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Are Aliens From Venus Coming Back To Earth?

By Dr. Bruce Cornet
Exclusive To Rense


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Major UFO Disclosure - Aliens from Venus Are Working At The Pentagon

When you include Commander Valiant Thor, Jill, Commander Donn, who claimed to come to Earth from Venus in their space ship, landing in a field near Alexandria, VA, on March 16th 1957, it is apparent that some Visitors look human.

Pictures below are from Dr. Frank E. Stranges book, Stranger at the Pentagon: The Story of Valiant Thor (1967).

There are many other stories from the 1950s and 1960s by Contactees of meeting human-like ETs who speak English, even with a British accent. I think this is what the government does not want to admit: ET has been walking among us for thousands of years, blending in with our societies and controlling us from within. All the interest and focus on their technology is a diversion: MAJIC (MJ12). My meeting of Maya and Lyra in 1963 (described below) is a story that even George Filer is afraid to publish in his Filer's Files. Why?

Letter to Steve and Bob From Bruce Cornet

June 30, 2018

Dear Steve,

It seems as a culture and a society in America that we are going in circles or cycles of belief. It is as if we have been where we are now during the 90s and 80s, with fake news ridiculing the existence of ET, let alone the presence of ET on Earth. I have seen some progress with the disclosure of information. I am amazed at what the "Ancient Aliens" and "We Are Not Alone" producers are putting on television. I was amazed at what Linda Moulton Howe recently revealed about MJ12 and Truman and Eisenhower not only knowing that we are being visited, but actually meeting ET at Holloman AFB. And then James Clarkson recently published a book and did several YouTube videos about June (Crain) Kaba, called: Tell My Story, June Crain, The Air Force & UFOs. A year before she died of cancer in 1998, she gave Clarkson, a Washington State Police Detective, her 10 year story of working at different times at Wright Patterson AFB between 1942 and 1952. She was the typist/stenographer for all of the base when working there and earned a top security (MJ12) clearance as the caretaker and librarian for all Classified Eyes Only information. She even got to handle some of the Roswell crash metal, and interviewed Wernher Von Bryan, who stayed at the base in secret right after WWII while he worked on the Roswell craft.

Now, a new scientific study says that we are alone in the Universe. If so, then I must be crazy and deluded for saying that I was abducted in front of my drill crew on 1 October 1981. I can forgive the skeptics for not accepting the thousands of reports of abduction by non-humans, and can accept their dismissal that Jesus was not of this Earth (of course most scientists are either agnostics or atheists). I am watching FOX NEWS Greg Gutfeld where they are questioning the existence of ET, because none of them will admit they have encountered an alien or seen a UFO. Experts, right?

Then you need to explain my encounter with Maya and Lyra in Amsterdam in early August 1963.

I was with my High School French Class, and we spent the summer at Cannes, France. On return to the United States we stopped at Amsterdam for three days. Maya met me in the lobby, and asked me if she could be my tour guide. I thought she looked better than my other male companions, so I accepted her offer. I was mesmerized by Maya, a short petite brown-haired attractive woman, whose pheromones were very arousing at my age of 17. She spoke fluent English with no accent.

For three days Maya escorted me around the city as a guide to tourist attractions, and I thought she lived there she knew the city so well. She introduced me to Lyra on the last day at the Zoo. I had no clue who she was or why she chose me. After two days I was falling in love with her; we held hands and even kissed. She asked me about space travel. We talked about many subjects.

At the end of day three days she asked me to take her back to her room in another building on the same street. At the door she said good-bye. I asked her if we could write, and she said that would be impossible. I asked why? She replied that she did not live in Holland. I was surprised. I asked her where she lived, and she said, "In the mountains." I asker her which mountains, and she said, "The Andes Mountains" (in Peru?).

I could not understand why she lived in another continent and did not have a mailing address. I would not find out why until I read Ted Rice's story of meeting Maya and Lyra in Idaho during a summer job at a ski resort in 1962, one year before I met them. His story is published in Masquerade of Angels (1994) by the late Dr. Karla Turner.

