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Tucker Carlson Is A Terrible Hypocrite

From Zachary

We regret to say it, but it's true. Tucker Carlson is a terrible hypocrite. What's the point of all the good he's done when he serves as a mouthpiece for the Zionist censorship and libel lobby? 
For years Mr. Carlson has denounced ad hominem attacks on conservative dissidents and censorship by the Left. 

But in January he turned around and perpetrated what he accuses his opponents of — like an empty-headed  schlemiel , he engaged in the ritual of obediently parroting the insulting names which have been reprehensively thrown at the eminent black historian Dr. Tony Martin, who was viciously libeled and censored after he endorsed the historical accuracy of the Nation of Islam's books  The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,  concerning the Judaic role in the transatlantic African slave trade. You can watch Carlson's toadying rant online here: HoffmanMichaelA/status/ 1364020190963396613

If Tucker believes Dr. Martin is wrong then he should  prove  he's wrong, and if he wants to denounce bigotry, he can do something truly original and start by denouncing  the horrific anti-black hate speech contained in rabbinic sacred texts such as the Babylonian Talmud, the Midrash and the Mishneh Torah . The day Carlson undertakes that feat of mass enlightenment he'll be off Fox News quicker than you can spell A-D-L. He knows it and we know it, but lest he soil his pants, he dare not say so. This is a leader?
Tucker's credibility is toast, now that it's evident that despite all of his lofty palaver, he's a highly paid lackey of the largest and most insidious censorship and smear machine in America. With millions of Rupert Murdoch's money in his purse and millions of followers, he still can't find the testicular fortitude to speak God's truth to great power. The hour is too late for that kind of dereliction of duty.  The most virulent hate on this planet is Talmudic . It's an act of love to teach that most forbidden of all truths.

Michael Hoffman is the author of the banned books  Judaism Discovered  and  Judaism's Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded  and seven other volumes of history and literature.