'An American Treasure.'

The End Of The Line

The Jeff Rense Program
"Often searingly politicially incorrect, and intellectually daring, Jeff Rense brings forth a prolific array of topics which routinely leave the listeners mesmerized. The program is simply intelligent, discovery radio at its finest and produces material which aims to be vital and addictive, compelling and life-changing."
- Bacon's Media Source
The world's most unique, revealing talk
and information radio program. Period.
Syndicated Nationally On
The RenseRadioNetwork.com
Also Heard On
The MicroEffect.com
On Telstar 5 Ku Band And
Simulcast Worldwide On The Net
9-Time Peabody Award Nominee
Talkers Magazine 'Top 100 Hosts In America'
World's #1 TalkRadio Net Site
Live Monday-Friday 7-10pm Pacific
Repeated Monday-Friday 10pm-1am Pacific
Encore Sundays 7pm-10pm Pacific

Simply put, Jeff Rense produces the most consistently fascinating, intriguing, and definitely not always politically-correct talk and information program in radio. In addition to close to scores of nationwide broadcast affiliates, The Jeff Rense Program is probably the world's most listened-to radio program on the internet and the programs archives are considered unmatchable in broadcast journalism.
Night after night, Jeff presents the most advanced, provocative and revealing information available from the most exotic and eclectic venues of research and inquiry possible. With a guest list second to none (50+ intriguing personalities each month), Jeff interfaces with his subjects and listening audience in a unique fashion that has been described by broadcast executives as "a completely new dimension in talk radio" and "the best information program ever."
In addition to offering compelling personalities with often unforgettable information and experiences, Jeff was a pioneer in making talk radio interactive, and commonly presents interviews with simultaneous online illustrations and images which make these programs ever more special.
His Rense.com internet site is one of the world's elite and most referenced 24-hour news services. It is the world's number ONE talk radio site and records close to 10 million total hits per month. Rense.com archives over 150,000 pages of stories, articles, reports and features. Rense.com is a powerhouse and sits firmly in the top .001% of the 20 million websites on the internet. World rankings as of March 1, 2007.
The Road To Radio
As an award-winning television News Director and News Anchor for over ten years, Jeff continually pushed for higher standards of journalism and responsible, intelligent reporting and inquiry. Regrettably, those goals were often at odds with the irrevocable tv news obsession for tabloid exploitation of the trivial, the tragic and the sensational. The situation became so dubious and distasteful that one day he walked away from his highly-successful news anchor/news director career (as high as a 53 Share of the audience - Nielsen) and moved to radio, recognizing it as the last viable approach to bringing reality to the American public...and now with the internet, to the world.
Unmatched Diversity Of Information
The reach and impact of the Jeff Rense Program and Rense.com is enormous. The site and program are constantly visited by globalist elite, government agencies, military and intelligence agencies and worldwide defense industry sources ... all confirmed by electronic monitoring of site visitors.
Thanks to the program and site, listeners, researchers and information seekers from across the US and around the world are being exposed to information and learning about the most important issues of our times they rarely, if ever, encounter in the controlled corporate world of mainstream broadcast and monopoly print media.
The Jeff Rense Program's quest to present the most intriguing news and personalities knows no geographical, political or ideological limits. One night Jeff may be talking with a geopolitical analyst from California or New York, the next night might find him with a spy from Great Britain, a scientist from South Africa, paranormal researchers from Australia, a university professor in Cuba, an economist in Germany, an emerging disease expert or epidemiologist, or a journalist in Israel. The range of information and material presented on the program and site is unprecedented and includes:
Political Intrigue And Corruption
Worldwide Power Geopolitics
Secret Technologies And Black Ops
Intelligence And Espionage
Propaganda And Mind Control
The Erosion Of Our Civil Rights
Assault On The Constitution
Nuclear Power And WMD
Emerging Diseases And Epidemics
Nanotechnology Revolution
New Science And Space Issues
True Conspiracies And Coverups
The New World Order
BioWarfare And Toxic Vaccines
Paranormal Phenomena
Military Remote Viewing
Health And Medicine
The Failing Environment
Polluted Food And Water
The Dumbing Down Of America
Illegal Immigrant Invasion
Our Disintegrating Culture

Affiliate Station Praise
The Jeff Rense Program
Powerful Prime Time Ratings - Remarkable Praise
An Arbitron 20 SHARE Winner!

