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Filer's Files #10 3-6-01

Arthur Clarke is known for spinning elaborate, visionary tales of futures that might be, none more famous than "2001: A Space Odyssey." But according to Clarke, the real 2001 has some pretty unbelievable things to offer. "I'm fairly convinced that we have discovered life on Mars," Clarke told Sunday as Buzz Aldrin listened. "There are some incredible photographs from [the Jet Propulsion Laboratory], which to me are pretty convincing proof of the existence of large forms of life on Mars! Have a look at them. I don't see any other interpretation." Thanks to
Editor's Note: Since 1997, I have expressed my belief that Mars images show evidence of life on our neighboring planet. I suggest if a panel of experts were shown the evidence they would also conclude that life once existed on Mars.
FISHKILL -- The witness reports three bright white lights crossed I-84 and headed west paralleling the highway towards Hudson River on February 22, 2001. Where the highway crests a ridge and drops into a valley there is a panoramic view so I scanned the sky for lights, and saw the usual assortment of recognizable aircraft lights at 8:15 PM. However, I saw a group of three very white bright lights in a straight line, close enough to each other that my initial reaction was that they couldn't be separate aircraft. They were also much lower than aircraft in the area typically fly. As I continued west, I tried to gauge the object's motion relative to mine. It made a banking maneuver which carried it across the highway directly in front of me, a 1/4 mile away, and only a couple of hundred feet up at most. Though it was night, there was more than enough ambient lighting so I could see it's bottom, which was a black diamond shape, with three bright white lights across it.
There were no discernable wings - it was as though I was looking at a large, black kite. Two of the lights were at opposite points of the diamond, with the third in the middle. Since the object was banked over, the three lights were in a vertical line. The object continued it's turn, then leveled out at treetop height and continued westbound towards the Hudson River, paralleling the highway but on the other side from me. I called my girlfriend who lives two miles from my position intending to ask her to go outside and look for the object. When she answered, she started telling me that she was watching an object from the house. We agreed that it was the same craft, and she was able to view it for a couple minutes. She had initially noticed it through the living room window, due to it's bright, unusually configured lights and low altitude. Having spent five years in the Air Force with a keen interest and familiarity with most types of aircraft, I know that what I saw was not a conventional aircraft nor were its flight characteristics. Even if it was a military aircraft from Stewart AFB nearby, I can't understand why it would fly so low over an interstate highway, then descend to treetop level and parallel the road. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC
MOUNT AIRY -- Saturday, March 2, 2001, Erik was walking his dog at around 12:50 AM when he thought he saw the moon, but then realized it was a flaming light in the sky. It was about 1 to 2 miles away, not to high in the sky. The flaming got more intense lighting up the sky in the area. The light then formed into a horizontal light form and then slowly (over the course of about 2 minutes) faded out. Several cars turning down the road at this time were probably trying to get a closer look. Eric's sister saw something similar in the past year. It was too still to be a plane, too big and fiery to be a helicopter. It was like fireworks hovering in the sky for 5 to 10 minutes. Thanks to Eric D. and
LAKE JUNALUSKA --On February 26, 2001, at 5:35 PM, Jade Moon writes, "I was headed south on Highway 209, from Crabtree when I saw a white dot in the southwestern sky that was not moving. By the time I reached the bridge that crossed over I-40, I noticed that the dot in the sky at 10 o'clock was fading fast, but almost instantly another had appeared at 4 o'clock. Several sightings of cigar shaped objects have occurred over Lake Junaluska in the past.
