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David Dees Estate Art Works
And Other Special Estate Items Are Available

Welcome!  A most sincere thanks to all of you who participated in the auction...we will continue to make the remaining items listed below - and some new additions as time permits -available for those who didn't know about the auction and to help us cover other remaining costs.  The items below will be offered on a first come, first-served basis.  If you see something you like, make a reasonable offer and we'll let you know if the offered amount works.  

As most of you know, we have done a number of things to honor and preserve David's memory and unmatched artistic achievements...from posting a tribute and art gallery on the homepage to purchasing a beautiful plot beneath a young maple tree in the lovely, historic Mountain View Cemetery in Ashland, Oregon. 

Many have expressed concern that David's art might have been lost.  Not to worry...there is good news.   We assure you the art is safe and it will continue to be seen and admired in the same inspirational way as always.   David's books will also be back up for sale shortly.  Watch this column for updates.

David left all of his art to Jeff to oversee and protect. Since they worked together on the art pieces for so many years, David granted permission to Jeff to update pieces to keep their political irony and great truths completely current...this will be fun.

All updated, revised pieces will have a slightly different classic   water mark, so sharp-eyed viewers will know which pieces have been officially updated.  The new watermark will simply read DDees-Rense so people will instantly know that the piece has been augmented to reflect current events without degrading the genius of the artist in any way.  All Dees art is now Copyrighted by Jeff Rense with All Rights Reserved. This is to protect the art from being changed, altered, degraded or misused in any way...which we have unfortunately seen happening around the net.  Some have actually just removed David's watermark completely before changing and or using the art without appropriate communication. All officially updated images will appear at the bottom of the Dees Gallery on  in the David Dees Columnist Section. 

Meanwhile, please browse the below items and grab the one you wish.  Send us the Number of the item and the amount offered and we'll be in touch.  There will be still more items added as time permits.

1. Flat Earth
Framed Under Glass

2. Flaming Dollar
20x20 Digital Print

3. Monster Christmas
15x22 Framed Under Glass
Signed By Artist

6. Monster And Bats
24x21 Framed Under Glass

9. Sweden Performance Poster
Two Framed Under Glass

11. Ant Farm
28x18 Framed Under Glass
Signed By Artist

13. Sheeple Magazine Cover - Mark Of The Beast
30x40 High Gloss Digital Art Poster

16. Pro Flat Earth 'Science Man' Digital Art
24 x 28

19. John Lennon Autograph Glasses
In Embossed Signature Case

20. Heavy Plaid Shirt #1
Perfect Condition - Lightly Worn

21. Heavy Plaid Shirt #2 XL
Perfect Condition - Lightly Worn

22. Singing Performance Shirt XL
Perfect Condition - Nicer Than Photo

23. Singing Performance Shirt XL
Perfect Condition - Nicer Than Photo

24. Singing Performance Shirt XL
Excellent - Artist Cut Off Sleeves To
Make Down-Home 'Country' Look

25. Performance Hat - Large
Perfect - Seen In Some Concert Photos
Sweden And US Concerts

26. Performance Hat - Large
Perfect Condition
Sweden And US Concerts

27. Performance Railroad Engineers Hat - Large
See Photos Below

28. Black Denim Jacket XL
Heavyweight Denim, Lightly Worn
Looks Grey In Photo But It Is Very Black

29. Singing Performance Shirt XL
Excellent - Artist Cut Off Sleeves To
Make Down-Home 'Country' Look

30. 16 Piece Ceramic Dickens' Era Village - Most Light Up!

These are all in perfect condition except one which needs Its awning
super-glued. Many of these are quite ornate, attractive and whimsical.

We will take them to the UPS store for packing and shipping and
the buyer can take it from there.

31. Unusual Whimsical Monkeys
This Little Item Accepts Batteries
And May Still Perform