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Exclusive Interview By The 'X Factor' And Jim Marrs
Extracted from "X Factor" magazine (UK), No 85 (May 2000)
Jim Marrs is one of the US's foremost investigative journalists. Probably best known for his ground-breaking research into the Kennedy assassination, his best-selling book "Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy" formed the basis of director Oliver Stone's film JFK. More recently, Marrs has turned his attention to the UFO phenomenon, leading, in 1997, to the publication of his book "Alien Agenda", a thorough journalistic investigation into the subject, which has been hailed as one of the most balanced and well-documented books of its kind. His latest book, "Rule By Secrecy", explores the possibility that global politics is controlled by shadowy elites operating from within secret societies, and whose origins, dating back to the first civilizations, may be influenced by extraterrestrials.
Marrs's research has made him very unpopular with the US establishment, and, on some occasions, steps have been taken to suppress his revelations. In 1995, "The Enigma Files", Marrs's expos of the covert use of remote viewing and psychic spying techniques, was mysteriously prevented from publication.
Marrs was informed that the decision had been taken at the suggestion of a lawyer. Not only was Marrs not allowed to speak to the lawyer responsible, but the publisher told him that nothing could be done as the injunction had been ordered from a higher corporate level.
Since then, the CIA has publicly admitted using remote viewing to spy on the Soviets, but Marrs claims that this is only half the story.
The "X Factor" met up with Marrs and asked him first what he believes the US government have to hide concerning their involvement with remote viewing:
"The US government has muddied the waters surrounding remote viewing because of their ability to target and describe UFO's. They have admitted using it to spy on the Soviets but there's more to it than that. Often, on the occasions when searches were made for Soviet high-performance aircraft, they found technology that was not from any terrestrial source. The locating of UFOs by remote viewers is one of the US government's darkest secrets."
--What has your research into remote viewing revealed about an alien presence on Earth?
Pat Price, one of the world's best remote viewers, conducted a private search, which located and described four bases, which were manned by extraterrestrials. Price showed this to Skip Atwater, one of the Army remote viewers. But, since his search was performed privately and there was no way of verifying its accuracy, it was filed away for ten years until Atwater, who was then training viewers for the Army, used it as a target for trainees. None of these subjects knew anything about what Price had found, but, when the viewing was completed, they described the same details about the bases.
--Do you believe NASA has covered up encounters between astronauts and UFOs?
I know that astronauts have been ordered to keep quiet about what they encountered. Until recently, all astronauts were military officers and, as such, could be imprisoned if they divulged any secrets. Most famously, Dr Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man on the moon, started that he believes some aircraft used by the military use technology derived from recovered alien spacecraft. In addition, Gordon Cooper's testimony is most interesting. He stated that, as a young Air Force officer, he was on a filming assignment when a UFO landed and little beings got out, waved to him and then took off again.
--Do you believe that human DNA has been manipulated by extraterrestrials?
It is clear that primitive Cro-Magnon man, which became modern man, is a totally different race to that of Neanderthal Man. Yet, according to the theory of evolution, Cro-Magnon developed out of the far more primitive Neanderthal via an intermediate species which links the two. However, for 150 years they have been searching for this missing link, and, in my opinion, they will never find it. More and more research is emerging that indicates that Cro-Magnon roan was the result of alien genetic manipulation that was applied to Neanderthal Man. What is so strange about human DNA is that, unlike any other member of the animal kingdom, it contains 4,000 flaws, some of which are responsible for a range of genetic diseases. The theory of evolution is based on the survival of the fittest, not survival of the most genetically flawed.
--You are probably most famous for your research into the shooting of JFK. Why do you think Kennedy was assassinated?
Without doubt, Kennedy was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. There are so many reasons why people wanted him dead. I agree with Oliver Stone that one of the main reasons he was assassinated was because he intended to shut down the Vietnam War, which would have been a huge economic blow to many people.
--Also, his brother Bobby, as Attorney General, was prosecuting organized crime, and that gave them a real reason to shut down the Presidency.
On top of that, between 1962 and 1963, Kennedy had pushed through legislation closing major tax loopholes that hurt the giant multinational corporations and would have impeded their expansion globally, so Kennedy angered a lot of people in many different areas.
--What do you make of the theory that Kennedy was assassinated because he intended to release information on the UFO phenomenon?
