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Mike King


Globalist Eisenhower vs Trump - Video

20th Anniversary of the Evil Iraq War

The Nightmarish Reign of Madam President Clinton

Trump, White Hats Attack Corporate Marxism

1936 - Powerful Hitler Speech About
Peace And Prosperity

M.S. King Books - Amazon Banned Them ALL!

Righteous Black Man Takes Apart Anti-White Jew

NWO Loses Asia as Russia Rises

Honoring the Greatest Killer of Whites in History

'Bad Guys' of History Were Not So Bad After All

When Jewish Piranhas Attack Each Other

A Silent Genocide Is Overtaking Italy

The Truth About Apartheid

Jewish Deep State Ran Nuremberg Tribunals

Hospitals MASS MURDERING Patients
for Covid Cash

Musk Warns of World Government

How & Why Deep State Ruined Richard Nixon

An Interview With Hitler…
Setting The Record Straight

The Manufactured Myth of General Robert E Lee

Latest Holohoax Child Abuse Targets 9 Yr Olds

Did Zionists Poison FDR in 1945?

Is Trump Mainstreaming ‘Antisemitism?’

Will the Brazilian Military Save the Day?

PA Governor's Race Turns 'Anti-Semitic'

The Crisis of Boys & Men Is
Caused by Marxism

Hitler & World War II - Explained in One Photo
...It’s Past Time To Stop The Grotesque Lies

Comical Clash of the Climate Eggheads

NYT Links Trumpism to Hitlerism

Get Ready for 'I Stand With Taiwan' Idiocy

Hitler's Greatest Hits - Quotes You Were Never Shown

NY Slimes Promoting Cannibalism?

Tranny Insanity Exploding Among Young People

Ukrainian War Criminals Will Pay!

The REAL ‘Pandemic’ -
Stupid-19 Made Us Fatter

NYT Times Unleashes Hell on Tucker Carlson

The Big Lie of 'Russian Isolation'

1940 NY Times Confirms Hitler Wanted Peace
...UK Did Not And Demanded War

The 'Nazis' of Ukraine Explained

Jews of the World United Against Russia

Putin Liberates Eastern Ukraine

Conspiracy World Lunacy - ‘Secret
Nazis Run New World Order'

A New Twist to the Fable of Anne Frank

The Anne Frank HOAX Marches On

1913 Shocker - NYT Exposes the Rothschilds

Globalists, Commies & Pedos Warn
of Trump 'Coup'

The Sad Downfall of 'Anti-Semite' Ezra Pound

Shocking 2019 Video - Satanist Madonna
Performs Pandemic Genocide

Libtard Parents Turning Their Kids
Into Covid Spies

Why is the Deep State Attacking Facebook?

1917 - A HORRIBLE Year for Humanity

Andrew Jackson vs the Central Bank Mafia

Globalists Nightmare - US Out of Central Asia
...Russia Now in Control

Jewish Hollywood's War on Hitler

The Truth About the Evil, Unnecessary
Atomic Bombings of Japan

Why Did Trump Promote Covid Vaccine?

Euro Floods Blamed on Global Warming Hoax

1918 'Stab-in-the-Back' of Germany
Was No Myth

June 8, 1967 - A Censored 'Day of Infamy'

Debunking The Marxist Lies About
South African ‘Apartheid'

Jewish Hollywood's Letter-Rating Scam

Hamas vs Israel - Why Now?

The Cabal, Big Ag & the End of Family Farms

Stupid-19 Suddenly Discovers India. Why?

Commie 'Cancel Culture' Comes
for the Great Napoleon

Killing the Kennedys - A Shocking History

Real History 1939 - Hitler's Astonishing And
Incredibly Sincere Peace Letter to France

Big Media Bosses Behind US Entry Into WW2

The Newhouse Family of Fake News

Marxist-Libtard Twofer - 'Climate Racism'

1940 - Hitler Airdrops Peace Leaflets Over
London While The British Were Already Bombing

The Rats Are Rising Rapidly Through Ranks
of The US Military

Bill Gates of Hell Now Pushing the Climate Con

France Invaded Germany 3 Times - 1914, 1923, 1939

Post Election Fraud - Military Coup in Myanmar

The Phony 'Pastors' Who Opposed Hitler

Stupid-19 Meets The Holohoax

Sen Lankford & Bill Belichick
Profiles in Cowardice

Invisible Critic - American Revolution & Central Banking

Why Did Hitler Invade Greece & Yugoslavia

Globalist Illuminati And The French Revolution

Why Are White Children Being
Taught To Hate Themselves?

Invisible Critic - Forbidden History of
Globalist Conspiracy

Six Geniuses Who Warned About
Jewish Conspiracies

Teddy Roosevelt - Psycho, Warmonger, Globalist

German WW 2 Refugees Mass Murdered At Sea - Vid

Invisible Critic Debunks 'Nazi Looted Art’ - Vid

Why Hitler's ‘Invasion' Of Scandinavia Was Justified

The REAL Story of the 1939 German-Polish War

The 'Kalergi Plan' For White Genocide

Who Killed Tim Tebow's Football Career?

White Genocide At The Funeral Parlor

Sweden Promotes Gender Insanity to TODDLERS

Russia vs Ukraine - The REAL Story

Famous Photo From WW2 Era Was Manipulated
See The Truth, Learn How History Is Easily Corrupted

The Einstein Monster

1952 - Joe McCarthy Warns About Communist Teachers

White Genocide Celebrated At The Eiffel Tower

TomatoBubble - Rest In Peace, Robert Faurisson

The TRUTH About Southern Lynching

To Kill A Mockingbird - Anti-White Propaganda

Google Promotes White Genocide & Satanism

Germany To Make Migrants Visit WW2
Concentration Camps

The Communist Origins of 'Labor Day'

Hollywood Still Glorifying MONSTER Churchill

Why Did Hitler Invade Scandinavia?

NY Times and Marxist Jews Started Holocaust Hoax

Philosophy Lesson - Why Are So Many Politicians Psychos?

'House Of Rothschild' - Amazing 1934 Hollywood Film

The Most Powerful Jew in US History Was...

Elon Musk - Genius…Or CIA Con-Artist?

1940 - The Truth About The 'Escape' At Dunkirk

Forgotten History Of US Left-Wing Violence

1940 - 'Genius' Einstein Openly Calls For World Government

How To Respond To An Anti-Conspiracy Theorist

The Heroic Story Of The Great Andrew Jackson