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Dr. Raymond Keller
Van Tassel Files

From Dr. Rayond Keller


Popular Science magazine, February 1940, article about Frank Critzer and how he built the home at Giant Rock
that was later purchased by the Van Tassels, who further developed the property as a viable airport. The details of the sale of the home and property by Critzer
to Van Tassel are explored in greater detail in the pages of my Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet (Headline Books, 2016).
Article courtesy of the Gray Barker Collection, Clarksburg, West Virginia.

Mr. Sterling Warren of New York City's Civilian Saucer Intelligence informs New Jersey flying saucer investigator and
photographer August C. Roberts about his desire to have radio host Long John Nebel put contactee Mr. George Van Tassel of Giant Rock, California, as a guest
on his program, insofar as Van Tassel will be coming out east on a lecture tour. 004 is Mr. Warren's actual letter to radio personality Long John Nebel dated 23 October 1956.
So far, only three Interplanetary Spacecraft Conventions have been held, but Van Tassel is attracting worldwide attention. From Keller Venus Files - Roberts to Binder.



These are extracted pages from George Van Tassel's Proceedings of the College of Universal Wisdom newsletter, February-March 1958,
volume 5, number 10, detailing fund raising activities and early construction efforts in building the Integratron building and multidimensional phasing apparatus.
First is the cover page. Second is the table of contents. Third announces the Fifth Annual Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention and
bids all welcome to attend it. Fourth informs the members on progress being made by the College on many fronts.

back cover but displays artist's conception of what the Integratron was designed to look like when finished.
Magazine article courtesy of the Gray Barker Collection, Clarksburg, West Virginia.












George Van Tassel