I have come across a lot of evidence to support this. For example, there is a 1962 CIA document that records the contents of a wire-tapped conversation between Marilyn Monroe and Hollywood reporter Dorothy Kilgallen two days before Monroe died. During the call, Monroe tells Kilgallen that JFK had told her of his visit to a secret air base where he viewed things from outer space. Kilgallen believed this was connected with the Roswell crash.
Certainly, an FBI document of July 1947 confirms that Kennedy knew about Roswell. Additionally, Bill Holden, it steward on board Air Fore one, reported a conversation that he had with Kennedy in 1963, in which he asked the President what he thought about UFOs. Kennedy became very serious and replied `I would like to tell the public about the UFO situation, but my hands are tied.'
However, there is evidence that, on 12 November 1963, Kennedy ordered the CIA to hand over all UFO documents to the White House, and this was two weeks before he was shot.
--Can you tell us what you are exploring in your new book "Ruled by Secrecy"?
I think the answer to the question of who really controls the world can be found within the secret societies: The Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, The Council on Foreign Relations, and so on. These secret societies have been behind every war and revolution in the last two centuries at least.
By tracking their secrets back to the first civilizations of Egypt and Sumeria, I have found that these societies have a more correct idea of our history than is known publicly.
--Are these groups involved in the UFO debate?
Well, one of the greatest conspiracies concerns humanity's true origins and this involves the Sumerian account of the Anunnaki - beings who came from heaven down to Earth. When the Sumerian tablets were translated in the 1800's, scholars knew nothing of space technology or genetic engineering, and so relegated accounts of the Anunnaki genetically altering primitive hominids to that of mythology.
However, today, more and more serious researchers are beginning to realize what was being described here was literally true. Since these secret societies exert considerable control over world governments, they would want to be foremost in any alien contact, so as to gain control of, or suppress, any alien technology that might upset the status duo. There are three possibilities regarding the activities of these groups. Firstly; they are people seeking power and control in the hope of contacting advanced intelligence.
Secondly, they have already made contact, in which case they may be either guided or controlled by this intelligence. Thirdly, they are actually comprised of this advanced intelligence.
Jim Marrs began investigating the cattle mutilation phenomenon in the mid-1970's when numerous cases occurred in his home state of Texas. He immediately discovered that, in almost every incident, UFO sightings had been recorded in the areas where the mutilations occurred. Then, in 1979, Marrs attended the only official conference ever held on cattle mutilation. Organized by Senator Harrison Schmitt in Albuquerque, New Mexico, it involved the FBI and local law-enforcement agencies.
Marrs explained that police officers who wished to present accumulated evidence were legally prevented from doing so, and some even admitted privately that they felt they had been 'muzzled'.
Marrs also claimed to have been shown incredible photographs of a mutilated cow in which a cylindrical shaft of blue light could be seen rising from the mutilated area. When the cow was re-photographed to eliminate the possibility of a flaw in processing, the same cylindrical light was recorded. However, Marrs was unable to obtain copies of the images from the officers concerned.
Jim Marrs believes that human efforts to launch weapons systems in space may have been sabotaged by alien forces. This ET intervention, he claims, has been behind the loss of several US and Russian exploratory probes in recent years.
One example of this, Marrs argues, involved the ill-fated Phobos 2, a Russian probe that malfunctioned as it orbited Mars in 1989. 'Right up to the point of termination' says Marrs, 'it took photographs, one of which shows a disc-shaped object rushing towards it. Similarly, when film of NASA's Titan 4 launch in 1993 was analysed, it showed a small bright light approaching just before the rocket exploded.'
Intriguingly, according to Marrs, remote viewers who 'observed' NASA's Titan 4 and Mars 96 missions stated that they saw a prism-like object rise from the surface of Mars, meet the probes and 'scan' them with some kind of energy beam causing both to malfunction. 'It seems we can fight among ourselves,' concludes Marrs, 'but taking our hatred and prejudices into space is somehow forbidden.'
In his book Alien Agenda, Jim Marrs draws on numerous eyewitness accounts and highly classified CIA documents to expose the sustained government secrecy surrounding the UFO phenomenon.
Among the astronauts who have spoken out about the UFO phenomenon is Apollo 14 pilot Edgar Mitchell. As Jim Marrs points out, Mitchell has since claimed that several military aircraft have been modelled on recovered alien craft.
Extracted from "X Factor" magazine (UK), No 85 (May 2000)
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