More UFO Sightings In Chile
In Wake Of Recent
Parliamentary Investigation
From Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Source: El Mercurio

Last Saturday, at about 9:PM, many astonished people in Calama witnessed a luminous object in the sky. The unknown object changed colors and carried out flight maneuvers in the western sector of the city. Ufologist Jaime Ferrer confirmed the authenticity of the images and he included the case as evidence for a new investigative commission.
The UFO initially emitted an unusual white brightness. Shortly afterwards, it suddenly began to change into different colors, including green, purple, blue, red and orange. The maneuvers and color changes of the object caused a beautiful lively show that lasted approximately 10 minutes across the night skies of Calama.
Christian Carrasco, a young man with a digital camcorder, captured each movement of the object in detail. Thanks to the zooming capabilities of his digital camera, he was able to capture crystal clear images of the unusually bright object. Carrasco mentioned his UFO video to his family and after watching it, the family members decided to record it on VHS. Although they say that an image is worth a thousand words, the family decided that the video still needed to be analyzed by ufologists, so they turned to local ufologist Jaime Ferrer.
Ferrer, a mechanical engineer, has become one of the most well known UFO investigators in the area. He analyzed the video and concluded that any commonly known aircraft could not carry out the displacements of the luminous figure, considering that the camera was fixed and zoomed in a place pointing directly to the object. Also, this would present a size ten times bigger than a star, if we were to simply look at it with the naked eye.
The ufologist claims that the wave of UFO sightings in the Loa region of Chile is being registered and observed abroad with great interest. Subsequently, he is currently preparing an investigative report for each one of the cases that, according to him, are many more than those diffused in the media; therefore, he has begun creating a commission to investigate those events. He has already begun recruiting personnel from the area. Because he considers that there are many unsolved facts, he calls on the authorities to take immediate action regarding this issue. "Undoubtedly, these unfolding chain of events are difficult to understand; nevertheless, they should be carefully analyzed to clarify the situation for the sake of the people", he said. Finally, Ferrer assures that personnel from NASA have been seen working throughout the local area and they in fact know in detail the truth. Furthermore, he believes that they are intervening so the information doesn,t filter to the press.
Other Sightings
Last Saturday,s sighting was very similar to another one that occurred on June 1st in the town of Chuquicamata, which was observed by many mining workers. They claimed to have seen a luminous sphere traveling at great speeds near the mining area. Other two similar objects were spotted some weeks ago during broad daylight; amazingly, local television cameras also captured these objects. The Loa newspapers reported that they were weather balloons launched from Brazil.
Translation by Mario Andrade, Revista Digital Cronos
Dr. Virgilio Sánchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center Chupacabras


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