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George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network
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Filer's Files #25 6-14-2

UFO SIGHTINGS: New Jersey daylight disk, Delaware three sightings, Pennsylvania lights, Virginia cup, West Virginia photo, Tennessee sphere, Illinois circles, Michigan flying triangle, Wisconsin cigar, Texas daylight disk, Washington triangle, Canada lights, Argentina mutilations reach 50, UK Disclosure Project, Sri Lanka aliens sighted, and Australia cigar.
Astronomers have found a large planetary system about 51 light years away with at least one planet whose orbit resembles that of Jupiter. The newly discovered planet is one of three planets circling a star, called 55 Cancri. Geoffrey Marcy of the University of California, Berkeley says, "They have found a planet about five times the size of Jupiter circling a sun-like star and this is the first time we've found a family of planets that has similarities to our own solar system." The new planet circles 55 Cancri at a distance of 5.5 Astronomical units, or almost the same as the orbit of Jupiter. An AU is the distance between the Earth and the sun, about 93 million miles. The two other planets around 55 Cancri are also Jupiter sized, but they orbit at about 9 million miles and about 23 million miles from their sun. Jupiter's position in our solar system helps protect Earth from major meteor bombardment and is key to life on our planet, making it more likely that life exists in NEW JERSEY DAYLIGHT DISK SIGHTED
SOMERSET -- On June 17, 2002, a disk was sighted at 10:00 AM moving in a straight line over Somerset. The witness states, "I was stopped at a red light on Howe Lane and happened to look up and saw a bright silver disk moving across the sky rather slowly that suddenly disappeared when a jet plane came into view. What I saw previously bore no resemblance to a plane from any angle. What struck me the most was how the disk was there and then poof, gone. The disk moved slower than any planes that are normally in the area, but it was too far away and too bright to see any details even though I was wearing Polaroid Sunglasses. The surface was reflective and about the size of a penny held at arm's length. Thanks to MUFON HQ and Bruce Cornet.
SLAUGHTER BEACH -- At 12:30 AM, two bright lights traveling at high speeds were sighted by four witnesses over the Delaware Bay on June 1, 2002. The lights were moving at the speed of a shooting star. Then to our surprise these bright lights zipped upward in a diagonal motion and then back down towards the Bay again. These lights were sighted off and on over the next half hour. The witness said, "I have seen plenty of airline traffic over the past 25 years and can definitely tell you that this is unlike anything I've ever witnessed."
FRANKFORD -- The father of a 15 year old girl reports that on Saturday night, June 1, 2002, " At 2:45 AM, my daughter woke us up yelling and screaming that a bright light lit up her bedroom!" "We ran into her room and I sat on her bed comforting her, and observed a very bright white light at the back of our property in the woods." We watched for about ten minutes as the four inch light moved around the woods. Father stated, "We saw a flashing light that flew to the right and up past our neighbors house." We then went outside and the light showed up again on our left flashing and moved to the right and seemed to get smaller. Sometimes it went into the air, other times it flew past the trees out of sight. "The next around 10:00 PM, my daughter saw the light again, but did not wake us up." Our neighbors have seen this also. An elementary school is on the other side of the woods.
NEWPORT -- Later on Saturday morning at 9:50 AM, June 1, 2002, the witness and his partner were walking their dog and spotted a slow moving large teardrop shaped object overhead. The very reflective object was observed flying very high. The object was shaped like a balloon or parachute in and appeared to be climbing in the sunny and clear sky. The witnesses took a photo of the object. Thanks to Peter Davenport at the National UFO Reporting Center,
GETTYSBURG -- Also on Saturday, June 1, 2002, a third year medical student and her boyfriend were lying on a blanket on the Gettysburg Battlefield just up the hill from her former college. At 10:00 PM, the witnesses noticed that lights or stars were moving around the sky past a tall lookout tower. "The object appeared to be a star moving at first in a straight line for several inches (if you held a 12" ruler at arm's length) that then would stop, then accelerate foreword three times in short bursts. They then made a zigzag pattern at incredible speeds." He said, "My girlfriend also saw it, but did not want to believe that it might be a UFO. I am an electrician from Pittsburgh, and yes both of us were sober. Thanks to Peter Davenport at the National UFO Reporting Center,
COVINGTON -- A Baptist Pastor while traveling with his family on Highway 64, observed a silver aluminum object on June 8, 2002, flying above the mountains. The object was flying up and across at 100 feet above the mountains. The Pastor says, "When I first noticed the object it was in the shape of a box and about the size of a small private plane." "I tried to show it to my family and I was pointing where to look. Taking my eyes off of it for a moment, it changed to a round bottom cup shape without the handle (the round section being at the top). The sighting lasted about 30 seconds. The craft was not in a hurry really but seemed to be just cruising around. I don't know how it disappeared. I lost sight of it trying to point it out to my family after looking away for just a second. I am a Baptist Pastor and do not believe in little alien dudes with buggy eyes. However I do know that what I saw was not anything I have ever seen in my 42 years on this pl WEST VIRGINIA PHOTOGRAPH OF UFO
