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Modalities Of Effecting Gene Therapy And
The Irresistible Great Gangster Reset Of Transhumanism

By Stephen Martin
Slip into  silent  slumber
Sailing on a silver  mist
Slowly and  surely  your senses
Will  cease  to resist

Trust in me, just in me
Shut your eyes and  trust  in me'
' The Python's Song' , Robert and Richard Sherman

This small article proposes there are  no limits  to the sheer evil of the technocratic power structure which now runs as racketeers the world in the 21 st . C. , and which structure manifestly determined to destroy man and replace natural DNA and immunity with a transhuman alternative under an abuse of trust, alas. The 'acknowledged' means of attaining  transhumanism is through intramuscular injection containing modified RNA as an experimental form of gene therapy as a global health initiative/imperative coordinated under the auspices of the World Health Organization(WHO) as declared a pandemic of a new deadly virus. This, to cause of much drooling as glee expressed by the sad satanic fiend Bill Gates whom has invested much in said WHO as a philanthropic foundational exercise, and almost single handedly reduced the WHO to a global protection racket.   The long term effects of such an experiment  of gene therapy other than much increased revenue streams for Big Pharma are as yet unknown, but may well prove to be congruent with the objective of reducing population deemed to be surplus under an 'R2P the planet'  casus belli. 

Demonstrably Bill Gates continues to make out like a bandit such the resource transfer facilitated under an abuse of trust calculated as willingly effected?  How the racket works is as follows. Invest heavily in pharmaceutical companies. Invest heavily in the WHO as a global authority. Leverage such investment to get them to declare a global pandemic and to claim that the only cure for this are vaccines produced by certain pharmaceutical companies, and to denigrate as deny alternative medicines as are not a  monopolized part of the health racket. This is done on a global scale, the economies of some 183 countries  marched in lockstep as succumbed as paid up to the great health protection racket of 2019..

The twisted madness of evil in such a  'lockdown context'  of global racket proportionality harks back to the infamous statement arising out of the Vietnam racket as now goes more apt as resounding or rhyming sense of Twain:

' In order to save the planet we had to destroy it ' ?

'Transhumans' are genetically modified human beings under gene therapy which alters natural DNA as a product of sexual reproduction and as so irreversibly changes the gene pool of the species formerly known as H omo Sapie ns. The possible modality of such alteration as based on  transhuman and human interaction in that mRNA therapy may be 'self spreading' through close social or sexual contact between same  is but part of the unknown of the uncharted territory which such an unprecedented global experiment constitutes such the trust in 'Science'  so profitable as identified with by Dr. Don 'I am the science' Fauci.  If such a 'cross species' transmission from transhuman to human is possible then it would obviate the need to 'vaccinate' 100% of the population to attain the eradication of the human species and its replacement by genetically altered transhumans. The tragedy is that a 'critical mass' may already have been attained such the zoonotic chain reaction  aspect of gene therapy? Latterly it is particularly tragic to observe that even perfectly healthy children and infants are being targeted for transhumanism via 'vaccination'. 

The tragedy is that such hegemonic pythons/gangsters as Fauci and Gates can profit so much from an abuse of trust, and that decent medical professionals willing to question can be sidelined or their livelihoods threatened such the  Omerta  enforced?

Before progressing further, small quarters feel obliged to contextualize gene therapy in a ponerological framework. Gene therapy destroys natural DNA and replaces it with a modified DNA as much as it effects a transition from human to transhuman. Such implications as for fertility and on life expectation are again part of the great unknown; but if those implications are to prove to be  of an adverse nature then again the congruence of this with a vast reduction in  human population must be noted. The concept of 'surplus population' reduction is inherently evil, as is that indeed of  the aim of destroying nature. In 'Paradise Lost' Milton gets to the root of such matter in portraying satan as vowing to destroy nature as God's creation;  and it is certainly the case that gene therapy destroys natural DNA as much as it destroys natural immunity. Evil does not exist to destroy only mankind, it exists to destroy all that is natural;  all creatures great and small? The modification of DNA by gene therapy is a means of destroying nature at the degenerate level of metadeath effected? While as an abomination a species subjected to megadeath may survive, sense of genetic identity intact albeit the gene pool reduced numerically;  a species subjected to metadeath  will not survive   - as the gene pool is destroyed as debased. Ionizing radiation is capable of precipitating metadeath through genetic damage and mutation, and this is not species specific but  can effect all species on earth. The mutational dimensions of modified DNA are again unknown as yet as part of the experimental paradigm of gene therapy herein construed as an abyss of evil. In context of DNA and the recognition of the god gene or VMAT2 it must be asked as to what effect gene therapy has on such gene, and also if there exists an antithesis to said VMAT2 by way of a 'satan gene as can be 'therapeutically introduced'? Or is such satan gene expressed by an absence  or destruction of the god gene?

