The AIDS-ET Connection
By Phillip S. Duke Ph.D <>
The evidence for purposeful intelligent creation of HIVs is accepted by many investigators. Prior to publication of my work in Oct. 1998 (1), human science was necessarily assumed responsible. My recent book The AIDS-ET Connection (2) presents detailed evidence that HIV is of purposeful intelligent ET origin. If one can believe some UFOs are spacecraft with alien occupants, and that certain of these occupants (the grays) mutilate cattle and abduct people, then the available evidence from both biomedicine and ufology supports my new unifying AIDS-ET Connection hypothesis.
The idea that ET aliens are here is politically incorrect, supposedly to avoid public panic. But science dictates the probable existence of other solar systems, with life on worlds older than ours. Therefore it is in fact probable that an alien race, from another solar system, can and does come here. Why have they come here? To answer that ask yourselves, what would we be doing in their place? Obviously exploration comes first; and then taking for our advantage. Explorers have always done this. What do they want? We have a whole new wonderful world, teeming with life, just waiting for them. There is only one thing standing in their way; that is us. Attack us openly, we would retaliate, and they would inherit a radioactive biosphere wasteland. No, the smart thing is to secretly destroy our civilization, and with it our means of organized (atomic) retaliation. By employing a Biological Warfare (BW) agent. That agent is HIV.
When enough people are sick, dying and dead from AIDS, then alien colonization will proceed openly. Other people know about the alien agenda and have published concerning it. See the work of highly respected Temple University professor Dr. David Jacobs (3) and others. This understanding is not mine alone.
Because the concept of UFOs and ET aliens is so politically incorrect, and AIDS is so politically sensitive, my work connecting them has been denied publication via the usual channels. I thank and praise Mr. Jeff Rense for providing this unique opportunity to acquaint people with my work.
Two different lines of evidence indicate HIVs are of ET origin; evidence from Biomedicine, and evidence from Ufology.
Evidence from Biomedicine. There is good, reliable scientific evidence that the HIV-1M (human mainstrain) virus originated in the time frame of 1940-1950. See for example Wolinsky et al (4). This scientifically accepted time frame makes human creation of HIVs impossible, since human science was quite incapable of doing this at that time, because the essential scientific tools were not yet available. The key HIV enzyme Reverse Transcriptase, which made possible the key discovery that HIV was a Retrovirus, was discovered in 1970. Retroviruses in people were first discovered in 1978. The key Polymerase Chain Reaction, essential to the research leading to discovery of HIV, was discovered in 1983. The absence of these absolutely essential tools makes purposeful human creation of HIVs impossible in the time frame they are known to have originated in. Scientific knowledge works like a pyramid. With HIV at the top, say in 1945, the rest of the pyramid discoveries were simply not yet there. We are talking about major essential discoveries such as the Polymerase Chain Reaction, discovery of which in 1983 earned its discoverer Kary Mullis the Nobel Prize. Without the knowledge of these discoveries, the tools necessary to create HIVs simply were not available in its origination time frame.
During WW2, which ended in 1945, essentially no emphasis was given to BW. The enemy did not research it in depth and neither did we. The emphasis was on conventional and chemical warfare agents, already employed in WW1, which were stockpiled in quantity by both sides. During WW2 there was no research in depth on BW agents according to the known record. If there was secret research on BW agents it has never come to light, and therefore was probably a minimal effort at best. Any BW research effort of any appreciable size would have become known, as it would be impossible to conceal all evidence of a sizable program. Except for the Japanese program of the late 1930s, which emphasized bacterial, not viral agents, no such evidence is known. Therefore probably no sizable BW research effort was underway in WW2.
Evidence from Ufology. Cattle Mutilations and Human Abductions. All unbiased investigators conclude cattle mutilation phenomena are ET phenomena. Very briefly, the removal of all blood, homogenization of the heart inside an intact pericardium, better than laser surgery, removal of non-food tissues, absence of tracks, evidence some animals were dropped from a height, the absence of any human motive, and UFO sightings in the areas, leaves no doubt this is a purposeful intelligent non-human activity. See for example my book Chapter 4. No one understood why these unfortunate animals were treated this way. Accounts of genetic homology between cattle and humans (5) suggested the possible use of cattle blood as a medium for HIV replication (6). And I saw that the body locations of cattle mutilations corresponded with possible body locations of HIV transmission in humans.
Then there were two logical reasons for cattle mutilations by ETs; to obtain blood related to HIV replication, and to monitor possible HIV transmission sites for viral quantity and strains. According to this concept the animal is selected and infected and a locator device is placed in its ear. At a later date the blood is harvested and the possible transmission sites taken for examination, causing the mutilations. A corollary of the hypothesis is that mutilated cattle blood will test positive for antibodies to HIV, which are detected by the usual clinical tests for HIV- these tests do NOT detect the virus itself, which need not be present for a positive test result. I have brought this information to the attention of cattle mutilation investigators, and urged them to test the AIDS-ET Connection hypothesis by determining the HIV test status of mutilated cattle blood. To my knowledge this has not been done.
The otherwise puzzling nature of cattle mutilations is readily explained by this concept. For example, the removal of reproductive organs and the anal coring both become understandable in view of the fact that both are important regions of HIV transmission in humans. HIV can also be transmitted through the eye, and also possibly under certain circumstances through the mouth, nose and skin, which are also sampled. These materials, along with the blood and one ear, are generally all that is taken.
Therefore otherwise puzzling cattle mutilations, generally believed by unbiased investigators to be alien phenomena, are logically and simply explained by being related to HIV. As cattle mutilations are explainable only in terms of both aliens and HIV, then aliens and HIV are related.
Human abductions by aliens is doubly politically incorrect. It requires that both UFOs and their alien crew be real. After careful investigation a number of very reputable highly respected investigators, of whom I will name only two, Dr. John Mack of Harvard (7), and Dr. David Jacobs of Temple University (3), concluded aliens do in fact abduct people. The ìsmoking gunî of the dead animal is not present as in cattle mutilations, but in this case the victims can talk, and under regressive hypnotherapy they usually tell a similar story.
Against their wills they are taken to a secure location, often on the spacecraft, forced to undress and subjected to physical exams with samplings and possibly implantations of small objects. Eventually they are redressed and returned. Conscious memory of what transpired is largely erased, but still fully accessible under hypnosis. ìMissing time,î a block of time which cannot be accounted for, is always present for these abductees.
Abductee physical exams and samplings emphasize body locations where HIV can be transmitted. The puzzling thorough anal probing becomes explainable in terms of HIV, as this is an important site of HIV transmission.
The ability to explain alien caused abduction phenomena in terms of HIV, suggests HIV is an alien agent.
There is a case where an abductee with implant tested HIV positive until after his implant was removed, after which he tested and continues to test HIV negative. My interpretation of the reported facts is that this abductee carried not the virus, but HIV antibodies, probably released from the implant, which was ìhollow and secreted.î The evidence concerning this unusual case is presented and discussed in Chapter 5 of my book.
Correlation of HIV test status with presence of an alien implant indicates HIV is related to aliens.
We see that both cattle mutilation and human abduction phenomena, as well as the time frame when HIV started, are consistent with the concept that HIV is of ET origin.
Persons supporting the concept that HIV is of human origin have presented compelling evidence for human interest in developing a viral BW agent of mass human destruction. According to my work there was human interest without human capability and alien interest with capability. In theory a deal could have been made. Then HIV could have been alien created and spread and also possibly human spread during more recent time frames. This dual concept may possibly satisfy the requirements of both myself and the human conspiracy theorists.
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