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The Tokyo Olympics Horror Show
COVID Series - Part 29

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

The sporting world is waiting for the next pin to drop in Tokyo where extreme heat, high humidity and the double whammy of Fukushima-sourced radioactivity and the harmful effects of COVID vaccines have relentlessly felled athletes, coaches and support staff at the pandemic-delayed 2020 Summer Olympics. AS Japanese public disapproval of the high-cost, high-risk event soars beyond the 60 percent level in national polls, major sponsors including Toyota, Panasonic and P&G have kept an arm's length from the spectator-devoid games. The gaffe-prone Tokyo Olympics would be a comedy of errors if it weren't a tragedy of radioactivity exposure and coronavirus risk to the world's fastest and strongest young people, who will return to their homelands with chromosome damage and virus infections

IOC officials have stopped issuing news releases on the rising daily count of coronavirus infections at the bayside Olympic Village, by now well into the triple digits while infected patients are being confined for a minimum two weeks inside COVID-designated hospitals. These detention centers for the infected are by now at full occupancy, meaning patients with less than "severe" case are being released onto the streets and into hotels. The Tokyo Metropolitan region has been reporting a daily average toll of 3,500 new cases per day since early July, with surrounding prefectures adding on thousands more.

Due to the inexcusable crimes of commission and negligence crippling once healthy youngsters, the Olympics are by now an international pariah, as reflected in the fact that the 2022 Winter Olympics and the following pair of games each attracted only a single bid for host city. Before weighing in on the upcoming Beijing follies on ice, heavily criticized due to military occupation of the Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, it needs to be stressed that the infamous Tokyo-Fukushima Games are not over yet. Catastrophes loom on the near horizon for the Games and the Special Olympics in its wake, from summertime typhoons to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, plus the continuing radioactivity threat to water and air from the nuclear reactor meltdowns at Fukushima, just a hundred miles northeast of Tokyo.

Olympian athletes from Western countries are dropping like swatted flies in Japan or blowing their routines with otherwise inexplicable slip-ups of eye-body coordination, including the once flawless gymnast Simone Biles, discussed below, an Irish boxer and Canadian diver to name a few of yesterday's champions, now vaccine-wrecked derelicts in Tokyo. ===== Photo Set 1 (3 shots numbered 1 left, 1 center, 1 right, Evened top-bottom, Lined up in a row)

Between the Races

The global contests to determine which nations are the fittest to survive and thrive have thus far proven that Asians are healthier and quicker than other races (race here referring to skin complexion and genetic code rather than track times and scores). This emerging triumph of yellow over white, black and brown was achieved by a single factor, a not-so secret weapon of mass destruction called COVID. Northeast Asia's rising prowess at sports is due to general COVID immunity among the Chinese and Korean populations whose ancestors had historical contact with Japan, the original source of coronavirus, over past centuries. By contrast, isolated inland Henan Province had sparse contact with that island nation and was therefore vulnerable to a COV outbreak, timed to hit the CISM World Military Games, held at Wuhan in late October 2019, the kickoff point of the COVID pandemic.

Many, probably most Asian athletes at these otherwise sickly games, for instance the flawless Japanese softball team that handily thrashed their American rivals, are unvaccinated, having natural immunity to coronavirus; whereas the Americans and European squads are close to 100 percent double-injected and therefore suffer consequent ill effects of the vaccine content of coronavirus fragments drifting through their bloodstreams and brain fluids. The paleo-history of coronavirus in Japan and Siberia is discussed further along in this article in relation to the high rate of severe infections among American Indians and also the general population of a racially mixed U.S.

The ever-present threat on the streets of Tokyo to Olympic athletes from the Americas, Africa, Mideast and Europe is the lack of any available means to determine which Japanese individual, or more broadly East Asian, might be a coronavirus carreir passing the infection onto vulnerable foreigners, since native carriers often do not show or feel any of the symptoms of infection. Coronavirus is simply a minor flu to the Japanese, and has been such for many centuries.

In addition to the historical presence of coronaviruses in Japan, Tokyo was absolutely the worst choice of location for an Olympics host city because of its radioactivity-contaminated environment and water supply ever since the first day of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdowns. An evil synergy between COVID vaccination and Fukushima-sourced radioactivity in Japan was indicated by the failure of tennis champion Naomi Osaka, the cauldron torch-bearer, in the third round of the Olympic heats.