I traveled another 50 yards south, and by the time I had reached the Citgo truck stop, both objects had disappeared. There was no sound and nor jet stream, as any aircraft would have left in the sky. My 8 year old daughter did not look quick enough to see the first object, but she also verified the sighting of the second object. You may feel free to post this report. Thanks to: Jade Moon
ROCKFORD -- On Saturday February 10, 2001, my wife and I were driving eastbound in Rockford when at 10:25 PM a formation of lights in the sky caught my wife's attention. She asked me what it was? I had no clue either, but we noticed that we were not the only ones seeing it because most people were pulling over on the side of the street to take a good look of the lights, which were traveling in a southwest direction. We pulled over in a Restaurant's parking lot, and we noticed all the patrons at that restaurant were outside watching those lights, despite the cold temperature which must have been on the teens. The lady standing next to me theorized that they were some kind of memorial lanterns lit up and launched from a nearby hospital and that were being carried by the wind. However it was interesting to see that the lights were shifting positions very slowly and it was interesting to see that at the end of the sighting one of the lights started traveling in the opposite direction as the other lights. This event was also on Fire scanner channels and observed by fire personnel. The sighting was also reported on local TV, station. All units moved at various speeds and direction.
MOFFAT -- Christopher O'Brien reports, "Tony," his wife and their young child were traveling east on County Rd T, on March 2, 2001, when they observed "a small cigar-shaped UFO flying south toward Blanca Peak. The craft was the size of a Cessna plane. At first we thought it was a small plane but it didn't have a [vertical stabilizer] tail," and they noted it was "traveling too slowly to be a conventional plane." The witnesses estimated the object was less than 1/4- mile away and was flying at an altitude of "100 feet." The craft flew by the front of their car for about ten seconds when, to their surprise, "it blinked out" and disappeared. "We couldn't believe our eyes--it just vanished." The craft was "dull silver" in color and noted it may have had "stubby little wings" extending out from the fuselage. At the time of their sighting there was no wind and the sky was clear over the valley floor with some broken clouds over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains which are located 15-miles to the east of the sighting location. They did not discern a cupola or cockpit or see any identifying markings nor was there any sound. Seconds after the fly-by "Tony" who is normally quiet and low -- key excitedly called Chris on his cell-phone to file their sighting report. Thanks to Christopher O'Brien author of The Mysterious Valley (St Martins Press)
ROGUE RIVER -- Dr. Bruce Macabbee writes, "Last week in Filer's Files #9 you wrote: In one of the best reports I've received recently a former SR-71 Air Force Crew Chief phoned to tell me he and his family of four had a witnessed a disc shaped UFO outside their home around 8:30 PM on both February 21st, and 22nd, 2001. It started when he noticed a bright light at the top of the mountain behind his home The mention of Rogue River caught my attention because one of the most credible sightings of all time occurred there in May, 1949. The story is told in Chapter 10 of THE UFO/FBI CONNECTION." Very briefly, a pancake- shaped object with a single small vertical fin was observed by three men and two women while they were in a fishing boat on the Rogue River near Gold Beach, Oregon. It was late afternoon on a clear day, May 24, while they were scanning the river looking for fish jumping that they noticed the object approaching from the northeast. It stopped moving and hovered about east of their location for several minutes. During this time two of the men, who were employees of the Ames Research Laboratory near San Francisco, were able to look through 8X binoculars each man having about a minute of viewing time. To the naked eye it looked like a coin seen obliquely, but in the binoculars it resolved to a thick pancake shape and the surface looked "wrinkled and dirty." It should be obvious that under such excellent viewing conditions any ordinary aircraft shape or balloon shape would have been clearly obvious (if you can see an object well to see surface details you can certainly see the overall shape). While one of the men was watching this object rotated on its vertical axis and then accelerated away to the southeast. They estimated that it achieved the speed of a jet in a few seconds, all with no noise.
What sets this sighting apart from other "run of the mill," multiple witness, daylight sightings under optimum viewing conditions is what happened.... or didn't happen afterward. The witnesses did not tell the local paper, the radio or TV. In fact there is no evidence they told anyone EXCEPT the _security office _ at Ames Research Laboratory. Their report began an investigation into the sighting by officers of the Air Force Office of Special Investigation. The investigation involved interviews with all the witnesses and interviews with acquaintances of the Ames employees. The investigation showed that the witnesses were credible and probably very accurate in their report. The specific description of the shape and dynamics of the object make it clear that this is either the "real thing".... a flying saucer/craft not made by humans or a hoax. But I reject the hoax explanation because anyone who has a job that requires a security clearance, as at Ames Research Laboratory, will not (unless he is totally crazy) try to hoax the security office where he works. (Loss of clearance = loss of job) This case is listed as one of the 12 best unknown sightings between 1947 and 1952 by the Battelle Memorial Institute in the so-called Special Report #14 of Project Blue Book. There are further details and the results of my own investigation presented in the UFO/FBI book. The book can be purchased on-line at Amazon or Barnes and Noble and is in ookstores, published by Llewellyn in May, 2000. Thanks to Bruce Macabbee.
