentagon confirms Coronavirus outbreak on
ANOTHER Navy vessel, destroyer USS Kidd

840 sailors on USS Theodore Roosevelt test
positive for CV US Navy

Is British Military Involvement in Coronavirus
Response 'Information Warfare'?

British Nuclear Submarine Commander Placed on
Probation For Dockside BBQ Party Amid Pandemic

Public Health Emergency Declared at US Military
Base And Airfield in Djibouti Over CV


US Military Prioritizes Special Ops
Nuclear Forces for CV Testing

Veterans Groups Demand 'Not A Dime More'
For Pentagon's 'Wasteful War Machine' Amid CV

US Plans to Compete With Russia on Nuclear
Energy Look 'Strange' Amid CV

TWICE as powerful - Russia to build new monster
nuclear icebreaker for Arctic sea route

WHO adds 9 candidates for CV vaccine
developed in Russia to global trial list

US Says Will Not Take Part in WHO Global
Initiative on Developing Drugs, Vaccine for CV

Moscow Mayor Doesn't Want to Use Troops
in CV Response Like Other Countries

China locks down city of 11 million as infections
spread - Sweden death rate surges past US as
'non-lockdown' approach disintegrates

Pompeo hints US may NEVER restore WHO funding...
as China ponies up an extra $30 M amid raging pandemic

Hackers Target WHO, Wuhan Lab at Center
of Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory


China Firmly Opposes Politicisation of Nuclear
Energy Cooperation by United States

China hits back at US accusation of 'lowering
the standards' of nuclear non-proliferation

China reports recovery of last severe CV
patient in ground-zero city Wuhan

China to ask 'Questions to Heaven' with
country's 1st mission to Mars later this year

Lancet Study - CV Cases in China Possibly
4 Times Higher Than Official Numbers

US Intel Officials Believe Chinese Diplomats
May Have Spread Fake Texts To Cause Social Unrest

US Warship Transits Taiwan Strait For the Second
Time in One Month

Meddling will 'not succeed' - Beijing rebukes Pompeo's charge
of 'exploiting' CV crisis to boost influence in South China Sea

Boris Johnson to Reportedly Resume Working
on Monday to 'Take Back Control of CV Crisis'

Craig Murray Charged with Contempt of Court
for Alex Salmond Trial Reporting


Gunman opens fire at Manchester funeral before
being STABBED, as hundreds defy CV lockdown

Spain Flattening Curve of Epidemic After
Recoveries Surpassed New Cases

Three Italian Regions Request Russia's
Help in COVID-19 Response - Ambassador

Is Covid-19 pandemic THE moment for
Europe's independence movements?

Amazon will be fined €100,000 for EVERY
'non-essential' delivery in France after court
rejects appeal in worker safety dispute

Leaked Document Reveals UK Government
Warned in 2019 of Pandemic Risks

Downing Street hints CV lockdown restrictions
in the UK could last until 2021

Boris Johnson Could Be Sued Over UK Quarantine
Measures Allegedly Violating Human Rights

Kaspersky Uncovers Fake NHS CV Website
Stealing Visitor Passwords, Credit Card Data

US woos Greenland with financial aid package
And first consulate in 50 years


Members of Guaido's National Assembly
Dip Into CV Fund While Residents 'Starve'

'No business 7,000 miles away from home' - Tehran
accuses US forces of 'provoking' Iranian sailors in Gulf

Iran to Retaliate Against US Aggression if Attacked

'ISIS Has Nothing Over Saudi Arabia' - Kingdom
Reaches 800 Beheadings Under Salman

Debt-Stricken Lebanon Becomes First Arab
Country To Legalize Cannabis Growth

Members of Guaido's National Assembly
Dip Into CV Fund While Residents 'Starve'

Ancient Tree Discovered With a Record of Earth's
Magnetic Field Reversal in Its Rings

50,000 Americans Now Dead From Coronavirus
...and a President Who Refuses to Mourn Them

Vice President Pence's Hand-Picked Globalists
Destroyed Our Economy

Trump suggests 'injection' of a 'disinfectant'
(maybe like Alcohol) Into The body To beat CV
and 'clean' the lungs! - Must Watch

Wacked Out Trump Suggests Tests Of 'Disinfectant
Injections' And Somehow Putting UV Light Into
Peoples Bodies To Kill Coronavirus

Trump and the GOP shredded for unleashing 'festivals
of recklessness and crackpottery' amid the CV Crisis

Trump Lies About Immigration 'Ban' And Iran When
Americans Need The Truth

Patriot Anti-Immigration Groups Blast Trump Order
For Not Going Nearly Far Enough

Coulter - Trump And China...A Love Story

Shimatsu - Cloudy With A Chance Of Scattered Cadavers
COVID Fallout On Urban Heat Islands - Part 20

Snyder - The Facts That Prove Almost
Everyone Is Wrong About This Pandemic


US CV lockdown total more than 26 million

Devvy - What You Should And Should Not Be Doing Now

Trump said coronavirus 'should have never happened.'
'You Know It And I Know It And They (China) Know It'

Wuhan laboratory scientists 'did absolutely
crazy things' to alter The coronavirus

Over 800 Crew Infected On USS Teddy Roosevelt

HIV-AIDS Research Pioneer Dr. Judy Mikovits Blows The
Whistle on Dr. Fautus - Intimidation, Bullying, Reckless
Disregard For The Health & Safety Of Americans - Watch

Every COV Commercial is Chillingly the Same
'Together...Together...Together...Here For You'
Mass Mind Influencing, Social Engineering - Watch

4.4 million More Americans filed for unemployment
last week as coronavirus layoffs continue to surge
We are months away from a Starvation epidemic

Expert Warns US On Brink Of 'Mass Civil Unrest'

CV pandemic hits FL farmers hard as many on
verge of total-loss in early growing season


Veterans Groups Demand 'Not A Dime More' For
Pentagon's 'Wasteful War Machine' Amid CV Pandemic

Biden's Bolshevik Communist plan to make owning
any gun a heavily-regulated privilege

Medical supplier says FEMA seized (Stole) N95
masks at JFK - This is Soviet-Style Behavior

CV Being Used To Kill Capitalism - Tens of 1,000s
Of US Businesses Are GONE Forever - The War To
Destroy American Free Enterprise Is Working

Trump Threw GA Gov Brian Kemp Under The Corona Bus

Trump's Calamitous Crisis Handling Has Spiked
The Number of Undecided Voters

Elderly Trump voters dying of coronavirus
Will cost him in November

Coronavirus Is Spreading Into Trump Country

'It's overhyped' - Trump mega-donor pushes
to end Wisconsin's stay-at-home order

No Joke - The Trump Admin Hired a Dog Breeder
With Near Zero Health & Medical Experience to Run
The HHS Coronavirus Task Force


Amazon confirms largest outbreak of CV
at warehouse outside NYC

Nearly 3 MILLION New Yorkers Have Been Infected
...Antibody Testing Study Suggests

Nearly all NY coronavirus patients suffered
underlying health issue, study finds

NY Comic's Searing, Expletive-Laced Commentary On
The Trump Govt And The Coronavirus Pandemic - Watch

Seniors with CV show unusual symptoms - doctors
'off', not acting like themselves, apathetic, Confused

The New CV Complication - Blood Clots
...Are Proving To Be Fatal

First responders say coronavirus has turned
industry problems deadly

Most children with coronavirus have mild
symptoms And recover within 2 weeks - study

Americans Are Paying a Tragic Price for Allowing
Five Zionist Banks to Control the US Economy

Stimulus Programs Draw a Flood of Scammers
...It Has Been 'Pure Hell for Victims'


Gilead's CV drug flops in first major trial

Gilead stock tumbles after Stat report on
weak data in remdesivir trial in China

Human Lab Rats - The US Government's Secret History
of Grisly Medical Experiments

32 companies with CEOs making over $1 million
got small business funds

Great Myths Of The Great Depression

Alexa REFUSES To Answer When Asked
About Sending Your Voice To NSA - Watch

'Most, If Not All' Of The American Economy Should
Reopen By Summer's End, Mnuchin Says

Big Pork Shortages To Strike America In Two Weeks

565 Americans Have Lost Their Job For Every
Confirmed CV Death In The US

Treasury Posts Guidance To Stop PPP Loans From
Going To Large Companies After Small Business Shafted

Indian refineries slash Middle East oil imports
as storage fills up

Kremlin aware of US probes into suspicious oil futures trading

Trump Says 'No' To World Money

CBDC - The Overarching Goal Behind The
Digitization Of Money?


Keiser Report digs into the sudden rise of IMF
with half the world now knocking on its door

Kremlin sees no reason to believe China
concealed information on coronavirus

Russia Slams Groundless Attacks by Western
States Against China, WHO as 'Inappropriate'

'Can't offer help with one hand And smother with
the other' - Russia slams West & its allies after
anti-sanction draft fails at UNGA

Sputnik Launches English-Language Newswire
About Coronavirus

Moscow authorities debunk reports that coronavirus
patients are charged for treatment

Russia places US-based Project Harmony
on list of undesirable organizations

Seoul says 'no unusual signs' from N Korea & Kim
carrying on duties despite reports of 'grave illness'

Beijing Slams 'Certain US Politicians' for Meddling
in South China Sea Issue

Ex-UN Expert - 'Were China Held Liable for CV
Would US Not Be Accountable for H1N1 Outbreak?'


EU warns drug pushed by Trump could kill patients

UK starts testing potential CV vax on humans

Scotland 'Return to Normal Not on Cards in Near Future'
Sturgeon Sheds Light on End of Lockdown Timeline

Feeling apathetic? Brits 'don't care' if Northern
Ireland leaves UK to reunite with Ireland - poll

Blair comeback is a terrible idea...unless the UK
wants to join a US war on China

Knife crime By Muslim And Black African Invaders
in England and Wales rockets to Record Highs in
2019 and The true picture is probably even worse

'We Shouldn't Just Slam the Door' - Greenland Wavering
Over US Financial Help Bid as Denmark Rages

German Government Says UK Requests for
Full Europol Database Access 'Not Possible'

Regions don't decide, retailers open all at once - France to
unveil nationwide plan to lift CV lockdown next week

US warships will be DESTROYED if they threaten
ANY Iranian vessel – IRGC chief


US Republican Lawmaker Tells Iran to 'Get Its Act
Together' or Prepare to 'Meet Soleimani'

Iran's Launch of Military Satellite Complies With
UNSC Resolution on Nuke Programme - Moscow

Iran Gives cash handouts to nearly 17 million households

Saudi-led coalition impounding 127 oil tankers
levying massive fines on Yemen - Oil company

Watch Dozens Of Terrifying Twisters Tear Thru TX, OK

Astronomers snap fresh IMAGES of enormous
'face mask wearing' asteroid that's heading our way

Moon's geology revealed in greater detail than
ever before in first all-inclusive map - Watch

First BNP, Now SocGen - French Banks Suffer Huge Losses
As Derivative Trade Blows Up

'Unprecedented Damage To The Euro Zone'
European PMs Hammered By Record Collapse

European Summit Flops - No Agreement Reached,
Four 'Frugal' EU Countries Oppose Grants


Unemployment Rate in Finland Rises to 7.3%

UK to Issue Over $220 Billion Worth of Bonds in
Three Months Amid Coronavirus Spending

Plebs pay 37% on credit card debt as elites
enjoy a huge CV payday

BOJ To Launch Unlimited QE, Double Corporate
Bond Purchases

Trump Reverses Course Since Last Night And
Now Tells GA Governor It's Too Soon To Reopen

Trump And Southern States Push Reopening
...Says 'Significant Testing' NOT Good In Some Cases

Trump and Fox News Are Suddenly Silent on
Their 'Miracle' Drug Hydroxychloroquine

Trump stops hyping hydroxychloroquine after
study shows NO benefit

Another Nail In Trump's Coffin - All Americans Should Be
Able To Be Tested By Now - They STILL CAN'T Get Tests!

