Japanese TV Said After ET Body
In Russia For $200,000


We received the following email and visited the indicated site. The text, as you will see, is Russian. The photo of the head of the possible ET is also shown. The translation of the text below is exclusive to by Peter Davenport, Director, National UFO Reporting Center -ed
From: Anatolij Kutovoj Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 07:51:26 +0200
Kyshtym Midget Shown Again In Russian Media
Hello All,
Russian media again issues information about entity in Kyshtym. Japan producers are trying to find out entity mummy/corpse and ready to pay anybody $200,000 for it.
Full good video of TV RTR program
The article is in Russian, but USA is country of much Russian emigration.
Yours Sincerely,
Anatolij Kutovoj
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Translation By Peter Davenport
Director, National UFO Reporting Center
© 2002 All Rights Reserved
Is it the remains of some emissary of a highly developed civilization in Alpha Centauri? That is what the "head," which looks like a helmet, suggests to some.
Apparently, the "head" belonged to an alien, who was first discovered in a small village in the Kalinin-Chelyabinsk area by a woman, Tamara Prosfirina, who allegedly encountered it in the forest, and whom she named "Alioshenka." She later was confined to a mental health facility, where she died under mysterious circumstances, although it is not clear whether her incarceration was related to her alleged encounter. She spoke frequently of the "extraterrestrial," whom she allegedly had encountered in a forest during a severe storm. A video was taken of her testimony, but only fragments of the film still exist.
The photo, although taken sometime in 1996, recently came to light when artists were sorting through archives, where they stumbled upon it. The photograph has been published in local newspapers, and debate rages over what it is.
One female scientist suggested that, based on the size of the skull, it could be from a child who had died from an unknown disease. She does not say why she believes the head is separated from the rest of the body, or what the disease might have been.
A television producer from Asahi Television, Diguchi Masao, has offered to pay up to $200,000 to anyone who can provide him with a mummified body of approximately 21 centimeters in length, which presumably would be the length of the body that was at one time attached to the head. Details as to where the alleged skull is located at present are not available. His company is planning to do a film documentary about the head, and they recently traveled to the small village where the head allegedly was first discovered.
The journalists have uncovered some evidence that the alien lived for approximately one month with Ms. Prosfirina, who fed him yoghurt and caramel.
In Ekaterinburg, the debate rages among authorities whether the head should be released to foreigners, particularly before a forensic examination of the head. The same Russian forensics experts who were called upon to investigate the remains of the Tsar's family have declared that the object is "something of interest," and that it should be investigated thoroughly before addressing the question of whether the evidence could be released to foreigners.
Russian Customs agents also are involved in the search for the "extraterrestrial," since any mummified body would be considered to be contraband, and they had distributed a circular to all their stations in the area to that effect.


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