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Some Words And Pictures Celebrating Our
Greatly-Missed And Irreplaceable Patty Doyle

By Jeff Rense

Patty was far more than a dear friend to yours truly but also to countless numbers of listeners across America and around the world who cared about her...and her tireless work and sacrifice to keep us all informed about emerging disease dangers and facts...and the invasion of America.

Patty was my health authority and a regular on this program and site for over 20 years. She would often come on the program 3 or 4 times a month, or more, to do an update on critical issues of health and geopolitical importance. She was, as far as I can tell, the first to realize the invasion of America was being done with the full complicity and intent of the US Government working with the UN.

We began our long relationship by covering the deadly Mad Cow outbreak in the UK in the 90s and wound up reporting on the Third World invasion of Europe and America. I'll never forget having to nearly insist that she come on the program in the beginning because, as she said, "Who would want to listen to my terrible voice?!" In fact, it was a wonderful voice and one of the most memorable in broadcasting anywhere. It is often said that someone has 'character'...Patty had more character than anyone could want. She was an ORIGINAL...a grand and caring soul who sent stories and appeared on the program nearly non-stop, it seemed. And she did so often in pain and fatigue from having to confront enormous health challenges.

The brilliant research on disease and politics she presented was often many months and sometimes years ahead of the mainstream media's lies and deceit that she continually fought to expose. No one presented more and better information it that regard that did Patty. 20+ years of her marvelous programs are available in the Rense Radio Archives. Her information...and wit...are often timeless and just as important now as it was when she first presented it. I urge you to go back and listen to her programs and you will hear amazing things and be able to spend time with a totally extraordinary human being. To say she is irreplaceable is a major understatement.

In her non-public life, Patty was an entirely unique soul who always did things not many other women would do. There were few obstacles in life that she even bothered to mention. Never mind she had severe end stage Hepatitis C which was acquired through blood transmission in the 1980s, had somehow fought her way past Hepatitis A in 2016, and was fighting other mortal issues constantly. I was one of the few who knew about her heroic, personal struggle to continue researching, sending news stories and presenting on the program.

She was pragmatic about her health burdens and other than mentioning them factually, she never complained or felt sorry for herself. Ever. Her prime directive was to stay alive and appear on the program to help us all understand what we are up against. Sometimes she was so sick I would tell her to take the night off and rest because most of the time she was on from midnight to 1 am Eastern. She refused every time.

Toward the end and for about the last six months, she could no longer keep solid food down. She tried to drink Ensure but even that came up. Often with blood. She lost over 40 pounds and was clearly fading but, again, she never acted the victim and would NEVER miss being on the program. She got down into the low 90 pound range and would just say that she was now "small enough to be a jockey!"... her sense of humor was bulletproof and she so loved horses and horse racing.

Patty Doyle raised a family of children and had the greatest respect for her parents and grandparents. She used to call me and talk about her of whom was an historic figure in the last century...Dr. John 'Jafsie' Condon who was the key mediator in the Lindbergh baby kidnapping case. You can read about Dr. Condon here.

Patty Doyle received her Dr of Veterinary Medicine license from a exotic Caribbean Island veterinary college but rather than set up a practice, she bonded to races horse and racing. She adored all animals and I never knew a more devoted animal rights activist. And animals loved Patty. Toward the end. an opossum came to her door one night and soon became a speciall friend...who would come to the door, be let in, and sleep under her bed every night.

As a teenager, she loved to get "all dressed up" and crash weddings! She always appreciated the different nationalities that lived in NYC (true 'diversity') and she told me amazing stories of attending all sorts of weddings...from Polish, to Irish to even gangland mob weddings...true! I honestly believe she had more fun than the brides and grooms at many of those events. She played drums and sang and danced and often ended up on stage with the small orchestras that usually performed at weddings back then. She would tell me "I never had more fun and no one ever asked me to leave...I would just say I was a 'friend of the bride' and I was welcomed right in."

Patty loved adventure and learned to fly hot air balloons, she got her helicopter pilot's license, she trained and rode race horses. Nothing slowed her down. She was a roller skater and competed in many figure skating competitions. Then there were motorcycles. She began riding at about age ten on small motorbikes. Her last one was her big bike, photos below, that she rode on the backroads around Stormville, NY and took it up past 100 mph on more that a couple of occasions. I remember how she sheepishly admitted that to me. The local cops, parked, would just watch her zip past and shake their heads. She was never pulled over. They knew that the 'crazy lady' on the mountain was special. We all did.

It is difficult to write these words...her loss is one of those sad landmarks in life's passing that one never forgets. We are so blessed to have known Patty and she will always be an inspiration to me and to many of those who got to 'know' her through her 20 years of radio appearances. Toward the last several months, we had the pleasure of having Gary Holland join her on a radio program. She immediately recognized his unusual abilities and told me that if anything should happen to her that I must promise to insert Gary to continue her work. She knew her time was getting short and she began requesting that Gary join her on the air every program she did. When she passed on, I did exactly what she requested and Gary has done a stellar job of carrying on her work.

Thank you, Patty, for so, so much. We will meet again. - Jeff Rense, 2019

Patty's big bike...she loved riding it. Fearless and always enjoying life to the best of her abilities.

This is Patty in her muslim garb. Yes, she would go out like this. She also had a Star of David necklace that she would often wear to give her an 'advantage' in certain situations. She would always laugh and smile about the ironies of this crazy, insane world.