Trump Really doesn't WANT coronavirus testing
...His instinct is always to hide the truth - Salon

Pelosi Grades Trump an 'F' on His coronavirus
Response...'Delay, denial And death'

Pelosi says she will 'insist on the truth' from Trump
on testing For All Americans (Good Luck Nancy)

Trump's coronavirus self-protection Reelection plan
...Dump Off responsibility Onto the states

Warren Demands Investigations Into Trump's
Sham, Horrible Coronavirus Response


Trump's CV briefing casting keeps people guessing
These Are Painfully Obvious Reelection Stunts

Fact check - Trump's false claims from Tuesday briefing

HHS Doctor Says He Was Removed From Post
For Disagreeing with Trump WH CV Response

Trump, Longing And Yearning for the roaring Crowds
At His rallies, prepares to hit the road

Here's what happens next - Lockdowns will be Ended
prematurely without necessary mask mandates -things
will look fine for 6-8 weeks then a new EXPLOSION of
CV Infections hits...And many More Will Die

Hume - Lockdowns Could Turn Out To Be A
'Public Policy Calamity'

WA County Sheriff Refuses To Enforce Governor's
Stay At Home Order

Another Major Link In The US Food Chain Breaks As
Tyson Shuts Its Biggest Pork Plant Over CV

CV killed more Americans in the last 17 days than the
regular flu kills in a YEAR... today's US deaths hit 2,800

The 'Science' of Caging a Compliant Majority ( Sheeple)


American democracy has sunk to Two Mentally
Challenged Candidates For President

Secret Military Task Force Prepares to Secure DC
Meaning Evacuate The Govt To A 'Safe' Location

Alabama US House members begin providing
recommendations to reopen state biz to Ivey

CV pandemic is paving the way for an increase
in superbugs - (Allicin C Can Make The difference)

CV causing increased clotting in the large arteries
leading to severe STROKE In Young Adults
The virus seems to be causing increased clotting in the large arteries, leading to severe stroke," Oxley told CNN.
High number of CV patients have blood clots

Mystery Coronavirus Blood Clotting Is Killing More
and More Patients - CV Becoming More Frightening

NY issues do not resuscitate guideline for
All Cardiac patients - WOW

NYC emergency responders describe trauma,
guilt of coronavirus triage

ALIPAC - Trump's Base Locked Out of His
Corporate Worker Importation Policies

Houston (Harris County) - Wear A Mask Or Face
Covering Or Risk A $1,000 Fine


Top economist - Trump US coronavirus response
is like that of a 'third world' country

Federal documents - more than 300,000 likely to die
if lockdown restrictions are lifted

Trump Says He's Aiming to Protect Big Business
From Liability from Workers Who Get CV on the Job

Br Nathanael - Let's Get Normal - Vid

Billionaire brothers meat plants riddled with CV
More will Be shut down...Food Supply Crisis Nears

JBS - The Brazilian Animal butchers who took over
the world - They Kill 13 million animals every single
day and have an annual revenue of $50 Billion

How Trump's Coronavirus Blame for
WHO and China Falls Flat

Pompeo Says 'Multiple Labs' In China & Not Just Wuhan's
Must Be Investigated For Coronavirus Origins

China State TV Host - Coronavirus Came From
A Lab Leak...In United States

Watch - China Releases Video Of Inside Wuhan BioLab


YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki says anything that goes
against the WHO is a violation of YouTube 'policies'
...And will Be Censored And Removed

Abigail Disney Slams Corporate Plans To Furlough
Hundreds Of Thousands Of Employees - Said Chairman
Bob Iger's $47 Million Salary Last Year Is 'Insane'
Blasts Management's 'Pillaging And Rampaging'

Las Vegas Mayor Wants Las Vegas Open
And Back In Business - Watch

Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman wants
coronavirus restrictions lifted

Chinese CV Survivors Showing Virus AGAIN after
Up To 70 Days Of Being Released From care

Man dies from coronavirus after calling it
a 'political ploy'

Coronavirus lingered in a woman's eyes long
after it cleared from her nose - An Evil Virus

Shocking Study Finds Coronavirus Mutations That
Are Much Deadlier Than The Original -This is Alluding
To What We Call The Italian Strain Among Others

'Megadrought' Underway In West could become
worst drought in history - scientists

First CV deaths in US occurred Weeks Earlier than thought


Antibody tests suggest CV may have spread much more
than predicted, Maybe 100s Of Millions infected worldwide

Experts Have No Idea How Many CV Cases There Are

Killed By COVID-Lockdowns - 1000s Of Shut-Down
US Businesses Will Never Reopen

Documents Reveal Feds Are Excited To Create
A Mass Surveillance Network

FDA Finally Approves Home Coronavirus Test

What You're Not Being Told About CV Lockdowns - Part 1

CDC Says Poisonings From Cleaners & Disinfectants
On Sharp Rise Since Pandemic Hit US

Rich Americans Flee To Luxury 'Doomsday Resort'
Shelters In New Zealand As Panic Grows

Coronavirus pneumonia can be detected via
an over-the-counter oximeter

NY Gov Cuomo Says 474 Deaths Over Past
24 Hours Represent 'Gentle Decline'


Hospital delivers bodies to Philly medical examiner
in bed of a pickup truck...

Vital Help Needed Omitted from New Senate Stimulus Bill

Hungry Americans

Frontline Healthcare Pros - America's New Expendables?

Idaho mother's arrest at closed playground
area sparks Anger and protest

Michael Hoffman - Tyranny In America

After Answering His Front Door, White Male Murdered
By Three Blacks (One On Parole) - Hate Crime Growing

Zucked Again? State Governors Say Facebook
Contacted Them About 'Reopen America' Events

Facebook Buys 9.99% Stake in Indian Telco Jio
and Twitter Explodes Over $5.7 Bln 'Win-Win' Deal

YouTube Overlord Susan Wojcicki - Recommending
Vitamin C To Help With CV Is Chinese 'Misinformation


Google working on a physical debit card
to rival Apple Card...Cashless Society On The
Way And Brought to you by the Corporatocracy

Email Addresses And Passwords From WHO, NIH,
Wuhan Lab, And Gates Foundation Dumped On 4chan

Huawei Wins Over Half of 5G-Related Contracts
From China's Biggest Carrier Amid US Pressure

Monster Banks Took Billions In 'Fees' To Process
Small Business Loans Amid Pandemic Crisis - NPR

Better Than Gold, Yen & US Bonds - Why Foreign
Investors are Buying Up Chinese Sovereign Debt

Trump Orders US Oil Major Out Of Venezuela

Analyst Who First Predicted Negative Oil Prices
Sees Oil Hitting Negative $100

Saudi Supertankers Stranded As Oil Price
War Backfires

Oil Stored At Sea Accelerates To Jaw-Dropping
250 Million Barrels

Of All Banks That Shafted US Small Businesses
Out Of CV Relief, JPMorgan Takes The Cake


Harvard refuses calls to return $8.6 Million bailout
money, despite sitting on endowment worth more
than 100 COUNTRIES GDP - Greed Knows No Bounds

If Deficits Are Suddenly Good, Why Not Stop
Taxation Altogether?

Seed sellers say demand growing out of control

Modernization of Nuclear Triad Pentagon's
'First Priority' Amid Virus Outbreak - DoD Official

Nuclear war still in the cards, Moscow warns
as CV only worsens battle for global dominance

Pentagon Races to Build Guam Hospital
for Infected Aircraft Carrier's Crew

Pentagon Pressures Mexico To Reopen
Factories Vital To Making US Weapons

Tough Guy Trump Orders Navy To 'Shoot Down'
Little Iran Motorboats If They 'Harass' Any US Ships

Oil Jumps After Trump Orders Navy To 'Shoot
And Destroy' Iranian Motorboats

US should save itself from coronavirus and
not bully others – Iranian military


'Can Japan sue for US dropping nukes?' Missouri decision
to sue China over CV yields flood of awkward questions

China Launches Second Amphibious Assault Ship

Beijing Stakes Out Sovereignty Claims
in Contested South China Sea

Elon Musk steals even more of the night sky as
he launches More of his planned 40,000 satellites

Child climate activist Grim Greta - Yearning For News
Attention, calls on world to fight climate change and
coronavirus at the same time

Over 500 CV patients discharged from Russia's
hospitals per day for the first time

Putin concerned about fight against coronavirus
not approval rating — Kremlin

Why China Is Unlikely To Be Held Liable For The Pandemic

Pyongyang Reportedly 'On Lockdown' As Trump Admits
'We Don't Know What's Going On' With Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong-un's Sis - Meet Lady Who's Reportedly Been
Prepared Since 2019 to Take Over as DPRK Leader


Pompeo Says 'Multiple Labs' In China & Not Just Wuhan's
Must Be Investigated For Coronavirus Origins

China State TV Host - Coronavirus Came From
A Lab Leak...In United States

Watch - China Releases Video Of Inside Wuhan BioLab

China slams Australia for copying US
blaming Beijing for pandemic

Oktoberfest Cancelled For First Time Since WW2

Boris Johnson too 'frightened' to ease
UK Coronavirus lockdown

More 5G Towers Torched Across Europe

UK media fawning over new Labour leader
incites fiery backlash from Corbynites

UK Coronavirus Hospital Death Toll Jumps by
Over 700 in 24 Hours Bringing Total to 18,100

'This S**t That Won't Flush' - Brits Are Furious After
Ex PM Tony Blair Speaks on Coronavirus on TV


At long last, Harry gets it right and tells Britain's
reprehensible tabloids to get lost

Two British Men Arrested For Posting 'Pubs Closed,
Borders Open' Stickers

Norway, Finland Say First CV Wave Receding
Warn of Backslide If Social Distancing Repealed

Shops Reopen in Berlin Amid Ease of
Coronavirus Restrictions - Watch

Brazilian CV victims buried in MASS GRAVES
as fatalities mount - Watch

Iran Death Toll From Coronavirus Surges to 5,391

Iran Revolutionary Guards launch '1st military satellite'
into orbit – state media

US Launches Campaign to Accuse Syria of
Inability to Counter CV - Damascus, Moscow

Russia Blames OPCW for Sacrificing Reputation for
West's Ambition in Syria

Saudis Chopped Off More Than 180 Heads Last Year


Police, Locals Clash Over Ration Shortage
in India's West Bengal - Videos

Police Stone-Pelted in Indian Vegetable Market for Enforcing Lockdown - Video

India Passes Ordiance Stipulating Up to 7 Years in Jail to End Violence Against Health Workers

Africa's coronavirus deaths top 1,100 reports WHO

South Africa police officers detained
for flouting lockdown orders

US Firm Buys UK Medical PPE Supplier

De Blasio promises a lavish PARADE for healthcare
workers but history says this could be a bad idea

Indoctrination - The Real Reason Why A Harvard
Professor Thinks Homeschooling Should Be Banned

NASA cuts live feed just as strange bright UFO
appears on ISS cameras

The Soundscapes of Cities Transformed


World risks 'biblical' famines due to pandemic

AG Barr Threatens To Sue States Which Are Keeping
Its Citizens Under 'House Arrest'

Barr Threatens to Sue States that Don't
Open When Trump Says To

Trump says immigration order will apply
ONLY to green cards and will last 60 days

Tump's Latest False Claims From Tuesday's Briefing

Based on Stanford study, there's no reason California
...or the Nation...had to shut down

Tucker Talks About Truckers And The Challenges
They Face To try to Save America - Watch

First, Do No Harm! The Unseen Death Toll Of CV
Safety Measures

Coronavirus to cancel nearly half of US
scheduled sports events in 2020

Shocking Open Mic White House Briefing Video
This is a must see - It raises several Critical issues

HIV And Flu Drugs Prove Futile In Fight Against CV

Warning From NYC Man Who Lost Both
Parents To CV In A Matter Of A Few Days

How does coronavirus kill? Tracing a ferocious
rampage through the body, from brain to toes

Nearly half of CV patients are obese


'It's Time To Remove People From Their Homes'

Judge Nap - Governors stay home orders are
'unconstitutional' cases won't hold up in court

CDC Boss Warns Of Worse Second CV Wave
Coming This Fall-Winter

Coronavirus Has Mutated Into Over
30 Different Strains

Stop The Insanity - You Don't Kill A Respiratory
Virus With Lockdowns - None Were Used In 2017-18!
And Over 80,000 Died...remember that? Most Don't

Why The Shutdown Must End

Ron Paul - 'What If Lockdown Was A Giant Mistake?
They Shouldn't Be Able To Get Away With This

Trump's Coronavirus Task Force Increasingly
Ignores Trump

After Almost 3 And 1/2 YEARS, Trump Finally says he'll
'temporarily' suspend immigration into the US

WFP chief warns of hunger pandemic as CV BS
spreads - Hunger Riots May Appear Here soon


How fast CV is spreading in each state according
to Instagram co-founders' new site

Coronavirus crime wave threatens to emerge
from economic downturn and prisoner releases

