UFO And 'Rolling Shadow'
Over Clermont County, OH

From Kenny Young

A lighted, disc-shaped object with a "hump" was seen hovering silently over homes near Amelia, Ohio. The object, which moved in a bizarre fashion said by witnesses to "drop and stop" near the East Fork vicinity, was sighted by multiple observers in Clermont County at 2:58 a.m., early Monday morning, January 12.
Also seen was something described as "a shadow" that "transformed into a ball" -- another person describing this same peculiar tannish-brown object, separate from the lighted UFO - which strangely "rolled down the side of a house."
The sighting was first reported by one of the alarmed witnesses within an hour of the event, investigation of the incident has turned up additional witnesses.
A report on the incident by Cincinnati UFO investigator, former Clermont County librarian and Southern Ohio M.U.F.O.N. State Section Director Mrs. Donnie Blessing, as well as eyewitness drawings, are available online at
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