MONONGAHELA NATIONAL FOREST -- Stephen J. Shaluta wrote: "I am at best a skeptic about UFO's, but I do have a photograph of something I cannot explain." "I am a professional photographer and on Friday, June 7, 2002, I was shooting a photo assignment with models in the Bear Rocks area in the Potomac Highlands. There were eight persons present and to my knowledge no one saw anything unusual. I personally did not see anything until I began editing the images on my computer. I had nearly 400 images to edit and often clean dust spots from the sky using my photo editing program. While enlarging one image to check for dust spots I noticed an unusual object that looks like a round gold sphere. I use a Nikon d1x camera that tells me a variety of information: such as exact time, shutter speeds, f-stops, etc. and this information is stored within the image file. I also bracket my exposures and have the images taken before and after the "UFO" image. The "UFO" image was take PETERSBURG -- Jim Speiser writes, "A friend of mine has just relayed a report from his sister involving a curious aerial phenomenon she observed, she and her family of four were visiting a trailer they own on a mountain top on June 14, 2002." "That night the trailer was lit up by several green-glowing orbs that came from overhead, some of which came right up to the windows of the trailer." The phenomenon lasted until 4:00 AM, when they finally left. No one that they talked to the next day had observed anything. Does this correlate with anything else known in that area? Thanks to and John Schussler Director of MUFON
OLD HICKORY -- A student saw a spherical shaped object with orange and red lights on June 3, 2002. The student reports, "None of the lights blinked and the craft made no noise as it traveled south at high speed at 10:00 PM. This comes during a period of high frequency of visible satellites, at least that is what I'm assuming they were. Some of the "satellites" increase in brightness until they rival Venus or Jupiter, then decrease in brightness until they can no longer be seen. I have also seen a flying triangle, and a diamond shaped aircraft near my house. There have also been lots of helicopters lately. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of NUFORC
EVANSTON -- The witness on June 2, 2002, saw four bright circles in the sky moving around. The four circles broke off and then all joined back at 10:30 PM. The four circling lights went around in one rotation, and then went back to one big circle. The lights then broke off again into four little ones. It has been doing that for some time. The same thing happened again and again. The four lights went around once and then came back as a whole then broke off again. It kept doing that for a long time. What did I see? Peter Davenport NUFORC Note: "We suspect the witness may have been looking at advertising lights on a blimp or aircraft."
BRIDGMAN -- Five friends were sitting around the fire on June 1, 2002, thirty minutes after midnight talking and looking for shooting stars. One witness states, "Out of the corner of my eye in the southern sky, I saw a slow moving light that was a little bigger than a shooting star that changed color from red to orange to white in a matter of seconds." It looked as though it was enflamed, and it shot something out that looked like a spark." My friend shouted out obscenities in disbelief when he saw it go under a cloud and shoot out sparks two more times at about a half second apart. Then it abruptly slowed down, then sped up and suddenly disappeared. The object left a small flaming tail but was too low in my opinion to be space junk. The witness stated, "It was an almost perfect flying triangle with rounded edges heading southeast that lasted a few seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of NUFORC
MADISON -- The witness states, "I saw a strange tubular shaped object going south for a moment on June 4, 2002, as I was distracted by another glinting object traveling north. The glinting object seemed to change direction unlike a plane or a helicopter and entered a cloud but continued to glint, when I noticed the tubular shape coming from the north. When I looked back a couple of seconds later, they both had disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of NUFORC
DULUTH -- On June 17, 2002, at 1:30 AM, the witness reports seeing a blinking white light, that did not stay long, The witness states, "It was round and slightly larger than the North Star and was seen in the sky above Morgan Park in Duluth for about five minutes." Thanks to
CORPUS CHRISTI -- A woman reports, "My husband was driving our fishing boat south under the Island Freeway Bridge on June 2, 2002, and I looked west and saw a swarm of white birds with two white disk shaped objects flying behind them. At 2:30 PM, the disks stayed in formation side by side for the longest time. They seemed to be barely moving. This was an exceptionally clear Sunday with white clouds in the back ground. The two disks never drifted up or down. They approached a cloud, in formation and instead of going through it, they took a 45 degree turn around it. Then I saw one of the unidentified craft go through the middle of the cloud for a second. I did notice that they seemed to have stopped for the moment. Then slowly it flew behind the cloud and came out the other side. Once again the disks were flying side by side, in perfect order. They flew in perfect formation and turned exactly to the right at a sharp angle at the same time.
