Mysterious Shaped UFO Makes
Another Appearance

Brian Vike
HBCC UFO Research
From the Photographer...
I never reported this to anyone offically. I have discussed & shown the object I accidentilly captured in a photo December a year ago with family members & some co-workers. Some were intrigued, some very skeptical. In my mind, it's a UFO, no doubt about it.
My husband, my sister-in-law, & myself were on a 4 day cruise in the Caribbean. On the evening of Thursday, Dec. 19, 2002 getting ready to depart Key West, FL we were on the uppermost deck of the ship watching the sunset to our West. The time was between 5:30 & 5:45 p.m.
The sun sets very quickly this far South, so I was intently watching the sun go down thru the view finder of a simple Kodak 35mm disposible camera. Music was playing but not loudly. There was no noise coming from overhead and no motion to take our attention away from getting the sunset on film. There were lots of people on the starboard side of the ship doing the same thing. I took only two shots, just a few seconds apart.
I had the film developed at a local Wolfe Camera Shop. I looked at the photos before I left & when I saw the object in the sunset photo, I asked their rep if there was a scratch on the negative or any trash on it.
He looked at the negative closely with a maginifing eye-piece and said no there wasn't. He thought, like I did, it was a very curious photo and even jokingly said that "you may have captured a UFO without even knowing it". The object is gone in the photo taken almost immediately after the first one.
I mailed the negative to the Kodak Picture Center (901 Ctr Pk Dr, Charlotte, NC) and had it enlarged to an 8" X 10". The enlargement definitly showed it to be a solid object.
Someone at work had a maginifing device that we put right over the two ends of the object & when you shine a pin light flashlight into the part provided for that, the end toward the sun is a reddish yellow, reflectant of the sun I believe. The end away from the sun is definitely green. Also, there are distinct ridges to the parts that slant downward.
I have no way of determining the distance this object was from us, or the actual size of it in relation to the other ship that was leaving the harbor at Key West during this sunset. Since you are a research site, maybe there is someway you might could figure this out.

 Well, we're certainly familiar with THIS UFO, that's for sure! It has appeared in roughly 7 photographs from around the world, dating back to the 1990's and truly represents one of most peculiar UFO types photographed so far.

Special thanks for Brian Vike for allowing to feature this material.

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