Major New Evidence In The Cattle
Mutilation Phenomenon
George A. Filer <>
Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #44

Major New Evidence in Cattle Mutilation Case - Correction
From Royce J. Myers III
In the most recent edition of Filer Files (No.44 - 2000), there appeared a report concerning new evidence discovered in a cattle mutilation case. This incident has been widely reported in the last few weeks since the story appeared on Linda Howe's website
Mr.Filer incorrectly identified the investigator who discovered and collected these black particle samples. The investigator that actually discovered and collected the samples is yours truly. On the original BLT Research report from Nancy Talbott, I am listed as the person who collected samples of the particles.
Since this story began making the rounds as of late, my name has somehow been omitted or confused with another investigator in many instances.
Also, Whitley Strieber reported that the animal had no blood in it, further adding to the myth that every animal mutilated is completely drained of blood. This is simply not true and I'm not sure where Strieber obtained his information. There was certainly a lack of blood, but the animal was not completely drained of blood.
Aside from that, I would encourage everyone to visit Linda Howe's website and read the report on this extremely interesting case.
Regards, Royce J. Myers III
New evidence concerning the bizarre phenomenon generally known as "cattle mutilations" (or "bovine excisions," the term preferred by Michigan biophysicist Wm. C. Levengood) has recently been presented to the anomalous phenomena research community. In a 1997 "Study of Bovine Excision Sites From 1993-1997" written by Levengood and mailed out by the BLT Research Team, a case on the Barton Ranch in Red Bluff, CA (Site #8 in the 1997 report) included the finding that some black particles recovered from the hide of the dead bull were most likely hemoglobin. Levengood noted that the matrix color of the particles was a deep red, with a fine-grained amorphous structure which is not typical of whole blood, further noting that the heme molecule, with an attached oxygen molecule, has a red color. An EDS (energy dispersive spectroscopy) was obtained and indicated precisely the spectra which would be expected from a hemoglobin matrix: carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and iron, with small amounts of trace elements typical of biological samples. The question then (as well as now) was how was this hemoglobin separated from the other blood components and fabricated into the compact homogenous structure discovered on the hide of this excised bull?
In the early part of this year the expertise of an analytical chemist with infrared spectroscopy capability became available to the BLT Team. Phyllis Budinger, from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, examined two samples of the particles retrieved from the testicles and chest areas of the excised bull. Infrared spectra were obtained from both samples, as well as references of hemoglobin and whole bloods using the Harrick SplitPea cell attached to a Nicolet Avatar 360 spectrometer (ATR crystal used was silicon). Both samples were identified as bovine hemoglobin. Further, the spectra of these samples do not match that of whole blood, dried at ambient temperature in the laboratory, nor do they match spectra obtained of dried whole blood exposed to microwaves and after one week air exposure. Ms. Budinger's results confirm unequivocally that these samples are not only hemoglobin, but also that they are bovine hemoglobin. Probably from this dead and excised Black Angus bull.
As Ms. Budinger indicates in her report, the usual procedure for isolating hemoglobin from whole blood is rather complex: "it involves separating red blood corpuscles from the lighter plasma components by centrifugation. The plasma is siphoned off and ether is added to the corpuscle paste, causing the cells to burst. Another centrifugation removes the ruptured cell envelopes, and leaves a clear red solution of hemoglobin. It is unlikely that a procedure such as this would be done on site. It is unknown how or why this occurred."
When I spoke to Nancy Talbott of the BLT Research Team about the apparent need for laboratory equipment to produce these pure hemoglobin particles she pointed out that Jean Bilodeaux, the BLT fieldworker in this case, had clearly indicated in her field-notes that this bull was found in a very isolated pasture--more than 1/2-mile from the nearest dirt road, on a steep hillside which was strewn with volcanic rocks and boulders. "I don't see how a lab-on-wheels could have gotten in there and, because of the steepness of the hill and the fact that large boulders were strewn everywhere, I doubt that a lab-in-a-helicopter could have landed. Ms. Bilodeaux also pointed out that this animal was lying on top of a small boulder, with its body twisted unnaturally as if it had fallen from some height--and it was lying with both of its right legs and its tail up under the body. Jean's impression was that this animal may have been dropped into the location where it was found. I wonder if the process responsible for creating the hemoglobin particles was carried out elsewhere."