ANTOFAGASTA -- Two airborne jetliners spotted a giant silver UFO hovering at an altitude of 60,000 feet near the city of Antofagasta in Northern Chile around 11:00 AM on February 16, 2001. News reports indicate that a high altitude silver colored balloon had been released earlier and may have been responsible for the sightings. The object had been tracked by radar and was identified as a small silver object west of El Loa's provincial capital. Thanks to Scott Corrales
The Border Watch Newspaper, February 27, 2001, reports of an unidentified flying objects along the southeast Coast line last week have increased. Four people sitting in a car near Port MacDonnell lighthouse last Tuesday night described what they believe was a UFO. Their sighting has been verified by two more people. The object was flying in the vicinity of Victoria and towards the ocean. Their descriptions of the "Alien Machine are virtually identical to two sightings near Port MacDonnell light house, the other near Mumbannar. They described, "A large white hazy object in the sky, which moved at incredible speed when not moving slowly or stationary." People traveling in a car at 12:40 AM last Tuesday night saw the object near Mumbannar. Their description matches that of the separate sightings at Port McDonnell and seems to describe an object which-moved in a huge arc across the sea then inland. It was moving at varying speeds, then just disappeared in a flash. The Victorian people who phoned us said they had contacted the weather bureau but there was no balloon activity. The motorists said the object was round, large white and surrounded by a haze. The five people who saw the object at Port MacDonnell are convinced they saw a UFO and were "quite freaked out" Thanks to Trevor Raynor and Diane Harrison National Director of The Australian UFO Research Network Australian Skywatch Director
Roger Kennedy writes, "I was just reading your article about orange lights over Australia." I was visiting the site because at about 6:50 (GMT) five orange lights flew above our home in Fleetwood, England. The lights began as an orange color and progressed to yellow before disappearing. They were arranged in a V formation and one light always maintained the "wingman" position. They changed this position into what looked like a half swastika, they then returned to form a V shape, the lights gradually changed shape and color and finally disappeared, wingman last. At first I thought they must be plains, but 3 interesting things changed my mind. 1/ they made no sound, we get loads of planes overhead and they are always loud, 2/They were flying too slow. we get lots of helicopters too, and they are faster than these lights, 3/When I tried to take a photo of the lights, nothing showed up on the viewfinder. I was just wondering if you have heard of anything like this. Thanks to: R. Kennedy
Jennifer writes, "Just thought you'd like to know, A few years ago, my neighbor, a Delta Airlines captain, said he had seen several "things" he couldn't explain over the years but he never reported them because it is well-known among the commercial pilots that one would be branded a nut and "looney." He would be taken off active duty for a period of time while he (not the incident) were investigated. "not worth it," he stated. Thanks to Jennifer Brown-Jacobs
SANDIA BASE -- Robert Collins writes, "The National Security Agency Facility located at the entrance to the Coyote Canyon area of Sandia Base, in Albuquerque played a significant role in the Paul Bennewitz UFO affair." The Kirtland AFB, AFOSI office began investigating in October 1981, and ending in August 1983. Both NSA and the FBI were said to have carried on the investigation till 1985. What reportedly got NSA involved in the first place was Paul Bennewitz beaming radio transmissions at the Manzano Weapons Storage area: Right away this was a security issue since at the time Manzano was the home of 17,000 + tactical nuclear weapons. Added comments, nuclear weapons facilities were often reportedly used to hide UFO related artifacts and then President Reagan and Vice President Bush made frequent trips to Manzano during Reagan's presidency to view UFO exhibits. Please see
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