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Professional liars who work for the U.S. Navy/New World Order have in recent years REALLY helped prove that what's come to be known as the Philadelphia Experiment definitely DID occur in 1943 at the Philly Naval Yard.
The experiments were originally commenced with the stated intention of finding a way to make U.S. ships invisible to Nazi radar. Many, many accounts have attested that such radar invisibility experiments DID occur; but that something POSSIBLY unexpected and absolutely astounding took place on at least one occasion: the ship used in the experiments, the USS Eldridge, completely DISAPPEARED FROM SIGHT.
Whenever the Navy has been confronted with questions or information about the unqalifiedly-DISASTROUS experiments over the past intervening 58 years, they have repeatedly lied through their collective teeth and completely denied that such experiments ever took place.
But one by one, their disingenuous lies have been shot down and buried by determined investigators.
Then in 1994, Navy spooks trotted out to the world some lame-brained loser of a fake supposedly named Edward Dudgeon, who -- along with well-known intel asset/mouthpiece/disinfo artist (and "UFO" "investigator") Jacques Vallee -- tried to shut down inquiries about the Philly Experiment once and for all.
Jacques Vallee, who has had substantial and verifiable links to intelligence/military agencies in the U.S. going back 30 or more years (in other words he was a high-level spook and disinfo agent recruited from France who worked for Air Force Intelligence and similar groups with J. Allen Hynek and other spook/scientists, initially at the Batelle Institute near Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio), published a report in 1994 which purported to totally debunk the Philadelphia Experiment and show that it was a hoax.
The problem is, Vallee's own article itself was complete and utter GARBAGE, utilizing as it's primary source the statements of one "Edward Dudgeon" -- some phony with absolutely no credibility AND no credentials, who has been conclusively proved a liar; and thus by extension so has Vallee been proved a liar as well.
One of the BIGGEST whoppers the HIGHLY-questionable Dudgeon reportedly told Vallee was that there would have been NO NEED for the Navy to conduct such research and experimentation in 1943, because (GET THIS!!) the Nazis did NOT have RADAR in 1943!! "Your book Revelations was wrong about making the ship invisible to radar: the Germans hadn't deployed radar at the time...," Dudgeon babbled to Vallee as recorded in Vallee's report.
Without ANY QUESTION WHATSOEVER the German Navy had radar on their ships, even BEFORE WW II.
There is information posted on a website at: ~kais/ navy/ raiders.htm which provides hard factual data regarding the Nazi's development of radar. By scrolling down to the third and fourth paragraphs under the heading: /The pocket battleship Admiral Scheer', one can find information on how these same radar systems were used to devastating and deadly effect against Allied ships and crew.
The so-called Dudgeon's comments on this point, as on so many others, are laid bare as utterly worthless drivel.
This INCREDIBLY bald-faced LIE, that the Nazis didn't have radar in 1943, can be -- and HAS been -- so EASILY and MASSIVELY DISPROVED that for the government/Navy to even TRY floating it can only mean ONE THING: The series of clandestine experimental activities which have come to be known as the "Philadelphia Experiment" did MOST POSITIVELY OCCUR at the Philly Naval Yard in 1943.
The person who busted these clowns is named Marshall Barnes, an independent researcher who has heavily and thoroughly investigated the Philadelphia Experiment and has found SOLID evidence to support many of the major claims made about it, as well as scientific data and so forth which proves many of the claims are thoroughly possible.
Vallee and Bernhard Haisch, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Scientific Exploration which published Vallee's article and has refused to disclaim or otherwise back off it, have become the target of an ongoing private investigation by Barnes focusing on them having promoted research fraud.
Proof which shows Jacques Vallee's article to be an outright fraud has been made public by Barnes, leaving no room for doubt that the world famous UFO researcher was an active, witting participant in an official coverup effort.
Barnes shows irrefutably that there was on the part of the Navy and other government agencies in 1943: 1.) a strong agenda to make a ship both radar and sight invisible; 2.) knowledge of the physics by which this can be done; and 3.) possession of the technology by which this physics could be applied in the field.
Apparently the broader dissemination of this heavily-verified information is so disturbing to the "powers that be" that in desperation they engaged or coerced two well-known scientists into perpetrating a bizarre act of deliberate scientific debauchery; putting their names, reputations and those of any organizations they may belong to at risk.
One of the main points which Dudgeon (or whomever) and Vallee (or whomever) make, which they say debunks claims about the Philadelphia Experiment has to do with the dates of the shakedown cruise for a number of vessels. Dudgeon claims that The Eldridge accompanied his ship, the DE 50, the USS Engstrom and two other ships on shakedown together during the FIRST WEEK of July and thus was not even in Philly Harbor at the time experiments were said to gave occurred.
But GUESS WHAT! Surprise! The Navy's OWN RECORDS utterly disproved THAT pathetic lie.
The Navy's official records for the Eldridge show that the ship wasn't even launched until July 25, didn't receive its commissioned crew until August 27 and then didn't go on its shakedown cruise until September.
It was within the period of time between July 25 and August 27 that a skeleton crew could and would have been used in the clandestine experiments, as they would NOT be listed as the official commissioned crew and thus any tracing of them would be pretty much impossible.