In addition to the hemoglobin particles found on this animal and now conclusively identified, Dr. Levengood's 1997 report indicated that very high Rr (redox ratio) values were found in the grass samples taken at the mouth and rectum excision areas. High Rr values signify that, during respiration, the plant is releasing large amounts of active molecules known as "free radicals," an indication of injury to the plant mitochondria which--if the exposure to damaging energies is great enough--will result in the plant's death. In fact, photographs of the grass in this case showed it to be lush and green when the animal was first discovered, with subsequent photographs on a return field-trip 2 weeks later revealing that all of the grass around the carcass had died. Copies of Dr. Levengood's "Study of Bovine Excision Sites From 1993-1997" and Ms. Budinger's infrared spectroscopy "Analysis of Red-Brown Particulates from a Bovine Excision Discovered 1/17/97" are available from the BLT Research Team in Cambridge, MA (ph: 617/492-0415).
Using the BLT Research Team test results I have made a number of assumptions and an hypothesis that an airborne hovering craft with a high level of technology using microwave like technology is responsible for killing and mutilating these animals. In my opinion the results of the BLT tests could be used as evidence in a court of law to help prove the existence of alien intervention. Thousands of cattle and other large animals have been found around the world mutilated and their almost ten gallons of blood and bodily fluids boiled away or drained. The reports usually include removal of soft tissue such as reproductive organs, tongue, eyes, side lips, ears udder and boring out of the anal area and occasionally other organs. Some factors bearing on the situation are that, bovine hemoglobin can be purchased at a nominal cost and is used by numerous veterinarians in giving transfusions to various animals. FBI files on cattle mutilation confirm that some animals have been dropped from altitude causing broken bones and depressions in the ground. At least one animal was found with Atropine a tranquilizing drug in it's blood. Further, the animals are often marked by a fluorescent like powder.
We can infer that shortly after the blood is taken it is cleaned and refined, using a sophisticated centrifuge process that is used to separate the blood and obtain pure hemoglobin. The processed hemoglobin appears to rule out most of the standard explanations for mutilations such as coyotes, scavengers, Satanic cults, and the plasma phenomena. However, large Paramilitary helicopters could be fitted with a small laboratory and have the ability to pick up large tranquilized animals. Cattle parts and hemoglobin are available on the open market at a much lower cost and much less risk than operating expensive helicopters. Ranchers occasionally report seeing or hearing helicopters near their mutilated animals, but these may be UFOs or an operation to chase them away. It has been speculated that mutilations could be part of clandestine operations by Paramilitary or intelligence agencies to track nuclear radiation or test chemical/biological weapons. There is no evidence to prove this theory. Although providing secrecy, Paramilitary operations at night in mountainous terrain would be very dangerous.
The apparent microwave activity may be connected to helicopter radar or be part of the LASER or MASER equipment used to cut the flesh of the animals. It has also been pointed out that government inspectors, public health agencies or government paid veterinarians could accomplish virtually, the same tests during routine visits or by purchasing the animals. Additionally, a hovering helicopter is unlikely to cause damage to the grass of sufficient magnitude to eventually kill the turf surrounding the mutilation site. Normal helicopter operation does not cause irreversible damage to plant cells.
Some helicopters have been reported near mutilation sites, but none have ever been proven to be involved. They have been involved in cattle rustling and illegal drug operations. Mutilations have been reported in many countries where helicopters are comparatively rare. Additionally, it is very risky flying a helicopter at night often in mountainous terrain that seems like a foolhardy method to obtain blood and a few organs from the bovine. Ranchers have shot at suspicious low flying craft so this type of operation can have great deal of risk and little reward. Thousands of cattle have been mutilated and the comparatively valuable meat left to rot. Unless these animals have high level of radiation or biological poisons most humans would take the steaks to eat.
