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David Dees Estate Art Works
And Other Special Items

A Very Special Event Ending October 15!

We have done a number of things to honor and preserve David's memory and brilliant artistic achievements...from posting a tribute and art gallery on the homepage to purchasing a beautiful plot beneath a young maple tree in the lovely historic Mountain View Cemetery in Ashland Oregon. We need to raise funds for a proper stone monument to mark his location in the cemetery.

David had a number of pieces of his art...some favorite illustrations...that he had custom-framed and some are even signed by him. He also framed a couple of his Sesame Street style pieces, as well. In addition to being a genius political artist-commentator, as most of his friends know David was also an accomplished folk singer and entertainer. He performed for many years in Sweden to packed houses and rave reviews. When he came back to the US and settled in Ashland, OR he continued performing and singing all around the Rogue River Valley, often at the high-end wineries and restaurants. He had a number of special performance shirts that were only worn during his concerts. We've decided to make those special performance items available as well as some other unique items. Please note the camera doesn't show the shirts as nice and good-looking as they are.

In order to raise money for an appropriate headstone, we have listed below various pieces of David's art, his performance shirts and hats, and a few whimsical items for bidding and purchase. We want the headstone to be entirely worthy for the enjoyment of those who might drop by and pay their respects. The Dees Estate Art Auction Will Run ONLY Until October 15, so you have plenty of time to decide if one or more are things you would like to own. Again, the Bidding Auction will run only until October 15, so please send your bids in as soon as you can.

REMEMBER - All bids are just suggested starting points. Feel free to enter ANY amount you wish...lower or higher than the amount shown.

Each item below has a number. Each piece of art framed and otherwise and its dimensions are listed. We have set a starting bid we feel will give us a chance to secure the headstone we are hoping to purchase. Please email us the number of the item you want, the amount of your bid your name, shipping address, phone number and email address. Again each price listed is only a suggested starting point.

If you wish to bid higher, it will help secure a more substantial headstone. The highest bid (offer) will win the requested item. We will advise those who win each auction item. In case of a tie, we'll email the people involved and invite them to raise their bid. ALL bids must be emailed to  .  Be SURE to list: the item number, the amount of the bid, you name, shipping address, phone number and email address. We will go through all bids on October 15. If there are multiple bids, we will try to alert those people and give them an opportunity to increase their bid. We will then notify the final winners.

There are several ways to send payment. Winners can use the Donate function on our homepage or send a Cashier's Check or Money order to PO Box 3489 Ashland OR 97520. Please send all questions to .

Shipping. All unbreakable items (shirts, etc) will be packed and shipped via Priority Mail with Tracking Number. There will be a flat packing and shipping rate of $20 for all Priority Mail items. All glass framed images, oversized objects and fragile items will be taken to our UPS Store which will contact the winner who will make shipping arrangements with the UPS people.

These funds will help complete our tribute to David with an appropriate headstone. Please note, the art and many of the performance clothing pieces in the images below is far more crisp, colorful and clear than the photos depict. If you have any questions please send them to

Thank you, sincerely, for helping us complete our efforts to honor David!

PS - David left all of his art and earthly possessions to Jeff to oversee and protect. Since they worked together on the art pieces for many years, David granted permission to Jeff to update pieces to keep their irony and great truths completely current. All updated, revised pieces will have a JR next to the classic  water mark so sharp-eyed viewers know which pieces have been officially updated. All Dees art is now Copyrighted by Jeff Rense with All Rights Reserved. This is to protect all Dees art from being changed, degraded or misused in any way which we have unfortunately seen around the net. All officially updated images will appear at the bottom of the Dees Gallery on  in the David Dees Columnist Section. 

2. Flaming Dollar
20x20 Digital Print

3. Monster Christmas
15x22 Framed Under Glass
Signed By Artist

6. Monster And Bats
24x21 Framed Under Glass

7. Billy Meier Beamship
24x18 Framed Under Glass
Signed By Artist

9. Sweden Performance Poster
Two Framed Under Glass

11. Ant Farm
28x18 Framed Under Glass
Signed By Artist

13. Sheeple Magazine Cover - Mark Of The Beast
30x40 High Gloss Digital Art Poster

19. John Lennon Autograph Glasses
In Embossed Signature Case

20. Heavy Plaid Shirt #1
Perfect Condition - Lightly Worn

21. Heavy Plaid Shirt #2 XL
Perfect Condition - Lightly Worn

22. Singing Performance Shirt XL
Perfect Condition - Nicer Than Photo

23. Singing Performance Shirt XL
Perfect Condition - Nicer Than Photo

24. Singing Performance Shirt XL
Excellent - Artist Cut Off Sleeves To
Make Down-Home 'Country' Look

25. Performance Hat - Large
Perfect - Seen In Some Concert Photos
Sweden And US Concerts

26. Performance Hat - Large
Perfect Condition
Sweden And US Concerts

27. Performance Railroad Engineers Hat - Large
See Photos Below

28. Black Denim Jacket XL
Heavyweight Denim, Lightly Worn
Looks Grey In Photo But It Is Very Black

29. Singing Performance Shirt XL
Excellent - Artist Cut Off Sleeves To
Make Down-Home 'Country' Look

30. 16 Piece Ceramic Dickens' Era Village - Most Light Up!

These are all in perfect condition except one which needs Its awning
super-glued. Many of these are quite ornate, attractive and whimsical.

We will take them to the UPS store for packing and shipping and
the buyer can take it from there.

31. Unusual Whimsical Monkeys
This Little Item Accepts Batteries
And May Still Perform