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German-U.S. Tanks Clank Toward Ukraine
For Another Stalingrad

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

Volodymyr Zelensky’s demand to shift the Holocaust blame off Germany’s slumped shoulders onto the New Reich of Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin has at last paid off with marching orders for tank corps out of Berlin and Washington to the frontlines in Ukraine. On the morning of January 25, the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz finally stop equivocating over Holocaust guilt with an order to dispatch 14 Leopard II thanks to Ukraine. Hours later President Joe Biden ordered the transfer of a battalion of 31 Abrams tanks in support of Kyiv in tandem with the Germans.

The last time Germany unleashed its armored divisions to the East was against Mother Russia in World War II, notably for the massively destructive Siege of Stalingrad, which resulted in the annihilation of its Panzer divisions and the punishing retreat back to a demolished Berlin. History will soon repeat itself with fascinating twists of fate.

To gain approval for this radical end of its postwar guilt syndrome, the German government asked the Biden White House to dispatch U.S. Army tanks in order to avoid Russian propaganda equating the Ukraine conflict with the horrific Eastern Front of WWII. Now, we are all Nazis, Sieg Heil, mein Fuhrer Zelensky und Reichs obermeister Josef Biden! Onward to Oblivion and before that World War III! (Please laugh, it’s a joke besides being an apt metaphor for Die Neu Ostfront. The later is pronounced Dee Noy Ohst Fronth, so you non-German speakers do not mispronounce it as Dying on the Nose Front.

It is refreshing, a turn away from old dogma, Berlin’s enthusiasm for ending the guilt-trip and let the cannons rip. This renewed attitude of the German Volk is refreshing, bringing back to life some of my favorite movies including “The Young Lions” starring Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift and Dean Martin - Dino? RU kidding?; and “The Great Escape” (Steve McQueen and his Triumph TR6 motorcycle; “Stalag 17” (the backstabbing tale of a POW camp) and, of course, the TV series “Hogan’s Heroes”. This time around I guess the plot will be about Jerry and Yank inside a Russky Gulag, with cheap vodka as the only means of escape. Yes, this little adventurous throwback to the real war should end in total disaster for the West, another Russian victory atop a burnt-ground mound of skeletons.

Tra-la-la to Victory! How to lose the Battle

My nisei father was a senior (by age and training) combat soldier from the very start of the U.S. campaign on the European Front of World War II to after its horrific end. As a trainer in charge of discipline with the 100th infantry battalion of Hawaii-based Japanese American troops, my dad Ken participated in the landing at Oran, Morocco, arriving in time for the tank battle at Kasserine Pass, one of the biggest clashes of armor in WWII. The operation’s commander Lt. Gen. Lloyd Fredendall had an excellent strategy, which was for his corps of M3 tanks to speedily cross over the Atlas Mountains and take German commander Erwin Rommel and his Afrikakorps by surprise. Unfortunately, the Germans were waiting at the top of the pass, firing at will at the sitting ducks below. The Allies suffered 10,000 dead and destruction of 183 tanks, as opposed to German losses of 2,000 dead and 34 tanks, plus a bunch of auxiliary Italians and Arabs.

The lopsided defeat in North Africa resulted in the transfer of command to a cavalry officer named George Patton, who knew how to keep a surprise attack surprising to the enemy and make sure his men did not skip a step. My father was assigned to enforcing discipline on the lazy, self-centered and weakling American troops, first by severe corporeal punishment for any soldier caught smoking hashish or injecting heroin, sold for cheap by Bedouin camel herders secretly on the German-Italian intelligence payroll. As in giant slalom ski races, a fraction of a second delay in aiming and firing with accuracy is the difference between life and death, or the enemy or oneself. Doped up and drunk American GIs were being used for target practice. History is about to repeat itself as raw American troops are facing the severely disciplined Russian snipers and artillery units.

Hard discipline as depicted in the Coppola movie “Patton” was objectionable to the liberal Roosevelt regime and the self-indulgent press corps in the new campaign, the battle for Sicily, a pattern of indolence in war also depicted in “Catch-22”. Dad’s biggest challenge came after the bloody landing of his new unit, the 442nt Infantry Regiment of Japanese Americans loyal to the USA. Soon thereafter, a joint Bundeswehr and SS offensive was launched in southern Italy with air support and a tank unit. The Fifth Army’s (under Gen. Mark Clark) much touted 92nd Infantry Division under artillery and sniper fire broke ranks, dropped their weapons and fled. The 442 not only held their ground but charged the overwhelming German assault with bazooka men in the lead. One lanking solder is remembered for standing up to take aim to blow a Panzer tank turret off its tracks, an astonishing sight he watched instead of “hitting the ground”, which resulted in the flying turret ripping the bazooka-man in half.