A final piece of evidence that seems to rule out humans and their helicopters is the regular discovery of increased amounts of tiny magnetic particles in the soils at the bovine excision sites. These particles are spherical, or partially rounded (indicating exposure to heat) and are of a very pure iron, which Levengood has hypothesized are of meteoric origin, and they are found to be concentrated immediately around the bodies of the animals. The number of these particles found in the soils drops off with sampling distance away from the carcass, with a clearly reduced number being seen at only ten feet away in many cases. The soils sampled by the BLT fieldworkers at bovine excision sites are tested in Levengood's lab and comparatively high concentrations of meteoric-like magnetic material have been found within five feet of the animals. These sites typically have four times the amount of magnetic particles as do the surrounding area only ten feet away. Microscopic beads of magnetite (Fe3O4)mg found at excision sites have concentrations much higher than in normal soil.
Three satellites, particularly Mariners II and IV, Pegasus have substantiated the presence of micrometeorites also known as cosmic dust surrounding the Earth and throughout space. Both Opik and Whipple have shown that it is possible for small micrometeorite dust particles to pass through the atmosphere without losing matter through ablation. An object moving through space is expected to come in contact with fairly large amounts of micrometeorite dust particularly in the vicinity of Earth. This micrometeorite dust has a relative abundance of iron, cobalt, nickel and copper. The micrometeorites are remarkably similar to the meteorites and unlike Earth minerals meeting Levengood's hypothisis. {"Environmental Space Sciences," page 471 by Col. Don Carpenter}
Various witnesses claim the skin of UFOs are porous and are designed to collect the micrometeorite dust without damaging the craft. I assume that the UFOs are depositing the micrometeorite dust at the excision sites. I will admit that it might be possible for the micrometeorites to have fallen from space and by chance that an animal walks into the excision site and an unknown plasma electrical force electrocutes the animal, dissolves its blood, and then mutilates the animal. However, these unknown forces would also need to lift the body of thousand pound animal, drug it, take body fluids, drop it, and mark the animals with fluorescence materials. I feel all these factors could only be accomplished by an Alien technology. It seems unlikely that helicopters could refine hemoglobin and spread micrometeorite cosmic dust.
The reader may ask why would UFO aircrews be interested in hemoglobin or cattle? Hemoglobin is the respiratory pigment found in the red blood cells of all vertebrates and some invertebrates. It is produced in the bone marrow and carries oxygen to the body from the lungs. An inadequate amount of circulating hemoglobin results in a condition called anemia a condition resulting from a reduction in hemoglobin content or in the number of red blood cells called erythrocytes. Although the causes of anemia vary, because of the blood's reduced capacity to carry oxygen all types exhibit similar symptoms-of pallor, weakness, dizziness, fatigue, and, in severe cases, breathing difficulties and heart abnormalities.
Observers of UFOs and their occupants often describe small gray humanoids. We can speculate that radiation in space or other unknown problems cause the alien aircrews to suffer from a type of anemia. They apparently have developed both the craft and medical technology to obtain hemoglobin to aid in alleviating their condition. The ability of hemoglobin to carry oxygen may indicate that it is used to provide the aliens with an enhanced ability to manage oxygen. Their bodies may need to acclimatize to the Earth's atmosphere with more oxygen handling capability. Abductees often report that bodily fluids are being taken from them and UFOs are often reported near hospitals and abortion clinics where sources of blood can be found. Abductees often complain of various symptoms that are similar to anemia inferring that their blood may have also been stripped of red blood cells by their abductors. Conversely, humans normally kill cattle for the meat, but generally discard the parts of animals the aliens apparently need the most. Hemoglobin also contains protein that could be used for nourishment for most life forms.
In my opinion these findings are a major break through in understanding the secrets of the UFOs and the reason for their stealth like activities. Further, it is apparent the aliens have weaknesses that mankind could exploit. The heavy cost and risk of mutilating various large animals infers an alien methodology. To add to the evidence we have eye witnesses observing daylight animal abductions by disc shaped UFOs. Also, recent NASA shuttle films show UFOs entering our atmosphere from space. I wish to thank the BLT Research Team for their great work. "The speculations presented above are totally my own. Comments or feedback from readers is welcome." In summary, it is my hypothesis that UFOs are responsible for most bovine mutilations.
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