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David Dees Estate Art Works

While we still mourn our loss, many things have had to be done to complete David's time here on the planet.

We have done a number of important things to preserve his David's memory...including buying a beautiful plot beneath a young maple tree for his ashes in the lovely Mountain View Cemetery in Ashland. We also need to raise funds for a proper stone monument to mark his location in the cemetery.

He had a number of favorite illustrations that had been custom-framed and some are signed by him. He also framed some of his Sesame Street art. We are going to list a number of these pieces of art to hopefully raise funds to to memorialize him and his brilliant work.

Each photo will have a number and it size. Please send in your bid/donation amount and the picture number. We will advise those who 'win' each 'auction'. Each piece will be taken to the UPS store and the new owner can take it from there. These funds will help complete our tribute to him.

(The art in the images below is far more crisp and clear than the photos below present. There is glare and some reflection)

David's iMac Desk Computer - Work Included On Drive

One Dollar 20x20 Unframed