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Fukushima Year 8 - Racing To Global Genocide
At The Tokyo Olympics

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

Eight years on, radioactivity is spewing out of Fukushima unchecked after highly publicized efforts by the nuclear industry and regulatory authorities to block radioactive leakage have been quietly dropped following repeated failures. TEPCO has given up on seeking novel methods to halt the outflow of radioactive waste-water from its destroyed nuclear-power plant, while robot forays into the burnt-out reactors have proven useless for any practical purpose, with no serious effort any longer to remove and safely contain melted nuclear fuel. The promises from the global nuclear industry to come up with solutions to decontaminate water, block the steady stream of radionucleotides into the Pacific, and repair the Fukushima No.1 plant have proven to be idle promises cast to the tritium-laced offshore wind.


Painful Personal Disclosure

The campaign of media denial about the health threat to Japan and worldwide has just been exploded to smithereens by a leukemia diagnosis for a popular young swimmer favored as a gold medal winner in next year’s Games. The 18-year-old speedster Rikako Ikee has just posted this message online about chemotherapy treatment being "several tens, several hundreds, several thousands of times more debilitating than I expected."

In response to this crushing blow, dozens of her fans have offered to undergo spinal taps for blood marrow transplants in a desperate bid to reverse this horror. Concrete, steel and glass can defy the fallout from Fukushima, but the frail human body is defenseless against black rain. Rikako-chan is the junior record holder in the 50-meter freestyle and butterfly stokes, but now her sports career is over. We hope that her life can be rewarding in new ways different from her superb achievements.

Her grievous case has wide importance because lesser-known teenage talents can be expected over the coming summer months to quietly drop out of competition and fade away into the shadows. These youngsters, who should have been shielded from the radioactive threats in their living environment, especially the contaminated water supply of Tokyo, are victims of a public-health system in denial who will suffer pain, mental anguish and economic deprivation, all due to cynical lies told by the megalomaniacal Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, whose henchmen paid bribes to athletic officials to steal the IOC host-city award from a much-safer Madrid and Istanbul.

The incapability of Japanese law to bring this flagrant criminal to justice leads inexorably to the conclusion: The 2020 Olympic Games must be boycotted by the international community, to be followed up with a worldwide ban on all imports from Japan and an end to foreign tourism to those radioactive islands. It is up to foreigners to protect Japan’s helpless citizens and pressure Tokyo to comply with international standards, minimally on par with Ukraine in its emergency responses to the Chernobyl disaster. Only by international pressure will the Japanese people be moved to finally confront their habitual complacency and challenge a slavish feudal mentality to start acting as responsible citizens of a democratic society. Either the world community takes stern action or suffer eternal shame for collaboration with an ongoing genocide, possibility the greatest in world history when the final toll of Fukushima is reckoned in decades to come.

Blanket Censorship

The deaths of nuclear workers, rescuers and local residents since 911 have gone unreported or attributed to secondary symptoms. These 311 victims have been ignored under a shroud of denial. The outstanding newspaper that dared break with self-censorship to truthfully report on the real extent of the Fukushima disaster, The Japan Times where my colleagues and I once toiled till the late-night deadline for the public interest, has been editorially silenced, taken over by a “PR firm” linked with the far-right fanatics surrounding the nuclear shogun Shinzo Abe. Its unmatched archives charting the Fukushima disaster are no longer available to the public. It should be mentioned here that editors in the JT staff defied serious threats from government ministries to report the facts of the Fukushima crisis. For their professional courage against threats of violence let me honor their ethical commitment to truth, justice for the people and upholding press freedom. That glorious run is now eclipsed by a darkness reminiscent of the 1930s.

The cowardly families of the crooked politicians and corporate executives have long since moved away from Japan to overseas residences to evade the sullen stares of a nation of hibakusha, victims of radioactive exposure, When a regime insulates itself and remains silent because it cannot defend its own policies and maintains power by deaths among their constituency, it becomes the duty for the international community to ratchet up sanctions and other punitive measures under the principle of responsibility to protect an oppressed people from the systemic cruelty as happened to residents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki blockaded by their own government at war’s end. An Olympics boycott is a moral imperative.

Monopoly Interests Come First

The International Olympic Committee , in its criminal collaboration with Japanese bribery amid this unprecedented public-health risk, is shielding the IOC’s corporate sponsors that include GE, which designed the plutonium-burning Reactor 3 that exploded during the 2011 meltdowns, and ATOS, a major public-relations firm for the nuclear industry. In an ideal world where adults actually care for the younger generation, the Olympic Games would have been canceled, indeed never authorized for Japan, until an accurate and verifiable worldwide radiation-measuring system gives the all-clear signal. Instead global monitoring has been shut down.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the UN-linked nuclear authority, has grossly violated its mandate by orchestrating a global cover-up of the adverse health effects from the ongoing Fukushima catastrophe, abetted by powerful pro-nuclear lobbies in the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia , China, Australia and Israel, all of them complicit in this ongoing genocide.

Video Documentary Evidence

As indisputably shown in my video documentary on health risks at the 2020 Olympics, dosimeter readings at the major sports venues concentrated in the Tokyo Bay area, stand as much as four times higher than the maximum safety limit. These disturbing findings were confirmed just months ago at 39 sporting sites across Tokyo by the Citizens Group for Measuring Radioactive Environment at Olympic Facilities, which showed slightly higher dosages of up to 0.484 microSieverts per hour, far more than quadruple the worldwide safety limit.