Trump attacks Gov Hogan for following his
coronavirus testing advice

NJ Cops Use China Drones To Enforce Social
Distancing - This Is Only Creating Hatred -Just
give people proper masks and they will be safe

Prank messages caused De Blasio's coronavirus
'snitch number' to shut down

De Blasio's social distancing snitch tip line
flooded with porn And Hitler pictures

US Governors Plea For federal Help
As Criticism Of Trump Continues

Some States Are Being Forced to Smuggle
In PPE Under Trump's Thefts And Intercepts
'A Snapshot of a System In Breakdown'

Trump's Gross Incompetence Handling Coronavirus
May Further Alienate Seniors

Trump's tweets are an alternative world where
CV barely exists - 90% Of His Posts Are About HIM


Real Los Angeles CV infection rate could be DOZENS
of times higher than official count, study suggests

Boy infected with CV didn't spread it to any of his 172
contacts, raising questions about child transmission

Serious illness caused by CV might damage heart muscle

Coronavirus attacks lining of blood vessels
all over the body, Swiss study finds

CV mutations underestimated, Chinese scientists warn
as The DEADLIEST (Italian) strains grip Europe and US

US Emergency Room Workers Face Pay Cuts of Up
to 40% Amid Ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic – Report

Nearly 37,000 US National Guard Troops Support
Efforts to Fight CV - Pentagon

CDC's failed CV test kits were contaminated
...with coronavirus! feds confirm

Trudeau - Canadian planes sent to China
to pick up medical supplies returned empty

These are new today....
Manhattan SARS CoV2 Sequences Largely Italian Lineage


Biden...The Demented Placeholder

Biden - China Provides Jobs, 'Fuels World's Prosperity'

Norwegian Psychiatrist Suggests (Suggests?)
Creeper Joe Biden Is Suffering From Dementia

Report reveals astonishing number of Invaders
enrolled in American universities

'Tourist Go Home' – Tensions Soar As
Hawaiians Urge Non-Residents To 'Leave'

COVID-19 Pandemic May Prompt Hollywood
to Axe On-screen Sex - Reports

The View - Behar The Mouth ripped online after
she calls armed lockdown protesters 'terrorists'

People Are Finally Starting to See the Real
Ellen DeGeneres and It Isn't Pretty

Did Mark Zuckerberg Just Expose Big-Tech's
Real Endgame? Ousting Trump

Big Brother Bezos Is Now Tracking Amazon Factory
Workers With Thermal Imaging Camera

Facebook CENSORS anti-quarantine protests in US
as 'harmful misinformation'


CV 'Immunity Passports' Stoke 'Grave Concerns'

Pelosi admits delaying funds for coronavirus
small business loans

Senate passes $484 billion small business
relief bill

Trump Proposes Executive Order To Fund Oil, Gas
Companies...Which Will Depress Oil Prices More

Futures, Oil Plunge As Crude Contagion
Spreads To All Markets

World's Biggest Oil ETF Suspends Sales
Of Creation Baskets - This Shock Is Real...
Be Very Careful Out There"

The Third Largest Oil ETN Is Liquidating

A Massive Wave Of Shut-Ins Fails To Halt
Oil Price Crash

Brent crude oil price down below $19 per barrel

'Fed Can't Print Gold' - BofA Calls Gold 'Ultimate
Store Of Value' And Raises Price Target To $3,000


Russia Okays Unlimited Gold Exports Amid
Corona Economic Fallout

Here Are The Publicly Traded Companies That
Quietly Got A 'Small Business' Bailout

Poland Follows Denmark in Blocking Tax Haven
Companies from Coronavirus Relief

Trial Program for China's Digital Currency
Set to Begin in Four Cities

Gold standard? Can One Sentence End
the Financial Crisis?

Crooke - Revolutionary Times & Regime Collapse
...The System Cannot Handle It

It's a storage problem, not a market problem that is
driving down oil prices to historic lows

Will US troops stop guarding Syrian oil fields?
Negative oil prices provide that extra bit of CV surrealism

Small Business Owners Sue Wells Fargo, JPMorgan
Over Virus Loan Debacle

JPMorgan Working With Treasury Dept To Adjust
PPP Qualifications After Shake Shack Fiasco


More Shake Shacks are sitting quiet on small business
Covid-19 bailout money, aided & abetted by big banks
while mom & pops suffer

Illinois Senate Democrats Seek Massive Federal
Bailout for State, Going Far Beyond CV Impact

Cancellation Wave Continues, China Leasing
Firm Scraps Boeing 737 MAX Order

Insanity - EU hands out its CV emergency funds
Hungary (199 deaths) gets €5.6 Billion,
Italy (23,000 deaths) gets €3.3 Billion LESS

Pentagon Report Tells US Navy to Drop Two Carriers
And Adopt More Small Combat Ships

Beijing Warns Any Attempt to Deny China's
Sovereignty in S China Sea Will be Doomed to Fail

German Govt Split Over Move to Replace
Tornado Jets With US Nuclear Capable F-18s

Artificial CV Origin Can't Be Ruled Out - Russian Expert

Moscow opens new coronavirus hospital built
in just a month, as Russia braces for CV Peak

Better the virus than Putin? In the information
war against Russia, CV is just another weapon


US withdrawal from crucial Open Skies
treaty is done deal, Russian FM believes

COVID rates continue to grow in Russia
but growth of serious cases has stopped

WHO envoy attributes Russia's low mortality
to control over community-acquired pneumonia

US-UK media promotes evergreen Russian boozing
stereotypes, but latest data shows alcohol sales Are
down during Coronavirus pandemic

Chinese Communist Party CV Numbers Are Ridiculous
Too many urns & 20 Million Missing cell phone accounts
Millions Were Likely Killed By CV In China

Chinese doctors skin turns dark after CV recovery

Chinese Media Publishes Report Offering Insight
Into China's COVID-19 Response

Chinese AI temperature screening system
protects people from Coronavirus

US Said To Be Extensively Prepared If Kim Jong Un
Doesn't Recover From Heart Surgery

Kim Jong Un recovering after cardiovascular
procedure - South Korean media


South Korea, China say North Korea's Kim
Is not gravely ill as CNN claimed

Illegal gambling sites taking bets On CV Spread

Boris Johnson's CV Struggle Making Him Rein in
Lockdown-Easing Amid Cabinet Division

Boris Johnson must resign now - His lousy
leadership has cost us thousands of lives

UK Parliament to Resume Activities Amid Plans
to Establish Virtual House of Commons

No 'Exit' - UK Coronavirus Restrictions Could
Last Throughout 2020

UK Media Regulator Warns ITV Over Eamonn
Holmes 'Ill-Judged' Comments About 5G-CV Links

Sweden - 600,000 Coronavirus Infections In
Stockholm By May 1, Model Estimates

Over 2.5 million Covid-19 cases confirmed worldwide

At least 11 percent of Swedes may have
contracted CV, antibody study suggests


Sweden vs CV - Why 'Herd Immunity' Matters
And Why Lockdowns Don't Really Work

Luongo - Merkel May Survive The Corona
Apocalypse But The EU Won't

Dangerous Levels of 'Forever' PFAS Firefighting
Chemicals Found at US Base in Germany

Canadian Globalist Pawn PM Repeats Commitment
to Tighten Gun Control After Mass Shooting

Mass Shootings and Mental Health - A Clinical
Psychologist Explains the Effects of CV Lockdown

Israeli citizen indicted for 'spying' for Iran is identified

'How stupid have we been' - Trump on US
Middle East adventurism (Campaign Talk)

Tehran Demands Foreign Forces 'End Their Presence
Here' as US Accuses Iran of Breaking Intl Norms

Putin, Rouhani determined to keep cooperating
to find solution to Syria issue — Kremlin

New Daesh Leader Said to Be in Iraq
...Experts Verifying Identity


Putin, Erdogan discuss nuclear energy cooperation

Ankara's Intent to Deploy Russian S-400 Could
Result in US Sanctions - State Dept

Turkey Overtakes China & Iran In Total CV
Cases But Still Resists Lockdown

Turkish indictment gives details on how Saudi
hit squad tried to hide traces of Khashoggi murder

At Least 9 Killed in Israeli Attack on Syria

Syrian Air Defenses Thwart 'Hostile Targets'
After Explosions Heard in Palmyra

At Least 9 Killed in Israeli Attack on Syria

Jews Celebrate Child Murder There
Are No Children Left In Gaza!

Holy Mosques in Saudi Arabia to Remain
Closed During Ramadan

Protest in Beirut Against Lebanese Go't Measures
Amid CV Pandemic - Watch


India Begins Clinical Trial of New Drug
to Save Lives for Critically-Ill CV Patients

Pilot Snaps Rare Pics Area 51

Blinding UFO Shuts Down Texas Cars 1957

'Mystery Plane' with 'No Visible Means
of Propulsion' Sighted By Pilot 1951

US Said To Be Extensively Prepared If Kim Jong Un
Doesn't Recover From Heart Surgery

Kim Jong Un recovering after cardiovascular
procedure - South Korean media

Trump berates female reporter - Orders her to
'Keep your voice down'

Some States Are Being Forced to Smuggle
In PPE Under
'A Snapshot of a System In Breakdown'

Coronavirus attacks lining of blood vessels
all over the body, Swiss study finds

NJ Cops Use China Drones To Enforce Social
Distancing - This Is Only Creating Hatred -Just
give people proper masks and they will be safe

Trump's Coronavirus Task Force Increasingly
Ignores Trump

After Almost 3 And 1/2 YEARS, Trump Finally says he will
'temporarily' suspend immigration into the US

Trump attacks Gov Hogan for following his
coronavirus testing advice

US Oil Dives Below $0 A Barrel - Unprecedented

Hardcore Communist Actress Ocasio-Cortez
Deletes Praise of Oil Price Crash

States That Require Citizens To Wear Face Masks
For visiting Essential Businesses And Public Transport

Conservative Groups Push Anti-Stay Home Protests

Georgia And Tennessee Announce Some Business
Reopening And Lessening Of Stay Home Orders

Judge Nap Says NJ, MI Governors Are Violating
The Law With CV Lockdowns

Fact check - Trump Held rallies And Played golf
as The COV outbreak Spread Through The US

Reporter vs Trump - Why Didn't You Warn
People Virus Was Spreading Like Wildfire
Instead Of Holding Rallies?

Reporter Asks Trump On Why He
Held Rallies Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Countless Thousands Of US Businesses Have Been
Killed By Government Coronavirus Lockdowns


Why Trump's Coronavirus Optimism Isn't Working

Drivers Take Part in Anti-Shutdown Protests
in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - Watch

Quarantine Might Be Pointless due to anti-body
Tests showing The virus is Everywhere

US university stops using Chinese test kits after
some Are found to be contaminated

China Plays The Victim Card, Tells Trump US To Stop
Blasting It Over Its Handling Of Coronavirus Pandemic

COV ability to mutate vastly underestimated And
mutations affect deadliness of strains - Chinese study

Lies, Damned Lies and Coronavirus Statistics - Watch

Trump tones down His hydroxychloroquine hype

Trump Wants to Starve States Into
Opening Before It's Safe

Unethical - Trump plays misleading clips of 'support' from
Cuomo at coronavirus (reelection campaign) briefing


'Keep your voice down' - Trump has another
confrontation with a reporter at WH briefing

Mystified Dermatologists Seeing An Epidemic Of 'Covid Toes'
Among Kids - It's May Be COV Stopping The Red Blood Cells
From Delivering O2 As Normal - The Heme Can't Bind To O2

Will There Be a Coronavirus Vaccine? Maybe Not

Everything we know about CV immunity
...and plenty we still don't

Frustrated by Lack of Trump Admin CV Tests
Maryland Got 500,000 From South Korea

Trump is playing a stupid, deadly game in deflecting
COV blame to China - Mr 'Total Authority' Is Obsessed
With reelection - Does He Want War With China?

Dr Faustus - No Recovery Is Possible If The
Coronavirus Isn't 'Under Control'

Exactly How Many Deaths Are Needed To Justify
Giving Governments Control Of Everything?

