Historic UFOs - Flying Saucers:
Serious Business -1966

From Frank Warren

Note-The following are excerpts from Frank Edward's 1966 book, "Flying Saucers-Serious Business." Here he describes close encounters with UFO occupants who had left their victims with "deep scratches," not unlike the recent accounts from India.
Venezuela was a hotbed of UFO activity in the closing weeks of 1954. Police records in many cities contain accounts of humanoids around disc-shape craft seen on the ground. In some instances where men reported personal contact with these creatures, the men did not fair to well.
In the suburbs of San Carlos is a beautiful park named for the Ministry of Agriculture and used to hold its expositions. On the night of December 16, three young men dined together in a restaurant in San Carlos and were driving home together. Jesus Paz asked his friends to stop the car in order that he might enter an isolated part of the park to relieve himself. Paz had scarcely gone more then a dozen steps before he screamed for help. His friends ran to his rescue and found him stunned and lying on the ground. A short distance away a small, hairy, manlike creature was running toward a shiny disclike craft which was resting on the grass. One of the companions of Paz was Luis Mejia, a member of the National Guard, who had only time to snatch up a stone and hurl it at the disc, which was beginning to rise with a tremendous buzzing sound.
Paz was rushed back to the city to the hospital, where doctors found that he was in a state of shock. Furthermore, the man had long deep scratches on his right side and downward across his spine "like claw marks" the doctor said.
Paz told officials that he had walked around a bed of tall flowers, his footsteps deadened by thick grass. Suddenly he almost stumbled over this short, hairy manlike creature that was examining the flowers. Paz tried to escape but, when he turned, the creature attacked him, first by clawing and tearing his shirt, then with a blow on the back of the neck which stunned Paz.
Six days before the Paz incident at San Carlos, two teenage boys, Jesus Gomez and Lorenzo Flores, had been hunting rabbits along Trans-Andean Highway between Chico and Cerro De Las Tres Torres. They had only one old shotgun, unloaded as they started home as they had used all their ammunition.
As they trudged along the edge of the highway they noticed some sort of shiny object in the brush alongside the road and only a short distance from the highway proper. They told police they though it must have been an automobile which had gone off the road . . . and they went into the brush to investigate.
The boys found themselves only a few feet from an object which resembled two shiny wash bowls stuck together at the rims. They estimated that it was probably ten feet in diameter and could see, they later told police, that it was hovering about three feet off the ground and it was ejecting fire from the bottom.
Lorenzo Flores said in his statement:
"Then we saw four little men come out of it. They were approximately three feet tall. When they realized that we there, the four of them grabbed Jesus and tried to drag him toward the thing. I could do nothing but take my shotgun, which was not loaded, and I struck one of them with it. The gun seemed to have struck something as hard as rock-it stung my hands- and it broke the gun in two pieces . . . it was too dark to see features of their faces, but we did notice the abundant hair on their bodies and great strength."
Gomez had been dazed by something when the creature grabbed him. Flores dragged his friend back toward the road, and when Gomez was able to do so, they ran as fast as they could to the nearest police station. They arrived with their clothing badly torn. Gomez's shirt was in shreds. Both boys were deeply scratched. Doctors who were summoned told police that the young men had been badly frightened by something to such an extent that they were nearly hysterical but were otherwise intelligent and credible.
When the boys led the police to the scene of the reported encounter on the following morning, the officers had found ample evidence that some sort of struggle had taken place . . . and they also had recovered the broken shotgun which had been Flores' most prize possession. But other then a few scorched bushes, there was no trace of the little creatures or their craft.
Exactly two weeks before this incident, two truck drivers in Caracas had stumbled into a police station, torn bleeding, and terrified, to gasp out a story which might have been ignored by the police . . . had it not been for an exceptional witness.
Jose Ponce was a helper on a panel truck driven by Gustavo Gonzales and, in the early morning hours of November 28, they were driving to Petare, about fifteen miles away, to pick up a load of food to be delivered in Caracas in time for the markets, which opened about daylight.
The truck was jogging along a street on the outskirts of Caracas, about 2 a.m., when the men found their way blocked by a glowing disc- shaped object about ten feet in diameter, which was hovering about six feet above the street.
Gonzales brought his truck to a stop and both men just sat there for a moment, staring at this strange object in wonderment. Then, by common impulse, they got out of the truck and walked closer to the object. When they were about twenty five feet from it , they discovered they were being approached by what appeared to be a very hairy dwarf-like man.
Gonzales grabbed the creature and lifted him off the ground. [He later told police the creature weighed about thirty-five pounds.-F.E.] But the little fellow twisted out of the truck driver's grasp and gave Gonzales a shove that sent him sprawling backward. Ponce had had enough . . . he turned to run for help at a police station only a couple of blocks away.
Before Gonzales could regain his feet, his tiny antagonist leaped several feet into the air and came for Gonzales-who noted that his attacker's eyes glowed in the headlights of the truck-"like yellow cat's eyes!" Gonzales managed to get up on one knee and get his knife ready for action. As the little creature lunged at him, Gonzales saw that instead of hands it had webbed extremities that had claws about an inch long. Gonzales later told police that he tried to drive the knife into the creature's shoulder . . . but the blade glanced out as if he had struck steel. Another of the hairy little men jumped out of the glowing craft and pointed a small shiny tube at Gonzales. There was a brilliant beam of light which blinded Gonzales for a moment and he thought he was gone . . . but when he could see again the object was rising above the trees and was quickly lost in the night.
Gonzales ran for the police station, arriving a couple of minutes after his companion. At first police thought the men were drunk or crazy. A doctor was summoned, who determined that both men were in a state of shock and that neither of them had been drinking. Gonzales was treated for a long deep scratch down his left side and was placed under sedation.
Fortunately for the men involved, and for others who were interested, a well-known Caracas physician had witnessed the entire incident. He had been on a night call and had been driving behind Gonzales when Gonzales came upon the thing blocking the street. The doctor told authorities that he had witnessed the fracas which Gonzales and Ponce had described, but that he had been reluctant to confirm their report for fear of ridicule. Later after being assured that he would not be identified in the reports, the doctor made his statement to police.
[The APRO representative in Caracas was informed by press representatives that the doctor was subsequently invited to the United States for consultation with authorities here regarding the "little men" involved in the Petare case. -F.E.]


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