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Name : Aaron Crossley ( date: : 6/6/99 location: : Madison, AL, USA time : 12:05 am Central Time AM : on
My_Sighting_Submission: Let me start of by saying that I am quite the UFO enthusiast and have been facsinated with anything UFO related since I was a little kid. I got a call at about 12:05am from my friend jessica, who was over at her boyfriend David's house with several of my other friends. They told me that her, and everyone at the house at the time had been out watching UFOs for a few minutes now. I was ecstatic and went to go wake my parents. I got my dad up and outside to come search the sky.
We spotted in the south-eastern sky a strobing light. It seemed to be high altitude, although admitadly i'm not too good at judging altitude.
I've seen planes strobe lights and this was different. This very bright, and not moving. It started to strobe at a faster and faster pace until it would flash once very brightly (Enough to light up a good bit of the sky), dissapear, and then to my amazement re-appear in another part of the sky with another big flash, After the big flash it began slowing its bright white blinking to the rate it was at before.
At this point I decided I had to go get my mom, as my dad didnt want me to wake her up the first time. When her and I got back downstairs I walked out of my garage just in time to see it dissapear with another white flash and reapear with another white flash. At one point the first one flashed bright once, another one showed up, and flew near the first at a high rate of speed, pulling off a sharp turn torwards it. The second one was reddish, but still flashed white sometimes.
It was the most incredible thing I have ever seen. After a good half hour of putting on what seemed to be some kind of show they started moving south in dissapearing, re-apearing zig zag patterns, until they got too far to see. I wish I had some kind of video camera, as I would love to watch it over and over again. It was amazing, and yet kind of creepy at the same time.
I have several witnesses, and my friend John says he saw police officers and civilian spectators looking up into the sky in a convienence store parking lots on his way home. I have not yet called the Madison Police Department to confirm this.
I did however call the air traffic control tower at huntsville international airport and asked them if they had any sightings or blips and they just told me that air traffic control doesnt track anything that they arent expecting. I kindly asked him to ask someone who was there the night it happened, but the guy there didnt see anything. I guess they dont look at the radar screen unless a planes coming in. Have you guys gotten any sightings like this? Can you refer me to some video clips that contain a similar sighting? Do you get many sightings like this? Mail me anytime, and I dont care about anonymity. If you wish to speak to any of the other witnesses via phone E-mail me. I watched the news the next day and apparantly the media didnt get wind of it, so I really want this one to get out. Thanks you for your time.
Name: Tim Weatherall ( date: : 7/10/99 location: LIVERPOOL time: 10.50 PM: on
My_Sighting_Submission: UFO sighting I just thought I'd hang the washing out, when I suddenly felt something was watching me, so i turned and in the distance there was an object about 500ft up it was not an aeroplane I know that because it was soundless it was kind of triangler shape and had white lights beaming from the bottom I felt quite scared I ran in to tell my dad but it was gone as if it had never been there it was far to fast for a plane there was nothing to be seen in the distance.?
****************************************************** Name : Michael James Martinez ( date: : 8/1/1999 location: : Bethlehem PA time : Around 7:30/8:00 PM : on My_Sighting_Submission : It was around 7:30/8:00, and I was swimming in my aunts pool and I got out becuase the water was getting cold and I decided to sit on the deck of the pool to dry off. I was just sitting there for about five miniuts and I saw this red flash of light about two hundred feet away. I did not here any sound of what a plane would make and just like a bat out of hell, a red orbed shaped object appeared out of no where. It was about three hundred feet off the ground and it just hovered and bobbed around,and just as fast as it apered it disappeared. As astonished as I was I was about to run in the house when I saw a jet go past and past the jet was a bright flash and I saw someting shoot off like a bullet. So I suppose I saw two unidentified flying objects.
****************************************************** Name : John Thomson ( date: : 1/08/99 location: : MorningsideRoad Newmains time : 12:15 AM : on
My_Sighting_Submission : Ball of light blue light passing at very high speed , high altitude
Name : Jón Trausti Arason ( date: : dont remember location: : Iceland, Reykjavik , Grafarvogi time : about 20:00 PM PM : on
My_Sighting_Submission : Well I woke up one morning and look out of the window then I saw weird light .. it flied very very fast I saw it in about 10 sec, no sound from it. Maybe satelite? Maybe UFO?