Watch - Trump Vows To End Obama Admin Funding
To Wuhan Virus Lab - Too Late, The Barn's Empty

How the Elite Use Information Warfare to
Manipulate You


Pentagon Study - Flu Shot Raises Risk of CV 36%

52 Of The Weirdest Trump Lines From Sunday

'You know, during World War II, you know,
Roosevelt came up with a thing:' Biden
rambles and struggles With Senility

Former Clinton adviser on Creeper Joe Biden
nomination...'It's like a suicide march'

Classic Creepy Joe Biden - Watch This One
He is A very Sick, Twisted And Disturbed Man

Bannon - No Way Dems Can Beat Trump with Biden
He Might (WILL) be Replaced - Hillary In The Wings

'Biden Loves Kids' Trump Attacks Creeper Joe Over
His Vile Swimming Pool Video Comments To Little Kids

Facebook Censors Posts That Protest Government
Social Distancing And Lockdowns

Facebook Bans Civil Disobedience, Removes Posts
Organizing Anti-Lockdown Protests

Zuckerberg touts FB users data as 'superpower'
as COV symptom survey set to roll out worldwide


Montana County Demands Citizens Wear Govt-Issued
Communist PINK Arm Bands To Be Able to Shop at
Grocery Stores - Soviet States Of America

How US National Security State Is Using CV To
Fulfill An Orwellian Vision - DARPA Worked With
Communist China To Build Its social credit system

Comrade Pelosi Wants You to Sit Down, Shut Up
and Obey Government Coronavirus Decrees

Iowa Sends National Guard Troops to Defend
Meat Plants From Virus

Tyson pork plant CV cases jump from two to six
...Expected To grow higher

Encore - Trump Is Collaborating New Initiatives With The
Gates Vax Foundation - The Snake Just Told You He Is

Encore - Gates Foundation Calls For Global Solidarity To
(Force) Vaccinate 7 Billion People From Coronavirus With
Endless Nano Chip And Other Toxic Inclusions

How Coronavirus Testing Failures Wasted Crucial Time

Up to 442,000 people in L.A. County may have
already had coronavirus, antibody study estimates

Garcetti urges furloughs for city employees to
help LA fend off (financial collapse) from CV


Say What? The White House Wants A
Healthcare PATRIOT Act?

Coronavirus And The QAnon PsyOp

Sewer systems are a window into the CV pandemic

US charities helping millions have fallen apart

Over 80 Washington Police Officers Test Positive
for CV - Two Hospitalized Says Chief

New Jersey Woman Charged With Plotting to
Violate Governor's Stay Home Order

Michigan girl, 5, daughter of first responders,
dies from coronavirus

Mom Discovers Facebook Ad Claiming Her
Entire Family Died From Coronavirus

Oil Crashes Below ZERO And Stocks Slide As
The Government Keeps America In Bondage

$0 Oil Forces Canada To Shut Down
Crude Production

History In The Making - Oil Crashes To
NEGATIVE $40 Per Barrel

Dow Dives Nearly 600 Points

US Workers Get a 4-Month Safety Net
...Wall Street Gets a 4 to 5 Year Bailout

United Reports $2.1 BILLION Loss As Airlines Set
To Fire 100,000 Once Bailout Loans Expire


Virgin Atlantic About to Collapse Without Public
Bailout Warns Richard Branson in Rescue Plea

Europe needs €1.5 TRILLION to recover or single market
could 'break in two' – EU economy commissioner

Harvard And Other 'Well Endowed' Colleges Face
Backlash For Tapping Tens Of Millions In Stimulus Funds

Disney stops paying 100,000 workers while
top exec Iger takes 3% pay cut

Japan Foreign Minister Says World Economy
Heading for Worst Crisis Since World War II

Merkel Reportedly Calls Eurobonds the
'Wrong Path' at CDU Leadership Meeting

Russia's Coronavirus Peak Still Ahead - Putin

Ukrainian Troops Launch Counter-Sabotage
Operation as Chernobyl Burns

If China's 'coronavirus charm offensive' is working
on Italians, it's thanks to the West's failures

Russia aid to Italy is not just a 'one-way road' – Putin


Russian Foreign Ministry on CV, US War OF Terror
and Blockading Venezuela

Trump Says China May Be 'Knowingly Responsible'
for Virus (See the Pattern?)

COVID-19 - A Diabolical US Anti-China Plot?

1,000s sign up to US class action to sue China over CV

Obama-era DHS chief Jeh Johnson - China's
coronavirus numbers are not believable

'I've Never Encountered Anything Like This' - China
Stock Index Suffers Record Crash...Nobody Knows Why

Blair - No way out of coronavirus lockdown
without mass testing

England's Coronavirus Death Toll Rises by
More Than 400 in 24 Hours

Pubs and Bars in the UK Could be Shut Until
Christmas as Depression Kicks In

UK Boosts CV Testing Capacity by Opening
Another Diagnostic Lab


Daily Mail Falsely Brands Riots Against Police
in Paris Suburbs as 'Anti-Lockdown' Protests

Merkel Says We Will Know in 14 Days if Easing
Lockdown Sends Infection Rate Higher

Merkel slams 'DISCUSSION ORGIES' of regional
governments planning to ease CV restrictions

German State of Saxony Introduces Mandatory
Face Masks Amid Ease of Lockdown Measures - Watch

'Understanding of European solidarity' - Germany offers
to take foreign CV patients after previous modest help

I'm in ghost town Madrid, witnessing a brutal
lockdown enforcement. Is it even constitutional?

Swedish Report Identifies Black African, Middle Eastern
Invaders as Least Self-Sufficient In society

Macron's Approval Rating in April Maintains
Surge Amid CV Pandemic - Poll

Czech president Milos Zeman says nation borders should
stay Closed for a YEAR to prevent 2nd CV Wave

Brazil's President joins protest against CV lockdown


Foreign interference in Venezuelan affairs
unacceptable, says Putin

Putin, Maduro discuss joint anti-coronavirus efforts

'We're Completely Overwhelmed' - Mexico City Hospitals
Turn Away Patients As Serious COV Cases Surge

Israeli PM Netanyahu and rival Gantz agree to form
'unity' government to avoid another election

Iran increases range of naval missiles to 700km
without foreign help - IRGC commander

Russian fighter jet scrambled to intercept
US spy plane over Syria coast

Virologists 'Concerned' to See 80 PERCENT of CV
Cases in India Asymptomatic

Netizens Rejoice as CV Doubling Rate
Slows in India, Several States Become 'Corona-Free'

Mystery of Hotter Than Should be Solar
Winds Hitting Earth Finally Revealed

CIA Agents Reveal How Bill Clinton
Stopped Them From Killing bin Laden


How the American Dream Became Unaffordable

Why Do Narcissists Make Such Poor Leaders?

Bill Gates and the Depopulation Agenda
RFK Jr Calls for an Investigation

New Zealand Becomes a Dream Escape Destination
Amid Pandemic as Demand For Bunkers Increases

Scientists reveal 'dramatically different' discovery
about first interstellar comet 'Oumuamua

Fresh Jupiter snaps make gas giant look
like breathtaking piece of modern art - Watch

'Golf Ball-Sized' Hail Smashes Australian
State of Queensland - Watch


US coronavirus death toll tops 40,000 And
Cases Pass 750,000

Trump's Is Blocking US Hospitals From Getting
COV PPE - How Low Can He Go?

Report - Americans Working At WHO Say They
TOLD TRUMP About Coronavirus 'Late Last Year'

Sweden Lets Schools, Gyms, Cafes, Bars, restaurants
Open during The Pandemic...And It Has WORKED
...All It Took Was The Public to Act Responsibly

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warns Trump may
put US in 'further danger' during COV crisis

Piers Morgan - Trump Is 'Failing The American People' And
Turned His briefings Into 'Self-Aggrandizing, Self-Justifying'
Events Like A Rally - Winning Reelection Is More Important

Trump says Fox and Chris Wallace are 'on a bad path'
after Pelosi's appearance on network !

Governors slam Trump's call to 'liberate' states
where protesters object to CV restrictions

Trump Is Collaborating New Initiatives With The Gates
Vax Foundation - The snake just told you he is going to

Gates Foundation Calls for Global Solidarity to (Force)
Vaccinate 7 Billion People from Coronavirus With
Endless Nano Chip And Other Toxic Inclusions


RFK Jr Bombshell - Bill Gates Coronavirus Vaccine
Will Pay Out BILLIONS in Profits to FAUCI'S Agency

Microsoft Goes Full Blown Satanist

Two Young Girls Expose Gates Vax Plans - Watch

Here's Why A Coronavirus Vaccine Might Not
Happen Within 18 Months

Trump Is Threatening to Subvert the Constitution
...The Atlantic

They Took The Whole World Down In 6 Weeks With One
Engineered Virus...And Total, Abject Fear - Watch

Trump Is Trading the Lives of the Poor
for Economic Growth - The Atlantic

End Trump's Unethical Outrageous Nepotism
...Time to Fire Jerry And The Princess

Brilliant Scientist Who Discovered HIV Says Coronavirus
'Could Only Have Been Created In A Laboratory'

Watch - Does FEMA Now Have Control Of America?
Pay Attention To Trump's Statement Analyzed And How
He Says To Pompeo 'You Should Have Let Us Know'...


Snitch Psycho Dictator DeBlasio - Urges New Yorkers
To Use Smart Phone Cams To Snitch On Citizens
And Cops Will Instantly Come To 'Fix The Problem'

'Experts' Say It May Be Time To Ban Customers
From Grocery Stores

If new data suggesting CV is no more lethal than FLU
is correct, should world REVERSE its lockdown strategy?

Shocking Report Shows Half The Homeless At Boston Shelter
Tested Positive For CV...And NONE Had Symptoms

Herd immunity? 1 in 3 test positive for CV ANTIBODIES
in pilot Massachusetts street study

60% Of COV Infections In Moscow Are Asymptomatic

Putting The CV Crisis And Infected And
Death Numbers Into A New Perspective

Navarro Says China Hid Coronavirus From World
Is Hoarding PPEs, 'Cornered' The Market And Is
Profiteering During The Pandemic

10 Year Old Document Shows How The Virus
Is Being Used To Destroy Society, The Food
Supply and the Entire economy - Watch

Encore - Predictive Programming Mind Control...
'They' Always Tell The Sheeple In Advance - Watch


Here Are The Problems WIth Trump's Plan
To Reopen The Economy

Reopening Too Soon Could Cause 'Exponential
Explosion' Of US COV Cases - MIT Researchers

What Will You Do If They Try To Extend
CV Lockdowns Into Next Year?

The New COVID-19 Authoritarians Will Only
Give Up Power If They Fear Blowback

Social Unrest Unfolds As Frustrated Americans
Demand Reopening Of Economy

No social distancing as Alex Jones joins hundreds
in rally against CV lockdown measures in Texas

New Jersey Resident Faces Criminal Charges for
Organizing Protest Against Stay Home Order

US coronavirus death toll rises to 40,000,
almost double Italy's figures – Reuters

Most US firms don't want to wind down operations in China
over pandemic - THEY AREN'T COMING HOME! - (Remember
All Trump's BS About Bringing US Manufacturing Home)

US Economy Contracting 'At Sharpest Pace Since WW2
And The Worst Is Yet To Come'...(And All By Design)


'Who believes these numbers?' Trump claims China MUST
be hiding its true death toll because 'everybody knows it'

Trump warns China of 'consequences'
over coronavirus outbreak

Microsoft Launching 'Plasmabot' to Encourage People
Recovered From CV to Donate Their Plasma

Coronavirus Testing Of People Delayed Due to
'Contamination' in CDC Labs - Reports

MI Sheriff Rejects Gov Whitmer's Lockdown - Watch

Viral Michigan Pro-Trump Swastika Photo
From Stay at Home Protest Is a Zionist Hoax

'Trump = Death' - Pro-Immigration Protesters Dump
Body-Bags Outside Trump's NYC Hotel

WHO Advisory Comm Member Retweets (Then Deletes)
Michael Moore Clip Endorsing Anti-Trump Violence

Weirdo Fake Doctor Elon Musk Ridiculed By Real
Doctors Into Deleting His Tweet About 'Lung Strength'

Crowds Swarm Florida Beaches Amid Phased
Reopening As Critics Slam "#FloridaMorons"


Detroit Police Issue 736 Citations, Shutdown
Dozens Of Parties During Lockdown

US P/P clinics report up to 400% rise in abortion requests
- If there's a CV Econ collapse, this will get much worse

Seed Shortages Spread As Locked-Down Americans
Turn To Growing Their Own Food

Blood clot complications in severe CV treatment

Recent AK SARS CoV2 Sequences Are Italian Lineage

AG Barr Blocks Release Of 9/11 Documents
Despite Promises To Victims' Families

'Petty, Tyrannical Bullsh*t' - CA Is Filling Skateparks
With Sand To Force 'Social Distancing' - Big Backlash