Due to limitations of non-industrial sensors, these readings are primarily for cesium-137, while dozens of other beta and alpha ray-emitting radionucleotides evade detection. The overall situation is far worse than our available instruments can indicate, as has been detailed by Canadian environmental colleague Dana Durnford. While I’m at it, with the drop-out of so many sites once devoted to the Fukushima issue, let us give support for Arnie and Maggie Gundersen’s Fairewinds Education site (with an .org). The battle with nuclear lunacy is not over by any means, it’s just in its beginning phase, so we must all be strong and never buckle under to political pressure.

Feces in Tokyo Water

Radioactivity in water, rain and air humidity have shown many unexpected effects following 311. Radioactivity-caused kill-off of algae and its knock-on effect of shellfish extinction in Tokyo Bay has wiped out the natural filtering out of feces particles from sewage in the river systems that drain into Tokyo Bay. One adverse consequence is a massive spike in e-coli O-157 bacteria populations, which can destroy the kidneys and other internal organs of humans who consume contaminated bay, pond or river water.

Public health warnings over rising levels of e-coli in Tokyo Bay, the site for marathon swimming and rowing (and bayside sports including beach volleyball and tennis), has alarmed international sports federations. In response, the Tokyo Olympic Committee plans to tackle e-coli by setting up “screens” along the marathon swimming lane in the bay, which is less effective than giving out tissue-paper condoms in a low-end bordello. “Jodan, ja-nai?” translates as “Could this be a joke?” Tokyo is going full Mexico: A nice place to visit but don’t drink the water or go near it.

The marathon, the long-distance race of 42 kilometers (26.2 miles) is the Olympic highlight, which in the radioactive Tokyo context could be a replay of the original ancient Marathon-to-Athens run by Pheidippides, who died at the finish line while announcing the Greek victory over Persian invaders. Actually Tokyo will be more daunting than a javelin contest with Xerxes’ horde of millions, when considering Tokyo’s brutal humid summer heat, lung exposure to cesium particles, and bombardment of bare skin by gamma and beta rays. The entire field of long-distance runners of 2020 could end up like the 300 Spartans at the Hell Gates.

Lethal Water Supply

Tokyo Bay, just 120 miles from the nuclear exclusion zone, is the final drainage basin of the Kanto region and large swathes of Fukushima Province, an area of at least 20,000 square kilometers. A 5-year study by Kindai University researchers showed astronomical levels of cesium-137 in rivers and swamps that feed directly into Tokyo Bay, requiring nonstop removal of precipitated sludge at sewage plants, which however cannot filter out particles from flowing water that collects in Tokyo’s ponds, canals, rivers and bay.

Nearly all the vast watershed’s radioactivity-contaminated water is eventually concentrated in the Japanese capital, especially its Oku-Tama Reservoir, the Metropolitan region’s main source of drinking and household water. It is simply impossible to avoid direct consumption of these many isotopes in food and drink, especially the local diet of rice and noodles, or exposure of skin and lungs while taking a shower or using a toilet. In a science-responsible society, no children would have been allowed to remain inside the Kanto region after 311, the larger region encompassing one-third of the national population should have been mass-evacuated in March 2011 to spare future generations from permanent genetic damage.

As it stands now due to corporate greed and a false sense of national pride, so similar to the official denial of military defeat that resulted in the wartime atomic bombings, the Japanese people are now doomed by their self-serving myopic leaders to degenerating into a race of mutants, which explains why young Japanese women are so reluctant to give birth, resulting in a demographic collapse.

The Japanese are not the only ones with suicidal tendencies, when around the world irresponsible parents who have no concern about their yet-born descendants are blindly encouraging their children to participate in the Tokyo Olympics as athletes, spectators or volunteers. Whoever participates in or attends this fatalistic gathering will become carriers of chromosome damage back to their native societies. What price in human lives is the real cost of a Gold Medal? Is it worth winning a race at the sacrifice of dooming your children-to-be as genetic mutants? When a corrupt IOC has gone mad and cannot be trusted in the least to protect young atheletes, others of us with our ethical faculties intact must step in to stop the killing.

Baseball Under the Volcano

The fanatic nuclear-militarist regime of Shinzo Abe, intent on revenge for 1945, has put the Olympic baseball competition inside Fukushima Prefecture directly between the active volcanic crater of Mount Azuma, long overdue for eruption, and a tributary of the Abukuma River, the most radioactive water body in Japan. In event of a volcanic eruption all players and participants will be trapped between fast-descending lava flows down that steep slope and a wall of radioactive steam, in a strikeout for the Olympic movement forever.

If that happens, Shinzo Abe will simply walk away from the mess, deeply satisfied that his grandfather Nobusuke Kishi’s wartime defeat and imprisonment for the cruelest war crimes imaginable will be avenged. The coming Olympics are not games; it is war. The German head of the IOC Thomas Bach, however, will have to face charges of complicity in genocide as did his forerunners at the Nuremberg Tribunal. Irrefutable evidence is right here in the video shot in Tokyo, and I am ready to testify in court as to hjs role in premediated mass murder. For humanity’s future, let stand together to protect the younger generation from the upcoming extravaganza of human sacrifice.

To watch the video on the radioactivity threat to the Tokyo Olympics, click on the link at