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Americans Won't Rise Up And Fight Govt Tyranny

From Philip C Restino

I am listening to hour 2 right now and the mortician from the UK, John O'Looney, speaking.  I disagree as far as people rising up and creating civil unrest once the people 'wake-up' to the covid shot population reduction program...and how they and their loved ones have actually been murdered by the shots.

Look how New Yorkers failed to fight back when they were hit right in their own front yard on 9/11. What did they do?  It was so obviously an Op that every firefighter and building professional...and anyone with an elementary school education...should have known that two 110 story steel-framed concrete skyscrapers could not fall like they did.  'Office fires' fueled by furnishings and jet fuel cannot turn buildings into dust and drop them in perfect symmetry at nearly free-fall speed.  New Yorkers did nothing but dutifully wave the flag and call each other 'heroes.'

Look at Vietnam era parents of troops killed and maimed in Iraq over the in-your-face WMDs lie.  What did they do when it was clear to everyone that the government had lied about those WMD's?  Virtually nothing.  They just waved the flag and called their maimed and killed kids 'heroes.'

Look how the people residing in the Greater Boston area failed to say 'NO' and fight back against the military lockdown and occupation following the ridiculous Boston Marathon false-flag attack of April 2013. What did they do?  They thanked the troops pointing guns at them and their children and commandeering their homes.  Later, they  even had parades celebrating themselves as 'Boston Strong'.  That was 10 years ago.  The Communists learned much from that charade.

What are Americans doing about the relentless programs to gender-confuse and neuter boys and men in this country?  Whether it be by pharma chemicals, schools, the MSM, social media conditioning or psychological mind manipulation, the masses do nothing.   And God knows what chemicals and poisons have been put into the food and water supply which have only further neutralized the male population of the US and most other Western countries.

Note carefully, how nearly this entire country rolled over to the tyrannical Covid lockdowns and the essentially forced injections of the Pentagon-owned and created bioweapon genocidal 'vaccines'... because the government and MSM told them to.   All, I can say, Jeff, is that we are way too far gone and long past having any kind of resistance or fightback left.   The simple fact is the American people have been taught for decades to bend over and take it...and then wave the flag, shouting 'U-S-A'.  They actually thank the psychopaths and pricks who have raped and pillaged them for decades.

There is not going to be any kind of patriot uprising ... no matter how many guns and how much ammo the patriots have.  And when one or two bravely step onto the empty battlefield, and start taking heat, they will be left out there all alone.