The Jeff Rense Program continues to draw stellar Arbitron ratings for its affiliate stations. Fall 2006 Arbitron numbers, for example, show prime time listeners in Scranton, PA (#53 Market) gave Jeff a dominating 14 SHARE of the audience.

Two earlier examples from the Arbitron Ratings: KSYG-FM 103.7 (100,000 watts) in Little Rock was #1 in its evening market with Jeff pulling as high as a knockout 17 SHARE and Jeff led KTMS AM 990 in Santa Barbara - after only one full Arbitron book - to an overall #1 in the evening prime time 7-12 midnight time block with a stunning 20 SHARE in a market of 13 stations. What makes these ratings even more remarkable is that they occur during the weekday evening 7pm-1am time block against maximum network competition and not during the overnight hours.

"Astounding information! We get as many calls as our number one daytime show, Don Imus. We have deliberately selected shows that shy away from 'discussion' of the issues of the day (yawn) and look for shows that are 'in your face.' You consistently amaze me how, night after night, you can present such dramatic revelations. Thanks for making our nights every bit as provocative and controversial as our daytime programming."
-- KOTK 1080 AM Portland, OR
"Tell the Program Directors you speak with to grab their listeners and give them what they want: Jeff Rense! This is the ONLY program available from 10 PM to 1 AM Eastern that counter programs everything on the air. The content is fresh, entertaining, and sometimes unbelievable. Jeff often strides into the same territory as Orson Welles' 'War Of The Worlds' and our listeners are captivated by the story-telling."
-- KRKO 1380 AM Seattle-Everett, WA
"Jeff Rense is one of the most fascinating and informative talk show hosts to ever hit the airwaves. With Jeff, we are now number one in evening prime time with a 17 Share. He's a real audience builder!" --B. Jay Kaplan, Program Director. "Jeff Rense has the most unique program in radio, there is nothing else like it."
--KSYG 103.7 FM Little Rock, AR
"This guy is great! Jeff Rense is a refreshing, invigorating talent who covers ALL the bases that any great national show could. Amazing content! Our listeners are demanding more!"
--KTKK 630 AM Salt Lake City, UT
"We love this show! Our Arbitron numbers are way up with the addition of Jeff's program to our evening line-up! We are really happy with how he has begun to deliver the 18-49 audience which is where I want to take our station."
--KCOL 1410 AM Ft. Collins, CO
"A truly great program! Jeff Rense has taken us to the number one evening position in our market. He scored a stunning Spring Arbitron 20 Share for Persons 25-54 in his prime time evening time period. No other program even comes close to providing listeners with such thought provoking material!"
--KTMS 990 AM Santa Barbara, CA
Now Read What Some Of His Listeners Are Saying...

 "Thank you very much for being a beacon in the night in my life. You fill me with what feels more like the truth. I thank God for your radio programs. Mr. Rense, I pray that my life is never devoid of your voice."

