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What Do Readers Think Of "Hitler In Argentina"?

From Harry Cooper

NOTE - Every review that anyone sends to us will be posted here - good or bad, we will post and will hold nothing back.  After you have read "Hitler in Argentina" or any of our books, send us a review and we will post it.  Sharkhunters Members names are in upper case and BOLD with their Membership Number following.  The first number is their Membership Number; the second is the year they joined Sharkhunters.

Radio talk show host
JEFF RENSE emailed after the 22 April 2014 show:
"Bravo!  No one can top that appearance."

World renowned historian Jim Marrs was on the 22 April 2014 Rense Radio Show with Cooper and he emailed:
"I was honored to be on the Jeff Rense Show with you and I give you double kudos for both the program and for the excellent material in your book."

Click on the photo (right) to hear the entire RENSE RADIO broadcast with Sharkhunters President HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) and historian Jim Marrs.

The topic naturally, was the book "
Hitler in Argentina" and according to what people are sending here in their emails, it was a highly educational and well received show.

The photo is the older son of Col. Adolf Eichmann after his father was kidnapped.


CHARLES HARDIN (7639-2012) emailed:
"I am on page 70 of your new book.  So far it is excellent."

MARC NASSE (7457-2009)
liked the book so well that he ordered another for a friend of his:
"I read your book "Hitler in Argentina", very good but there are lots of questions that I would like to have answers to.  Keep up the good work."
Retired NASA specialist and historian CLARK McCLELLAND (7728-2013) emailed:
"Yes, YOUR ASTOUNDING BOOK has proven with no doubt that Hitler and his wife survived the bunker deaths.  It is a truly marvelous history of the lies in WW II history taught to our now brain dead kids in schools."

Tim Kelly emailed:
"Indeed, Mr. Cooper, I was shocked when I came back and still heard you on the 3rd hour (Rense Show 22 April).  This was clearly the best three hours of radio that I have heard in a very long time."
     EDITOR NOTE - The show was to be two hours, which is the normal
     but it was going so well that Jeff Rense asked the two guests (Cooper
     and Marrs) to stay on for the third hour.  It was a great show.

Lynda Culp emailed:
"I heard your interview with Jeff Rense.  Brilliant!!"

Bill Baxley emailed:
"I have listened to Jeff for years.  His radio program always offers enlightened programming.  My Dad swore Hitler was in South America and probably in Argentina to me as a child; early 1950's.  I wish he was still around to read your book.  My blond hair, blue eyed grandchildren will also learn the truth as well."

from Alexander Caputo:
"Listened to your excellent report on the Rense program - very interesting and informative."

William Deregibus emailed:
"Greetings Harry.  Thank you so much for taking the time to sign the copy of "Hitler in Argentina".  The book is the very richest lode of photos, documents and testimonies ever produced.  I think your theory (conclusion) on page 262 is historically accurate.  Carter Plympton Hydrick's book "Critical Mass" really supports this theory."
     got much of what is in that book from the Sharkhunters Archives

HANS SPYKER (759-1988)
is a veteran of the German U-Bootwaffe and he emailed:
"Dear Harry; Your book is so good that I recommend it to all my friends and relatives.  It brings back many memories as a World War Two U-Bootfahrer and I was very lucky to be a survivor!  As a proud Member of SHARKHUNTERS I also want to thank you for our fantastic Patrol in South Germany."
EDITOR NOTE - HANS and his daughter Diana were with us for our 2013 "Southern Patrol"

