Some Of The Week's UFO Sightings
George A. Filer
Director -Mutual UFO Network Eastern
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #13

ST. GEORGE -- "It was oval shaped with several lights, and about the length of a pickup. It had flashing white lights on the bottom. I saw it just over a cornfield that Thursday night at 12:31 AM. It just hovered in one spot and then it shot off. I didn't even see it leave. I ran home immediately and told everyone. They didn't believe me. I hope you do." Thanks to NUFORC
SARASOTA -- I live in Bradenton, Florida, have been a letter carrier for thirty years and I am currently 53-years old. I was an Air Force dependent and spent three years in the US Army 1966-69 serving a year combat tour in Vietnam. On the morning of Sunday, March 11, 2001, my wife and I took four of our dogs to Sarasota. I was about 50 yards in front of my wife, when I heard the noise of a small plane overhead and looked up. I located the plane another object caught my eye at 9:45 AM. This object was light gray and circular. Seagulls are common here but it did not waver or move erratic as they do. It was obvious this object was moving in a direct line westward. I then noticed another object of the same description in what appeared to be about a quarter mile a part traveling same direction and speed as the first. Other than the small plane's engine, there were no other sounds of aircraft. However, my years around all types of aircraft left me with the certainty that these two objects were not normal aircraft. There were no distinctive markings, lights, or other features; just to very light gray circular objects. Editor's Note: Peter Davenport called me last week and we discussed several cases. He indicated this witness was quite credible and this a good report. NUFORC
IRVINGTON -- On Sunday, February 18, 2001, at 6:25 p.m., a small private plane was making its approach into the airport in Mobile, Alabama, when the youthful pilot spotted a blue UFO. The pilot, his brother, and a male friend of their father, who was serving as the check pilot saw the object. According to the witness, his "Dad's friend is a commercial and instrument-rated pilot." The young pilot described the UFO as "a large blue light, fast-moving." He added, "I'm a private pilot. I had just gone flying and was on my way home when, to the left of me, a blue light appeared and shot forward at an incredible rate of speed. It then arced upward and streaked into the sky." At the time of the encounter, their single-engine propellor plane was passing over Irvington near Mobile. Thanks to Peter B. Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center report
LAKE ONTARIO - Tim Beckley writes UFO reports over Lake Ontario are nothing new. We published photos in UFO REVIEW and UFO UNIVERSE showing the UFOs in flight. We even gave the photos to Omni magazine to publish but they never published. Tom Grey was one of my contacts up in Canada. There was also a fellow with a talk show. I once gave a talk over on the Canadian side in and I remember they had all kinds of stories to tell. The objects would come right down over the barge lane and go into the water so the guys working on the barges would know something. I wonder if there is a barge workers union or something like that?, Thanks to Tim Beckley
INDIANA COUNTY -- On the evening of March 19, 2001, at approximately 7:50 P.M., a witness observed an odd light source in the southern sky that was a "wide band of white light." This solid band of light began to move east. It then made a clockwise loop and it continued to rotate until it returned to the position where it had started the loop movement. At that point, the band suddenly changed and became just a white dot of steady light, which quickly turned to a red color. The red light began a series of about eleven zig-zagging maneuvers as it moved towards the southeast. Suddenly, the red light vanished. At the time of the observation the sky was clear. The witness who was standing outside in his front yard, indicated that the entire sighting lasted less than a minute. This sighting took place in the vicinity of the Homer City power station in Indiana County. UFO sightings have been active in this area ever since the power plant was constructed in the 196'0s. Thanks to Stan Gordon, PA UFO Hotline: 724-838-7768
BALTIMORE - Bill Bean sent me a video with numerous amazing UFOs. These include UFOs flying over commercial aircraft as they land at Baltimore Airport. Bill video tapes many anomalous objects flying near his Woodlawn home. Some of his friends are joining him in nightly skywatches. They even appeared on Fox 45 Television in an interesting segment showing some of their video. Many of the UFO videos were unexplainable and represent some excellent work. Thanks to Bill Bean for his video and great work.
ROCKFORD -- Todd Livengood writes that I was watching Channel 13 news at ten o'clock this past Sunday, March 18, 2001, and the weatherman reported they had received a lot of phone calls about lights seen from North Main Street. They had a live camera on the street for the whole telecast, but they didn't see anything except for a light that appeared 'mostly' stationary for about 5-6 minutes when they first arrived at the scene. The light then just vanished. The did not show the 'stationary light' during the telecast.