John Barbour reads from his book - Part 4

Canada Reports 12% Rise in CV Deaths in One Day

Canadian police detain gunman who left
several victims in Nova Scotia


Some good news about CV - The self-absorbed,
climate change do-gooders are one of its casualties

Amazon Chief Jeff Bezos Purchases Fourth Condo
Worth $16 Million in Same NYC Building - Reports

Why No V-Shaped Recovery Is Coming And
Why The Fed Will Nationalize Everything

Coronavirus furloughs begin for more than
100,000 Disney, Best Buy And CarMax workers

COV Could Change Travel Behavior Forever...
Putting 3 Million BPD Oil Demand At Risk

Insolvent Illinois Begs Congress For Pension Bailout

A Hyperinflationary Depression Has Always Been
The Inevitable Endgame

Enormous Casino And Gaming Losses In NV

Crude Strategy - Observer Ponders What Putin's
Looking to Gain From US Shale-Saving OPEC+ Deal

Oil Glut - At Least 160 Million Barrels Are Held in
Tankers Amid Lack of Onshore Storage - Report


Asian Oil Trading Legend Files For Bankruptcy After Hiding
$800 Million In Losses, Secretly Selling Loan Collateral

Whitney - Sweden Is Right - The Economy
Should Be Left Open

Macleod - The Destructive Force Of Bank Credit

COV Threatens to Take the Fizz Out of Beer, Soda

America's Compassion for the Unemployed
Won't Last - The Atlantic

Brown - 'A Universal Basic Income Is Essential
and Will Work'

Trump's Best Ever Economy Craters

Kremlin notes growing role of international interaction
in battling coronavirus

Russia has enough reserves to protect its people
amid coronavirus pandemic – Putin

Russian CV cases spike by over 6,000 as Putin
says situation is 'under control'


Watch one of the world's most active volcanos
spew Lava in Russia's Far East

Ambassador says coronavirus imported to China
points to genetic sequence as proof

China lab rejects US conspiracy theory about
origin of coronavirus

Wuhan Lab Says No Way Coronavirus Originated There
Virologist Shi Zheng-Li - The 'bat lady' Chief of bat
coronavirus research at Wuhan Institute of Virology

China reports 16 new coronavirus infections
over last 24 hours

North Korea Denies Trump Received A 'Nice Note'
From Kim Recently

Australia Demands 'Independent' Investigation Into
Coronavirus Origins, Says WHO Should Stay Out

UK FCO in latest interference in HK internal affairs

China Bashing - A Bipartisan US Obsession

Outrage as Prince Harry Suggests UK's CV
Crisis Being Exaggerated By Media


Who funds Victoria Beckham's staff layoffs?
Guess you know the answer...bet you don't like it

BoJo's Govt Accused of 'Sleepwalking' UK into CV Crisis

UK Health Experts Advise Major British Cities
Be Used for CV Testing Trials

WHO Says UK Coronavirus Testing Plan To Trace
Formerly Infected Not Based on Evidence

Michael Gove Rebuffs Claim That Government
Considering Lifting Lockdown as UK Death Toll Surges

UK Says Hospital Coronavirus Deaths Up to 16,060

Private Jets Reportedly Ferry UK's 'Super Rich' to
and From CV Hotspots Despite Lockdown

This is how UK media covers Britain's COV response &
that is how it covers Russia's (is this FAIR journalism?)

Russian diplomat urges to fine BBC for biased info on Russia

One Year Later, Cause Of Notre Dame Fire
Remains A Mystery


SECOND CV lockdown inevitable if Germany goes
too lax on restrictions – minister

'Why risk so many lives?' asks French town councilor
as several mayors reported dead of coronavirus after
A non-banned election

Dead bodies litter the beaches as Ecuador
sees explosion in fatalities from the coronavirus

Thousands of Israelis maintain social distancing
while protesting Netanyahu

Netanyahu Vows to Gradually Ease Lockdown
As CV Spread Slows Down in Israel

Israeli President Invites Leaders of Self-Employed
Workers Protest to Discuss Demands

IRGC Warns Iran Will Respond 'Decisively'
to Any US Provocation - Reports

Iran's Army unveils new advanced, long-range
strategic radars

Zarif to Trump - Stop interfering in other nations affairs

'Only interested in Hollywood scenarios' - Iranian military
brands US 'harassment' accusations in Persian Gulf 'fake'


'We don't take advice from ANY American politician'
Iran's Zarif rejects Trump's ventilator offer

Russian Armata Battle Tank Gets Tested in Syria

US-Taliban Talks Unlikely to Bring Peace to
Afghanistan Since Kabul Has No Role in Process

Indian Lab Develops Cheap COV Test, Altering
Existing Technique for First Time

'Physically, Psychologically Harmful' - Indian Health
Ministry Speaks Out Against Disinfectants

Politically Acceptable Pandemics

Last Train to Wuhan IV - Where Is Celestial Intervention?

For Chrissake - Smoking Marijuana Could Increase
Severe Complications From Coronavirus

Hungry South Africans Clash with Police Amid Lockdown

Tales From The Future - 'Winters Gone'


Open Mic Catches Cops Conspiring To Murder A Man

Trump's Saturday Press Briefing Littered With False
Claims...Old And New

Trump's Saturday CV (Campaign) Briefing Devolves
Into Weird Rant About Issues Outside Of COV

FEMA Is Now In Control - Since Trump Signed The
National Emergency On March 13 - Watch

Shimatsu - Enigma of COV Origin - Rothschild's Riddler
Is Behind A Batty Wuhan Theory - Part 19

Trump suggests China won't be punished if
coronavirus Release was 'a mistake'

The End Of The World As We Know It?

Time to fire Jerry And The Princess - CNN Op-Ed

Poll - Two-thirds of Americans think Trump acted too
slowly to fight coronavirus - He Did Nothing For 2 Months

Narcissist Trump Says Stock Market Thinks He's Done Well
Against The Virus (Sorry, Donald...No Takers)

Trump Is Asking Us to Play Russian Roulette
With Our Lives


Operation reopen America - are we about to witness a
second historic failure of leadership from Trump?

Can Civil Disobedience Can End the CV Stupidity?

WI Sheriff Says Will Not Enforce Stay Home Orders

CV model says WA could potentially start safely
reopening the week of May 18

100s protest against coronavirus stay home orders
as US deaths exceed 31,000

House Arrest Lifted, 100s Return To Jacksonville Beaches

More Than 50% Of L.A. Is Now Unemployed

New MIT Model Says 'Disaster' Or A Huge Second Wave
If COV Quarantines Are Relaxed Too Quickly

Scientists Discover Alarming Coronavirus Mutation
That Could Render Vaccine Useless

New Study Shows US Coronavirus Infections
50-80 Times Higher' Than Believed


FBI Says Foreign States Hacked US Research
Centers Seeking COV Breakthroughs

LA County's CV deaths double in 1 week as officials
report 81 new deaths - highest 1 day increase

Trump projects overall CV death toll in US To Be
60,000-65,000 (We'll Be There in 2 weeks!)

Communist Despot De Blasio Says New Yorkers (Soviets)
can report (snitch) social distancing violations by texting
photos Of The 'violators' to authorities (The STASI KGB)

Mayor deBlasio Says New York City Will Not Reopen
Until July or August AT THE EARLIEST

New York sees lowest CV death toll in April
but reopening would require An 'Army' for
contact tracing and more tests

COV deaths outpace funerals in New York City

Satanist Queen Madonna Announces She Is Joining
The Gates Foundation Program To Vaccinate Every
Human Being On Earth • Now The End Begins

Another Smithfield Food plant has been struck
by the coronavirus - The 4th To Close

Lawyers Expect US Divorce Rates to Skyrocket
After CV Lockdowns End


4,000 Dead in Care Homes Due to CV Will Ultimately
Prove To Be Accurate Says Chair of ICG

NYT - Believe All Women...Unless They Accuse
Creeper Joe Biden

'Transgender' men 'raping staff' in women's prison

Communist Pope Francis pushes for
universal basic income

Black Miami doctor handcuffed for helping homeless

CA Lockdown Yields Billion Dollar Bonus

WHO Wants To Separate Families...'In A Safe
And Dignified Manner' - Pure Evil

When created, coronavirus vaccine must
be available for everyone - UN head

Number of novel coronavirus fatalities worldwide
exceeds 150,000 - US university

Snitching On Social-Distance-Deniers
Sparks Outrage Across America


What's The Difference Between Fake News
& Hyper Normalisation?

US Authorities Demand Church Stop Selling
'Miracle Mineral Solution' (MMS) Cure for CV

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 4-18-20

Leaked 'Gun Girl' Kaitlin Bennett Messages
Lambasted for Perceived 'Anti-Semitism'

Americans Are Making Jokes About The $1,200
Stimulus Checks And Here Are 33 Of The Best

Gorbachev - World Must Come Together After COV
'Or Risk Sliding Into Chaos'

More Recent NY SARS CoV2 Sequences Are Largely Italian

Recent WI SARS CoV2 Sequences Are Largely Italian

SARS CoV2 Sequences From Iowa Are Italian Lineage

Trump is an 'epic troll' whose Twitter use is
'dangerous' amid coronavirus - Kara Swisher

Will Amazon Kill Small Business?


Jeff Bezos is the planet's richest man, and CV is making
him ever wealthier - he's also the world's most selfish man

Tech's answers to hand-washing solution stopping CV

Paper Of Record Says Feel Sorry For Bill Gates
Who's Been Targeted With Conspiracy Theories

Windows 10's rotten run of upgrades
Why Microsoft should delay next feature update

Pentagon to extend troop movement freeze
to June 30

Widespread testing will be crucial to get the military
back to full operations - but it's going to take a while

US quietly recalls ALL B-52 bombers from Guam
just DAYS after staging 'show of force'

Pentagon says Moscow tested 'anti-satellite' weaponry
& accuses it of hypocrisy...while having same toys for years

How The Military-Industrial Complex Is Using COV

Buchanan - Will COV Retire The World's Policeman?


AF Eyes Hypersonic Weapons For B1 Bomber

Meet Benjamin Disraeli - Architect of Two World Wars

This Is The Worst Employment Collapse In US
History By A Very Wide Margin

Some small businesses got $0 Support
while The big lenders got billions

Outrage Over Bank Seizures Of Coronavirus
Relief Payments From Debt-Strapped Veterans

These 10 Colleges Are Receiving The Most
Federal Bailout Money

Bankrupt Company With No Employees Received
$55 Million From Trump Admin for N95 Masks

Big US Restaurant Chains Receive Administration
Loans Intended to Support Small Business

Trump's $19 Billion Relief Program for Farmers

Ten Companies Win $586 Million US Army
Contracts for Services in Virus Crisis


Boeing Announces Re-Opening of Plant Making
V-22 Osprey Aircraft on Monday

A currency crisis could drive gold to $10,000 an ounce

?Physical Gold and Silver to Continue to Soar on
Massive Demand and Money Printing Everywhere

US Mint Halts Gold and Silver Coin Production
Supply Shortages Deepen and Premiums High

Is Russia-Saudi Oil-Price War A Fraud And A Farce?

Oil Stored At Sea Hits A Record 160 Million Barrels
...Doubling In Two Weeks

Real Reason Russia & China Teamed-Up...Here's What
Comes Next For US Preeminence And The Dollar

Japan's Abe Vows to Rush Through Cash Handouts to All

Author of Black Swan Taleb Says COV Shows World
Should Be Less Connected

Germany's Major Shipbuilders Are Reportedly
Negotiating Merging Into Naval Conglomerate


Russia could suspend grain exports next month
if export quota is reached

'V-Shaped Recovery' Narrative Crushed As
Small Business Firings Start

Macleod - 'Lethal For Bullion Banks' -
The Looming $600 Trillion Derivatives Crisis

Taibbi Warns - Wall St & Main St 'Rescues'
Look Increasingly Disconnected From One Another

Russia's Health Ministry approves using Chinese
hydroxychloroquine against coronavirus

Manned checking of digital passes in Moscow
to be replaced by electronic systems

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Calls
on BBC to Stop Biased Coverage of Russia

Taiwan Quarantines More Than 700 Navy
Personnel After Three Sailors Contract COV

HK orders banks to grant unprecedented 6-month
loan repayment holiday to help small biz survive

US Blame Game Twist - Suing China for CV Outbreaks


Beijing Communist Govt Arrests HK Media Tycoon
& 14 Activists In Sweeping Pro-Democracy Crackdown

Wuhan Reopening Spells Trouble For A World
Emerging From Lockdown - What To Expect Here

Wuhan Virus Laboratory denies claims the
coronvarius Pandemic originated there

COV outbreak started months EARLIER and NOT
in Wuhan - ongoing Cambridge study indicates

US Launches 'Full-Scale Investigation' Into
Wuhan Lab

China revised its coronavirus tally to 'leave no case
undocumented' - other countries likely to follow – WHO

As the Trump administration legitimizes Covid-19's
'China lab' origins conspiracy theory, remember Iraqi 'WMD'

Chinese Embassy in Canada Slams Outlet for
'Smear' of CV Containment Effort

Spanish Govt Recalls Hundreds of Thousands
of Defective Chinese Medical Masks - Reports

UK Government Admits to Panic Purchasing Faulty
Antibody Test Kits Despite Experts Advice


'It's shameful that Britain flies in Romanian fruit
pickers at a time of crisis, we should mobilize people
to save our farms'

Another week of catastrophic failures by the
British state but look over there – at China!