James Bauernschmidt emailed:
"I hope you like my review as much as I liked your book.  How often is the official version of a contemporary event challenged with evidence, which demands a different verdict?  It seems anyone who does this challenging gets branded as a 'conspiracy theorist'.  However, just a little research will reveal evidence contradicting the official version of several major events.  Have we been told the truth about the murder of JFK or what really happened on 9-11?
     Not the subject of this book is Hitler's fate after WWII.  One of my professors in the 1980s vehemently maintained the truth of the official story of Hitler's suicide in the Bunker.  Suggesting that Hitler had escaped to Argentina was just '
too outrageous' and would guarantee falling out of the professor's favor.  But, in recent years, evidence supporting Hitler's survival in Argentina has been coming to light.  For example, most of the FBI files have been publicized and can be accessed online.  Copies of several of these files are displayed in this book.
EDITOR NOTE - It was our S.E.I.G. Agent TAUCHER who found all these files and got them declassified.
     The first several chapters of the book are the first-hand accounts of Don Angel Alcazar de Velasco, a Spaniard who worked for the Nazis before, during and after WWII.  He gives details about serving in the Bunker the last few months of the war, travelling by submarine a year later helping Martin Bormann escape to Argentina, and his involvement with the Nazis in South America for several years after the war.  He got flown down from Mexico in the early 1950's to a hidden Nazi complex, presumably in Bariloche, Argentina, and met briefly with Hitler who by then was a feeble, old man.  Don Angel's testimony is corroborated by other books about Nazis in South America.  Another recommended book in 'Martin Bormann - Nazi in Exile' by Paul Manning.
EDITOR NOTE - DON ANGEL was Sharkhunters Member #158-1985.
     This book, 'Hitler in Argentina' presents more evidence.  It quotes Stalin and Eisenhower, among others, who expressed the belief that Hitler was still alive.  Interviews with eye-witnesses in Argentina tell of other encounters with Hitler.  Some of these eye-witnesses have been threatened to keep their mouths shut indicating a hidden network active to this day with its own agenda.  Brief write-ups are also made of several other top SS officers who also lived their lives in South America.
     The author devotes several pages explaining why the powers that be (i.e. Israel, USA etc.) did not 'go after' Hitler in Argentina despite the evidence.
     Overall, the book is a fascinating and thought-provoking read.  It is highly recommended to anyone interested in contemporary history who wants an insiders' scoop about the details of events."

After world renowned historian Jim Marrs read the book, his comment was:
"The information in this book is FABULOUS!"

RON BOERST (7355-2008) emailed:
"Great book, Harry.  I want more!  How about a docu-movie!!"
     EDITOR NOTE - We are working on that, but it is slow going and we could use any help from anywhere.

More from USMC combat veteran BILL NAPIER (2290-C/LIFE-1992) who emailed this:
"I've been reading this great book.  I love it!"

MIKE TORRESON (371-LIFE-1987) emailed:
"The addition of DON ANGEL's letters to you add a lot to the story.  I like the progression throughout the book.  It is logical and makes it easy to grasp the whole theme of the book.  It will change a lot of brainwashed minds.  Excellent job - as usual."

PAMELA POST (7759-2014) emailed:
"Hitler in Argentina".....positively riveting information........have read it once and continue to refer back to pages that intrigue; love the DON ANGEL testimony.  The adventure is not yet over!!"

RICH delFAVRO (1495-LIFE-1990)
"Hitler in Argentina" came out great!  Lots of new information and pictures, especially intrigued by that photo that purports to show Hitler as an old man in Argentina."

CARTER MANIERRE (6352-2001) emailed:
"As far as the book goes, I got two copies of the original way back when and I remember bugging you about more info; more info.  This latest edition does the trick.  Thanks.  All my life, since age 15 or so, I never believed that der Führer did himself in.  It just never smelled right, you know.  So you have vindicated my thoughts and presented the truth.  Now - what about those pictures of Eva?"

Lisa Ann Gray emailed this:

"Harry, I am upset!  I can't put your latest book down!  It is fabulous so far!  Wow - what research etc.  It is really, really interesting."

CARTER MANIERE (6352-2001)
"Harry, re "Hitler in Argentina" - you hit one out of the park.  Your research shows the wide disconnect between the politically correct 'directed history' and Truth.  More power to you and people like you."

WARREN BROWN (265-1987) emailed (in part):
"I do believe you have a winner going as I had a difficult time putting it down.  The world loves a mystery and you are holding a jackpot."

U. S. Marine Corps Sergeant and combat veteran
BILL NAPIER (2290-C/LIFE-1992) emailed this:

"Harry, I just received the book and only paged through it and found it to be astounding.
       So detailed, can't wait to get into it."

U-Boat crewman HANS SPYKER (759-1988) emailed:
".......then came your book!  It is so fascinating that I have to force myself to put it down.  I am reliving the end of World War Two.  I am wondering how you are able to do all the research and patrols?"

US Air Force B-52 bomber pilot
STEPHEN GATES (7241-2007) emailed:
"Loved the book on Hitler's 'non-demise'.  One has to be crazy to believe that arrogant individual would take his own life.  Clever, these Germans."

from Bill Urban right after he read the book:
For years....yea...decades, I simply went along with the newspaper headlines, that Hitler and Eva Braun, had committed suicide in the bunker.  Just as for decades, I simply went along with the newspaper headlines, that Lee Harvey Oswald, killed President Kennedy. Alone and unaided.  NOW?  After reading your book?  I've had to take a hard and realistic new approach, to my previous conclusions and re-evaluate those conclusions.  You have definitely, (without a doubt), planted the seeds of doubt, (in my mind anyway), as to what actually occurred in those dark hours, in the Führer Bunker, as the Russians were closing in.  History owes you a big debt Harry.


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