"You're a Genius...but you already know that, Mr. Rense. Had to thank you again for all the wonderful programs. All of them are brilliant - I have never heard a show I didn't like. We are going to win, Mr. Rense, I know it. This sounds crazy right now, I know. Do not give, up you are one of my heroes."
"We can't even put into words how much we love your program. There isn't a day that goes by that my wife and I don't look at your site. We know so much more about what's going on because of you. Please do be careful as there are so many crazies out there who would do anything to stop you - (such as our own Government). We pray everyday that you are safe and doing well and thank you for bringing the truth out. You make it clear what's going on in the world. We like to think that there is God...and then Jeff Rense. We love you, Jeff."
"Thank you for your show! By exposing us to the truth, you are truly a light to this world. God Bless You."
"I have enjoyed you for years and have never adequately expressed my gratitude to you for the labor of love you have for the truth. Knowing how so many people, institutions and governments resist, resent and even work to destroy the truth, I realize the heavy burden that must be upon you. I send my support and best wishes to you and applaud your courage and resolve in standing up to all the overt and subtle pressures that might be preying on you at this serious time. Thank you a million times for not being afraid to stand-up for the truth, and for letting us out here in the trenches - who are trying to cope with day-to-day survival - have easy access to honest information through your noble efforts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
"Please know that there are multitudes of us out here who love and support you. We are so grateful for your program and the wealth of information you present. It has changed my life. God Bless You "
"Jeff, In this moment of crisis you are handling the issues - and yourself - like no other journalist our there. Thanks. Keep it up."
"Dear Jeff, I feel as though I am just waking up. I am fascinated to learn from you and your guests how the world really works. Walking down my street on this cool evening, I breathed the air more deeply than usual, feeling a far keener sense of gratitude than ever before. The freedom and relatively healthy environment I have taken for granted for so long, I cannot take for granted any longer. I find that I am treasuring the clean air and water and the peace that, for the moment, still is present here in Canada (and in most of the U.S. as well). I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful work you are doing. And I am doing what I can to help bring greater perception to everyone I know by recommending you. Thank you for your Compassion, your Concern and your Guidance May the peaceful, human and good forces in the world triumph over spiritual ignorance."
"Hello Jeff - Just a few quick words to let you know that you have become a welcomed and cherished friend on a daily basis in our small photo agency in Germany. We really appreciate all the quality and integrity you bring to so may people worldwide. You are truly an educator of the most important kind. I personally admire your global viewpoint and understanding of various perspectives. I understand all of the long hours of devotion you put in and wanted to let you know that it is a part of our life and we thank you very much for it."
"Hi Jeff - I want to take a moment of your time to commend you for your ability to see the truth. You are the only talk show host who has his finger on the real target. My hat is off to you - thanks for being you."
"Thank you for what you do. You and your program are without doubt the USA's best friend. You are a true American. Just saying 'Thank You' is so lacking as to the extent of my appreciation."
"Dear Jeff - I want you to know that there are many listeners out there who love you and pray for you. We realize what's coming and pray more and harder than ever before...because 95% of the people haven't got a clue."
"Great radio program, great website, great work! You've changed my life for the better."
"Hi Jeff - Thank you so much for your program...I would be deaf, dumb and blind without your hard work, and my mind would be ripe for the plucking because that is what this is all about: a battle for the minds of the American people. Thinking people everywhere owe you a tremendous debt."
"Dear Jeff, As a listener of your show, I want to commend you on the open-mindedness in which you conduct yourself. You are a "one in a million" talk show host, to say the least...the best there is."
"Thank you, thank you, Jeff for being the light-bringer you are. I pray for you and all your Truth-seeking and truth-bringing guests. I pray for your Divine protection and guidance. Bless you."
  More Listener Comments

How To Bring Jeff Rense To
Your Talk Radio Station
If you cannot currently hear Jeff on a radio station in your area, there are several simple things you can do to help bring *the program* to one of your local talk radio stations:
1. Place a brief telephone call, email, or write a short note to your local talk station's Program Director and request that the they add the program to their broadcast schedule.
2. Refer the Program Director to Rense.com and the About The Show page.
3. If there are any local businesses or sponsors in your city that you know who might want to sponsor the program in your town, by all means inform your local Program Director about that opportunity.
4. If your station expresses interest, please advise us by supplying the station call letters and city and we will be happy to make a full presentation to your local station.
Remember, Program Directors usually pay attention to requests!
For further information or website advertisings rates email: jr@rense.com