A Swedish professor quotes a Swedish professor
on the flaws of Sweden's CV response...and that's
RUSSIAN propaganda?

Second Morgue for COVID-19 Victims Opens
South of Paris, France - Watch

Sweden to roll out mass testing in CV strategy
overhaul as national case numbers continue to grow

Germans decry 'out of proportion' CV lockdown
measures with multiple protests with 'social distancing'

British government to investigate why BAME
community worst-hit by Coronavirus

Spain Authorizes Military Planes To Spray
Disinfectants Over Cities

Germany - Still Too Much Free Speech, Says Euro
Commission Against Racism & Intolerance

Ambitious 'Cloud Brightening' Experiment Was
Just Carried Out Over Great Barrier Reef


Wary of US? Peru keeps CV medical shipment route

Venezuela slams US over 'vulgar'
central bank funds seizure

Russia's Rosneft Sale of Venezuelan Assets
Under Active Deliberation by US - Treasury

Watch Failed Israeli Drone Strike On Top Hezbollah
Official Caught In Rare Video

Iran's defense ministry makes mass delivery
of new drones to army

Iraqi parliament demands Baghdad's
procurement of Russia's S-400 missile system

Prominent Journalist Accuses CIA of Using
CV Crisis to Quietly Steal Syria's Oil

Coronavirus infections among Saudi royals
'exceedingly surpassed' previous figures

US may scale back CIA presence in
Afghanistan to save peace deal

India Follows Germany in Restricting Opportunistic
Takeover by Chinese Firms


At least 2 troopers killed in militant attack on
paramilitary police in Indian-controlled Kashmir

Indian naval base enters 'total lockdown'
as 20+ sailors test positive for Covid-19

Atzmon - Everything You Want To Know About COV
...But Were Afraid To Ask Peter Duesberg

6.9 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Ogasawara
Islands Off Japan's Coast

Shimatsu - Enigma of COV Origin - Rothschild's Riddler
Is Behind A Batty Wuhan Theory - Part 19

We Are Probably Only a Tenth of the Way
Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

More Bad News on the Long-Term Effects of COV

Brilliant Scientist Who Discovered HIV Says Coronavirus
'Could Only Have Been Created In A Laboratory'

Trump Says China's Coronavirus Toll is 'Far Higher'
Than Beijing Admits (We've Said that Since January)

Some Recovered Patients Testing Positive Again

New Senate plan would guarantee paychecks for
furloughed or laid-off workers

NBA players to receive 25% less in paychecks
starting May 15 due to CV Pandemic

Pentagon Readying Force to Deploy in Streets
of Washington, DC to Enforce Martial Law - Report


Trump vows To Re-Start His Rallies - Never Mind The Virus

CEOs sticking with Trump's 'open the economy'
group after he tweets call to 'liberate' states

WA Gov Inslee Says Trump Is 'fomenting domestic
rebellion and spreading lies'

Trump Signals He Backs Civil Protests
to End Safety Guidelines

Trump Plans to Contain CV by Unleashing Anarchy

Trump encourages anti-lockdown group opposed
to stay-at-home order in Minnesota - Is Trump
Endorsing Civil Disobedience?

Trump Says VA's Dem Governor 'Should Be Under Siege'

Trump breaks with his own guidelines to back
conservative anti-quarantine protesters

Trump fuels reopening unrest with 'LIBERATE' tweets

Trump demands states 'LIBERATE' amid protests


'Liberate' states protesting against lockdown - Trump

Trump Tweets 'Liberate Michigan' As Gov Says
Reopening Could Start May 1

Michigan Sheriffs Will NOT Strictly Enforce
Gov. Whitmer's Executive Order

Which States Are Ready For Reopening Phase One?

Americans Demand To Be Freed From Lockdowns
The Risks From Mass 'home Arrest' Are Growing

Ohio Race Track Owner - 'I'm Not Asking,
I'm Opening'

NYPD Seizes Drone Of Photojournalist Documenting
Mass Burials On Hart Island

NYC Restaurants Board Up Windows
Amid CV Shutdown

CA protest erupts over state's COV stay home rules

RFK Jr - Flu Misinformation and Coronavirus Fears


Trump's Coronavirus Restaurant Panel Is a Disgrace

Trump inflames red state-blue state coronavirus Split

Could Trump's Giant Coronavirus Failure Finally
Turn Off His Rabid Supporters? (Probably not)

15 times Trump praised China as coronavirus
was spreading across the globe

Study sees need for some social distancing
into 2022 to curb coronavirus (the nwo)

NJ nursing home - 36 dead from CV at
'overwhelmed' facility

Trump US Has Reportedly Flown In Over 1,000
Afghan 'Refugees' (Invaders)The Last Four Weeks

Michael Savage and the Mike Adams both blast The
scientific illiteracy of conservative MSM CV coverage

Dr. Phil joins stampede of morons on Fox News who
essentially claim The CV Pandemic Is 'Misinformation
And Just Plain Stupidity'

SF Bay Area Antibody Testing Shows Number Of
Infected Be 85 Times Higher Than Reported


More Bad News on the Long-Term Effects
of Coronavirus Infection

Researchers Discover new coronavirus
symptoms - feet lesions

Bill Gates Instagram Page Flooded With Calls For His
Arrest for Crimes Against Humanity

Open Rural Areas Without Stay Home Orders
See Rise In Infections

Chris Cuomo's Wife Now Infected
...The Risks Of Being Sick at Home

Four GA poultry workers dead from coronavirus

100s of USPS workers have CV but it still may be safer
to get postal mail than other types of packages

Meredith Brooks - Joe Biden Touching Kids
'Curdles My Blood'

Br Nathanael - The Great Purge

Wooldridge - Pandemics and Population
Correlation to Further Disasters for America


Real History Chan - The Myth of Dr. Mengele
Who actually SAVED the lives of Jews

Adam Schiff Blasts Grenell For 'Politicizing
The Intelligence Community'

After Deadly Easter, More Tornados Expected
For The South This Weekend

Quarantine (parody video)

Twitter Outlaws Political Satire, Civil Disobedience
With Fresh Bans Of Conservative Influencers

CBC Instructs Kids On How To Shut Down
Their Parents 'Conspiracy Theories'

Navy Reports Alarming 'Stealth Transmission' Rate
As 60% Of Infected Carrier Crew Is Symptom-Free

Almost HALF of French Charles de Gaulle aircraft
carrier group tested positive for CV

US Building Ground-Based Network of Offensive
Weapons to Jam Russian Satellites – Report

Pompeo Told Lavrov Any Future Arms Control
Talks Must Include China - State Department


Robot Warriors Join Chinese Military Arsenal
...Will Free Soldiers From Dangerous Missions

US Accusing Russia of Anti-Satellite Missile Testing to
Distract From Deployment of US Weapons in Space - Moscow

Russian Foreign Ministry Reveals How US
Helped Push Moscow to Create Hypersonic Weapons

As farmers destroy their crops, the queues at
food banks get longer...The World Is Insane

Russia & Saudi Arabia ready to make deeper
joint OPEC+ output cuts to boost oil prices

Oil market will not start to see recovery before
June despite historic production cuts

US Drillers Shed 260 Rigs In Five Brutal Weeks

American Airlines share buybacks are a scam
to enrich execs - CV bailouts will fuel more of them

US airlines sitting on $10 billion owed to
consumers for canceled flights

European Car Registrations Crash Most
On Record In March


Major automakers to jump start European
production from next week

US labs in third countries may be developing
pathogenic agents - Russia

Moscow Aware of US Offer to Tbilisi to Expand
Military Research in Lugar Biolab

Russian Foreign Ministry says countries have
no right to settle scores on Iraqi soil

Kremlin welcomes India's plan to provide medicines
to combat coronavirus to Russia

Alarming record - Number of new coronavirus cases
in Russia surpasses 4,000

Russia has many questions to US about
its activities in outer space

About half of CV cases in Russia asymptomatic

China denies covering up CV severity, says revision
increasing deaths by 50% Is 'common practice'

Pompeo claims countries will 'rethink' Huawei
partnerships after Covid-19


WaPo CV 'Wuhan Hit Piece' Cites US Officials,
Anti-Beijing Pundit, Omits Biomedical Evidence

London Mayor Khan Urges Government to Make
Face Covering on Public Transport Compulsory

Taskforce to make vaccine available
to UK quickly as possible

UK government's callous disregard for care home
residents – old, sick people acutely vulnerable to CV
...has been a disgrace

Outrage over UK health secretary's 'arrogant'
response on NHS workers reusing PPE

The New Normal - Only One In Ten Brits Want Return
To Pre-CV Lifestyle, Value Food, Kinship-Survey

Online Outrage as 'Terminally Stupid' Westminster
Crowd Breaks Distancing Rules to Clap for Carers

Anti-Corbyn Labour Party staff tried to stifle anti-war
sentiment And banned use of word 'warmonger'

Report suggests Europe's CV deaths may
be much higher than official figures

Amazon to Deliver CV Swab Kits to UK Homes
Amid Government Testing Target Shortfalls


Coronavirus Pandemic Reportedly Hardens
Stance Towards Huawei Among UK Tories

France Points to Lack of Facts to Back up US Media
Claims of Link Between CV And Wuhan's P4 Lab

Italy to Launch App That Traces Coronavirus
Contacts - Official

Mexican Lake Mysteriously Turns Red, Prompts
Speculations About 'Rivers of Blood' Biblical Prophecy

Brazil's Bolsonaro Accuses Lower House Speaker
Maia of Attempting to Overthrow Government

Brazilian TV Host Fired After Proposing 'Concentration
Camp' for Coronavirus Patients

'Undocumented explosion' spreads around Brazil

Ecuador sees massive surge in deaths in April

Netanyahu's Son Bashes Left-Wing Rally Amid CV
Lockdown, Gets Slammed in Response

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Clash With Police in
Jerusalem Over Coronavirus Lockdown - Watch


Daesh ISIS Militants Plotting to Distribute
Contaminated Masks in Iraq Amid CV Epidemic

US Convoy Forced to Turn Around by Villagers
in Northeastern Syria - Watch

Houthis Say Saudi-led Coalition Launched
23 Airstrikes on Several Yemeni Provinces

India's Top Science Lab Develops Mobile Diagnostic
Equipment to Expedite CV Testing

Indian Army Chief Slams Pakistan for Carrying
Out Cross-Border Fire Amid Pandemic

Philippines leader Duterte threatens to
deploy troops to enforce CV quarantine

Coronavirus likely to kill at least 300,000 Africans
And Push 29 million into extreme poverty - UNECA

One Citizen's View Of Coronavirus From Baltimore

'Chariots Running Among The Clouds' - UFOs Were
Spotted in First Century, Historical Account Suggests

This World War II Bomber Took More Enemy Fire
Than Most Others and Always Came Home


Does cannabis affect your dreams?

'Chariots Running Among The Clouds'
UFOs Were Spotted in The First Century

New archaeological evidence from Nazareth reveals
religious and political environment in era of Jesus

Dr. Shiva - How Indian Medicine Looks at the Body

Why Are Children Still Getting Married in America?

17 Fish You Should Never Eat

Facebook Constructs Bot-Based Universe
for Manipulating Humans

Trump Threatens To Dissolve-Adjourn Both Houses
Of Congress And Use That Time To Force His Nominees
Through Without Congressional Approval

Has Trump's Desperation Gone Over The Edge?
Threatens To Adjourn both Houses Of Congress!

