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US Steel Must Not Be Sold
To A Japanese Rival

By John Barbour

No matter the temperature, there is certainly something about the Sun that is magically healing.

Although, it was 105 here, I went to my yard, reclined in a deck chair, and stared - eyes-closed - at the brightness above.
And, oh, what a wondrous feeling!

I went outside at sunset to await watching a hockey game on the screen, also with world-weary thoughts absolutely cluttering my mind.

Almost instantly, the life-giving orb hanging above...wrapped its last-chance warm arms around me better than any lover.
And in a minute, not one of those dark and stressful thoughts could I find in my cluttered mental playground.
My desire to see the game was also gone. It was just me in the universe, seeing, clearly, that only LIFE mattered...even though I was ‘blind.'

I love the outdoors, play golf a lot, yet this is the first time I've ever had a heart-to-heat talk with the Sun, which I find odd.

But now I know why...the ancients called it ‘God’ !

John Barbour