I kept trying to show my husband what I was seeing and he also saw these objects. After they came out the other side of the cloud they just continued going away from us until they were out of sight. There was no sound and no smoke like jets would leave. We observed them for ten minutes or so and then they were gone. I always wear polarized sunglasses and the sun was behind me and not in my eyes. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center .com
LITTLETON -- The weather changed today on June 3, 2002, from unseasonably hot to cool and windy as the front moved in and storm clouds appeared. An office worker reports, "As I looked out my office window, I noticed a black, circular shape in the sky that remained stationary for 20 or more seconds at 3:03 PM." He states, "My first impression was that the object might be a rather large balloon within a half mile of my position, but oddly it remained stationary in the wind." "I put my caller on hold and looked more closely. After remaining stationary for about 30 seconds, it began to move slightly, in almost a fluttering way or jagged way, suddenly dipping to the left and downward, and changing shape from circular to more flat. Then it went up again and a little to the right, again becoming more circular, but also changing shape so that it was periodically circular and then more ovoid. It headed back to the left and would remain somewhat stationary and then dip further down. CALIFORNIA TRIANGLE SATELLITES
SAN DIEGO -- Jan Kregers writes, "After reading the account of the triangular lights/satellites sighting in the Stanislaus National Forest in Filer's Files #24," I figured I'd better write to you as I also had a sighting of triangular lights that same night. I use a set of Swarovski Habicht SL binoculars sky watching a couple hours almost every night. On the night of May 29, at about 10:30 PM, I saw three dim star like lights slowly appear near Seginus (Gamma Bootes) and move southeast. They were a dark orangey-red, and looked very much like the glow of an 'idling' cigarette ember. The lights were arranged in an isosceles triangle separated by the size of the first joint of my thumb held at arm's length. When the lead light was just passing north of Izar, it dimmed and went out like a dimmer switch. At that point, I thought, 'Okay, if these are satellites, and they are passing into the earth's shadow, then the next light to go out should be the left-hand trailing light' (as it wa I've had other sightings of star like lights that change color (from dim orange-red to bright blue-white and back) and move too oddly to be conventional aircraft. On four nights In July 2001, I sighted multiple 'dots' flying south through the constellation Cygnus and weaving rapidly back and forth across each others' flight paths as if they were playing tag. They would zigzag and make right-angle turns with some heading east and some west. Lastly, I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed hearing you speak at the Disclosure Press Conference last year the Disclosure Project came to San Diego last August I worked as a volunteer at the event. Thanks to Jan Kregers
BREMERTON -- The witness was sitting in his hot tub shortly before 1:00 AM, on June 12, 2002, when a lighted triangle shaped object raced across the sky leaving no trail. The witness reports, I noticed an object flying across the sky above me that appeared to have red and green lights in a triangle shape that was moving at a fast rate of speed. The craft appeared to be very high in sky but was still large but no sound was heard. No trail was left either. Eventually, it just flew out of my sight but not after going across the sky for 5-7 seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of NUFORC
LONGEUIL (ST-HUBERT), QUEBEC -- The witness and his wife were returning home on June 1, 2002, just before 10:00 PM and while exiting the freeway they noticed many aircraft flying very low with bright searchlights on. I never saw that much activity, even less at night. Off the freeway I noticed two bright lights standing still at a medium altitude, much too low to be stars or planets, and they had no the flashing lights like normal aircraft. We drove closer to the lights, and it was very bizarre there were planes and helicopters flying very low everywhere around the lights. We watched for two hours then the lights disappeared, the other planes flew away not long after. Despite numerous witnesses including police it was not reported in the media. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of NUFORC
POLONNARUWA -- The national television channel, Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation reported on it's 8:00 PM, news on both June 9, and 10th, that there have been UFO sightings in the city of Polonnaruwa in first week of June 2002. The TV channel showed a video footage of the spacecraft. Several aliens too have been sighted, who had apparently run away when seen by civilians. These sightings have been reported on several days. All the above information was reported by the national television channel, Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, (
SYDNEY -- At 4:30 PM, the witness was waiting for a bus in a residential area on June 4, 2002, when he noticed a strange looking object floating above to the north. He states, "There was a longish object like a cigar or tube, white in color, with red lights glowing around it, I could clearly see the red lights." "At this moment a passenger plane was climbing and flew past and I made some comparisons between the two aircraft, he added. I could clearly see the wings, tail, the marks and even the portholes on the airliner. "I could compare them and saw they were about the same size and about the same attitude, but the cigar had no wings, no tail and no specific characteristics to tell me that this was something I have seen before." I thought that if it was UFO, the people in the passenger plane must have seen it in the brilliant cloudless sky. However, there were no newspaper reports. So, I called New South Wales UFO Investigation Center phone 02-94844680.