After the stunned Germans retreated, my father tracked the Negro cowards to a nearby town, where with a few days a black trooper named Lawrence Till from Money, Mississippi, was being accused of multiple rapes of the local Italian women. My father beat him to death in front of the other deserters, and his battered remains were sent to a cemetery for dishonorably traitors in France. That, by the way, was the father of the celebrated young attempted rapist Emmett Till, the boy murdered and dumped in a swamp by outraged local men as depicted in the film “Till” produced by Whoopi Goldberg. In wartime, cowardly rapists must be put down hard so as not to add to the demoralization that throws the odds in favor of the many enemies.

I’ve never put this family background in print but do so now as the so-called Liberal Hawks impose Political Correctness on the ranks with women in charge of operations where gang rape is a real probability, recruitment of gays who might feel inclined not to shoot a handsome enemy lad; and generosity with rations and medicine for locals results in a lack of supplies to treat wounded soldiers. The asinine liberal are completely underestimating the risks and necessary supplies to wage this campaign in region without civilian supplies or allied support. Negligence is certain death for an army on the march in terrain controlled by battle-hardened enemies. The resources to wage war must be limited to the upcoming battle at hand waged for strategic objectives, nothing else wins a war.

Minimum Requirements for Combat

First of all, it is a scatter-brained idea to send a vulnerable tanks corps into combat situations without an entire and complete support structure, including:

- support vehicles including tow tractors, ammo delivery trucks, fast recon vehicles, motorcycles for forward observers, fuel tankers, ambulances, and motorcycles with sidecars for scouts;

- local motorpools equipped with mechanics garage with power lifts, machine shop, stacks of tires and treads, spare parts warehouse and trucks to dispatch for repairs in the field;

- field arsenals and bunkers for storage of ammo, grenades, gun parts and defensive equipment like body armor, helmets and artillery-servicing supplies;

- canteens with preserved food stocks, kitchens for meal service in harsh weather, surplus to distribute to local populations to gain their support and prevent robbery of field rations, gas tanks, refrigeration and sanitary disposal system to prevent the spread of disease-causing microorganisms, and running water, now scare in Ukraine;

- field hospitals and first-aid tents, as in MASH, equipped for treatment of serious wounds, suppression of contagious diseases, ambulances and sufficient doctors and orderlies to handle major battle casualties, evac helicopters and cots, stretchers and wheelchairs for the wounded.

- air support with tactical aircraft and helicopter gunships to suppress enemy attacks and scout the terrain for enemy patrols and troop movements, armed with sufficient firepower to suppress enemy aircraft, armor and antiaircraft-mounted vehicles;

- communications specialists trained in local languages and versed in code(s) to intercept enemy messages and commands for advance warning to local troop concentrations; and

- construction units in the field to erect pontoon bridges, clear roadways, lay landing pads and short airfields, set up temporary barracks and base facilities as demanded by advances or retreat.

If all of the above are not installed by brigade-strength fighting groups, any weakness or absence of facilities, equipment, supplies and ammo will ensure defeat, retreat and massive casualties. Without the infrastructure for total war, a hundred or so tanks are basically dead ducks, prizes for the advancing enemy and, face it, lousy propaganda photos to show the world.

Victory is not attainable against Russia

Anything short of a quick victory against the Russian armed forces will have dire consequences for other fronts, including the Taiwan Strait, the Mideast and, worst of all, where I am on the southern border of the four Southwestern states facing infiltration by military spies posing as refugees and workers from Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Iran, the Islamic African regions such as Sudan and Nigeria, and China. While weapons are being sent to Ramstein Air Base onto Poland and western Ukraine, the American Southwest is absent of adequate desert all-terrain vehicles, tanks, anti-aircraft artillery and rockets, drones and counter-drone systems, zero field hospitals, dusty roads that cannot support armored vehicles during the wet season. The makeshift barrier of shipping containers along the Mexico-US border in Arizona is being dismantled on the state government’s orders, an act of treason. At this point the Chinese fentanyl dealing Mexican Cartel has assault rifles far more powerful than the pea-shooters of the Border enforcement personnel.

The War is Here at Home, not in faraway Ukraine, which is a costly diversionary distraction, intended to destroy America’s combat capabilities. Biden and his Democrats are traitors, who are planning a second Kassarine Pass debacle for our troops and patriotic civilian volunteers. We have met the Enemy and they are occupying the White House again after burning down the White House in 1814. When the Enemy is Treason at home, then the distant conflict over the remains of the Soviet Empire in Ukraine is no concern for Americans. As shown by the unsung hero who was my father, this life-and-death battle begins with getting one’s priorities straight, starting with the moral battle against treason, laxity and stupidity.

As war drums rumble on our near border, remember this advice from General George Patton: “A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood.” To hell with clowns like Biden, we must prepare for the war to save America from its countless traitors.