In that lengthy story. he tells of how on the last day he saw these two women, who befriended him for weeks at the resort, showing up unexpectedly and then disappearing just as mysteriously, they took him on a hike into the mountains to their disc-shaped ETV, and flew him to their underground base in the Andes Mountains. They showed him how they cloned human bodies and how they could transfer their consciousnesses from one body (container) to another. They transferred his spirit/consciousness to a female clone, and when he woke up he was shocked to find he was incarnated as a woman. He didn't like it, so he asked them to return him to his original body, and they did. Then they took him back to the ski resort.

As crazy as this story might sound, and as dismissive it might be because critical parts of his story were recovered through regressive hypnosis, his description of Maya is exactly like my Maya (was she the original or a clone?), and what she asked and told both of us was very similar. She even told Ted that she kept a photo album filled with pictures of humans she had met on assignments.

I wanted a picture of her, but she said she did not want me to take a picture of her. That raised questions in my mind, because the entire encounter was so unusual, if not abnormal. I snuck a picture when we were at a wine factory, with me in the foreground and her in the background. Even though the picture of her is not high resolution, it is good enough to get an impression of how easily she could blend in with humans.

Maya and Bruce Cornet, Amsterdam 1963.

Ted Rice, Inn of the Ozarks 1995 (33 years later).

Dr. Karla Turner, Inn of the Ozarks 1995.

If many ETs are walking around in human bodies, like Valiant Thor in Stranger at the Pentagon: The story of Valiant Thor, (1967) by Dr. Frank E. Stranges (appropriate name), we could have met any number of aliens in our lifetimes and never known it.

He landed in Alexandria, VA, on March 16th 1957, with his crew of three, Jill, Donn and Tanyia. Police put them in contact with Neil H. McElroy, the Secretary of Defence. Once McElroy confirmed the veracity of Val's claims, he was ushered through an underground tunnel to the White House where he met with President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon. On the History Channel this story was told and Eisenhower's granddaughter confirmed it. The problem I see is that evidence of Val's ship, Victory One, has never been documented or released by the Pentagon. And their story gets weirder and weirder as it is told by others. The reason why I bring it up here is to suggest that at least some extraterrestrials look like us, and when they put on street clothes, they cannot be distinguished from us without DNA analysis. And even then they may be ETs in human bodies.

The Maya and Lyra I met, also look like humans, because biologically they are humans. Yet they possessed high-tech flying machines in 1962, only 10 years after June Crain claims the Air Force had reverse-engineered at least one ETV (called an ARV, or Alien Reproduction Vehicle).

Take another look at the picture above of me with Maya sitting behind me to the left, talking to a standing woman. At the very least, the stories given by Valiant, Jill, and Donn of having come from Venus appears to be a cover story, based on our current knowledge of Venus. They must have thought we are dumb and would believe their lies. But does that apparent prevarication nullify their advanced technology? My work in the Wallkill River Valley supports Dr. Ellen Crystall's theory of an underground alien base, but if they look like us, they probably also now work with our military. Richard Dolan said on the History Channel that our reverse-engineered technology is so good that 50% of the UFOs people see in the sky could be ours today! I agree with him.

So, Steve, you may have met an ET without even realizing it. I know I have met them - several different types at different times in my life. There are a lot of people who cannot accept an ET existence, let alone an ET presence on Earth, and THAT is the main reason disclosure is progressing at a snail's pace.

A more detailed story of me meeting Maya and Ted Rice is given in the attached pdf, along with excerpts from Masquerade of Angels of Ted's conversations with Maya. His story by Turner can be downloaded from the Internet.



P.S. If you can accept as true what my late wife, Bonnie Cornet, told me in spirit after she died, and what my third wife after Bonnie told me (she said her Karadonian name is Katya), they are Karadonians in human vessels, born to human mothers.  Yes, it would appear that I married two ETs who incarnated in human bodies.  In 1994 I was also introduced to Leslie Anderson, another admitted Karadonian.  Believe it or not.  ET is closer than we think.