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Jesus Campos
False Flag Vegas Shooting


Bill Still Interview With Ret LV Guard - 'This Is A Big Coverup'
About Campos, 'He Doesn't Fit…He Stinks To High Heaven'
Guard Was Then Threatened Viciously On The Phone - Vid

Recording Of Campos Reporting 'Shots Fired'

Campos Reportedly Back At Work - Now Said 'Shot 3 Times'!
Recent Story Said He Was Only Hit By '2 Pieces Of Debris'

This The Same Campos? Did He Gain 30-40 Lbs In 2 Days?


Key Witness Campos Went To Mexico With Gunshot Wound

The Problem With Campos Getting His Award
At Jean Georges Steakhouse - Outer Light Video - Vid

The Problem With Campos October 10th Steakhouse Award

Full Video On Campos Major Steakhouse Issues - Vid

Jesus Campos To Be Subpoenaed By Wounded Survivor

Campos Left US Days After LV Shooting, Then Returned

Did Jesus Campos Gain 30-40 Pounds In A Couple Of Days?
Campos Award Dinner Oct 10 - Campos 2.0 On Ellen Show Oct 12

Is It The Same Jesus Campos? - Vid

MGM Says Campos Staying As Free Guest In MGM Vegas Hotel
(To Keep Him Quiet And Control Who He Sees And Talks To)

Vegas Paper Reports Campos A 'Hotel Guest' Of MGM


Jesus Campos 1.0 vs Jose Campos 2.0 - Vid

The Campos 'Interview' That Wasn't - Absurd Waste Of Time
Clearly A Coverup To Stop Campos From Revealing Crucial
Facts - Ellen - Campos Will Do No Further 'Interviews'

Campos Said He Felt 'Burning Sensation' When Shot And
Won't Do Anymore Interviews…Case Closed!

Coverup Questions Emerge Over Campos 'Ellen' Appearance

25 Suspicious Facets Of Jesus Campos’ Ellen Interview

Complete Diagram Of What Jesus Campos Said Happened

Mandalay Owner MGM Insisted Campos Only Go On Ellen

Mandalay Worker Found Campos - 'Shots Came Down The Hall' - Vid