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From Sherman Skolnick

Sherman Skolnick wrote:
Jeff: On Sunday night midnight onto Monday morning, 11/17-18/02, I heard your great interview with JIM MARRS. If there is a time and place you can use the following, please do so. I heard you on WJOB Hammond, Indiana, which comes in strong to south part of Chicago and south suburbs.
In the 1970s, after giving a seminar in Fort Worth, Texas, I was several times as a guest on WFAA- Dallas radio. One time I was on the air with a former Director of Pepsico. He had been at their convention in Dallas with their General Counsel at the time, Richard M. Nixon. He said that Nixon's later statement (published in a magazine in 1973), that he left Dallas before noon on an airflight to New York, November 22, 1963, is simply not correct. The former Pepsico director said Nixon was at the convention all that afternoon and was acting strange. While others stopped conducting their business affairs, Nixon kept insisting on proceeding, notwithstanding that everyone had heard that President Kennedy had been assassinated shortly after noon that day.
As to Joan Crawford, that inherited her husband's large stock position at Pepsico, she was certainly in a position to know a few things about Nixon. At the hotel she was staying at in Dallas, she occupied the room next door to Nixon.
By a strange series of circumstances in the 1970s, a retired "spook" I knew, introduced me one night to the former covert operations official in the FBI that had interviewed Nixon. The interview document is in the Warren Commission documents. Yes, Nixon had lied about leaving Dallas that fateful morning. My friend, Penn Jones, assassination researcher of Midlothian, a Dallas suburb, had put together the items of the planning meeting just before November 22, 1963, where was present some important top U.S. Military brass along with Nixon, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, and others. (Related items are in the book "Farewell America", written under the pen name "James Hepburn", by the French CIA, as to what happened in Dallas, before and after. After the book came out in 1968, it was banned from being sold in bookstores in the U.S. Only I and Penn Jones found a way to get the books into the U.S. I gave them away at college lectures I gave in return for small donations. Starting in October, 2002, the book, in paperback is being sold in the U.S. for the first time by )
After losing the Presidential race in 1960 (losing the Electoral vote by way of eight thousand votes stolen by the mafia for the benefit of Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley's pal, JFK), Nixon was secretly put in charge of the CIA's planned invasion of Cuba, and the bloody termination of the plan at the Bay of Pigs, April, 1961. Daddy Bush was, by the way, involved in the Bay of Pigs episode. He supplied one of the ships named after his oil enterprise, Zapata. Some of those involved in New Orleans with the plot against JFK, were very much complicit in the Bay of Pigs event and the planned but failed plots to assassinate Fidel Castro.
Note that when Nixon finally became President after 1968, he referred to the assassination of President Kennedy by the code words "Bay of Pigs". According to a Nixon White House official who mentioned it in his book, Nixon said words to the effect "We cannot discuss the Bay of Pigs". Nixon knew something physical would happen to him if he began to fight back the CIA-directed effort to remove him by "The Watergate Affair". (Bob Woodward reportedly did not tell the truth about Watergate, according to the well-documented book "Silent Coup" by Kolodny et al.)
After Nixon resigned, August, 1974, he was rewarded by being given a townhouse in Manhattan, wall to wall with the townhouse of David Rockefeller. We have the document from the Nixon Archives (when they were at San Clemente, California), a hand-written letter from Ronald Reagan, in 1960. Reagan was part of a group calling themselves "Democrats for Nixon" (Nixon, of course, being a Republican). Reagan in his letter to Tricky Dick, says that if Kennedy is elected, Kennedy is a Communist and deserves to be snuffed out. That was the same accusation also falsely made against Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (I have a website story about that, regarding reasons for political assassinations.)
Sherman H. Skolnick


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