Trump Announces the Worst of New Coronavirus
Cases Is Now Behind the US

Cruz Says China Is A 'Threat To National
Security And Global Health'

Cruz - Social-distancing restrictions are fine
...petty authoritarianism is not

Proposal would give Americans $2,000 stimulus
checks each month during coronavirus pandemic

Creeper Joe Biden Caught Asking Little Girl
'Do You Know How Horny I am?' He Would Be
Political Suicide As Nominee - Ain't gonna Happen

Looney Lizzie Finally Endorses The Creeper

Trump says White House to release guidelines on
relaxing social distancing on Thursday

Leaked Federal documents Show possible Trump
reopening Plans For May - November Is coming!

Trump promised big announcement - Then read off
a long list of names - dozens And dozens Of Them


Trump's Entire Coronavirus Pandemic Response
is Massively Corrupt

Trump's Coronavirus Power Grab Is
Dividing Conservatives

Trump's CV Message Is 'Brazen Revisionist History'

People might be most infectious with coronavirus
before they show symptoms, study suggests

Sources believe CV originated in Wuhan lab
as part of China's efforts to compete with US

New data shows scale of US economic breakdown
Production Down Most Since WW2 - Retail Worst Ever

Cuomo signs EO requiring all New Yorkers to
wear face coverings in public amid Pandemic

Trump accuses NYC of padding its CV death toll

Trump's Reelection Campaign Elated As His Ego
Gets His Name Printed On All Stimulus Relief Checks

Why Are Rich Americans Getting $1.7
Million Stimulus Checks?


Comrade CA Gov Gavin Newsom announces CV
cash payments to illegal, Invading immigrants

Tenants Who Can't Afford Rent Because Of CV
Say Landlords Are Asking For Sex

Luongo Rages - #FireFauci Should Be The
Rallying Cry For A Generation

Pediatrician - 80% of kids may have CV, mostly w/o
symptoms - So, If Trump Opens Schools Up, The
Kids Can Take It Home To Parents, Grandparents

When the ventilator comes off, Mental delirium
comes out for many coronavirus survivors

Hydroxychloroquine does not clear coronavirus
but can alleviate symptoms, study says

French study finds hydroxychloroquine Does NOT
help patients with coronavirus

scientists have bad news for the Trump
about coronavirus antibody tests

80% of Americans said they saw fake coronavirus
news From The media early in pandemic

Second Wave Of Coronavirus Layoffs Claiming
Workers Who Thought They Were Safe


Push to have supermarket workers designated
first responders amid coronavirus outbreak

Big restaurant chains Suck Up small business
Stimulus Money, sparking backlash

SBA touts 250 billion loan approvals but little
evidence small businesses are seeing cash

US Economic Data Show Deep Hit in March
And a Collapse in April

South Dakota's Gov Defence No-Lockdown Policy
Despite Rise In Cases Which total 1,000

South Dakota Meat Plant Is Now Country's
Biggest Coronavirus Hot Spot

More Than 90% Of Americans Face Restrictions
Of Some Kind From The CV Pandemic

Where Each Of All 50 States Stand On Reopening

'Lock her up!' - Anti-Whitmer coronavirus lockdown
protestors swarm Michigan Capitol

Many Major US Banks Have Heavy Slowdowns
As People Seek their Stimulus Payments


WHO Blocked Doctors From Urging Border
Controls To Stop Spread Of CV

UK Defends WHO, Stops Short of Criticising
Trump for Funding Cut

US disease control chief says too early to say
whether WHO failed, after Trump suspends funding

Pelosi Warns Trump of Swift Challenge to
'Senseless' US Order to Stop Funding WHO

Trump Decision to End WHO Funding Is
'Not in US Interest' - Chamber of Commerce

Official CV death tolls are only an estimate
...and that is a problem

Upstate New York SARS CoV Is Largely Italian Lineage

Tornado relief efforts in South hampered by CV

Bezos Gains $24 Billion While World's Rich
Reap Bailout Rewards

Getting Richer On The Pandemic - Amazon's Bezos
Earns $6.4 B in One Day After Firm's Shares Jump

Pentagon IG Strikes Blow To Amazon, Rules $10 Billion
Award To Microsoft Was Proper


Pentagon barred from discussing Trump
in JEDI contract probe

Dow dives 445 points as earnings results hint
at massive coronavirus impact

Over 25% of Michigan Workforce Has Now
Filed For Unemployment

Retail Icon JC Penney Prepares To File For
Bankruptcy Protection

Investing Giants Gundlach, El-Erian,
Marks Slam The Fed's Takeover Of The Market

New York Fed Factory Index Collapses
in April to Record Low

Jim Cramer - There Is Seething Anger Sweeping
The Nation Aimed At Wall St

Money Is Losing Its Meaning

Banks brace for big loan defaults by US
And global customers

CEO Of Shale Giant - 'No One Wants To Give
Us Capital Because We Have All Destroyed
Capital And Created Economic Waste"


Many Shale Companies Are Already On
The Brink Of Bankruptcy

Texas Oil Drillers Can't Agree On Output Cuts

Bank of Canada Announces Provincial, Corporate QE

The Path To Socialism Is Paved In Bailouts

'Vaccines With Microchips' - Russian Tennis Legend
Marat Safin Spreads Bill Gates CV Conspiracy Theory

Ukrainian Spies Trying to Stage Terror Attacks
Enlist Russians Detained in Crimea

Digital Coronavirus commuting chaos in Moscow
Metro sees long lines as motorists face 5km tailbacks

Russian diplomat slams US accusations against WHO
as politically motivated

Putin - OPEC+ deal should be complied with by
all participants

Putin - Small And medium companies will receive
gratuitous aid of $162 per employee


Kremlin decries NYT article accusing Russia
of disinformation campaign as 'low grade'

Why Is Hunter Biden Still Listed As Board Member
Of Chinese Company He Vowed To Resign From?

China Will Be Hit With Second CV Wave
In November, Top Shanghai Clinical Expert

China to ban online gaming, chatting with foreigners

US cutting WHO funding will 'undermine' intl
efforts against pandemic at 'critical moment' – Beijing

US Defence Secretary Says China Is Still
Withholding Data on COVID-19

CNN updates article after being accused of
publishing 'Chinese propaganda'

China's claim of zero coronavirus infections
in Its military is Ridiculous

China didn't warn Its public of Outbreak for 6 key days
...Trump Didn't Properly Warn Americans For 2 Months

US Diplomats Warned about Safety Risks in Wuhan
Labs Studying Bats Two Years before Pandemic


Joint Chiefs Chairman Says US Probing Claims
That Coronavirus Escaped From A Chinese Lab

Intelligence officials weigh possibility coronavirus
escaped from a Chinese lab

China appreciates Russian diplomat's backlash
over demands to reimburse pandemic losses

Singapore logs 447 new coronavirus cases in
highest daily jump yet

German Atty Who Criticized Lockdown and Called
for Protest Is committed to psychiatric institution

Germany to begin easing CV shutdown - Merkel

German schools to reopen in early May as
lockdown measures set to ease

Germany's AfD Party Says Fears Unrest During
Ramadan Over CV Restrictions

Amazon threatens to shut down all warehouses in France
amid CV after court ruled it violated workers' safety rights

Ex-MI6 Chief Says China 'Evading' Blame for
CV Amid Anti-Beijing Campaign by US Think Tank


UK Lawmaker Accuses China of Trying to
Exploit Coronavirus Crisis

20 mobile phone masts were targeted across
Britain over the Easter weekend

Anti-surveillance activists claim they set fire
outside German institute developing CV tracking app

European Commission Rolls Out Roadmap for
'Coordinated Exit' From Coronavirus Lockdowns

EU Publishes Guidelines on COVID-19
Testing as Members Set to Relax Lockdown

'My child is not a guinea pig' petition gets thousands
of signatures as Denmark re-opens schools

Spanish Media Reveals Details of Spy Op to Find
Out if Assange Fathered Child in Ecuador Embassy

Polish NATO delegation forgets to mention CV
gear shipment came from China

Brazil health secretary Quits amid CV pandemic

Rafael Correa on Corruption Charges - 'This Trial is
a Farce, They Sought to Sentence Me Before 2021'


Israel's Mossad Boasts Of Stealing Ventilators And
Medical Gear From Other Countries - Typical...

Israeli Drone Targets Alleged Hezbollah Vehicle in Syria

Iran Grateful to Russia for Offer of Food Supplies

Turkey 'Neutralises' Armed Militants in
Kurdish-Majority Southeast

Coronavirus 'avalanche' in Africa & India could lead
to FOUR waves of virus hitting Europe & US

Indian scientists discover new type of coronavirus
in two species of fruit BAT

Police Baton Charge in Indian State to Quell Protest
Over COVID-19 Patients' Cremation – Watch

Team of Medics Injured After Ambulance Escorting
CV Suspects Attacked in Indian State

India Expresses Disagreement Over US Cut of
Funds to World Health Organisation

Last Train to Wuhan IV...
Where Is The Celestial Intervention?


For Chrissake - Smoking Marijuana Could
Increase Severe Complications From Coronavirus

Hungry S Africans Clash with Police Amid Lockdown

Strong 5.4-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Colombia

Newfound asteroid the size of a house will
fly by Earth on Wednesday

Chris Christie - Trump And The Media in A death spiral

'It will disappear' - Timeline Of Trump's Astounding
disinformation about the coronavirus

The 39 most absurd lines from Donald Trump's
off-the-rails coronavirus Monday press briefing
...Something Is Seriously Wrong - Read These

Fauci - Trump coronavirus briefings are 'really draining'

Trump's Coronavirus Briefings Are Just Another
Chance For Him To Break Your Brain

Pelosi calls Trump coronavirus response 'almost sinful'

Trump Cuts Off Funding To The WHO
Over Its CV Handling

US CV Death Toll Passes 25,000 - CA Gov Says
'Science' Will Determine When States Reopens

1,000s Of US Health Care Workers Infected With CV
At Least 27 Medical Professionals Have Now Died

US Citizens May Have To Live With Social
Distancing Until 2022 Until A (MANDATORY)
Vaccine Is Created


Bloomberg News Killed Story To Grovel To
Chinese communists

Widespread Furloughs and Pay Cuts at LA Times

Judge Napolitano - We're seeing 'slow death of civil
liberties in the name of public safety' Under Trump

Rand Paul Warns Trump The Federal Government
Is NOT The 'Ultimate Regulator Of Our Lives'

Ron Paul Fears A 'Healthcare' PATRIOT Act

Dr. Faustus Contradicts Trump Again, Says Reopening
Economy By May 'A Bit Overly Optimistic'

Fauci urges caution on coronavirus antibody tests

CIA Secretly Told Staff CV Drug Pushed By Trump
Might Cause 'Sudden Death'

WHO Says World Not Past CV Peak Despite
Decline in New Cases in Spain, Italy

Global CV cases top 1.9 million as WHO calls it
'10 times deadlier' than H1N1 And warns against
premature lockdown lifting


Shimatsu - Ferreting Out SARS CoV-19 And Worse
At Canada's Doomsday Labs - Part 18

US Ready to Go Back to Work, Kudlow Believes
...Says Trump to Make Announcement Soon

Surgeon Gen Adams Announces the Bill Gates/CDC/WHO
Predictive Contagion Model Has Been Dumped And
Actual Collected Data Is Now Being Used - Says Some
Businesses Will Begin To Re-Open In May, More In June

Surgeon General - We're Working With Real
Data From The US Now, Not Predictive Models

Devvy - Coronavirus...Could, Maybe, Possibly, Might,
Worthless, Models, Greed

Cuomo warns of constitutional crisis 'like you haven't
seen in decades' If Trump Tries To Order NY Open

Gen. Jack Keane - China 'had their hands all
over the spread' of coronavirus

State Dept Leaked Cables Increase Speculation The
Virus Escaped Or Was Released From The Wuhan
Lab Which Specializes In Coronavirus Research

If China acted earlier, CV Cases could have been cut
by as much as 95 percent - former FDA chief

Footage Of Wuhan's biggest wet market
as it reopens...Inhuman, Hideous


Trump threatens consequences for Beijing as
Senate launches China-centered probe into CV origins

30% Of Americans Say Coronavirus Was Made In A Lab
...That Number Is About To Grow

Sen. Hawley Announces Bill To Strip China Of Sovereign
Immunity; Would Allow Private Lawsuits Over CV

pandemic years ago. Why Did Trump Do NOTHING?

