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From Diane Harrison
National Director
Australian UFO Research Network

UFO Sighting Adelaide
Follow up 1800 Hotline Call 02040 5.4.02 SA
Date: 5.4.02
Time: 6.40pm
Location: SA
Reportee: Joe
Telephone number: 08
Nearest State Director Charmaine
Hi Charmaine - This guy said that he had just seen the Newspaper report about the sighting over Adelaide last night. He said the report of the sighting was wrong in the paper, and that he saw 2 Aircraft going towards the lights in the sky and then the lights took off and disappeared.
I rang Joe and she said her husband was sure a fighter plane which went after the UFOs??
I rang Wing Commander Rick of the Edinburgh RAAF base and, again, we had a good chat about what was going on. He told me he wasn't aware of the sightings until the newspaper story again.? He informed me he had checked his log to see if anything was reported over the weekend and no one to his knowledge called the base to report anything. He also informed me of the stance the RAAF have in regards to UFO reports: "We are told to inform the public to call the police. "We don't want to know." (he said this nicely)
Comment Diane:
Charmaine I have no problem talking to Rick as I feel he understands what we are trying to do in regards to informing the general public of what they are seeing. And what is really refreshing he has an open mind. He said in an age of video cameras we should be getting some of these sightings on film, when I told him we have this time he kind of went quite for a moment. I informed him we had film and photos this time and are awaiting results.
Rick informed me no fighter planes went after anything on Saturday night that he is aware of. He said "Diane unless we feel we are under threat we send nothing up because it costs too much, never mind chasing balloons". (a fair comment)
Awaiting results. Still under investigation.
Regards Diane Harrison
UFO Sighting Parralowie South Australia
Follow up 1- 1800 Hotline Call 02039 5.4.02 SA
Date: 5.4.02 Day: Saturday
Time: 12.53pm
Time of sighting: 8.10 pm
Location: Parralowie SA
Reportee: Barbara Telephone number:
Nearest State Director: Diane
Barbara said "I went outside for a smoke and was confronted by 3 orange fire balls in a triangle formation I raced inside got my camera and took 4 photos of the objects." - which she will get developed in the morning. Barbara also stated her little girl screamed at the sight of them and ran back in the house. Barbara said, "I've read the story in the Advertiser newspaper and this was no balloon or garbage bag. Balloons don't move that fast".
Still under investigation. Awaiting photos.
Follow up 2 - 1800 Hotline Call 02039 5.4.02 SA
Date: 5.4.02
Time: 12.53pm
Location: SA
Reportee: Barbara
Telephone number:
Nearest State Director: Charmaine
Report 2
The lady with the photos Barbara had a surprise when picking up her photos. Barbara put the film into Woolworths 1-hour processing - she gave the film to a girl with red hair. She asked for the negative not to be cut for good reason. When she returned to pick up the film she was served by a lady with black hair who wasn't there when she left the first time. The lady with the black hair addressed Barbara by her first name before Barbara had a chance to give her the ticket for identification of proof for pickup.
Babara said: "I don't know this women and I was surprised when she addressed me by my first name. When the lady gave me the pictures to check, I could not find the photos that I had taken that night of the UFOs. I asked the women what had happened to my pictures, not mentioning they were photos of the objects. She told me, 'You never took any photos on (exposures) 24, 25, and 26?' I said to her, 'Yes, I did. if I hadn't, why are there no pictures at the end of the roll of film?'"
Barbara informed me that on closer examination of the photos taken at the end of the roll of film, there were pictures of someone else's kitchen - which were unrecognizable to her. Barbara's husband was there when Barbara took the photos and when she went to pick them up. His comment to Barbara was: "Love, they didn't want you taking photos of them, so they stopped you." He laughed because he was just as surprised as Barbara at the disappearance of the photos.
Barbara is going to send the negative to AUFORN with a report. Barbara is very disappointed because as she said "it could be a once in a life time experience and now there's no proof."
Still under investigation.
Regards, Diane Harrison
UFO Sighting Mornington Peninsula Hastings VIctoria
Follow up 1800 Callin Code 02045 12/05/2002 Vic.
Time of Sighting....Approx. 10.30pm Mothers Day.
Location. Mornington Peninsula..Hastings..Vic.
Report.. Witnesses saw 3 bright orange lights. Red- Orange colour, very bright, too low to be satellites, travelling slower than the speed of a small plane. These lights were very large and silent. They were heading in a South / South East direction towards French Island. These were seen by the witness, his wife, their son and one other person.
Estimated height...below 2000 ft. (One of the witnesses is an aircraft pilot.) These objects travelled one after another...about 1 klm apart, same trajectory, same direction, same height.
Sighting didn't make any sense to the witnesses.
Witness called the nearby Navy base, Cerberus and was told of a similar
report made 24 hours before.
End of report.
UFO Sighting Mildura 18.05.2002 Received a phone call last night around 7.30pm - Saturday 18th May 2002, from a Barry Mason of Mildura. He phoned me to inform that in Mildura's local paper - Sunraysia Daily, there was a front page report of a ufo sighting by 2 of Mildura's police force.
This is what he told me about the story/article: The 2 constables - a man and woman, were on patrol near the Mildura Caravan Park, which is 4 kms out of the Mildura town centre, when they spotted a silver disc ufo hovering over the Murray River. The 2 constables radioed into their station about their sighting and were told by the radio operator "Weve put the Kettle on, how about the 2 of you come back for a nice cup of tea and a lie down."
The reporter who followed this up for the Sunraysia Daily, stated that when he interviewed the 2 constables they were both bright and astute. Even though the female constable was new to the area, she confirmed again what she saw, and the male constable also stated that this was not the first time he had seen something. A month before when on patrol by himself, he had observed an object once again hovering over the Murray. I have done a Google search to see if I could find the story from the Sunraysia Newspaper, but alas, all I get is the details of the papers readership and where it covers and that's it. It seems to cover the border of NSW/VIC in the Riverland area.
I thanked Barry for his phone call. He said he thought that AUFORN might be interested, seeing that it had been reported in the local newspaper and the fact that 2 police officers had reported it.
Regards, Charmaine Ballam AUFORN - Sth Australian Director
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