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The Great Graphene PsyOp
The Art Of Misdirection

By Erica Khan
Exclusive To Rense

By now it should be obvious to most with an ability for discernment that the Graphene/GO narrative is, without question, another well-funded, media-sponsored PsyOp. Just like the Flat Earth psyop, just like the No Virus psyop, just like the Q'Anon psyop. Not unlike the ever-faithful disciples of mainstream media, few veteran or newly-awakened self-proclaimed Truthers are aware that their favored alternative news stream platforms have been either created, neutralized or overtaken by the perpetrators of a now painfully obvious depopulation agenda. Welcome to 5th Generation Warfare, where the media exists for the purposes of framing narratives and directing the desired responses of the targeted audience. 5th Generation Warfare entails the promulgation of deliberately fabricated narratives with just enough plausibility to consume the intellectual capacity of a populace and prevent them from expending time, energy and thinking ability in looking for the actual truth.

Sadly, with the unwavering support of a co-opted and corrupt media, and the tragic lack of scientific acumen of the general public, these PsyOps are amazingly successful in achieving their objective: distract, confuse and ultimately render the targeted audience helpless. As history has shown, rarely has the truth ever been served up and presented on a silver platter for all to feast from, and never so seldom as now. The information coming from alternative media platforms with enormous budgets and high audience reach should automatically be viewed with suspicion. Controlling public perception is critical to the success of the global genocide that is upon us.

In exactly the same way the mainstream media was successful in laying the groundwork for the CoVid-19 scamdemic, building and reinforcing it with exaggerated statistics and frightening images of people dropping dead in China or hospitals overrun with severely ill people, the graphene/GO narrative is ALSO a cleverly orchestrated PsyOp that is now firmly entrenched in the minds of many alternative news followers. As the saying goes, a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth. And the more noise and distractions there are, the more difficult it becomes to find the truth.

The fact is, over the past 18 months, numerous labs both in the US and abroad have obtained traceable, intact, unopened vials of CoVid-19 injectables, analyzed them by various methods and confirmed that there is NO graphene of any kind in any of them. The transparency, methodology and proficiency of the researchers and laboratories involved all combine to completely refute the widely disseminated pronouncements about the presence of graphene initially made by Dr. Pablo Campra in May 2021 and the internet sideshow known as La Quinta Columna.

It should be noted that analyzing nanomaterials requires multiple methods and specialized equipment that are not easily accessible to even the general scientific community. The plethora of images captured by untrained parties using low-powered light microscopes, littering the internet now and accepted as 'proof' of the presence of graphene, is a pitiful testament to the naïveté and gullibility of an unquestioning and scientifically illiterate public. In addition to using appropriate methods and equipment, an accurate interpretation of the analysis requires a trained and competent individual with expertise in working with such materials. It is unfortunate that the term "nano" is being bandied about by laypeople nowadays who have woefully little understanding of what exactly it is. In point of fact, nanotechnology is a highly specialized area of study requiring several years of focused research and a demonstrated level of proficiency before one is considered qualified to render interpretations and conclusions about analyses. Relying on the initial NON-peer-reviewed and now justly-criticized findings of Dr. Pablo Campra, the heretofore little-known La Quinta Columna was quick to exploit the information to launch a new narrative, one that, rather curiously, would lure the Alt News audience and Truthers away from the current prevailing topic at that time: SPIONS ~ super paramagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles. This alone is suspicious.

Given the largely ignored role that iron is playing in the pathology and degeneration of those who have acquired the bioweapon illness, whether by infection, injection or shedding, it is likely that the PTB would rather have the masses focused on an illusory, irrelevant target (in this case, graphene/GO) than the actual villain in this disease which is essentially dysregulated iron. Was this the hidden message in Trump's infamous cryptic Tweet of May 31, 2017: CovFeFe? (Fe2+ being the symbol of ferrous iron)

Is it not suspicious that the preponderance of analyses from multiple qualified laboratories around the world that refute Dr. Pablo Campra's findings have been available for some time now but have not been given any significant attention? Why? Why is the graphene/GO narrative being amplified across the internet, reinforced by convicted frauds and countless other fakes who have NO training whatsoever in nanomaterials or bio-nanotechnology? Why do the big 3 Alt News platforms continually feature quack doctors and plagiarists who deny the existence of the toxic spike protein while shamelessly promoting bogus and useless treatments for conditions that have nothing to do with spike poisoning?

Why is MMS/CDS being brazenly advertised as the antidote for graphene/GO 'poisoning' when just a couple years ago any sellers or promoters of it were ruthlessly harassed, fined and jailed for doing so?? What tests or methods are being used to determine that people are in fact toxified with graphene or GO?? Why are we 'allowed' to see repeated video clips of allegedly murdered carbon expert Andreas Noack insisting nano-size razor blades of graphene hydroxide are what's killing people? Meanwhile, the strangely convenient murder-suicide of Dr. Bing Liu has been suppressed and swept away. Few people know that Dr. Bing Liu was a highly accomplished researcher at the University of Pittsburgh, focusing on the study of 'ferroptosis' ~ cell death caused by iron. Before his untimely demise in May 2020, he had announced that he had made a ground-breaking discovery that would END the scamdemic. We can only wonder what that might have been.

The fact is, graphene oxide or GO, even if it were present in the CoVid-19 injections, is not the villain or the smoking gun that the Alt media wants its audience to believe. On the contrary, being a form of elemental carbon, graphene is actually quite biocompatible, which is why it is such an attractive candidate for many biomedical applications. Legitimately conducted interviews with bonafide researchers in the field of biotechnology would quickly confirm this and dispel the farcical misleading scenarios that the Alt media wizards have fabricated and spun-up for their audiences. Instead, the noise and buzz of the 'killer graphene' narrative keeps humming right along while its devotees remain oblivious to the multitude of disease-inducing, degenerative effects that result from the dysregulation of iron, courtesy of the spike protein.

Unfortunately, for those who cannot grasp biological concepts, it is far more tempting to embrace a loud, oft-repeated mystical explanation that blames an unfamiliar "exotic" material like graphene for the epidemic of blood clots, failed pregnancies, migraines, vertigo, seizures, amyloidosis, sarcoidosis, vasculitis, myocarditis, arthritis, neurodegeneration, sepsis and cancer, rather than a synthetic, transmissible prion-like protein with an endless array of toxic metabolic effects and which is now contaminating everything and everywhere the vaxxed go. The sad truth is that shedding of this toxic metabolic protein by those who have taken the CoVid-19 injections is real and is likely the method by which many of the UNvaxxed will succumb to the depopulation agenda. There are now countless verified tragic reports of UNvaxxed individuals (and even pets) becoming seriously ill and dying shortly after coming into contact with a vaxxed person or people. It is not graphene or GO that is doing this. The illnesses experienced by victims of shedding are identical to those who were injected and programmed to produce the noxious spike protein. The presence of vaccine-generated spike protein in their blood plasma is detectable within hours of the injection and is now assumed to persist indefinitely. Moreover, transmission of both the spike protein and the mRNA to produce it is now proven to occur through exosomes which are shed through touch, exhalations and all bodily fluids. This is no longer just a theory or fear-mongering. Conversely, for well over a year now, we have yet to receive ANY qualitative objective data of this type supporting the graphene/GO narrative. None.