Gersten Of CAUS Generates
More Strange Messages
By Royce J. Myers III
eXpose: The Watchdog of UFOlogy

CAUS Director Peter A. Gersten continues, in usual fashion, to deliver strange messages via his CAUS Updates e-mail list. For over the past month, Gersten has been doing a countdown to the New Year paying a visit to the old school of New Millennium madness. Many of Gersten's messages are disjointed and hint at some new pending apocalypse.
This is not the first time Gersten has posted strange messages via CAUS Updates. Perhaps many will remember his messages of doom and gloom spawning from the EQ Pegasi Hoax and the alleged landing of an alien spacecraft in Arizona predicted by none other than conspiracy nut Richard C. Hoagland. As with all of Hoagland's predictions nothing happened on December 7th, 1998 even though Hoagland, once again, cited so-called "confidential and reliable sources" that had told him otherwise.
It appeared as if Gersten may have been playing out his wildest fantasies and perhaps justifying such fantasies using the bogus December 7, 1998 landing as an excuse. During this laughable fiasco of a prediction, Gersten made statements such as:
"May the force be with us."
"It is what we are programmed to believe that is important. "
"There is a group of us now on this planet who have been through this Final Conflict before at other times and on other places. We have decided to come here now for this particular reason."
"Stephen King, in The Stand, has evil gathering in Las Vegas. I believe, in this Final Conflict, our group should gather in Sedona...Beginning December Ist, I will be opening my apartment in Sedona to all who wish to come. All are welcome to join me there. I will assume that anyone who comes is part of the group."
The overall theme seemed to be that Armageddon was knocking, someone was about to open the door, the only safe place on the planet was in Gersten's apartment located in Sedona, Arizona, and that he would be the spiritual guru that would lead "the good guys" in his own version of "The Stand."
With all the talk of doom and gloom, alien craft landing, signals from space, and an evil government cover-up, nothing ever happened...nothing. No UFOs landed in the Arizona desert, the signal was a hoax, and both Gersten and Hoagland tried to turn nothing into something.
Yet some are choosing to rehash the New Millennium as a disaster waiting to happen, and Gersten is no exception. He continues to send messages, hinting of some unforeseen forces at work, the Presidential election being a diversion for something more sinister, and a catastrophe right around the corner coinciding with New Year's Day. Below is the just the latest in a long string of messages from Gersten. "Welcome to the twilight zone of the new millennium"?? Frankly, we've had enough...have you?
CAUS HIGHLIGHTS Thursday - December 28, 2000
3 MORE DAYs UNITL the NEW MILLENNIUM We have learned how to control most things, if not within our total reality, then within our own lives. But what if the new millennium brought a reality that we could not control, even to circumstances within our immediate day to day existence? What if we could no longer "attach" to external 3-dimensional objects for our own security such as technological toys, titles, wealth and people? What if a new cosmic computer program is being downloaded that would require us to let go of, or transcend, our fears in order to survive? What if we needed to let go of the need to control in order to exist? Welcome to the twilight zone of the new millennium. SEE:

From Royce J. Myers
Thanks for the e-mail. Why you feel the need to do any comparisons (i.e.: "how long have you been doing any 'serious' research...") is beyond me. Is this supposed to be some "I have more toys in the sandbox than you" rhetoric? Your position here is one of ignorance as you have absolutely no idea who I am, what I have done or what I represent. You base your e-mail about what I've said on your assumption that I don't know anything about nor have I contributed anything to the subject matter of UFOs. I don't need to justify to you what I've done in this field and frankly could care less about how long you've been in the UFO field for. It appears that you are the only person here enjoying "mindless conjecture." I know what I've done in this field and that's all that really matters. I know what "serious" research is and most of the people out there who claim to be engaged in it aren't. Unlike some, I don't need to tell everyone how long I've been engaged in UFOlogy, what my accomplishments are or how well known I am.
Your reply to my Gersten commentary offers little more than a friend defending a friend, someone throwing about insults instead of offerings facts, and in no way offers anything of substance as to the information in my article. You said that you "resent[ed] the posting" but are unable to offer anything more than wild accusations and insults. I have become rather use to such reactionary and accusatory takes on what I have said. Also, my name was originally on the article at the Sightings website, along with my website address, but was later changed for whatever reason. I'm more than willing to put my name out there, unlike a lot of other folks.
Your comment, " Disinformants and attackers of credible individuals dedicated to Ufology are detrimental to all of us serious researchers" only reflects the culture of paranoia that permeates UFOlogy. It appears that anytime someone questions or criticizes what someone else is doing, suddenly that person is a disinformationalist, a government agent or all sorts of other nonsense. Do you really want to know what is the cause of many of UFOlogy's problems? The conmen, shysters, and leeches out there making outrageous claims, feeding their egos, begging for money, promoting UFO hoaxes, or just outright acting insane.
As for your "reputation and research" and being "respected and well known within the valid minds of Ufologists and seekers of the truth", I must admit to never having heard of you until I received your rant of an e-mail - especially since no real name is associated with it. Also, please do let me know what radio program you'll be using my name on. Your reference to using my name on a radio program comes down to little more than a threat and an attempt to somehow intimidate. In fact, I'd be more than happy to appear on any radio program with you or anyone else I have commented about. As I have found with many so-called UFOlogists, if you can't attack the facts you can always attack the person - which you have more than demonstrated in your e-mail to me.
Royce J. Myers III eXposé: The Watchdog of UFOlogy "Don't Trip On Your Open Mind." eXposé News UFO Hall o' Shame

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