  'Metapolitics'  as transcendence of mere satanic hegemony permits such speculation as would not be mundane or 'run of the mill' under a satanic bastard grind down which euphemized as cultural hegemony?. That is; the impact of DNA upon the nature of consciousness remains a mystery even greater than that of the impact of neurophysiology upon consciousness; a neurophysiology which encompasses hormonal secretion by way glandular? It was indeed Descartes as centuries ago proposed that the pineal gland constituted the 'seat of the soul'.

At an earlier juncture this small article there was the posit that there are no limits to the evil of the power structure which runs the world in sense of a global racket such the concentration of wealth and power and control over infrastructure and resources, and sense of Acton's proposition concerning power and corruption. Presently the world is experiencing the manipulation of scarcity as of utilities and food as an expression of global infrastructure manipulation, and there is no doubt that this  'new' racket is congruent with the reduction of human population.

  This small article looks now at how such a level of control over resources could be applied to modalities of effecting transhumanism; two of such modalities having already been considered; the application of intramuscular injection, and the possible spread of gene therapy  through the interaction of the genetically modified with the unmodified as a variation of zoonotic transfer from transhuman to human. By way of surreptitious modality of gene therapy effected there is also the possibility that the specialized swabs of Chinese manufacture used to test for the virus may also constitute a form of gene therapy.  Trust in chinese swabs and PCR, indeed.  It must be acknowledged that evil habitually as quintessentially abuses trust as much as it has recourse to disguise; hence the quote above from the Sherman Bros.

The ingestion of food or liquid is a possible modality of the application of gene therapy - one thinks here of parallel to the sugar cubes containing a spoonful of polio vaccine or the fluoridation of water supply  to promote dental health. The surreptitious administration of gene therapy to unwitting victims rendered transhuman on a mass basis would demand a considerable global control over the manufacture and distribution of resources as an abuse of trust, and is possibly even more evil than the lesser surreptitious method of intramuscular injection in which people know they have undergone gene therapy and indeed have often lined up for it. This despite the proposal of that charming ex passenger  on numerous occasions on the Lolita Express Alan Dershowitz that people reluctant to be 'vaccinated' should be held down and forcibly injected. Unfortunately with the drive to vaccinate children and infants whom are easier to hold down, Alan 'hold them down' Dershowitz may have evidenced some measure of prescience.  Inhalation of aerosolized materials may also constitute a modality of  surreptitiously effecting gene therapy; the possibility of covert aerial dispersion of nanoparticulates being absorbed through respiration, or the absorption of  said aerially dispersed liquids through skin contact may also constitute a viable modality for effecting gene therapy. 

The deployment of nanotechnology drones as a modality for the delivery of gene therapy whether thru being ingested or consumed as via liquid or inhaled nanotechnologically infected as invaded is also possible. The genetic modification of insects such as mosquitoes as can carry malaria to be vectors of gene therapy is also a possibility worthy of investigation by the satanic skunk works as DARPA represents. 

To be clear, there is no claim that the above modalities are actually as currently in operation, the purpose of their  identification is to detail the demonic levels of  twisted degeneracy which can prevail under satanic gangsterism.  It must be remembered that we are not dealing with ordinary humanity or comedic parodies of Bond Villains when we laugh at Klaus Schwab with his ' in ze future you vill own nothing and be happy ',  or his sidekick Juval Harari - or when Bill Gates speculates on blocking out the sun or Elon Musk talks about augmenting consciousness; these  satanic maniacs as global gangsters are a serious danger to the survival of humanity and nature, and are at the front of a power structure determined to reduce human population by some 92 percent, and they have the money, backing and technology to do so. Perversely they may even believe such their psychopathy that they are acting benignly as philanthropically ,  this, after the fashion of Torquemada whom would quite happily disembowel as torture in the belief that he was carrying out God's work. Torquemada only ever operated on a single continent, whereas the other moral abomination as his modern day counterpart specialized in 'gutting' whole economies across continents and who also claimed to be doing god's work is Lloyd Blankfein of 'great vampire squid' notoriety. 

The issue as to whether non ionizing radiation can be utilised to effect transhumanism by way of gene therapy is not considered in this small article; the  utility of same  WCR  as a means of surplus population reduction and of psychotronic control and manipulation having earlier been detailed by these small quarters. 

The tragic reality that transhumanism is irresistible in the sense that there are so many means of effecting it as a modality under Gangster Capitalism, is as aspect of the proposition that hell on earth is in progress of being raised as to some inevitability? One way or another 'they' will get us humans in the end, alongside all other creatures great and small? 

Perhaps eschatology gets it right when it speaks of the unavoidable mark of the beast in end times?

Anyway, so much for the bad news. 

The good news is that we are eternal;  and that this world as we tragically subsist within is largely an illusion and thankfully ephemeral. This is not to minimize the real tragedy we are currently experiencing as a result of  Thanatos  prevailing, but rather to express ' Eros ' as a refusal to be deceived by mere demons, albeit the abuse they practice is  as to hit an all time low in the 21 st  C. by way of mass formation and gaslighting as satanic hegemony and ecocide precipitated.

As such abyss was foretold as much as satan but the  Capo dei capi ?

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