US Air Force's Nuclear
Saucer Revealed
From Charles Chapman <>
From UFO UpDates - Toronto <>
Dear Colleagues,
The cover story of the November 2000 issue of Popular Mechanics (PM) is entitled 'Air Force's Nuclear Flying Saucer'. The article appears on pages 66 - 71. According to the article, the proposed Lenticular Reentry Vehicle (LRV) was 40 feet in diameter, 90 inches thick at the center, and had an empty weight of 17,042 pounds. The craft was designed to operate for six weeks at an altitude of 300 nautical miles. It was part of the black budget, classified as secret on Dec. 12, 1962, and remained classified until May 1999. Thereafter, the Department of Defense successfully sought to have the documents distribution restricted to defense contractors. Nonetheless, PM obtained its copy of the documents as a result of a Freedom of Information Act Request.
PM article speculates the LRV may have been responsible for some UFO sightings. An engineering study obtained by PM describes a re-entry heating test that, at the time, could have allegedly been accomplished only by a high-altitude drop of a flying prototype, probably from a high altitude balloon. An unnamed retired contractor claims to have seen the LRV at a Florida base in the late 1960s.
The PM article also speculates that a LRV crash may have been responsible for honeycomb-like debris Jean Fraser found during 1975 on her family's ranch in Brisbane. According to a report by the University of New South Wales, the debris contained minerals commonly found in aircraft-grade fiberglass panels. Based on the report, MUFON rejected rumors that the debris were of alien origin. A photo on page 68 compares a bit of the debris to an LRV engineering drawing.

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