Cluster Of About 15 Lighted Discs
Baffles Yuma Couple
From The Yuma Sun

A Yuma couple did more than a double-take when they saw a cluster of circular white lights zip across the sky Tuesday night, they said.
At about 8:10 p.m., a woman said she saw the object appear out of the northeast. She called to her husband, who came out just as the the lights crossed overhead and continued south, where they disappeared from view.
The couple, who asked not to be identified, said they're not trying to cause a stir. They don't believe in UFOs, they said.
"I'm going to die of curiosity until I find out," said the woman, who took on a light-hearted tone. And she added, "I would like to know if anyone else saw it."
The couple live at a mobile home park off 4th Avenue extension.
The woman described the object as a cluster of about 15 disc-shaped white lights that moved in unison. Her husband saw them just as they passed high above their home. The object seemed to be climbing higher and moving south. The lights were visible for just a couple of minutes, they said.
Crop duster pilot Matt Fieldgrove said it was probably two military planes flying side by side with their lights pointed toward the ground.
"I see them a lot of times when I'm flying," he said. It wasn't a crop duster because most planes have only three lights on the wings, he said.
Officials at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma had another possible explanation.
"Our best guess it was probably a crop duster," said Sgt. Tracie Kessler, media chief. "If there was anything going on, flight ops would have known about it."
Yuma International Airport didn't receive any reports out of the ordinary, officials there said.
Yuma Proving Ground is testing flares, but not at night, said Chuck Wullenjohn, spokesman for the base. He could not provide a possible explanation.
The couple said they weren't able to hear any sounds of a plane.
"They couldn't have been balloons because they didn't bobble and they weren't carried by the wind," the woman said.
Sightings of disc-shaped lights that look like portholes or windows are very common, said Bridget Ceccacci, a library associate at the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, N.M.
"It's hard to say what they are without seeing them," she said.
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