The Strange Hieroglyphs on the Mysterious 'Whatsit'
In their remarkable book, The Rainbow Conspiracy, Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger present an amazing photograph given to them by an anonymous UFO researcher. According to their informant, a massive piece of unidentified machinery was one of six excavated circa 1990 from a great depth on secret government property in the United States and promptly reburied in the same area. The huge ìWhatsitî dwarfs the dumpster and the crane at its side. No one has been able to identify the mind-boggling machinery.
Are these fantastic machines the product of an ancient civilization of advanced technology that once occupied North America? Are they the creation of a highly advanced extraterrestrial civilization that left them behind in an underground depository on Earth? Or could they be secret machines fashioned by our own technology for who knows what purpose?
One could argue for the monster machines being the mysterious tools of a ancient people because the surface of this mysterious apparatus is covered with peculiar hieroglyphics that appear similar to characters in ancient Hebrew, Arabic, and Sanskrit. But then one could also maintain that such symbols are extraterrestrial in origin.
Here for the first time, the Steigers share a sample rubbing from the surface of the gargantuan object. When they presented this sample to a group of experts in ancient languages, there was no consensus as to the exact language employed or to a translation of the glyphs.
Researcher David Adair contacted the Steigers and informed them that an anonymous source had given him a copy of the massive machinery taken from a slightly different angle. He had also been given a sample rubbing, which he, in turn, had presented to a language lab at a major university. These experts claimed that a partial translation of the rubbing that Adair had been given would read, ""
One reader of Rainbow Conspiracy commented how similar the mysterious machine appeared to the technology employed by the scientist [Jody Foster] in the motion picture, Contact, referring to the massive instrumentation that projected her space capsule to another dimension or another world to make contact with a higher intelligence.
Perhaps, like the pyramids, the cities of the giants in the Andes, and a host of other anomalous discoveries, these machines are left by some unidentified intelligence as cosmic educational toys to provoke our species into unraveling the promise of our future through the mystery of our past.