A Nuremberg Moment

The international elitists and their plutocratic bankers have abjectly failed at due diligence in risk management regarding worldwide human health and indeed have gone so far to support a harmful repeat vaccination campaign for the British variant Delta strain, vaccine mania tantamount to willful infliction of bodily harm to millions of patients and indeed mass murder of increasing numbers of those foolhardy enough to consent to multiple needle jabs. The world government has mired itself ever deeper in criminal cover-up of the biological warfare creation of coronavirus cloned with fragments of bovine Tuberculosis and HIV, premeditated murder on a monstrous scale.

Given the bogus "science" behind mass inoculation with harmful virus particles, resistance to anti-democratic authority is a life-and-death ethical decision for every individual, indeed a sacred duty to the future of humanity. The only advisable response at this point for the few public officials with ethics intact iis admission of secret USA and UK governmental funding for COVID development in the laboratory, specifically at Madison-Wisconsin, Winnipeg-Canada and Bristol-England, as a weapon of mass destruction. Their only problem is that COVID broke loose of any of its makers' planned controls. Every attempt to rein in the contagion has faltered as the virus reemerges like a whack-a-mole to kill off supposedly recovered patients.

Any and all government officials and university deans involved in project COVID should be prosecuted on charges of global genocide. The Tokyo Olympics is a Nuremberg moment, meaning those responsible for creating and spreading the lethal virus, for example, notorious virologist Yoshiro Kawaoka and his chief institutional supporter Tony Fauci at NIH, must face the ultimate punishment, as a warning against extermination programs that benefit dictatorial regimes, in line with the stern verdict of hanging by the neck meted out to the guilty at the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal. What began in Tokyo should end there.

Crippling of the American Physique

The decline of American supremacy in the Olympic arenas was exemplified by the drop-out from practice of the once flawless gymnast Simon Biles due to an unexpected loss of physical balance and eye-limb coordination during the heats in Tokyo. She managed to eke out third place in one of the events, in a charity vote by the judges. Her loss of balance and poor timing indicates that COVID adversely affects the brain's frontal lobe that controls voluntary muscles. Dysfunction of the movement-operating synapses is also associated with Parkinson's disease, upsetting muscle control and eventually leading to "the shakes" due to eventual debilitation of the nervous system. Team USA needs to be kept under constant medical observation in Japan to better comprehend the adverse consequences of a rushed and inept NIH-mandated vaccine program.

Indeed if the two-thirds of the American population who sheepishly consented to a nonsensical coronavirus "prevention" program suffer deterioration of the nerves and muscle disorders similar to Parkinson's disease, it will become the undeserved responsibility of the unvaccinated one-third of the U.S. population to perform the extra quota of weekly labor, pay the tax bill for the rest, and cover the medical costs of this self-inflicted disaster affecting the majority of the population. Simply put, making the healthy few, who resisted the siren call of inoculation, pay the medical and survival costs of the infected multitude is, bluntly put, taxation without representation. Resistance is fully justified under the Constitution against tyrannical authority.

Ignorant and/or timid fools who consented to vaccination must face the consequences of their own actions and have the decency to press legal cases against federal officials and unethical medical experts rather than push the tax burden onto informed and courageous citizens who refused to cooperate with this population cull by vaccine. The "mandatory" vaccine policy by the genocidal fraudster Tony Fauci, in hindsight, was akin to the fatal Kool-Aid administered and shared willingly at the People's Temple in Jonestown, Guyana. The NIH is deceitfully toying with the numbers by adding vaccination-triggered deaths with those who died of the bioengineered coronavirus or other types of flu. The official cover-up is now being extended by a second shutdown, blamed on the Delta variant that originated in English badgers used as lab animals for bioweapons research, as discussed in detail in this coronavirus series. Meanwhile, across the nation, graveyards are being filled to capacity with vaccinated corpses.

Crimes of the Obama Cronies

The recent history of the bioengineering of COVID as a weapon of mass destruction has a thrown a spanner into the works, which adds urgency for a no-holds barred inquiry into the Obama-era NIH and DHS role in funding biological weapons research. Official revelation of the facts behind lab creation of COVID, as charted in this series, would suffice to put Barack Hussein and his crew on the gallows. Avoidance of a thoroughgoing investigation, through diversion public attention, is now being re-extended with the third lethal vaccine dosage, this time against the British badger variant D.