Drs. Fauci & Birx Have a Record of Medical Failure

Lockdown Lunacy - 'Experts' Promote Panic And Pandemonium

Bill Gates - Lies About Event 201, The Rockefeller
Connection And Lock Step Simulation

CNN's Cuomo Melts Down Live On Radio And
Admits His Job Is 'Trafficking In The Ridiculous'

US Capitol Area Reports Over 1,000 New CV
Cases and 60 Deaths in Last 24 Hours- Officials

Bolshevik Democrats Want Invaders To
Get Stimulus Cash


Trump's Appalling Performance At The Monday
White House Coronavirus...er, Campaign...Press Conference

CT Gov Lamont Won't Consider Reopening
The Economy Until After May 20

STASI Cops Threaten, Arrest N Carolina Protesters
Demanding America Reopen

VA pastor who held packed church service dies of CV

Obama Endorses Creeper Joe For President

CNN 'Forgets' To Cover Biden's Sex Accuser Story

Bernie Sanders Has Betrayed The Left By
Formally Endorsing Biden

Michelle Obama announces vote by mail push

Vote by mail may be the best way to (Steal)
Er, save the November election

Evidence America Is Secretly Under Martial Law?


Get Ready for an Unacceptable New Normal

Was The World Hit With An Ethnic BioWeapon?

Third World San Francisco Won't Move Homeless
to Convention Center After 70 Test CV Positive

Washington woman In COVID Coma Delivers Baby

93 Yr Old woman with 'I need more beer!'
quarantine sign gets gift from Molson Coors

Half Of American Workers Would Rather
Work From Home Forever

FedEx Driver Sanitizes Package Delivered
to Girl with Autoimmune Disorder

The coronavirus may attack T cells, similar to HIV

21 New York City Teachers & Over 50 Total School
Staff Have Died Of COVID-19

SARS CoV2 Sequences From Idaho Are Italian Lineage


SARS CoV2 Seqs From NY State Largely Italian Lineage

ALIPAC - A Vote for Tommy Tuberville is a vote
for 400,000 more foreign workers

Watch Tommy Tuberville - 'Immigration's Good!'
...Vote Jeff Sessions In Alabama

Edward Snowden on the Rise of Authoritarianism

How Kind - Eight US Big Tech Firms Donate 0.2% (!)
of $571 Billion in Offshore Funds to CV Aid

First Amazon warehouse worker Dies from coronavirus

Amazon Fires Three More Employees For Criticizing
Working Conditions

French court orders Amazon to limit warehouse
activities to 'essentials' until worker protection assured

Study - Facebook Friendships Can Help Forecast When
and Where Coronavirus Spreads

UN Online Initiative to Counter CV Misinformation

UK Trade Group Reports More Attacks on 5G Masts


UK TV Regulator Investigating ITV 'This Morning'
Host 5G Conspiracy Comments

Microsoft Hides commercial featuring Spirit Cooking
Guru Marina Abramovic after public backlash

NORAD Orders Release Of Photos Showing US
Troops In Action Against CV 'To Reassure Public'

US Carrier Truman Remains CV Free And will
Remain at Sea - Four Other Carriers Badly Stricken

Dozens of US Navy Hospital Ship 'Mercy' Quarantined
Following CV Outbreak - Still Taking Patients

US Air Force in Pacific Flexes Muscles as
Navy Carriers Are Struck by Coronavirus

Air Force Deploys First Laser Weapon System Overseas

Americans struggle to delay mortgage payments as
lenders 'can't handle' 1,896% spike amid coronavirus

Global economy likely to suffer its worst recession
since the Great Depression - IMF

'Worst Recession Since Great Depression' Sees
European Economies Drastically Contracting - IMF


Oil Tumbles As Saudis Quietly Launch New Price
War With Record Discounts

Coronavirus pandemic to cost global airlines
$314 BILLION in revenue – IATA

Coronavirus Could Shrink UK GDP 35 Percent
And Raise Unemployment Millions

European Countries in Mass Recruitment Drive for
Ag Workers Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Deadly Olive Disease Would Cost Europe
Over €20 Billion Study Finds

Rabobank - 'The Fed Just Carved Central Planning
Into The Bedrock Of The US Financial System'

Investing Is Dead - World's Largest Asset Manager Says
'We'll Just Buy Whatever Central Banks Are Buying'

George Soros Reveals the Way to Shore Up The
Coronavirus Hit US Economy

Used Auto Market On Verge Of Total Collapse
...Could Cost Companies Billions

Boeing Tumbles After Customers Cancel Record
150 MAX Orders In March


Hedge Fund Managers Quietly Apply For
Bailouts As Small Businesses

Russian CV cases exceed 21,000 after Putin
warns country faces 'extraordinary crisis'

Russian Foreign Minister Warns Against
Politicising Coronavirus Response, WHO Actions

'Immoral & inhumane' - Russian FM denounces US
sanctions hampering world efforts against CV

Clinical Trials of Remdesivir for CV
Treatment Start in Japan - Reports

Russian labs to Produce CV antibody tests In 10 days

Fire in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Put Out,
Several More Days Needed to Douse Afterburn

Last Train to Wuhan III – The Crossing

McDonald's apologizes after China store bans blacks

Three CV vaccines approved for clinical trials - China


UK Coronavirus Death Toll Surpasses 12,000

UK's Gove under fire as daughter skips
virus-test queue

Spain's COVID-19 Cases Rise From 169,496
on Monday to 172,541 on Tuesday

Austria, Denmark & Italy tentatively emerge
from coronavirus lockdown

Palestine requested coronavirus help, Israel
gave it incursions, killings, arrests - Official

Inhuman - Israeli settlers flood Palestinian vineyards
with sewage in occupied West Bank

Virus brings out the jackals in deserted Tel Aviv park

Coronavirus in Gaza

Iran Records Less Than 100 CV Victims in 24 Hrs
for First Time in a Month

Iraqi parties require PM-designate to end
US-led military presence - MP


Turkey dispatches another military convoy to
Syria's Idly

Trump Continues Oil Stealing Operations in Syrian
Crude-Rich Regions as CV Rages

India Sees 100 Percent Surge in Demand for
Child Pornography Amid CV Lockdown

Netizens Concerned as Indian Officials Opt
for Strict Ways to Seal Areas Affected by CV

Indian Navy 'Prepared for Immediate Deployment'
Amid China's Increased Activities in Region

As Workers Fear Losing Livelihood Amid Lockdown
India Sets Up Control Rooms to Curb Labour Unrest

Migrant Crisis Rocks India's Financial Capital
Mumbai as Police Use Force to Implement Lockdown

2020, Please, Stop! One Million People Face Food
Crisis in Ethiopia Following Invasion of Locusts

Ebola spreading in Dem Republic of Congo
during coronavirus fight, officials say

From nanny choppers to police break-ins
Top absurd crackdowns in the fight against CV


Choosing Your Supplements Based on
Your Zodiac Sign?

Vitamins C and D Finally Adopted as CV Treatment

Jerry Kushner and Trump are rated the least
trusted leaders on The coronavirus Disaster - Poll

Can Trump Delay the 2020 Election?
Here's What the Constitution Says

Trump is trying to use coronavirus pandemic
to his political advantage

Trump trade adviser Navarro blasts medical experts
And says economic shutdown worse than coronavirus

States still baffled over how to get These
Boundless coronavirus supplies from Trump

Trump plays video praising his actions at bizarre
WH briefing And Says 'When Someone Is President
...The Authority Is Total' - Another False Statement

Is This Why Coronavirus Is So Deadly? It's Not Pneumonia
But The Failure Of Hemoglobin To Be Able To Carry Oxygen

Doctors Fear Coronavirus Survivors May Have
Lasting Damage To Multiple Organs

Scientists Have Reported The First Case Of The
Coronavirus Spreading From A Dead Body

New CDC Study Shows Coronavirus Can Survive
For Hours On Floors, Walls, Shoes


CA, OR WA Governors. Announce Their Own
Plans To Reopen Their Economies

Trump Not Firing Fauci Says White House

Fauci Says US Was 'Given Incorrect Information
From The Start' (How Convenient...)

Fauci's NIAID Funded Wuhan Lab Scientists To
Research Bat Coronavirus - Hmm...

Fauci Got major funding from Bill & Melinda Gates Fdn
which also funded the Coronavirus patent holder

The Dark Truth About Fauci and Birx,
Bill Gates And Globalist Elite

Coronavirus death toll in New York state rises
above 10,000 as Cuomo says 'worst is over'

US nursing home deaths Pass 3,600 in alarming surge

US Lacks Enough Coronavirus Tests to Let People
Go Back to Work - Pelosi, Schumer

FDA OKs Use Of Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide To
Sterilize N95 Masks For Reuse


Sanders Endorses Creeper Joe Biden For President

Pandemics And Population - Lessons From The
Coronavirus Catastrophe Of 2020

Photos Shows Bodies Piled Up
In Rooms At Detroit Hospital

Signs of Stabilisation Do Not Mean Pandemic is Over

Huckabee - We are 'shredding the Constitution'
while enforcing quarantines - 'Things That Should
Scare The Living Daylights Out Of Us'

Why CV conspiracy theories have spread so quickly

Trump's New 'Opening Our Country' Task Force Includes
Kushner And The Princess (What A Surprise) - Kushner
Is Said To Have Teamed with Trump To Downplay CV And
Ignore Intel Warnings About The Danger For 2 Months

Gross Negligence Makes US Number One in World
With Over 550,000 CV Cases And 22,000 Dead

Soviet America - Healthcare Worker Says Police Took Her
Children Because Her Job 'Exposes Her to Coronavirus'

Watch STASI Cops Violate Social Distancing to Arrest
Innocent Dad for Playing in Park with His 6 Yr Old Daughter


CV Transmission Distance Is Actually 13 Feet
And Spreads Via Shoes - New CDC Report

Shocking Dangers Of Jogging During the CV Pandemic

WHO Expert - Face Masks And Distancing In Public Will
Become A Norm For Years To Come - CV Not Leaving

US Closer to Meat Shortage After Smithfield Pork
Plant Closes (Less Meat Means Healthier bodies)

Communist Pelosi trying to Sneak in HR 5717, the most
aggressive, Un-Constitutional gun control bill Ever

Recovered Sen Rand Paul Describes His CV
Infection - Says He Never Had Any Symptoms

Sailor On USS Teddy Roosevelt Dies Of CV

NYPD Loses 20th Member To Coronavirus

Is Maoist America Here to Stay?

S Dakota Implements Statewide Hydroxychloroquine
Clinical Trial As Potential CV Treatment


Compassionate Use of Remdesivir for Patients
with Severe Covid-19

India To Consider Domestic Production of Ebola
Treatment Drug Remdesivir as Cure For CV

SARS CoV2 Sequences From New York Are Italian Lineage

SARS CoV2 Sequences From NC Are Largely Italian Lineage

SARS CoV2 Sequences From NH Are Italian Lineage

SARS CoV2 Sequences From MA Are Mostly Italian Lineage

SARS CoV Sequences From PA Are Italian Lineage

NoCal Police officer who died from CV was
denied test for virus twice

ID 2020 Zionist Globalist plan already being
executed to digitally brand Everyone

2018 ID2020 Summit - For 'Good' Digital Identity

Virginia just decriminalized marijuana

A National Moment To Pause In Our Journey

Apple and Google reveal more details about
smartphone contact tracing

Huawei urges UK to stick with 5G collaboration
as Chinese firm becomes target of CV conspiracies


US Deploys Over 41,000 Medical Forces
to CV Hotspots, 2,567 Infected - Pentagon

JPMorgan Scrambles To Raise Mortgage Borrowing Standards
Ahead Of 'Biggest Wave Of Defaults In History'

Trump Scrambles To Jawbone Oil Price Higher, Says OPEC+
Looking At Cutting 20 Million Barrels, Not 10 Million

Global Oil Production Will See 20 Million Bpd Drop
From May 1 Due to OPEC+ Deal

Trump's US Deficit To Quadruple To $3.8 Trillion
Total US Debt Will Surpass The World War II Record

IRS Deposits First Batch Of Coronavirus Stimulus
Payments To Broke Americans

Why The Price Of Silver Could Skyrocket

Economist Kudrin warns Russia's unemployment could
Triple - Kremlin labels talk of return to '90s chaos 'hysterical'

Escobar - Total System Fa