Name : Chris Augustin ( date: : 7/17/1999 location: : Sewell, New Jersey time : 10:00 Eastern Time PM : on
My_Sighting_Submission : I have believed in UFO's for some time, but have never seen one.
Saturday, July 17th, 1999 I think I may have seen one. It was about 10:00 at night, and was a clear night. I was throwing something into the trashcan out at the curb, and when I turned around and walked towards the house I looked up at the sky. That is when I saw something that looked like an airplane, but the lights were formatted backwards. Flying west to east, there were three white lights, two in the front, leading it, and one in the back. There was also a steady red light in the center, which was not blinking, but glowing faintly. There was no sound like a normal plane would make, but a low humming sound. There were also no other planes in the area. I watched it until it passed; I did not have any cameras, so I could not get a picture of it. I always look up at night and look for things, but I did not expect to really find anything around here. I think I saw the common triangle UFO.
Name : Tanner ( date: : mid august 1999 location: : Indiana time : 10 to 11 pm PM : on
My_Sighting_Submission : my friend and I were at the town park when we heard like a really lound windy noise but we thought it was a truck goin accross the broken down tracks. so we went up town and set on a bench near the bank when a couple of girls showed up and said somthing was chasing them and they were really freaked out so we got in the car with them just to make sure they were goin to be ok. they took us near the end of town when she sudenly slamed on the brakes and said there it is we looked up and there was 3 lights blue white red. It looked as if it was comin towards us so she took off and it was right up above us then we didnt see so we went back to the bank. and we noticed it again but it was high in the atmosphere now but it look like there was a hole in the sky then we noticed 2 of them so my friend and I was goin toward my house, about 2 blocks from the bank, when we seen more of the light that looked like they were comming toward us so we ran all the way to my! house I went in and got my camra and broncolars. some how we couldnt get pics of them it seemed it was to dark or somthing. but I could get a good glimpse of them with my broncolars it looked like a disk with one side lighted up. I kept seeing them all through the sky then we heard that wind noise again and we looked in the trees and we seen a triagle thing with a spotlight thing in the front and red light on one side and blue light on the other it was to low for planes and to quiet it went right through my trees and vanished and then that was the last we seen of them. im not makeing this up. the next day one of my other friends who we didnt even say anything about the story started telling us about it that he seen it too.
Name : jimmy sullivan date: : august ,11,1999 location: : paoli,pa time : 9:37 eastern time PM : on My_Sighting_Submission : When I was playing whith my sister I saw a spotlight with red lights surrounding an amber light.It was not moving.I went inside to get my ufo book. I came back in about 9 seconds and it was gone. but I still remembered the color of the lights and I remembered the spotlight. the colors matched. thats how I found out it was a ufo.I liked it because it was a UFO. ****************************************************
Name : Mister Mulder ( date: : June 18/99 location: : Toronto Canada time : 11:45 PM : on My_Sighting_Submission : For about a month I saw a bright white light outside my window for my apartment looks out over the water. And I studied and stared at it for it appeared everynight at the exact same time. I would watch it to see what it was. I thought maybe it was a planet or something till one night I was in my room and I went to the window i took the screen out and leaned out the window as far as I could ( I am 17 stories up) and i know they dont help but I tryed using my binoculars to no avail. I climbed back in my room re put the screen in the window and for the first time in a about a month I spent watching this this . It just dissappeaerd it moved so fast to the left going west and I looked all around to try and see is this for real or what and since that night I only saw it twice more. Think what you want but I know I saw a ufo and it wasnt the only time either I have seen one.
Name : P.Edmondson ( date: : 5th August 1999 location: : Nelson Lancashire time : 9.50 PM : on
My_Sighting_Submission : Sighting of a single bright light in the sky. From my Kitchen window it just appeared in a N NE position. There were no other flashing lights visible ie like that of a helicoptor. I could not hear any sound at all. The height of the object was about 400 ft. Visible for about 30 seconds and then the light went out like a light bulb as if it accelerated away from me at an amazing speed. It could not be a helicoptor as It would have been audible and other flashing lights would have been visible. I have also ruled out the possibility of this being an aeroplane as it was too low and the light dissapeared too quickly.