Fortunately, one-third of the current U.S. population has chosen to remain unvaccinated, thereby developing natural resistance to the actual virus rather than being eliminated by the vaccine, a modified pathogen. These millions of cogent individuals have the intellectual acumen and physical capability to keep the USA intact until a future generational revival, so long as vaccine resisters remain unburdened by the high cost of hospitalization for the sheepish fools.

The vaccinated have suffered extreme pain and, in unreported cases, a vast number of them have paid the ultimate price for their ignorance and gullibility, and that shall soon include young Olympians who will not be spared the medical cost and last rites just because they can jump higher or run faster than the average individual. The Olympics are a costly media diversion from the core science and ethical issues dogging the vaccine campaign, whereas the Para-Olympics promises to be a grotesque killing field.

====== Photo Set 2 (3 photos in Set 2 marked left, right, center) in an even row == Paleo-history of the Coronavirus

The parent strain of the present gene-engineered COVID had its origins in Japan, specifically the northern half of Honshu and sub-Arctic northern island of Hokkaido, which once were the ancient homeland of the indigenous Ainu tribe and their allied Emishi confederation, these ethnic groups comprising a sub-branch of tribal Siberian natives and American Indians. The likely origin was in badgers of the Mustelidae family, which occupied deep-underground burrows, damp and dirty conditions that promoted the rise of coronavirus. The molecular structure of badger COV has more than 98 percent similarity to COVID in humans, the closest correlation by far of any other species, as documented in my 29-part COVID series, posted at A possible route for transmission to humans from badgers was through the black bear, which were ritually captured and sacrificially slaughtered in animistic rites of worship.

As a result of close contact, long-established immunity to coronavirus passed down from the Ainu and Emishi to many and probably most Japanese, which explains why I was able to lead an alternative treatment and countermeasures team of scientists and herbalists during the 2003 coronavirus pandemic in Hong Kong, without ever suffering a cough or sneeze. Throughout that half-year outbreak, I dined at restaurants and rode public transportation yet never wore a medical mask. Likewise, my health condition remained unaffected throughout the current COVID panic in the USA. This protective "umbrella" was due to the fact that my paternal grandmother was partly of Ainu-Emishi descent.

The ancient coronavirus outbreaks in all probability occurred long after the departure of Northeast Asian migrants across the Bering Strait to the Americas during the Ice Age. The severe recent COVID outbreaks in the American Indian population, which has wiped out many elders, is promoting and conferring strong natural immunity among the survivors, a process identical to the contagions of the Paleolithic era in the Siberian region.

If coronavirus is particularly targeted against the blood types and biochemistry of northern Asians, why then is the wider North American population affected by the COVID pandemic, at an infection rate higher than that of Europeans and Africans? The answer can be found in the pattern of sexual relations and child-bearing during early national development of this continent. Many and perhaps most Americans, both those of European settlers and former slavery-bound Africans, possess sections of DNA from one or more American Indian ancestors. The genetic make-up of Americans due to racial cross-breeding with Native Americans, explains the high rate of infection in the United States versus the Old World. The rapid spread of the virus in Brazil and Ecuador are also indicative of a highly infection-vulnerable population that descended from tribes that crossed the Bering Strait. After a hiatus of ten thousand years or more, coronavirus has at last caught up with the migrants.

There may well be a similar correlation in the opposite direction, in Europe, of populations that are historically intermarried with Siberian or Hunnish tribes, along with northern peoples like the Saami. Contrary to the soft-headed gradualism of a flawed gradualist Darwinian theory of "survival of the fittest", the merciless code of infectious microbiological agents shows that "what fails to kill you makes one stronger."

Sadism of Science

If Japan's far northland, facing the Sea of Okhotsk was indeed the heartland of coronaviruses, then it adds up in the research career of virus-researcher Yoshihiro Kawaoka, who was pinpointed as a villainous bioweapons inventor in my COV article series. He earned his veterinary science degree at the Hokkaido University in Sapporo, a cold-weather city better known for its beer. Later at the University of Wisconsin, Kawaoka gained notoriety for his experiments grafting HIV strands to a sample of the 1918-19 avian influenza pandemic ripped out of an Indian woman's body from an Alaskan Indian grave at the Brevik Mission in Arctic Alaska. Sample of her lung tissue were sold to researchers in Seattle and Madison by the notorious grave robber Johan Hultin. The rogue researchers on the Fauci payroll are criminals in deed, or bloody devils, have you will.