Barnes says: "I assure you that these dates are accurate because they reflect information I got from three different published official Navy ship record sources, as well as other books that have quoted the same records."
Let's face it: Vallee's article and the "testimony" which make up the bulk of it are shown clearly and unarguably to be the complete garbage that they truly are.
Why then, and at whose direction, have editor Bernard Haisch and his Journal of Scientific Exploration refused to issue a disclaimer regarding this work of outrageous fraud and in fact continue to publish it on their website and doubtless elsewhere also?
Very good questions; but most likely also rhetorical ones. Undoubtedly relevant with regard to this is the fact that Vallee for one reason or another deemed it desirable his report "reviewed" and obviously censored or "cleared" by one "Vice-Admiral William D. Houser".
What's so much MORE important to realize is that despite the tremendous devastation wrought on human beings by the Philly Experiment, and despite the fact that the experiments were called off after the Eldridge disappeared and any similar experiments were totally shelved for several years, the Navy/U.S. government were EXTREMELY interested in what REALLY DID happen to the Eldridge when it disappeared form radar AND from sight, and WANTED to do further experiments in this area.
This entire Pandora's Box of interdimensional experimentation was reopened in the early 1950s, with an eye towards perfecting and making CONTROLLABLE both radar invisibility or "stealth" as WELL as literal sight invisibility, and the interdimensional "shifting" upon which such sight invisibility is predicated.
Control of these extraordinarily-advanced technologies was achieved during the 1970s at various locations, including Long Island's Brookhaven Nat'l Labs and nearby Montauk Air Force Station.
When all was said and done, SEVERAL different operational technologies had emerged from the SERIOUSLY-covert research and experimentation conducted by various sectors the U.S. government, based upon the initial activities in Philadelphia in 1943. These include but are not limited to: teleportation; invisibility (of people AND objects); time/dimensional "travel"; as well as what can only be called "reality"-control via extensive and overwhelmingly MALEVOLENT manipulations of aspects of our time/space continuum, along with associated mass mind/consciouness-"control".
And THAT'S why the Navy/U.S. government has lied so extensively and for so long about the existence of the Philadelphia Experiment: because such things as occurred in 1943 are not only REAL but have since been developed into fully-operational technologies which the U.S. government and certain associates utilize REGULARLY.
Which brings us full circle, to the post-9.11 global meltdown the human race finds itself in today.
For one thing, just THINK about how such technologies could have been utilized to pull off key elements of the entire 9.11 scenario, such AS: getting those alleged 19 hijackers onto those four jets, whose passenger manifests bore NO Middle-Eastern or Islamic names WHATSOEVER nor any possible credible aliases under which OBVIOUSLY Middle-Eastern people COULD have traveled, going by security procedures IN PLACE on September 11, 2001.
Just IMAGINE how useful such as technology as sight invisibility could have been in getting those who (apparently at least) actually carried out the airborne attacks.

From Sam Weikel
I have been surfing your site for four years or so now. And honestly, I can't make up my mind about it. I understand that there are many things that happen in this world that are suspicious, and seem nefarious, and in some cases are nefarious.
I am a borne skeptic. I question everyone, even those I agree with. And for that, I do enjoy many of your postings. You give an outlet to the less than mainstream viewpoint. This is good.
But sometimes you post stuff that goes so over the top of credibility, it makes me wonder why I should bother.
Case in point: "Philadelphia Debunkers Debunked"
Okay, first off, let me point out, the majority of knowledge I have about the Philadelphia Experiment is what I learned from the movie starring Michael Pare.
However, I understand logic. And the posting debunking the debunkers lacks logic. Even in the most basic, first grade concept of it.
The assumtions that are being made are crude extrapolations of evidence. His basic theory is that if one is false, every thing must be false.
Additionally, the poster begins to lose all credibility with an overly emotional flair. It becomes evident within the first paragraph that he is not searching for the truth evidence. He is searching to prove a point that he believes, and is interpreting such evidence so that it fits the conclusions that he has already achieved.
Finally, the breaking point. This above all else places the poster in the ever growing pile of crackpots and freaks that are out there.
His closing paragraph. "The government has this technology and used it to put the hijackers on the 9/11 planes."
I love Star Trek as much as the next person and probably know a hell of a lot more about it than I should. But at least I understand the concept of fiction and reality.
"Boy I bet the government could do a bunch of mean stuff to us with the transporters that they have. They can put all sorts of meanies in places and blame the meanie du jour. Then you have to consider the use of anti-matter weapons. No one knows how to look for anti-matter signatures. They can blow any plane out of the sky they want and cover it up. And of course the cloaking technology." a gentle pause as he takes a sip of water, "No no no, you have it all wrong. That technology is real. Don't you know anything? Gene Roddenberry was a high level CIA asset in the late 50's. He didn't die of natural causes in '91. The CIA finally caught up with him and killed him with an exotic poison given to use by the Vulcans."
Standards and censorship are two completely different concepts. Failure to understand this will simply put you in the inevitable category of "just another a whacko".
Just an observation from a borne skeptic
Sam Weikel
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