ARGENTINA CATTLE MUTILATIONS REACH 50 - RIVERA AND PRINGLES -- The mutilation in the town of Rivera is the first one to involve a horse. The animal had died from natural causes and days later, the carcass showed signs of strange incisions. Meanwhile, the first cattle mutilation in Coronel Pringles was reported involving a 220 kg. steer. Veterinarian Marcelo Erro claims he has never seen anything like it. The horse was inspected by veterinarian Jorge Robles, who also analyzed the dead cow found in Arano. The horse is missing its tongue, an eye, an ear and its genitals." Robles recalled the autopsy he performed on the cow he found at Arano, that when I reached the pelvic cavity, I found a hole resembling a tunnel, and I couldn't find the uterus or the ovaries. They also took its eye, tongue, and ear, and a patch of skin bordering the lips. The incisions on the horse and cow are identical. The veterinarian said this is not classic surgery. "The wounds are not burned, and while my understanding of l UNITED KINGDOM DISCLOSURE PROJECT
Hamish Mackenzie of the Sunday Express writes on June 16, 2002, "On a raised platform beneath the galleried ceiling of the prestigious National Press Club in Washington, DC, a group of men and women, all experts in their chosen field, waited patiently as the large hall filled with more than 150 journalists from newspapers and TV stations all around the world." For almost two hours, one by one, more than 20 "eyewitnesses" -- nuclear missile silo commanders and employees of large corporations -- described their experiences to the assembled press. Some spoke of inexplicable encounters with unidentified lights and objects in the air, others of the crashes of strange craft of "unaccountable, and illegal projects." Yet others even claimed to be involved with the "back-engineering of advanced technology." Many expressed frustration at their failure to be taken seriously. All referred to a World-Wide conspiracy to keep the truth from governments and public alike. As each individual spoke Last year, the Sunday Express was the first newspaper to publish an article on the Disclosure Project, an US-Based UFO group whose stated aim is to press the US Congress for an open hearing. The group's founder, DR Steven Greer, claims he is continuing to gather "deep-insider witnesses" who, if released from their security oaths, would tell Congress what they know about an alleged cover-up of the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials as well as the possession of their advanced life-changing technology. But one year on, the Project seems nowhere nearer achieving its goal, despite positive feedback from US Senators and overwhelming interest from the public via their website. Dr. Greer is now concentrating on a grassroots effort to spread the word via a global network of representatives. "This is the best chance we have had in 50 years to find out what is really going on," say David Williams, one of the Disclosure Projects UK representatives. Now an IT director in the finance indu It only needs the public to realize that one of the witnesses, someone like John Callahan is telling the truth for the whole thing to be blown wide open." John Callahan, a former senior investigator with the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the US Federal Aviation Authority, is an imposing presence. His story, like the man, is hard to dismiss. At the press conference, he recalled how, on November 18, 1986, the pilots of Japan Airlines Flight 1628, flying over Alaska, reported they were seeing "a huge ball with lights running around it ... four times as big as a 747." The sighting was significant because the object was simultaneously being recorded on ground-based radar at Anchorage Air Traffic Control. The flight crew and ground radar operators watched as the UFO performed aerobatics and flew at speeds beyond the capability of any known aircraft. At one point the captain expressed concern at the effects the object appeared to be having on his instruments. After more t "To get a Congressional hearing one of three things will have to happen, "The media will have to call for it, or the public need to be heard asking for it, or there has to be a massive, undeniable UFO event." What is clear is that a large number of individuals have come forward and made statements whose implications, if true, are profound! If the witnesses are who they say they are -- and are found to be lying -- then we should be very concerned about the type of individuals who fly our planes, control air traffic, man the missile silos and protect our communities. If on the other hand, the witnesses are telling the truth then -- no matter how extraordinary -- this is a serious issue. "If we believe them,' says David Williams, "Then we have to accept that we are not alone. Someone is covering up and we should want to know why. "We may have been deceived by some of our witnesses, but not by all of them," he continues. "There are too many people who have seen something they can't MUFON 2002 INTERNATIONAL UFO SYMPOSIUM
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