Cheers, Doctor K, you have outdone your attempts to revive the 1908-09 avian influenza by alternatively increasing the virulence of Ainu coronavirus by splicing in strands of bovine tuberculosis and HIV. Unforeseen in your plans was that your enhanced chimera of a coronavirus would escape with the British badger test subjects from the University of Bristol into the countryside, resulting in the super-murderous Delta variant, which you cannot control.

My 29-part COV article series traced in minute detail the trail from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, home lab of Kawaoka and partner in bio-crime Gary Splitter to Frank Plummer's lab at Canada's National Microbiology center in Winnipeg, and then onward to Bristol University in Southwest England. This hop, skip and jump were leaped during the federal 2014-16 ban on virus gain-of-function research that increases virulence in viruses. Tony Fauci at the NIH was an enthusiastic supportive funder of Kawaoka and crew, providing $80,000 to Bristol for perfection of COVID in a badger lab. The bigger funder was Jeh Johnson, the Obama-appointed head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which had taken over the Army's weird mutant animal facility at Plum Island in the sea channel between New York and Connecticut.

Given Kawaoka's origins in Kobe, education at Sapporo and relocation to Tokyo, was COVID the long-awaited Japanese response to the Manhattan Project, biological retribution against Americans and British for the atomic bomb? Kawaoka's virus research in Wisconsin was largely funded by Japan's Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports, an interesting combination of relevance to the Olympic Games. After the initial outcry, following the Wuhan biological-warfare attack, that triggered a secretive internal investigation at U. Wisconsin, Kawaoka has been sheltered inside his shiny new ferret lab at the Education Ministry's research center in eastern suburbs of Tokyo, under his professorship at Tokyo University. There's no doubt that he's enjoying the superb performance of his compatriots at the Tokyo Olympics, flying through the air with the greatest of ease, like those pilots swooping down on Pearl Harbor. Kampai! Cheers Doctor K, have another Sapporo beer for my Ainu ancestors who coughed to death for an eventual good cause and victory at last in these final days of the Pacific War. Banzai!

Ice-cold Refreshment

Moving onto to a personal beef, I was perversely annoyed and therefore secretly pleased that one of the COVID-hit Olympians is a skate-boarder. It's not that I wasn't a practitioner of that street pastime during idle hours in my teens. I was good at it, indeed, despite the skin of my knees being scraped away along the asphalt. Never wear surfer shorts when gliding down a 20-degree hillside. My point of contention is that I also did real-world competitive sports involving physical contact and heavy-duty endurance including baseball, soccer, boxing, wrestling and occasionally lacrosse, among others, all those deserving of international competition, unlike the brat's play that's become the signature sport of the 21st century summer and winter Olympics.

Older now, I'd rather watch a traditional sport with an established worldwide following, specifically lawn bowls or its variant bocce ball, "botch jee" as it's called by the Italians, which will be held at the Special Olympics for disabled athletes. Lawn bowling on a grass lane is a mentally demanding pastime that requires finger-and-wrist dexterity and sly craftiness. Slow-going though it may seen to spectators, its validity is verified by the fact that at least two major cities, Bowling Green in Kentucky and the likewise named in Ohio, were named after that venerable sport. Now name one city, town or village anywhere on this planet called Greco-Roman Wrestling, Tennis, Back-stroke, Beach Volley Ball, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Diving, Pole Vault, Javelin, Hammer Throw or The Hurdles. So instead, cheers go to the Special Olympians, may you all be courageously virus-free.

With the mainstream Olympics movement now collapsed into utter disgrace, permit me to suggest that instead of watching the latest horrors from Tokyo on TV, bowlers worldwide should roll the bocce ball at their nearest country club or over organic grass in one's own backyard, next to an ice-chest packed with bottles of ale or a fine non-lite beer, and lemonade for the tea totaller. Cheers to your home-based traditional sporting event, since bocce at the Special Olympics won't be televised.