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25 Suspicious Facets Of Jesus Campos’ Ellen Interview

By Anon


1. Guy vanishes for five days and pops out on a fluff interview with ... Ellen?

2. Instead of being interviewed by a cable news outlet or investigative reporter, his only interview (more about this later) is with daytime talk show host Ellen.
No hardball questions.  No skepticism, no suspicion of his story.  In fact, he was coddled and praised and led through the entire interview.

3. Unusually, the Ellen Show preleased the video of the interview to the Washington Post, who posted it online before the Ellen Show aired.

4. Every question Ellen asked was leading. It sounded like she had a better grasp of what happened than Campos did.

5. Throughout the interview Campos looked nervous as hell. His body language is hunched over, staring at the floor throughout most of the interview.  It wouldn't have surprised if he would have projective vomited on the floor.

6. Campos is accompanied by a handler, the engineer Steven Schuck, to keep him on message.

7. Handler Schuck, touching and rubbing Campos' shoulder was weird, awkward.

8. Not once did Ellen ask why Campos disappeared for five days or where he disappeared to.

9. Ellen never asked Campos about his employment status at the Mandalay Bay.

10. She busted out schematics and pointers to guide the failing Campos along. When has Ellen ever used schematics and pointers on her show?

11. Ellen never asked Campos why his version of events changed repeatedly.

12. Campos couldn't stay on script and seemed to get the doors confused. Which door had the open door alarm going off - the room door was closed and the stairwell door was secured by that metal latch.

13. The timing of the gunshots was inconsistent between Schuck and Campos.

14. The interview concluded after a mere softball five minutes with Ellen, speaking for Campos, announcing he would do no further interviews. Ellen, speaking for Campos, announced that her interview would be the only interview he would give.

15. Campos in person looks about 75 lbs heavier than he does in the few pictures posted online. Also, the eyeglasses are gone.  Is this the same guy?  Who IS Campos?

16. No questions about the security guard at Campos’ home.

17. 200 shots fired at him in close range down a narrow hallway he is trapped in for 15 minutes, he is grazed once in the leg by a guy who had the drop on him and who then can hit 500 or so people from 500 yards away. Not one question from Ellen about that.

18. Campos using military terms, like ‘rapid fire’, ‘under cover’, ‘dropped down’, that you would see in a movie. Not consistent with the training and terms taught to security guards.

19. Campos rewarded with prizes at the end of the interview.

20. When people tell a story that is true, they always mention irrelevant details. People always seem to relay some detail that is important to them at the time, but has no relevance to the story. Usually there are several of those. When people make up a story, they never sprinkle irrelevant details in to give it authenticity. This interview is a classic case of that. No superfluous details are included. Everything mentioned is calculated and salient to the story.

21. Campos says he thought gunshots was the sound of drilling, which preceded the gunshots fired at him.

22. The interview changes the timeline to exculpate the Mandalay Bay and MGM from liability.

23. Wikileaks emails show that Ellen is an asset/ shill used by democrats/ deep state to set a narrative.

24. The MGM has Ellen-branded slot machines. What is her real relationship to MGM Resorts?

25. Interview did not show or discuss Campos’ injuries or scars. Campos did not appear injured or in discomfort. We never saw him walking.

This was NOT an interview, it was a bad joke, a staged 'closer' to attempt to give the hotel some cover and remove the extremely suspicious story of Campos from further danger by interview.    One feels that if he were to give five interviews to the press, there would be five different versions told.