Spokane UFO Photos, Part 2

From Ed

Hello Jeff,
Just wanted to update you, and advise that the appearance of unexplained lights and craft continue in the Spokane area on nearly a nightly basis. What continues to mystify me is that the lights/craft almost always come in from the West or the South, and then disappear on or at the base of Tower Mountain. I am getting the distinct impression that these craft are using Tower Mountain as a landing zone, and perhaps even as an underground parking garage. On rare occasion, I also see lights rise up from the Tower Mountain area and fly away to the South.
Something else that continues to surprise me is the considerable variety of objects that appear in my photos. I will send you several more photos, some from February, and some from about two weeks ago. Also, please post my email address so that anyone who would like to comment, or discuss similar sightings can contact me directly. Thank you for providing a forum for this type of information. I consider your site an important public service.
The two attached photos show an interesting triangle shape created during the 1/2 to 1/4 second exposure, and a lighted disc flying out over the valley. The green lights are yardlights from farms and homes.
The following photo of the two objects was taken early in February with an instamatic type camera. As you can see, the objects were so bright they were reflecting off the clouds. The smaller lights are a radio tower and yardlights. The other photo is pretty self-explanatory.
These two photos show an object that often looks like it has two big headlights. The other looks like a disc with a lighted fin.
I just don't know what to make of these last twp photos. I believe they are of the same object, but what is it? Perhaps your audience can shed some insight.


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