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Think Twice Before Consuming CDS-MMS As It Is A Broad,
Powerful, Indiscriminate Oxidizer And Can Damage Blood,
Liver, Kidneys And Thyroid...And Has Led To Death

Jeff & Erica

CDS-MMS Hazards - Quick Summary

Chlorine Dioxide Killed My Mom - Video

Pseudoscience in Times of Crisis - CDS/MMS

Chlorine Dioxide - Friend Or Foe?

Intestinal Perforation & Destruction from
Chronic CDS Consumption

Destruction Of Red Blood Cells From CDS Ingestion

Acute Kidney Injury due to CDS Ingestion

Effects Of Chlorine Dioxide On Thyroid Function

Acute Kidney Damage Following An
Overdose Of MMS

Harmful Effects of Chlorine Dioxide Exposure

Chemical pneumonitis secondary to chlorine
dioxide (CDS-MMS) consumption in a patient
with severe Covid 19 - A Medical Paper

Church Of Bleach Family Found Guilty Of Selling
Fake Covid-19 Cure Through The Online 'Church'

The MMS-CDS Hustle In Bolivia - Video