Kristyn S. reports that my mother and I were heading south on Alpine Road on Tuesday, March 20, 2001, at 6:50 PM when she suddenly saw fifteen lights. They were not way up in the sky. They seemed as though they were right close to us. They were individual glowing orange lights. The objects had lights and an aura or haze around them. They were not in a specific formation, but one was way out of the cluster by itself. Some objects emitted other objects. Some objects changed colors. They were traveling quite fast also. Then suddenly they would flash bright white and disappear one at a time. I even saw one split into two and then turn white. It was crazy. We tried to take a photo but by the time we got a camera, there was only one left. It was a weird experience. Thanks to Todd Livengood-
The Roswell research team of Tom Carey and Don Schmitt have just returned from yet another research trip to Roswell, NM as they continue to investigate the most famous UFO case of all time. It was their tenth such trip since teaming-up in May, 1998 for the express purpose of bringing the case to a definitive conclusion, one way or another. As the World War II generation passes on at an ever-increasing rate, the chances of finding firsthand witnesses to the 1947 events correspondingly diminishes at an alarming rate. Even so, the team found a new firsthand witness on this most recent trip. The witness was a member of one of the three 509th bomb groups at Roswell Army Air Force. Prior to takeoff, he checked out the specially prepared B-29 that transported the craft that crashed north of Roswell. The witness stated, "I never saw anything like it before or since." It was fitted in the bombay compartment and turned on its side and flown to Wright Field in Ohio.
The Carey/Schmitt investigative team has also enlisted other researchers in New Mexico to continue the investigation to find the ultimate truth. The team believes that the true impact [crash] site is still to be located. On this most recent trip, the team believes they got within five miles of the true crash site. Carey gave a presentation to 130 people at the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell titled, "Flight to Fort Worth - Beginning of the Cover-up." Thanks to Tom Carey
LAUGHLIN -- Casey Holt and two of his friends had sighting on Monday, March 5, 2001. There were two bright spherical or oval shaped objects seen during the day at about 2:30 PM drifting slowly from the northeast to the northwest. They seemed quite high but lower than the clouds and about 60 degrees up. The size was 1/16 the diameter of the moon. One object appeared to flash red, blue, dark, and white and rotated in a counterclockwise direction around the more stationary bright white or silvery reflective object. The two objects were seen for a little over ten minutes during which about 1-1/2 minutes of video was taken of the bright white object. The video is in the process of being analyzed. Thanks to Casey Holt
SEATTLE --I received a phone call from Peter Davenport, reviewing an astounding series of sightings near Seattle on March 13, 2001. Numerous astronomers working with Peter were also startled by the series or reports. Several yellow colored lights flew up Puget Sound to Vancouver Island a distance of 80 to 90 miles in 30 seconds. Moving at an estimated speed of 10,000 mph the object flew parallel to the ground without making any noise. No known celestial object, meteor, bolides could explain the sighting by multiple witnesses. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
LAS PIÑAS HILL -- Researchers Orlando Pla and Lucy Guzman have brought to our attention a sighting, which took place on March 12, 2001, at 2:00 AM. Witnesses to the event were A. Serrano and A. Leon, who were sitting on their porch at that time and saw a bright light heading toward them from the mountains near Aguas Buenas and over Hwy 1. The object's brightness increased as it approached, as did its size. It flew at low altitude over a farm located some 15 meters away from where the witnesses sat.
The distinguished researcher Dr. Richard Haines (NASA, Ret.) has, with Ted Roe, recently helped to establish a new national organization called NARCAP. The latter is singular among world organizations in providing a completely confidential center where pilots, air traffic controllers, and radar operators can report their sightings of anomalous phenomena which threaten aviation safety. These reports can be made confidentially by telephone and Internet. The Center is staffed by technical specialists who -- in contrast to current civilian and government institutions -- will not endanger air safety by either skewing or suppressing the reports. These specialists tentatively include Joel Bartlett (Meteorology), Capt. Neil Daniels (Pilot), Susan Dreiske (Information technology & science), James McCampbell (Engineering Physics), James E. McClenahen (Air Traffic Control, FAA regulations, Brian E. Smith (Aerodynamics), Willy Smith (Physics, Field Investigations), and Robert Stahl (Flight Instructor, Accident investigation, Systems Engineering). Dr. Haines states in his PRESS RELEASE, among other things, that "Based on a comprehensive review of past US pilot, radar operator, and controller reports, we believe there is a potential and ongoing threat to aviation safety posed by so-called anomalous aerial phenomena... We would like to work with the nation's airlines to implement special pilot training classes directly related to coping with such close encounters in the air." For further information contact Ted Roe, Executive Director NARCAP, PO Box 140, Boulder Creek, CA 95006 (T: 831-338-4783). Thanks to Dr. Robert Trundle

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