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YouTube Has Banned 'Bible With Brother'

From Brother Nathaniel

These are Christ-hating Jews, they run YouTube, Google, the Media, Congress, the Banks...EVERYTHING!
Tons of Yids and rabbis maliciously attack the Lord Jesus Christ and Christianity on YouTube...but they get a a free pass.

Brother Nathanael's Vids on YouTube brought forth a very effective Christian message, reaching high numbers of visitors in the 300,000 ranges.  Many teens even responded positively.  
Then Suddenly, the jews BANNED me. No explanations, no warnings, just a Form Letter - 'You Violated Community Guidelines'
I wrote an Appeal but just received another Form Letter - 'You Violated Community Guidelines'
I wrote and asked 'Which ones?' Same answer - 'You Violated Community Guidelines'
I will be starting On Rumble  next week,  bringing 'Real Jew News' back along with  a brand new Website, listing names and details of Jews who are destroying Christian morality in America.

Please help me Launch this NEW Internet Reach! 
DONATE  HERE!    ( https://www. 45 )
Or, by US Mail to - Brother Nathanael Foundation, PO Box 547, Priest River ID, 83856

The 'Bible With Brother' site is ALIVE with Full Archives at 
https://www.biblewithbrother. com/