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Fewer Bugs In Mississippi

In North Mississippi, where I have lived for the last 24 years, we have always had a large vegetable garden with a big orchard of fruit trees and dozens of blueberry bushes.

We have noticed in the past 3-5 years a decline in the small European honey bees. This Year we saw them only in February when they were pollinating our Peach & Nectarine trees. They never came back to pollinate anything else that they typically would...such as the Blueberries or Pear or Plum trees.

Our garden is being pollinated by large bumble bees that we are noticing strange behavior from, such as getting lost at night when they typically would be back at a hive. We have also seen them just drop dead in our driveway.

Sweat bees have been Pollinating our herb garden flowers. Red wasps are doing a good job pollinating as well. But in years past were there would be 100s of them on our property building crazy sized nests that we would have to destroy, This year that is not the case. I have no idea where their nests even are located this year. and I only see a handful of them.

Flies and mosquitos are still pretty prevalent. Fire ants are still everywhere.

We have noticed that we have only seen 1 red cardinal this year. Last year we had 100s of them.