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How Jewish Is YouTube? Very!

From Brother Nathaniel

How else does a Hindu, Neal Mohan, become its CEO?

Because the Jews  hide  behind brown-looking people.

Look at the commercials they finance and you'll think Jewmerica is 110% brown and black!

How does a Hindu, Sundar Pichai, become CEO of Google, YouTube's parent company?

Because he was at Stanford with Jews, Sergei Brin & Larry Page, when the Mossad launched Google.

The top of the food chain is 'AlephBet '  -  ' Alphabet ' ... t he owner of Google and YouTube.

It was all conceived in IsraHell and owned by Larry Fink's BlackRock and Vanguard.

Larry Fink and his Jewish pals -  ' Satan's Synagogue '  -  OWN Google-YouTube  via  Alphabet.

How do I know this?

I grew up as a Jew and attended B'nai B'rith meetings with my Dad.  B/B is the umbrella group of the ADL and has the inside track.

What Alex Jones knows...I've long forgotten.

YouTube is Fink's and his tribe's ZONE is to draw the goyim youth into their slick trap.

Satanism, conjuring up demons in children's videos, miscegenation, transgenderism and sex perversion...there is tons of devilish evil ready to destroy goyisha youth on JewTube.   Perverting goy youth is Jewry's passion. 

'Trespass ' onto Google's territory with 'Bible With Brother' (my Videos), reaching lots of young people, and you'll get BANNED.

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